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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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Vodafail.com is no longer accepting complaints.
Over the past 6 months traffic to Vodafail has declined significantly. Therefore we have closed off Vodafail to new complaints. We think you will find more joy in posting on any one of these fine product / brand review sites.

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Other People's Pain

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11544 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Network cutting out, been over billed!!! Not good enough at 9 Jan 2011 08:05:34 PM
My vodafone bill that was sent via email is completely different from what is states when I log in!!!! I wont be resigning with Vodafone and I have been a customer for nearly 10years!!!! I have had numerous amounts of trouble with my phone dropping out during mid conversation, I have not received texts and also I cant call during certain times. Its not good enough, I have currently been stuck on hold for 10mins to discuss these issues and I predict I will be on hold for a much longer time!!!!!

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11501 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is DEAD at 9 Jan 2011 06:52:44 PM
I phoned customer service only to be put on hold for nearly 3 hours ( which i took photography evidence ) I explained this to the spokesperson only to be told " you will get 25 % of your currant bill " I then asked how much is my " new " bill ? Um sir I have taken of $ 15 .00 that's right fifteen dollars !! Now you do the math - a bill of $ 225.00 at 25 % discount does not equate to $ 15.00 off my total bill , I then asked him again ? his reply -please sir can you tell me how much this total would be ? That is nothing to proud of Vodafail.... Ohhh Vodafail you're done it again

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11499 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is DEAD at 9 Jan 2011 06:51:39 PM
I phoned customer service only to be put on hold for nearly 3 hours ( which i took photography evidence ) I explained this to the spokesperson only to be told " you will get 25 % of your currant bill " I then asked how much is my " new " bill ? Um sir I have taken of $ 15 .00 that's right fifteen dollars !! Now you do the math - a bill of $ 225.00 at 25 % discount does not equate to $ 15.00 off my total bill , I then asked him again ? his reply -please sir can you tell me how much this total would be ? That is nothing to proud of Vodafail.... Ohhh Vodafail you're done it again

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11491 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is FAIL x million at 9 Jan 2011 06:30:11 PM
I have an iphone 3GS and here are the problems experienced with VODAFONE:

1. Internet - constant problems: always states that it is "searching". Connection always drops out.

2. Reception - calls constantly dropping out no matter what suburb I am in (city or country). Also, when trying to make calls it constantly says "FAIL". I sometimes have to dial a number 20 times before it connects.

3. Delayed text messages and voicesmail - I receive SMS's / Voicemails 2 or 3 days after they were sent to me.

4. Phone freezing all the time - especially when the phone is ringing and I'm not able to answer the phone as the phone functions have frozen.

5. Changes / updates made on the Vodafone website and then being incorrectly charged because the systen did not recognise/confirm my updates.

6. Customer service is appalling, being on hold for too long, calls being disconnected whilst on the phone is a vodaphone customer service rep.

I am EXTREMELY unhappy with VODAFONE and will support this site and do my part in order for VODAFONE to pull their heads in and get their act together.

I have plenty of more stories to list but I will be here all night.

Thank you,


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11484 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is bad at 9 Jan 2011 05:33:09 PM
I wanted to top up my prepaid mobile with my new debit card. First their system made me go round in a loop entering the last 4 digits. No option given to add a new card. Called them over and over again, reception intermittent. Explained situation to someone in India, call dropped out. Left on hold for 10 minutes over again. Tried their website, it would not accept my password or security question. Tried calling them for help, never got a person on the line. All this trouble just to pay them. Their coverage is terrible, and they seem to keep sucking money out of my prepaid I don't understand for what.

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11478 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is 100% at 9 Jan 2011 05:25:52 PM
My husband and I regularly lost Vodafone reception, often for days at a time. We would call to complain and be left on hold for up to 40 minutes at a time, only to have someone at an overseas call centre tell us there was no problem (really?!).
the final straw came in september 2010 when we had no reception for THREE WEEKS. At the time i was 8 months pregnant. Not a good time to be unreachable by phone. My huusband's business also ran from his phone. We called Voda a number of times only to be told the towers were fine (again, really?!) Finally someone at an overseas call centre insisted on telling us we had to visit a voda store to get our SIMS checked. The nearest store is 4 hours drive away.
He kept repeating his spiel over and over, not listening to the fact a heavily pregnant woman couldn't drive 4 hours to check a sim when i knew the sim wasn't the problem.
We switched providers and had to wear the loss of business, time and energy.

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11463 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is where do I start??? at 9 Jan 2011 04:24:31 PM
just yesterday I recieved a MSM from my brother-in-law - who sent it to me on 27 Dec(yesterday was the 7th of Jan!!!!)!!! it can take up to 1 minute to connect to calls (and a good quarter of the time I get a 'call failed' and have to go again and again and...). if this isn't enough I have at least 1 out of 10 voicemails takes hours (if not days) to come thru - not good when I use this as my work phone!!! and I thought virgin was bad... I'd ring & complain but I don't have half a day to waste on hold for absoultly nothing to be resolved. less than 6 months left on my contract & I look forward to telling them to p*ss off!!!!!!!!!

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11444 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is pathetic! at 9 Jan 2011 03:38:51 PM
been with them since nov and have had zero coverage on most days and most services after being assured by staff at melton store that service was 100% in my area! Have called many times and put on hold and passed around and then hung up on! Also was talked into n8 nokia and battery is lucky to last 12 hours if i dont use it! Should have stuck with 3 as id had zero problems with their services over past 3 years! When r they going to do something? Anything?

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11417 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Epic at 9 Jan 2011 01:55:32 PM
I ordered a phone from the online store on the 16th NOVEMBER, they said they were in stock and I would receive it in 4 days. I never received the phone. I called Vodafone, waited on hold for an hour, and had a lady tell me "she didn't know, and maybe it will be there on Friday" I called again a week later and was given a consignment number for Australian Air Express, I called them the next day and was told that the phone was marked as "return to sender" on the computer and it never left the airport. I called Vodafone again, to be told that they didn't know why (after trying to prove that I never received the phone, that is), but he promised me it would be in my hands in no more than 5 business days. Those 5 days came and went, I called again, waited on hold again, told my story to 3 people again, and was again "Promised" that he would call me back in 48 hours with an answer as to where my phone had gone. Again, those hours came and went, I called again to be told that I would have to cancel my order and then re-order the phone.
I thought stuff that, I won't do anything....but a week later I got a f&*king bill from them, for $90!...I had opted for a direct debit option as payment! So of course I ring them up and again wait on hold for over 90 minutes, got passed on to 6 different people, and got talked into giving them one more chance,and my phone will come to me in a week, and that he had canceled the bill and direct debit order..... Its now been 2 weeks. My account is due to be debited on the 12th Jan, and I just know it will be.....
I cannot believe how they have f*&ked this up so many times. I find it very hard to keep cool everytime I ring, I know its not their personal fault, but they have no clue as to what you have been through, and to repeat your story to so many people. And them to have something go wrong EVERY time! It is somebodies fault....
I just want my contract terminated. I want to know that money isn't going to be taken out of my account, and I will stick with Optus.
This has been a balls up of epic proportions. I find it hard to figure out how ANYONE manages to get a vodafone phone, when they have screwed me over
about 8 times... F&#k you vodafone!

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11411 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is frustrating! at 9 Jan 2011 01:32:35 PM
I'm so sick of waiting on hold for over forty minutes every time I need to chat to customer care!
10 Jan 2011 03:58:37 PM: maybe if all of you stopped complaining and calling up to abuse the people who dont deserve it, there would be a smaller waiting time.

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11409 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Extreme fail at 9 Jan 2011 01:30:32 PM
Hello everyone,
I was a vodafone pre-paid customer for years until about 3 months ago when I switched to Optus. At one point with Vodafone, I spent over three hours a week (at over an hour each) on hold with 'customer service.' In one week, I was booted out of the queue by failed reception three times after being on hold for an hour. After that horror week I said 'F THIS' and switched to Optus. I haven't looked back. When you ring Optus, you actually get a person to talk to and I have never spent more than 2 minutes on hold. They also take the time (even up to 30-45min) to talk you through your issues and ring you back when they say they will. Vodafone is the biggest fail in history and I hope they go bankrupt NOW. God, they fail so hard.
10 Jan 2011 03:59:17 PM: thats because optus has no customers.

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11408 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Death to Network and Billing at 9 Jan 2011 01:25:39 PM
I bought a new galaxy tab from vodafail website with an online exclusive plan, but I got billed $800 which was supposed to be in my cap. I called them and was on hold for atleast 3 hours and They promised me to call me back and its been three days but no calls yet.
The network is shit as. Never get more then 1 bar on my tab.
I want to kill myself for contracting with vodafone

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11407 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Pathetic at 9 Jan 2011 01:22:39 PM
Just received a call back to my mobile after waiting 1hr for return call. Asked if I was paying for call, YES. Please call my landline, very sorry sir that number is not working, tries again, sorry sir still no dial tone etc. Please call my mobile then. Ring, Vodafone here, what is your concern? No internet coverage, no phone service, calls drop out, security breach?, Sorry sir that is a rumour, okay so can you explain my coverage issues? We need to check the setup of your Apple Iphone, tries landline again and it mysteriously works now :-( I explain that I have to use 2g to get any coverage for phone calls and it still drops out. Cannot connect to the internet, when I do it is that slow that sites/pages drop out. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. Well sir all we can do today is escalate this problem to check your area (home), what about where ever else this happens? should I call every time? I dont think so. I ask again re security breach and get transferred to customer care? haha wait time is 40+mins and no option of call back. Service? is ridiculous and after previous issues with Vodafail I should never have signed with them again. There certainly wont be a third time. Tried to send email via Vodafail's website and guess what? sorry to inform you that page is offline. No service, no customer care and no coverage, what the hell do they think we are paying for?

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11406 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is useless since Three merged at 9 Jan 2011 01:20:27 PM
Vodafone had been great for me until they merged with Three. I had just left Three, but joined cause I had heard of the great customer service at Vodafone. At the start, even though there were some glitches (ie: Blackberry Storm), I was looked after and had ready access to a customer service rep who could help me.

My contract ends soon and that impression has steadily decreased. I lose reception in town, I leave a city and completely lose coverage, I spent 2 hours on hold recently, only to get transferred again.

I know where I won't be signing up with soon when my plan renews.

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11405 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is epic fail at 9 Jan 2011 01:20:22 PM
the two houses on either side of me an i have barely 1 bar of 2G reception let alone the supposed 3G we are meant to get in the middle of suburbs! 2 mins to the CBD & we get NO RECEPTION. I've been told from vodafone "tough luck you must be in a black spot" & have been told my only option is to buy a repeater station .
Calls repeatedly drop out, no matter wher i am or calls just dont connect.
Repeatedly i'll get disconnected from the network, albeit that im showing full reception & its only if i turn my phone off & on again (once i realise this has happened... several hours later) & then get all my voicemail & sms for the day.
ive been stuck in my contract for nearly two years & have had to put up with this for too long. my contract is up in 2 months & I AM OUTTA HERE!!!

