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Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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14988 Someone from TAS thinks their gain is Better Of Late at 31 Jan 2011 07:51:40 AM
The reception at Oakdowns TAS has only marginally improved lately (3 bars rather than 2, might be from better modem placement) but have been getting really good download speeds, just got 2.5meg then 1.92meg) has been quite bad for a long time. Dont know if Vodafone have done something or the tower is less congested but it is performing WAY better that my Telstra NextG modem which I have given up on lately, 40kb/s just not good enough... Went to a Telstra store and they wernt interested, guess they did not want to help as there was no sale their for them... Good on ya Vodafone, hope it keeps up!

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14970 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is not at all at 30 Jan 2011 06:21:02 PM
this is the worst network ive ever seen in my life ever they should all go broke and go to hell
30 Jan 2011 06:53:45 PM: Check out the How To Complain link at the top of the page. If you are looking to get out of your Contract (penalty free) it contains the information you need.

Follow all of the steps, such as contacting Vodafone first, but you will no doubt end up at the TIO who will then be able to assist you (assuming Vodafone don't).

Best of luck, and let us know how you go.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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14932 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Fair at 29 Jan 2011 09:26:25 PM
They offered to cancel the remainder of my 21 month contract and will be sending satchel for me to return my damaged phone. No more to pay phew! I am now free to shop around for better deal and one that hopefully works.

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14911 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is win at 29 Jan 2011 04:17:31 PM
After my HTC desire he would only have 3 hour battery life sent it away the fixed it allegedly!! I then received it 3 weeks later with a purple dull like pattern to the screen colour so i rang up got cut off used another fone got through they did help me move to the front of the line easly canceled my contract free of charge and Im now with Telstra and very happy

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14897 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is MEGA BIG WIN at 29 Jan 2011 01:24:57 PM
Reception issues and privacy breach concerns submitted to the TIO. Just got a text from Vodafone saying I was now able to cancel my contract and port my number at no cost at all. I called them to confirm and found I didn't need to send back or pay for the iphone 4 I still owed $600 on either. Preeeetttttttyyyyy happpppppy !
1 Feb 2011 09:51:26 AM: AWESOME! That's the greatest news"!"!!!

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14871 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is They Let me out. at 29 Jan 2011 07:09:14 AM
I thought I was alone, perhaps just in a black spot, but how could that be I was in Willougby in Sydney, I can see the towers at Artarmon, at Gore Hill, and I can see the Vodafone building in chatswood. So many dropped calls, so many apologies to my customers. I called customer service so many times, after 'resetting my phone' and removing the SIM and other rubbish, I eventually said "I want out.... please just let me out"... Finally I was put through to a "customer care" person. I said... whatever all the questions are on your list, go to the bottom and do whatever it says next to "customer still wants out". They told me I would be in breach of my contract.. I said "I dare you to charge me anything, as you are in breach of yours".. They eventually told me they would need to do a 'technical investigation" that would take 7-10 days. I reluctantly agreed, after spending all day getting to this point, I was not happy at having to hang up. But as promised "Imran" from the call centre called back. Asking if I was getting any better reception. During our call it dropped out!! He called back again, told me I would recive two express post bags in the mail (for me and my wifes phone). I was to pack it up and send it in. No charge ! I AM FREE !!!!
29 Jan 2011 07:13:11 AM: Forgot to add, Called Testra, they had no Iphone4's told me to go to the Store.. DO NOT DO THIS. If you transfer from another carrier TELSTRA will give you $200 as a welcome bonus. They will not give you that deal in store.. Now I have great reception and am happy !!.
29 Jan 2011 08:07:38 AM: if you went to the TIO you could keep your phones and hok them on ebay and get more money. Still, good win nevertheless.
29 Jan 2011 08:46:05 PM: I dont delude myself that Telstra cant be ogres and bullies when it suits them, but as someone who copped a lot of vodacrap over the last 2 years, I am now with Telstra and reception craps all over vodacrap and internet is very fast. It is great to actually get what I am paying for.
5 Feb 2011 07:04:35 AM: The problem with Vodafone/3 and to an extent Optus is that their networks are designed for a VOICE service, not DATA/Internet.

The difference between Telstra is that in about 2005 under Sol Trujillo, they contracted Ericsson to build the NextG 3G network, which is the current 850Mhz network that Telstra mobile customers run off.

The NextG network is basically a DATA and Internet driven network. It is designed to carry large volume data. Telstra is still upgrading to some areas to integrate them into NextG. The network runs nearly entirely off optical fibre, where each mobile tower has 1Gbps capacity to meet the needs of the users in that cell, ie. iphones, mobile BB, voice calls, sms, mms, etc.

Vodafone on the other hand still uses the old technology, it does not have direct 1Gig fibre to its mobile towers, in fact, what it has is most of its towers is 8Mbps capacity (ie. 4 x 2mbps (E1's) for those with some tech knowledge)

so do the maths, 1000Mbps -to- 8Mbps, NextG has more than 100x the capacity to vodafone, same no. of subscribers, guess which works, which doesnt?

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14853 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is awesome at 28 Jan 2011 06:04:01 PM
From Vodafone to Telstra
From the shithouse to the penthouse
28 Jan 2011 06:47:57 PM: lol amen to that! Congrats!

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14834 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is 6 months of no bills. at 28 Jan 2011 02:51:15 PM
Poor coverage in my area, so rang them up explained, they got back to me and said i was in a poor coverage area and offered me:
Vodafone will pay my $69 cap for the next 6 months, and after this if i am still not happy i can walk away from my contract with no charge. Sounded like a win/win, so i took the offer.
I think the key is to be polite to the people on the phone, but to still get your point across to them.

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14820 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is Perfect at 28 Jan 2011 12:31:53 PM
I had moved to a new house in Forest Lake, Qld and had practically no service at home, although phone worked perfected everywhere else. Reported the problem to Vodafone who did some investigating. I was informed along the way and then informed that I was in a low service area. I rang Vodafone explaining the process I had followed and asked to be released from my contract. I was released there and then, no questions asked. Got to keep my phone, they unlocked it for free and got to keep my number. Goes to show, being polite can get you somewhere!

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14816 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is better late than never at 28 Jan 2011 11:08:43 AM
Called vodafone to complain. Registered my complaint after more attempts to get their their pathetic IVR than I care to remember. I finally established dialogue and advised I wished to be released from my contract, that vodafone had caused me significant lost business and personal pain. I was told they had to do some technical checks to confirm I am having issues and that this would take no longer than 72 hours upon which I'd be contacted again and if all was well, or rather not well, they'd release me from my contract. Well 1 week later not a word from vodafone, contacted the TIO, started the ball rolling and they said vodafone had 10 business days to resolve my issue. 13 days later I get a Paul from vodafone try to call me on my home phone each day while I'm at work, 3 days later he reaches me in the morning and I'm released from my contract. Finally, the ordeal is over. I was paying $119 or something for my vodafone unlimited plan, which i clearly didn't get any value from, so now i'm going with telstra as I just want service now and I'm willing to deal with the likes of telstra to get it even if I have to pay a premium.
16 Feb 2011 09:03:27 PM: you do know that telstra does have a $129 unlimited next g cap plan. only $10 extra a month thats not really a premium to me.... considering you get all that extra coverage.

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14787 Someone from SA thinks their gain is good at 27 Jan 2011 08:35:39 PM
TIO TIO TIO, thats all you can do, and basically went to telstra where i have no more coverage issues dropp outs, i couldnt even sms people to croatia/bosnia as vodafone a global company didnt have an agreement to those countries , what a joke
30 Jan 2011 06:02:15 PM: what is TIO?
30 Jan 2011 06:06:01 PM: The TIO stands for the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman ... They are who you contact after you have contacted Vodafone and Vodafone are unable to resolve your issues for you. Basically they can help you get out of your contract penalty free, resolve any issues you may be having with either your telco or isp etc...Check out the How To Complain link at the top of the page for more information.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
31 Jan 2011 03:13:48 PM: Whats Telstra?

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14772 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Spiffing at 27 Jan 2011 05:45:32 PM
I lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman regarding my poor reception. Within a few days, Vodafone made a call to me and very politely and respectfully allowed me to leave my contract free of charge. In fact, my account has now been credited a mystery $20...!

I ported to Optus expecting slightly better coverage, and can now safely say I long for the days Vodafone were simply disconnecting my calls. With Optus I cannot even make a call, let alone download apps or send pxts. Optus have since confirmed for me that I live in an "Optus dead spot" and that I should just turn my 3G off.

Sorry Vodafone. I miss you. You are apparently the better of two evils. Forgive me?
27 Jan 2011 08:43:59 PM: Bugger. I had tested the Optus network via my Virgin mobile broadband - twas pretty slow in some parts. Just ported to Telstra today. I asked "do I get any bonuses?"
"No" was the answer. And with that, I knew that I was in for just good service - four bars of it (3G). Previously, it was 1 bar of AU here, 10km to the North.
28 Jan 2011 10:32:42 AM: @ OP that is a bugger!!!

I think Optus have a 30 day return no questions asked if you are unable to get reception..........you may want to check with Optus unless, of course, you are over the 30 day period!!!
28 Jan 2011 02:40:36 PM: all contracts have a cooling off period - get out nw
1 Feb 2011 09:24:18 AM: You should be able to get out as apparently telco's guarantee coverage at your home address - but apparently thats the only place they 'guarantee' coverage! I have just lodged with TIO who said that what vodafone was saying about only the home address guarantee was correct sort of but it was a grey area! (it was them that told me this information to which I responded - I have a landline at my home addy so why would I sign to a network that only gives me coverage at home??) Anyway if thats what the TIO say - that home should be guaranteed then you should be able to cancel with optus at no charge to you! GOOD LUCK btw about to go to telstra to look at their plans, coverage is important to me!!

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14768 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is awesome at 27 Jan 2011 04:14:06 PM
I called Vodafail, and told them my reception was poor. After speaking to three different people including a manager, I was told i would be credited for four bills (so would my wife) and that an investigation into the problem would be launched. If it came back as expected, then I would be let out of my contract with no charge. I also contacted the TIO while waiting for this to happen. Within two working days I was let out of my contract, so was my wife, and we are now both with virgin with brand new iPhones...great result.

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14767 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is Reasonably good at 27 Jan 2011 04:02:40 PM
TIO who worked with a Vodafail rep named 'Rebecca' to have payments I made credited to my web payments page and be let out of the contract. At the time I was doing this, the news broke about their security measures regarding customer accounts. They also deliberately mislead me by taking 2G out of usage figures on the day before the cutoff date, then putting it back the next day, so I went over limit and didn't know why. It was only when I visited a store to enquire about this that I inadvertently found out what they had done. I mentioned this also in further correspondence with the TIO. Vodafail is a nightmare of an organisaton to deal with. Just give the TIO details and facts and get a resolution. They HAVE to resolve the problem.

