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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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Vodafail.com is no longer accepting complaints.
Over the past 6 months traffic to Vodafail has declined significantly. Therefore we have closed off Vodafail to new complaints. We think you will find more joy in posting on any one of these fine product / brand review sites.

You can also post directly on the Vodafone community forums.

Other People's Pain

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13931 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is incomparable in terms of poor customer service, and blatant lies to customers at 21 Jan 2011 02:49:28 PM

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13913 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Fail is an understatement at 21 Jan 2011 02:20:58 PM
I had network issues and was not recieving phone calls text messages and voicemails although in fairness voicemails some did run late by a week.
I had tried calling but would end up hanging up because after being on hold for 1 hour i would be told that i needed a different department which meant i had to hold for another hour.
Finally I was fed up and told vodafone that I was cancelling and not paying a cancelletion fee as this was a joke they then told nme to try different handsets and a number of different things they sent me text msgs that did not come through.
After all of this they told me they needed to troubleshoot which may take 28 days to figure out what was wrong. The Consultant then told me I had to pay to cancel which i was fuming at so i explained I was happy to continue as long as they were happy to pay consultancy fees per hour for the 18 hours i had been on this particular matter over 3 days and no call backs as promissed.
To cut a long story short after 5 hours I was offered a credit and was advised that because my phone was required for business and i could not wait to cancel and go to another network. Which i did immediately as i was traveling overseas the following day and left my phone with a friend for the time i was away and took theres so i did not have network problems.
I explained to the consultant that if i had to call back i needed to be compensated if none of the above were actioned. I had even exagerated my fees at $5000 per hour and told them that I would charge this for the hours i had spent previously and the hours I would send to sought it out.

After all of this I sure enough got charged to cancell and no credits were applied. I then called back and went to a supervisor who said i would not be credited but he would do me the favour and wave my cancellation fees. I explained to him that as per my mention that i would be requesting a $100,000 + compensation for my time and services. he then said that is impossible I then said well you wont apply any of the credits that were originally agreed to so put me through to the person who I spoe with originally and this super visor who I wont name refused saying he did not believe me that this had been mentioned and i was lucky that i he was crediting me the cancellation fee. I finally hung up as I was getting nowhere.
I then called the next day spoke to the person i originally spoke with for 5 hours on november 2nd mind you it took an hour to get through again. During this I conversation i had to loose it as he was going on about it was my fault and that he could no longer credit me as i cancelled on his advice but he would wave the fee. Finally I advised him of our compensation fee and he said he would wave the entire amount owing but could not get me any form of compensation.

Yours sincerly
Mr 30 hours+

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13908 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 100% at 21 Jan 2011 02:11:20 PM
Where do I start?
There are 2 significant Vodafails I have experienced in the last 5 years. Not impressed:

1. I have had my Vodafone mobile number since I joined the service back in 1997. It is my only number I use for business purposes as I am self employed. However between 5 and 7 years ago, a number of clients and friends commented that they had tried to call me but been put through to a guys phone instead. It was confirmed when on one of these occasions my friend asked him where I was, and he replied "Oh, I've been getting calls for this girl for at least 5 years". As soon as my friend actually managed to get hold of me and tell me, I rang Vodafone to confront them about why another customer had MY number and did they realise I had probably lost business because of it!
Well the charming girl advised me that she would disconnect me!!! In the end I don't know what happened to the 'other guy', but what they did was to disconnect my service for a few hours and then reconnect it (after I had to call them to do it). I was never given an apology once. All this whilst on a $149 business plan per month. DISGUSTING.

2. My husband and I purchased the wireless internet because it was such a good deal. Shame it had zero reception. It would take up to 6 hours to load a single internet page, like hotmail login. The poor guy I spoke to was so sheepish when he admitted that Vodafail had failed to actually supply enough infrastrusture to support the demand. We took it back and got our refund.

I am still with Vodafone due to the call costs, however my husband and I will shortly be changing to Optus so we can save money on a package deal with our home and internet.
21 Jan 2011 03:13:34 PM: I have their mobile internet too... It never works and yet they are trying to say we went over our cap and that we owe $650.

