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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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Vodafail.com is no longer accepting complaints.
Over the past 6 months traffic to Vodafail has declined significantly. Therefore we have closed off Vodafail to new complaints. We think you will find more joy in posting on any one of these fine product / brand review sites.

You can also post directly on the Vodafone community forums.

Other People's Pain

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10499 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Big fail at 5 Jan 2011 09:52:05 AM
Both my internet and phone are with vodafone, and im having major reception issues. People try to ring me when i am at home and cant get through to me as i am "unavailable or phone is switched off" Which i know is not the case.

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10498 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 5 Jan 2011 09:48:51 AM
Yesterday afternoon, I made 4 calls to Vodafone customer care (1555) to raise my concern over my mobile phone reception coverage.
1st call - I used the key pad prompts but failed to find one that satisfied my complaint and so chose my account. I was then advised I would have to call back later as Lara had experienced a problem....
2nd call - I was on hold for over 30 minutes when my call was answered however my reception cut out and the call ended. I have really bad coverage in inner Sydney...
3rd call - I went through the options again and when I was placed on hold, the reception cut out again and my call ended.... steaming mad...
4th call - I am now home. I began calling Vodafone when I left work, One hour ago exactly. I have hung up the call at 18 minutes on hold.
I tried to go to thewebsite to ask someone to call ME and had sooo much trouble trying to find a way to contact vodafone directly! It seems they have put everything in place so that we solve our own problems instead of bothering THEM!
Their service levels have dropped, phone coverage has dropped, but my call charges haven't... I think it's a breach of contract.. LET ME OUT!!!

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10494 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is texts and v/mails not getting thru at 5 Jan 2011 09:35:02 AM
I'll keep this short because I'm fairly hot headed right now. Been having trouble with ALL vodafone services (sales, upgrades, instore staff, connections, data, phones, you name it) for the past 2 years. I've been patient. When NO texts that I sent over Christmas were received I calmly put it down to networks being over-run. 11 days later they still haven't been received. Neither have the v/mails I have left or apparently recieved. and NOW my future wife will not talk to me because I am an"uncaring and un-emotional (insert expletive)". Why??? Because I don't return her missed calls - that don't come through, and I don't reply to her texts - I do, they just aren't received. Oh and apparently I'm having an affair because I get texts from total strangers at all hours of the night. Really frustrated and really want Vodafone to sort itself out so I can go back to living a normal life.

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10493 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 5 Jan 2011 09:19:03 AM
there isn't actually a tel-co in the world that doesn't have customers experiencing issues with coverage, usually about 3%-5% of customers, a small percentage, and would make sense nothing works perfect, in Vodafone's case 5% would equate to over 400 thousand people! Much more than registered for the class action and 400 x the amount of complaints here!

Think it needs to be put into perspective!
5 Jan 2011 09:22:44 AM: they are within the accepted industry failure rate for electronics products and services of 3 - 5% percent
5 Jan 2011 09:23:57 AM: Methinks another happy Vodafone employee............
5 Jan 2011 09:30:08 AM: Stupid Vodafone is stupid, Nuff said.
5 Jan 2011 09:30:52 AM: i actually work in electronic repairs and servicing for Toshiba.
All electronic products and services are allowed some failure, nothing is perfect!
5 Jan 2011 09:31:53 AM: Can't say I agree with you, over 10000 pains in 22 days,. Consider for a moment 1/ People may not know about this site........yet 2/ People may not be able to access this site.........thanks Vodafail 3/ There is always the silent majority, those who are happy to live with this mess..........until they get fed up with it 4/ See the stats at the bottom of the page...........
5 Jan 2011 09:36:01 AM: @ 5 Jan 2011 11:30:52 AM: (presumably the OP) I had a Tosh portable once, decent piece of kit, but.........it went wrong.........sent it to Tosh who repaired it FOC.......great stuff, well done, did not cost me a bean!!!! Why???? Because it was under guarantee or warranty for 12 months, imagine the same scenario with Vodafone..............people here has said from day 1 their mobiles have not worked and Vodafone have basically done........zip.
5 Jan 2011 09:39:42 AM: the stats don't mean squat, there is not any kind of registration or accountability here, it is complete here say, yes there is 10,000 pains but is their really 10,000 different people, also comments are moderated out and the counter is not even adjusted, on this page alone there are almost 200 pains deleted out!

5 Jan 2011 09:42:43 AM: If you reckon taking a tosh portable to tosh to get fixed and it was so awesome, how does that rational work with the Vodafone example, surely by what your saying you would take your Nokia to Nokia, not to the Vodafone????
5 Jan 2011 09:45:21 AM: to the second last post'er agreed are there 10.000 pains here or just 1000 people complaining 10 times? No accountability if anything isn't helping the cause, none of these comments will do anything for the situation, they are right this is all here say? and it cant be proven any other way?
5 Jan 2011 09:49:24 AM: agreed there needs to be some sort of profiling here, so we can get a true and accurate figure of complaints
5 Jan 2011 10:01:13 AM: The number of posts displayed next the the locations at the top of this page is the number of posts that have not been moderated out. So there are over 10,000 now (number next to 'Everywhere'). From those 10,000 we know (based on their IP) that there are at least 7,500 posts from different IPs. There are also close to 100,000 different people who have visited this website so far.

It is true that all industries have a percentage of products that are defective. However it is the responsibility of the company selling the products to ensure the 3-5% that are faulty are replaced with non-faulty products. That is the main issue here. People have been complaining for a long time now and Vodafone still cannot provide a non-faulty product.
5 Jan 2011 10:04:14 AM: @ 5 Jan 2011 11:42:43 AM, No I am not saying that........it really is quite simple........my contract is with Vodafone...not Apple.......... not Nokia or any other handset manufacturers......... it is with Vodafone.........like I said........quite simple really.
5 Jan 2011 10:11:49 AM: @ 5 Jan 2011 11:39:42 AM: the reason that pains have been deleted is............Posting Rules and Moderation
Any post that does not discuss Vodafone (regardless of opinion) is considered as off topic for this forum and will be removed. Any posts that contain the contact information of Vodafone staff will also be removed. Please keep the discussion relevant and on topic.

Due to the high volume of comments we are receiving, we will not hesitate to block users or moderate any comments that: incite violence, are overly aggressive, include excessive profanity, are crude or appear to be spamming attempts. Thank you for your support...........It's in the big red box in red letters at the top of the page. Probably these post have been deleted for the very reasons outlined above.
5 Jan 2011 10:19:03 AM: Still doesn't make sense, unless Vodafone actually make phones?
5 Jan 2011 10:26:49 AM: @ 5 Jan 2011 12:19:03 PM Like I said it really is quite simple.........I say again..........my contract is with Vodafone..........not Nokia or anyone else.
5 Jan 2011 10:46:59 AM: Most people don't know about this site, nor do they post on this site. The 10000+ people that have posted would be a very large sample size and probably represents closer to 750,000 customers or something close to that number. The difference is at least we know this 10,000 are now aware that they are not alone, and will hopefully seek help from the TIO to get out of their contracts with the unreliable company.
5 Jan 2011 10:57:56 AM: Try and make it easier..........Yesterday on the way home I was caught in a traffic jam, probably 20 kms long all due to roadworks!!! Took me ages to get to my destination and I also missed several very important appointments. When I got eventually got home some 4 hours late I immediately contacted my car manufacturer (Nissan) to complain about the delays............get my drift now???????
5 Jan 2011 11:08:57 AM: @ 5 Jan 2011 11:39:42 AM: ................ on this page alone there are almost 200 pains deleted out!..............actually it is 2 pains deleted for very unpleasant language. Vodafail Mod.
5 Jan 2011 11:33:55 AM: ummm then how come for instance on the last three posts it goes 10524, then 10500, then 10499, after that is goes 10494 then 10493 then 10489 then 10489, 23 are missing in the first two post alone, that is more than 2, and its still all anonymous
5 Jan 2011 12:07:38 PM: thats just cause there is other states taking up the comments, would have to agree though its all anonymous and that's defiantly an issue!
6 Jan 2011 10:50:17 AM: Your point being?

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10492 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is total fail at 5 Jan 2011 09:18:37 AM
its the same thing that happens all the time i get constent messages from vodafone saying thati hav insufficient funs wen i hav ova $50 credit, also i cant seem 2 hav enough reception wen i need it.

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10485 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Very at 5 Jan 2011 08:53:09 AM
I had no reception for 2 days. I went back to the store 4 times and they just kept changing my sim card, still it didn't work. In the end I got fed up and just waited it out. Im in the middle of the city for work, you think vodafone would at least get there City coverage sorted!....and lets not get into the work calls I missed during these two days! Also; I still had had to pay the full amount of my CAP plan even theough I had no phone service. Way to go with your customer care Vodafone.

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10484 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is painful at 5 Jan 2011 08:42:44 AM
the network coverage is shit im only 100 meters away from a vodafone store where i got my new phone and i can't get coverage... not to mention my new phone is now not working and had to be sent away for repairs.... and i paid my first bill... after that i have not recived another bill it has been 4 months they have not called not texted not cut me off they don't want my money...
i left telstra because of there bad service now im with vodafone i get BAD SERVICE AND BAD COVERAGE is there a telco out there that will look after its customers??????? mabye we should all donate money and build owe own!!!!!!
5 Jan 2011 09:09:15 AM: Have you validated your email address with them? Bills are by email, they send you an initial email which you need to validate so that they can confirm the email address for future bills.

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10482 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is why just for vodafone at 5 Jan 2011 08:31:10 AM
I have a two year mobile internet contract with TRANSACT which uses vodafone network. In the past few months, the drop out rate is sometimes every few minutes and when it is on it's so slow that it's practically useless. Hello TRANSACT, are you going to do something about it or do I have to go outside the ACT to get a decent service???
5 Jan 2011 10:29:52 AM: transact do need to life their game a bit, i went in the transact store and they just wanted to blame Vodafone and wouldn't help me with my bill saying i need to speak to them!

