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Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

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Adam Brimo

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21196 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Total at 24 Mar 2012 11:45:56 PM
For the past 5-6 weeks my service has been SHOCKING, I'm up now (12.39 in the morning) because I can't use the net during the day it just keeps being incredibly slow or non existant and I've taken to walking up the street to use a neighbours phone or get a reasonable (though not without occassional disconnets) on my mobile.

I phoned customer service about 3 weeks ago and they said I could either terminate my contract and return my phone or I could have 3 months free. Having been with vodafone for 2.75 years and knowing that most other telcos wifi in this region is pretty bad or non existant I took the 3 months because they said the problem was because they were upgrading and that must be what was causing the issues, so once the upgrades are finished my service should be better, though I'd just be happy if it was back to the service I had prior to the current problems.
Today I checked my bill to see if they had kept their word, and guess what, they've billed me! Insult to injury, I'm up until 3am some days trying to get stuff done on the net, because of your lousy upgrade issues and you don't keep your promises that were made to keep a customer, well done vodafone.

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21189 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is The worst kind of fail at 23 Mar 2012 05:32:21 PM
Long story here

Got a iphone3g sometime in 2010, I think about april. I had intermitant 3g signal at my home address and at work I had almost zero reception. Seems these are the 2 places I use my phone and both were suppose to have full coverage I began negotiations to be excused from my contract due to poor service. Several months and many many cals later I was allowed to return the phone and cancel the contract with no discharge fee.
Some dates here are aproximations but are still fairly accurate.
August 2010 Ported phone number to Telstra
Septempber 2010 Handset sent back to VODAFAIL

I thought all was good at this point.
OCT - NOV 2010 Recieved call from NRG (debt collection agency) that I had a debt of approxmately $1300 ( the Balance of the contract). Told them The was no debt and to speek to vodafone.
Call Vodafail straight after NRG. THe consultant said the handset had not been recieved, It was sent registered post. They promised to call back and never did. 1 week later I called them and they said the handset had been found, the debt would be recalled and I would have no outstanding balance.

Febuary 2011 Receive call from NRG about that $1300 debt. Told them the same story again and that they need to take it up with Vodafone.
Called Vodafone who said they would sort it out and call me back. Once again they established there was no debt and couldnt understand why NRG had the file.
Never got the call back, I rang them back complained again about the lack of call backs. They reiterated that it had been sorted and that there was no Debt.

Fast forward to 2012. ( I thought it had been sorted.)

March 2012 Apply for credit card with my bank and get declined due to a default on my creditfile.
Do a Veda credit check and discover vodafone have defaulted me for the $1300
Call Vodafone and once again I am told there is no debt. I tried to get my history from the consultant and after alot of arguing I manage to get this info.

April 2011 Default placed against my name.
August 2011 Handset Is finally logged in properly. Aparantly due to a mistake / mistakes in the warehouse the data was never sent to another department of vodafone. (not sure how it works exactly consultant was very vague)
The default against my name was suppose to be withdrawn but for what ever reason it wasn't.

I asked the consultant if I could have a full history of my corespondance with them so I might better be able to sort things out with my bank and I was refused.
I was told Sorry. I will email you a letter about there is no outstanding debt, and the default has been recalled. ( sorry about the wording cant remember exactly what he said.

I estimate I have spent 15+ hours on the phone trying to sort this out over 2 years.

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21175 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is EXTREME at 21 Mar 2012 06:38:07 PM
Myself, my partner, colleguae and atleast 5 other people residing in Kalbarri WA have lost Vodafone network coverage since Tuesday 13th March (over one weel now). I phoned the first day I lost coverage to be told it was an issue with my handset. Funnily enough it was picking up other networks and then I realised it would be Vodafone seeing as just about every person I know using Vodafone in my area has lost coverage as well. Upon calling back I was again told it had to be my handset - mentioning the others who had the same problem, the customer service person confirmed there was a network problem. When my collegaue phoned, she was told it was her handset, and again Vodafone eventually admitted it was their network except a comment was made that a tower was being upgraded in our area over the next 12 months! As I was in desperate need of a means of contact being 6 months pregnant and loosing all of my exisiting vodafone credit, I phoned back again to request the phone be unlocked at no fee. Again a new customer service person tried to tell me it was a handset issue and offered $5 vodafone credit which obviously can't be used. After words with the manager at the time I convinced them to agree to drop the unlocking fee of $75 which was more than 48 hours ago (I am still unable to unlock the phone online.)
So here I am left wondering, how many others have had this problem and are turned away by Vodafone to say it's a handset issue. I especially am frustrated that I do not have a reliable means of contact as I cannot use the Vodafone network at all and am still waiting on them to unlock the phone so I can use a network that will provide service. After being a Vodafone customer for over 4 years I am extremely disguisted in the service and that no announcement was made to give notice of the network problem. Simply buying another phone is not a suitable resolution for me as it's well past it's return date and had been working for many months prior.
21 Mar 2012 07:05:59 PM: I feel your pain.

Why continue with VF if there is no resolution in the near future? Why not take your business elsewhere to a provider who can offer coverage and service?

Suggest you contact VF again, give VF the opportunity to rectify/remedy/fix the lack of coverage within a reasonable time scale, say 10 working days and if there is no improvement then demand to be released from your contract.

If VF say yes, then take your business elsewhere, if they say no, then consider an alternative strategy using the TIO.

The TIO will ensure VF either resolve the issue in 10 working days or alternatively seek the other solution of cessation of contract.

TIO contact details at the top of the page under the How To Complain tab.

A simple online form that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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21166 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is customer service now closing at 6pm sydney time!!!! at 20 Mar 2012 09:15:32 PM
For all western Australian customers this is just shocking. Something really needs to be open for WA customers in the afternoon/night why is it that countrys like nz have a 34hour help service but Australia doesnt

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21164 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is almost unusable now at 20 Mar 2012 05:52:38 PM
call quality deteriorated lately to almost unusable in Docklands, Melbourne CBD.
All the promises of new network are just rubbish.Have been asked to wait by VF customer services and that upgrades are scheduled for October 2011. last drop of patience gone now.

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21160 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Shite at 20 Mar 2012 11:04:31 AM

Well... looks like Data service is out in Perth (again!!). So sick of vodafone. - I haven't paid them a cent in over 8mths (due to multiple complaints, they have waivered my monthly access fee) - even this isn't enough anymore. Constant delayed texts & voicemails. Texts go missing (both send & receive). Call drop outs/patchy. Data is slow (when it works!). Rude customer service...

A free iPhone4 and no monthly charges (of $50p/m) isn't enough for me anymore. I'm getting out. They are the most useless "service".
20 Mar 2012 11:21:58 AM: I hear you on that. Ive had enough of dropouts and my data service cutting out all the time. Its time to move on to another carrier for me....

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21146 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is In Breach of Trade Practices Act at 17 Mar 2012 02:52:01 PM
17 Mar 2012 03:18:28 PM: Addition to ACCC Compliant on behalf of Vodafone Victims of Fraud and Theft

This is from Vodafone's COMMUNITY Australian Website
It has not been answered as at 17th March 2010

why i get altogether dfrnt informatio​n when i talk 2 two different customer care staff.its annoying..
....Thursday (15th march 2010)

i was talking to someone in customer care regarding my bill which was showing a internet pack which i never requested.this lady after checking concluded that i didn't actually request it and it was a system error.they kept charging me for 7 months.and when i asked for my overcharged money back she said it can not be refunded.i was talking very nicely uptill now.then i had to change my tone and give her all sought of bloody reasons why this money should be refunded as she was not able to understand this simple fact that this is a overcharge and this money belong to me. then she started showing me on what she is trained on.to start with she offered me a credit of 50 dollars and then 60 dollars in-spite of the fact that around 160 dollars were taken out of my account by wrong means.then she talked to her supervisor mr richard .as this credit was not acceptable to me,she offered me full money back only because i was getting a bit harsh. i wanted to talk to one of the supervisor but i was told that the supervisor is on break and she can arrange a call back next day.i waited for that call but as usual no one called.then i had to call them back and this supervisor anmol was online with me.the info i got from him was entirely different from what i got told the day before by that girl in so called customer care.she said this pack activation was a system error but this supervisor in his rude tone said that this is not a system error and we are charging you right.in his words he is just honouring the words of that lady in customer care and giving me this credit because she promised it.otherwise i m not entitled to this.he behaved in a manner as he is doing a favour to me.if vodafone starts honouring each-others word like this that will be huge loss for them. one more time,to confirm this, i asked him that when is my other contract for internet is finishing.he went back to check his system and came up with a date 02july.this is when according to him my internet contract is finishing.i said mr anmol according to the contract this should be finishing on 22mar.then he rechecked and concluded that it is 22 mar not 02 jul.in a span of 2 minutes he provided me two different dates.and rather than saying that he was at mistake , he was putting it on some other department saying that the dates were not updated be them. i wonder how they are trained.are they trained from the same book of everyone has got his own different rule book.when i was nice they refused me giving even my money back and when i started being a bit rude they gave me my money and compensated for inconveniences as well.why do we need to use that tone which i myself don't appreciate. every time they say the supervisor will call,u never get a call.everytime u call back and talk to a supervisor , they try to show you the attitude.the dont think that they understand the seriousness of the matter.kindly look into it... ..

17 Mar 2012 04:40:54 PM: correction:
Above Post
Dates should read 15th march 2012 and 17th march 2012 respectively

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21141 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Disgusting!!!!!!!! at 16 Mar 2012 03:46:01 PM
I recently (and successfully) cancelled my mobile broadband contract due to issues after approaching the TIO. Phone contract ends soon and I really don't care about paying more, I just want to get as far away from Vodafone as possible after years of issues.

2009: No issues yet, but then again only had a basic cap and no broadband

2010: Ordered iPhone, was lied to by Customer Service about delivery dates - got different answers over the 7 times I called over the space of 4 weeks. Received my phone and activated SIM but it only actually activated a day later on Vodafone's system.

2011: Got broadband, speed at 1kbps for weeks. Customer Service completely unhelpful, ended up resolving after 3 weeks without their intervention. Multiple issues involving incorrect billing and usage details. myVodafone constantly delaying updating of usage details by up to 12 days. Received a bill one month for almost $4,000 (normal bill is $103 for broadband and phone), but no usage shown outside caps. Apparently a system problem. Received several updates - amount changed to over $4,000, then $13,000 then negative $11,000. After 1 month of trying to deal with Customer Service, submitted to TIO and resolved within a few days.

2012: Cap for mobile broadband showed as incorrect on my account for several weeks - Customer Service couldn't figure out what problem was, took a month to fix. Continuing issues with usage details being incorrect. Broadband and phone signal at home became non-existent. Dealt with several Customer Service reps, all of whom said there didn't appear to be an issue with the network. One blamed me for using the network during peak hours, but couldn't answer when I asked if 3am is a peak hour. Was offered 3 months with a discount but only if I waived my consumer rights and accepted the bad service without question - no guarantee that service would improve. Submitted to TIO and resolved quickly - they also admitted there are major issues in my area, so I was either lied to by the others or their system is inadequate.

Not worth the stress or the cost, looking forward to being free!!!!
18 Mar 2012 03:21:52 PM: Here is one from the VodaNoPone No Community Website
Incorrect Billing.
....19 minutes ago 18.3.2012

Hi, i have a $69 infintate plan with a 2Gig Data limit. Now i have recived 2 bills at over $500 and one of them is for Premium Messages which i did not send and i have premium messages barred from my phone the other bill has $500 in data that was used when i use my WIFI at home most of the time. I have rang vodafone and they tell me they can not refund the premuim messages which i did not send they say it came from my number but i dont ever use premium messages, they say that i have to ring the companies that the messages are from and i asked what companies and there was like 10 different compaines so i said why the hell do i have to pay this when i didnt make the messages and they were like well we cant refund that money only the compaines who the messages were to can, and the data charges i got were rediculous because i use wifi when i am at home and hardly use my data when not at home. i am sick of talking to an overseas call center as they are rude and not helpful at all. i refuse to pay the $1200 or what ever it is for these bills. I want this amount cleared and my call barring lifted other wise i will cancell my contract with Vodafone and not pay the cancellation fee and i will go with telstra. So if you can please help it would be greatly appriciated.

Kind Regards

Wayne .(Surname removed by Poster.)
19 Mar 2012 02:50:05 PM: Put your mobile number into a webpage (even as a contact info) and then the scammers have your number and your mobile can & will go off like a rattle gun. Happened to me, even though premium messaging was disabled, TIO is the ONLY answer. Alas they need to get rid of premium messages all together now as the ONLY solution!
20 Mar 2012 08:37:19 PM: I am having the same issue with the wifi.. AND i have just had my my phone barred too.. I can't help but would be interested to know how you got on with your issue.. I will be doing the same thing tomorrow.