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13863 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Mega Fail at 21 Jan 2011 12:47:49 PM
I ended a contract with Vodafone 3 years ago. I did not make a fuss about their poor service at the time or the bad reception. Instead I simply took my business elsewhere. I recently applied for a loan and found that Vodafone had put a default on my credit report for a bill that I didn't and shouldnt have received and so the Bank would not approve the loan despite my good income and otherwise credit history. I have sinced hired a credit report repair company and they are fighting to have the default removed from my credit file as well as reporting Vodafone to regulatory bodies

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13797 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 100% Fail at 21 Jan 2011 11:23:57 AM
Constant call drops. Phone CONSTANtLY searching for signal. No internet when 3G signal is showing multiple bars. Totally unable to get a solid signal anywhere around Central Station.
I am SICK TO DEATH of being lied to by Vodafone support if and when I can actually reach someone. Now they've released a "script" to their vendors on how to deal with complaints
And they have the hide to try to say their infinite plans aren't tied to this mess. They still haven't learnt to tell the truth

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13716 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Deceptive at 21 Jan 2011 10:21:18 AM

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13713 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Fail to the max. at 21 Jan 2011 10:18:43 AM
No coverage in my house except when lying on the couch in a awkward position!

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13688 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Irritating at 21 Jan 2011 10:07:37 AM
Usual story - locked out of my vodafone, sent a new password which didn't work. Phoned customer service and gave up after waiting for 35minutes. Sorted by email after 3 days. Still haven't received $50 credit as advertised when I started my new plan in spite of being told it had been applied to my account a month ago.

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13659 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Its Horrible at 21 Jan 2011 09:49:54 AM
I changed to vodafail in early December and was told because of where I live/ worked I would be fine coverage wise!!!! What a lie I don't get any reception in my work building and I get hardly any at home. and talk about call drop outs i don't think Ive ever had a full conversation to someone that I haven't had to call back. They lied. When I went to a Vodafone store to speak to someone to get some help they told me it wasn't their problem and to call customer service. I told him that it was upto a 3 hour wait and didn't have that kind of time and he told me "They are the Breaks" I will never use them again as soon as my contract is up which is in 2 years unfortunately I will be going to Telstra. I should have listened in the first place and gone with them what a mistake!!!!!

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13640 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Major FAIL at 21 Jan 2011 09:39:23 AM
My partner and I changed to Vodafone less than two weeks ago. As soon as we joined, we have immense difficulties accessing the internet, even in CBD Melbourne. To top it off, my partners iphone, which was less than 1 week old shut down. We went to two seperate Vodafone stores, had to wait half an hour both times to be served by customer service, who tried unsuccessfully to solve the problem. We went home and tried to reboot the phone, still not working. We told one representative three times that we had tried all these things and then were told that they couldn't help us, wasn't their problem and it would easily be fixed. I mentioned to them that it was a faculty product and I was told that the phone was given to us in working order, implying that we had broken the phone. To top it off we were then told that we had to contact Apple ourselves to sort out the problem, all this within two weeks of joining Vodafone. We went to Apple, service was FANTASTIC and within 10mins, were told that the phone had major hardware malfunction and had a new phone!!! Vodafone, you should take a leaf out of their book. Vodafone, shame shame shame.

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13634 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Very Poor and doesn't really deliver at 21 Jan 2011 09:35:40 AM
My problems are:

1) delayed messages and voicemail even to other vodafone phones sometimes days late. As well as receiving messages all at once instead of throughout the day when they were sent.

2) poor service and call drop outs especially within my house. I've tested this besides other phones with other providers who have full coverage and watched my service decline to zero. My previous telco had no problems with call drops outs or service within my house.

3)fluctuating 3G coverage especially within the city.

4)unhelpful staff when contacted either through the call centre or within a shop.

5) Question really - has anyone questioned the amount of information collected when applying for a contract?? I didn't have to supply as much information for a mortgage.

Thanks for organising the website! I now know I too am not alone and will consider other telcos as this seems ....are there equivalent websites for them???
24 Jan 2011 07:01:11 PM: Yeah the eternal question. I think if home loans were invented 15 years ago they would be very different also the telcos are protecting their own interests cos property is always where you left it and increases in value, mobile phones not so much.

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13609 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Massive Fail at 21 Jan 2011 09:24:09 AM
Frustrated by continued poor coverage, drop outs and slow SMS/email messaging I emailed Vodaphone with a very detailed list of my concerns and a request for advice on how best to deal with these concerns and what options were available - in return I received a standard form response full of jargon and not the least helpful. I replied with words to this effect 3 days ago and have heard nothing back. Here's the form response I was given - can you decipher it? Does it help ease your pain?