But they cant help me i'm not with Vodafone i'm with transact, if i have a problem with my OPTUS home phone i don't go to TELSTRA just cause OPTUS use their lines!

Transact Fail! when are transact customers gonna get their on website for problems, or are we just being ignored by Adam!
5 Jan 2011 08:42:23 AM: Completely different topic, ADSL Broadband is a seperate issue, if you are having a problem with your ADSL Broadband, why don't you grow a pair and create your own site, instead of expecting others to do it for you.

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10480 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is useless for someone trying to run a business at 5 Jan 2011 08:23:24 AM
I'm trying to run a bussiness and it doesn't help that phone calls are not being received or phone calls keep dropping out. My phone reception constantly says 'searching' and the only way to get recption back is to turn the phone off and turn it back on again. I am not receiving texts to say that I have received a voicemail and have to constantly check my voicemail to see if there are any messages. So frustrating! I went to see Telstra about changing over but I am currently on a contract plan which will cost a ridiculous amount to break the contract!
5 Jan 2011 08:33:37 AM: I own a 3Gs iPhone and when travelling from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane my phone does the same thing! If you don't turn it off it will not reconnect to the network, feel your pain!

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10479 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is No reception, cant call customer service at 5 Jan 2011 08:22:25 AM
I have recently moved to Tweed Heads and I have never had such a drama with vodafone. I am on a contractand it seems at 6pm everynight I lose all reception for about 3 hours I cant get any calls and then the next day at about 9am I receive voicemail messages form the night before. I tried to call customer service using the 1511 number and it wont connect. So I have to call the 1300 number and they said there is no service in my area to call the 1511 number. But when I tried calling from a pre paid number it works fine. Then when I get my bill at the end of the month there is a $20 call on it to them because I was on hold for 20 minutes at a time. I have been with vodafone for 10 years and it seems they only want to reward new customers and give nothing to customers that have been loyal to them.

Also they have stopped taking the money out by direct debit without my knowledge and sending me reminder bills in the mail demanding I pay the bill.

They really need to sort themselves out
5 Jan 2011 08:37:32 AM: has your credit card changed?
5 Jan 2011 08:47:48 AM: There are 2 numbers for customer care, 1555(free from Vodafone numbers) and 1300650410 which is not free. 1511 is the number for prepaid to recharge hence why it worked for your prepaid. Don't use the 1300 number and complain when you get charged when there is 1555 for free for existing customers(!).
5 Jan 2011 08:49:44 AM: Well not totally without your knowledge... they are sending you reminder bills after all.
5 Jan 2011 09:01:01 AM: Hello, I currently work in a Vodafone store and I must say that it extremely frustrating and incorrect when I hear "I have been with vodafone for 10 years and it seems they only want to reward new customers and give nothing to customers that have been loyal to them." I hear this a lot and just isn't true. In store we have a program that lists every deal or promotion currently running and there is a section that lists deals ONLY available to existing customers in addition to every other offer that's available to everyone.

Please keep your complaints fair and honest. Vodafone has had enough real issues (which they are working hard to fix) to comment on without resorting to exaggeration and fabrication.
5 Jan 2011 09:20:46 AM: (ibid) reply 4!

And yes, the only reason your direct debit would cease is if the card with which you initiated the contract has since expired and been replaced with a new one. When this happens you need to notify Vodafone so they can continue the direct debit.
5 Jan 2011 02:20:50 PM: Sorry im meant to say the 1555 number was not available in my area through my plan but was for pre paid customers. My bank details have not changed the whole time I have been with vodafone, they just stopped doing the direct debit. They only send a reminder bill when it gets to the point that they are going to send my details to a debt collector. And I have been to the local store to try and get the data cap added to my plan as stated on the website and when I did there was no one in the store that had heard anything about it. Then they just tried to make me upgrade my plan to a different one and told me i had to pay out the original contract to do it. I just received another bill today after being away for three weeks of the billing period without my phone and when I really did not use it when I had it and got charged $50 over what the cap price is. I dont know how they come up with their figures

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10477 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is 100% Best customer Service award for not providing customer service at 5 Jan 2011 08:17:01 AM
We have been with vodafone for 16months now, and i have had nothing but problems from day one. Problems from vodafone billing us incorrectly, charging us for calls which are part of our cap, right up to the last 3-4 months of rediculous service.
Vodafone have said to adjust a couple of phone settings to try to help the service, Yeah right.... still in same situation. we even went as far as getting our new phone serviced to make sure i even resorted back to using my older phones to see which one makes a difference. nothing....

we operate our business from a home office, and i cannot believe the amount of times my phone will search for a network, or i can be working away and not realising that i have had not reception for half the day, until a call will come through and say where have you been?

we were promised a good deal without affecting our service. i am so over Vodafone and their rubbish promises. they can shove it where it fits.
if you can't deliver what you promise, an international company like vodafone, then you should release your customers, not suck anyone else into your pathetic company and shut your doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Jan 2011 08:34:46 AM: Do you have a landline? If you're running a business from home without one then shame on you.

Also, if you need your phone for business why go Vodafone over Telstra? I have 2 phones, my work phone with Telstra and my private phone is with Vodafone. I chose Telstra for my business number because I didn't mind the more expensive plan for better coverage and rural coverage. Vodafone's plans are much cheaper and better value and even though so far I've not had a problem with coverage and reception I was not willing to risk it for my business. People just need to take some responsibility for themselves and/or their business.
5 Jan 2011 09:28:25 AM: @ 5 Jan 2011 10:34:46 AM: How dare you criticize the OP. You know didlly-squat about his business circumstances other than that he has shared with us!!! Take your holier-than-thou attitude, lube it up and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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10476 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Phone Calls not being received at 5 Jan 2011 08:08:39 AM
I hae had a number of people tell me they have rung me and my phone is off or out of reception. My phone uis always on, I did an experiment, every night at home I get my wife to ring my phone whilst we are both home. My phone always says it has reception, in the last month about 40% of the time she has gotten the message that my phone is off out of reception. Depsite me sitting next to here with my phone on and with it displaying that it has reception. I have forwarde these results to vodafone, as yeat no response.

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10475 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is disgraceful at 5 Jan 2011 08:06:02 AM
Little or no reception in an area that had reasonable coverage (being my reason to switch to VodaF for the better coverage) until a 'network outage' one week. Then no more reasonable coverage, actually no coverage basically. Calls dropping out out constantly, not being able to make calls due to poor reception. The big thing here was before the outage it was good and was never a problem.

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10474 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is zip at 5 Jan 2011 08:00:42 AM
I travelled to mid north coast for two days and had absolutely no coverage! Not even Coffs harbour..now I am back on the Gold Coast and a day later the reception has not returned Website wont accept my details either
5 Jan 2011 08:04:32 AM: I also live on the Gold Coast with the same 'no coverage' yesterday. If you have your postcodes can you please record them on the Your Coverage tab? We need your raw data to gather information about Vodafones apparent lack of network coverage.

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10472 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is disgusted at 5 Jan 2011 07:44:26 AM
I only signed up for vodafone a couple of months ago because they seemed to be able to offer 'cheap' dataplans without a contract. Now wish I hadn't ...

Even though I live and work in Metropolitan Sydney where coverage should be OK if you believe their map, the service is dismal.

- Receiving Calls: I keep on 'missing' calls. I can reproduce this: Even when my phone says it is on 3G with full coverage bars, sometimes when I call it with another phone, it just goes straight to the 'blablabla unavailable' message. I don't get a missed call on my phone nor do I get a text or anything about a call being missed

- Making calls: Even right in the center of town I need to almost stand still to successfully complete a call without being dropped. Entering a building or walking through an arcade or something will drop the call almost every time.

- Data coverage: With full 3G and all coverage bars I regularly get timeouts on opening webpages. Even when it doesn't time out, a speedtest shows my internet to be a dismal 150Kbit (about 25 times slower than my other Telstra SIM on the same phone). I have given up relying on my emails coming in on my vodafail SIM as they often don't arrive until half a day after they are actually in my mailbox.

- Coverage: This is what baffled me most. I drove over the blue mountains to Orange the other day. Only an hour out of Sydney, I lost complete reception never to get it back. In Orange I could not get any reception yet shops on the high street were still selling Vodafone plans - How do they do it ?

All the above didn't seem to deter from Vodafone sending me a $270 bill on my $39 cap for my first month. I have blocked my direct debit and will do everything I can not to pay this bill.

I guess I am luckier than most of you guys as I am not on a contract so I can (and will) just port my number to a decent provider.

All the best for people fighting to get out of their contracts - No consumer this day and age should put up with this sort of service !

5 Jan 2011 07:57:26 AM: Agree completely with all of your comments!!! Best wishes for the future..........without Vodafone!!!!

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10469 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Extremely at 5 Jan 2011 07:18:19 AM
I just want to cancel my month to month mobile broadband contract due to rubbish reception and it dropping out all the time and I was on hold for 1 hour and then the operator told me he did not have the authority to cancel the contract and a member of the 'cancellation team' had to call me back. How ridiculous. Im still waiting for the call. Looks like another hour or so on the phone.
5 Jan 2011 07:52:16 AM: I feel your pain.............!!!! We need your data (postcode) in the Your Coverage tab and you need to visit the TIO as soon as possible, your situation is simply not good enough with this shower. Check out the How To Complain tab for more information. In addition the On Hold Again? tab can record your waiting time(s) Good luck!!!!
5 Jan 2011 08:19:28 AM: I signed up for a month by month mobile broadband when I was inbetween moving houses and setting up fixed line internet. After I was finished and had cable internet I called up to cancel. In my case they offered me 3 months free instead of cancelling so I took it, but luckily I've never had any speed/coverage issues (I live/travel in and around Brisbane and Ipswich). They do make it difficult to cancel but you just need to be firm, calm and direct.