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14764 Someone from ACT thinks their gain is nearly fair at 27 Jan 2011 03:42:23 PM
I took my new Voda smartphone overseas in September, and made sure I read all the instructions and fine details to make sure it was switched on to Vodafone Traveller so my phone would work overseas. I even called Voda before I left & made sure I'd done it right, & they said I had. My travel partner had done the exact same thing with his Voda iPhone. Sure enough, I get to San Francisco & my phone's can't connect to any network there - its access is dead as a dodo. His worked, mine didn't, nomatter what we did (and we're no luddites). Eventually, with no other options, I hunted down an internet cafe - because you had to email them if it was a tech difficulty! My 4am query marked "Urgent - no access" was eventually responded to by a person 9 days later, who then 'activated' my account for overseas use (i.e. what we'd done back home weeks before). All up, I had a completely unusable phone for over 11 days - including through a family health crisis when I couldn't even call home. Today I asked them for an apology and a credit for the 11 days. I didn't get the apology (of course! but worth asking), but they did give me a $20 credit on the account. That's pretty close to my pro-rata monthly fee, so I figured that'd have to be good enough. It's not a massively inspiring story, but hey, it's something. Solidarity fellow Voda sufferers!! Ciao.
28 Jan 2011 09:08:34 AM: Update: Voda just offered to waive $110 from my $300 bill for the month when coverage was at its most choppy here in the ACT. Listen, I've spoken to 4 different Voda staff in the last 2 days, and 3 of them were really good - **MUCH** better than when I tried to address these issues in December and January. If you're not yet ready to go the TIO, it may be worth one last call.
In December my waits were 28-112 minutes & I got "unhelpful" responses (to say the least!). This week my waits were 7-12 minutes, and all bar 1 staff have been understanding and helpful.

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14742 Someone from WA thinks their gain is Surprising at 27 Jan 2011 12:58:10 PM
I had a Vodafone wireless broadband contract (12 months) which expired on Jan 15th. My issues were purely technical since Dec 8th 2010 (post WA network outage, unable to connect, poor performance etc) but was unable to speak to anyone in Vodafone until I contacted the TIO. Vodafone contacted me, admitted that my issues realistically would not be resolved quickly. They arranged to close my account and credit me for the final bill. I was very impressed with the conduct of one particular lady who was extremely helpful, explained the reason why some of my issues were occurring and was generally very understanding. Based on this experience I would definately use Vodafone again once they get the network fixed.

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14740 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Surprisingly Good!! at 27 Jan 2011 12:35:13 PM
I actually had a GOOD experience with Vodafone, so thought I should post it here (having posted a very bad experience last week!).
I noticed a call on my bill to Vodafone (1300 number) which I thought was wrong - so I called Vodafone, and my call was answered in under a minute. And then a very friendly lady explained that 1300 calls aren't covered under my (so-called) "infinite" cap. But because I made a mistake she struck it off my bill (!!!) and just made sure I understand my "infinite" cap for next time.
A small win.
27 Jan 2011 03:51:05 PM: Hi. Good story - good on you for following it up! I've gotta say though this "1300 isn't a 13 number" business is verrry misleading. My contract and their website repeatedly refer to 13, 15 and 1800 numbers being "included" within caps, and having just checked the fine print, I can't see anywhere they list 1300 numbers as being calls excluded from caps. Most people don't know that 1300 is different to a 13 number - after all, it *does* literally start with 13. I'm glad you had a good experience here - you were proactive and got it resolved - but charging 1300 numbers separately, without specifying them clearly and upfront as excluded calls, is deceptive and misleading. That practise needs to stop.
30 Jan 2011 04:57:49 PM: Come on, if vodacrap cant lie, cheat and steal, how will they continue to make money? They certainly cant make ends meet being paid solely for the catual services supplied!
2 Feb 2011 10:31:18 AM: I also had big charges on my home phone for 13 numbers all to Vodafone! All those 1 hr long holds added up to almost $10.00! Called Vodafone and said I wanted a credit of $10 since it was their phone calls I was paying for....they agreed to credit me for those calls so don't take this lying down!! Regarding my Blackberry sent for "repairs" as expected they didn't repair it and sent a replacement to the store where I left it AND they still haven't notified me to pick it up. Waited 1 hr for tech support who at least confirmed it was sent to the store...The rub is the Sydney George street store doesn't answer their phones and their "voicemail box" is always full! Been too hot to go there to see what is going on.
2 Feb 2011 12:01:51 PM: okay I myself have had a lot of issues with vodaphone but keep it real. If you can't read a contract thats noone elses fault but your own 27 & 30 Jan. If I buy a Happy Meal I expect burger fires & drink. I don't expect to have listed all of the things I'm not getting. Most people don't know that a 13 number is different than a 1300 number? How is that anyones fault but theirs?

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14733 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Quick and Easy at 27 Jan 2011 10:54:06 AM
After numerous dealings with vodafone call center staff in india and the multi-hour waiting times achieveiong nothing, lodged a 2 min aplication on the TIO website saying service is poor etc. 2 days later got a SMS from vodafone saying they have agreed to waive my commitment and that i can port out immediately, with a letter with full details to follow (had over 12 months remaining on 2 year contract). If they make any mention of me having to pay for my handset, the comments below make it quite clear that its not going to happen.

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14727 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is Cancellation of Contract for 2 phones at 27 Jan 2011 09:55:01 AM
I called vodafone again today, talked to the excellent customer service rep, i believe its from cancellations department. The best service rep i have ever talked to from vodafone. He did try to persuade me to not cancel contract by waiving the month bill but in the end, he said, we know that our reception are having problems and it is true there are problems with the network, however i believe that once vodafone improves, customers will come back. He let me off the contract for both 2 phones on $29 cap, which was my first month xD
Yay for me
27 Jan 2011 02:33:53 PM: Awesome, congrats!

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14726 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Y Gen Resolutions: U R free 2 go at 27 Jan 2011 09:47:36 AM
Had complained about service in three addresses. Lodged an online complaint and was offered 2 months credit. Said I wanted out and they wanted to investigate for three weeks. I then lodged a TIO complaint; they had until 24.01 to rectify the situation - heck even call me. That didn't happen, so I called the TIO again.

Have not received a call but got an SMS today from VF saying they will agree to my TIO request and I can wriggle out of my contract today. Will call India one last time to action my erm... SMS notification.
27 Jan 2011 02:04:14 PM: Finally got in touch with the Cancellations department. I had never got the chance to talk to Resolutions department. No need - I quite prefer the main call centre.
They answer the phone and call you back. Many thanks to them!

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14673 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Fantastic all around at 26 Jan 2011 11:10:59 AM
I made numerous complaints finally was let out of my contract after filing complaint to TIO with option to purchase the phone for discounted $200.00 however my daughter got out as well but the person she spoke to said she could keep her handset with no charge. Made another email to Vodafone asking what criteria was and why I had to pay for hand set and she did not as she did exactly the same as me and we had the same problems for same time and had the same iphone.Received another email from vodafone saying I also could keep handset at no cost. So everyne who is being charged for their handsets just ask why if others are being allowed to keep theirs.Am now with Optus and am very happy with their customer service and deals will never use vodafone again and will warn people not too. The indian call centre are painful to use and Lara is just the pits.
However I will say the Tamra from Vodafone has been extremely helpful. She is located in Tasmania.

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14670 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is High amusement value! at 26 Jan 2011 10:23:09 AM
Got sick of Vodaphone about 6 months ago, quit and got a new telco,but they kept sending email bills, and phone text reminders, for $-10.73, as in MINUS $10.73. After countless attempts to contact them about it by email (others will know what this involves), it turned out that THEY owed ME $10.73. A staff member explained it to me. So finally they sent me a cheque for that amount. And now? They sent me yet another bill, and email notification, for - wait for it - $00.00. Should I pay it?
4 Feb 2011 11:50:12 AM: You will always get a bill when there has been any financial activity on your account. The $00.00 bill will show them refunding you the money and you won't get any more.

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14630 Someone from SA thinks their gain is Epic Gain For The Win at 25 Jan 2011 05:11:21 PM
After 4 failed attempts using my home phone line to contact Vodafone (Technical Errors or something), I got thought on my mobile strangely enough, spoke with one of those Indian call centre guys once more but this time He put me thought to a lovely lady from Vodafone Australia which took about 30 mins to connect from India to Australia. I explained my situation to her and told her that I was not going to go thought the hassle of their technical errors department thing because I already had with my Fiance's iPad Pre-Paid sim and we where still waiting over a month later for a result to come back on that. She spoke with her manager and allowed me to terminate my contract without any fees except for owing amount for my phone $75. I have now signed with Telstra and so far I am pleased with their customer service both in store and on the phone, should get good reception as well with them and a decent cap plan.

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14586 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Contract nulled. at 25 Jan 2011 12:20:27 PM
Rang TIO, explained that I do not get suitable coverage at the suburbs I visit the most, that I use the phone for work, and that I purchased a smart phone so I can use the net on the run, which i can't due to reception problems. Vodafone customer service was fine, but they had trouble finding addresses where I did not get reception, even when aided by Google Maps.I asked to log a network issue ticket the first time I rang, but when i rang back the second time I found out it was never lodged. The TIO were delightful to deal with and now I have been let out of my contract. I never had to raise my voice or get angry at Vodafone, but I did express my extreme dissatisfaction with the Company after being a customer for over 3 years. Thank you TIO. I would highly recommend that any users experiencing issues to first contact Vodafone, but to follow through with the TIO if you are finding that you are not receiving the service required, especially if you are on a contract.

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14583 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is so good! at 25 Jan 2011 11:59:27 AM
I have only been with vodafone for a couple of weeks (new iphone, 24 month plan) and yet get no service at work at all. I called numerous times within the fist couple of days of my contract and was told a variety of things (you need to wait 2 months, wait 5 days, swap your SIM, we will offer you free stuff etc etc). In the end I was so angry that I submitted a complaint online with the TIO.

Today I just got a text from Vodafone saying:

"Hi Vodafone has agreed to your request re TIO complaint to waive your Voice commitment due to coverage issues. Letter to follow with full details however you may port out/ cancel as of today. Kind Regards Vodafone Resolutions"

YIPPIE!!!! I am freeeee!

I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone, even if you have only just signed up, to try and solve your issue through Vodafone first (document everything they say to try and resolve your issue) and then if you get the same stories I did then go straight to the TIO. The process was so quick and the resolution exactly what I wanted.

Thanks to this web site for putting me onto the TIO, I wouldn't have known to do that otherwise :)

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14509 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is sweet as at 24 Jan 2011 07:54:18 PM
Extemely liberating to call up and cancel 2 mobiles and a broadband package..

Simply told them that i've spent god knows how much time on the phone with them..that they are in breach of contract... that i will not pay any outstanding or future bills and i would fight them tooth and nail via the DFT and TIO and then just for fun...

Walked into telstra and vodafone...
Said i wanted 2 iphones and a landline with broadband... all unlimited...

Basically optus said $99 pm for each one with unlimited calls(few exceptions) and decent broadband allowance...