Vodafone's GSM (2G) network covers up to 94.52%* of the Australian population. Our GPRS (2.5G) network covers 92% of the places you live and work in Australia. 3G available to 94% of the Australian population. Capital cities and larger regional centres operate on UMTS 2100MHz and smaller regional centres on UMTS 900MHz. 3G services are available in Vodafone's 3G areas - compatible device required. In metropolitan and some regional areas, Vodafone's 3G network operates on UMTS 2100Mhz. In smaller regional areas with Vodafone coverage, Vodafone's 3G network operates on UMTS 900Mhz. All 3G 900Mhz devices available from Vodafone are 2100Mhz compatible. However, not all 2100Mhz devices are 900Mhz compatible. Customers with 2100Mhz devices that are not 900Mhz compatible will experience GPRS (or Edge, where available) coverage in 3G 900Mhz areas. Slower speeds can be expected outside Vodafone's Mobile Broadband areas. Individual customer experience may vary - many factors affect access, capacity and speed. See www.vodafone.com.au/coverage for more details.

Important: While the highest standards are applied in preparing coverage maps, 100% mapping accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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13607 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Massive Fail at 21 Jan 2011 09:23:17 AM
Frustrated by continued poor coverage, drop outs and slow SMS/email messaging I emailed Vodaphone with a very detailed list of my concerns and a request for advice on how best to deal with these concerns and what options were available - in return I received a standard form response full of jargon and not the least helpful. I replied with words to this effect 3 days ago and have heard nothing back. Here's the form response I was given - can you decipher it? Does it help ease your pain?

Vodafone's GSM (2G) network covers up to 94.52%* of the Australian population. Our GPRS (2.5G) network covers 92% of the places you live and work in Australia. 3G available to 94% of the Australian population. Capital cities and larger regional centres operate on UMTS 2100MHz and smaller regional centres on UMTS 900MHz. 3G services are available in Vodafone's 3G areas - compatible device required. In metropolitan and some regional areas, Vodafone's 3G network operates on UMTS 2100Mhz. In smaller regional areas with Vodafone coverage, Vodafone's 3G network operates on UMTS 900Mhz. All 3G 900Mhz devices available from Vodafone are 2100Mhz compatible. However, not all 2100Mhz devices are 900Mhz compatible. Customers with 2100Mhz devices that are not 900Mhz compatible will experience GPRS (or Edge, where available) coverage in 3G 900Mhz areas. Slower speeds can be expected outside Vodafone's Mobile Broadband areas. Individual customer experience may vary - many factors affect access, capacity and speed. See www.vodafone.com.au/coverage for more details.

Important: While the highest standards are applied in preparing coverage maps, 100% mapping accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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13571 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Billing Problem at 21 Jan 2011 09:07:58 AM
Signed up in November on a plan. Was not advised that the Infinity plans (which would have suited my requirements a lot better) were being released the following day! Exceeded the cap I signed up to but was not informed. Called Vodafone and upgraded to an Infinity plan (more expensive per month than original plan but suited me better). Sales rep agreed that the cost of the calls over and above my previous cap would be credited as I had agreed to sign up to a new more expensive plan. Bill arrived - credit not applied! Emailed Vodafone 3 times and got an autoresponse each time. Tried calling 3 times but was on hold for 15 mins or more each time. Vodafone then barred my calls. That day I eventually got through and spent 1 hour 10 mins on phone with agent who struggled to understand the issue. With respect to the agent, she was new to the job and clearly did not have the appropriate training. However this was extrememly frustrating as there was no supervisor available for me to talk to but she could not help me. Eventually persuaded her to unbarr the phone and give me a commitment to have a call back from somebody that could help within 24 hours. No callback! Received a text 5 days later saying that my "billing issue had been resolved". Also received an email to tell me my account was overdue - again with an amount that was overcharged! Phoned Vodafone again and got through to an agent after 20mins on hold. After 30 mins call he eventually agreed to credit the charges as was originally agreed 7 weeks earlier. What a struggle and ultimately I am listed as the customer who did not pay on time!

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13528 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Bad Advice at 21 Jan 2011 08:50:34 AM
After spending 3 hours on hold to transfer to customer service, I was advised that the csr was going to transfer me to a department that could assist me. She transferred me to a call q that was closed. I was alos told that move form post pay to pre pay that I would need a new sim card which I bought and it was all a load of rubbish, didn't need to spend $30 at all. Dropped calls alot in 3070 and overall crap service.