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10466 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is No signal at 5 Jan 2011 07:08:09 AM
I live just outside liverpool in Sydneys west and there isn't a bar of reception at all!! I'm on a $79 cap and i'd be lucky to use $20 of it. If I'm lucky I might get one bar for 5 minutes and thats it. My contract ends in March and when it does i'll never go with Vodafone again they suck!!
5 Jan 2011 07:48:12 AM: 2 months to go of this useless company!!! How I envy you!!! Good luck!!!

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10463 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is No Signal in location of Businesses at 5 Jan 2011 06:55:47 AM
We own 3 businesses and in all three business locations there is no Vodaphone reception. The vodaphone technical department has acknoweldged that it is a problem and said we should cancel our plan which involves 10 phones. The trouble is we can not get in contact with the business cancellations department to cancel. Good-one Vodaphone.
5 Jan 2011 10:53:09 AM: I cancelled my prepaid internet package and I'm still getting charged...nice.

On hold again waiting for them again :(

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10461 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 3G working now in Ryde at 5 Jan 2011 06:39:42 AM
There 3G is now working again (morning of 5th of Jan) in the Ryde area after being slow since 23rd of dec, NSW. Download speeds are back to normal of around 300KB/s (3Mbps) on USB sticks and iPhone 4. It is annoying that you cant get a straight story from the call centre, they must have no access to any network monitoring or status, or Vodafone itself have no way of monitoring their network.

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10460 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Vodafail. GOODBYE 4EVER at 5 Jan 2011 06:33:05 AM
going to telstra today. might be a bit expensive, but at least have full coverage at my place, and NO DROP OUTS.
bye bye vodafail...

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10459 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is at 5 Jan 2011 06:31:02 AM
my calls seem to drop out all the time now and my service seems to have weakend a shit load since they got into bed with 3g Hutchison, u would think that by growing larger that the network would grow big and better but we guess wrong fucken stubid i say, oh and u ring up vodafone and u get the run around and then for them to turn around and say i guess u need to up grade u your mobile fone but in fact i have the last Ifone so what the fuck is going on there

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10458 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is cannot connect at 5 Jan 2011 06:27:39 AM
Vodaphone's arm, 3G, has been out of service for a week or so, cannot connect to mobile broadband, and even if u can, it is so slow it is unworkable. Call Centre people cannot tell u wot is happening, all they can say is something about network problems with outages. This should have been fixed in a day or two, not over a week, and problem is still occuring. Imagine all the businesses, and people on 3G who can't connect for over a week already !!!!!

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10456 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is an insanity test! at 5 Jan 2011 03:24:21 AM
Hey Vodafone,

You know the amount of advertising your pumping into the cricket? Well bugger that and use that money to fix your f@!#%$ network!

Want Poor Service? Want Bad Mobile Broadband? Want Horrible Customer Support? Want a Terrible Experience over-all?

Switch to Vodafone!

You got it! (Insert that music from the advertisement)
11 Jan 2011 01:16:03 AM: The Australian Cricket team performs better than Vodafone.Vodafone seems to be performing like the Pakistani cricket team.

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10452 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is at 5 Jan 2011 12:28:17 AM
vodafone what are you doing!!
i try to recharge and have to call 11 times because the connection fails,
i try to send a message which in many cases has failed on several occassions or continues to defer sending.
I have reception but cannot make calls, i wouldnt want to be in an emergency being connected to vodafone.
That is all.

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10448 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is No Reception at 4 Jan 2011 11:46:51 PM
I Live on the gold coast and I have been using vodafone for the past 8years.
I have never had so many problems with these guys since the last few years .
Phone has no reception at hame have to go outside and use it and we have a little baby which means we have to take her outside while on the phone n ot good.
Phone sometimes calls other times just sit's and does nothing.
This is getting worse everyday
I use my phone for work Well when it wants to work which i would say is about 30% of the time.
Not good enough vodafone.....

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10446 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Words fail to explain at 4 Jan 2011 10:59:41 PM
Am at the airport and have just noticed how much advertising vodafone has done here. Every trolley and sign have the vodafone name and logo on it and the thought occurred to me, if vodafone spent just half of what they do on advertising on fixing the problems with the sad sad network life would be so much better. As this thought occurred to me I reached for my dads relates iPhone to share it on vodafail as I have no service in the airport.
5 Jan 2011 12:28:53 AM: they probably thinks its better to get new customers than keep their old ones.
5 Jan 2011 01:35:42 AM: Relates = telstra. Damn iPhone spelling.

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10444 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Data Drop out at 4 Jan 2011 10:25:01 PM
My data connection either times out, says it can't connect to server or won't get online. Wasting my money and time. Not Impressed Vodafail! (This was in the city too!) Had numerous calls drop out on the F3 and crappy reception on Mona Vale Rd. Not to mention poor Data reception from the City to Pennant Hills Rd via M2/LCT!!! Doing my head in!!!

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10443 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is dodgy at 4 Jan 2011 10:23:57 PM
I got 0 reception in Halls Gap, which, mind you is in the heart of the Grampians and attracts thousands of tourists a year. When I first went onto my plan the lady assured me that Vodafone gets 96% reception and would only drop out in the most obscure places. Hmmm well it doesn't seem that way to me.
5 Jan 2011 02:39:51 AM: Well vodafones deffinition of obscure places includes the Sydney CBD, pacific highway at turramurra and manly. All places I have struggled to get propped coverage.

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10441 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is terrible reception at 4 Jan 2011 09:41:03 PM
This company is a joke, coverage on the mornington peninsula is a disgrace!!
Get 10 drop outs a day, anywhere between, frankston, mount eliza and mornington.
Don't get reception down towards sorrento much.

Telstra here we come!!

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10439 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is absolutely shocking at 4 Jan 2011 09:29:43 PM
After 6 months of persisting with a third-world phone service with vodafone (calls going straight to voicemail even with full reception, constant dropouts especially that little bastard of a black spot in the eastern distributor in Sydney, non-existent or primitive internet speeds on 3G, text and picture messages arriving days late, almost constant "call failed" messages) and complaining about it with them and having nothing done, today after 6 hours of perseverence and threats of legal action, I finally had my contract cancelled and moved across to optus. this is after I lodged a complaint with the TIO.

My first attempt to cancel the contract at 9.30am this morning ended in an hour wait, and after finally getting through to someone and them transferring me to the disconnections department, the call dropping out. I then got a text message saying "we have tried calling you but cannot get through" which was the pinnacle of irony right there. My second attempt was a call that ended with "we are experiencing technical issues, try again later" and the call being disconnected. Called straight back, and left my number for a callback "within 30 mins". That callback happened several hours later.

When I finally did get put through to disconnections, originally I was told "we need to investigate the fault and you need to provide 3 examples of proof where these errors have happened, and this will take 7 days". when i turned around and threatened legal action on the basis that I run a restaurant business off my phone and every customer who attempts to book a table with me and cant will be documented and I would sue for loss of income, the rep yielded and said he would cancel my contract, however I would need to return my phone for them to cancel the contract! my plan had 6 months left, I replied by saying I would do no such thing and that given all the issues I had been having, the least vodafone could do was cut me loose and let me keep the phone for my troubles. After more insistence, he turned around and said "we will cancel your contract and you can keep the phone, however you will not be able to port your number across" which completely smacked of slash and burn. Again I told him he will do no such thing as my number was the business number that I use. Finally he said "ok, contract is cancelled, port across and when you get your final bill we will waive all charges once you call me and talk to me."

I was absolutely disgusted with their entire level of conduct over the whole thing. Never was an apology forthcoming, never would he listen to me unless I threatened legal action on Vodafone. I dont see a rosy future for Vodafone, they are as bad as 3 were when I wanted to cancel my service with them years ago when I was out of contract (the guy at 3 tried every trick to keep me on board even telling me that blackberry phones were "crap" to get me to use the motorola equivalent and stay with 3).

Never again will I use Vodafone, and I suggest to people having issues to lodge a complaint with the TIO and FIGHT HARD for having your contract cancelled. Dont take no for an answer, the people in cancellations have the authority to cancel contracts on the spot, DONT be abusive but DO threaten legal action and recovery of all costs and monies lost due to their failed excuse for a telecommunications service, and again DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!.
4 Jan 2011 09:34:40 PM: Very sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. Hopefully you've seen the end of it! Please help us collect data by posting your wait times in the 'On Hold Again' section.

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10438 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Very at 4 Jan 2011 09:28:48 PM
No reception though my phone will display full coverage, was told they would investigate and even received sms confirming this, was told they would call me back in 5 days time and that was 15/12/10 and still nothing, worst mistake I ever did was go to vodafone and I will NEVER use any of there products again

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10437 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EXTREMEFAIL at 4 Jan 2011 09:25:47 PM
I have two iPhone's with VF and pay over $200 a month for the service. To call it a service is a joke. More than 60% of the time my phone simply reads NO NETWORK!! I have spend hours on the phone with them and their response to transfer me to the network team to see how the coverage can be improved in my area. VF customer support will tell you they are working on it on an individual basis... but does seeing how coverage can be improved in an entire area seem 'individual' to you? One iPhone had to go in for repair and I was told it had to be tested at a store so the nearest VF or 3 store is over 500km's from my home. When at the store they told me it didn't have to be tested and I could have sent it in...hmmm. I was promised 3G but then told I will only ever get Edge where I live and coverage in this area, which is a major regional area is horrible. The hospital, downtown, the schools, supermarkets are all dead zones. I have an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4 and I have given up trying to make a call. When on a call now it drops every minute or so and I am constantly trying to call the person back only to have the call fail for the next 10 minutes...good thing it isn't an emergency. The ironic thing is many of the people I can't call are also on the VF network. I have gone to the TIO because I am paying for a service that is not close to being acceptable. VF have another week to contact me regarding my TIO complaint but I bet if I didn't pay my bill I would hear from them quickly. I will pay my bill but I am headed to Telstra (Im afraid to go to Optus in case I have similar problems) even though it is more expensive it will work out cheaper in the long run since I will actually be able to make a call. I am beyond frustrated with them and I will accept nothing less than to be free of my commitment to them since they have seen fit to free themselves of their commitment (providing service) to me. They can have my iPhones, and whatever else I have to send back but I am done playing this one sided game with them where I do all the work.