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11386 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is BIG FAT FAIL! at 9 Jan 2011 12:22:17 PM

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11382 Someone from NT thinks vodafone is very fail at 9 Jan 2011 12:01:16 PM
I recently upgraded my contract with vodafone to include a new nokia N8, being a place that doesn't have a vodafone store I upgarded over the phone, I was really impressed by the service...until I recieved my phone. As soon as it arrived I opened the box and tried to charge it, it wouldn't charge, so checked nokia website and found that the phone is faulty.
Next day I ring Vodafone @8am, after trying to explain what was happening, they transfer me to nokia, who say that vodafone needs to replace the phone, so I get transferred back to vodafone, after beiing on hold for 45 minutes, they then tell me that I have to take the phone into the vodafone store I brought it from, affter repeatly being told that there was NO vodafone store where I lived and the closest one was an 18 hour drive...they had to check before believing me...then they said I had to send the phone back first and they would chack it thenif it is faulty they would send a new one out...which would take 6 to 8 weeks????? What was i suppose to do during that time...not their problem.
Once I explained that what they wanted was not going to happen, and they needed to put me through to tech support so they could put a note on my account to send a new one out...2 1/2 hours on hold and the tech support guy tells me to turn the N8 off, remove the sim card and remove the battery...since my sim card was in my old phone and you can't remove the battery from the N8 I told him that this was impossible to do...another 45mins on hold while he checked that I was right and then told me to contact nokia, already done, and then he said that he couldn't help me and I would have to take it to a vodafone store....Finally after much discussion, he finally put a note on my account to send a replace phone and put me through to the account department to ensure everything was right to go...another 1hr on hold and then had to reexplain everything to the person on the other end.
So after three hours on the phone the problem was sorted...until having to wait another 3 weeks for my replacement phone to be sent out...because they don't process and orders for up to a week after it's been placed.
Even with the new phone, my calls still drop out, my voicemails are usually 3 to 4 days later and I'm lucky to get text messgaes within the week they are sent.

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11378 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is VODA IS THE WORST NETWORK at 9 Jan 2011 11:50:02 AM
NEVER SIGN TO VODAFONE I was called on tues to confirm that I would be home for a ph delivery friday and only to be told friday afternoon that the handset will not arrive until mon/tues. 4hours in total on hold to find out what was going on only to be offered a $30 credit and told they understand. BULLSH!T you work until 530am only to get up at 9am to wait for a handset that never arrives and then you will understand. i have had trouble time and time again with vodafone... recontracting, customer service, instore problems... NEVER AGAIN!!

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11365 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Epic Fail at 9 Jan 2011 11:04:29 AM

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11354 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Infinite at 9 Jan 2011 10:31:15 AM
Trying to terminate my vodafone contract, only to realise that you need to go through 3 call centers and are placed on hold in a cue at all three! Wait time has exceeded 2 hours, and still waiting for the 2nd call center to answer! I assume this is a ploy by vodafone to force you to wait out your contract.


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11352 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is very at 9 Jan 2011 10:26:38 AM
My husband who lives in country Queensland where there is no Vodaphone coverage asked me to disconnect his service. This was back at the end of September 2010. On Monday 27th September 2010 I tried phoning Vodaphone and spent half an hour just hanging on hold. I then got on line and the only place I could find to contact Vodaphone was their technical support team. So I sent them an email and they sent me an email back telling me that someone would get back to me with reference to my "enquiry". So far no one has contacted me over this. A few weeks later I rang another number which connected me to Vodaphones call centre in India. The Indian man I spoke to said they could not help me because they needed my husband to ring them which he is unable to do. Before he left to go to Queensland we rang Vodaphone and he put me on the account so that I could be his voice as it were. I have the password and the accounts were paid by cheque with my name on them. For this organisation to flatly refuse to cancel the service because they cannot speak to my husband is ridiculous in light of the aforementioned intentions of my husband. I have not paid the last three bills and have no intention of doing so. I do not see why I should pay for something that is not needed anymore.

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11336 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is massive fail at 9 Jan 2011 09:28:49 AM
In May I signed a contract for $29 a month which gave me $150 calls and mobile broadband of 1GB. After several months of being under my usage capacity (I was only using 350-600mb of data and around $120 of phone, I received a bill for $220 stating that I had used 11GB of data although data usage on my laptop was saying only 350mb had been used. I rang to complain about this and after extensive wait times I was told that I must have used it or someone else has used it and that I must be downloading movies and music which I had not. I live by myself and am the sole user of my laptop. I got an itemised account and noticed the download times were when I was at work and that the downloads of up to 2GB at a time were being taken of my usage and that the computer was online for up to 5 hours at a time. After repeatedly telling my complaint to many different people at vodafone they took off the excess charge for that month and they told me to get my computer checked which I did and as I suspected my computer was fine and no downloads had occurred. I called them to tell them to check that my bill was not being combined with somebody elses bill and they said it hadnt. I stopped using my computer for a couple of weeks as I was scared this would happen again. Guess what? It happened again. The next month I was charged $227 with another 11GB of downloads! I checked the times of these domnload and again they occurred when I was at work and during the 2 weeks I didnt use my computer. Again I called to complain and they took the excess charge off the bill and gave me 1GB for free to use to monitor what was happening. Of course this was all used up and not by me. I was sent another excessive bill and by this stage I had had enough. I was sick of being put on hold, it interfered with my work, it caused me a lot of stress and sleepless nights. I finally called them and to told them I would call the TIO and consumer affairs and that I wanted my contract cancelled free of charge! Finally they cancelled my contract free of charge. The next month I got another bill texted to my mobile saying I owed -$11.00! Due on 15 January! It took me 3 days to get through as I kept getting a message saying too busy and to call back. Ridiculous! When I did get through I told them how can I be billed for a credit that they owe me $11.00! The customer service guy said that this was a goodwill gesture but I would not be getting the money as they had to put my account in credit to cancel the contract! How is this a goodwill gesture after what they put me through! I now have prepaid mobile broadband with another provider and have been using my computer a lot more than when I was with vodafone and am still going nowhere near 1GB a month! I do not use vodafone any more and never will again.

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11335 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Very at 9 Jan 2011 09:27:42 AM
Since I signed a contract in Nov 09 I have been getting nothing but utterless and poor aspects out of my service. My account is heavily screwed up with over $5000 of credits issued for Vodafone's billing issues where I have been billed incorrectly and billed by there internal system generating charges irralevant. Today is my billing cycle and I have just logged into my account and found a $742 bill - (totally incorrectly billed) as I am on the $99 unlimited plan. I cancelled a contract about 2 months ago and last months bill included DOUBLE the cancellation charge and now they are trying to bill me again. This is utterless as now I have to waste my time calling them - (being on hold, transferred between departments and explaining my frustration and then probably being promised by them that this will not happpen next month and seeing it reappear. I am sick and tired of Vodafone, I've always kept on my best impression to always be positive when issues do happen to my account and services but this is just getting out of control.

My bill summary for since Nov-09: http://i52.tinypic.com/2z70ccx.png
My payment summary since Nov-09: http://i54.tinypic.com/2my45rr.png

As for reception wise I get one bar at work and then my phone will go to 'searching' then 'roaming' then followed by 3G and so on. As I am on call this is just super frustration and being informed by them that my work location has full 3G reception, I don't see this as the case. I've spoken to the iPhone team, replacted sim cards and tired different handsets but I still get the same old same old. Trying to use the internet on the train (Melbourne Metro) is also just disgusting just trying to update my Facebook status or check for notifications will just time out because my phone is constantely switching to roaming, 3G, searching and no service. Sometimes I need to put my phone into airplane mode just so I can get it to search for a 3G network.

I've contacted the TIO, I've contacted Vodafone and done everything to troubleshoot the issues they admit they didn't have until this site was open. I'm getting in loop holes and waste my time.

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11304 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is WINCHELSEA at 9 Jan 2011 08:30:23 AM
9 Jan 2011 08:47:06 AM: Ben, we feel your pain many times over, what a nightmare!!! Have you thought about the TIO details in the tab at the top, How To Complain ? I've found just very recently that the mere mention of the TIO has a tendency to focus Vodafail's mindset!! Good luck and let us know how you get on!!
9 Jan 2011 05:45:38 PM: its a prepay handset, not a big issue
9 Jan 2011 07:16:22 PM: i'll keep that in mind, but i think i've had enough trying to talk to vodafone for now :P

and it may be a prepay handset, but its still my money, in fact, i pay for the services before i can use them, and then find they dont work.

the biggest problem is that its not just me, its our whole towns vodafone customers
14 Jan 2011 11:52:21 PM: wow that sounds like a fun experience. jeez man if you are prepay just ditch them!
17 Jan 2011 08:24:19 PM: Ben, you're telling porkies mate, as much as you wish to present like you've called Telstra or investigated this issue in depth, you haven't. Vodafone doesn't have any Telstra owned or managed towers, they own their own infrastructure and the only portion of networks that work with Telstra are due to 3's roaming agreements with Telstra, which were established before the companies merged, and have absolutely NOTHING to do with Vodafone or Vodafone customers, and if you had in fact spoken to Telstra about this, they would've have told you that... Make up your own information and then hate the world for not being able to support your hypothesis, good call my man

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11292 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Extreme Fail at 9 Jan 2011 08:00:22 AM
I have been a loyal Vodafone customer for nearly 8 years, and I can still remember when Vodafone had fantastic customer service and great reception. I actually used to get calls from Vodafone to check up and see if everything was OK. Of late, you'd be lucky to get through to an operator in less than an hour of waiting on hold!

Now let's not get started with the reception! I have noticed a steady decline in coverage since around 2 years ago. I run an IT company and travel all around Sydney. I have zero reception in a high apartment in Homebush, and zero reception in Alexandria in my office. This means any time I'm at home or work, I have zero reception! Home/Office would account for around 70% of my time so that means missed calls and lost revenue from jobs I could have taken on! Even out and about, I call 20 times in a row and kept getting the dreaded 'Call Failed' message! This is with full reception!

Vodafone's 'broadband' speed is a friggen joke! It's seriously slower than dialup when it works, and that's probably only half the time.

Vodafone get your shit together, as a mobile phone company we as your customers expect our phones to work when we need it, not when it suits you! Not much of a 'contract' when Vodafone doesn't fulfill its end of the bargain!

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11278 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is terrible in every way at 9 Jan 2011 06:57:48 AM

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11275 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is not fulfilling the their part of the contract at 9 Jan 2011 06:25:33 AM
I have had problems with my iphone since my contract started. I constantly have no service, I get delayed messages, delayed voice mail and 3/4 of the time I can not call from my phone without having to switch my phone on and off numerous times. No one can call my phone either half the time. I have contacted Vodafone a number of times and complained that my phone is not working, they told me to contact Apple. I did, Apple told me to contact Vodafone. Everytime I call Vodafone I am on hold or speaking to somone in another country, they have advised me to go to a Vodafone store to get another Sim Card. I did this, still the same problem. I called them back, they still told me to go to a Vodafone store to check the Sim Card, the people working in the Vodafone Stores are not interested in helping you unless you are buying a new phone or signing up. They keep tellign me its not 'their' problem and to call Vodafone.

What annoys me the most is that I HAVE TO PAY my contract even though the Vodafone service is not fulfilling their part of the contact. I think its unfair and we have no control over the situation since we are just the little people. I have asked Vodafone to let me out of the contract since they are not providing me with any service for my payments and they give me this ridiculous price to leave. I think they are ripping people off and this has to be stopped.

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11267 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Internet, Connections & Billing at 9 Jan 2011 02:45:14 AM
From the time I got a Vodafone internet account, Vodafone continually overcharged on data download amounts compared to the that which the download monitoring software it provided was recording (Huawei).

Spent hours on hold trying to get through to resolve this over many months, and hours when eventually getting through, arguing the toss. Eventually spoke to a (name known) Vodafone person who admitted to KNOWING VODAFONE BILLING AND THE VODAPHONE-PROVIDED HUAWEI ACCOUNT SOFTWARE RECORDED DIFFERENT DATA THROUGHPUTS.

Service person said that it had been a known fault "forever" and that anyone relying on the Vodafone provided self-monitoring software to monitor their data throughput was bound to be upset when a much higher bill came in, as it always did (about 25-30% higher, always with Excess Charges as the data throughput, under on the provided monitoring software, had been "Exceeded" according to Vodafone head office accounting).

Ended up terminating the service in disgust. Had been on a 12 month contract which had passed, but then Vodafone started arguing it was a three year contract, based on their THEN standard at the time I ended it (not the one I signed on to earlier, which had been 12 months). Spent months arguing that toss.

Was then chased for the better part of a year by a debt collection agency (aggressively for months after I ended the deal) threatening all sorts of credit history black-balling and credit character assassination unless I fulfilled a three year contract.