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21139 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Bad at 16 Mar 2012 11:55:22 AM
Strathfield Area, Sydney

I am trying to run a mobile service business from my mobile phone. It has been ok for the last 12 months but from Friday 9-03-12 I have had voicemails not come in, phone drop out mid calls. incoming caller notified that network is not available, calls fails even to vodafone 1555 customer service number, when I ring a number it can take 60sec to get ring out sound, just a real mess.

Vodafone call service people said that there is an issue and it will be fixed by 25-3-12. This means major losses for me. The government should have enforce a 100% guarantee of service from these companies like that used in landlines and these companies should have backups plans.

Thanks god I am not depending on this phone in a life threatening situation like the elderly.

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21132 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is BAD at 15 Mar 2012 09:35:37 PM
No Network reception. Downloads and web page loading is extremely slow. i may as well go back to 56k internet connection it would still be quicker - and imean it. I tried calling the customer service. no one answers they just hang up on me. I am leaving vodafone tomorrow.

Very unhappy customer.

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21102 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is ORGANISED CRIME ALL OVER THE WORLD at 12 Mar 2012 04:20:55 PM

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21084 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is HOW HOPELESS IS HOPELESS! at 10 Mar 2012 03:03:31 PM


Moving from 3 to Vodafone, Horrible Service.....3 hours ago 10.03.2010

I was contacted by a Vodafone rep asking if i wanted to trial the Vodafone network, being a 3 customer i was told that the migration would be fast and simple. This was 3 weeks ago and i'm now left without a working SIM/coverage.

After receiving my Vodafone SIM i called the number to activate and was told to wait until my 3 SIM stopped working, after waiting 5 days with nothing changing i called up Vodafone customer service to see what was going on, after being told that my Port had been denied for some reason (thanks for letting my know by the way) they said they would manually port my number across.

Another week passes and still nothing, i decide to go into a Vodafone store this time to get answers, the Vodafone guy calls up and once again I'm told that porting has failed and that they'll try another way to port my number. This was on a Saturday so was told my Vodafone SIM would be up and running by the following Tuesday.

another week passes and on Friday (3 days after my Vodafone SIM was suppose to start working) my 3 service was cut off, I put in my Vodafone SIM in and still no service, i call once again to see what is happening and am told that my phone should be working by the end of the day. It has now been 2 days and now i am without a working service.

I shouldn't have to wait nearly a month for a process which is supposed to be 'easy and smooth'??!

Regret ever moving to Vodafone.


11 Mar 2012 10:29:13 PM: haha its not meant to be an online chat forum. they reply up to a week afterwards, what is your problem?
12 Mar 2012 10:17:18 AM: You hav'nt worked for Vodafone Rhodes store by any chance?
'What's you're problem' is the terminology they use their as well!
13 Mar 2012 08:35:20 AM: no i HAVN'T. I ask that because the OP was complaining that it was 3 hours and no one had answered yet. I asked what is YOUR problem because there is no problem with the staff not answering immediately because the site is not intended to be an instant response forum. And I dont know what terminology they use THERE or at any other vodafone store.
13 Mar 2012 12:16:52 PM: Vodafone employee!
That's not a response that your Jana, General Manager of Communications and Brand Vodafone would use!
Remember, Warmth and Love,-Got it?
Warmth and Love!,just like Jana would want the World to believe.
13 Mar 2012 01:57:57 PM: im not a vodafone employee .....

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21079 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Possible Lara Solution at 10 Mar 2012 10:39:07 AM
Lara has always given me problems and I have said this to Vodafone on many occasions. One of my problems is that if Lara runs out of options it just hangs up on you and you have wasted the call.

However, one of the radio annoucers showed how he jumps the queue with Telstra. When the Telstra Robot answers he just says "I hate Telstra" and it responds by saying "I better transfer you to a customer service representative straight away". I'll try this next time I tangle with Lara.
10 Mar 2012 10:42:01 AM: Yes,just dont agree with anything the robot says.
Another way is say nothing at every prompt.

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21077 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Won't auto rechardge at 10 Mar 2012 09:43:43 AM
I have several phones on one vodafone account with automatic recharge via credit card. For at least the last three days we can't call out because there is a message that says no credit. I've called Voda three times and they say they are having technical difficulties and say it will be fixed in a few hours. I said what if Vodafone's senior managers couldn't use their phones for three days and were told they don't know it when it could be fixed - wouldn't they be screamimg to. I said to tell their senior management to over-ride the computer and give free calls until they fix their problem. It is unreasonable to expect their customers to just accept this and wait for an unknown time. This problem has happened to me several times in the last three years when my credit card details were lost. To reinstate my service they had to cancel everything including my telephone numbers then give them back but I think I lost all the call credits. Vodafone Head Office Australia is within walking distance of where I live and I've visted them three times and each time they refuse to talk to me saying there is no one there who could help. Their solution is to ring customer service and get caught with Lara which hangs up when it runs out of options. After me showing my discontent at how poor the company is they had a person from Tasmania call me who I think took over the telephone calling to fix the problem but it has returned again. I think we will be going to another provider especially now that voda is changing some of its plans to increase its earnings from me.

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21075 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 10 Mar 2012 06:23:59 AM

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21039 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Very slow data connection call drop off at 7 Mar 2012 03:28:34 PM
I regret two things, first moving to Vodafone secondly, getting a smartphone (HTC Desire HD) that is only supported on the 2100 network. I work out of home and rely on technology for business. I'm very upset & disappointed with the quality and reliability of the Vodafone tower close to where I live in Cherrybrook/Pennant Hills area. The phone keeps dropping off the network, sometimes 3 or 4 times within 10min and when I do manage to get connected I'm lucky if I get 0.03mbps data speeds. When comparing reliability and data speeds with neighbours on Telstra or even Optus it is simply embarrassing. Telstra was so much faster on their NextG & even more so on 4G. Consequentially I'm seriously considering adopting Telstra for all my future business telecommunication needs as my business expands. That includes the pending purchase of mobile internet for iPAD/Tablets/laptops and additional mobile phones. When I called Vodafone about my problem they just simply told be to set the phone to GSM 2G only which made no difference than was told I have faulty phone. HTC were fantastic but diplomatic helping me to resolve issue the but alias the phone was fine. Vodafone attitude was simply "You are getting a further discount so put up with it". To be fair to Vodafone, I don't have a problem when visiting places like Crows Nest, data speeds on the 2100 network is very good indeed and so is the reliability but I don't live or operate in Crows Nest. One short term solution I guess is for Vodafone to provide, swap or offer an HTC phone that supports both HSDPA 850 & 2100 until my contract is up for renewal October 2012 then I can re-evaluate the relationship to see if there is any significant improvements with the network and or customer service.

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21010 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Shared 3/Telstra network use-by date at 4 Mar 2012 04:02:53 PM
Found out last week that 3's 2100MHz network that is shared with Telstra will stop working after 31 August 2012. Put that in your diaries! I look forward to pathetic customer service from that date onwards along with moving to a different provider.
5 Mar 2012 07:47:23 PM: haha what the hell does that have to do with anything.
you cant blame vodafone because it is a different carrier.
you cant blame 3 because it is telstra that is cancelling the agreement.
who are you complaining about?
5 Mar 2012 09:44:18 PM: Complaining about Vodafone taking over 3 and killing the 3 brand. Using logic: VF is now 3.
6 Mar 2012 08:26:56 PM: your logic sucks
and as i said, telstra is the one who chose not to renew the deal
24 Mar 2012 04:58:51 PM: Dear "logic sucks"

You must be a VF employee!!

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21007 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is toal Fail at 4 Mar 2012 04:55:09 AM
I am a 3 customer for almost 4 years and had have no issue with them. But just a month back I decided to buy Iphone 4 and it was on 29 cap with Vodafone so I decided to buy from Vodafone. I called 3 care because now 3 and Vodafone are together. 3Care put to Vodafone team and I assked them for discount as i am 3 customer foe 4 years they said as we are charging $5 a month Extra on 29 cap we can revoke it so you can enjoy 29 cap and a further 10% off on 29. Voda told me you have entered into Contract online and we will send you Iphone 4 32gb, Sim and details and you will receive in a week. After a week I called Vodafone customer care to enquire about my Parcel and I wondered they replied we have no such details... After waisting around 1.5 hour and talking to different departments they again took my details and send me the package. I received it in 4 days.. They sent me a mail and it clearly says $5 Off, 10% further Off and 1 month free. And now after 22 days I received a bill for
$56.34(The bill includes $29+ $5+ Advance fees for next month)
When I contacted Vodafone Customer Servise They said that they have no records for such discounts.. I sent them Copy of Details and matter is still pending because every time they ask for full story and irritates me because every time is new Assistant to help ( to Harras) ..NO ACTION SEEN..

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20961 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is I didn't even sign up with these bozos! at 25 Feb 2012 05:51:54 PM

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20953 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Always out of connection at 25 Feb 2012 11:19:45 AM
I am an international student in Canberra, the capital, and I think I am also going to get rid of Vodafone Internet Mobile Broadband. It's really horribly slow. Its internet connection is even slower than that in the third-world countries. It has often been out of connection. And the Vodafone customer service isn't working well. It often takes a long long time for me to hold the line until I can get in touch with some one. Last year, I was a Vodafone post-paid customer, but they calculated the wrong bill to me (instead of paying 29 AUD/month, I was required to pay 50 AUD). I made a complaint and required them to cancel the contract. But after that I still got the bill from them!
Internet is becoming very essential to my life. But Telstra is quite expensive, and Optus is not working well either. So, I retured with pre-paid Vodafone. But it has been working badly. I can't believe this is a country of modern technology!
25 Feb 2012 02:25:47 PM: The country is modern mate!
It's Vodafone that is backwards.
There is an Organisation called the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
They are authorised to argue on your behalf(help you)
Their telephone number is 1800 062058(FREE NUMBER)
You can also make a complaint online here, if you go to the top of the page,or the TIO website.
Enjoy your study in Australia and leave Vodafone and choose o GOOD company.
Check out this website for advice.

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20933 Someone from NT thinks vodafone is How long is a piece of string at 22 Feb 2012 01:34:06 PM
Im not in a "mess" anymore, I am porting back to Telstra and will enjoy 4G. This is my recent experience. I live at Bondi Beach and have been with VodaFAIL for nearly 4 years. I rue the day I ported from Telstra. Back in Septemeber last year, I decided to get on a data plan for my iPad with vodafone(they don't even deserve capitalization of their rubbish brand!) Immediately I was noticing heavy 'shaping' of data-flow. It was so bad I had a cry to voda about it. They subsequently gave me 3 months free access. Well, month #4 I knew that the data flow for internet was below dial-up speed and paid 1 month and told them I wasn't interested in a data plan that meant my browser couldn't even find a server because of the 'shaping'. Fast forward to Jan. Since I had my ipad, I repetitiously ran a speedtest to see just how bad it was. ( I kept the logs!)

How can you expect data-flow when it is 'shaped' to be slower than dial-up? This is absolutely nowhere in the T&C that I would be subjected to 'shaping' in the largest city in Australia. There are times I get a D/L speed of 0.10KB/s and U/P at half that again.
Well, to cut a long story short, I went to Telstra today to return back to the service I KNOW is better and more reliable. All I ever got from vodaFAIL were spiels about "network issues", which is just rubbish. vodaFAIL are still using old 3 network that was substandard to begin with.
I thought I'd pay vodaFAIL the courtesy of ringing them and giving them the opportunity to release me from my last 4 months because they were interested in good customer service. Well, I just finished with someone in vodaFAIL, they offered me a 50% discount on the remainder of my plan. As you may assume, I am not going to pay them another cent. vodaFAIL have a bad reputation for a very good reason...THEY EARNED IT THEMSELVES. I will await the demand letters, the bad credit rating for defaulting on the contract, and then I will see vodaFAIL in the CTTT, bring all my own evidence that THEY have breached our contractual agreement by service failure unrelated to "network outage" of network issues".

The ONLY issue is, that vodaFAIL just won't do what they need to do to correct how someone in a city of millions cannot even get Google to load and receives "remote server not found". I'm no techno-geek, but I am also far from being uneducated with relation to shaping. The same applies for an understaning of The Trade Practices Act, Fair Trading and how the ACCC have already hauled vodaFAIL over the coals over handset warranty.