Telstra wanted $148 for the landline and their definition of unlimited was telstra lines only... everything else is extra at a pretty penny too... They would give me 10 GB opposed to optus's 500gb...

So i said why the fuck would i sign up with that? Oh i don't know the sales rep said...

So far so good with optus but i won't hold my breath.
24 Jan 2011 08:06:29 PM: what the fuck? telstra have $159 landline with 200gb of adsl. you can ring any number/network unlimited. Plus you get the t-box. their unlimited mobile is $129per month and i would rather pay the extra $30 a month and be stuck on optus' shit network with numerous flat spots and dial up speed broadband.
25 Jan 2011 07:54:47 AM: "So i said why the fuck would i sign up with that? Oh i don't know the sales rep said..."
Did the sales rep say: "so you don't get stuck in the same mess as VF"?
26 Jan 2011 06:42:59 PM: Whatever you do, do it short term. Keep your options open. Pay for your luxuries. The industry changes so fast.

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14474 Someone from WA thinks their gain is Epic! Go the TIO! at 24 Jan 2011 04:37:23 PM
Like everyone else I had a nightmare of a time even contacting vodafone. For weeks my partner and I tried to phone them only to be transferred from department to department endlessly (an overseas call centre no less) by people who could only tell me "I don't know anything about that" before calls got cut off by vodafone. So I sent a series of angry emails. Multiple times I got either no response or "we're closing down the communication" or something like that.

At my wits end I contacted the TIO - telecommunications industry ombudsman. A week later I got a phone call from an Australian who was bending over backwards with his apologies and let me out of my contract with absolutely no exit fees whatsoever. All got sorted out in the space of that one five minute phone call.

Anyone else still having trouble I urge you not to bother with trying to contact vodafone and just go straight over their heads to the ombudsman. I couldn't be happier with the response I got after I did that. No more vodaphone to bother me! Yay!

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14451 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Gold! at 24 Jan 2011 02:17:39 PM
I originally complained to TIO on the 24/12/2010, I heard nothing from Vodafone, I contacted TIO again on the 17/1/2011, I was contacted by Vodafone this morning and they have cancelled my 24 month contract that is only 13 months old. I guess I can say thanks Vodafone for coming to the party.
25 Jan 2011 05:10:37 AM: VF are scum.. they didn't come to the party. The TIO held a gun to their head, that's the only reason you got a result..!
25 Jan 2011 07:57:51 AM: Just called the TIO (again) to let them know VF didn't come to the party.
Going by your account, I am a week behind you *fingers crossed*

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14441 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Awesome. at 24 Jan 2011 01:25:31 PM
Contacted the TIO after dealing with run around Vodafone support. Re-signed a 24 month contract four months ago. I'm now out, owe nothing & keep the iPhone 4. I'd call that a win.
28 Jan 2011 09:11:11 AM: Did they charge you for the phone?

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14435 Someone from WA thinks their gain is AMAZING!!!!! at 24 Jan 2011 01:00:40 PM
After trying numerous times to get in contact with Vodafone, I decided to lodge a complaint with the TIO. Within a few days my request has been met. I AM FREE! Vodafone are going to terminate my contract and all fees and existing bills. THANK YOU TIO!!!!!!!! Now I can finally sign up with a phone company that provides the service Vodafone failed to do.

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14247 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is felt great to stick it vodafail at 23 Jan 2011 06:37:21 AM
I have been complaining to Vodafone about the lack of reception on both mobile phones and our Internet for about 5 months. The said they would do a some time of investigation and get back to us.

They never did so I rang the Telecommunication Ombudsman to complain. It took 20 minutes to lodge the complaint and Vodafone had 10 working days to get back to me or the complaint would be taken further and it would start costing Vodafone. Well 9 days later I recieved 2 text messages saying we could opt out of our contract. No phone call or anything. Couldn't have asked for a better result.

23 Jan 2011 03:30:15 PM: Even easier, lodge online in less than 3 mins, I did got out of 2 contracts, changed to t yesterday, calls clear as a bell, pages load fast, I mean FAST, a must for anyone in business, or who expects to get what they have been paying for for so long, but not getting! Certainly not promoting t, o is probably not far behind. SO MUCH BETTER THAN VODAFAIL!!!
23 Jan 2011 04:33:26 PM: did you get to keep your handset??
23 Jan 2011 08:17:56 PM: Yes both of them, but also got iphone 4 from t
23 Jan 2011 08:22:17 PM: And porting was easy, took less than 1 hour
24 Jan 2011 09:32:21 AM: Great to hear that you had a gain too :) It felt like such a relief after fighting with them for so long. We have also signed up with T. They may be dearer and have crappy customer service but at least their reception and internet is reliable.

@06:33:26 We also go to keep both our phones :)
24 Jan 2011 11:59:09 AM: I think its funny when people complain about reception then go get an IPhone 4 which has a known issue with reception regardless what network your on LOL.

Good to hear of the gains though but seriously people IPhone is not the be all and end all. Do some research before buying mobile's think you;ll find other phones stack up better than the IPhone4.
24 Jan 2011 01:19:30 PM: Exact same scenario. Complaints to vodafone, even had calls drop out whilst on the line to them. Couldn't be bothered with their internal audit and the person on the other end of the line told me the reception in my area was listed as 'fine'. The call dropped out one minute after. Called the ombudsman. Received the dissolvant texts three days later. Definitely the way to go.
30 Jan 2011 09:43:49 AM: 24 jan2011 01:59:09PM, use my fone alot, iphone 4 works fine, still very happy since changing to telstra. In case you are defending the indefinsible, in my case vodacrap was irrefutabley the problem, sounds like you are towing the vodafone line "blame the sim, blame thefone,blame the customer, anything but the real cause VODACRAP"

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14233 Someone from TAS thinks their gain is good at 23 Jan 2011 03:22:56 AM
I feel that all mobile phone companies need to lift up their game, not just Vodafone, but also Telstra and Optus as well.

Where I live Telstra I am lucky to get 2 bars, and it drops out, sane with OPTUS, until the new towers in the area are switched on. My vodafone sim card on the other hand is usually on full signal.

I do mystery shopping and can say many call centres need to lift their gain, once a business wants to move their call centre off shore, then they are going to run into issues. Telstra had call centre staff ill trained, I was transferred to a business consulant over seas, who could not even tell me the business plans. The next day I called the customer service team and all I heard was people talking in the back ground, with me saying hello, hello anyone taking my call this happened a few times and I told Telstra complaints if I ran a business like this I would be broke.

Back in the days, when Vodafone had their main Australian call centre in Hobart, they had superior customer service, and should think of moving it back, and treating staff with dignity, not like what I had seen in a few posts.

I have conducted many visits on many places that sold mobile phone, have only ever came across one rude and arogant sales agent, and none of them were vodafone staff. All the Vodafone staff I had came in contact with were so professional, warm and friendly.
23 Jan 2011 03:07:28 PM: I do not agree with your comments about call centres. It depends where the outsourced call centres are. I work for an Australian mobile provider (can't disclose which one due to agreements signed and the likes) from New Zealand, and we're the only people who actually do our jobs. Everyone else just transfers to another department when it's their job to deal with the customer. The majority of the call centres for this telco are in Australia, except for customer care who are in the Philipines and can't do their jobs, some sales people who are in Fiji and aren't too bad and us doing Mobile Activations and Deliveries from New Zealand.

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14201 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Alright at 22 Jan 2011 05:20:00 PM
4 services with vodafone loyal customer for 7 years. Half way through contract.Service simply disappeared on two phones 16 dec 2010. One month of Calling everyday, on hold for hours, going into store 7 times, lodging a complaint with TIO. So much lost business. emailed ceo of vodafone....call 2 hours later. contract cancelled. fee waived when i send handsets back. So much stress. Now with telstra. so happy.
22 Jan 2011 11:29:35 PM: Tesltra for the win!!

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14111 Someone from Somewhere else thinks their gain is Great at 22 Jan 2011 07:15:42 AM
Changed mobile companies
22 Jan 2011 09:28:30 AM: LOL, that is a total win !!

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14086 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is EXCELLENT at 21 Jan 2011 10:05:28 PM
asked to talk to higher up CSR got but through explained my problems they completely backed down and released me from contract
21 Jan 2011 11:07:14 PM: Congratulations :)

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14066 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Hutchison ***** Top at 21 Jan 2011 08:41:20 PM
I have 5 plans With Hutchison(Three) & one with Vodafone (mostly for overseas - as it has best international coverage). As a loyal customer (since 2003) I always get twice better deals than Telstra (or iPhone) customers for minor difference in service. Due to most competitive pricing/overcongestion in the last half year internet was slower but improving lately.
Main locations: Brighton Le Sands &City.
I'm IT analyst &use Android/Google to constantly sync over the air, so far overall good and expecting much better after the merger with Vodafone + new fast towers.
I have done the maths & found that the people that constantly change the queue are always in the wrong one.
21 Jan 2011 09:20:18 PM: 5 x the fail, bad luck :/
26 Jan 2011 06:47:36 PM: Huh? That was a positive post and an excellent point. "I have done the maths & found that the people that constantly change the queue are always in the wrong one" so true

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14008 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is good result, finaly at 21 Jan 2011 05:45:54 PM
after many weeks of to and froing with vodaphone, and the tio, the contract was finaly canceled, and phone sent back, with no more bills for me. so all in all, im out of vodafone, which is a good result for me.

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13916 Someone from SA thinks their gain is Good at 21 Jan 2011 02:23:55 PM
I am with 3. They offer great coverage, never have drop outs where I live in the hills. Plans are excellent too. Always had great assistance in there stores and over the phone. Have seen no change since they have teamed up with Vodafone, not sure why you would not recommend 3 on the alternatives page?? Actually got my son off of Vodafone prepaid coz the coverage was crap and moved him to 3 too.
22 Jan 2011 05:22:13 PM: Are you crazy! Vodafone and three are the same thing, what planet are you on!
22 Jan 2011 06:26:43 PM: 07:22:13 What planet are you on? 3 and voda are managed partners, seperate networks, different towers, I think 3 even share some towers with telstra
15 Feb 2011 11:16:42 AM: They may be the same company now but they have yet to integrate most of their systems and networks. The only one I know of as having being definately integrated is their credit checking department.

It is quite possible that 3 service is very different from vodafone service for now.
29 Jun 2011 11:25:04 PM: it is a completely different network, if you going to post on here at least know what you're talking about.

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13763 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Cancelled Contract at 21 Jan 2011 10:58:58 AM
After many months and countless hours on the phone to Vodafone I contacted the TIO. Within 2 weeks I had a phone call from Vodafone saying that I do not have to pay the outstanding amount on my bill (that I hadn't used for 6 months anyway) and that they would cancel my contract without any cost to me.