Vodafone did not fulfill its obligations as a service provider under the contract during the 12 months it ran. Vodafone-employed (or sub-contracted staff) made full admission that the fault lay in the the Vodaphone provided modem/software, that Vodafone had always been aware of the fault.

Vodafone subsequently employed (or contracted) a debt collection agency to attempt to extend the contract under threat of credit history assassination.

Over to the Ombudsman.
9 Jan 2011 06:15:44 AM: Vodafone has never had a "three year contract" as a standard.

I think you are confused with someone else.

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11265 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Unbelievably Bad at 9 Jan 2011 12:39:02 AM
Today my wife and I spent a combined 3hrs on hold trying to get through to the cancelations team to have our contracts canceled at no charge, but also to keep our handsets that have been almost paid for. However I never got to speak to anyone in that area and got to listen to dial tone for hours. And then to finally get put through to the cancelations department once they had closed. Great service guys and even a better way to keep ur annoyed customers annoyed and even more frustrated.

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11251 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 8 Jan 2011 10:21:03 PM
At first I just thought it was me & my bf with lousy service until I found this page.
My issues- *Little to No service *Little to No internet connection
*Calls constantly dropping out *Msgs I send being received hours/days later
*False service readings. It said I had full service and I couldn't do anything when I needed to.

I need phone reception!! I couldn't call for help when I was in a car crash, I have been stuck with 2 young children and was unable to call for a lift, I couldn't call the police after kids tried to steal my car, I missed a train and had no phone/internet reception to check a timetable as I was trying to get to an airport. Not to mention the smaller things or trying to get in contact with myy family etc. I've really had enough. I have had to switch back to my Optus prepaid Which I shouldn't have to do in a contract.
Last week we called Vodafone and went through the "switch off and turn it back on" routine and a big surprise..no service...
We were put on hold and transferred. Then 61 mins into the call it dropped out.
We called back twice and after an hour each time it dropped out (from a landline) we called back and got the option for them to call us back.
They called back and started the process again "turn the Phone off" They then told us they would get the engineers to call us back within 72 hours.
The "Call" was 4 days later and actually an Sms saying that they were working on it.

1 week later, 3 hours on hold 1 call and sms from vodafone nd we are in the same position. Its not good enough!!!

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11247 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is ON HOLD TOO LONG at 8 Jan 2011 08:10:54 PM
I switch from 3 to Vodaphone on boxing day,i was told to keep using 3 sim card until it dropped off, and the vodaphone sim would be activated in a couple of hours. however, 3 dropped off in few hours later, but the vodaphone sim was not actived. i rang up to reactive the sim card the day after, still not working until i went to the store to get 3/vodaphone staff to fix it in internet, that was three days later. :(

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11239 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is epic fail at 8 Jan 2011 05:27:13 PM
In December after having countless problems and issues with 3 and never having a working phone or sim i opted to start over (well as over as i could having 3 months left of my contract I migrated to vodafone).
After calling up the designated number 4 days in a row (because their system was down) i finally migrated across and was told that i should keep my 3 sim working until i got my new iphone 4 delivered in the first week of January.
Over the next 2 weeks EVERYDAY i got a nice new sim card in the mail...so as you can imagine after recieving 13 standard sims (not micro sims for the iphone 4) i was getting a little worried about their services.
6 days after putting up with this-and of course smack bang over christmas my 3 service was disconnected and none of my vodafone sims would work- for all those who have suffered over christmas you will know the lovely answering machine you get when you call your desired help section of vodafone customer care- did you know they close over christmas.
SO after spending 2 days being transfered from one person to the next- being told so-and-so would call me back and never did i went into a vodafone store.
They i have to say did not vodafail at the time but helped me out issuing me a new sim stating that my number would be carried over within the next couple of hours.
4 hours later...sim was still not activated.
I go all the way back to the store and to my surprise I see someone carrying out an iphone. After a few more unimportant hours I finally left the store with a new iphone and a sim (working)- very happy might i add too.
However, 2 hours later phone wasn't working.
I went back to the store-the girl i spoke to was no longer there so the guy that was their said 'ok leave it with me and i will sort it out' (and as you can imagine goodbye iphone).
After 3 more days-no phone, no working sim and being on hold, transfered, hung up on or 'disconnected'-as they like to call it, oh and my personal favourite: 'i am sorry but this is not our issue you will have to take it up with 3/ Vodafone' I finally went into a 3 store and poured my anger into what turned out to be a really nice guy at 3 who said he would look into it for me. 2 hours later i was back in the store and a further 3 hours later i had my iphone on a whole new vodafone account- you can imagine to my relief thinking it was all over.
Got home iphone plugged in-set up all fine, activated all fine. Working all night..then....dum dum dum..the next day strikes and no service.
Having already taken multiple days off work to deal with this issue (sorry work) i went to work without a phone. In my lunch break i called the 3 store and told them what had happened 2 minutes later i am told that 'someone' (not me i assure you) activated ANOTHER sim on my account and my micro sim would no longer work.
Options given:
a) i can cut the sim that vodafone has activated-to a size that will fit into my iphone
b) come in and get another sim OR find someone else to come in and get one for me...
c) come in tomorrow (when i am meant to be at work) and get a new sim
d) which i am thinking is the only option: suffer in my jocks without a phone until i can get another day off work.

4 hours later- i get home from work, find the sim (double checking the sim code) and put it into my old phone hey presto it works..with a catch though-no signal

I have to say being a vodafone customer for only a month and having dealt with this much s*** i don't know how people can last their contract. I will let you know this- on the way home i purchased a prepaid optus sim (and guess what i got full bars of service when it was activated- hows that for service)

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11235 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Epic at 8 Jan 2011 04:28:06 PM
I ordered a phone from the online store on the 16th NOVEMBER, they said they were in stock and I would receive it in 4 days. I never received the phone. I called Vodafone, waited on hold for an hour, and had a lady tell me "she didn't know, and maybe it will be there on Friday" I called again a week later and was given a consignment number for Australian Air Express, I called them the next day and was told that the phone was marked as "return to sender" on the computer and it never left the airport. I called Vodafone again, to be told that they didn't know why (after trying to prove that I never received the phone, that is), but he promised me it would be in my hands in no more than 5 business days. Those 5 days came and went, I called again, waited on hold again, told my story to 3 people again, and was again "Promised" that he would call me back in 48 hours with an answer as to where my phone had gone. Again, those hours came and went, I called again to be told that I would have to cancel my order and then re-order the phone.
I thought stuff that, I won't do anything....but a week later I got a f&*king bill from them, for $90!...I had opted for a direct debit option as payment! So of course I ring them up and again wait on hold for over 90 minutes, got passed on to 6 different people, and got talked into giving them one more chance,and my phone will come to me in a week, and that he had canceled the bill and direct debit order..... Its now been 2 weeks. My account is due to be debited on the 12th Jan, and I just know it will be.....
I cannot believe how they have f*&ked this up so many times. I find it very hard to keep cool everytime I ring, I know its not their personal fault, but they have no clue as to what you have been through, and to repeat your story to so many people. And them to have something go wrong EVERY time! It is somebodies fault....
I just want my contract terminated. I want to know that money isn't going to be taken out of my account, and I will stick with Optus.
This has been a balls up of epic proportions. I find it hard to figure out how ANYONE manages to get a vodafone phone, when they have screwed me over
about 8 times... F&#k you vodafone!

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11232 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Customer service incompetence at 8 Jan 2011 03:50:01 PM
I was put through to so many different people and my problem was never resolved, I spoke to people with incredibly impenetrable accents who could barley understand me and my problem of no reception was never solved. I went into the stores and rang and rang and I swear to god was on hold for an entire week! I lost work and they are in no way going to compensate me. They have however cancelled my contract. At least!
I am now not sure which company to go through?
8 Jan 2011 04:28:57 PM: Telstra, they can be expensive but they have really good reception and fast 3G almost everywhere

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11230 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is MEGA FAIL at 8 Jan 2011 03:41:10 PM
Boy oh Boy, I was receiving no service at my new address and was quite literally on hold back and forth for a week until I finally got to speak with someone who said they would 'launch and investigation' They said through an accent I could barely understand that 'I'd be contacted within 72 hours' THREE WEEKS WENT BY and I heard nothing, when I called again (making sure I had put a good 40 mins aside for being on hold) They said, yeah, sorry looks like nothing got done about that. I'm now switching to Three, will it be any better?
8 Jan 2011 04:34:07 PM: No it wont be any better because 3 and vodafone merged....

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11228 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Time at 8 Jan 2011 03:24:50 PM
8/01/2011 rang 1555 3.35pm Lara told me to wait BUSY AGAIN, was on hold for some 1.35 mins THEN it rang thought yeh, But it rang rang rang rang no one one pick it up (MAYBE THEY NO ME) still ringing so ended call what a waste of energy. still waiting totoal time on phone is 33.27 hours since 11/12 2010 spoke to 123 people to solve this Hey LARA still waiting (hope they payed you for this voice over cause you earned it.....pete

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11225 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Poor Coverage at 8 Jan 2011 03:09:07 PM
I live in the mid Blue Mountains where 3g service is regularly poor. Today I missed out on an ebay auction where the net dropped out and my bid didnt go through..again. No point ringing Vodafone I do not wish to remain on hold for average 25 mins only to be apologised to. They, In my opinion have signed up way too many new clients and the hardware cannot cope. The way I feel now I have no choice but to go back to copper fone line. I came across from Telstra and I cant believe Im contemplating going back. Truth IS stranger than fiction.

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11216 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is So sick of Vodafone! at 8 Jan 2011 02:41:57 PM
I cant begin to discribe the mess vodafone has put me through!!! Seriously got the bill and they have charged me an extra 40$ for a phone call tht should have been on the new cap!! I keep dropping in and out of reception oh oh and to top it all off im on hold ATM been on it for over 2 hours and whats the bet I get some person who cant even speck English "try" help me!!! Ive had ENOUGH!!! I need to get off this plan asap before Lara gets an ear full!!

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11215 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 8 Jan 2011 02:30:35 PM
im am at my wits end with vodafone, after spending 9 hours on hold in the last 3 days trying to get my iphone unlocked, after i was told i could do it straight away. i am getting nowhere. they blamed apple so i called apple myself with the info voda had given me to find out that there is no error on apples end that voda lied to me to get out of doing anything to help.

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11205 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is terrible at 8 Jan 2011 12:36:41 PM
I live at Cronulla....its not only the mobile phone that you cannot use but the wireless internet connection is useless as well.I manage to connect on average 2 to 3 days out of seven if Iam lucky.I managed to use half a gig out of an 8 gig plan.But what angers me the most is that they promise to give you credit but never comes thru. When you complain they do not have any record "they reckon" of your previous conversation.I could hardly use the internet and they send me a $260 bill. After 4 months now I had enough,last I called them after the usual 45 minute on hold they promised to call me back within 15 minutes Iam still waiting for the call after 2 weeks now.I rand them for the last time and then I was just disconnected.I now cancelled my credit card so that the bastards wont be able to rob me blind......

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11200 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Exceptionally at 8 Jan 2011 11:45:09 AM
After reading some stories on this site, my problems with Vodafone are all too familiar with mainstream complaints. Call dropouts after a few seconds, meaning another call cost charge/connection fee a few times in one conversation; hardly any reception where I live (Bunbury area, south of Perth); trouble sending smsand pxt as most times pxt not even send!!; on hold for extremely long periods of time and when I finally reach customer support are then re-routed to same number to dial or even back to original person,have trouble understanding non-english support teams!!; no satisfaction when trying to quiz my account and they cover up inadequate esponse with 'fake' niceness; cut off my service without prior warning and generally...a great desire to cancel contract ASAP!!
Not happy.