To YOU vodafone, you can kiss my arse and I look forward to nothing more than embarrassing you in front of a Registrar with your crappy history of disgruntled(rightfully so!) and dissatisfied customers. I wouldn't recomment vodaFAIL to a third world country, as the country would derserve better than dealing with vodaDOLTS that have no grasp of The Trade Practices Act in Australia.

Me V's vodfone?
Yeah, dream on vodaFAIL. I did my research well

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20926 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 21 Feb 2012 03:02:55 PM

ZEEBIZ.COM(India) Last Updated: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 00:09


New Delhi: The adorable pug,Cheeka,is back in Vodafone's television commercials -- this time promoting 'instant connections' on its network,while helping a young boy connect with a girl.

Vodafone India Monday said it is launching a series of new TV commercials,marking the return of cheeka,the pug,and focussing on the quality of its network.

"Through this new communication campaign,we would like to reinforce the belief that Vodafone network offers a superior experience across three key parameters that define the depth or quality of a network -- voice quality and clarity,instant connectivity and no call drops," it said.

The campaign would also highlight Vodafone's global network with presence across 72 countries

The pug first appeared in 2003 in TV,print and outdoor commercials of erstwhile Hutch mobile services,which were later acquired by British telecom giant Vodafone.



Well,..there you go!
A bloody ugly pugface dog by the name of cheeka will save the day in India and solve Vodafone's woes and Spectacular Trash Network.
Next time you have to call 1555 Vodafone Mumbai you might be talking to a bloody dog!!!

What is your Three key Parameters for Vodafone?

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LATEST VODAFONE PROMOTIONS ARE: as at 21st February 2012

"Smash em Sale" VODAFONE PR TRANSLATION - Smash your credit card to peices and steal as much as we can as quick as we can.

"Power to you" VODAFONE PR TRANSLATION - Our power, through our Mumbai Vodafone No Customer Service to totally mislead, insult, hang up,delete records,and to make sure you can not progress your complaint to the TIO.

"Customer Service your way" VODAFONE PR TRANSLATION The sign placed on every Vodafone Mumbai No customer Servicer employee's workstation screen.

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20902 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Charging AUD 2000 after cancelling service via Vodafone network guarantee at 19 Feb 2012 06:54:08 AM
Hi, I have purchased 3 Vodafone subscriptions on the 13th of Jan that I cancelled (all) on the 29th, as Vodafone could not provide me usable network even in Brisbane CBD. (Actually the Vodafone network experience is the worst in my life, even if compared to mobile networks in Africa)

I returned all devices in their original condition to a Vodafone store where I got a form statin that I cancelled the contract via their Network Guarantee.

yesterday evening I almost died when I saw their AUD 2000 invoice with early termination fees... and they will charge this onto my credit card, there is no way to block it.

I feel this is pure theft - if advertising a guarantee that is not applied at all is tolerated in Australia then the legal system here is a joke...

Customer service obviously does not help, they always have different excuses, they seem to be creative...but I am not against the idea to go to the Vodafone shop with a huge poster on my back with this story for 1-2 weekend days (let's see how many customers the will lose if I do this)
19 Feb 2012 09:28:29 AM: the legal system is a complete joke - the ACMA are asleep at the wheel.
19 Feb 2012 11:11:45 AM: To the OP, you need to take this matter direct to the TIO.

It is an inexcusable state of affairs and $2000 is a huge amount to pay.

VF will have 10 working days to respond to your TIO complaint, they should come to the party, if not escalate again to the TIO using your original TIO reference number.

Simply not good enough by any stretch of the imagination.

TIO contact details at the top of the page under the How To Complain tab.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
19 Feb 2012 11:34:41 AM: To the OP,
take the bill, and the network guarantee form into a store show it them and they will do everything they can to fix it. Clearly its just somethign in their system that fucked up or wasnt applied properly. and what do you mean there is no way to block it, get them to delete your credit card details from their system before they charge it your credit card.
to the first commenter the ACMA is a government body, the legal system is the courts.
19 Feb 2012 02:51:12 PM: To the poster above:
The OP clearly stated in their post:

I returned all devices in their original condition to a Vodafone store where I got a form statin that I cancelled the contract via their Network Guarantee.

So the store staff perhaps did not do everything they can to fix it, otherwise the OP would not have been invoiced for $2000......hardly rocket science........is it?
19 Feb 2012 03:03:32 PM: or the staff did everything they can (sending the completed form to the team that handles the network guarantee claims) and it was either processed improperly, or some box wasnt checked. i doubt the staff just lazily didnt submit it, or someone tried to just forget it and hope the OP didnt notice the $2000. what im saying is that people on this site act as if the VF staff are malicious. They are just doing their jobs
19 Feb 2012 03:43:48 PM: @19 Feb 2012 03:03:32 PM: So we agree then, somebody (not the customer) stuffed up and did not properly do their job, by either not properly processing the form to the network team or not checking some box........hardly a sign of data entry or quality control.
You are the first person to use the word malicious on this thread and the coup de grace you say they are just doing their jobs......seems to me they need more training to do the job correctly otherwise the OP would not be left with a worrying $2000 invoice!
Or am I missing something here?
20 Feb 2012 07:44:41 PM: I have contacted Vodafone, they asked 48 hours to sort this out... Let's see, but time is ticking. On Wednesday at 10 a.m. I will submit my complaint to the TIO...
21 Feb 2012 03:13:34 PM: Issue solved now, total claims are now 0$. Most efficient way was to write onto their Facebook wall - they reacted to that immediately and effectively! Good luck for everyone and thanks for the advice!
21 Feb 2012 07:39:44 PM: Result!!!!

I hope...............

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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20898 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE at 18 Feb 2012 02:42:07 PM
18 Feb 2012 07:07:45 PM: lol normal?
clearly something f***ed up in their systems and the guy wasnt placed in a que. Normal? i have waited for an hour and a half (and i know thats no the longest wait time) to speak to the vodafone call centre but i have also waited 4 hours to speak to virgin, 2 hours to speak to telstra, 3 hours to speak to singapore airlines, 2 hours to speak to optus. All call centres have long wait times sometimes.
This whole site confuses me, most of the crap people complain about i have experienced just as often on telstra and optus than i have on vodafone, seems to me like people just want to bitch and moan.
18 Feb 2012 10:39:50 PM: seems to me like the whole industry's fucked and Vodafail are just the dregs of the dregs.

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20892 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is complete failure ..... at 17 Feb 2012 12:36:09 PM

After been in contract for 2 year and 6 additional month for my Mobile broadband services, when i cancelled my contract due to poor service, i asked them to unlock the mobile key however Voda guys want to charge me another $29 to unlock the key. I feel disgusted with such unfair fee and will move to another provider once my mobile services contract will expire next month.


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20874 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is BAD FAIL - NEVER GO BACK at 15 Feb 2012 04:33:32 PM
Contract completed. Walked away. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. THE WORST BILLING. THE WORST COVERAGE. I WILL NEVER GO BACK. I would rather use string and tin cans than VODAFONE
16 Feb 2012 11:26:26 AM: Maybe a fleet of homing pidgeons,might help in delivering messages for Voda- nofone.
It would be cheaper than paying NO SERVICE VODAFONE employees from MUMBAI.
Good part is,pidgeons do not munch on curry!!!
16 Feb 2012 04:09:37 PM: bad customer service can come from any country. we cant say that just because a call centre is Mumbai that service is going to be bad

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20873 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Pretty, pretty, pretty fail at 15 Feb 2012 01:30:42 PM
Incoming calls divert straight to VM (despite my phone showing coverage), then I don't get notified of them for sometimes up to 24hrs.

Outgoing calls fail regularly, very often have to turn phone off and on again just to make a call.

Customer service will "get back to me in 5-10 working days" -- that's 2 weeks dammit, and all the while I am still, like a moron, paying the bill.

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20860 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 1 year at 14 Feb 2012 09:33:57 AM

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20855 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!! at 13 Feb 2012 01:26:43 PM

I am still checking the RECEPTION (bars) and towers in brisbane.
last week:

thurs 09/02/12 6-10am
fri 10/02/12 6-10am
sat 11/02/12 6-10am
sun 12/02/12 6-10am

My study showed MOST NO SERVICE/BAD RECEPTION/POOR RECEPTION by viewing the area'a or towers on my handset in these hours.

1.Between 10 minutes to the hour(worst)
2.On the hour to about 30 minutes past the hour each day.(worst)
The bars fluctuated between 1-5 bars whilst standing still.
The towers fluctuated from under the tower where I am at, to wild extremes to towers 12kms away.
It was wild fluctuation.

In this timeframe I counted about 100 times where my handset showed 1 bar and no towers.
100 times 2 bars and no towers
100 times 3 bars and no towers
100 times 4 bars and no towers
On many ocassions 0 bars and no towers
On many ocassions towers with many fluctuations 1-3 bars.

My conclusion is that any crap, that comes from mouths of the 1555 MUMBAI Vodafone NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, about how there is no reception problem, is just what it is .....CRAP!!!

I have to think ,is Vodafone removing the towers,one by one,not building them.

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20825 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is $500 Internet usage at 9 Feb 2012 01:45:57 PM

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20822 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Very Failed at 9 Feb 2012 11:45:23 AM
Vodafone does not allow phone calls to South Sudan. I spoke with customer service who do not even seem to know what they are doing. Wrote to the Resolutions Centre who told me that Vodafone needs agreement with South Sudan before calls to that country are allowed. I asked if there are other countries that Vodafone does not have agreements with, the gave examples like Sierra Leone, Sao Tome, Afghanistan but it turns out, even without agreements, it is possible to make phone calls to these countries (for they even have calling rate to these countries) at perhaps higher calling rates! This all I needed; to be able to use my credit to call my family and friends in South Sudan, but the resolution department thinks the only way to resolve this issue is to kick me out of the network! They do not have calling rates to the country and do not even have the country code +211 in their system. Even on Vodafone global website, they still have Sudan as one country....basically, they believe South Sudan does not exist!
9 Feb 2012 05:25:50 PM: I'm a disgruntled v. done customer but I think they gave you a legitimate reason - it is not that they do not think that Sound Sudan exists, it is exactly as they told you ie. they do not have an agreement with South Sudan. How do you know that they didn't try? Maybe they did and South Sudan didn't want one....

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20820 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 9 Feb 2012 09:53:57 AM
I've been with Vodafail for about 21 months and have found the 3G network to be woeful and I live in Newtown (3 km from the city). I was waiting for my contract to end when I decided enough was enough and thought that $150 to end my contract was worth it. I knew when my contract ended but I wanted to call Vodafail to confirm. They wouldn't tell me when my contract was ending until I I told them why. When I did, I got siphoned off to someone else who offered me a new phone and some other freebies to which I answered, "I appreciate what you are offering but if the network is no good, what's the point of a new phone?". After hanging up, I got a phone call from them stating they would halve my bill for the remainder of my contract with no conditions.

While I appreciate this reasonable level of customer service, the truth is that you've blown it Vodafail. You've lost my trust and the trust of thousands of other customers. I will never go back and will never recommend you to anyone else. This is the price you pay for your spin and lies over the last 1-2 years. Fix your network and then maybe you might get some credibility back. But even then, I wont be back!
9 Feb 2012 05:27:35 PM: I agree - I've been to Newton in Sydney and every time I am there, there is little or no reception.

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20807 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is frustrating fail at 8 Feb 2012 08:42:08 AM
It appears there is no service on the Sunshine Coast with SOS only option available. I appreciate that issues will inevitably arise with the service but surely an immediate update to the vodaphone website alerting people to this issue, and/or email advice advising the issue and likely remedy time/date would reduce the frustration people are feeling by continually trying to problem solve it themselves. Even a message on the local radio stations for the announcers to simply give a heads up to customers of the poor service would be greatly appreciated by vodaphone users. So, when will it be fixed vodaphone? At least give us some customer feedback if you can't provide service at the moment!

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20800 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is on hold for 1hr so far at 7 Feb 2012 06:35:51 PM
There customer service is as bad as their phone service.

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20784 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Very poor! at 6 Feb 2012 12:49:03 PM
My phone - which is a business phone constantly drops out and often has No signal. This is not very acceptable as my office is on Pitt st in the CBD of Sydney! when I try to explan my frustration to customer care- they dont seem to know where Pitt St is in the CBD. Surely there would be a signal in the Central Business District of one of our largest cities. I have had enough. Poor service - thye sign you up for 2 years and cannot provide the basic service we require. This is costing me business and looks bad when I am on the phone to clients. I will be trying to ditch them as they are not meeting their side of the bargain.