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13761 Someone from WA thinks their gain is Cancelled Contract at 21 Jan 2011 10:55:50 AM
2months worth of complaining etc until i threatened to go to the TIO, then funny enough Vodafone called me back! Yes, you read that correct, they called ME back and said what could they do to improve it. I told them i've been fighting this for 2months so your 1month and 29days late sorry. I still had 12months to go and $760 to pay out. I told them i will not be paying a cent since they broke the agreement. Problem to start with was coverage, internet on smart phone and dropped calls. They agreed and cancelled all of it without a cent. I did some research (from this site as well) and it pays to complain but remember to still be nice!

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13738 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Good at 21 Jan 2011 10:40:29 AM
Generally have no problems. Dropped calls sometimes but
not enough to worry about.
Great service from Vodafone business rep.
Have had Vodafone for over 5 yrs
22 Jan 2011 05:23:29 PM: well then why are you on this site?
22 Jan 2011 06:30:07 PM: you oviously dont use your fone often and dont call anyone who is with voda, and nobody texts you or leaves voicemail messages for you.Or you would relate to some, if not most of the posts on this site
23 Jan 2011 08:20:54 PM: Tell the truth, you do have a lot of problems dont you?
And whats your fone service like?
26 Jan 2011 06:49:36 PM: This is the gain section. Don't try and railroad the post into negativity.

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13728 Someone from WA thinks their gain is debt free at 21 Jan 2011 10:29:57 AM
After signing up with Vodafone contract, I received 2 massive bills as I had blown my cap. I called them about it and they said I should go in a slightly higher cap which I agreed was a good idea. They also gave me an $800 "credit" for doing so which wiped all the owing bills I had... When my sister got into a similar mess I told her to ring them and they did the same for her. BUT that's 1 good thing in all my time with vodafail and a LONG list of fails...
30 Jan 2011 09:50:05 AM: Whats that song?
Voda reckons " I owe I owe, so off to the tio I go"

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13671 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Good at 21 Jan 2011 09:58:00 AM
After being a Vodafone pre-paid customer for years I bought a new phone on a plan. I phoned customer service to port my old phone number and activate the new SIM. Wasn't on hold for long, the CSR said they were busy and it might take some time for my new SIM to be activated, which turned out to be about 30 seconds! This was about 4 months ago, there have been some problems since but that's another story. Reception has been OK.

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13624 Someone from ACT thinks their gain is No gain. No pain at 21 Jan 2011 09:29:47 AM
21 Jan 2011 02:05:30 PM: Yup. We're doing our research. Pity we had to sign up for 24 months of it.
21 Jan 2011 03:31:38 PM: If they were unable to handle the load then they should not have taken on so many customers. Only have themselves to blame for not making sure that their infrastructure can handle the volume.

How dare those 20,000 people be annoyed at the fact that the contract they signed up for is not being adhered to.
22 Jan 2011 09:49:15 AM: People are signing up for cheap pricing for service. Not zero reception. Don't be an arse
22 Jan 2011 07:22:31 PM: Theres only one person who needs to wake up and join reality and its you.
Govt regulation, which overides any contract states...."goods or services must be fit for the purposes they were sold for. Vodafone has failed miserably, denied the problems, or claimed problems were isolated, or blamed handsets, sim cards, you name it,anything but the truth. Customers have been ripped off, paying good money for a hopelessly failed network. Thanx to this website, vodafone cant continue to blame their victims.
I for one was always happy for years with coverage and service. Only in the last 18 months has it all gone to shit.
I am not a bargain hunter, happy to pay for what I need and use, but their is an expectation that it will work when I need it to work. Hence just recently ported to T. Now my fone is reliable and works, internet is like dial up compared to cable. As for pricing, same as Voda ( in my situation $129/month), got 3mb instead of only 1mb and got an iphone 4. How good is that? THANK YOU TIO FOR DOING YOUR JOB (funded by our taxes)
24 Jan 2011 03:07:34 PM: Regardless of the "price", Vodafone have a contractual agreement to provide a service. Obviously from the number of complaints evidenced in this website, they are not doing this. Therefore, Vodafone have broken the contract and consequently it should be within the rights of the customer to vote with their feet. Vodafone are not providing a service "fit for purpose".
26 Jan 2011 06:54:28 PM: 24 Jan 2011 05:07:34PM that works with your fridge that does not need a network to run or on the handset itself if it fails (warranty issues).

Contracts are more complicated and should be difficult to get out of.

Good OP. I love personal responsibilty and having said that if it's not working do what you have to do...Vodafone will definitely look at your case.
11 Feb 2011 05:53:01 PM: "21 Jan 2011 04:05:30 PM: Yup. We're doing our research. Pity we had to sign up for 24 months of it."


too hard to buy a $2 sim card and $20 recharge to do said research?

or if you didnt have a phone, a $29 phone and $20 recharge to do said research?

you're a buffoon.

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13613 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Excellent... mostly at 21 Jan 2011 09:25:42 AM
I contacted the TIO after contacting VF every day for 3 months about having no signal unless I stood on my letterbox on a perfectly clear day and waving my phone in the air. I phoned, emailed and was misdirected by Lara (who doesn't understand English) and utterly utterly failed by the Indian call centre robots. (Seriously, after the 4th SIM swap it's obviously NOT the problem, so don't transfer me to the automatic SIM replacement menu!). 5 days after emailing the TIO with evidence of calls and emails as long as I am tall, I was let off my 7 month old contract without penalty. I paid $150 for my newish iPhone and was credited a whopping $7.80 from my bill! I went to Telstra and am happy as Larry with the most awesome service that never fails me. However, VF still keep emailing me and SMSing me bills for $0.00. I've tried emailing them to get them to stop with my phone number and account details but they just don't seem to be able to understand what the problem is because I am not "a current customer". They even told me to log into their website. (I'm not a customer, so I can't!) So I won quite well, but I'm still suffering.......
26 Jan 2011 06:55:29 PM: Comedy gold
27 Jan 2011 09:17:57 AM: Ah chuckle chuckle, you guys MUST be accountants..

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13582 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is excellent at 21 Jan 2011 09:11:24 AM
I had 6 months till my contract expired, i live in the hills area of sydney and had no reception at all. After a month of complaining i was released from my contract today at no charge and given my last bill for free.
Just joined telstra and all is good finally have reception and 3G

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13496 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Frickin' Awesome! I'm FREE of the 'Fail! at 21 Jan 2011 08:40:07 AM
I complained to the TIO last Wednesday 12 Jan about the poor quality of the service for the $128 a month i was paying and by Wednesday 19th I had an SMS from Vodafail Resolutions stating that I was not obliged to honour my contract and was free to port my number to another carrier with immediate effect. Woo-hoo!

Without further ado I marched to my local Telstra store and signed up for $79 cap/ 24 months with iPhone 4. 5 bars everywhere, quick internet. Thank you very much.
21 Jan 2011 10:28:07 AM: What? Did you have to wait the 5days for the tech team to look in to the issue blah blah blah???

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13424 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is credit at 21 Jan 2011 08:13:02 AM
Still waiting for my Blackberry to be repaired and returned; but after days of complaints, endless holds, going to a Vodafone store about my defective smartphone, loss of service, not receiving messages and calls, etc I was given 3 months credit plus another $50.00 credit for my having to purchase a new Blackberry battery on a phone that was only 6 months old.

Also be warned, if you send your smartphone in for repair you DO NOT receive a similar phone to use in the interim (which can be up to 3-4 wks). I was offered an old Nokia to replace my Blackberry!
21 Jan 2011 10:41:30 AM: At least they offered you a phone. I had no phone for 6 weeks while mine got fixed. They (my local store) kept telling me that all the loan phones in my area (Cairns) where err...on loan.
26 Jan 2011 06:57:10 PM: Yes loan phones are a finite resource unfortunately and you'll never get a loan better then the one you put in for service.

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13301 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is GOOD at 21 Jan 2011 07:30:16 AM
21 Jan 2011 09:24:34 AM: 3 and voda still operate separate networks and most of the issues are coverage related. 3 isnt to blame for it. If anything voda's outsourced partner who builds/monitors/maintains the network should be taking a lot of the blame.
21 Jan 2011 10:46:36 AM: I agree with this comment. I've had the same issues with Vodafone for the 5 years I've been with them. I've just been putting off doing something about it. My wireless modem is with 3 and it does & doesn't do everything they dold me it would or wouldn't.
22 Jan 2011 07:55:57 PM: OP you are uninformed. 3 and voda use seperate netwoks and towers. If you dont relate to our problems then you obviosly dont know how to call anyone or answer the fone, cos if you used your fone you would know what we mean
26 Jan 2011 06:58:16 PM: Bit shouty too.

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13249 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Neutral at 21 Jan 2011 07:15:42 AM
I've never had a problem with Vodafone (reception never fails, 3g works well).

I don't know why other people have so many problems...
21 Jan 2011 10:43:10 AM: a vodafone employee using Telstra :-p
21 Jan 2011 03:37:51 PM: yep .. absolutely :-)
21 Jan 2011 11:25:46 PM: HAHAHAHAHAHA They must live within 10 meters of a Vodafone tower, standing outside with an external antenna :P
22 Jan 2011 07:30:14 PM: That makes sense to me, someone with no friends to call or receive calls from, wouldnt know what its like for those of us who depend on our fones for our livelihoods, who regularly experience voda's failures.
trust me, it happens.
24 Jan 2011 10:50:36 AM: aha.. your a vodafone employee...without friends who's using a Telstra phone. :-) HEH
26 Jan 2011 07:08:23 PM: I'm in the same boat pretty flawless. Managed to avoid Nokia and Iphone handsets though.
31 Jan 2011 07:30:08 AM: I had broadband problems (got contract cancelled) but I haven't had issues with my phone. Meant to be getting the Iphone4 this week. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. I'm not too bothered though as I know the avenues to take (thanks Vodafail) if issues to occur.

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13193 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is POOR at 21 Jan 2011 06:41:09 AM
For the past year and a half I have had network coverage problems ie: calls dropping out; no reception (generally in the heart of the Sydney cbd and at Sydney airport; message and voicemail delays or not receiving messages at all; long waits for up to and over 1hr to customer support only to be hung up on and then have to call again and wait yet another hour; no 3g signal; takes up to 10 minutes+ to log onto any website including Vodafail and these are just some of the issues I have faced.

When I first received the phone I took it back to nokia on 4 different occasions because I thought it was the phone, however I continued to have these problems and now for the past 6 months I have tried periodically to contact Vodafail regarding my ongoing problems.

Recently I had, had enough and went in to 4 different Vodafail stores to get some help as I was getting nowhere trying to call. On all occasions I was told by Vodafail staff... "we can't help you, call customer support" and despite my protests about the poor service and not being able to get through to Vodafail, the Vodafail in store staff would walk off and talk to others; talk between themselves whilst I tried to voice my concerns; or completely ignore me and walk out into the store room.

When I realised I was not going to get any sort of response from the useless in store staff I resorted back to calling the Vodafail customer support line. On Tuesday 11th Jan 2011 I had to make 3 calls to Vodafail all for and waited approx 45-1hr each as each time before I had my call answered and each time I got in contact with a Vodafail rep the line would mysteriously drop out. When I finally got through I spoke with a so called "customer service rep" who was more like a rude cleaner who stated "I can't help you and won't help you because that is not part of my job, call us back tomorrow for the right department". I then demanded to be put through to the Manager.