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11192 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is As good as the Cricket team they sponsor... at 8 Jan 2011 09:25:11 AM
I recently moved and could not obtain Vodafone coverage, when I tried to contact them (using a friends phone) about having to change to another provider in order to use my phone, I could not get through, was put on hold, was cut off after being put on hold repeatedly...I wasted hours of my life that I will never get back! I went to a Vodafone office and they also had to call the central line?? Eventually I was told that I had to pay an early termination fee because Vodafone don't provide coverage - I live 30kms from Brisbane, the state's capital city!!!
The Aussie Cricket team are obviously with a bunch of losers...maybe Vodafone should spend their money on their network coverage and operational call centre instead of corporate boxes....

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11190 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Need To Urgently Setup An Australian Call Centre at 8 Jan 2011 08:59:30 AM
The current fault reporting systems are in a worse state than the network, if that is possible. Vodafone need to IMMEDIATELY setup call centres in each state in THIS country to handle the appalling wait times that people are experiencing. Implementing working parties to examine strategies for network changes is a medium to long term process, but Vodafone have an immediate crisis that needs attention NOW.

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11185 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Frustrating Fail at 8 Jan 2011 08:14:03 AM
I am on the phone right now and have been on hold for 30 minutes!

My issue is a safety issue my wife is 35 Weeks pregnant and in a high risk pregnancy and we had an emergency the other day and she could not call me, it kept dropping out, she could not email me, internet would not work, she had to go to the phone box to contact me!!!!

Went to the store they said they could not do anything even with the phone not connecting in front of them and dropping out when they tried to call my work number.

NOw the technical team say there may not be alot they can do.

It is not good enough I pat good money for her to be able to contact me and for that to FAIL when needed most is of great concern to me, especially over the next few weeks!

Thanks alot Vodafone.
Dustin of Seaford SA
8 Jan 2011 08:17:29 AM: When I started writing this it was 30 mins. I rang at 9:10 am and it is now 9:50am and I am still on hold.
8 Jan 2011 10:25:10 AM: Surely with hour wife safety so important you would go and buy a pre-paid telstra phone for her as backup (or in the case of the current vodafone shambles; as her main phone)
8 Jan 2011 11:19:57 AM: Not clear whether your problem is the phone and/or the network. I assume the staff in the shop tried your sim in another phone if your mobile would not connect in the shop (unless the shop is in a bad Vodafone reception area).

Anyway I agree with the author of the previous reply with your wife's safety so important I would suggest you buy a pre-paid telstra phone.
14 Jan 2011 05:09:27 PM: Landlines are awesome too. Don't worry. In a real actual emergency her phone can still call 000.
14 Jan 2011 05:10:14 PM: Only because it will use a real network such as Telstra or Optus. Can't rely on the Vodafone network for anything :)

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11161 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Horrid at 7 Jan 2011 09:59:15 PM
I have Cover Me mobile insurance and have had to make a claim. I did everything by the book; made a claim via telephone armed with IMEI numbers etc.. everything good so far, good customer service and helpful advice.

Then I'm directed to hand my handset in to a Vodafone store - let the fail begin:

The store is Queen St Mall in Brisbane, QLD. I have to wait for 30 minutes before I finally get served by a young rep. He's not apologetic, more annoyed by the fact I want to make a claim because all he says is "why what's wrong with it?". Two things here: 1. I've already made an approved claim so just get on with it and 2. That's hardly the response I want to hear after waiting so long to be serviced.

He starts filling out the necessary forms to no avail - the store PC is taking too long, a problem apparently solved by going 'out back to the office'. So he slinks out of sight into a back office and leaves me waiting. This is when my attitude goes from 'lol what can you do' to boiling point. While he's out there reps keep moving in and out of the back office to get handsets for new customers. Through the thin gap the ajar door makes I see about 4 reps all sitting around fax machines, PCs and the lunch table laughing away. They may well be on their lunch break but when the guy who's filling out my app is among them it just makes it look like he doesn't give a fuck.

So I finally get to leave the store, my poor excuse of a temporary replace phone in tow (a Vodafone 736). But whatever, it's a replacement and nice to have a phone again. I make the journey home, plug the phone into the charger since it wouldn't turn on earlier due to flat battery - oh no wait it's not a flat battery, the replacement phone is faulty. Another adventure to the Vodafone store tomorrow. Yay :/
8 Jan 2011 08:49:35 PM: totally agree with ya, I had a few mates used to work for that store, they were saying that many of the staff just dont really care about customer service and would go to the back room to "have a chat" even customers are waiting. I guess thats why my mates have left the store :-S
9 Jan 2011 10:33:24 AM: Had the same experience but with an Allphones store. I am female. I was waiting to be served by an Indian male manager. A friend of his walked in, they chatted for several minutes totally ignoring, not even acknowledging my existence. I walked out. So it's not just Julia Roberts who has this problem!

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11150 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is maximum at 7 Jan 2011 08:56:22 PM
today i decided to call 1555 to cancel my contracts, i am on a unlimited cap so there for didnt reall care (& knew i would be) how long i would be on hold for but here it is, ready..... a pathetic 3 hours & 33 minutes,
What a absolute joke, now's here's the rest - while i was on hold i watched inception - the whole movie!!!! & went online to try & get a email of some type to contact them to complain & cancell my contracts, what happend? ohhhh yeah shitty vodafone disconected after 3 & a half hours of waiting....
THEN the internet drops out twice.....
i finally go back on line & went to the complaints section & what does it say? WE ARE CURRENTLY HAVING TECHICAL DIFULTIES lol whata absolute joke.
im a MMA fighter & a current QLD bodybuilding championship attendant, & to be honest i reall am contimplating driving to vodafone head office & starting a lot of trouble in the offices - if you know what i mean,
but all i gotta say now is FUCK YOU VODAFONE - you are pathetic & need to get your shit together befor your employee's start getting the blame & getting hurt.
oh & i went in to a vodafone store @ helensvale & all the stupid bitchs did was give me a 1300 number that did nothing lol...
oh my god i swar if someone doesnt contact me & cancel my contracts free of charge im going to flip...
7 Jan 2011 09:00:50 PM: When in doubt give the TIO a shout :) In other words, check out the how to complain link at the top of this page :D
7 Jan 2011 10:16:26 PM: whoa, lay off the roids man
9 Jan 2011 10:39:33 AM: I feel much the same only I'm a non martial arts 57 yr old female.
While attempting to post this, guess what, I was disconnected.

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11147 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is SO FAILED, SO BAD at 7 Jan 2011 07:42:46 PM
We live in North Lakes QLD, 25km from Brisbane City (not central QLD).10year old suburb that is exploding in population and has 13000 people now and is expected to have 25000. Vodafail has never had good reception. We have both mobiles with Vodafone and wireless broadband. We had contunial drop out and nil service with our broadband and eventually got is disconnected but had to wait out our 12month contract. We have now served 18months of a 24month contract and we are soooo done.
We reported bad service levels and recption to the North Lakes store on several occassion and throughout this period and of course no action. Went back recently and got given a phone number - 1300650410 to get our phone disconnected. Called 10days ago (60mins on hold) and they took all details and tried to say the coverage map says its okay. Well from India it would look good but how about you come stand in my loungeroom and make a call. Continuous drop out, nil service, missed calls, late voicemails and it goes on. They said they will investigate and get back within 72hrs. 264hrs later and guess what? no call! My wife called today at 1530 to see what was happening, 30mins to get hold of someone, then 5mins to go through notes. They acknowledged there was a technical issue in the area (really!)and they would be upgrading the area. They told us that 4yrs ago when we moved here. Transfered to cancellation department where she was onhold for 2hrs. Phone call was answered and immediately cut off. Called back, waited 30mins, spoke to another peron, explained I wanted to speak to someone now and not be placed on hold again, so I was put on hold then transferred to another line that rang and rang and rang for 80mins. Meanwhile my husband called them at 1830 tonight on another phone. My wife is still holding and on the phone since 1530. 30mins later my husband got "Shakeil". Obviously blew my stack at him and explained the events of today and last week. He was very very sorry! and said he would have someone from the cancellation team call me within 24-48hrs... Well Shakeil, I have heard all this before. He promised he would email the team leader direct, send a text message to my wifes phone(which has no reception) confirming the call back booking.... I can tell you know we have never ever been so angry, frustrated and annoyed in all our lives. Thats about 5hrs of my life that we will never get back. This has led me to consume upwards of 5 beers so far tonight and waste a crap load of money on calls waiting to be answered.
I hope Shakeil can live up to his promise, cause if we don't get a call in 24-48hrs to approv the cancellation of our service, there will be trouble!
7 Jan 2011 07:53:31 PM: Shit, served 18 months so far out of 24, shouldnt they give early release for good behaviour, or parole perhaps?
7 Jan 2011 08:02:21 PM: When in doubt give the TIO a shout :)

In other words, check out the how to complain link at the top of this page :D
7 Jan 2011 08:05:21 PM: Been to the TIO to and no response to my email or phone complaint - I tell you I am gunna crack soon!
7 Jan 2011 08:07:37 PM: Did you get a reference number?
7 Jan 2011 08:30:18 PM: asked for some kind of confirmation of the call and was provided with nothing...
7 Jan 2011 09:30:11 PM: Contact the TIO via their website, that way you get a reference number and vodafone then have 10-15 days to do something about it.
8 Jan 2011 07:37:53 AM: Vodafone Calling
'Can you pls explain your gender'.
From your post above it seems you have a husband and a Wife.
We need to confirm as to how to address you when we call for cancellation'
8 Jan 2011 12:12:50 PM: As if vodafone will ever call for a cancellation...

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11141 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is extremely at 7 Jan 2011 07:07:55 PM
- incorrectly billed (while still being debated but told an amount was still outstanding).
- spent up to 2 hours on hold on a single day calling vodafone.
- Getting the phone unlock can not be done over the phone and online requires up to 14 days before they will get back the customer.
- Unlocking a phone requires a fee after not being provided the instructions.
- No conformation when you request to unlock your phone online

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11136 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is crazy uncool at 7 Jan 2011 06:35:44 PM
am in qld, must of accidently clicked NT

anyway, also wanted to add, when i ring vodafone to tell them i want to up my monthly charge because i'm spending over and they are charging too much for extra calls, after being on hold for far too long a lady answers and tells me there is this new plan of $49 or whatever it was for $500 credit!!!!!!!! so for their new customers that just sign up they get $500 for their $49! and ME who has been with vodafone for past six years ... they don't bother to tell me about this amazing new plan!!!!! ROAR!!!
7 Jan 2011 10:25:18 PM: plans change all the time. All customer are free to switch to the new rates if they want however you just need to ask. As you are in a contract you need to request the changes yourself. In most cases the plans are better but for some people older rates may be better suited in regards to inclusions and call rates etc so that's why people aren't automatically switched.
9 Jan 2011 08:53:24 PM: ^very true

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11134 Someone from NT thinks vodafone is crazy uncool at 7 Jan 2011 06:28:41 PM
i have been sold a vodafone interent wireless stick on a contract. the contract isn't bad, 29.95 for 5gb or something, which i never use ... the problem is I CAN"T GET RECEPTION!!!! i have problems with my phone too, i can't get reception, my phone drops out during conversations, i cancel my insurance because when my phone breaks for some reason the insurance doesn't cover it, i keep get charged insurance for six months, i ring to complain and they tell me to go on the internet to look for a new plan! I CAN"T GET THE INTERNET THANK YOU VODAFONE!!! also ... just travelled from perth to airlie beach in a 4wd and needed my phone to call local police in each town to ask if roads were flooded, not that i could do that because vodafone doesn't get reception anywhere!!!! not happy with paying over $100 every month and not getting reception when i need it most. will more than likely go telstra when my contract ends. also have spent hours on hold with the phone on speaker so i don't kill my ear drums only to be hung up on.
7 Jan 2011 07:12:10 PM: Wait until you try to stop a contract extension when your 24 month term is up. You cannot email,call or have vodafone call back to end your contract. (see 10740) below. I think once you start with them your with them for life.My next step is a TIO complaint. I hope this will be the end to a crap service. I have changed to Telstra.