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10434 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is poor reception - poor communication skills - poor everything! at 4 Jan 2011 08:49:56 PM
I have been a vodafone customer for years. never been really happy but the cap was cheap. recently signed onto a contract, and a new phone. I now seem to never have reception and never receive messages and calls on time. I called vodafone several times regarding this and was put through to the call centre in india. there were many issues with this as communication was an issue. when i finally got my poin across they performed an investigation in which i never heard the result of after being told they will call me in a weeks times. now it seems i cant get onto people who understand my issue once again. ARGH its so frustrating!!

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10432 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is abject failure at 4 Jan 2011 08:40:22 PM
Have been with Vodafone for years. I have to stand in the middle of the street, literally, to be able to get mobile reception. When I look down my street and see some other poor soul there talking on their mobile - I KNOW they are with Vodafone. Pathetic coverage - Australia wide. Should have their licence withdrawn.
4 Jan 2011 08:53:04 PM: They are aware of the problem, all you need to do is go to the nearest store and pick up a free fluro shirt,to reduce the chances of you guys getting run over!
4 Jan 2011 08:57:01 PM: Heaven forbid, but I wonder if Vodafone would be guilty of culpable manslaughter?
4 Jan 2011 09:19:11 PM: doubt it, but they would sue the driver for loss of revenue
5 Jan 2011 01:26:44 AM: Paraphrasing something I have in writing from VF- They did not compel you to.....*insert* finally just lose it and act violently

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10430 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is total at 4 Jan 2011 08:36:46 PM
I paid $79.00 for a mobile broadband starter pack. The browsing speed is slower than the original dial up speed from years ago. It is a waste of time trying to use the net. Bye bye $79.00.
I have a friend who joined Vodaphone mobile two weeks ago and he is yet to make a call that hasn't dropped out.
My daughter joined vodaphone mobile about 6 weeks ago and says the coverage is hopeless'
This is outright theft under another name.
The problems are still happening today, 4th January. Nothing has been fixed.

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10428 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is bad at 4 Jan 2011 08:30:23 PM
We have signed up for Vodafone mobile broadband service and some days can not connect - error message stating no service available yet their coverage map well and truely covers the areas we have tried. When we do connect we are often connected at dial up modem speeds, very frustrating. Vodafone are taking our money yet not providing the service we have paid for. Don't bother contacting their call centre, you'll only get the run around and more frustrated. Appears to be a deliberate ploy by Vodafone to use over seas call centres where english is spoken poorly. The govt should take action against Vodafone.

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10427 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is I got better reception in India! at 4 Jan 2011 08:30:23 PM
I've come to the conclusion they dont give a damn! Been using Vodafone for over 2 years and it has been consistently crap. Their ideal modus operandi is to churn out their $2 sim cards and phone credits while leaving a couple of answering machines as their only form of customer service. Burn in hell Vodafone!!

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10424 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is hopeless at 4 Jan 2011 08:03:49 PM
5 days into a 2 year contract,no reception,drop outs etc etc 4 hrs on to customer care for 3 hangups and a transfer to a hangup.I suggest no one pay bills, port numbers to serious companies and let the court decide who broke the contract.

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10419 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is No reception at 4 Jan 2011 07:34:25 PM
All three of my daughters and myself have vodaphone. We loved the prices and the service. But we cannot use our phones at our home. The only way to stop the drop outs is to put the phone on a surface and use speaker to talk. You only have to touch the phone to lose reception. We are in a major town in north Qld and should not have these problems. We can see the tower from our house.
4 Jan 2011 07:35:32 PM: Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, seems like TIO may be your best bet. We also need information about your postcode, check out the 'Your Coverage' section to enter your findings.
4 Jan 2011 08:52:37 PM: I also have a similar problem with mine. before i signed up i asked what the coverage was like and was told it was good. seems once i signed the dotted line it changed. i never get reception at my home which is a mojor town in the south eastern suburbs of melbourne.
4 Jan 2011 08:58:05 PM: Thats ridiculous, you obviously need a better view of that tower
4 Jan 2011 08:59:36 PM: Hey heres a thought, I weonder if some of vodas towers are foney (get it) just to give the public the impression they have lots of towers?
4 Jan 2011 09:04:06 PM: hahaha...loving all the vodafone puns atm. As funny as that sounds, i'm sure voda would do better just spending the money on real towers than building fake ones to give an erroneous impression. More likely that they are just overcapacity.

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10417 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Tragic very TRAGIC at 4 Jan 2011 07:33:49 PM
wELL its simple i have no reception at Tuggerah NSW 2261. i run a Detailing business and have had to buy a prepaid number with optus so i can recieve calls and gain business. Has something gone wrong with thier coverage cause it was alot better than this. its just dropped off all of a sudden. Im over it wish i was Telstra or is it better the devil you know?? Please sought your issue out its costing me money!!! rant done!
4 Jan 2011 07:37:02 PM: Sadly we cannot help you with your issue...........but we do need your data (postcode) Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, seems like TIO may be your best bet. We also need information about your postcode, check out the 'Your Coverage' section to enter your findings.

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10415 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is very at 4 Jan 2011 07:22:00 PM
i signed up to vodafone and after 3 days of no reception i cancelled they took 6 days to port my number to optus and have now billed me for $1000 early dissconnection fee i have rang vodafone 5 times and was on hold for over an hour each time and no one answered the call at all so i gave up and will now go to ombudsman
4 Jan 2011 07:38:48 PM: Good for you!!! Seems the correct way to do it. Just remember to document everything that was said and when, it could prove useful with TIO!!!

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10413 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is cannot pay my bill!!!" at 4 Jan 2011 07:14:47 PM
Can't pay my bill online ( error msg everytime!) or through the 1555 no. As it keeps dropping out every 5 seconds!! This network is useless! ACMA, release the spectrum, so other networks can work!

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10411 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Everything at 4 Jan 2011 07:06:33 PM
I rang Vodafone, about 2 months ago to make a complaint and I all they gave me was a $20 discount off my monthly plan. I'm on a $69 per month plan and I'm not even able to use the internet 50% of the time as it's just so slow. The worst part of the service are call drop outs and no coverage around my area which is 15ks to Sydney. I went for a bushwalk in Lane Cove national park and couldn't even get coverage and by the way the M2 was just above me while I was walking and also got lost, google map would not work of course as there was no coverage. I've had it with them, I need HELP, what is my next step?
4 Jan 2011 07:09:04 PM: Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, seems like TIO may be your best bet.

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10409 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPIC FAIL at 4 Jan 2011 06:55:43 PM
I live in Sydney, like 15mins from the CBD - you would think that'd mean reasonable coverage!! But my calls are constantly dropping out! I assume it's just me, and i'm complaining too much, so I ignore it, and get internet thru them as well. CONSTANTLY disconnecting!! Have to keep turning the "pocket wi-fi" modem off, and then reconnect, as it seems to just drop out!
Thanks voda!! I have been a loyal customer for 5 yrs, even convincing friends to join the network...never again will I be recommending voda to someone!!
4 Jan 2011 07:04:02 PM: Word of mouth is a powerful tool in recommendation!!! Don't have sleepless nights over it!!!! Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, seems like TIO may be your best bet. We also need information about your postcode, check out the 'Your Coverage' section to enter your findings.

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10405 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Reception a Massive fail at 4 Jan 2011 06:32:32 PM
Lack of reception. Live in Brisbane, 10 minutes from the city - Lack of reception, call drop outs - Not happy. Went to west Sydney over the New Year weekend - No reception - Not happy.
4 Jan 2011 06:55:02 PM: We also need information about your postcode, check out the 'Your Coverage' section to enter your findings.

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10403 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is disconnection-worth at 4 Jan 2011 06:22:39 PM
when I tried to ask for the disconnections team the customer care rep told me all about the network congestion caused by three merger. But it would be all fixed ASAP. I asked when ASAP was and he said the end of the month. He then said that I was a valued customer and they would hate to see me leave and all that rubbish. He have me a $30.00 account credit. When I said that I am not interested in an account credit he said he would transfer me through. Put me on hold for 5 mins the came back and said due to a technical problem he cant transfer me and I would have to try again later.
4 Jan 2011 06:58:07 PM: Seems about par for the course, don't know and don't really care!!!!!Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, seems like TIO may be your best bet.

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10401 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Their biggest fail ever at 4 Jan 2011 06:12:33 PM
I have been with vodafone for the last 8 years and all was good till i upgraded my phone and renwed my plan the troubles started to show with no network reception so i went i finally convinced them to swap the phone and after 3 phones and trys i have chosen to get another type which worked good for the first 2 months and then i found my self loosing the network signal everywhere even in wide open spaces i never thougt that it might be vodafones problem,i thought it was the LG mobile,but now i know that it is their problem i dont know what to do,i have been paying my bills on regular basis,
4 Jan 2011 06:59:29 PM: Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, seems like TIO may be your best bet.