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20783 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Customer Service at 6 Feb 2012 09:41:15 AM
Just to add to my previous posting.The reason I will not leave until the "good will" credit has been used,is because they told me they will take it back and not accomodate it when working out my EEFs.They have a great idea of "good will" don't they? More like try to shut me up and blackmail me into staying.

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20782 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Poor Customer Service at 6 Feb 2012 08:22:34 AM
To say I am in a mess with Vodafone now,is a bit of a stretch. HOWEVER,due to their repair departments lack of effiency and one of their store managers telling an out and out lie to my face,I am now going to break my contract with them and go elsewhere.
On the 6th of December I took my HTC Legend which was no longer working to the nearest Vodafone shop,because I thought there was something wrong with it that would be covered by warranty(the phone was only 8 months old)Anyway the guy in the shop said that the phone had a cracked LCD screen,which is not a warranty issue(as if I needed to be told it was not a warranty issue)After going home and ringing my insurance company,I returned and left the phone at the shop to be sent for repairs.The insurance ocmpany wanted a quote on repair costs or if it could not be repaired,the replacement cost.Within a few days I had the quote and put it in to the insurance company.They gave me the go ahead for repairs on the 16th of December and I immediately rang the repair centre to confirm repairs could go ahead.I also told them I would be going away and would not be able to collect the phone until around the 30th of Decememer.The person I spoke to said that this was not problem as it could be held for up to 90 days at the shop.Anyway whilst I was away I got about 3 SMS telling me my phone was ready to pick up.I rang the repair centre on the 27th of December and told them I would collect the phone NOW IT WAS REPAIRED no later then the 1st of January.I went to the store to collect it on the 30th and noticed it had not been repaired,only to be told that I had rejected the quote,which is garbage,it is an insurance claim and they knew I had not rejected anything.The man at the shop said he would send it away that afternoon(30/12) and it would be back the following Friday(6/1) as there was a one week turn around.SO back to the shop I go on the 6th,only to find that the phone had not even been sent away.According to the sales staff I spoke to I had rejected the quote.Turns out that the man I had spoke to the previous week was the store manager and he had stood there and lied to my face.I retrieved my phone and took it elsewhere for repairs and finally got it back a few days ago.I have complained long and loud about the whole episode and their "good will" gesture is to offer me two months credit.So I will stay with them long enough to use the credit and then I am going to break my contract and go elsewhere.I have been with Vodafone for many years and have never really had any problems(some signal loss at times excepted) but never again.Seems to me they are losing a lot of customers for any number of different reasons but the biggest reason is poor service.
7 Feb 2012 10:50:50 AM: do a prepaid test on other networks before you resign with another network, its much cheaper buying a prepaid to see if networks are better than one you where using, i had very little coverage in my area with optus, very good coverage with telstra but calls way to expensive, but purchased redbullmobile which use vodafone network which was as good as telstra in the areas i need to use phone, so do a bit of homework before you resign.
7 Feb 2012 07:19:44 PM: Thanks for your reply.In the area I live in I know a few people with Optus,who have no trouble.This also applies to Telstra.Unfortunately as I want an iPhone 4s,which is unavailable on prepaid through any company that I can find,this is not an option.Optus is slightly cheaper then Telstra and offers a better deal on the plan I am thinking of going on to.Voda is not too bad reception wise in the area I am in,but there are call drop outs at times.I have been looking at a number of options over the past few weeks,including buying the iPhone outright and going prepaid to be sure.Just the phone in MUCH cheaper if I get it on contract.
10 Feb 2012 01:59:04 PM: ever heard of paragraphs???...
10 Feb 2012 04:59:22 PM: What has the way the post has been written got to do with anything? It was clear what the post was about.
Perhaps you should wait until you have something constructive to add,before you respond to a post.
By the way,the start of a sentence,even a poorly contructed one,like yours,has a capital letter at the beginning of the first word.

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20778 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is contract at 5 Feb 2012 10:24:23 AM
im on a $45 plan. They charge more.
My contract was signed in September 2011.
It was not untill december 2011 that I recieved my phone and sim card.
By this stage I was in Europe. I recieved a text message while in Europe saying 'you will now be connected to Vodafone', off course I could put my new sim in my phone becsuse i was 20000km away.
By this stage I was on the Costa Serena cruise ship. At this time the Costa Concordia hit rocks and my family in Australia was worried. They could not contact me, and were under the impression that I was dead.
On my return to Australia on the 29th jan 2012 I put my new sim into my phone. At this stage I noticed that I had 2 months of Vodafone bills, and after 5 days in Australia my phone was barred for not paying my bills.
So lets summarise this....
5 days of phone connection,
with 2 months of phone bills at $133 (noting that my contract should be $45 month) with an agreed Nokia N8, yet a Nokia E7 was sent instead)
and an apparent 3 months free incentive to sign up,
Yet i was disconnected for not paying my bill 5 days latter.

So I get on the phone with the apparent 24/7 customer service centre which could not help because the business centre was closed. (so its a 24/7 customer service, but the business centre is only available between certain hours)
A $640 bill from my previous Optus bill to close that contract

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20777 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Extremely!!! at 5 Feb 2012 10:02:47 AM
Experience data drops regularly.
Emailed support and exclaimed I keep getting data drops when surfing net.
Responses were please give me 3 examples of sms or call drops in 48 hours... plus a massive list of questions which could literally track down Osama Bin Laden on the moon, yet they claim technicians need more information still.

Although I mentioned web browsing data drops and banged on about this, I supplied 3 network drops anyway. 2 weeks later and 8 replies back and forth with arguing, me talking about internet drops and she constantly saying she wants phone call information, the service person finally exclaims "she cannot help me, as she does not work with resolved data problems"

WOW! - Why could she not read my initial email content and decide that? What a waste of my life and money. Absolutely useless. READ MY COMPLAINT BEFORE SPINNING OFF YOUR STANDARD COPY+PASTE RESPONSES VODAFAIL.

* just thought I would add...

I needed to provide details within 48 hours. So, I collected data drops, times, suburb and posted them to the service rep. Now get this...

Vodafail did not respond to me in 48 hours after that response.... - So 55 hours later I get a responding email... I had to provide another set of examples because "I" provided details which was "outside the 48 hour window". Not to mention this data is claimed to be only needed because it makes it "faster" for the technicians. So I'm working and collecting data during work days to provide and easy day for the technicians... How rough!

It would be interesting and a nice concept for a company being paid to,

a) investigate on behalf of the customer - not have the customer do all the work

b) Read customer emails and understand their problem before copy+pasting your standard customer service respones.

c) Accept responsibility for answering late rather than blaming the customer for providing details outside a time frame

d) Have a complaint loding service that allows the customer to have some sort of investigating into their service in less than 2 weeks.

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20757 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is shocking at 1 Feb 2012 07:18:11 PM
dropped calls, what customer service?there is none..no reception..learning telepathy to be able to send a message..

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20727 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Ultra Fail, can not fix internal issue! at 30 Jan 2012 01:25:53 AM
Wellcome to my Communications hell

Every 2-60 mins (usually random or when moving from one postcode to another) I recieve a network message from '50' to temm me what area code I'm in. In just over a Month I have over 1000 messages.

The messages produce a system message that I HAVE to either save or discard. It will interupt everythins, games movies music. Everything and anything I am doing has to stop when I get a message to I can save or discard the message.

I first contacted Vodafone a month ago (last year!!!!) to get help with the problem, and some woman (with a complete lach of technical knoweledge) explained to me that she will bar all TXT messages that are marketing and not from Vodafone.
Two days later I'm still getting the messages so I call back and try to complain. I was told a manger will call me back. To this day I have NEVER spoken to a manager anywhere in Vodafone.
I called again today (the messages keep comming) and NOW for the first time i have been put through to technical support. AND guess what, Still getting stupid messages telling me what Area Code Im in.

Ive been a Voda customer for 10 Years and I have a great deal, But when it finishes, I will happily pay more for better customer services and UK CALL CENTERS!!!!!!!!

31 Jan 2012 06:46:01 AM: I think the OP may be from the UK, perhaps the call centres for Vodafone UK are based in Egypt. Vodafail "Australia" has its call centres in India.
6 Feb 2012 09:38:14 PM: that sounds like Cell Broadcast to me.
Assuming you have a HTC handset... Settings > Call > Cell Broadcast - Untick it.

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20718 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is no more repair centres at 27 Jan 2012 08:00:44 PM
Dear reader

1stly I'd like to say thank you mr brimo for bringing to light a woeful company.

I have just been told that after hemmoraging money and loosing customers due to their bad network, they have just announced that they are closing all their National mobile phone repair centers with the sacking of 120 employees.

Great! not only do they woeful customer service, Now they will have NO after sales support or repairs done locally. And worse still, 120 good willed people are going to be left in the cold.
30 Jan 2012 06:25:18 PM: Makes sense to Vodafone not to repair your phone and still charge you a monthly fee for the NO SERVICE and FAULTY reception
On top of that you pay for their BROKEN AND FAULTY mobile phones usually stuck in a two year deal.
VODAFONE,...............doing it their way!!!!!

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20715 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Poor Customer Service at 27 Jan 2012 01:47:04 PM
Trying to swap from pre-paid to post paid. Its the most painful experience I've been through. I already have two numbers with them. Wanting to add a third shouldn't be that difficult. F--king Indian call centre is just another painful addition. On hold for half an hour then they tell you that you have the wrong department. I have to call the curry muncher back when it's switched over, to add extra data to the plan. Aaargh!
1 Mar 2012 06:05:53 AM: No need to be culturally insensitive here. 3 numbers eh, so you're not a drug dealer, you're an informer?

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20712 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Uni-Fail at 26 Jan 2012 09:17:05 PM
Vodafail is currently recruiting sales people (read: conmen/women) through an organisation that targets students. See: http://tinyurl.com/7d945kq The are planning to scam students on ALMOST EVERY UNIVERSITY CAMPUS IN AUSTRALIA (see the list under the ads for each capital city: http://tinyurl.com/82h9s8c

Their current marketing seems to be cricket, supercars, and students. I think that tricking first year uni students into signing up to Voda-Scams is unconscionable particularly because many would be unaware of the fact that their phone just won't work, and they wouldn't know about the TIO or how to get out of their contract (and wouldn't have a chance in hell of understanding the customer service operators).

If anyone knows a way of stopping this please share it, as the eduction sector is our biggest export and we should protect our customers. I have thought about writing to the treasurer but if the ACMA doesn't give a shit what are the chances of any other public servant?

Happy Australia day.

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20702 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is 10 at 25 Jan 2012 05:47:23 PM
have finally left!!! how funny they sent me out a survey to complete, but i never heard anything else from them cant even open my final bill cause its on their myvodafone site and my account is closed so cant log in, figure that out...

copy of what i wrote to them:

"lousy reception.

being lied to about how they were improving the network.

disorganisation, incompetence with billing, for example:

not billed for 2 months from direct debit, then billed for 3 months in one hit...

then when wanting to cancel;
1) calling and not being able to get through,
2) leaving an email on the site and not getting a reply
3) visiting a shop and being told to call the help line!!!

i then went ahead and ported my number to other provider.

then got texts and emails from vodafone saying they were experiencing a large volume of enquiries and would be getting back to me... which never happened.

then receiving abill for $150 in the text of an email but with no attachment. I tried going onto the website but of course my phone number wouldnt work as log in as it was no longer with vodafone!

so i went into the shop and asked if they could print out my bill so i knew what it was for. they couldnt log into my account either and said i'd have to call vodafone.... wtf!!!

so i call and left a message as they were too busy as usual. some guy calls back and says he'll take care of it and email my bill out within a week. 3 weeks later nothing...

so even if the service or reception was adequate, and the price more competitive, i still would not stay just due to the lack of customer service and thier ability to stuff everything up constantly!

no regrets and never coming back"
30 Jan 2012 06:37:05 PM: I empathise with you.

You know what?
they will probably send you a bill to say you owe them mega$$$$$$$$$$
I have come to the conclusion that you get the TIO to close the account .
There are many ,many,cases wher a customer has demanded their accounts closed and the customer NOservice Curry Muncher from MUMBAI has said yes it is closed.

Then you get another round of bills next month,you close it again,they say yes it is closed,THEN YOU GET ANOTHER ROUND OF BILLS!!!!!