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11129 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Very Poor Service at 7 Jan 2011 06:07:48 PM
On hold for a simple enquiry for 84 minutes. No longer wanting to hold, i googled vodafone complaints and found this site. So much for customer service!!

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11127 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is On the brink of failure! at 7 Jan 2011 06:00:32 PM
I have been waiting 1 month for my IPHONE4 following my 3 breaking a month ago when i inital rang vodafone to get a new fone as i have been paying insurance for my phone for 2 years i was told they couldnt give me one i then asked why have i been paying 10$ a month for insurance if you dont deleiver. After about 30mins on the phone (72mins on hold mind you) i was told they will order me a phone to be sent in the new year and would give me a $30 credit. So new year has come and on the 4th jan i received a text stating my phone will be delived on the 7th, i then received a call on the 5th confiming my phone will be deleived on the 7th. So i took the day off so that i can be here when it arrives. 6pm come and no phone i then called vodafone and was ept waiting for 1 hour and 20mins before my call was answered... all i got was we are sorry there was problems at dispatch i then asked why noone called to advise as i took the day off and they could say nothing but sorry. I then asked for compensaton and that i want the phone by Monday as they advised me on the phone. The only compensation they gave me was $100 credit! Thats not even my days wage and NO garentee that it will arrive Monday.

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11122 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE at 7 Jan 2011 04:44:28 PM
I have now been on hold with Vodafone Customer service for 3 HOURS AND 10 MINUTES!




I dialled 1555 from my mobile in order to have a member of the Customer Support Team reset the password to enable me to log on to My Vodafone.

I HAVE BEEN ON HOLD FOR 3 HOURS and 15 MINUTES and just get a voice periodically telling me to "hang in there. We'll be with you very soon!"

When I did speak to Customer Service yesterday afternoon I was told the Vodafone Systems were down and inaccessible to carry out my request and that I should "call back in 24 hours".

It is out of frustration and desperation that I now send you this email.

I ask that you note my utter disgust and contempt at the poor level of service that Vodafone is providing to its customers and should I not have received a text message containing a temporary password allowing me access to Vodafone on line self-service features, I will cancel my subscription and forward the email to all national press agencies., It is with regret that I contemplate this step and also ask that you note that I herewith reserve my rights

Yours faithfully"
7 Jan 2011 05:18:34 PM: How one earth have you managed to keep a call up for 3.25 hours on a vodafone mobile?

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11119 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Disgraceful at 7 Jan 2011 04:13:24 PM
I am (was) a very long term Vodafone Customer who up until approximately 12 months ago was reasonably content with their service. I accepted poor coverage in regional areas and was constantly assured every time I took out another contract that 'the network was undergoing upgrades and would continue to improve'. It has since got progressively worse and is now completely unreliable and for the most part, unusable.
Living near the Brisbane CBD I now suffer continuous dropped calls, 1 bar of 3G (if I'm lucky), sporadic and poor data downloads, late SMS or voicemails, poor battery life due to continual network searching and an Iphone that works wonderfully as an Ipod and media device. It certainly doesn't run up a huge phone bill as it is spectacularly useless as a phone.
I also have a 3G mobile broadband USB device that has failed to work at all in terms of receiving my supposed 3Gig of free data per month. After numerous complaints and the standard 'technical investigations' Vodafone agreed to reduce my account by $10 per month after it admitted I lived in a poor reception area (7 kms from the CBD on a hill????).
So now I have a 3G USB device that serves nicely as a paperweight and an Iphone that I can listen to music on.
I now have to rely on a Telstra prepaid (a common theme from others on your website) to make calls. My constant complaints to Vodafone in relation to my phone reception was constantly met with the advice 'Switch your phone to 2G'.
If I wanted a 2G phone I would have damn well bought one. I paid for a 3G service and I don't have it. However their complaints system is so poor, wait times are so long, and requests are met with vague and generic 'investigations' or 'transfers to another team' that their expertise in bureacracy and spin rivals that of 'Yes Minister'or a team of spin doctors on Red Bull.
I contacted Vodafone last night (3 separate calls with an average 40 minute wait time) and advised I was cancelling my service. I was offered the same...wait for it...'technical investigation' (read stalling tactic)and advised I would have to pay the rest of my 18 months of payments (nearly $1200) to be released.
I am now working in direct support of the Queensland Floods in a senior planning position and my phone is critical to my work. I now have the phone switched off and transferred to another phone in order to ensure I am contactable.
I intend to pay the full amount as I am sick to death of dealing with customer service and their mythical 'technical investigations' (you don't need to be a communications engineer to determine that the network simply can't cope with so many smartphones competing for bandwidth)and leave in absolute disgust. Evidence will suggest that a bad customer experience generally results in advising at least ten of your friends of your experience. I intend to tell as many as I can to steer clear of this network as it continues to offer cheap deals and handsets with minimal or no reception.
I have contacted Australia's largest Telco who are very happy to match Vodafones price and guarantee the quality of their network. They also offered an incentive to transfer (they must be doing a roaring trade) and expressed they are dealing with many Vodafone customers who have given up in sheer frustration.
I am now nearly $1200 out of pocket and disgruntled with exceptionally poor serice and coverage. Quite simply I have had enough and will never go back to Vodafone.
I sincerely hope many others are released from their contracts, I have chosen to give up rather than spend my valuable time battling a huge corporation.
Incidentally I am more than happy for anyone from Vodafone to assess the veracity of my complaints and view for themselves the poor state of reception in and around Brisbane (not forgetting the national highway system, regional areas, inside buildings and in full view of Vodafone towers). I doubt however, that they will and fully expect the customer service offer of a 'callback; in 24 to 48 hrs (again a familiar theme on your website)will fail to eventuate, as will my 3G reception.

11 Nov 2011 06:57:27 PM: I had the very same problem and i went to the tio and i ported my number to telstra and i even ported my iPad number from optus to telstra the iPad number was a usb modem number and now i got rid of the optus modem and desposed it into a mobile phone recicabale bin but i would like to see how the vodafone 850 mhz band works and i can get the vodafone 850 mhz in my area but i can't get 2.1 ghz umts 3g on vodafone or optus at leased they are upgrading there towers to 850 mhz and 900 mhz and lte 1.8 ghz and lte is alot more robust then 3g umts 2.1 ghz

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11105 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Pathetic at 7 Jan 2011 03:12:52 PM
Seriously frustrated with Vodafone at this point, I have been enduring the pain for the last two months but I have had enough. I complained so much that they offered me a new contract, waiving the new handset repayment and early exit fees (only 4 months).

Promised delivery by 7 January 2011. Get a call on Tuesday confirming delivery today 7 Jan. Here I am stuck in the house all day on my last day of holidays, and now show for delivery by 5pm of course and I am now 1hr 10 mins on hold waiting to find out from these incompetent morons where the hell my phone is and tell them not to bother anymore.

Thanks for ruining my holidays Vodafone you morons. Shouldn't have fallen for your desperate sale. You have lost me FOREVER.
9 Jan 2011 01:29:55 AM: Vodaphone issues have been very public for a number of months now. the fact you signed up so recently - no 1 feels bad for you.

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11103 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is an abortion! at 7 Jan 2011 03:03:51 PM
Trying to cancel my contract early last year, was told they would wave the cancelation fee with approx 3 months to go on 24mth plan. But, 13 days to go (yes, i waited this long!) now tell me, at Loganholme store "The're unable to help me with anything like that." Phone "LARA", then spoke to Lester in India, then put on hold for an hour, the handset goes flat!!!! Phone 1555 on mob. Speak to "LARA" again on hold for 20 mins, then tells me "Line fail, please call back." Then hangs up on me?!?! HUH!!!!!!!

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11092 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is OMG! at 7 Jan 2011 02:13:12 PM
I don't get texts, my calls drop out, my voice mail messages don't come through, I switched this feature off - only for VP to turn it back on again. Grrrr. I am still on hold....
7 Jan 2011 02:26:12 PM: after 24.13 sec I was told I have Sim card issues and I need to go to a VP shop to get a new blank Sim card.... I am sceptical!
7 Jan 2011 02:41:56 PM: Nothing to be sceptical about, sure you arent paranoid?

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11090 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Incompetent at 7 Jan 2011 02:06:37 PM
We have been receiving countless dropped calls, painfully slow mobile phone internet connection and wait times so ridiculous that you can only hang up in frustration. Not to mention a growing number of staff that are absolutely incompetent in dealing with ANY issues and that will constantly flick/transfer you to the 'right' department or just plain hang up on you. I have worked in a call centre before and I know how call stats work and the pressure the staff are put under to reduce reduce reduce their talk time which ends up with the staff just hanging up. It really is coming across as though VODAFONE is just getting too greedy by not training their staff and by downgrading their service and reception so as to lead a price war.

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11085 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is disgraceful at 7 Jan 2011 01:23:17 PM
just had 6 call dropouts to the 1 phone no. in the space of 7 minutes! despite my phone showing full network coverage.. called 1555 after being on hold for 5 minutes got recorded msg "looks like we're having technical problems, you'll have to hang up and call back", then disconnected!!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET OUT OF MY CONTRACT!!!
7 Jan 2011 01:26:31 PM: When in doubt give the TIO a shout :)

In other words, check out the how to complain link at the top of this page :D
7 Jan 2011 03:22:40 PM: I have been having those problems in Sydney CBD. It even happened when I was over an hour on hold to Customer Care! Arrrrrgh. I seriously feel your pain

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11084 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Massively at 7 Jan 2011 01:14:29 PM
10 Jan 2011 07:47:35 AM: Hi,

To unsubscribe from Vodafone Compass type in www.vodafonecompass.com into your phone's browser, scroll to the bottom of the page and select My Subscription. Select Unsubscribe and follow the prompts.

If you are still having problems, please drop us an email support@yappmobile.com.au (we are the developer behind Vodafone Compass) and we will sort this out for you asap.
28 Apr 2011 03:37:03 PM: Hi

I am also trying to unsubscribe from Vodafone compass and I'm finding it is not easy at all and it's really frustrating. I have an iPhone and when I typed that web address into the phones browser it takes me to the app store where there is no unsubscribe button. When i googled "unsubscribe from Vodafone compass" all the results are from little blurb about it that says you can "unsubscribe at any time". False advertising because no where does it tell you HOW. I only subscribed for the Garage Sale Trail and I've already paid for another month. This is really shitting me. It's pretty dodgy to make an app with a subscription to a monthly payment that is really difficult to get out of. I want my $16 back for the two months I already paid for.

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11064 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is ...almost in tears at 7 Jan 2011 11:17:27 AM
I'm a pretty persistent and patient person but this is completely beyond the joke now and I am ready to give up.

After complaining about the lack of reception and missing texts I have now spent two days trying to "accept an offer" they made to me to keep me with their company. (They offered me a discounted new plan for 24month period).

I decided to take the offer but I cannot believe how many times in 2 days (I've seriously lost count) that I've called, how many times its cut out, how many times I've been put on hold, then transfered, then been called back by them, put on hold immediately after and so forth. I was just transfered again only to get some guy overseas who has absolutely no idea what I'm on about and had the nerve to be snippy about it and try re transfer me to someone else - instead he has put me on hold again. This has been a 40 minute call and counting.....OH wow, now it's just cut out and I've been hung up on.

So they've made me an offer to stay around and it's been absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to accept it!

Calling Optus now.

7 Jan 2011 11:46:20 AM: I have had the same experience. FYI i have now churned to optus and have needed to call them only twice in three months. both times, the phone rang three rings and a human answered the call, helped me with my issue and that was that.. vodafone need to be held accountable for their actions. optus are infinitely better at customer service.
9 Jan 2011 06:21:54 PM: Yep I too have now signed up with Optus - yayy!!!

I (stupidly) tried to give Vodafone a second chance but it was impossible to accept their 'renewed discounted contract'.

Worst service I've ever encountered in my life.