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10393 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 4 Jan 2011 05:36:37 PM
Please do not come into a Vodafone store and harass staff!
We understand that there are network issues atm and instore we can try and help our customers as much as we can. But at the same time our only point of contact is sometimes also our customer care team and we have limited resources to help try and fix coverage problems.
Customers need to understand that for example many areas require newer or more towers in order to improve congested network, which is then an issue faced by VHA when there are council petitions to stop their construction from residents. With a growing populations, increase of data use, and the merging of two hugh australian telecommunication companies, there is always going to issues.
The merging of two hugh australian networks will ultimately be of benefit to consumers. VHA are investing literally millions of dollars and increasing the teams of people to try and improve these issues.
But please do not come into a store taking your anger out on employees. There have been several scary instances where i have wanted to walk out on my job because of the pressure customers are putting on staff instore. Employees will be as understanding as possible but we won't tolerate abuse or harrassment.
4 Jan 2011 05:46:52 PM: not your fault, dont condone threats ,intimidation or harasment, but when the network is so overloaded and inadequate taking on shitloads more customers actually makes problem worse. But greedy hierach just want those contracts signed
4 Jan 2011 07:13:03 PM: Entirely agree, you should not have to 'tolerate abuse or harrassment' [sic] sadly when you are the shop window of the company it does happen. People, quite rightly, are very upset. I do however question your statement 'The merging of two hugh australian networks will ultimately be of benefit to consumers'.........I feel convinced it will not happen soon and there will be a very small customer base.........people are voting with their feet.
4 Jan 2011 09:06:47 PM: cool create another monopoly Australians clearly love them..
4 Jan 2011 10:24:00 PM: i know how u feel i too work in retail and get alot of shit from customers. BUT when ur vodafone staff keep selling phones and telling people they will have great coverage and no problems u are LYING. when u clearly know there is major problems.
Also it was a staff member that gave me the wrong information about something which costed me over $200.
So im sorry but i dont have any sympathy for you guys anymore
6 Jan 2011 10:54:39 AM: I agree however i am a very unhappy new customer who signed up for 3 phone contracts and made it clear what we needed the phones for and i can tell you the staff didn't tell me anything about network problems i hadn't heard of the problem and when we went back they didn't want to know us and the guy laughed and said it's only going to get worse that's the quality of staff VODAFONE have if your selling something to a new customer you should make them aware we are disgusted

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10389 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is infinity fail at 4 Jan 2011 05:26:22 PM
Went in store today and told the girl, i couldnt go on facebook anymore it just wont load the site or let me log in when it does (which is rarely) internet is as slow as a snail. i cant get reception anywhere, i used to be able to get it in my house up until like a month ago, every call drops out, etc etc and what was her response? "its the sim i'll give you a new one"
WOW THANKS. didnt help.
4 Jan 2011 05:30:45 PM: lol

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10387 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is the network not cover and no data down load and cut off on the phone call at 4 Jan 2011 05:20:47 PM
the network not cover and no data down load and cut off on the phone call, I have make many complated but no response to me the not work make me lost a lots of business phone call I lost a lots of customers on this few months my business drops more the 50% I called vodaphone and complanted many time they never fix the problem

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10386 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is EPIC!!!! at 4 Jan 2011 05:17:55 PM
Severe lack of network coverage in Brighton Vic, Newcastle NSW, Regents Park QLD and Albany creek QLD.... what am i paying for??? Have spent 3 weeks and a total of 7 hours trying to get through to customer service on 1555 and 1300 650 410 only to be stuck on hold for over an hour then cut off before my call is answered or constant recorded announcements advising "We seem to have experienced a technical difficulty and you will have to call back"..... HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!! I will be released from my contract if they dont want be sued black and blue!!!!!!!!!!
4 Jan 2011 05:18:39 PM: Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, take it to the TIO and let us know how you get on!! The TIO should be able to help you out of your contract, then you can use your iPhone 4 on a decent network.

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10375 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is a massive failure at 4 Jan 2011 04:40:14 PM
no reception, drop outs when u do get reception, late texts and voicemail, phone on and appartently with reception calls go straight to voicemail. oh and for 12mths with voda have never received a bill even tho i have requsted several times and confirmed it is set up. and as far as their call centre forget it unless u got 2hrs to spare and even then u prob get nowhere. and cant change voicemail settings. 3g virtually non existant.

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10374 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is epic at 4 Jan 2011 04:30:54 PM
no reception and drop outs sick of it. cant wait to go back to telstra. yeah they cost more but u get what u pay for. 12 more months stuck on contract grrrrrr !
4 Jan 2011 04:43:33 PM: Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, take it to the TIO and let us know how you get on!! The TIO should be able to help you out of your contract, then you can use your iPhone 4 on a decent network.

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10373 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is not very at 4 Jan 2011 04:21:35 PM
Ok first let me say this:

I am a vodafone Customer AND Employee (no - not one of the ones that can fix ur issues or give u discounts) Im not trying to pretend that vodafone has the best reception but god damn its cheap!! You want the best reception? go to telstra and pay $149 a month for what vodafone will include for $79. How come all these complaints only started on that saturday when the phones dropped off. If service is as bad as you all say it is why not complain earlier? Why not try to exit the contract within the first month? Im quite confident in saying that 90% of these complaints are just people trying to get out of thier contracts and get a new phone because they heard it was possible.

Flame me if you want but someone needed to say it.
4 Jan 2011 04:29:21 PM: If you are right, I am in the 10%
4 Jan 2011 04:30:31 PM: I've been with Vodafone for 10 yrs and (apart from its ridiculously slow website and a few bill issues) I have been happy - UNTIL - the last 3 months. Excessive amounts of texts are not being received (but charged) and excessive amounts of texts I send are not being received or being received a day later (and being charged). On top of this - bad reception, calls drop out and even up to a year ago it would distort my voice - like some sort of robot then cut the call off.

I am *NOT* trying to get a new phone out of this - I am merely highlighting and unacceptable issue I've experienced for 3 months now - my contract ends in 8 weeks anyway and I plan to go to Telstra - where yes I will get a new phone - and one that I can actually use!
4 Jan 2011 04:32:24 PM: No need to flame you, as everyone is entitled to an opinion. I personally disagree with you as these people could have easily got out of their contracts before this site existed using the TIO. The only thing this site has done is how other Vodafone users they are not alone in experiencing no coverage, dropped calls, sms/mms arriving hours to days later etc.
4 Jan 2011 04:33:10 PM: *show not how (my bad) :)
4 Jan 2011 04:56:14 PM: OP: Fairly sure others have said what you said, including an article in October with Vodafone suggesting something similar: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/business/vodafone-says-customers-tried-to-whinge-their-way-to-free-iphone-4/story-e6frez7r-1225932587861

What you are saying (and representing yourself as an employee) does not help the situation, but rather shows the chronic 'blame the customer' mentality that has got Vodafone in this mess in the first place. It is true that some people may be using this opportunity to falsely get out of their contracts - but I think many, if not vast majority do have legitimate concerns - ie. experiencing unreliable service.

Which 'that saturday' are you referring to? This website is was started by someone who was a new customer to Voda and experienced issues from the start and complained from the start. This was November through to early December. By the time he made the website, he'd already been put through the ringer by Vodafone 'Customer Care', they blamed his phone, his sim, even blamed him for trying to contact them.

Those others who had been with Vodafone for a long time had no cause to complain until the recent months (throughout 2010 especially later in the year) of deteriorating network service which your company tried to cover up.

No one here is suggesting Vodafone was always this bad - it wans't, which is why it is EXTRA disappointing for the long-time users of Vodafone as they feel betrayed by a company they had supported for so long.
4 Jan 2011 04:58:01 PM: I am not trying to say that SOME customers are experiencing issues. And yeah the hold times are shocking but i dont think anyone could handle the abnormaly high call volumes. All I am trying to say is that ALOT of people are taking advantige of this situation.
4 Jan 2011 04:58:39 PM: customers ARENT*
4 Jan 2011 05:03:55 PM: "Go to Telstra if you want the best reception"? what kind of idiot comment is that from a Vodaphone employee?

You cant justify not giving someone a service they have paid for just because its cheaper? that's moronic talk if i have ever heard it.

I can see why you work at Vodaphone.

Try calling Vodaphone to complain, you will have to wait in line for hours and probably have to call back repeatedly and tell different people the same information over and over because the goddamn phones drop out.

The way i see it is like this:

If i buy a phone with intention of actually using for what it supposed to be used for and it only works half the time, well i would call that broken.

regardless of the price its broken.
So in my view someone needs to fix it.

4 Jan 2011 05:05:20 PM: Why would customers want to leave a network with a free or discounted phone only to go to a more expensive network?

It has been pointed out time and time again that Vodafone gives customers the best bang for their buck, but since they are not providing that service with no coverage, sms/mms arriving hours to days later, and continual dropped calls, that is why customers want to leave.

It makes no logical sense at all that they would leave for a free or discounted phone as the monthly fees at other providers is way more than Vodafone.
4 Jan 2011 05:08:39 PM: Even if a lot of people are take advantage, Vodafone have only themselves to blame for allowing the situation to get to this point so that there IS something to be taken advantage of.

It's not your fault at all, but I do believe senior management made a big mistake when they decided not to communicate their network update and related outages to customers OR Voda staff..and as a result, staff unknowingly lied to customers. Also, I'm sure a multi-million..neigh, multi-BILLION dollar company, after going cheap and hiring off-shore call centres can afford to hire a few more and deal with this situation more appropriately from now on.
4 Jan 2011 05:11:30 PM: sorry mate you know how many customers have got out of their contracts only to resign with a new phone on voda? these are the customers I am pissed off at.
4 Jan 2011 05:36:08 PM: In your mind I am probably the 10%. I Thought due to the fact I signed a contract that I HAD to put up with the lousy coverage. I live in downtown Coolangatta and my mobile internet only gets the "Edge" Or "HUSPA" connection which = One page every 10 mins. The genius who created this site has made myself and many others aware that Vodafone is NOT providing the service of which I signed into, in which case, we would be crazy to suffer on paying for a service that barely exists.

As for the comparisin in networks and vodafone being "cheap"......Perhaps You havent done your research of other companies. Virgin's rates are extremely comparible and they offer fantastic customer service, along with COVERAGE - as I sit here HAVING to use my partners "Virgin" mobile internet as my vodafone does not work at home!