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13458 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is badly at 21 Jan 2011 08:26:26 AM
had so much difficulty sending emails with data/file attachments, it took two days until I went to a store and ask the people there, how they can solve the issue of sending a simple email with just one photo attachment.

the frustrating question from the store staff was, "have you tried several times?". i went beserk and flabbergasted about the arrogance and the tone of her question, having explained to here that it's been two days that i had been trying to.

eventually, she took my iphone unit and did something without explanation whatsoever, and handed it back to me and said, "done"

after all the trouble, i asked for the supervisor. i demanded a simple answer to the store supervisor about the issue on connectivity. she replied, "having merged with "3", "3" customers take precedent on having access to the 3G network and she does not know why?

i just find it really irritating and at the same time hilarious that "we" as customers are just being treated like "kids" and "idiots" about the answers you are getting from them

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13452 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Incompetent at 21 Jan 2011 08:22:00 AM
In December, I have to always watch that my mobile is connected because the message "USIM is inactive..." came up at least once a day and I have to restart my phone to restablish connection to the network.
I am applying for jobs and I don't know yet how much damage has been done but I've had to explain many times to relatives and friend why they couldn't reach me when they called.

Vodafone's incompetent, lazy and make-things-up-as-they-go but can speak english call centre in India set up when their countryman ran Vodafone, will always be a problem for this telco.

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13448 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Loathsome at 21 Jan 2011 08:20:16 AM
NRMA Promo: 3 months free + 10% discount every month thereafter. So, I sign up 2 mobiles. Big mistake.

Absolutely shocking coverage.

Then, my first bill is $205!!!! What happened to the 3 months free?!!

Get on to customer service...no there was no such deal. Told him I have an email confirmation...got told I was lying!!!!!
22 Jan 2011 07:05:13 PM: Hey dude, I'm on that promo plan! But they told me it was 2 months free and 10% off every bill. So far they have only given me 1 month free I'm still waiting for the other month.

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13426 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is lies lies lies! at 21 Jan 2011 08:13:46 AM
after promising coverage at my girlfriends house in Freeing within 3 months... we are 1 year later and still no improvement. there is no signal there at all. Their promises were the reason we both signed up (and that we could get free calls to each other).

After a lot of pressure they released my girlfriend from her contract because of the lack of coverage and she paid out $100 for the phone which she was happy to do. They refuse to release me because even though i made it clear when getting the phone that i would be up at her house a lot of the time (2-3 days a week) i didnt put her address on the form i put my address because SHOCK HORROR THATS WHERE I LIVE!!!!!!

They refuse to let me out of the contract because i didnt list her address even though vodafone misrepresented what they were telling me when i signed up.(on a side note they also lied to my dad about coverage when he signed up 6 business phones with them).

The guy on the phone said "if i go to the shop, find the person who said this to me then call back and get them to admit that they lied to me when i signed up, then i could be released from the contract" WTF!!!!!!

Anyway, added to that i am now on my 3rd iphone because of signal loss and dropped calls which were blamed on the phone, i spent a month paying for the phone and data package for the iphone whist using some crappy basic nokia without internet on it. It was quite obviously a problem with the network not the phone.

Anyway the ombudsman said i have a case and is now investigating.

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13415 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Competence vs Greed at 21 Jan 2011 08:08:02 AM
I have been a Vodafone AU customer for over 2.5 yrs...

Generally, I would rate their overall performance as limited to poor...

Initially I had issues with 3G USB modem (provided by VF) connectivity, which would successfully establish a connection to the local tower, but then not forwarding any traffic (unable to ping VF DNS or WWW IP's) beyond the gateway (but was still able to ping the 3G gateway address)...

Logged an ongoing fault (problem) with VF (got (Ciaro of all places) which got followed up initially with a call but then several mths later, once again with a call requesting authority to close the job..?? (No resolution and no info even suggesting VF understood the issue)

I find the 3G voice network also randomly drops calls in the Brisbane CBD distrcit, most often when I am busy and least need it..!!

Generally my "gut" feel on Vodafone is that they have the potential and competence to run a high-end reliable network, but the level oversubscription model employed across their infrastructure platforms for voice and data is less than acceptable...

The underlying cause of this I strongly believe to be the VF business model...
VF AU (perhaps internationally) runs on the premise of an enormous debt facility, so the business model essentially pushes the capability boundaries of the underlying infrastructure (+ traffic engineering QoS/Tos) models) to ensure maximum revenue streams support this debt facility, thus providing end-users of the consolidated network services a poor, unreliable quality of technical service alongside a complete disregard for the supporting services, again, the employment of automated IVR systems etc to minimise staffing overheads, why, again to reduce the debt facility....