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11050 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is merry-go-round at 7 Jan 2011 10:21:21 AM
For teh last 3 months they've sent me an SMS saying that they are going to charge me because THEY can't email me my bill to my nominated email address?
Funny how everyone else can email me... anyway i digress after 3 attempts to call them I finally get through & get stuck on hold for 10 minutes then they hang up...grrrr! so I call back the next day, this time I get through after 8 minutes on hold, but they've put me through to the wrong department, who say they'll put me through to the right department so on hold I go again, for a further 7 minutes before anyone answered & when a nice lady did answer, her accent was so strong it was very hard to understand her, but anyway they eventually figure out that when I had updated my email address (about 5 months ago due to changing ISP's it hadn't updated their backend system? Seriously getting sick of these incompetant morons

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11042 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Extreme! at 7 Jan 2011 09:42:20 AM
Although Vodafail have failed pretty badly lately, I decided to call them and upgrade my phone and sign on for another term.
Just waited 29 minutes on hold only for the call to drop out.
Looks like it is time to find a new provider.

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11039 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is at 7 Jan 2011 09:29:13 AM
I live in Kangaroo Point on the river, a stones throw from the CBD and am constantly out of service. I live on the top story of our unit complex and have calls dropping out mid conversation. The internet on my iPhone is constantly dropping out and I am often unable to send text messages. The service sits on one bar even in the CBD and whenever I go into a vodafone store they tell me that there is nothing they can do and I should call the 1555 number which I am on hold on for hours. I was also using a USB Internet stick which never worked. When I complained about this, the vodafone store gave me another stick which didnt work either. I am sick of this poor reception and consistently poor service in store. I don't like dealing with people over the phone. Whenever I have a question about my contract or account I am also referred to the service number. Also make sure you are all checking your bills thoroughly as I have been charged for sending texts to the same number that I was having a phone call with at the exact same time. My room mate is also with vodafone and has the exact same issues.
7 Jan 2011 07:46:46 PM: im the same i HATE dealing with these things on the phone coz they never listen. id rather do it face to face so i can explain the problem but the staff in store dont want to hear it, once you have signed your contract suddenly they have no reason to help you and suddenly they say they arnt able to help and u need to call the number. UGHHHHH

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11037 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Disgusting!! at 7 Jan 2011 09:19:36 AM
I have called and complained so many times - went back to where I originally purchased my vodaphone only to be given a new SIM card and told if it continues I would have to come back and get more SIM cards etc. or call and complain to the Vodaphone Hotline - which I have done sooooo many times and after being on hold for more than 1hr one time when I called the phone dropped out!! I told the "sales" person and they just said "it happens" and to keep trying to phone them as the staff member I was talking to couldn't help me!!
Long live customer service ha!!!!!
As a consequence I have missed heaps of important calls and I recieve text messages that were sent to me 2 months previously!
I don't have a home phone or internet so this is my only means of communication as I pointed out to the customer complaints line when I FINALLY got through and received a very lackluster reply!
16 Jan 2011 01:41:27 PM: Now, if a staff member really wanted to help you, they could just give you the password, and you could probably have yourself sent another phone,or two, bill it to goodwill, or someone else,unlock it, and sign up with a company who will actually give you reception.

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11031 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is 100% at 7 Jan 2011 08:43:21 AM
Had to make multiple call backs to clients this morning because of poor signal at Cumberland Park 8 km from CBD. Have dialled 1555 and gone through the process 2 times but dropped out both times while on hold.
I will try the other national number. I just want a payout figure so I can get out of my contract. If Vodafone had even one gram of customer service nouse they would let us know what the fcuk is going on !!!

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11030 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Very Fail at 7 Jan 2011 08:42:54 AM
I live on the mid north coast NSW. I can make outgoing calls on average once every five times. Constantly getting a 3 tone beep and handset says network disconnected. SO FAIL. Its a pain in the rectum. TO add to the pain you have to call a Mumbai call centre and sit on hold for an hour to get some mumbling idiot that can't do a damn thing for you. So then ya go the Vodafail shop where you bought the phone and they do not want to know you and refer you to call customer service (mumbai mumblers).
Two thumbs down vodafone.

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11022 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is PREPAID ACTIVATION at 7 Jan 2011 07:58:24 AM
I work for a retailer and have been trying to activate a prepaid service for a customer for 3 days now and have still had no luck whatsoever we've tried numerous sim cards both online and over the phone and they won't let us activate them at all at the moment. Both methods keep erroring out. So far I've been on hold for 15 minutes now and the F$#@ING Call just got disconnected.

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11017 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Customer Service & Coverage.. at 7 Jan 2011 06:42:28 AM
I signed a contract with Vodafone on 5th December 2010, with the new Nokia N8.Before signing I asked the girl who served me if I could get coverage in my area. She showed me a map that said my area had good coverage so I went ahead and signed. Within hours of having my phone I realised that the coveage wasn't that good inside my house, but was reasonable outside. So, I didn't complain. Until, the Nokia started turning itself off and was getting harder and harder to turn back on...On the 22nd day after I had the phone I could not turn it on at all. I went to my local Vodafone shop and was told the only option I had was to send my phone away for repair or if unable to repair it would be replaced... This process could take up to 6 weeks.... I offered a "loan phone" while my phone was away. I asked if I would still have access to my social networks on the "loan phone" and was told, they only lent out simple phones,so probably not. Even though my contract included free access to social... The girl then proceeded to get out a Blackberry Storm... Hmmmm, real simple phone hey?? My next questions were obviously too difficult for her to answer so I ended up talking to the "manager".. He seemed more interested in the computer in front of him than answering my questions. I took the Blackberry home feeling really annoyed that the staff we totally not interested in my problems. So, I called and made a complaint against the store manager and one of the staff for their lack of knowledge and nil car factor for my problem.. The Blackberry wouldn't turn on till the next morning after a full nights charge. When it did turn on I was unable to make or receive calls on it as it would cut out and disconnect every single time. It was in SOS mode most of the time.... Not only this, but the Blackberry was full of all the previous persons emails, contacts, sms's, & photos. Disgusting!! After 2 days of his phone I tried calling customer care, was kept on hold for 22 minutes, then the phone disconnected. GREAT!! Tried calling every store in my region but not one answered their phone.. Decided I have to sort this out, so got the kids in the car and headed to my nearest store. Fantastic, the same manager and staff were working and they remembered me...I'm sue of it. I tell them, this phone is useless to me. "Do you want a different one?" the manager asks. "No, I want to cancel my contract, I was told I can do so if I don't get coverage as I can't be charged for a service I'm not receiving"... "We can't cancel in store, you'll have to call customer service." says the manager.. " I would call customer service, but it keeps disconnecting, can you call them from your in store phone for me?" I say. " NO, our phones are down today, you can use a pay phone"........ARE YOU JOKING, A 1300 NUMBER FROM A PAYPHONE, YEAH RIGHT!!!! I'd had enough. I needed a reliable phone. So, I went straight to Optus and signed a new contract, ported my number over and received FANTASTIC service and couldn't be happier with the coverage. I was also informed there that Nokia have a 30 day replacement guarantee on all their phones if they have a manufacturers fault.....VODAFONE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THAT OBVIOUSLY! Not that you would expect them to, they don't seem to know much at all!! Now, I hve called customer Care from my new phone that doesn't cut out. After 17 minutes on hold I spoke to a women who I could barely understand her english. She wanted to put me through to tecnical assistance or something. I told her it was too late, I had already ported my number, now I wanted her to cancel my contract. She had to speak to her supervisor who was on another call at that moment. How convenient. I was told I would get a call back within 2 hours. That was 24 hours ago!!!!!! Sorry for the long spiel, but i'm so annoyed. Will keep updating on my progress.
7 Jan 2011 07:42:33 AM: Wow I used to work for a telco and I find that service just simply unbelievably to understand. EVERYONE who works in ANY telco would know that Nokia has a 30 day early life failure policy, so if you can see the fault you get a new one straight away. If not you could take it direct to the Nokia service centre or the Vodafone centre both in NSW and have it replaced or repaired in 1/2 hours.
There was actually a KNOWN issue with the first release of Nokia N8s. ALL of them would FAIL after the first change - ie. not turn back on. The staff there should have definitely known about this issue and replaced the phone immediately.
It frustrates me when I worked so hard in this industry for 5 years to do the right then then I hear bad stories like this - depressing.
7 Jan 2011 08:53:00 AM: That is a terrible experience you were put through. You must have been frantic with frustration. I have had the same sort of bad experience with VF staff. Maybe they have a really high staff turnover and the newbies just do not seem to know their product, or just do not care?
What is it about the Telco industry that they cannot seem to get their collective business act together ????

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11012 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is last chance fail at 7 Jan 2011 06:00:15 AM
My wife has complained for 6 months that she can't send text messages from home and now has to use the landline to make all calls from home as it never works. complained to the TIO and waiting on VF to contact me. Last night I thought I would call them to fast track my exit. First call - technical issue. 2nd call dropped out. 3rd call on hold for 57 minutes (where is the call back feature ) Finally got through to be told I am a business customer and I need to be transferred. The guy said he would transfer me to the queue, when asked how long he said unsure but they are closing soon!
I asked to have a call back, he said would you like me to call you back tomorrow. Why I asked so you can place me in the queue for business as you cannot help me, wouldn't it be better if the business section called me back. He thought that was a good idea !

Over it and just wanting to fast track my exit but of course can't do that as I can't talk to them

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11002 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is If I could actually pay them to never have to think of them again I would at 6 Jan 2011 10:46:47 PM
After a year of drop outs, poor reception, useless data coverage I finally changed my telco.

Happy to pay the exit fee and final bill - IMPOSSIBLE!!!
The store can't cancel the contract - you have to call customer service.
45 minute wait on hold - I get told the contract was already canceled when my number was ported (apparently the store did not have this information), told to just wait for the bill.

Receive notice of bill in email, click on link to pay bill and I have to enter in the amount to pay - I have no idea, and I have been blocked from entering the myvodafone website now because I am with another carrier.

Call to find out how much to pay, wait for 10min on hold then use call back option (will be 30-40 min) - 2 days later no callback

I call again, this time 40min on hold - your bill is $89.83 I am told, now you can pay it.


I try to pay online and get a message telling me the information is wrong, you have to call 1555 - (now clearly this number is not the right one for me now) - another 40 min on a $1 a minute 1300 number coming up, awesome!!!


Can not wait to get a reminder notice and probably a late payment fee.

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10999 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is 100% FAIL IN ALL AREAS at 6 Jan 2011 10:30:42 PM
I can't even speak to an australian customer rep! so i have to spend a painful 20 minutes trying to disypher what the rep has just said..

Then I went on a holiday for over a week in a 'vodafone coverage area' with NO reception! So i had missed voicemails (as nobody could contact me)from another job of mine asking to work!

I recieved christmas messages and pictures a WEEK late.