4 Jan 2011 05:41:27 PM: i dont want a new phone, im quite happy with my old one, i just want RECEPTION so i can make phone calls on it!!
Yeah its cheap, thats why i was sucked into signing a contract, but ever since i have i have had constant problems, with overcharging me on bills, cant use internet, cant get reception most of the time, get lots of voicemails when my phone never rang. now i realise its cheap coz its crap. how do they get off charging people $79 for NOTHING
4 Jan 2011 11:52:14 PM: i got out of my first contract and signed up again cause the customer care people told me there was "nothing wrong with reception" and it might be my phone etc...

now have new phone and still the same problems. Are you going to say that i have just "jumped on the hate Vodafone bandwagon"?
5 Jan 2011 01:26:13 PM: Im not trying to pretend that vodafone has the best reception but god damn its cheap!!

haha cheap? seriously? I really don't think that being charged over $180 a month for a phone I cant even use cos of the shit reception is cheap!!
6 Jan 2011 01:13:21 PM: Your statements are ludicrous!!! People are not making this up! I had suffered in silence thinking it was my phone not the network... I have had more than one occasion when I hve had no service and my husband has not been able to contact me and has been worried! I have a baby... it happened yesterday... I had no service for 6 hours but yet I am paying for that! Vodafone is not cheap as you state! I have been with Vodafone for 12 years and stuck with them without comparison as they used to offer loyalty discounts etc... that dies off quite a few years ago and it appears you get better deals prepaid now! So after 12 years I am changing tomorrow... I will not have my baby and I put at risk due to no service!

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10371 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is EPIC FAIL! at 4 Jan 2011 04:14:33 PM
i switched from telstra to vodafone about 6 months ago and have regreted it every day. I may have a full bar of reception and be on a phone call with someone on a land line but half way though our conversation it drops out. This happenes at least twice a day. It ends up costing me because i need to call back when every this happens. I to have contacted vodafone several times, once i was onhold for an hour, and nothing has worked. I get the same notification saying that my network has been lost and i have to search for this which takes time. Its extremly frusting as my job requires me to be contactable. People have complained about trying to call me and apparently my phone is off when i know for a fact hat it has been on! As soon as my contract is up, i am changing from vodafone and i am never coming back!!!!
4 Jan 2011 04:38:47 PM: Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, take it to the TIO and let us know how you get on!! The TIO should be able to help you out of your contract, then you can use your iPhone 4 on a decent network.
4 Jan 2011 06:32:24 PM: I say 90% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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10370 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Very bad at 4 Jan 2011 04:10:47 PM
I was recently given the IPhone 4 as a gift but it's on a Vodafone plan which is cheaper than the other phone providers and now I know why. The signal is terrible, the phone breaks up everywhere, and I live in the Gold Coast - it's not as though its the outback! I am unfortunately locked into this plan for 24 months and don't want to pay for 2 years of bad coverage; very slow internet (when it works) and delayed voicemail. The chances of getting out of this plan seem very slim. I would be willing to pay higher phone bills for a better service. Thanks for setting this up - it's scary to see how many disgruntled customers there are.
4 Jan 2011 04:37:07 PM: Check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, take it to the TIO and let us know how you get on!! The TIO should be able to help you out of your contract, then you can use your iPhone 4 on a decent network.

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10369 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is at 4 Jan 2011 04:05:43 PM

I have already made calls regarding the extremely bad network coverage I am experiencing from Vodafone! Some of the problems include constant call drop outs, Messages taking 5+ days to be received if the come through at all ( this includes Voicemail, Text and MMS), Poor Customer Service etc.

I am loosing thousands of dollars in Business due to clients not being able to contact me, or if they leave a message I am not receiving it on time. I have been into the Vodafone stores and no one can help. I had previously tried contacting technical support but do not have the time to be sitting on the phone for hours, until Friday the 31st of December 2010. On this date I first tried calling 1555, from my mobile after waiting on the phone 15mins the call dropped out I tried a further 10 times, only to face the same issue! I then used a landline and selected the callback option, the woman that eventually called me back asked for my reason for calling and I explained the situation, she was going to transfer me through to Technical Support, but she too had Technical difficulties and offered to call me back, I am still awaiting the Call!!!

I then rang and waited on the phone to be put through and finally got through to technical support after over an hour and a half on the phone, to be asked to switch my phone on and off, place the sim in another unlocked handset, which still had the same results poor service only 1-2 bars as measured by the handsets but call failures if calls are attempted!

I then rang again this morning and spoke to an arrogant gentleman, who when I explained that I now wish to terminate the Vodafone contract because of the poor customer service and Poor Network Coverage etc etc etc, he decided that rather than talking to me and trying to resolve the problem he would terminate the call.

I rang back again and after 25mins on hold spoke to another gentleman, he said he could see that I had called on Friday etc I explained I need something done about it sooner rather than later as I return to work tomorrow and need a phone! He said he would try chasing it up and call back within half an hour I am still waiting on the edge of my seat for this call as well!

I have kept my side of the contract agreement, as I have every month paid the $100-$150. As I am not able to use the phone due to extremely bad network coverage I will be terminating my contract and I will NOT be paying any further monies, as I am not getting what I paid for now! I have tried going through the right channels i.e. Technical support, however after talking to some of the belligerent, arrogant staff that you call service technicians, not to mention the unhelpful staff in the Vodafone stores, I wish to terminate the contract! Due to the poor dealing of this situation by Vodafone I have contacted the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, and will be contacting the ACCC.

If someone would like to contact me regarding the Issues I have outlined, please feel free.

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10368 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Painfully annoying!!! at 4 Jan 2011 04:02:02 PM
Several times a day i go without service! i always get a notification on my phone saying 'network lost' and then i have to spend around 5 mins each time searching for my network. As im doing this i go without receptions. Sometimes i will look at my phone for the time or something and i will have no service! ive contacted vodafone so many times and i always end up being on hold for 30 mins or so and to make it worse, most of the time, my service drops out half way through the conversation. They never call me back and then i just have to waste another half an hour of my work time on hold to vodafone!

Saturday the 11th of December when I had no service at all for a few hours, were they gave us free calls as an apology.

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10367 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Extremely at 4 Jan 2011 03:58:13 PM
Very poor signal Calls drop out. 3Gnetwork is so slow. Phone is on but calls are getting diverted to voicemail which is frustrating as I think my phone is on and why no is calling me. And the list goes on.

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10363 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 4 Jan 2011 03:38:56 PM
4 Jan 2011 03:56:50 PM: I suggest you check out the 'How To Complain' tab at the top of the page, take it to the TIO and let us know how you get on!! The TIO should be able to help you out of your contract, then you can use your iPhone 4 on a decent network.
20 Jan 2011 01:51:50 AM: From a padded cell?

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10361 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is service from the 90's at 4 Jan 2011 03:34:25 PM
very poor customer service , but most off all the worst network coverage i have ever had to deal with, places like my office desk are now drop out zones ,its like going back it time, way back !

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10360 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is NO reception at 4 Jan 2011 03:31:02 PM
NO reception in Forest Lake! Totally unacceptable!!

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10356 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is absolutely shocking at 4 Jan 2011 03:23:22 PM
those working for vodafone must find the 'receiving text messages hours after they'd been sent' game such an entertaining one, as they just continue to play. same with the 'lets take several minutes to load a simple webpage' game and the 'complete reception dropout in the most metropolitan and central of locations' game.
it must be time for this disgrace of a telco company to realise that us consumers aren't so entertained.
4 Jan 2011 06:07:14 PM: HOw come my texts come thru fine, never had a problem

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10350 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is I've given up expecting reception now. at 4 Jan 2011 03:12:45 PM
I've gone by for 3 months putting up with bad reception and multiple missing texts. Yes, I've tried to call them numerous times, got nowhere like most people and have given up bothering. I'm now just waiting to go use Telstra the second this contract ends.

I just went to the Hunter Valley for a few days break. I don't expect excellent coverage when I go 'rural' but I didn't have reception for about 95% of the entire trip.

At one point during the trip I got a call from a private number, I answered immediately then it just cut out the second I picked up. Then I get a text saying that Vodafone had just tried to call me re: my complaint (from a few weeks back) and to give them a call back.

I wondered if it cut out because of the bad reception or if that is their tactic to call you back then hang up the second you answer so they can say "Well we tried!"

Over the last few months, I just feel like they have used every single trick in the book to avoid talking to me.

Completely unacceptable.
4 Jan 2011 04:36:03 PM: So I called them back as recommended in their text.

I hear the wait is 'at least 30 minutes.' Took the 'Call *ME* back' option...got a call back 1hr 15minutes later. Told the guy I haven't been receiving large amounts of texts for 3 months and have had bad reception and want to know when my contract ends and would like to get out of it now. The guy immediately tries to start telling me its my Iphone - I tell him I have used both a blackberry and an iphone over this period of time to see if it was my phone but no - still experiencing the same issue. He flicks me off to the 'Technical Department' where I have been on hold for another 30 minutes.

Yet again, this has gone nowhere.
4 Jan 2011 06:56:40 PM: I took the call back option and 9 hours later I still didn't get a call back

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10349 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is extremely at 4 Jan 2011 03:10:24 PM
I live in the outer part of the Perth Metro (no more then 30 minutes from the CBD and according to vodafone its a covered area) and for the last few months i'm lucky to get reception; it drops out all the time. I can be sitting in my room and at one end of my bed get perfect reception and then move to the other end of my bed (so no more then a 1 meter away) and lose reception! Same thing happens at my work as well and if I want to use contact in the swan valley/the vines area I have to borrow a friends phone cause these area don't have reception even though they as well are "covered coverage" areas!
Then again it doesn't matter where I am, I can be in subi and i'll have no reception, while my friend who has the exact same phone but with a different carrier has perfect reception, so I know its not a phone problem, its Vodafone!
So glad that my plan runs out in a few months time, already found the company and plan that i'm changing to and going to complain like mad to vodafone to be let out of the contract early and for free!