VODAFONE MUMBAI NEEDS A NUCLEAR ASSISTANT !!!(shape of a torpedo should be fine)

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20693 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is It is an Indian company at 24 Jan 2012 03:03:40 PM
Nothing wrong with that per se but if I had been advised I was signing up with an Indian business I would not have chosen to. Reasons: the customer service is awful - really hard to explain the length of time I have spent dealing with poorly trained uncooperative operators in India. Letters to their Correspondence team in Tasmania go unanswered (does it really exist ?).
They have deserted these shores.
I shall be moving to an Australian carrier asap.
25 Jan 2012 03:27:58 PM: Good luck mate, all major telco's are outsourced.
25 Jan 2012 05:51:47 PM: try iinet, best service ever and through optus so great reception
25 Jan 2012 08:21:57 PM: Amaysim have an aussie call centre

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20686 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Sigh at 23 Jan 2012 09:49:34 PM
Mobile broadband on the 3 network is woeful, as if the shared 3/Telstra network is gradually being shutdown. So far I've receieved no formal notification from VHA that services are being shutdown, yet they charge me $29 per month for a poor service (2Mb uploaded to Carbonite in 10 mins). Normal internet response times are poor too, especially when compared with my ISP.

Will the TIO listen to me if I wanted to be released from the 3 Mobile Internet contract?

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20685 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is BADLY at 23 Jan 2012 09:00:50 PM
I would like to complain about Vodafone to all users and watch out

I last year changed from 3 to Vodafone as 3 was taken over by Vodafone

I have been a customer for 2 years with 3 and have been on cap 19 dollars with 3 phones

All my bills have been paid on time and there was no problem except for customer service

which was directed to Mumbai Orbit call centre and as usual you had to wait hours for service

But that isn't my complain, when I changed to Vodafone everything was handed by Vodafone with direct debit

including change of address as I had moved

Changed over 2 phones on the 19 dollar cap and and one phone on pre-pay and an additional phone

with pre-pay

As the contract got over with 3 asked customer service to stop direct debit to 3

This was in March 2011

In December 2011 Vodafone issued an credit report on with my bank and put a black mark on my credit history

My bank has put me on the black list due to this I explained that all my bills are paid and I can't understand why they are doing this to me

After speaking many times to customer service in Indian call centre they were not in the least interested to help me

and said it is not their problem

I told them that they could have at least informed me as I have given a change of address and changed

Looks like 3 was sending all bills to old address

and also to 3 mobile numbers even when I have changed them to vodafone numbers

They even sent a Debt recovery team after me

Due to that there was a lot of stress this Christmas and after speaking to my bank it still isn't resolved

I have even paid all outstanding arrears but


After this contract I shall withdraw all services with VODAFONE.
6 Feb 2012 03:32:19 PM: Same thing has happened to me!! Homeloan finance rejected because of these morons and I cnanot get it removed. Exactly the same - despite changing my details on the phone with them and paying out the balance they cant find this record, nor my account details etc. At least you received something from a debt collector - my outstanding amount was discovered when finance was rejected! I got nothing!!!!! I hate them with a passion.Dishonest!!

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20676 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is to the point of self harm at 22 Jan 2012 12:57:36 PM
Since I closed off my mobile broadband account 2 1/2 years ago, I have been $27.10 in credit on my account.
I attempted to call customer service to close the account off properly and have the amout refunded however the overseas call centre operator just laughed at me. Very professional.
So now every month I recieve an account statement saying that I'm $27.10 in credit and that there is nothing to pay this month.
At my estimate of $2 per letter I have been sent, it would have saved the company over $30 (and going up each month) if the rude call centre operator had just issued the refund in the first place.
I'm in no hurry to call back.........

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20669 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Plain Terrible at 21 Jan 2012 03:19:24 PM
First of all I get very dodgy coverage in my area, though that's not the problem I recently faced. Last week I brought in my phone to my local Vodafail store as the power button was not working and therefore I couldn't turn my phone on after the battery ran out. I walked up to a lady, I think she was a young manager because she told one of the employees to "go to lunch". Now I expect reasonable customer service from anyone let alone a manager, but she did not seem interested at all. She asked for my phone and did something on the computer then said she'll send it away to get fixed. I had to ask all the questions to know what the hell was going on. How long will it be? 2 weeks or so
Do I get a replacement phone? No. Can I cancel the contract? If you pay out the remaining 7 months you can upgrade. Will my stuff be saved? No we will wipe everything. The way she spoke to me, the lack of friendly service put me right off. Not happy but I let it slide.
Now I get there 1 week later (not too bad a timeframe) and she says they "can't fix it as it has water damage which also means it voids the warranty". OMG I could scream right now! I have never let this phone go near water EVER! and she says it could be as simple as mist from the shower or sweat from being in your pockets. That is utter BS and you know it lady! I very rarely bring the phone into the bathroom and would find it uncomfortable to workout or do something to work up a sweat with a phone in my pocket!

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20668 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE at 21 Jan 2012 01:23:59 PM

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20657 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is AWESOME SERVICE at 20 Jan 2012 04:06:12 PM
21 Jan 2012 01:30:09 PM: Please supply your Vodafone employee number. You are alone in the whole website. The reason they are all still with Voda is contracts which will finalise one day and then they WILL NEVER BE AGAIN. Take that back to your employers if you dare.
21 Jan 2012 08:31:27 PM: been with Voda for 3 years no issues at all apart from a late payment fee (which was reversed later) last month
22 Jan 2012 12:34:26 PM: Hmmm- nothing like a statemnt full of facts to back it up. If you think that the people of this site are "fake and fraud" then please take the time to actually read the TIO Annual Report. Also have alook at the following website from the Sydney Morning Hearald for starters --

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20640 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is SO OVER IT!!! at 18 Jan 2012 08:05:24 AM
Long story short, bill was due 5th Jan, had been paid plus credit on the 29th Dec. Vodafone deactivated my account due to high usage within the next billing period which hadnt even finished yet on the 3rd Jan and demanded payment for a that bill I hadnt even received yet. Have been ringing to try to sort out and told systems are down so have been unable to use my phone for over 2 weeks. Finally get thru and told all fixed only to find I can't receive any calls or sms'.
I'm so over having to repeat myself to customer service or ask them to.

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20633 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is to put fail and vodafone in the same sentence insults the word'fail' at 17 Jan 2012 05:38:23 PM

1When you call 1555 the robot "LARA" will answer with prompts.
2.Ignore her and say 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'
she will say 'I didnt quite get that we will try again.'
Ignore her.
3.Say 'CUSTOMER SERVICE' she will say the same thing again or simular
4.After her stupid prompting again say 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'
5.She will try you out again, just say 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'
6.After about 6-8 of 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'from you she will give in.
7.YAY!!! she will say 'I will transfer you to a customer service right away.'
BINGO!!! That's at least 30minutes saved without the torture and pain.

After that you get an Indian Vodafone Rep from MUMBAI.
2 Feb 2012 12:16:12 PM: They are just doing their Job. If Vodafone Australia does get it right you won't need to talk to the Indian Guy..

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20622 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is JUST OUTRAGEOUS at 17 Jan 2012 12:54:39 PM
Vodafone turned my iphone internet off to save me from excessive charges whilst overseas but now cannot turn it back on. I can't get on to any website but www.three.net.au:80/vfhome/home/entry

According to Vodafone Customer Services I must have been connect to Three at some point, which neither me nor my phone have been OR it is the fault of iTunes.

Has anyone else had this problem recently? According to customer services I have to go and have my phone restored at a Vodafone store as a new device, meaning I will lose all of my settings and information. I'd prefer not to have to do that. Cheers.

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20620 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is BOTTOMDWELLER at 17 Jan 2012 11:32:49 AM

OK, to beat that retched and annoying "LARA" the talking robot from Vodafone.

Ring 1555 and you get that bloody robot.
Every time that LARA opens her mouth say CUSTOMER SERVICE.
She will say I didnt quite get that !
Do it againCUSTOMER SERVICE and again CUSTOMER SERVICEand again CUSTOMER SERVICE,and again,after her question.
LARA will give up and you will DEFINATELY get told by LARA "I will conect with our customer representatives right away"

What I am doing is confusing the programe because it does not know what to do.
You may have to say CUSTOMER SERVICE 8-15 times,but you beat that bloody robot.

It saves you about 30-60 minutes waiting.
Now after that I guarantee nothing.

You will get a Vodafone Indian Rep who cant speak english,tell the truth,cant understand you,apoligise to you,give you false receipts numbers(for the call),give you false codes to put in your phone,remove your pin number,remove your password word to Myvodafone,hang up on you,send you to other departments and wait another 30 minutes,send you to supervisors who will hang up on you,then give you a call back and ask you what the problem is,and then you explain it again,get sent to other departments,get hang up on,and from there

Then when it fails again you contact1555 and LARA again and get DIZZY.


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20607 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Major And superbly failing at 15 Jan 2012 11:38:57 AM
I have people telling me that when they call they get a recorded message that the number is not in use. Often I cannot call or send texts especially if they are slightly long. My calls frequently drop out. My son is also with Vodaphone and he has also been experiencing similar problems.

Poor customer service and extremely long wait time when trying to call for phone support. Recently I called 1555 number stated that I had connection problems proceeded to wait 45 minutes the a
recorded message came on asking for which invoice I wanted to pay and how I wanted to pay! Or something along that line!

Long wait time when calling into the shop. Staff who are not aware of general difficulties that customers Are having and generally the attitude of staff is that they are not aware of any complaints about network service.

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20600 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 14 Jan 2012 07:47:21 AM
West hoxton 2171: can only get H & 2g very poor service coverage for both internet and handsets. Call placed with vodafail tell me they are investigating will get back to me. No offer of deduction in billing nothing, very dissatisfied, if continues will switch to telstra 4g service which appears to run very well inthis area according to neighbours... Paying for a service which does not deliver what they claim leaving poor taste in my mouth , will need to cancel service if this keeps up and refuse to pay cancellation costs.... Beware if u live in this area consider changing telcos.....
14 Jan 2012 08:05:12 AM: tesltra doesnt have 4G cell service, no telco in australia has true 4G
24 Jan 2012 07:56:01 PM: That is correct, the term 4G is being misused by marketing. 4G (as ratified by the ITU) requires the ability to delive 100Mbs to mobile devices and 500Mbs to fixed locations. Of course this is only possible within certain distances of the tower and with low network occupancy! So Telstra's 4G claim is a wank but a better quality wank than their 3G service.

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20597 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is customer service fail at 13 Jan 2012 06:01:13 PM
Before I went on holidays over seas for a month I organised to have direct debit on my next bill so I didn't have to do it on my holiday and could just relax. Well, I get back home after my holiday to find my phone cut off and $30 in overdue fees. When I called them they said they got rid of the fees and apologised and would take it out now. So I thought all was fine, then I look at my account in two days and they tried to take out the bill plus the late fees and I didn't have enough so was charged another dishonour fee!!! Again I called and they apologised AGAIN and said they would fix it AGAIN. I look at my account, all seems to be fine.

... Three MONTHS LATER I get a letter in the mail saying I owed the same amount that had been owing when I got back from my holiday. Utterly confused I looked at my account and they had put the money back in???? So I called again (4 times) and on the final call I explained everything and luckily got someone who actually spoke english and took out all the fees added on over the time so it was down to the raw bill amount that should have been paid and out of my hair three months ago then explained how I could pay it myself to make sure it was all done properly.

one day when I have lots of money I am buying my way out of this contract... I haven't had one month where I haven't needed to call with an issue.
They are hopeless.

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20595 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is super fail at 13 Jan 2012 05:52:19 PM
My first bill with vodafone was suppose to be $58 but when I received my bill it was $148. Apparently according to my bill I had gone $90 over my cap in the last 14 hours of my billing period... considering myself and most of the country were asleep during most of those hours as they were going from 8pm to 10am the next day. After visiting an office and being told to call customer service I was sure there was a mistake, I read over my bill and found it hard to understand as it wasn't showing where (as in was it call or txt or net?) all the different over amounts came from clearly just when i went over. After three different calls and each person even a manager just reading out my bill to me I gave up and paid. I regret giving up but there was zero information given to me that I hadn't already read on the bill. So confusing and worst customer service ever!!!!

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20592 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Rude & extremely fail at 13 Jan 2012 10:32:19 AM
This is an issue to do with 3 Care but arn't they all the same people now?
To summarise my over 12 month ongoing issue:

I had to give my iPhone up for repair due to technical issues numerous times in a row as they kepy telling me the issue was fixed but I would get the phone back with the same problems.They gave me an ancient replacement phone during all the time I was without my phone which was broken anyway and couldn't receive some calls all the meanwhile I was still paying for my unused iPhone.

The last time I came to pick up my iPhone from repair they told me the issue cldnt be fixed and gave me a new phone and told me they updated my plan to the new $49 Unlimited plan so I would get unlimited calls to all 3 & vodafone users

2months later my plan hadnt changed so I went back to the store the woman told me 3 care made a mistake and didnt put me on it and that it would get done right away.

next month received a big bill due to still being on the wrong plan went into the store and they told me there was no notes of anyone having offered me the new plan.