The manager of customer support in India who I could barely understand with the accent and also because of the bad reception had to call me back twice because the call dropped out whilst I was making my complaint. When I finally got to speak with her she informed me that the Vodafail Cancellation team will be calling me back the next day and will be releasing me from my contract immediately due to all the problems I am facing and the poor service I have received.

I received a call 3 days later from a technical support person at 7pm. The technical support person then stated they would not help me and would not put me through to cancellations and stated I would have to do their investigations before Vodafail will let me talk to the cancellations dept. I did their investigations whilst also contacting the TIO for support. I was informed by the tech support team that I would receive a result by the 18th Jan. I did not hear back from them until the 20th of Jan 2011 informing me that their investigation had revealed I had poor signal coverage.

Finally I got to speak with the cancellations department and after having to call back twice due to bad reception and call drop out and yet and hour wait each time this is what finally happened.

The cancellations department then tried to sell me everything under the sun and give me offers to keep me as a customer... I informed that staff member that I do not want any of the offers and all I wanted was for Vodafail to released me from my contract as promised and also as Vodafail have been in breach of the contract for the past year and a half in the way of poor service as well as the above mentioned problems.

I was then informed that I would need to pay my next bill and a cancellation fee and send my phone back to Vodafail before I can be released from my contract. I then informed Vodafail that this is unacceptable and I would be taking Vodafail to the ACCC and TIO and I would not be paying any bills or cancellation fees. After trying to negotiate with yet another useless Vodafail staff member who I could barely understand and was continuously making mistakes and putting me on hold I asked to be put through to a manager.

I then negotiated with the cancellations manager and had my previous bill waived and my next bill waived. I then was then also told I had to send the phone back so they could waive the cancellation fee. I decided I would send the phone back, because it wasn't worth the pain of trying to keep it. No to mention it is the worse phone I have ever had.. (also suggested by useless Vodafail staff)

I am now currently waiting for this package so I can send my phone back and was assured as soon as they receive the phone I will be out of my contract and will receive a confirmation letter of this with nothing further to pay.

As a Vodafail customer of 12 years I feel very ripped off and completely unappreciated.
1. because there is no loyalty and during this whole process I was being fobbed off and passed around to different Vodafail staff to try and get me to just go away.
2. because I am loosing out.. I have not been compensated in any way for this time wasted out of my life and money wasted. Not to mention even though I have been paying for the phone for a year and a half I still need to send it back which leaves me with nothing but a big whole in my pocket and an empty wallet with nothing to show for it.

I know I'm not the only one having these problems.... and so to anyone else out there reading my story... the best advice I can give you is don't let them push you around and push them to do something about the problems your facing... don't stop until they release you from your contract. If after contacting Vodafail a few times you get nowhere contact the TIO and the ACCC immediately!!!

Good luck!!!
21 Jan 2011 10:25:53 AM: Thank you for the encouragement! I am at the stage where I am waiting for the supervisors supervisor to call me back as I have waited 5days only for the tech team to announce that there is NO issue at my home address! Garbage!
22 Jan 2011 07:35:24 PM: Dont hold your breath, the supervisors supervisor will back the supervisor. What you will then need to do is lodge another complaint and hopefully for you, the supervisors supervisor will get his supervisor to check if the supervisors supervisor needs a bit of extra supervision
26 Jan 2011 07:09:39 PM: 'No' answers always suck.

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13152 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Acceptable at 21 Jan 2011 06:04:52 AM
Over a period of time i had collected details of several places in my area where calls dropped and i could not get a signal. Requested immediately (after 45 min hold) to speak to a supervisor. Explained that that based on their coverage maps and the issues i had faced, Vodafone was breaching it's contract with me and i would accept nothing less than a release from my contract (18 months left) with no termination fees. Told them i was going to TIO immediately if they declined, and after another hold of about 2 minutes they agreed to release my two contracts with all fees waived.
Have now been with Telstra for a week and get great phone service, no call drops and my call has been answered immediately when ringing their customer care.

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13150 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is GREAT at 21 Jan 2011 06:04:36 AM
wanted to upgrade from blackberry to iphone 4 but still had contract time. voda wanted $400 + to pay out contract but instead agreed to wave this after i told them my blackberry has been in for service 3 time since getting it and it still does not work properly i also said i would take other family members on voda and go to optus if this was not sorted. after being put on hold for what seemed like ever a supervisor came to the phone and agreed to wave the money but had to sign to new contract. bring it on i said its saved me $400 good on you voda for having such incompetant staff that realy havent got a grip on the language.

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13145 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is POOR at 21 Jan 2011 05:54:05 AM
I had to wait 3 months till the end of my contract before I spoke to some incompetents in a call centre who had to investigate my coverage, after waiting 6 months to investigate my alleged "service coverage GAP" I went online myself and referred the call centre officer to the map and it was eventaually agreed by the call centre officer in INDIA to terminate my account. They wanted more then 6 months to investigate why my service kept failing with the usual advice to reboot, get a new sim card, forced reboot of the iphone. It remains that there is alot of area's where VODAFONE does not cover 3G and only does 2G and you still dont get adequate service. I spents hours and hours on hold to Vodafone, only to be passed from one incompetent to another due to one operator not working in the correct dept. It appears when things became to difficult they send you to other depts. Im sure they must sit in a call centre and just swap colleagues and laugh at a customer getting frustrated. A continual advisement of the TIO onbudsman appeared to be the only way of getting out of the contract and alot of sucking up and grovelling to the operators.

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13086 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Not good at 21 Jan 2011 04:06:56 AM
The more complaints you log with them, the better deal you will get. I had only logged one call due to the lengthy waits when ringing and useless response.
Had no signal at all for two full days, waste of time talking to the customer service people in Mumbai. Didn't bother complaining about the bad service again. Applied to TIO. When Vodafone rang, they made their introduction sound like they were actually from the TIO, and had negotiated a solution with 2 options. Eventually revealed they were employed by VF when directly asked. Contract terminated, & send back the phones (2 plans), or pay them $150 per phone (3GS iphones, 16gb & 32gb, only a few months left on contract. Would only go down to $100 per month per phone. Didn't accept, will prob send back the phones though.
21 Jan 2011 06:07:13 AM: I got offered the same offer of $150 to cancel my contract, DO NOT accept it, but then allege the breach of contract where they are breaching their terms and you will get your contract cancelled at no COST!

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13059 Someone from ACT thinks their gain is good....but then bad! at 20 Jan 2011 08:15:17 PM
after complaining to vodafone, then making a complaint with the TIO I was released from my contract 12 months early. I was told that I could keep my handset.
I thought this was great until I discovered that the handset is still locked!

Hopefully I can get this unlocked otherwise it is useless to me (i would never sell a handset locked to voda after my issues with them).
20 Mar 2011 09:49:14 PM: UPDATE!

I was released from my contract 12 months early, and after having issues unlocking my handset i was able to arrange for vodafone to pay me $200 to help purchase a new handset. they also let me keep my existing handset which i was able to sell for $140.00

the team on the phone when i called voda direct were horrible to me, and said there was no way that i could be released from my contract, and basically told me that i would never get vodafone to pay me money for my handset.

once i contacted the TIO it was clear that they and I had vodafone by the balls and that they would basically give me whatever I wanted. my only regret is not making HUGE demands.

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13055 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Released from Contract at 20 Jan 2011 06:41:05 PM
By making complaint to Vodafone and TIO Bargain!!!!!!Very happy am now with another carrier and have new phone Samsung and no problems at all.

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13033 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is sexy at 20 Jan 2011 12:28:46 PM
TIO complaint after 13 phone calls, 2 emails, 1 store visit, multiple tweets and numerous facebook post. I tried it all.

Complained 12/1 to TIO, got a call today from David who was heaps nice. Only had to pay $200 for my handset.
Had 11 months remaining on my contract.


David is the man you want!

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13029 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is Positive at 20 Jan 2011 12:04:31 PM
Call from the response team. Offered credits against all my acocunts until march. If they still have problems after this date they will organise releasing me from Conract.

Gotta agree with the comments below , Dont abuse the people on the phone , Its not thier fault this is happening.

22 Jan 2011 04:14:28 PM: not good enough, I reckon, demand to be released from contract now. You can always wait and see. Keep your options open. Basically they have placated you, yet they still have you locked into a bullsh#t contract
26 Jan 2011 07:11:57 PM: Sounds like a fair solution to me mate. You've got a timeline but just check that they have notes on the account which explain the deal that was struck.

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12996 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Very at 19 Jan 2011 03:13:04 PM
Called Voda to get out of my TWO contracts, after waiting on hold for a hour and a half the call dropped out on answer. Called again and was offered the next three months bills for free to stay, this was declined. Offered half price on contract payout, also declined.
Loged a complaint via TIO and got a response from voda in 5 days offering no fees on exit.
19 Jan 2011 07:39:41 PM: what was the time frame of all dis mang??

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12954 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Average. at 18 Jan 2011 08:06:12 PM
I love Vodafone, ive been with them since 2006 and NEVER had a problem. NEVER EVER had a problem. Not calling, texting, searching the web. NOT ONE PROBLEM! Everyone that is complaining is obviously not taking the right approach to their difficulties as they are all idiots for posting on such a stupid website. Grow up and change phone companies. IDIOTS!
18 Jan 2011 09:05:17 PM: "The post above has been moderated for being overly aggressive" Lol, that's just great, the website is 'stupid', wow that really hurt the website :roll eyes: and troubled customers are 'idiots'; look who's talking, if you don't have any problems then why are you here? We are not your problem. Go tell Vodafone how much you love them: www.vodafone.com.au forums & call 1555. This gain section is meant to be for what troubled customers have gained from resolving their issues. Since you have no loss, you have no gain. Simple.
19 Jan 2011 07:31:11 AM: lol Looks like Nigel Dews is trying to anonymously defend vodafone here hahaha whatever man go home. You are well aware why this website has been established, if you dont agree, dont get involved. Not one problem ever with vodafone? Hmmm maybe, JUST maybe, you are they one lucky person to not be affected by Vodafone's bad service. Maybe you live right next to a reception tower. Maybe your customer service number is different to everyone else and you dont speak to people in india. Maybe your just over exaggerating. Or perhaps you have been recieving decent service by your personal standards. Either way i dont care.

Open your eyes, look in the media, look at the ammount of posts on this website, if not all else, look at your phone and pay close attention. Vodafone is terrible. And the fact that you come a website designed to vent frustration about vodafones proven crap service, try to defend them and be obnoxious enough to call more than 10,000 people idiots, well that right there is stupidity.