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10346 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Big Disappointment at 4 Jan 2011 02:59:20 PM
This is becoming a joke recieving txt messages the day after or not at all. Calls going straight into voicemail. Calls dropping out and then not being able to call again due to no reception.

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10345 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is FAIL at 4 Jan 2011 02:54:45 PM
I miss out on important calls all the time because of vodafone's bad reception
and instead of getting texts when I should they come like 3 hours later because it is always roaming!!!!

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10344 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 4 Jan 2011 02:52:01 PM
Delayed voice and text messages. Calls drops out. Calls go straight to voicemail without ringing. Phone often has no service whatsoever. Slow internet, or no internet coverage at all.

Called many times, explained my situation many times, only to be put on hold for ages. (am on hold now, have been waiting for over an hour)

Want to end my contract with Vodafone. Looking for a way out but can't get through!!!
4 Jan 2011 03:01:18 PM: they should just say something like..."we are sorry for this untennable situation, anyone wishing to break contract and go to another carrier, you can, but please dont forget about us in the future". I think a lot of us would respect that and after all they do reckon we are only a small percentage of their client base

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10343 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is GRRRR MASSIVE FAIL at 4 Jan 2011 02:47:06 PM
We have 2 mobiles connected to Vodafone, one on an unlimited plan as it is used for business and we didn't have a home phone or internet connection - until now! I was forced to connect a home phone and internet service due to Vodafone being totally unreliable with their service. Vodafone's response to my emails of complaint were blase about the coverage problems and slow data - so I was forced to complain to the TIO.
4 Jan 2011 02:52:45 PM: lot of people in the same boat, eally bad when spouse or or colleagues or clients also with vodafone, chances are one of you will drop out during conversation
4 Jan 2011 03:08:46 PM: What a joke - it's 2011 and a big phone company like Vodafone can't even get it right? and by the email response I got from them, I'm just another number, no one cares, something has to happen! The TIO must be run of their feet with all these complaints!

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10342 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is vodafail at 4 Jan 2011 02:46:40 PM
customer service waiting 66mins no answer.3 have transferred me over to vodafail as there reception was terrible now i have none at all as both opertations and technicians have no idea,i call on all to cancel there direct debit cards and payments to them and let them fight for there money which surely they should be intitled to none.call the ombusdman.4 days on phone and driving in circles and nothing resoloved

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10341 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is a joke at 4 Jan 2011 02:45:31 PM
I run my business through my mobile! The vodaphone rep explained to me that 3 and vodaphone are merging and therefore the reception would be the same. What a joke! How do I get out of this contract after being misled? No one seems to care or be willing to help!!

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10338 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is 100% at 4 Jan 2011 02:42:52 PM
No coverage for my phone or internet. Have recieved a $160 bill for a phone I havn't been able to use for a month and I am on a $65 cap so would like to know how they work that one out!! have sent several emails and tried to call numerous times and no reply!!!

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10337 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 80% at 4 Jan 2011 02:40:06 PM
Have emailed to Vodafone dealer re account and coverage isues, still waiting for response two weeks on

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10336 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 80% at 4 Jan 2011 02:38:33 PM
realy lousy coverage and late delivery of messages, both text and voice. Also acciunts do not seem to add up all the time with bills stated as overdue, when amount paid shows as credit for the following bill.

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10335 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is BIG Fail at 4 Jan 2011 02:37:07 PM
I have to turn my phone off and off again for it to get any kind of reception if i've been in a 'No Service' area. Funnily enough, that happens to be my house, where people who are on other providers have no problems at all. Grrrr.

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10334 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is useless at 4 Jan 2011 02:33:46 PM
Rang them to complain of no reception in an area, which there website clearly shows as covered, only to be told by vodafone staff that it's not covered according to "their" maps. And so to cancel my contract I need to pay a cancellation fee... bs to that.

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10333 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Not at 4 Jan 2011 02:22:23 PM
Changed from 3 to Vodafone a month ago so as to get an iphone 4 and have had absolutely no problems at all it has been fantastic. No dropped calls, no missed txt msgs, excellent reception and download speeds, immediate reply from txts sent locally and to family in Europe and the UAE. Spoke to the customer service section once as the guy at the store entered my email address incorrectly in my account details and they were friendly, helpful and efficient. Seems very strange after reading all the problems others seem to be having. Feeling quite put out that my experience has been excellent!
11 Jan 2011 02:17:28 PM: Give it some time...

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10331 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is 1/10 at 4 Jan 2011 02:15:55 PM
HD DESIRE - 65 unlimited plan.

Vodaphone discovered a new way to limit my unlimited plan - give crap coverage, call dropouts, delayed voicemail, delayed sms, patchy internet speeds.

My bars go from 3 down to 2 down to 1 and then no service - wihtout changing postion in a matter of 4 seconds - WTF.

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10329 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is NO RECEPTION !!!!! at 4 Jan 2011 02:13:20 PM
I do not have a home phone or internet so i rely 100% on my Vodafone mobile. I have been with them for over 13 years and am so disappointed. I live by myself with a young baby and i am constantly having to run to the backyard to get any sort of reception. Not to mention that no one can call me as the phone has to be left out there!!! Surely there's a solution, this is really unacceptable!

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10328 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is very at 4 Jan 2011 02:04:45 PM
i live in Thornlie, WA. Approx 18kms from the CBD. i have one spot on my property where i can go to and make and recieve calls on my mobile phone. Even in this one spot my phone still gets cut off, or it does not connect or reception just drops out for not reason at all. I only have one bar out of 5 for reception, i could understand if i was living in Dalwallinu (250kms north of Perth) but not when i live in a capital city. We go to Mandurah about once a month to visit my wife's parents, who live in Dawesville, again little to no reception there either. Bad, bad, bad, and very frustrating.

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10327 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Very disappointed at 4 Jan 2011 02:01:36 PM
I have been with vodafone for 12 years and have been with the mobile broadband service for 9 months. I've been on the phone to them 5 times now at 30 minute call rate and they have done nothing to resolve my problems with my Internet not working for the past month and my phone calls dropping out and the poor coverage. It's an absolute disgrace and I can't understand how they can hold me in contract that is not providing it's contract services. NOT HAPPY JAN

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10326 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Network Busy at 4 Jan 2011 02:01:30 PM
No network coverage in Sydney 3:30 on a Tuesday ok again after about 30 mins
SMS's not arriving or arriving late/delayed
SMS voicemail function not working.

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10319 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is horrible! at 4 Jan 2011 01:52:10 PM
I never get my voicemail on time. my reception cuts from full bars to no bars to no service. i cant use the internet as much as it keeps cutting out. I cant make calls all the time as it wont go through even with full reception. My SMS's come days later and when i sent a txt it gets to the other person days later or never!! So frustrating!

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10318 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is at 4 Jan 2011 01:51:35 PM
Standing in the middle of Redcliffe I can only get 2-3 bars of reception at the most. Even when it says I have 3 bars of 3G reception, a simple web page takes many minutes to load. It's ridiculous. Also ridiculous is the fact that nobody can call me at night when my phone is right next to my bed!! The reception goes from 1 bar to nothing. It is So frustrating, especially when Vodafone USED to be very reliable.

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10314 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is at 4 Jan 2011 01:37:42 PM
Hi I have moved to South Australia in October and I have no coverage for my Phone, I have tried calling many times, but I was put on hold for hours and I once happened to speak to someone in India and he said if there is no coverage they will cancel the account, but they also asked me a exit fee.I have 2 mobile number with Vodafone and the other number is with one of family member who leaves in ACT and we signed up with Vodafone as it was free call between us. Vodafone coudn't provide any solution to me and I have lost lot of my business contacts as they were calling on my Mobile and also I am unable to speak to my family member which is very important for me daily. I have been trying to find a solution for more than 2 months nothing much has happened. I had go with another provide and transfer my number.

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10312 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Bad at 4 Jan 2011 01:26:41 PM
Customer service and service coverage is a disgrace. I urge customer not to pay their bills till they have brought service up to the standard they say they deliver.

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10308 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Rubbish! at 4 Jan 2011 01:12:36 PM
I paid many many many many many months of UNUSED mobile broadband because I could NOT use it. Not because I didnt want to use it.

Many attempted calls, went in circles at call centres - they make it too hard so you just give up.

They just kept taking my direct debit each month. 24 months of DEAD MONEY gifted to vodafone.

As soon as my phone contract finishes this month I will go to another provider. Im not even going to start on the reception of my phone. Somewhat usable however compared to unable to be used internet for 2 years.
4 Jan 2011 05:48:16 PM: Really? You paid for 24 months without getting it fixed. Take some personal responsibility mate. 1,2,3 months shame on Vodafone, 24 months shame on you. I have a mobile broadband that I had trouble with on my windows 7 computer, then again when I switched to Mac. Both times I had it resolved by Vodafone's technical support. With the windows 7 issue I had to go through all the troubleshooting and eventually had to go instore for a newer version of the software, but the Mac problem was fixed up very quickly with just a few changed settings.

Please, and this goes for everyone here, please keep your complaints fairand reasonable and only level blame at Vodafone when it is genuinely their fault. I can imagine Vodafone reading this website and seeing all exaggerated rubbish on here and just dismissing it all, even us who have real complaints. It's the same reason why when I call customer care I have to wait on hold for so long because of all the bullshit on hold ahead of me in line.
5 Jan 2011 09:32:54 AM: Little bit more complex that was my rant! Techinally approx first year was drop in and out - maybe 5 -10 mins tops of internet was the longest times I could be connected was very poor service in populated area always jumping from 3G to edge and the others (?) and then disconnecting(sorry I am not a technical person!). Several contacts made to vodafone at first area that I was using it. Moved house - then no service what so ever - was in a black hole. Guy on phone even said ' oh there is no service there'. But I was given no resolve? Always speaking to call centres overseas.
Now I live in a populated area and ofcourse dont have the internet now - but my phone is always dropping out?
Im glad the technical support assisted you better and that there are good outcomes for some!
5 Jan 2011 10:10:40 AM: Mac user lol, yes shame on that user , why did they wait 24 months to resolve the issue with vodafone, they should have told vodafone to just sort it out, that easy. Idiot.