Called 3 care after long arguements and getting put on hold to speak to supervisors they credited me back the money over my $49 cap and told me I would be transferred to the new plan for the next month.

A few months later I was still not getting unlimited calls to vodafone and 3 and came into stores and rang them more times than I can count. Every time took ages to explain my issue and most of the time despite my insisting to write notes about each phone call the new guy would tell me there is no record of me having being offered the update or having called the previous million times.

Finally after numerous expensive bills for a service I wasn't receiving in October 2011 I was told that the unlimited plan does not exist on 3 and can only be accessed on Vodafone so the guy at the Vodafone (used to be 3) store told me he would transfer me to 3 so that I could be on the unlimited plan in the next month and that he would call me back within 48hours to let me know if they can credit me back any of the bills.

I received no contact from Vodafone and on the 24th Dec received a $394.60 bill from 3 (I thought I had been transferred to Vodafone). I rung them immediately and spoke for hours to 3 Care employee then supervisor then manager who finally told me that he would credit me back $344.60 for te Nov-Dec bill and he will call me back the next week when the Dec-Jan bill comes through so he can calculate the amount to return to me for that bill. He also said he would send me out a new iphone with a $59 Vodafone contract for which I would only be paying $49 and will have the unlimited calls.

Did not receive any calls so on the 12th Jan called them back, first spoke to a boy who said there was no record of anyone telling me they will return the money, after arguing for 20mins he got the manager I spoke to last time to call me back. The manager made up excuses for not having called me back and as to why I haven't received the money and offered to pay back half of both bills instead of the full amount he quoted me last time. I refused and reminded him what he told me in the last phone call so he put me on hold came back and said due to me having to chase them up for it he will credit me the amount which he already offered me last time we spoke! He became annoyed with my dissatisfaction, telling me this is my fault and finally said "look we'll credit u the $394.60 plus half of the second bill in the next 24hours! Bye!" and hung up on me.

Today I just got the new iPhone in the mail but I'm not sure what to do as I am very hesitant about starting another contract with them! I have received extremely poor customer service, pretty much have been accused of lying everytime I spoke to a new person on the issue and spent hours and hours chasing up vodafone people to come through.
26 Jan 2012 09:55:42 AM: It looks like you have kept details of dates and conversations - this is really important and I advise anyone, no matter how trivial your first complaint is to detail date, time, name of person, details of conversation and the companies reference number. If you don't need it later, bonus! If you do you'll look much more reliable in the eyes of the Telecomunications Ombudsman, should you need to go down that path. I know how frustrating your situation can be (I had something similar with Telstra). My advice would be that if they don't credit what you've agreed to, don't contact Vodafone/Three again - go straight to the TIO (website). There you can detail your problem and if they think you have a case they'll pursue it for you (In your case I think you're fine - I should think they would). In my discussions with various Telstra Customer Service people a few of the friendly ones said that if they get rude customers (no matter how justified) they don't enter the details of the conversations. The turnover in these places is so high that it really doesn't matter to them. If you pursue the TIO intervention expect 3-4 months for it to be finally resolved. I think that if you pursue with the TIO, you generally don't have to pay the amount you're disputing, just what you feel you agreed to, so if you should've been on a $49 cap but the bill is $335, pay the $49. But only do this after you have a case with the TIO and make sure you check your rights and obligations before you withold any money. The TIO is very helpful. Final advice: stay calm, it will work out.

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20579 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPIC FAIL at 12 Jan 2012 09:53:49 AM
I had forgotten to pay my bill & also didn't want to in protest of there extremely poor service!! I have paid my bill in full today & it said online that "if your services are barred they will resume shortly". So I swithced my phone on & off a few times - no luck.
I've also called the customer service line wehre there is a pre-recorded message saying " Due to system issues our customer service team cannot update or view any person details, please try again later"!!!


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20578 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Liars and criminals at 11 Jan 2012 08:10:14 PM
A few months a go, I had a message to say that I could recontract without penalty to a Galaxy II. Seemed like a good deal as I was 13 months into contract with a dead HTC Magic that was 1 month out of warranty.

When I called them, they offered the $65 plan with $0 handset payments, or $45 plan with $10 repayments. After clarifying that there were no handset repayments, I took the deal on the $65 plan. They then offered a wireless 3g modem with 5 gig data for an extra $5. I took the deal.

Now, after a couple of months of not checking (I was foolish enough to trust them to get it right, as I have been a customer for over 10 years) I found I was getting charged $65 for the plan, $10 monthly for the handset and $10 for the modem.

When I called to complain, they said "but the notes on your account say you were told $65 plan + $10 handset + $10 modem". When I insisted that was incorrect, I was put on hold, then she came back with "I just spoke with the consultant that sold you the phone and they say they remember perfectly that you were told 65 + 10 + 10, you just don't remember correctly".

I then told them I was willing to accept the charges incurred so far, but wanted the remaining charges fixed, and they refused.

So, clearly talking to customer service doesn't help, and apparently the memories of the sales staff is infallible.

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20558 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is at 9 Jan 2012 02:58:01 PM
poor service in Merredin WA 260 km east of Perth.

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20555 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Unbearable at 9 Jan 2012 12:00:23 PM
No reception anywhere in the suburb have to drive 2 suburbs down to get reception. Could not recharge my prepaid service today and got charged twice. Been calling their customer service and been on hold and the service drops out. Getting constant text messages that Vodafail is upgrading service in the area 5 times now. This is a joke just want to cry.

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20547 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Useless at 7 Jan 2012 01:00:27 PM
So, contract was due to expire so I rang up to ensure the contact was cancelled so that it would not roll over.

Was told that cancellation was processed.
One month later, my service had rolled over into a per-month-charge service.
Rang up second time, was told that the cancellation had not gone thru as the systems were down (a standard excuse whenever they stuff up). Was told they wou;d backdate the cancellation, stop the DD, and no further charges would be applied.
So, was surprised (well, not really) when $80 was taken from my account.

So here I am on the phone for the third time trying to get my money back. After too-ing and fro-ing, they have admitted their mistake and will apply a credit to my phone account (great, since I no longer have an account).

I have been told to ring up in a week's time to have the credit transferred to my bank account.

F you, vodafone....stuff your 'new towers' and stuff your customer service!!!!

7 Jan 2012 03:47:03 PM: Errr...........I think you have done enough running around for one of VF errors.

Why not take the issue to the TIO?

Tell the TIO what you have told us, takes less than 10 minutes to complete their on line form, a simple copy and paste of the above will suffice.

VF then have 10 working days to produce a solution, in your case return of funds and cancellation of Direct Debit.

TIO contact details found under the How To Complain tab at the top of the page.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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20524 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Totally Unacceptable at 4 Jan 2012 06:26:46 PM
Worst customer service, waited 2 hours to get voicemail turned off - not even an apology for the wait and on top of that, the silly person didn't even turn voicemail off!!! I had to call again and wait another hour. Reception is always so poor, calls always drop out and have to reattempy making calls mainly times before a call is connected. SMS'es are delayed and 3G... forget it!!! it is barely usable - Definetly the worst carrier by far - No wonder they are dropping customers so rapidly.. I will be next.

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20523 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EVERYWHERE at 4 Jan 2012 04:20:23 PM
Vodafone our relationship is OVER. Your poor coverage and data speed (particularly in major metro areas) is just pathetic. Customer service is woeful and billing is just down right useless.

You have been replaced by a sports model with big hooters....

Friends, you can now contact me again!
4 Jan 2012 04:28:45 PM: And TIO complaint lodged

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20511 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Totally Incompetent at 2 Jan 2012 06:50:54 PM
3 months without 3G mobile broadband connection due to tower upgrade.
TIO involved.
Payment compromise reached.
Still billed as before.
Vodafone have deactivated customer service email address.
Had to reregister on new site.
No one answers emails.
NOC won't phone to discuss completion date.
And so back to TIO.
Here we go again!
2 Jan 2012 07:21:33 PM: Did you use your original TIO reference number?

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
13 Jan 2012 06:41:07 AM: No! VF resolution team have complaint as resolved as I was offered a discounted rate for 3 months. Did not happen and billing department even have amount showing as being paid from my cancelled credit card. I placed a condition of acceptance on the resolution i.e.; if billing for next period didn't reflect resolution then I would not pay any accounts future accounts issued but would still be using the limited VF service as my mobile is my only means of communication.
My emails to the resolution team are unanswered and I keep on receiving bills.
So; have lodged new complaint with the TIO as I have no intention of paying any accounts issued by VF.
14 Jan 2012 01:12:27 PM: For future reference if you use the same TIO incident number VF get 'fined' more heavily by the TIO as the issue has not been resolved despite VF claiming it has been resolved.

You sure are going through the VF grinder with this one!

Persevere, you will be successful!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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20502 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is attempting to steal from non-customers at 31 Dec 2011 10:02:06 AM
I am not a customer of Vodafone, nor will I ever be. Imagine my surprise when Vodafone tried to debit my account as a non-customer - this is of course attempted theft or stealing. Fortunately it was an account I hardly ever use so there were insufficient funds so it was declined. I contacted my bank to put an immediate block on direct debits from Vodafone - the bank employee said "Oh, not another one!" Apparently this is an extremely common request. I contacted Vodafone to complain and naturally the Indian customer service agent wanted my bank account details, which most especially in view of Vodafone's poor privacy record, I vehemently refused to do. I explained that I could provide the date, transaction number and bank involved, but was told that insufficient information. Perhaps I should report them to the police for attempted theft?
31 Dec 2011 10:16:57 AM: Blimey! That is severe!

We have had one or two instances recorded on vodafail.com of similar situations, my daughter-in-law works for a well known bank and she told me it does happen on a very regular basis, of course that is only anecdotal evidence with no recorded statistical substance.

I think you are totally right not to give out your banking details to a CSR, but here is the rub.

I understand that direct debits (DD) can only be cancelled by the originator, in this case VF and as a customer you can only block a DD for one payment only. I am open to confirmation by VF staff or bank employees on that statement.

Would suggest that you watch your account again for the next attempt at DD (presumably next month) and should one occur go direct to the TIO with this matter, should the matter become even more persistent you may wish to consider the Privacy and Banking Ombudsman as well.

TIO contact details located under the How To Complain tab at the top of the page.

Please keep us informed of the position.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
3 Jan 2012 04:40:56 PM: Had exactly the same issue from an account closed off with this terrible provider some time ago. They kept trying to take funds. I went to TIO and hey presto all fixed. Got it in writing too. GO STRAIGHT TO THE TIO and STRAIGHT TO SLATER & GORDON and issue a writ against them. They are disreputable, disgraceful, disgusting and as for the mumble call centre in who knows where. AVOID THEM

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20497 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EXTREMELY FAILED!!!! at 30 Dec 2011 06:54:03 PM
What a joke, you'd think that throughout their network upgrades there would be a backup system in plac so that customers of would not be affected.

And not to mentioned when it comes to complaining, the INDIAN customer service people who have no idea about their products and the company they are working for and giving incorrect information, absolute ludicrous!

Dear Vodofone,
Instead of saving money on customer service and upgrading your sysems without a backup system in place, you should think about THE CONSUMER!!

By Vodfone, Hello Telstra =D

Better luck next time!

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20445 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is & 3 trying to get away from them at 27 Dec 2011 03:51:16 PM
Let the 24 month contract run out to the last day. When I called in to say we were moving on they were deliberately un-cooperative, gave me the runaround etc. Got our last bill, called in to confirm this was the last bill and that no further amounts to be taken out and was rudely and patronisingly spoken to and then hung up on. GOODBYE FOR EVER. SINCE THEN have got 3 new mobiles, 1 with OPTUS, 1 with TPG and 1 with AMAYSIM (all on Optus network) The voice clarity is measurably better and the customer service from all of the new providers is light years ahead. HERE ME 3 & VODAFONE. NEVER EVER AGAIN - GOODBYE FOR ALL TIME

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20438 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is EPIC FAIL at 26 Dec 2011 01:06:38 AM
My Vodafone site is up but unable to change any divert settings. Going away soon and can't divert phones to a new prepaid (Not Vodaf**kingFail!). No customer service available and stupid voice recognition as middnight really tries patience when it goes to a dead end and hangs up on you. How can you say anything good about their "service". Get me out of this contract now - non-performance.