At the end of the day, I think VF actually can competently provide the services they claim to sell, but they need to investigate their underlying business models and the underlying technical infrastructure to find a "happy medium" that allows them to support the debt facility they require to offer services (which may need to be reduced) while providing consumers of the services a reliable and satisfactory level of service...

I am an ICT Analyst with aN Network Engineering background in Telecommunications and would be happy to work with the executives at VF to investigate and analyse the current VF business metrics and identify strategies to return VF Service Consumption into an uplifting experince for their consumer base..!!!

My name is Morgen Lofting and can be contacted on www.likedin.com.au...

Have a great day...

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13406 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is STUPID at 21 Jan 2011 08:06:30 AM
Families and friends contacted me on FB, complaining I never replied to their SMS and my phone is always OFF everytime he tried to reach me. Guess what I always replied, it just doesn't get to them thanks to Vodafone. Also, my phone is never OFF, it's always ON 24/7. If only I'm not on the contract, I would've switch to another network.

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13369 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Mobile Broadband at 21 Jan 2011 07:53:51 AM

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13315 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is almost total at 21 Jan 2011 07:35:17 AM
1.I have been a Vodafone customer since June 2009, after switching from my employer's Telstra system due to work downturn. I arranged for a $29 a month prepaid account using my existing mobile phone, and for it to be automatically recharged from my credit card account every month. The automatic payment has not occured 75% of the time, and I have only been aware of this when "call failed" appeared on the mobile's screen. My wife and I were stuck in Europe due to the volcanic ash cloud and I couldn't get my account credited because I didn't have the right credit card with me to do it. When I have asked Vodafone why the system to automatically recharge hasn't worked, I have been given many different tales - system failure, credit balance was too low, it won't happen again, etc.
2. In June 2010 I took up a "special offer" through NRMA and chose to buy a $49 a month account (less 10% for NRMA members) which included a Nokia 97 mini. Howevere, the next day, I realised that I don't need a new phone or the extra services. I rang Vodafone to cancel my order. They said that was fine, but I had to return the phone in a special 'return' bag which they would send me. Despite many calls (most of which I give up on after waiting up to an hour) and a visit to the local Vodafone store, no 'return bag' arrived, so I sent the unopened package back to Vodafone. Then the billing started - $49 a month. I returned the bills indicating that I didn;t have a Vodafone supplied mobile. Another bill, then another then another - all returned annotated to say I didn't have a Vodafone supplied mobile. Then the debt collection agency wrote saying I owed Vodafone $1324 and unless I paid legal action would occur. I went yet again to the local Vodafone store where I was told that because I had cancelled my account I had to pay a cancellation fee ($900?)- but the store could not resolve the problem, it had to be done by phone. More calls and hours spent on hold. Eventually my solicitor told me to send a "Cease and Desist Notice" to Vodafone and to use this in any legal proceedings that Vodafone might try to bring against me. That worked. I have received no more bills or threats of debt recovery.
21 Jan 2011 07:43:36 AM: You should also check with the credit reference organsations. Vodafone may have stopped sending you bills but they may have declared the debt black and you will suffer as a result!

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13272 Someone from TAS thinks vodafone is worst service ever at 21 Jan 2011 07:23:52 AM
We a business in melbournes Western Suburbs. We are approximately 8KM from the CBD. We swapped over to vodafone in the month of october 2010. We have 6 phones connected to this service. We have lost business (due to the amount of drop outs), been abused (not getting back to people as we dont always get their voicemail), had extra expenses (due to people not being able to contact us) etc etc. I can really go on and on and on. It is an absolute joke that this is allowed to happen. The only solution i see is to change over to a new carrier. Vodafone says we are on a contract and therefore we cant. My reply to them is that they have not fulfilled their side of the contract as they are not supplying the service they promised.

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13225 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Frustrating at 21 Jan 2011 07:04:52 AM
First of all, thank you for setting up this website!