Dude your a tool, go home and spend the money vodafone paid you for telling lies

19 Jan 2011 11:50:29 AM: I think you should call Vodafone right now & let them know how great they are - It may only take you half an hour, if your lucky, infact record the time it takes you and let us know how great Vodafone is!
20 Jan 2011 01:52:36 AM: I just called them now and called them during the day as well. Got through in 2 mins :D
20 Jan 2011 08:09:04 PM: your on drugs .
21 Jan 2011 06:05:20 AM: Clearly you must be a share holder or on the board of director or employee of vodafone or otherwise just a complete IDIOT for making such a post! This is not nazi days, there is freedom of speech in this country, don't like people's views and experience, stick your own comments right back up ya you THUG!
21 Jan 2011 10:43:54 AM: Troll
26 Jan 2011 07:17:44 PM: @18 Jan 2011 11:05:17 PM That's funny. Adam Brimo is reported to have said that there is a gain part on his site for people to post positive Vodafone stories and that he hopes that one day the gain stories will outnumber the pain ones. Unless he was being deceptive and manipulative I think he may want to have positives and success stories on here too. However the OP was inelegant in his approach to expressing that people need some personal responsibility.
26 Jan 2011 07:35:07 PM: @26 Jan 2011 09:17:44 PM - I do want the positive stories as well and this section is clearly accessible. In the 'Gain' section I am hoping that people post how their issues were resolved, but if they haven't had any issues they are welcome to post as well. The OP wasn't terribly articulate and I don't agree with them however we will not be moderating it as it generally complies with the posting guidelines. Thanks.


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12952 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Let out of contract at 18 Jan 2011 07:27:20 PM
Just short of 2 months into a 24 month contract.....complaints and hanging on line to vodafail re: no service & drop outs....with no result....put in complaint to TIO 6th Jan & received a call from Vodafail rep on sunday 16th Jan....lovely young man...spoke Australian....admitted I was in a bad service area and I was let out of my contract....giving me my Account number so I can port my number to another carrier....just have to return my hanset...so great out come...!!

My son has a vodafone prepaid....doesnt use it that much....so paid the $25 to unlock his phone....needed to call vofafail to get his details and account number so I could port his number to another carrier & surprise spent over 1 hour waiting for vodafail to answer....gave up....tried again today & just 20 mins....rang AMAYSIM....answered and spoke to an lovely Australian lady within 1 minute....she was great and within 1.5 hours they had ported my sons number....now thats what I call customer service.....!!

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12948 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Let out of my contract at 18 Jan 2011 06:22:01 PM
I had on previous occassions tried to get my issues resolved through Vodafone directly and not got anything from them, so I went to the TIO and made a complaint. I finally heard back from Vodafone today stating that they will me (and partner as well) and I have to pay for my iPhone (about $300) but very happy. The Girl I talked to was very professional and very sympathetic. She did state that the upgrades where due to be completed by the end of March this year, but its too late for me!!
18 Jan 2011 07:24:31 PM: what iphones, and how long left did you have in our contract?

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12940 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is at 18 Jan 2011 04:16:12 PM
ok so i work for vodafone and my mobile is with vodafone so i feel your frustration, but i just want to put out the point that IT IS NOT STAFF'S FAULT, this is our job my store prides on customer service and thats why our customer enjoy coming back to us, but we are getting customer personal abusing us calling us very horrible names. so please just remember we are human. we are facing the same issue you are with our phone, so be poliet its not hard
18 Jan 2011 07:57:33 PM: i am sorry that some people are treating you that way.it is very disrespectful and unnessesary.
though i can understand the frustration of vodafone customers.
extremely long hold times, csr that it seems is reading from a script, can't help you with the question, transfered to another scrpt reader who can't help you.
promises to ring back with an hour, no calls for 2 days then rings at 7pm from another country when trying to feed, bathe, settle children and self and then be told "o it is not a good time for you i will ring back tomorrow".
no calls for 3 days and rung again at 7:30 pm try to resolve it with cranky hugry kids at feet because it is the only time they have called and can't put it off any longer.
no resolve with the issue at all ask to speak to an australian representative of the company and told there is no australian csr's you will have to go to a store( closest store is 3hrs away).
finally lodge a complaint with tio and see how it turns out. through out my many call i have apologised for my angry tone and repetative questions and requests but it is frustrating.
in my case i rang customer service and was hoping to receive customer service but was greatly let down. hopefully you will tell your seniors of the total lacking in cs and that people treat you better.
18 Jan 2011 09:24:02 PM: Of course it's not the staff's fault, it's Vodafone's fault. But who runs Vodafone? Humans. So who must resolve the problems? Humans. It is very difficult to blame the company for the network problems because it is a very large entity that incorporates all human resource assets. Hence, because Vodafone staff are an asset of the company, we growl at you, which should be translated as us growling at the company. Anyway, Vodafone staff, please don't post here as this site is full of angry complaints and it'll make them angrier. If someone abuses you in store, it's against the law, so you should just follow procedures and remove that abusive person from the store. This site is not for seeking sympathy, unfortunately, as that will defy the purpose of this site, should we have posts of staff complaining to us here. Sorry, your words are best spent elsewhere.
19 Jan 2011 12:48:55 PM: excuse me i was not asking for sympathy, i was just informing you that to just thik about how you talk to use and remember sll the staff members are all with vodafone as well so we are facing the angry use are as well and the issues. we will help you any way we can. and trust me everything that is told to us, is passed to a higher staff member
21 Jan 2011 09:31:37 AM: agree with the OP. having worked for vha i can say that the clowns at head office should be on the butt-end of the abuse, and not the sales staff.
24 Jan 2011 08:24:45 AM: I work in a store that offers multiple networks, and agree with OP... Be nice, you get more with honey than with vinegar! When people come in raging about their handset or their network, no one wants to go out of their way to help, they just want you to stop being angry at them. It's sad that in this day and age, the people that don't use their social skills seem to get what they want - Nice people really should be the ones getting helped first! BTW, I'm with VF, and I'm also disappointed in their network atm, but I'm working toward a resolution.

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12924 Someone from SA thinks their gain is Great at 18 Jan 2011 01:52:16 PM
By spreading the word that Vodafone is having real network problems, we are actually helping the company fix their problem: their network cannot support the vast merged amount of clients from both 3 and themselves. Thus, when many of us leave Vodafone, it will give them an easier time to upgrade the towers between Jan - March 2011. Then once their network is up to scratch, they wont have high excess of clients bogging the VHA network. That would be an excellent start. It will be then, they can regain new potential customers and great reputation. My Vodafone mobile broadband 3G service was down for 7 business days. Right now, it's back online with full 5 bar signal and full speeds. This is only my case and the tower in my area. It will take time for them to resolve the national network issues for everyone.
21 Jan 2011 09:36:00 AM: you make the assumption that the fools will proactively increase network capacity BEFORE there is real demand for it. hmm doubt it. agree they will fix the stability of the existing network, but future capacity??....

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12914 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Great at 18 Jan 2011 12:55:12 PM
Emailed the CEO, Nigel Dews, at 11:23 am. Got a call from a Voda TIO staff member (David)at 12:45pm. He admitted issues with Vodafone's network and agreed to let me and my partner out of our respective contracts waiving all handset costs. I am 6 months into my 24 month contract for an iphone 4 and my partner has about 6 months left in his. Able to port out of Voda's network this arvo upon paying our last bill.

All I stated in my email was the disappointment I had in low network coverage, dropped calls, etc, etc. Asked that this be resolved before I take it to TIO.

Surprised at how easy it was. David was polite, sympathetic and all round awesome.
18 Jan 2011 05:08:27 PM: I had David ring me to. He was great to talk to and let me out of my contract. All those morons in mumbai together wouldn't make up one David in terms of customer service. It's people like him that may actually make Vodafone cling onto it's customers or see some come back "IF" they can fix their problems.
21 Jan 2011 08:01:37 AM: What is the CEO's email?
21 Jan 2011 08:28:55 AM: Email addresses cannot be posted on this forum, it's against the posting rules.
21 Jan 2011 03:22:17 PM: if you google it im sure youll find it though.... ;)

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12905 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Good enough for me to give them another go... at 18 Jan 2011 09:04:50 AM
With 5 months to go on my contract, today I rang up, was on the phone for just over an hour, and came out with:

- free upgrade to a new handset. (My iPhone 4 is getting delivered in 5-7 working days, and I get to keep the old one, which works fine - hellooo ebay!)
- waived the fee for breaking my contract
- the first 3 months of the new contract completely free
- $10 discount on the $69 plan, each month for the full duration of the new contract

I'm pretty happy with the result, especially as I was lucky enough not to have had the same level of problems that many of the people here have experienced.

I actually believe them when they say they will upgrade the network, because so many regulatory eyes are on the company now, there is no way wthey will get away with sub-standard service going forward.

Fun fact: While I was on the call to Vodafone(from a land line) it dropped out twice, and the same call centre consultant called me back within minutes. That's decent service.
18 Jan 2011 05:10:28 PM: Don't hold your breath waiting for the new phone and essentially you are still paying for a service that is not working, so you are still behind - $10 in front per month - but still behind.
26 Jan 2011 07:22:54 PM: Why poo on an awesome generous result? What's wrong with you 7:10?

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12876 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Great! at 17 Jan 2011 07:34:51 PM
Had my number ported across to Telstra on Saturday. I had to ring them today. My call was answered in 1 minute 30 Seconds. Stunned after the over 1 hour on hold calls to vodafone!

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12852 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is excellent at 17 Jan 2011 04:52:50 PM
Posts No.12838 & 12837,
You both are geniuses, talk to the CEO, Vodaphone have 1000 CEO's so it wouldn't be difficult to have problems resolved. If they want to make that 1001 I'll be happy to offer my services.

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12842 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Awesome... at 17 Jan 2011 02:58:41 PM
After just under two weeks of persistent calling - many hours on the phone (re: no coverage at all) Vodafone released me out a contract - 2 months in to a 24 month plan. I have been able to change carriers and now have a mobile phone that I can use!!!! Yay
17 Jan 2011 06:51:44 PM: Did you get to keep your phone?

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12838 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Excellent at 17 Jan 2011 02:14:28 PM
Released from my contract, 7 months in to a 24 month plan, get to keep the iphone 3GS for $100, free unlock of the handset. Excellent result, I am very very happy. I sent them many emails detailing my problems, read their replies and offers, went to the TIO, felt like I was getting the run around from the vodafone people handling that, sent an email to the CEO, got a phone call an hour later with the resolution I was after.

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12837 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is GOOD ENOUGH TO STAY.....FOR NOW at 17 Jan 2011 02:13:00 PM
Firstly Vodafone dosent decide to provide good customer service until you either contact the TIO or email the CEO with a complaint. Dont keep wasting your time with the customer care number or emailing technical.

I emailed the CEO today at 1:30pm, i recieved call back by a top bloke from the vodafone customer resolution team at 3:27pm. The guys was apologetic, nice and listened to all i had to say and wasn't at all defensive regarding the service.