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20435 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is very fail at 25 Dec 2011 04:13:55 PM
i run a business from my phone and have lost many jobs because of the poor service coverage and the call drop outs, i finally was given 3 options by them... the final one was send them back the iPhone 4 and get charged nothing... for a company to do this 3 months into a 24 month contract... they know they have issues... MEGA FAIL

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20425 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is 100% at 24 Dec 2011 12:39:01 PM
convinced to migrate from 3 to vodafone but was not told that there was poor vodafone coverage (virtually none) in my area. Constant phone calls to them and promises from them - telling my story over again each time and nothing improved. asked to go back to 3 network - they agreed but it never happened. eventually vodafone agreed that they could not provide a service in my area and released me from the contract. The equipment was returned. Now I have two accounts one from Vodafone for $1208 - because they say I left the contract early AND a bill from 3 for the same period for service usage!
all along I have had the worst customer service, outright lies and have been shunted from one person to another all of whom no nothing about the history of the complaint.
I have no intention of paying the accounts but where to from here?
26 Dec 2011 04:30:12 PM: The best thing to do is lodge a complaint with the TIO if you don't get anywhere complaining to Vodafone. More information can be found on the 'how to complain' page.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
29 Dec 2011 05:47:47 PM: Agreed. I cleared up my problems by JUST advising this was my next option. Do it

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20424 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is 100% at 24 Dec 2011 09:55:46 AM
I made the wrong decision of swapping from my old telco over to vodafail. After being on hold for half an hour they said the number would be swapped over in the next couple of hours. A week later my phone number had not been ported and after hours being on the phone to customer service, the number finally ported. What a mistake! ever since I swapped I have experienced call drop outs, received text messages that had being delayed for days numerous times and crappy reception. Thanks Vodafail!

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20388 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Competely Failure at 21 Dec 2011 07:21:26 PM
I was with three because i could not optus signals at my place. i got a new phone from vodafone on a contract and they told that it would take 48 hours to transfer me from the 3 network to Vodafone. I have been waiting since three days to make my new phone work but all in wain. The transfer did not take place.
When I tried calling the shit customer service I kept on waiting forever to talk to someone. Afer the frustration of having to wait 40mins with no answer I had to hang up. Vodafone sucks hardcore. Never ever go for them. there service is completely fucked up and there new so-called 850 network is a joke. When you talk to someone in store, the sales people dont know what is going on and are completely incompetent.

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20387 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 21 Dec 2011 06:00:42 PM
Unable to obtain Customer support, having been put on hold for more than 45 minutes and on hold again when put through the Technical team. Total time in trying to obtain Customer Service so far is 01:03:50 and counting.
I have given up waiting!
This is not right. Vodafone you have failed me!
4 Jan 2012 02:20:31 PM: Try ringing 1300365506- VF Resolution Centre in Tas.

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20381 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is It cannot be put into words at 21 Dec 2011 10:57:32 AM
I honestly dont know where to begin. Customer care cant speak English, dropouts are higher than ever and for a while I thought it was my iphone but Voda seems to befit the crime. Every single call I make it cuts out. I'm so sick of their poor service and absolute rubbish of excuses.

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20370 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Worst MMS Service at 19 Dec 2011 08:34:37 PM
I can't download the picture sent through mms, not even I can view it on my mobile phone. Vodafone provide very poor service in India.

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20369 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is nil to poor service at 19 Dec 2011 02:39:24 PM
I have just switched from three to vodafone and am finding the customer service nil to poor. I have called their service number three times, each time I've had to wait more than 15 minutes. Twice, when the call finally got through, I get 'hello, hello?' from an offershore operator and then disconnected. The one time I did get through, I had transferred three times. Appalling service.

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20367 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Massive 9 Month Fail! at 19 Dec 2011 11:18:09 AM
29 Dec 2011 05:53:00 PM: Yes, they have turned terrible service into a science and an art form.

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20346 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is super lame! at 16 Dec 2011 05:26:37 PM
Crap customer service/no idea what they are talking about/I cant understand them and they cant understand me (I am not a racist). Really bad network coverage/drop outs/delay sms/inbound calls straight to voice mail/sim disconnect from phone/no network found. Called to complain about being transferred to accounts then troubleshooting then troubleshooting again when I wanted repairs which I was not informed they closed at 5pm. THEN complained about getting a call for feedback about complaining because they called at 8:30pm... Would also like to add, they are doing an 'Investigation' for all of the above which has been on going for the last 2 months with no results and tech support which tells me "turn your phone off and on again and this will fix your problem"
18 Dec 2011 01:37:50 PM: not a racist? yea sure thing.
and funnily enough, turning on and off (or a soft reset) as often as not does fix most software problems

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20342 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Logical at 16 Dec 2011 12:20:26 PM
Can't recharge phone over network due to technical problem. Please call customer service. Can't call customer service because of technical problem. But you can keep using network as per normal. Not if you can't recharge your phone you can't. Logic fail.

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20325 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Huge!!! at 15 Dec 2011 06:06:36 AM
After 4 years of wonderful service and nothing but the best to say about Vodofone I have now become very angry and dissapointed. The customer service leave a lot to be desired and I am seriously considering using a different Company. The last 2 months I have had nothing but problems with my connections with breaking up, fading out and getting disconnected. The time and money I have wasted trying to get a decent connection has been unbelievable. Then to top it off I spent nearly one hour trying to get some sense out of the call centre (another complete waste of time). I strongly object to all the questions I had to answer supposedly to identify me!!!!! There are some areas I wish to keep private as it is my business. I have been in touch with the Privacy Council and have been advised that certain questions are not entirley neccessary and identity can be proved by several means. This identity thing has gone way too far and need sorting out. My other gripe is the lack of proper English speaking Customer Service representatives at the other end of the phone. Please, please, please why can I not speeak to a real person to begin with and one that can speak English. OVER IT!!!!

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20322 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is phone service sucks, internet is worse and customer service is non existant at 14 Dec 2011 09:14:21 PM
For 4 days this week everytime i dail someone on my iphone, 8 times out of 10 i get the good old call failed. Full service showing on handset and 3g active and showing as well. Hang up and dial again, call failed. Try to call 1555 call failed. Call 1555 second time and get a "customer service" rep only to have to call drop out. Funny thing is i have all bars showing on my phone. I call vodaphone from the office phone and go thru the usual network reset and fault finding on the phone and still call fails. After about a hour of going back and forward the rep says he is escalating this to the engineers to investigate. Rep will call me back when checking and testing is complete. About 45 minutes later i get a call saying to please restart the phone and the issues should be fixed. I restart the phone and yes indeed i can make calls without any call fails showing up.

I test dial about 10 numbers and they all go through without issue. It is then i notice that 3g is not showing on my phone any more. I call the 1555 number again and go through the history of the day and my issues and advised them that after i restarted the phone the last time i no longer have any data services or 3g showing on my phone.

Engineer checks the suburb im in (2066) and says no known issues or updates occurring. Next they asked me to reset network settings again and restart the phone. I explained that i just finished resetting my network settings twice about 2 hours ago and also have restarted my phone 4 times. I have also gone through all the network settings on the phone and ensured that 3g, data roaming were enabled and wireless was turned on. WEasnt good enough for them. Had to waste another hour on the phone with them doing tests. They then run off a lot of suburb names and asked me if i was in any of them as they were known issue sites. As i was not in any of them or even near any of them i told the rep. I also advised the rep that i have driven around for a good hour and have been through approx 20 different suburbs in that time and still no data or 3g activity at all. It was then that the vodafone rep advised there is a nsw wide issue with 3g at the moment and there was no resolution time. I was told the reset network settings one more time and call back in 24 hours if i still had the issues.

Called back today which was about 36 hours with no data or 3g on the phone. Explained that i was pissed off big time with the network coverage. Especially since i have the following history with vodafone this year alone

- january this year (2011) i logged 2 issues with the same sort of problems. Took a week to fix it then,

- Febuary issues with service and call drop outs, data services non existant and people calling me going straight to voice mail.

- march i logged a issue where i was not getting mms pictures or sms's that were sent to me, and for some reason i would get spammed with messages a week later at 1am or 4am or 2am in the morning waking me up all the time.

- april i had issues with the messages again coming a week late and at all hours of the night. Vodafone proceeded to give me 3 months no bills and advised by june/july the network coverage issues would be fixed.

-July still having mms and sms issues, and now on top of that whenever is send a mms to anyone not on vodafone mobile service they will get a link sent to them to access it from the internet instead of the picture

-September service and data dropouts again

-December (2011) as noted in the beginning of this post.........

I am sick to deaf of this crap and this weekend (2 days from now) i am going to optus to cut over my number. I will then call up vodafone and tell them they can kiss my butt goodbye. I recommend everyone who currently has vodafone service do the same because they are only getting worse.....

14 Dec 2011 09:41:49 PM: Indeed a very poor service all round by the sounds of things!

Does your contract finish this weekend?

You still have to advise VF that you are terminating the contract on or before its'anniversary, the contract does not automatically cease. Judging from other contributors experience you may be in for a long wait for the number to port across to Optus from VF, some people have identified taking longer than 7 days!

If you are unilaterally breaking your contract with time remaining on the contract you may be heading for a black mark against your credit rating..............use caution.

Personally If I were you I would contact the TIO. Tell the TIO you have tried unsuccessfully to resolve the issues with VF, a simple cut and paste of the above will suffice, on the TIO on line form. VF have 10 working days to contact you and try to reach a mutually agreed resolution.

I think your resolution may be termination of the contract as it appears a long term unresolved problem.

TIO contact details at the top of the page under the How To Complain tab.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
20 Dec 2011 07:07:10 AM: Update, I went to optus on saturday 17th of december and started the process to port over to optus.

I am still getting call fails when trying to make calls from vodafone and also my data is also still turned off. No internet surfing, emails or anything. I also still do not have 3g showing on my phone. 2 more calls to vodafone to try and resolve and the usual tactic of getting me to do a network reset and wait 24 hours. I asked them to escalate and they advised if in 24 hours it still doesnt work then to escalate. It is now tuesday 20/12 and my number has just ported over to optus. took 3 days to it to cut over as vodafone apparently has system issues (although ive been told that the delay is due to the amount of porting away requests). I also have 3 friends of mine who ported their number over and can confirm that it takes approximatly 3-7 days average across my 2 phones and 3 friends. I have also had 2 friends in the last 2 weeks port from telstra to optus and that only took a couple hours and was completed on the same day.

this is where the battle begins officially i was on a 2 year contract that was supposed to expire 09/12. I have a long history of complaints against vodafone with the amount of calls i have made and amount of complaints. I have also advised them that during the last 2 calls for support that if this is not resolved then i will be cancelling the contract and porting over to optus. I also told the representative to ensure that my comments were put in the case logs word for word "If this is not resolved in the next 24 hours i will start the process of porting across"

I will keep you guys updated as I know this will probably be a drawn out battle from now. I am calling them in the next 2-3 hours to close of my dealings with them. If that is not sorted out reasonably then i will be straight onto the TIO after that phone call.
20 Dec 2011 01:16:51 PM: Ok let the war begin.

Called up vodafone to disconnect my plan and ensure no further bills. Chose the option to disconnect and was advised of 30 minute waits as there service representatives were all busy. Hung up and tried a different route. This time chose the option for technical support and made progress. Spoke to a person after being on hold for 15 minutes only. Explained the situation and i wanted to talk to someone in the cancellations department as i want nothing else to do with vodafone. Another 20 minute on hold i actually get to someone who says can help. Well thats at least what i suspect i heard. I put the details across to the support rep as per the original post. I then proceeded to advise them that my number is already ported across to optus and this call is to ensure there is no early termination fee or ongoing bills.

The customer service rep escalated this to his manager and I spoke to a person called Savena. I then spent another 20 minutes going through the details again. She said she would consult the cancellations team and proceeded to put me on hold for 5 minutes. She came back and said well due to the fact that you ported over without talking to the cancellations team you are required to pay the termination fee as nothing can be done about it. I kindly reminded her that nothing is ever set in stone apart from the fact that i will never use vodafone again. I kindly said there is alot that vodafone can do after all the headaches they have put me through with the service and the crap support i have recieved starting with waiving any fees and letting me go my own way. She said she will now look into my case notes and go back to the cancellations team. Another 15 minutes on hold and she comes back. She re-iterated the fact that i ported before contacting the cancellations team then the fees remain.