I had heard that Vodafone is relatively poor in terms of national coverage. Yet, because they seemed to offer the best value for money and the fact that I live in central Sydney, I decided to at least give them a go. In June last year I went to a Crazy John's shop (only sells Vodafone deals) and enquired about Vodafone's coverage. I was shown a map (same map that is available on Vodafone's homepage), where it showed that there was 100% coverage of the area where I lived. Just in case, I asked what would happen if their map turned out to be "wrong" in terms of coverage. I was told that all I needed to do was to bring the phone back in store and it would be cancelled. As soon as I got near our house in Watsons Bay in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney the reception got worse and worse... eventually, there was NO reception at all. Disappointed I drove back to the shop but was told that the cancellation process was a bit complicated... They sent me home and asked me to call Vodafone's engineers from my landline and explain my situation to them and only then Crazy John's could refund me. I spoke to three or four different people and no one really had a desire to help out. In fact, they were adamant that I was wrong...For instance, one guy said "No, you must be wrong, our maps show that there is perfect reception where you are". I gave up, went back to the shop and told them that I was not keen on spending the rest of the day on hold with Vodafone's customer service or with their engineers who did not want to help out anyway. Eventually, we agreed that Crazy John's would make the calls for me. About two weeks later, I still had not heard anything and I checked with Crazy John's and was told that they had "forgotten" to make the call... They did make the call and Vodafone eventually sent out a satchel for me to return the phone to them in. In the instructions it said in bold text and capital letters: make sure you remove the battery before you return the phone. I had bought an iPhone and was a bit perplexed as getting the battery out is not that straightforward. I found some youtube videos on how to remove the battery but the whole process seemed a bit dodgy. By accident I happened to read the instruction booklet and in the small print I found that if you remove the battery you cannot return the phone. I phoned Vodafone again and asked them what I should do. I was told not to remove the battery after all. I went to Australia post the next day thinking that finally I could get this whole thing out of the way. They asked me if I had removed the battery from the phone that I was sending to Vodafone. I told them what I was told by Vodafone. Australia Post refused to accept the satchel as it is against their safety rules to send phones with batteries inside. I went back home, called Vodafone again but was told that I needed to use the satchel they had sent me if I wanted to cancel the contract. The next day I went to a (different) Australia Post office and I actually lied about the content of the satchel... It did not feel good, particularly as I had to put my signature on the paperwork. It was sent away to Vodafone and I was very relieved when, a few days later, I found out that Vodafone had received it. Then, about two weeks later, I received a bill for the full amount of a month's usage. I can see how things get wrong when everything is automated so I simply called them and asked what the bill was for. They apologised and were actually surprisingly helpful that time. They told me that I did not have to pay anything as it was cancelled and that they were going to send a new bill that stated that I owed them zero dollars. The next bill, however, showed a new amount which was even higher than the first one :-)...It took another two weeks before everything was sorted out.

This was a something that should have been a very simple process. I am convinced that a lot of people would have given up half way through, which I guess, is how Vodafone makes a fair bit of money at the end of the day. I spent so much time both on the phone, by e-mail and in the store that I have become completely turned off by Vodafone forever. I will never, ever go near Vodafone's products again and I will continue to recommend friends not to have anything to do with them.

1) They use false advertising by saying they have full coverage of areas where they clearly don't. This is a serious offence that ACCC should look into.

2) They advertise a simple cancellation process, which is nothing but an administrative headache, which you need to spend several hours on to get to the bottom with.

3) Some of their customer service reps were nice and helpful (including staff at Crazy John's) while others were completely uninterested in taking any accountability.

I find it amazing that Vodafone spends so much money on advertising and sponsorship (e.g. the Ashes) instead of spending it on a good product and customer services!? Word of mouth travels far.
21 Jan 2011 09:18:51 AM: I had an identical situation but my o2 phone was dead on arrival. Vodafone told me to call o2 (in Singapore???). I got the satchel, returned the phone to Vodafone (Tas) and broke the contract under the cooling off period as I was given the run around. A few days later receive a bill for $1100 which took over a month for them to correct. So frustrating...

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13220 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is pathetic at 21 Jan 2011 07:00:24 AM
i am also an unfortunate person lied to when sold vodafone/3 wireless braodband, working in Melbournes cbd, at best its at dial up speed, so how they can say this is broadband, evades me, the drop out are regular and consistent, and dont bother even trying during school holidays, the vodafone wireless network cant handle basic streaming media, unles you like a 5 minute show to take 25mins to watch, stop start, these peopjamale are selling a product they simply cant or are not prepared to deliver

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13201 Someone from TAS thinks vodafone is Very Fail but very cheap at 21 Jan 2011 06:48:05 AM
Inconsistent/poor coverage that constantly fluctuates. Poor data performance. Dropped calls, messages not sending, messages delayed, calls not coming through. Was lied to about my coverage upon signing contract. The usual tripe.