Since i was on last years $69 cap he offered to bump be down to the current $45 infinate cap plan which is similar but with infinate calls,text,data and be also offered to wave my current bill and credit my first bill on the new plan. The icing on the cake is that if within the remaming 7 months of my contract i am still not happy with the service i can cancel my contract with no penalty fees!

I think thats fair, and i will see how things go for now and assess if i will stay for the rest of the 7 months. Worst comes to worse ill leave and go to telstra.

If only Vodafone had people like i spoke to today working in customer care and not jugdesh prekesh in some offshore contracted business.
17 Jan 2011 02:15:51 PM: I think the guy you spoke to was probably the same guy that called me as well, he was fantastic.
17 Jan 2011 06:14:25 PM: They probably see it better that all complaining customers get out of their contracts or whatever they desire because vodafone is going to have their arse handed to them when they get sued in the upcoming planned class action. Over 18,000 people and counting on the list as per Piper Alderman announcing on the news today.
26 Jan 2011 07:25:16 PM: No arses will be handed anywhere.

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12836 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is SO FANTASTIC! at 17 Jan 2011 02:03:46 PM
I complained to the TIO as was suggested by this website.
Then within a few days Vodafone's resolutions team called me and said they'd release me from my contract without penalty and that I could keep the broken handset they'd given me (gee great...) and they'd waive the $150 excess that they were going to charge me for my phone.
This is the only thing they've ever done right!
Although the lady was so nice and it was so easy I'm sure it's too good to be true - maybe I'll get given a massive bill?

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12779 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is They put in place what they should have done originally at 16 Jan 2011 07:35:35 PM
Vodafone acknowledged that I have been incorrectly billed for many months and are crediting the account, putting me on a minimal plan as I have no cell phone reception at my home office. Wont hold my breath but said the area will have improved cell phone reception due to organised work by the end of March 2011.
16 Jan 2011 07:36:24 PM: billed = billing

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12751 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Enough To Stay Put at 16 Jan 2011 12:13:59 PM
I Rang Vodafone and wanted to complain that I had been getting bad "reception" using my Wireless Broadband Modem. I had been only getting the Edge Network for a few days. Previously, I have been a customer only a couple of months and I had always been getting the 3g / hsupa signal, which as you all know is much faster than edge.
I got through to a consultant that I could partly understand and was told that the Tower at Dudley had been undergoing maintenance???.
I said I was not happy as I had only just recharged my account with $150 for the next 12 months, and I would want a refund if the service didnt improve.
Since that call my service has been as it was before, I get the hsupa signal.
Maybe thats because all you others out there have picked up your bundle and done the old POQ.
So all you people deserting the sinking ship, its not sunk yet.
Maybe the service will improve and be the Vodafone of old, or even better.
I'll stay for a while yet to see what develops.
Also when I recharged ($99 Deal at Woolies, I didnt even want the modem) I lost half a gig of data as the max limit is 15 gig, I had more than 3 gig to roll over. No problem the consultant added a gig to my account to make it 16 gig. I was happy about that!
All you people out there - keep winging!
16 Jan 2011 02:07:48 PM: TYPO - Thats Whining
21 Jan 2011 04:56:38 PM: Whole post screams of fool
26 Jan 2011 07:30:18 PM: No, awesome result! Good work mate and all you had to do was ask and feedback!

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12737 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is at 16 Jan 2011 06:32:14 AM
How can I contact Nigel Dews? Email address would be great to know.
16 Jan 2011 11:49:59 AM: Probably best to email him because I would assume that if his mobile is with Vodafone your call would possibly never get through to him and any sms to him would take a week.
17 Jan 2011 12:24:58 PM: Look down and read other entries.

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12699 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Fantastic at 15 Jan 2011 02:19:56 PM
Contacted TIO, released from contract.

Gain = now with Telstra and I can make calls and access data.

16 Jan 2011 09:03:52 AM: I ported my number yesterday to Telstra. Going to take 24-48hrs to become active. CurrentlY at 22hrs.... IT FEELS BETTER THAN XMAS, IM SO EXCITED TO BE LEAVING....I CANT WAIT :-)
17 Jan 2011 07:56:31 AM: WOOOOOHOOOOOO... FINALLY, im a Telstra customer. My 48hr wait felt like a year.Cant wait to experience service.
17 Jan 2011 06:16:34 PM: How good is Telstra....? I am now on a cheaper plan with my call allowance and data allowance then with Vodashit, and I constantly have full reception and broadband like speeds with my internet. Vodafone - go suck a dick!
22 Jan 2011 04:16:37 PM: I ported this morning, took 1 hour and Telstra had me up and running. YIPPPEEE
26 Jan 2011 07:32:55 PM: @17 Jan 2011 8:16:34PM Cheaper? Really? Cool!
28 Jan 2011 06:00:19 PM: I also am finding telstra cheaper, only cos I dont have to ring direcory assistance at all, internet always works and I can use white or yellow pages. Thats where vodafail relly stung me, all the extra costs for directory assist
7 Feb 2011 08:06:25 AM: just wait to they overcharge you like they did me

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12689 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Excellent at 15 Jan 2011 08:35:27 AM
Mobile broadband service, they just rang me and straight away offered to release me from the contract, win win win. 1 down, now waiting for them to call me about the mobile phone complaint.

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12682 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is Lifesaving at 15 Jan 2011 05:10:41 AM
I have previously given feedback on the response time of my mobile broadband, but having used my mobile broadband service to get information to escape from the Floods on our boat, I say well done to all the vocative staff for keeping the network up and running in the Brisbane CBD during our hour of need....thanks
15 Jan 2011 08:26:42 AM: But the Vodafone network failed, all across queensland :/
26 Jan 2011 07:35:07 PM: His sarcasm detector was broken. Anyway it was out and wasn't their fault and there were even staff on the ground sand bagging so it wouldn't go down as hard. Heroes deserve to be rewarded and recognised.

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12645 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Awesome at 14 Jan 2011 04:30:24 PM
After emails, hours on hold and "we'll get back to you" I also emailed CEO Nigel Dews at lunch time and had a phone call back at 3pm from the TIO resolutions team. The Guy I spoke did not try to talk me out of it, was from Australia and was very helpful. Both my husband and my contracts have been terminated. Both had another 11 months on them. We can keep the handsets. And we also do not have to pay December's bills on both accounts! Telstra here we come...And make sure you ask for them to email the outcome so you have proof of what they said!
17 Jan 2011 11:26:15 AM: how do you email the CEO? where can I find his address?
17 Jan 2011 07:35:13 PM: A reply has been moderated out as we do not allow contact details to be posted here. If you wish to contact Nigel Dews you will need to do it through the Vodafone website or contact the call centre for more information.

Vodafail Moderation Team
11 Feb 2012 09:24:27 AM: I would love that email address!!!

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12616 Someone from WA thinks their gain is very at 14 Jan 2011 12:47:05 PM
After months of constant phone calls, emails,hours on hold etc. I contacted the TIO, yesterday I saw someone had their contracts cancelled by emailing Nigel Dews, Voda's ceo so thought might as well give that a go. Emailed him yesterday afternoon, just had a phone call from a lovely guy called Edward at the resolutions team and I am now voda free!!

He didnt offer me credits or try convince me to stay, he just said he was happy to cancel my contract(with 20 months to go), he also told me vodafone owe me $400 since I was overcharged every month cos of an error on their end. Since I have the iPhone4 I was asked to return it but I offered to buy it off them, so they are not going to refund the $400 and I have to pay and extra $100 and its mine!! I was pretty happy with that considering they sell for $700 on ebay.

He has given me his direct line in case there are any problems but now I am free to go to another company so off to Optus I go!!
17 Jan 2011 07:29:11 PM: yo! stop right there . look for a better option than OPTUS. they are owned by singtel and the service is pretty awful. that's why i came to vodafone. good luck, but try telsrta, that is where i am going once i leave vodafone.
19 Jan 2011 07:32:19 PM: Optus + Iphones haven't always been a happy couple.. keep in mind.
24 Jan 2011 01:17:33 PM: I just had the TIO get me out of my Optus contract due to service issues and am now back with Telstra... I strongly suggest thinking twice about that decision!!

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12615 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is HUGE at 14 Jan 2011 12:36:35 PM
Last week Vodafail released me from my contract (after 18 months) and said I could keep the phone. I asked if I could put another SIM in it and use another network - they said yes.

Well when I put the new Optus SIM in guess what - it was locked!

I rang up vodafail (via 30 minute wait for an Indain call center) - who wanted to charge me $75 to unlock - I said that if they did not I would get onto the TIO again.

Suddenly they made "an excpetion" for me and unlocked it.

I am so angry with Vodafail I will never use them again - in this life or the next one!

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12599 Someone from WA thinks their gain is at 14 Jan 2011 10:46:27 AM

There is a class action suit against vodafone for breach of contracts - ie not delivering what they promised in their contracts - black spots, drop outs etc.

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12592 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Pretty good at 14 Jan 2011 10:17:56 AM
Ok, so after hearing about the privacy leak, and the network dramas I've been having for the past for 4 months... I called Vodafone, to discuss the fact that I wanted to break my contract.

Over the course of 5 days, being transfered multiple times to different departments, people, management, and to add to the frustration, regular drop outs while on hold, I finally got onto an agent who advised me that after following all their troubleshooting steps that I was able to break the contract, waiving my $540 termination fee, and all I'd have to do is either return my iPhone or pay it out ($130).. during this discussion, the line dropped out.

Few minutes later I had received a SMS saying that they acknowledged the line disconnected, and that I would get a call back. Didn't receive it. So i called again.

Finally after waiting ages go through, the new agent advised that there were no notes/record of my previous discussion. Wasn't good enough.

I spent 1.30 mins arguing with him, telling him that I wanted to cancel my contract like the previous agent had promised. After putting me on hold, and speaking to his manager back and forth, they decided that they were happy to terminate my contract, waiving my termination fee, but I had to pay $200 for my handset. I refused, and finally convinced him that I was only willing to pay $130 as promised by the previous agent.

They agreed.

Now in all this, ultimately a termination of contract was ideal for me, but at the moment I don't have time to shop around for another carrier, and port over my number, so I explained to the agent that after being a customer of vodafone for 12 years, that after all this, they were willing to let me go? I said to him that I am willing to continue on being a customer for a few more months in hope that their network issues will resolve, and the $540 termination fee that they were willing to waive, is to be applied to my bill over the next 6 months... IT WORKED.

My plan of action is... after 6 months (when my contract ends) I will thank them very much... and sign up a new contact with a different carrier (and hope to get my hot hands on the new iPhone 5 when it's released) ha!
14 Jan 2011 11:16:50 AM: Good work! And good luck with their service over next two months :s Surely it has to improve sooner or later!
16 Jan 2011 01:54:49 PM: I do hope you have a written record of this - otherwise you may find that it never happened according to Vodafone. It will be your word against a call centre.
26 Jan 2011 07:38:04 PM: The $540 credit bit gets me...um good work mate!