So what vodafone are after
My number - termination fee of 810
My wifes number - termination fee of 730
Current months phone bill - 210

She then asked me why i didnt contact the cancellations team before porting and my answers were straight to the point as follow

1) didnt want to risk my phone cancelled and loosing my current number before being successfully ported as i know a few people this has happened to
2) Sick and tired of attempted solutions instead or issue resolutions (i.e. 3 months free bills and discounts on other bills)
3) Sick of being a ping pong ball bounced between departments where i can hardly understand the people i am talking to nor can they understand me
4) Sick of wasting my time chasing up issues with my mobile phone that never seem to get resolved

I also said thats fine, i have the amounts you want to pay. This is the last time i want to talk to you guys as i am now contacting the TIO. this call was basically a courtesy call to see if you can come to the table before i escalate it since you are not willing you can deal with the TIO.

I hung up and filed the online submission for this issue. I recieved the response saying someone will contact me within 10 days so stay posted for round 2
21 Dec 2011 06:48:07 PM: Phew!!!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
3 Jan 2012 09:49:15 AM: And the call came,

Vodafail resolutions contacted me and i have given them the history. The outcome is

Waive the $810 termination fee for my number
waive the $730 termination fee for my wifes number
They will send me return satchels for the iphones

I will pay the $210 for the previous month service and i will send the phones back reply paid.

Then i will be at peace with the knowledge that i am no longer with or have any affiliations with vodafail

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20299 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is f.......king terriable at 12 Dec 2011 12:56:49 PM
transferred before end of contract due to poor service, shocking signal, customer service (whats that)and still want me to pay them.

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20294 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is bloody shocking at 11 Dec 2011 01:43:34 PM
billing stupidity and the most obfuscating plans and rules ever. No 'like home' when travelling. Crap customer service- still waiting for a call back 7 days now! and dodgy coverage even in metro melbourne. Need I go on.....?
11 Dec 2011 02:30:05 PM: when vodafone cs reps tell you that they 'promise' to call you back, they NEVER call back...
11 Dec 2011 08:23:19 PM: i second that.

when they say "i'll call you back", they mean "i finish my shift in half an hour, once I go home this mess is somebody else's problem".

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20275 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 9 Dec 2011 12:29:40 PM
Just received my new iphone today even though I cancelled it 3 days ago. After waiting for the phone to arrive for 3 weeks I called customer service and was told there was a backlog of orders and they were out of stock. I told them I want the order cancelled, they told me it would take 48hrs to process. They sent me the phone anyway. I didn't know what it was and opened the box when it was delivered so now it's mine whether I like it or not. I decided then I would go ahead and activate it. Have been told since I am transferring from 3 to Vodafone I won't have service until perhaps Tuesday but they can't promise anything. What the!!!!!!!!!! This is not a good start to signing up with Vodafone. There is apparently a problem with the whole network. When I check the website it mentions nothing of a problem with the network today.

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20261 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Pathetic at 8 Dec 2011 11:28:13 AM
I have been a vodafone customer now for over 5 years. Only using cheap phones for most of the time with poor coverage, mostly none in my suburb. My suburb must be one of not too many that are part of the capital city and receive no signal.

Recently I was giving my 6 monthly blackspot report and the tech guru said that it was the phone this time not the carrier. He suggested I move from my nokia 6500 classic to a htc legend. The new 3g network was fully compatible and working well in my area. After much thought and reading some good review on cnet et. al. I went to the shop and signed up with this new phone for two years.

Not only was I taken hook, line and sinker, this crappy phone now spends more time frozen than anything else. It drops signal for no reason and txt messages take even longer that ever to send and receive.

Recently I went to Fiji for a wedding. I wanted my voicemail turned off and global roaming turned on. I was at Sydney International airport to see the staff at the kiosk there. After them turning me to the customer support crew(Indian Call Centre and Lara), it was supposedly turned on. On arrival at Fiji no network coverage at all, from Nadi to the coral coast, nothing. Upon return to Sydney I received voicemail notifications. When the next bill arrived I got charged for it. So I rang Vodafone and they would not withdraw the fees saying that I was overseas and I had my voicemail inbox turned on. I told them about the "customer service" at the airport and they had not changed a thing. My dad came with me to Fiji and he had the same result.

I was recently job hunting and missed four jobs because of poor network not receive voicemails. When a job finally comes up my bosses are so programmed to ring mobiles that when I was required for a shift I didn't make because I didn't know about it I was fired for failing to show for work.


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20256 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is No Serivce/No Data/poor service at 8 Dec 2011 10:35:00 AM
2x Handsets no service constant dropouts and then having to retireve voicemails because of dropped calls then vodafone charging for them!!!!
they refuse to waive my last bill even though that is what they are suppose to do as they did the last few bills because of the same issues i'm having!!!!!

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20255 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Hooray at 8 Dec 2011 10:20:49 AM
Finally coming to the end of my Contracts. I have 4 mobiles, all signed up with 3 (who are now Vodafone except if you talk to Vodafone!)and have had nothing but problems since the switch rollout. Billing, coverage, customer service (sorry customer abuse which they provide free of charge! Now switching to Telstra.......not much better but at least I can make a call and complete it without at least having to call back half way through. Only problem is that Vodafone are now having problems porting the numbers to another carrier. I guess I will also continue to receive bill demands from Vodafone over the next few months until they realize that I do not have a service with them anymore. Same thing happened 10 years ago when i was with them and it took me 2 years to get my credit rating cleared! Vodafone GO HOME and leave us in Australia to fight with our local carriers..............If I want a phone in India I will buy one.

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20241 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is 24 hours and still no recharge at 7 Dec 2011 06:27:05 AM
Still waiting, waiting, waiting!!!! Has been a very long 24 hours so far for the promised recharge problems to be fixed so I can use my phone. Customer service messages only say that Vodafone engineers are fixing the problem, when? what day? what month? So very inconvenient, so frustrating, and good reason to ditch Vodafone for another provider who CAN provide service!
7 Dec 2011 10:20:54 AM: You are lucky, because it's been way more than 24 hours of recharge problems. % days, actually. And I am still waiting, since 3 December.

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20236 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is fragmented at 6 Dec 2011 02:14:44 PM
I have a blackberry 9780 and randomly this morning the sim said it it was having a read error. I went into Vodafail store and as I was waiting for 30mins just to get service...a flood of people started coming in with the same error on their blackberries. The Vodafail staff member got onto 1 retail support person who had no idea what was going on. Then 5 mins later he got onto another guy who said an issue had been identified but no solutions yet. THAT WAS AT 10AM. Weve tried new sim cards and still nothing

I'm a business person on a business plan and cant get onto anyone in Australia to speak to about this. I tried calling customer service ( got stuffed around by Lara voice automated menu and her inability to recognise the words "business support") and finally got to the blackberry technical handest team.....when finally a pre-recorded message came through saying that Vodafail had recognized their was a service issue with blackberry's and they were working to solve it. Its now 4.15pm AND STILL NO SOLUTION!!!!!!!! I'm on the phone now holding while the multiple arms of this business keep transfering me, asking me to turn my phone on and off.......and then putting me on hold. I CANNOT RUN A BUSINESS ON VODAFONE WITH THIS KIND OF SUPPORT. I've lost $1000's of dollars today being unreachable with a phone that doesnt work.
6 Dec 2011 03:31:40 PM: Terrible! Sounds like it might be time to invest in a better provider. If they stuff you around anymore then you can go to the TIO and seek compensation from Vodafone. Details are on the 'how to complain' page.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
6 Dec 2011 03:48:34 PM: welcome to my world - happened to me late last year. can't wait for the class action to get funding......
6 Dec 2011 07:23:21 PM: "Its (sic) now 4:15pm AND STILL NO SOLUTION!!!!!!!" But, the time of your post is 2:14pm on the same day. This is quite an achievement.

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20235 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Call drop outs no reception at 6 Dec 2011 01:55:16 PM
Calls constantly drop out and no reception. Poor customer service from Indian call cenre staff who speak english but don't really understand english. Good bye Vodafail.

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20234 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is THE WORST EVER at 6 Dec 2011 01:39:31 PM
I have a new iphone 4S and it stopped working only after a month of use.
I reported it to Voda who directed me to Apple. Apple confirmed it was DOA and offered me a refurbished handset but advised that I was entitled to a new one under the 1 yr warranty. The Vodafone store at 333 George Street, Sydney was where I got the phone so I went there and have never been subject to such stupidity, unprofessionalism and abuse. I asked them to call their team to confirm their authorisation for me to get a new phone which was verbally authorised over the phone at the Apple store but they said "you call them because you're the customer. They called me a bitch as I was walking out after complaining of the non-existing customer service.
8 Dec 2011 02:57:46 PM: write to the store manager - that is completely unacceptable. Don't say you can't be bothered because that's how bad staff get away with it.

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20226 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is No service at 6 Dec 2011 08:42:39 AM
Hi people,

I was still able to sent a text in the morning says about 815am.
The network suddenly decided to die on me. Unable to make phone calls or internet connection.... only able to connect to wifi (the smart phone did it- not VODA!!!!)

Rang the customer service, was put on hold for at least 30 min!!! and the customer service lady was not able to tell you what was wrong with the network...

But on the nsw service - they says no outrage!!! which is bullshit!!!

unhappy voda customer like u guys :((((
6 Dec 2011 08:59:11 AM: Service still out in 2265 this morning
7 Dec 2011 07:45:08 PM:
Reception Details for Martinsville Voice / SMS 20% Mobile Internet 0% Broadband 0% Dropped Calls 23

Coverage and reception information has been reported by 3 user in this area.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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20221 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPIC at 6 Dec 2011 08:27:04 AM
Moved over from 3 where I was a happy business customer. I have never had so many call drop outs, failed calls and sparadic service access. I spoke with a customer service person who asked me to provide examples of three drop outs and they will investigate it. Surely the likes of Voda can do some simple analysis between drop out rates, coverage and call issues between 3 and Voda to work out just how utterly incompetent they are. Why the push from the three network to Voda? Should be the other way around in my opinion. I am always on the road and rely on my mobile services. VODA is just hopeless and all the BS from customer service about spending $1.4bn on upgrades is nothing more than spin as I cannot believe they could have been actually worse. EPIC FAIL VODAFONE!! Oh, customer service offered me a reduced plan for three months. Not looking for compensation, just want them to fix their daft network. The bloke in India hung up on me.

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20213 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Utterly useless!!! at 5 Dec 2011 07:17:19 PM
Coming to you from Geelong, Melbourne, courtesy of an expensive Telstra network because Vodafail is beyond useless.

Just transferred from 3 to Vodafail, was getting a huge data roaming charge on 3 because it couldn't get reception on the 3 network and would roam onto Optus or Telstra, had to turn 3G off to prevent excess charge but would still receive calls and get texts (except MMS because no 3G).

Decided to migrate to Vodafail when I got an email telling me the 3 network was being phased out and I would have to move across to Vodafail if I wanted to continue using my mobile.

Migrated across and now it changes from "SOS only, Searching..., NO SERVICE, SOS Only, Searching..., to 1 bar signal and sometimes on the rarest off occasions, 2 bars signal.

Vodafail drops calls, gets texts hours later, doesn't connect to the network half the time, let alone getting 3G reception.

AND on top of that the first bill I received was $30 OVER the cap because of some miscellaneous network charge?!

Vodafail should be ashamed of their network coverage, or lack there of, and customer service and should instead of spending thousands on public sporting figure endorsements and publicity, should focus on upgrading the pity-full network coverage before the TIO and ACCC are forced to do something. Or there is a class action that finds Vodafail in breach of there obligations as a service provider and they are forced to pay compensation to thousands of disgruntled customers.


Another pissed-off Vodafail customer.
10 Dec 2011 05:23:28 AM: I think there is 30 days warranty period for network issue. you can cancel your contract because of that. it is on their website.
10 Jan 2012 08:03:30 PM: All sorted out!!!
I was all prepared to tear them another one walking into the store but with the assistance of a very helpful staff member, who is on Telstra themselves. Cancelled the contract, sent the phone back.

Now on Telstra (Devils spawn I'm aware but willing to pay for a infallible service)

Enjoying all the benefits of my new network with 3G speeds around 3-4 times more than Vodafail (when I'm at home compared to when Vodafail was in the middle of the city!!!) And no excess data usage charges so my bill is actually about $30 cheaper on Telstra than when on 3 and Vodafail anyway!!!

I will never use the 3 or Vodafail service (or lack there of) EVER again and have told anyone and everyone I know and meet about the beyond ridiculously poor service provided (or not provided).

I sincerely hope you sort out your priorities and instead of hiring celebrity sports-people to advertise your service, you funnel your funding into upgrading your 'network' to something that resembles a phone service before ALL of your customers wise-up to the disgraceful service you supposedly provide, and leave the network as your share price plummets and you go into receivership...we can only hope!

So long Vodafail Hutchinson, I bid you good day and tell you to shove it sideways!!!


Another (previously) pissed-off Vodafail customer.

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