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10306 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is APPALLING at 4 Jan 2011 01:07:51 PM
Our small business was told by the Vodafone sales guy that their coverage was 98% of the country's population and Telstra's was 99%. We went with Vodafone because they were cheaper. We soon found out that they were literally cheaper. In the last 12 months or so the dropouts and poor service has been a complete and utter nightmare and it is even worse for our Victorian manager. Dropouts in inner suburban areas is just not on. We have complained several times but like everybody else you just get nowhere. Now we find ourselves stuck in a contract with them for another 12 months and another 12 months of sheer frustration. Any suggestions for a solution to our predicament would be greatly appreciated.
PW. Gold Coast

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10305 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Mobile internet drop out every few minustes at 4 Jan 2011 01:02:00 PM
I have a two year mobile internet contract with TRANSACT which uses vodafone network. In the past few months, the drop out rate is sometimes every few minutes and when it is on it's so slow that it's practically useless. Hello TRANSACT, are you going to do something about it or do I have to go outside the ACT to get a decent service???
5 Jan 2011 08:29:52 AM: transact do need to life their game a bit, i went in the transact store and they just wanted to blame Vodafone and wouldn't help me with my bill saying i need to speak to them!

But they cant help me i'm not with Vodafone i'm with transact, if i have a problem with my OPTUS home phone i don't go to TELSTRA just cause OPTUS use their lines!

Transact Fail! when are transact customers gonna get their on website for problems, or are we just being ignored by Adam!

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10304 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Matt at 4 Jan 2011 01:00:50 PM
Recently I went on a trip with some mates around Victoria. We were all with different providers.

Friend1 was with Telstra and had reception most of the time.
Friend2 was with Virgin and reception was not much different to Telstra
Friend3 was with Three and when '3' reception was unavailable it would go to the next available provider (e.g.Telstra)

Me - Vodafone had extremely poor reception. Why can't Vodafone set up there network to go to another available network when theirs is unavailable or unreachable? This would then probably provide regular logs for issues as they would have to pay the other providers when connections occur.

Another interesting point was that when I returned from traveling I checked the Vodafone coverage map and most of the areas that I had reception issues were apparently supposed to have coverage. It would appear that someone is not telling the truth about coverage and maybe it is time the TIO or the Federal Communications Minister stepped in to Audit Vodafone and ensure that they are telling the truth. The fact that a CEO can claim in the Apology that 'recent intermittent network issues that have impacted some of our Vodafone customers' indicates to me that they have no idea what lack of service has really been provided to their customers over a long period of time.

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10302 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Poor at 4 Jan 2011 12:57:41 PM
An observation about Vodafone (VF) coverage and peformance - we have been with VF for nearly 4 years and during that time we have observed that coverage has unquestionably and noticeably degraded. This despite the promises made by the staff when we re-signed after the 1st 2yr contract period. We are a business with 12 phones and we work throughout Victoria so we often experience no service/dropped calls and have several Telstra pre-paids which we use when working in these "no-go" areas. These "No-Go" zones are not diminishing - we still have the same problems today we had 4 years ago - what's worse is that we are experiencing more drop outs in local areas where we work and live - not to mention the 1 and 2 day old messages which lead to unhappy clients who you fear are thinking you might be fibbing when you tell them you didn't get their message for 2 days. We left Telstra after 10 years because they were incapable of stringing the words customer and service into the one sentence and were completely infexible to small business - we voted with our feet. Its nearing the time to vote again and we warming up the running shoes to make a fast getaway from VF - but where to go? The thought of going back to Telstra (despite their superior network) really chaps my hide and it seems from other peoples feedback that Optus is no better - Yuk!

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10301 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Network at 4 Jan 2011 12:57:23 PM
Every so often I look at my phone and there is no metwork reception. I am in a known area (my home) that has worked without any issues for years. Lately I don't know why but the network keeps dropping out.

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10300 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is ATROCIOUS at 4 Jan 2011 12:55:40 PM
I phoned today to recieve some help in regards to International SMS. I am unable to send or recieve International SMS from my BB. I rang at 10:00am to wait for 1hr and be diverted to 3 different departments. When i FINALLY got to the last one - it cut out. Now i intially thought this was my fault. So i phone back and was made to wait 2hrs and be diverted to 3 departments again to be HUNG UP on a 2nd time. What is this pathetic level of customer service? I'd like to not only speak to someone from Australia, but i'd like them to actually HELP!! And to add to this, i sent a message to my brother yesterday and he did not recieve it until 2hrs later!! This is clearly not acceptable and is making me HIGHLY consider changing networks!!

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10294 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 4 Jan 2011 12:24:47 PM
I use my mobile for work and If anyone tries to call my phone it says it has reception but my phone doesnt ring. and i never receive my messages until hours later.


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10291 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Desperately bad at 4 Jan 2011 12:09:18 PM
Vodafone/3 network coverage map says that my new home is in an area with a full service. I'm lucky if I get to use the internet for 10 mins. My mobile phone drops out almost as regularly. I have just been to see the people in the shop and the assistant who dealt with me was super supportive and really fought on my behalf. As opposed to their technical help who told me that I needed a new pc operating system! I'm prepared to keep my mobile but I would like to have an internet connection. They have refused to cancel my 2 year contract which is only 10 months elapsed. Now I have to go through the hoops of switching to Vodafone to prove that that doesn't work, spend more money on monthly fees and getting more and more frustrated that I have no internet. Why can't they see that if I were getting a decent service, I wouldn't be in there complaining in the first place.

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10290 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is There is no answer.... at 4 Jan 2011 12:09:02 PM
There is no 'best' network. A good network to one person may be the worst for another. It depends on where you live and the type of service you demand.

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10289 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is service down, but not out. at 4 Jan 2011 12:04:07 PM
It's a good thing we live in a civilised country other most of the people here would be locked up.

Time for some balance to the discussion.

I have been on Vodafone pretty much since they started in Australia, using both voice and data, travelled overseas, and used vodafone in my business, as well for my family - (corporate and private).

Overall - i find them good - but not great - but honestly are the others any better??

So - first -The good.

1. 99% of the time i can make a call or use data when i need to.

2. Vodafone Business Support (and we only have six handsets - so we are not corporate by any stretch) - has never let me down. 'Consumer' assistance - 'Lara' is useful, but the rest is - in a word - a frustration.

I will also assume for the best part that Vodafone in Australia - unlike Telstra - have been able to optimally locate their Cell tower locations, unlike Telstra who needed to make use of their analog locations - which where sub-optimal for GSM.

But the not so Good.

1. i don't think i have ever - in more than 15 years - had good reception in any of the homes i have lived in - and others have shared similar stories - conclusion: Vodafone need to increase their output power somewhat.

2. Cell handover issues - as a regular - hands free whilst driving - user I can say that Vodafone have issues (and other may also) when a cell handover occurrs from 2G to 3G - with the result - dropped call.

3. Data on my phone - in some situations has been - just like the Telstra advert describes for 'other' networks.... hopeless.

Of late:

4. i have experienced the - delayed time to start call issues - that other have described.

5. Bitsy data - with my phone switching from HSDPA to 3G and back constantly - for some reason, and in most cases no traffic on 3G, only on the HSDPA - ??? Why did it need to change!

So in balance, i am not entirely happy with Vodafone, but choosing to stay with them out of loyalty, and better the devil you know that the one you don't. The comments of other Vodafail respondents having ill considered rants - are not helping - unless they are fact based, and constructive (having said that, i understand and relate to the frustration - but then changing providers is probably what you need to do.)

So, this has only made me less loyal, but not enough to change - yet! Who knows once everyone leaves vodafone, and they fix the network - they'll be the best network in Australia with very few using it.... food for thought.
6 Jan 2011 10:26:15 AM: haha your kidding me right...man your so very loyal with your money maybe you have so much you can spare me some ,,but lets not do any electronic transfers or any other telecomunications deals whilst using anything vodaphone is connected too ...haha bloody ha

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10288 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is INCREDIFAIL at 4 Jan 2011 12:03:35 PM
I work for a retailer and am expected to be able to sell Vodafone along with other networks and have been having all sorts of bizarre issues like calling to activate a sim card and even after 3 days it not being activated.
I find it hard to even get decent service myself I have been with Vodafone and about 3 years ago switched to Virgin and their service is almost as bad, random outages, customer service treating me like the issues are my fault, not being able to send or receive SMS.

I see this happening with every one of the networks.
What the hell is going on with the Telco's in Australia I pay my bill every month how hard is it to provide me the service to send messages and to be able to make calls.

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10286 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is bad coverage at 4 Jan 2011 11:45:09 AM
Not only did it take me four days to receive a picture via txt, even though I was in the same house as the person who sent it to me but the coverage continually drops and my phone can take up to 30 mins when playing a 'share game' to send the update. I NEVER had any of this trouble with 3. I hope when Vodaphone and 3 merge that we get 3's coverage.

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10282 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Coverage at 4 Jan 2011 11:36:39 AM
I live in Berwick and on the train not only does data drop out but also voice recepetion several times. Every second call i make they can't here me and I need to redial. So 2 connection fees. Thanks! And why, when I ring Customer Service, do I feel that they either don't get it or just don't care!
4 Jan 2011 11:37:44 AM: If possible can you use the 'Your Coverage' tab at the top of the page, it will help others if we can provide hard evidence to Vodafone about their lack of network coverage.
4 Jan 2011 11:39:42 AM: Yeah sure, will do.

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