Today 06/01/2011 i tried calling vodafone 3 times and was left on hold with no assistants for over 25 minutes when they asked me to call them regarding a new plan and phone! So i called the 1-5 number at 4.30 and in an automated message from Lara they ask if they can call me back in 10 minutes. My phone is yet to ring..it is now 9.29PM

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10991 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 100 fails at 6 Jan 2011 08:40:32 PM
I have signed up online with the autoclub membership for a $29 cap over a 12 month period. As an NRMA member I am supposed to receive 10% the total cap and also am entitled to the first three months free. I also purchased the Mobile Cover Me insurance for $10 a month.
After receiving my first bill, I found that I am connected to a $29 cap over a 24 month period and did not receive the 10% off nor the first month free, and I was not cover by the mobile insurance.
I have waited on the phone twice for 45 minutes and then the call hangs up. The first call that manages to reach account enquiries result in the phone being transferred to sales because apparently the information was incorrectly entered when I purchased my phone and plan. When the operator in sales finally answered she laughed at my problem and said that she was sorry but had to transfer me back to account enquiries however she would put a big note explaining what to do. So she re-transferred me to account enquiries and after 1 hour the reception died.
So I decided to try the next day. After getting through to account enquiries she was ready to transfer me, this time to account activations. 24 minutes later, my new BFF Lara says there's a technical difficulty and will have to call again later, and abruptly hangs up.
For the rest of the day I tried again and again. Numerous times getting the option for Vodafone to return my call 'in about more than 30 minutes' but 2 hours later, still no call back and so I try again.
The final call of the day began at 7pm but this time Lara did not ask if I'd like a call back, so I waited.. had dinner.. waited.. fed my dog dinner.. waited.. watched some tv.. and am still waiting. It has now been 3.5hrs (10.30pm) and I am surprise surprise, still on hold.
My brother decides to try to call customer care and finds that pretty much every enquiry service is only open between 8am-8pm.
I guess they weren't planning to tell me that they were closed and not intending to answer my call, even though Lara says 'hang on, we'll be with you really soon'.
7 Jan 2011 07:55:31 AM: Try heading into a retail store. I know that sales staff are able to activate the mobile insurance for $9.95 a month in store with just a few clicks of a mouse on your account.
Sales reps also have a different number to call. It is still for a team based in Mumbai but the wait times tend to be shorter and they should make the call for you. Still leave yourself an hour though if you go on a weekend when they get a lot of calls from retail staff

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10985 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Bad... but have one last chance to redeem... at 6 Jan 2011 07:44:36 PM
While not as bad as what you guys all sound like you are suffering, im simply trying to get my hands on a HTC Desire HD on a cap plan for 12 months.
Ive been to the store 4 times in the last 6 weeks, and on the phone twice and waited on hold for over an hour each time.
Order of fun:
First store visit: No stock.
Second store visit: Closed for renovations.
Third store visit: Problem with the computer - cant select the desire HD.
Call customer assist for upgrades and wait more then 1 hr: The problem the store had was more then just the store - was vodafone australia.
Call customer assist for upgrades and wait more then 1 hr AGAIN: Cant ship to PO Boxes - first excuse was 'we use AaE'. Sorry but i get AaE deliveries weekly to my po box... Second excuse was 'we need someone to sign for the parcel'. I have to sign for the all the time anyway and its no big deal (at the post office). Guy hung up on me.
Fourth store visit: Yep we have stock we can select it, but weird, none of our upgrade requests are being processed.

I should point out that its a 45min drive to the nearest vodafone store for me, and then home again... and thats 4 times now.
I will go again this saturday, and if they cant, FINALLY provide me with a phone upgrade... ill be leaving and never looking back. Hello Telstra please take me back again :D.
6 Jan 2011 07:55:18 PM: oh gosh......why go back again? That sounds so horrible, and you were trying to BUY something from them. HTC desire HD may also be overrated....especially for the trouble you've gone to, AND you can't be sure it'll work properly on their network.
6 Jan 2011 08:18:20 PM: Actually not shipping to P.O boxes is the standard for ALL courier companies in Australia, and as with any contract you do need to be there to sign for the phone as by signing for the phone you are commiting to the contract. As much as I hate Vodafone atm, what you have described (at least the two points I have re-raised), are standard in Australia.
6 Jan 2011 08:19:33 PM: http://www.scorptec.com.au/help/delivery/

"Most couriers also do not ship to PO BOX delivery address, so for large items or goods sent via couriers we do not recommend customers to use PO BOX as delivery address, it must be a physical address. "

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10979 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Long Waits at 6 Jan 2011 07:17:06 PM
Have tried to get in contact with customer service 3 times now and there is only so long you can wait on a phone. Today i spent four and a half hours on hold. First call i was on hold for 2 hours and had to hang up as i had to pick my wife up from work, then the second call was 2 hours and 52 minutes and that was as long as i could wait. All 3 calls i didn't even get to speak to an operator. I have all this on video and have had enough!!!
6 Jan 2011 11:40:05 PM: You detailed 2 calls, totaling closer to 5 hours, but keep mention 3 calls... Credible story broseph.

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10975 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Fail at 6 Jan 2011 06:41:46 PM
I signed up with Vodaphone only a month ago, because the coverage maps on their webpage supposedly had better coverage than 3, not. I wanted coverage in a rural area but don't get it, my children get coverage on 3. I have to travel 10 minutes up the road to get coverage, not liking that at all. Not happy with Vodaphone at all. Spent an hour & a half on hold last night, then miraculously, got cut off before I could speak to anyone. Is there any truth in the rumour I heard that I can get out of my contract & if so, what happens with the phone I received????
6 Jan 2011 07:01:24 PM: DONT LEAVE VODAFONE<please, we are buying a fleet of shuttle busses, and soon you will be able to jump on a bus and we will drive you to the top of the nearest mountain so you can make those calls
6 Jan 2011 07:10:34 PM: They are already doing that, but the person I wanted to call was also on the bus, so by the time we got to the blue mountains we had nothing left to talk about
6 Jan 2011 08:00:03 PM: Many people have been allowed out of their contracts, including site owner Adam. However, individual circumstances vary so there is no guarantee either way. You can go to our 'How To Complain' page for more information on what to do. As for the phone you have now, they will either ask you to send it back, or work out with you a mutually agreed upon price to pay so you can keep the phone. Best of luck! - The Vodafail.com Team

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10967 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Massive Fail at 6 Jan 2011 05:28:56 PM
Been experiencing drop outs for 12 months now. Soooo pissed off. Want to cancel my account but disconnections is not available, been on hold for over 30 minutes.

Vodafone sucks.
6 Jan 2011 05:54:26 PM: When in doubt, give the TIO a shout ;)

Check out the 'how to complain' link at the top of the page. Best of luck and make sure you report back on how you go :)

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10956 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPIC FAIL at 6 Jan 2011 04:40:39 PM
In short I am a disgruntled Vodafone customer after using the service for more than 6 years. After my relentless attempts to contact Vodafone customer support to resolve my issues (the usual dropped calls, no reception, poor battery life and delayed voicemail messages) I have no choice but to search for a new carrier.

Just today 6th Jan 2011 - I called vodafone call centre 1st 3 times was cut off afer 30 mins each on hold - the 4th call went for 1hour 20mins. I complained about my famous "no service / searching" on my apple i-phone - Ihave 8 months remaining on my contract and all they can say is - Oh sorry sir - we are always upgrading our towers (6 years you told me this) and I will credit your bill this month - Big Woop$69 !!

Now they want to do a investigation to confirm the service / newtwork is fine in my area which goes for 2 weeks before they decide weather or not I can leave with out termination fees.

Its been 6 years thousands of $$$ Im sure you can spot me $500 and let me leave for good.
6 Jan 2011 05:55:11 PM: When in doubt, give the TIO a shout ;)

Check out the 'how to complain' link at the top of the page. Best of luck and make sure you report back on how you go :)

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10949 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is a failure for customer service at 6 Jan 2011 04:16:01 PM
Bad enough waiting on hold when calling the customer service number, but then to get an engaged signal without any information or message, and then to have the line drop out is totally inconsiderate.

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10935 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is cant complain if you cant talk to them at 6 Jan 2011 03:07:24 PM
Its bad enough waiting for over an hour on hold. Its even better waiting an hour on hold then getting a message "we are having technical problems you'll have to try again later"

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10924 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Useless at 6 Jan 2011 02:24:14 PM
Just spent the past 2 hours on the phone to India, where no one could understand a word i said. Useless, unbelieveable.

One text i sent took 12 hours to be delievered (I was on the phone to the person when i heard the mobile in the background "Beep")

Where do i sign up for the class action ????

I Have been on hold now for over an hour, Lara hung up on me 3 times, B!tch

TIO are the only answer. I will never give Vodafone another cent - Useless

6 Jan 2011 10:43:16 PM: http://www.piperalderman.com.au/vf/ <---- sign up here :)
i just checked out the new update on it to, 9000 customers have signed up :)
i got this big big feeling that vodafone is gonna go bust man

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10922 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Online Fail at 6 Jan 2011 02:04:01 PM
Ordered new mobile phone on plan online on 9/12. Received handset 13/12 and found to be faulty. Rang 14/12 after 1 3/4 hours I was told that a new handset would be sent to me within 10 days and a bag will be enclosed so that I could return the faulty handset. Rang today to find out when I might expect it. After 1 1/2 hours told that they had no record of that arrangement on file and that I should take it to my local Vodafone shop (which I had been told on the 14/12 that I couldnt do) Took to my local Vodafone shop and they were on hold for 2 hours trying to sort it out for me and then got hung up on. The lovely staff at Vodafone Shop are trying to sort out for me. Never buy online ever again!
6 Jan 2011 02:15:01 PM: Yep= that is partly why I am reluctant to ok that part of the situation with the TIO and Vodafone. I don't trust them at all anymore- Vodafone fears the industry funded TIO as much as I fear fairies, and I am just not ready, and may never be ready to get the run around you've just decribed, after all the other phoning and run around, and then be trying to get the promised refund back when the evidence (the phone) is off to Vodafone, and they have no record of my having sent it. I DON'T TRUST THEM ONE LITTLE BIT! Not when I have proof of how fearlessly deceptive they have been.F*CK YOU VODAFONE! And shame on you TIO! and shame on me if I ever believe anything either of them says or puts in writing ever again!
6 Jan 2011 07:00:58 PM: My mind is on a loop now to the Cee Lo Green song:
@Vodafone and TIO
"F**k you and f**k you too"
VF's song to customers and the TIO- "F**k you and f**k them too" ?

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10917 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPICFAIL at 6 Jan 2011 01:52:24 PM
24 month contract for internet. Connection drops out for no reason all the time, often won't connect at all. Disconnected us for not paying a bill they never sent to us in the first place then they tried to charge us overdue fees on that bill. My boyfriend rang up and got given a different number to ring then that one gave him a different number to ring cause none of those people were of any use to us. Third number lied to us and said they have EMAILED (when we elected for paper bills) us the bill weeks ago, boyfriend gets shirty and makes a smart comment about the fact we have no internet so can't actually get our emailed bill. Check emails at parents place... magically no bill is there. Call AGAIN on hold for 1hour 40 mins to be put through somewhere else to be on hold for 18 mins to be put though to someone who is finally a nice helpful person and informs us that they don't even have an email adress for our account in their system so they never sent us a bill in any form then tried to charge us overdue fees. Also internet stick/dongle broke after like 2 months and they won't replace it we either had to pay 100 bucks for a new one or they would send ours away for ages to be "looked at" and offered us no replacement for that time so we would be paying for nothing basically. Just rubbish all round VERY fed up and trying to get out of contract early!!

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10900 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Ridiculous at 6 Jan 2011 12:31:21 PM
Vodafone have made a ridiculous mess of my last 3 bills. when I have tried to call them from my vodafone mobile and from a landline I have reached a recorded message that states "We are currently experiencing technical issues, You'll have to call back later" Then it hangs up on me. Atrocious. I had not paid these ridiculous bills and could not reach vodafone to discuss. I then received an automated call from Lara informing me that my service would be cut off if I didn't pay. I commenced part payment whilst trying to confirm the bill online through myvodafone website. I could not log in as the site would not recognise my password. I then asked for a new password and the site could not accept my answer to my secret question. I know my own Father's middle name... I have now paid over $1000 for the past 2 months bills that are drastically incorrect. My service has been deactivated and I of the 3 calls to 1555 that I have made today I have spent 25 minutes on hold only to have the call answered and my name asked then as I responded I was dropped inot limbo then cut off 3 minutes later. I tried again and this time was given an option for Vodafone to call me back ststing that I would not loose my place in the queue and that it would be more than 30 minutes before the call was returned. 3 hours have now passed with no call back. I am now on call 3 for the day and have been on hold for 10 minutes so far. I have cleared my account and can't even get through to them to get my service reactivated. I then need to contest 3 months worth of incorrect billing. FAIL VODAFAIL. I'm going to Telstra...
6 Jan 2011 06:51:51 PM: I had the same the other night because the bill was wrong! I called and waited 40 minutes, the lady answered my call the the line dropped out. Had to call again and waited another 40 minutes before my call was answered!