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12583 Someone from WA thinks their gain is Moderate at 14 Jan 2011 09:07:32 AM
I have been offered two months free access by Vodafone by complaining via email following missed calls, failure to make calls, inability to get through to customer service, and delays in sending and receiving SMS.

However, this is accompanied by vague words about ongoing upgrades, and I really need a reliable mobile phone service as my wife is expecting a child soon.

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12556 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Pretty Damn Fail at 14 Jan 2011 12:39:36 AM
Was on the phone for 1.30Hrs (1555) and Amradhah answered my call at 8PM today (13th). And ask me to set the Operator selection to Manual (which I have done already after reading some post on the internet) with no gain. And asked me 3 calls which I've made (number, date and time) and dropped. Then said one of their technician gonna contact me in 5 business days to investigate and after another 2 business days another call to inform me the result. If they find no signal then I can exit the contract, she said. I refused to pay the bill till this resolved and she credited the account for this month.

Well seems like some gain. But I want to leave Vodafone.
14 Jan 2011 09:13:46 AM: I had exactly this experience but it took me one month to get to this point. It's been 5 days today and I still havnt heard from the technical department. Have you? Have lodged a complaint with the tip but they won't do anything for another 10 days. Very fed up and don't understand how vodafone is still in business!?
14 Jan 2011 09:14:48 AM: TIO. Not tip
21 Jan 2011 09:17:51 AM: Those techy people **don't** call you back, don't waste your time on that. Go straight to the TIO. I was out of my contract after 5 days of emailing them :) I'm now so happy with Telstra I want to hug them (which is something I thought I'd never EVER say).

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12537 Someone from ACT thinks their gain is excellent at 13 Jan 2011 09:06:38 PM
At 5:35pm today I was called by someone responding to my email to the CEO from lunchtime - offering to end my contract, but paying out the phone, some $300. I wasn't too upset with that deal and hung up. 1 minute later, the TIO Complaints area called me to release me from my contract with no charges, and I keep the phone... I'm thrilled. Hello Telstra.
14 Jan 2011 12:41:40 AM: Dude, whats the email address u emailed? How long ago u contacted TIO? Much appreciated.
14 Jan 2011 04:59:05 AM: Im reading a hell of a lot of 'Gain Stories' and there seems to be a common link. Emailing the CEO and getting to speak with an understanding Aussie. Most responses say things like 'Got a fantastic woman on the other end who understood and released me with an apologie' etc etc I wonder if the penny has dropped for Vodafone yet???????? WHY SEND YOUR CALL CENTRES ABROAD. You have the competent staff here in your own back yard. Your business is going under due to the incompetence (And obviously cheap wages) of Indians. You only get what you pay for! (Pay peanuts, you get monkeys!) Can't think of a better relative aussie statement at the moment :-)
14 Jan 2011 05:18:00 AM: Try emailing the CEO. I did this yesterday and had 2 calls backs (one from tech support, and one from a team leader at Tech Support - unfortunately BOTH indian, but easily understandable) within 3 hours, also a follow up text message.. Seems Nigel Dews gets things happening.
But be polite and firm. I told him I wanted this sorted, or I threatened TIO intervention..

18 Dec 2011 01:20:54 PM: are you serious, "unfortunately both indian", could you be more racist?
the only problem with call centres is that people get angry because when you yell at them with racist slurs, they have to respond politely.

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12536 Someone from ACT thinks their gain is not really a gain at 13 Jan 2011 08:52:13 PM
For 2 days my vodafone mobile broadband has actually allowed me to watch youtube at full speed.. Does that count as a gain? Also all my smses arrived on time.. Possibly they have done something, or everyone is so jack of it that I dont have to share the network with them :D

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12528 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Good at 13 Jan 2011 07:52:56 PM
What number do you call to get out of your voda contract?

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12517 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is Brilliant for me!!!! at 13 Jan 2011 05:38:45 PM
Have not yet got out of my mess but........I was in Coles a couple of days ago, they (Coles) have a shelf with several modems on display, one was at half price (Vodafail).

Some fellow was eyeing it up and I could see he was going to purchase it............I mentioned to him about the crap Vodafail coverage and near non-existent customer service and he put it down and purchased a Telstra.

Ahhhhhhh...........I am a man fulfilled, one less sucker for Vodafail and one hell of a lot less $$ for this disgraceful company.

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12500 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is The Best at 13 Jan 2011 03:24:57 PM
Because i never had decent reception to even ring Vodafone to complain i lodged a complaint through the TIO and explained my situation. Got a call back from Vodafone today. The lady i spoke to was terrific. Contract is now cancelled, no exit fee and do not have to pay the last 3 months of bills that id not paid. She apologised for any problems i have suffered and when i asked about returning the phone she said "What phone" and left it at that. Very very happy with the outcome after all my frustration. Friends will be happy now that they can call me now that i have changed to Telstra and all thanks to this site.
13 Jan 2011 10:49:06 PM: How on earth did you get away with not paying your bills for three months?! I would have thought they'd have the creditors on to you for that.
14 Jan 2011 09:04:24 AM: Who did you lodge your complaint to??? and what was her name?? I NEED HER she must be a contractor and not actually a vodafone employee haha

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12490 Someone from WA thinks their gain is Great at 13 Jan 2011 02:45:13 PM
I had problems getting hold of Vodafone support via the phone (either phone cut off or never received calls back) and emails always came back with generic answers. I lodged a complaint with the TIO and about a week later got a call from the resolution team.

The guy from the resolutions team was very helpful and understanding but hid did advise that he could not tell me when the network issues I had been experiencing would be resolved. They offered to release me from my contract, 8 months early. As my handset is a cheap Nokia I don't have to return it or pay for it.

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12488 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Inifinite at 13 Jan 2011 02:34:41 PM
I left Vodafone before it all went really tits up. Best move ever.

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12484 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is excellent at 13 Jan 2011 02:18:12 PM
Phoned vodafail last Thursday and got the 'put your phone onto 2G network' story. Emailed vodafail on their complaints page yesterday. Called them today and spoke to a customer service person and then got put through (after 1/2 hour on hold) to network. Told me I was in a low reception area and could terminate my contract. Asked to be put through to accounts. SPoke to another person in accounts and I have terminated my contract 10 months early without payment. The kicker is I get charged the exit fee ($500) which they tell me will be refunded when I return the phone in the satchel they post out. I asked to keep my handset and negotiate a price but was told the only price was the exit fee. Not negotiable. Suits me as my iphone has a chip off the glass where I dropped it so I can get a new one. Off to Telstra now for a prepaid phone.

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12433 Someone from QLD thinks their gain is Excellent at 13 Jan 2011 11:18:55 AM
I, like most of the irrate customers felt very let down by Vodafone.
I called countless times to 1555, spent HOURS on hold and spoke to many a non-English speaking customer rep who time after time put me on hold and wouldn't help me.
I read these gains/pains and took action into my own hands. I took the advice of a lovely person who told me to email the CEO (PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED) and what do you know, recieved a phone call the very next day from a awesome Aussie rep who told me that I was able to be released from my contract (with 6 months left) free of charge and able to keep my handset.

If Vodafone had reps like these working for them, they wouldn't be in the mess they are currently in. Not only was he helpful, but he listened to my frustration of the current offshore call centre staff and asked how I'd be affected in the QLD flood crisis. Fantastic customer service from him.

So, I encourage everyone if you have a problem contact the CEO. You'll get called and hopefully get out of my contract like I am.

Have now contacted Optus and am on my way to becoming an ex-Vodafone customer.

Thank you to this forum for helping me.
13 Jan 2011 01:05:09 PM: Have emailed him.. shall see if it makes a difference!
13 Jan 2011 02:22:45 PM: Emailed him also! crossing fingers! Cheers
13 Jan 2011 03:29:43 PM: They called me about 15 minutes ago.
Guy who's talking to me is fkn useless.. and is taking me through handset settings I've changed myself MULTIPLE times already.. BUT.. I can't complain about the turnaround time.. a few hours to have some action..

I recommend emailing the CEO.. he gets things happening :D

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12385 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Extremely good at 12 Jan 2011 09:35:13 PM
Long story short. Mum and I upgraded our contracts on the same day under her name as we felt it was easier to keel both accounts under her name (I was a minor when we got my first contract). Went into a vodafone store to ask when the contract ended. To my surprise they told me my mums contract ended this month but mine had been extended by 3 months. Asked them why and she said it's probably coz we stopped paying our bill. I thought this sounded way too fishy so I called the TIO and complained. Received a call tonight, only 4 business days after making the complaint. The lady I spoke to was absolutely lovely (and an Aussie!). She told me she wasn't sure why the extra three months had been added on and reassured me that they should have not been. She basically said the excuse the staff member gave me was crap and and corrected the end date of my contract and wrote off my overdue $213 bill. We even had a bit of a laugh about it.

She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and demonstrated the kind of customer service you would expect to receive from a major telco. As she was so nice and helpful I actually didn't have the heart to tell her I was leaving after the contract ended. This is actually a big thing for me to say as well because I am a regular poster on this site and I despise vodafone.

If vodafone provided this type of customer service to all their customers they wouldn't be in this mess today, but hey that's their problem.
12 Jan 2011 09:36:21 PM: I forgot to mention that we never actually stopped paying our bill which is why I thought it was wrong.

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12374 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Awesome at 12 Jan 2011 08:42:08 PM
After countless hour on hold while trying to work out if Vodafone was actually "investigating the problem" we finally went to the ombudsman. And after one email to them, vodafone rang me (on my landline) to tell me that I would be getting out of my contract FREE OF CHARGE and all out standing bills were waived.
A week later the CEO of vodafone called to apologise and try and get me to stay.

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12372 Someone from VIC thinks their gain is Awesome at 12 Jan 2011 08:41:35 PM
After countless hour on hold while trying to work out if Vodafone was actually "investigating the problem" we finally went to the ombudsman. And after one email to them, vodafone rang me (on my landline) to tell me that I would be getting out of my contract FREE OF CHARGE and all out standing bills were waived.
A week later the CEO of vodafone called to apologise and try and get me to stay. I went to Telstra
13 Jan 2011 07:31:44 AM: Why are they so quick to give 2-3 months credit but then launch a slow investigation to see whether they are in fact, a rubbish telco?

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12277 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is VODAHELL at 12 Jan 2011 02:35:47 PM
I recently made a complaint with Vodafone because I was unable to send emails. They gave me the excuse that they are currently upgrading and the issue should be fixed shortly but would not commit to a date.
After talking with 3 different people, they credited my account $99.00, but problem still exists.

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12214 Someone from NSW thinks their gain is Great at 12 Jan 2011 09:43:05 AM
Called up vodafone last week on Wednesday, to complain, they gave me three months for free and told me that an investigation would take place, and they would call me within 72 hours, nobody called me so i called them back to complain again and they allowed me to cancel my contract.

Great result for me, now i can go with Telstra or Optus, Not sure yet. :D
13 Jan 2011 07:33:05 AM: My Virgin broadband (Optus) is also very weak at my inner Melbourne address and bad in regional areas. I'd go Telstra.

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