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13180 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is big fail at 21 Jan 2011 06:32:39 AM
Vodaphone charged me for downloading games that I didn't download. When I called to enquire (called 3 times over a period of a week), they transferred me from person to person (all of whom struggled to completely understand what I was saying) and refused to provide a refund. Nonetheless, it was promised that once they worked out whether or not there was a problem (as if I was lying), they would call me back and credit my next bill. This was in September 2009. I have not heard from them since.

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13146 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Major at 21 Jan 2011 05:54:13 AM
Being charged for spam txts to my phone that I did NOT subscribe for and being charged $52 a month for!!! Unfortunately I didn't go through my bill until 2 motnhs later so have $104 to pay for this rubbish. Smarmy female at call centre told me even though this is a known problem throughout Vodafone, that I was not just an isolated case, I would still have t pay for it!!! I told her I never subscribed to these horoscopes txts nor have ever used them, yet got them every week which I would just delete when they came through - never opened them. I was informed that I obviously did sign up to them and I'm telling her in no uncertain terms I never once hooked into any crap like that, nor asked to get it constantly therefore, I need to be credited the amount. The unhelpfulness, the smarmy attitude and at the end of waiting....'have a lovely day.' They told me this is a big problem....yet they told me I still have to pay it...WTF??? Seriously? I have since talked to a friend who is a Voda account manager who is getting out of the company as is sick of all the crap she puts up with and she is highly disgusted in how my issue was dealt. They inform me they don't do the 2212 horoscopes and I said I don't care who does it, It's Vodafone who sends me the bill so I take up the gripe with them. I am still so angry with this that it hasn't been resolved, they keep telling me its a service I obviously wanted (isn't the customer always right??), and basically insinuating I am lying. Had an absolute gutsful.
21 Jan 2011 08:52:17 AM: No, the customer isn't always right.
And carriers can see whether it was authorised by the handset in question.
24 Jan 2011 12:33:23 AM: No- a while back I heard the government was going to crack down on this heavily. Maybee they just decidede to commission another study into the feasibility of investigating regulating this practice.Anyone know?

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13120 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is vodapathetic at 21 Jan 2011 05:37:16 AM
Was with vodafone for a few years. Fed up with shoddy waiting times to talk to customer service and bad coverage, I transferred my number to Telstra. Changed my address with them for final bill. My mail was forwarded for 12months in July 2005 and another 3 in July 06. I cancelled in Sept 06 with Vodafone. For 4 months, they were texting me asking me to rejoin Vodafone with special offers, promotions. In Jan, 07 I opened a nasty letter from a collections co saying I had been defaulted and to pay $176.00. When I rang Vodafone for a please explain and asking why Vodafone had not taken any measure to ring my phone or text me if they could take the time to send me promotional texts and why my address had not been changed when I expressly told them the response was in a foreign accent "Madame, we cannot ring everybody" I was really pissed and tied numerous time with their collections co to have my default removed all to no avail. I got a letter from them stating I had paid but it was too late for my credit file! It has come up in any loan I have applied for an I have been knocked back by my own bank recently for a home loan as they said it was the Vodafone default. It's always Vodafone" my manager stated and shook her head. I rang PDR last year (their collections co)6 times in October. The issue is being looked at with our legal team madame. We will call you tomorrow" Each time no one has called! Another bank has approved our loan as they have seen the sense in my explanation which has always been extensive, emabarrassing and unecessary if they had just got their act together in the first place! They should be shut down. I'm a nurse, mum of four, have no other default ever on my file! They have caused me so much grief, I feel like suing! Vodafone is VODAPATHETIC! Thanks for listening and this great website. Louise.

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13021 Someone from TAS thinks vodafone is Criminal at 20 Jan 2011 07:16:42 AM
After account access troubles for the past month, mysterious password changes, four digit pin changes and my address changing to the house over the road from me on my account I suspected either sheer incompetence or foul play regarding my account. Once I heard about the information leaks I was sure my details had been tampered with so I called Vodafone to confront them about it.

The first operator told me there is no way that can happen, even though I had called the number Vodafone supplied on their website if you suspected your account details had been compromised. I explained that my password was changing almost everyday, locking me out of my account and I had to call and have it reset. Without even looking he told me that my account had not been compromised so I asked to speak to his manager. He transferred me to someone else who without even asking my name told me that my account was not one of the accounts that had been leaked. I told him that I had been advised that any misleading info regarding this matter would result in criminal investigations by the TIO and he transferred me to someone else.