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10898 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Very at 6 Jan 2011 12:23:37 PM
Frustration with hold times going through Lara often resulting in being disconnected after an hour or more on hold. Complete network outage in December for nearly 2 days but the on-line outages were showing no problem. Most annoying currently is delay of several hours in voicemail. I have lost a contract as a result of this delay & it seems to be getting worse rather than better. Finally no coverage in the underground in Perth where all other networks seem fine. Regards Chris

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10889 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is on hold waited too long for an answer at 6 Jan 2011 12:12:00 PM
Just a simple question why the sim card have incoming call restriction. It took 2 hours on hold and drop out...

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10887 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is No Coverage!! FAIL! at 6 Jan 2011 11:59:05 AM
I have been a vodafone cusatomer for countless years and was quite happy with the service, however the coverage is going down hill... FAST! And they dont care! i have missed work due to my phone being oyut of coverage and not recieving voicemail messages. I rely on my phone for work and have clients in my care that i need to look after however am not able to get reception in important situations. I rang vodafone a couple of months ago and they said they will look into it. Never got back to me. I call and call and am constantlty on hold or cut off due to "technical difficulites". I was fortunate to get throuygh thus morning and after quoting my name was cut off again. Go in store and you are told to ring the number.. What a joke!

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10883 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is MEGAfail at 6 Jan 2011 11:40:32 AM
I'm in a mess as the RESULT of Vodafone's incapability to provide service. I am a 3 customer and an ex-3 employee (of 18 months).

When we started selling Vodafone in our 3 stores, we were told to push the Vodafone brand as much as possible. All of the 3 customer service staff have moved to the Vodafone call centers to cope with the increased call volume. Now any time one calls 3, you will find yourself on hold for 30 minutes minimum - regardless of the time of day (it used to be better to call in the morning).

ON TOP of this, I recently hollidayed south of Perth over the Christmas period where I used to receive reasonable coverage. Now however, as 3 are gradually switching off obsolete towers, I receive NO coverage.

I know how bad it is, and I know that it's going to get worse. Especially for 3 customers.

It's pretty shitty to be 3

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10875 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is sigh at 6 Jan 2011 11:25:39 AM
Well they've offered me a good deal to compensate for all the issues I've had. I said I want to think about it and get back to them. I've called them back, I'm on hold for at least 20 minutes so far and this entire time the sound /recorded msgs/music they are playing sounds like a distorted crackly robot. (!)

When they finally pick up I am not entirely sure they will be able to understand me.

Anyway, I am interested to know some facts about what their network will be like once its all upgraded - I am starting to think that I will hang in there if I can be shown what they are doing and how it will improve.

Where is this INFO?
6 Jan 2011 11:27:39 AM: There isn't a great deal of information available unfortunately however Vodafone has just released the list of towns in which they are upgrading the network within the next three months. Those are the only plans we currently know about from vodafone but if your town isn't there then it's best to ask them for more information.

Vodafone page here: http://blog.vodafone.com.au/blog/news/improving-your-vodafone-network-an-update-on-our-network-plans/
6 Jan 2011 11:29:25 AM: Thanks so much I will check it out. I am in Bondi Beach - a very populated area that should have excellent service. But Wow. This crackling line got so bad that I have hung up and will start all over again. Grr.
6 Jan 2011 11:33:15 AM: Yea I know how you feel, I could never be sure of their hold music was crackly because of my phone or because their radio had bad reception. Bondi isn't on the upgrade list so you might want to ask exactly what is going to happen in the next few months that would improve your coverage. If they have no plans of doing anything then you have to wonder what they are holding out for. Best of luck.
6 Jan 2011 11:33:48 AM: Hookay. Called again - went through the whole 'Lara' ordeal then I get 'Looks like we've had a technical problem you'll have to hang up and try again'

So here I am I'm trying to call back to accept an offer I was made and I can't even get through to them without significant pain.

Maybe I am making a mistake sticking around with them....
6 Jan 2011 11:39:31 AM: Yea the more times you have to try the more you reconsider. It depends on how important your mobile phone is to you and what kind of service you require. if you can survive with patchy reception and dropped calls in exchange for reduced bills (or whatever they've offered you) then it might be worth it. But if you can't live with that then you might as well switch to another carrier. Even if it costs slightly more you will save on the amount of time you spend on hold and trying to call back people after the phone drops calls.
6 Jan 2011 12:17:25 PM: Third attempt - got through the Lara crap, entered my 'pin' number then was just hung up on without an explanation. Feels like I will never get to 'accept this offer' at this rate.

Nice way to spend a rare sunny day off work.
6 Jan 2011 02:10:52 PM: Fourth and Fifth attempt - was on hold for about 20 minutes then each time it sounded like the call was being answered but again - it wasn't answered. I could hear ppl talking on other calls for a long period of time - and the second time it was just complete silence but still connected. So I hung up both times.

Went to a Vodafone store and asked them to email Vodafone to get them to call me back!

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10872 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is unbelievably STUPID at 6 Jan 2011 11:09:38 AM
I have had "limited service" displayed on my phone constantly since November 2010. It is to the point now that I may as well leave my phone at home when I go out because I cant use it anyway. I have contacted them via email because I work business hours and I am sick of sitting on hold all night only to get disconnected which I suspect is because it is their closing time.

I have explained in my emails about never having service, and the reply I got was asking questions like: where are you when your calls drop out, what are the numbers you are calling when they drop out etc..... I explained that im not even able to make bloody calls, let alone have the freakin things drop out on me.
We then played email tag for the next 3 days because even though they had my full name, date of birth, address an alternative contact details, they were "unable to indetify me"
I told her to stop playing games and that I didnt appreciate the "delay tactics" and I get a response back saying that according to their "coverage maps" my address was listed as being an outdoor service area only....
WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! My last contract was signed while I was living at this address and I never had this issue during that 2 year contract period.
I have sporting commitments in the Wynnum/Manly area, until late on Monday nights, I cant even call my husband to let him know I am on my way home because I have no reception.... . I can leave home with the "limited service" displayed on my phone, drive to my work place in Wacol, and still have "limited service" on my phone when I get there, and go most of the morning until it comes back on so surely that is prove enough that it is their
coverage, not my address that is the issue.
I then told her that I was going to send my complaint to the TIO and the response I got back was "It is always disappointing when customers are unhappy with any aspect of the Vodafone service as we aim to provide excellent service at all times.

Whilst we appreciate your frustration, as you have advised that you have sought a third party, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, in an attempt to resolve your complaint, that you follow the procedure that the Ombudsman would have provided"

So in other words, they have just wiped their hands of me, they didnt even try to "look into my issue" like they promised, nor did she even seem interested in helping me....
Lets hope the TIO side with me and get me out of my crappy contract so I can go to a providor that will actually give me the service I am paying for each month.

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10862 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Customer Service TOTAL FLAIL at 6 Jan 2011 10:42:45 AM
Bought ph and plan online/Sales Sept.Ph never worked. I spent 2 months and approx 35 hrs on hold/talking to 17 different Cust service reps and spending 3 days home waiting for return calls that NEVER CAME.. I finally got exchange ph.
Voda website has been hopeless, and I'm still awaiting rebates promised in initial deal.Coverage is useless apart from main shopping centres.
If TIO will give OK I want out NOW!!

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10854 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Epic at 6 Jan 2011 09:48:17 AM
My contract is due to finish with Vodafone in 10 days, I've been with other providers before and they contact you well in advance to remind you and offer upgrades. I had to do all the work myself and wonder why I even bother trying to renew my contract with them for an "upgrade".

I've been calling their call centre for 3 days now trying to get connected to the right department, and fail miserably each time. Just today, I've been trying to get through to them since 9.30am. I chose the option of leaving my number and having them ring me back. They called me 40 minutes later, I answered, and the call got disconnected. They didnt call me back, so I had to queue up again, waiting another 40 minutes for someone to get back to me. When I finally get through to a human being, I am told I dialled into the wrong deparment, was transferred to the Upgrade Department, and I am still on hold as we speak. It is now 11.50am and still on hold!

I better get a free phone out of this!

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10850 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Poor Customer Service at 6 Jan 2011 09:38:36 AM
I switched from Vodafone prepaid to 24-month contract. I still had $20 on my prepaid sim card but when I asked Vodafone if that money can be credited to my account, they replied that I need to contact the store (who promised me the refund). The store, of course insisted I need to call the main Vofdafone line and after being on hold 3 or 4 times for 30 min + each time, I decided to give up.

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10846 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Epic Fail at 6 Jan 2011 09:26:37 AM
I have consistently not been able to make or receive calls either at home or work in Canberra - with about a twenty minute drive between the two of them.

Called VodaFail on 22/12, told them I was signing up to a new plan that afternoon as I couldn't handle not having reception until after Christmas and was told they would call me back in 3 days to discuss getting out of my contract, on the alternate number I provided them with.

4/1 - they called me back on my vodafone number - not the alt. number that I told them to call given that I couldn't receive calls on my vodafail number. Now I've been told I need to wait on hold for over 30 minutes or wait for them to call me back in half an hour - most likely to have nothing fixed again.

And they're half an hour call back time is laughable - last time it was closer to three hours!

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10822 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Reception/Delayed texts & Voice msgs received at 6 Jan 2011 07:59:04 AM
6 Jan 2011 08:01:39 AM: PS. Lara drives me nuts!

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10817 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Monumental at 6 Jan 2011 07:24:57 AM
I was charged in excess of $500 for internet fees, when I was not using the internet at all on my phone - the Vodafone system was logging my phone on to the net every two hours!!!! It took 6 months for this issue to be resolved, but I will never forget this as it has affected my credit rating. Vodafone are the most difficult company to deal with - I have had to contact them four times recently and each time I have called I have been on hold for over 45 minutes and then when I finally got through to someone the line would cut out and no one would ever call back. When my contract is finished I will be going with anoyher provider - never to be with Vodafone again.

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10806 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Unacceptable at 6 Jan 2011 06:38:24 AM
I depend on my mobile phone as my major communication method. However, reception is poor to non-existent in both my home and my places of work (inner Sydney and the inner suburbs of Sydney). Text messages take up to 36 hours to come through.

Repeated logged calls via email with Vodfone have resulted in them NOT giving me any helpful advice (e.g. answering a specific question with a tenuously related piece of boilerplate text from their website). Or my questions are simply not acknowledged at all.

I've tried to call Vodafone during times when I've had enough signal strength but that resulted in
(a) being on hold for longer than I can stand;
(b) speaking to somebody who just could not answer the questions.

This is a PAID "service" for which I am not getting an acceptable level of service.

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10794 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is very at 6 Jan 2011 02:17:42 AM
I keep getting "No Service" on my Iphone and my Data on the phone is ridiculous, I also get dropouts on calls and whenever I call Customer Service I am always on hold for more than half an hour

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10792 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Hopeless at 6 Jan 2011 12:43:30 AM
Sending picture messages is a joke. I sent one to a friend 4 days ago. He has never received it. I was sent picture messages on Christmas Day - they arrived 4 days later. Spent almost 5 hrs (on various occasions over the last week) on hold. Was promised someone would call back. On the occasion that a girl (who mumbled her message on my voicemail - the call, of course, went straight to voicemail) did call back, was not to be found anywhere. She asked me to call the help line - I did. No one knew who she was and there were no notes on my account. I spent 50 min on hold trying to get through. The chap who did take my call said there were no known issues with Vodafone. I laughed and hung up. I finally got through to someone in the business accounts area. he has promised a mth free, and pending the result of an enquiry by the technical dept, release from my contract. They promised to call me back on Jan 6 - but I'm not holding my breath.

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10787 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is total scam! at 5 Jan 2011 10:28:07 PM
Been a customer since 2001 and signed up for the mobile broadband in 2010. They are always charging me for the services I've never signed up for. Each month I'd need to ring up at least once and be put on hold for around 2 hours to try rectify the problem. When you ring up, you always get passed from one operator to the next! How frustrating is that!

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