I knew I had someone who meant business this time because I got an Australian on the phone. I explained my situation to them once again. With a few quick key strokes the operator informed me that my account HAD been compromised! He then offered me a months worth of credit to my account! A whole months worth for getting calls from seedy foreign sales people a dozen times a night trying to sell me anti virus software because they have detected my copy of windows is at risk... I own a Mac... I had a copy of Vodafone's privacy statement prepared and read it to him, the WHOLE thing. He then asked how I would like to proceed. I told him that I was mislead regarding the service I would receive on my phone in the first place, lied to about getting full reception at my house and place of work only to get home and NEVER have any - Contract breach on their part number one... I also told them that they illegally sold my information to a third party for which now I am harassed constantly - Contract breach on their part number two.

He then tried to tell me that I am in a legally binding contract and any attempt to nullify the contract would lead to dishonor fees and charges. So I read the letter the TIO had given me to him stating that since the commencement of the contract I had fulfilled my terms completely - paying accounts on time. However the provider of the account HAD NOT fulfilled the terms of the contract in regards to false information and coercion of the contract, failure to deliver the service promised in the contract and suspicion of criminal activity in regards to information provided for use solely by the contractor.

He went down kicking and screaming, but finally voided the contract. A week later though I get a bill demanding I pay an exit fee which I was advised to forward to the officer from the TIO investigating my case. The exit fee is more than I would have paid for my phone and my contract upfront and I have also received an outstanding account bill for minus $976.88 which I have 14 days to pay!

Unbelievable. How do I pay minus $976.88 before I am reported to debt collectors???
20 Jan 2011 09:09:52 AM: Don't worry Vodafone will try to recover the -$976.88 and include late penalty fees as well!!!

You could end up with a massive debt of over -$1000 and still the debt collectors will be notified!!!
20 Jan 2011 10:02:17 AM: HI Mate: Worse still for you, as the case is referred to a debt collection agency, then you will have a BAD CREDIT rating slapped on you by the CRAA. This means you will note be able to get a loan for anything for the next 5 years!!! Please check before its too late for you. I got stung the same way. Great addition for a law suit.
25 Jan 2011 02:56:28 PM: its a credit you retard :) OMG get a clue, maybe if you had been smart you would of not gone yo vodafone
7 Feb 2011 08:13:48 PM: We all realise it's a credit. We just don't know how this customer is expected to PAY this bill before being turned in to the collection agencies. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pay vodafone -$976.88, yet they are billing it anyway. Obviously you didn't read the post correctly. Who's the retard now?
9 Feb 2011 01:10:37 PM: RE: 7 Feb 2011 10:13:48 PM - In relation to the very last statement and question of your post, those answers would actually be you didn't and you still (and no I am not the poster from 25 Jan).

The invoice showing the credit will no doubt have something printed on it saying something along the lines of "no amount to pay".

If the invoice has been sent for a service which has been disconnected, then the person to whom the invoice has been issued needs to contact the invoice issuer (in this case, Vodafone) to organise a refund of the amount by which the account is in credit.

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12912 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is going up and down at 18 Jan 2011 11:51:41 AM
I would like to express some concerns. Why are people labelling this site as highly biased? It's plainly obvious that it is a site for unheard or distressed customers to complain and vent their anger here rather than at Vodafone staff. Words here have some minor profanity, but it is only what usual angry people have to say. Place yourself in their shoes, wouldn't you be just as angry with swearing involved? If this site makes customers feel better, then obviously, by using the how to complain section, they can get their problem resolved with less anger and more respect, since their anger was already posted here as a complaint. That's how I see it. However, direct or indirect racism is not Australian, so that is not right. Do not be racist here or anywhere else. Why? Because we are all humans and are a single species that have a majority of DNA exactly the same as each other. Being racist is like saying dislikes to physical limitations of evolution. We are different in ethnic backgrounds, which helps us distinguish each others' uniqueness. If people all had the same body , the same customs, and the same identity, many people would have trouble recognising each other and people would complain again. So appreciate our differences as multicultural Australians. Implying a comment about verbal accents or communication issues, which would otherwise be taken as racist, should be alright under the condition that it has a reason and explanation as to how it made your issue hard to resolve. If people want to really express how magnificent, excelling, fantastic, and marvellous Vodafone is, then go to their website forums or give them a call telling them how much you love them. They would really need that support right now. Perhaps you could create a Vodafine or Vodafantasy fan site to show your biased support for Vodafone, to make them happier in these dark times. Hopefully, people don't immediately complain about this useful post.
18 Jan 2011 12:07:19 PM: I would also like to add that Vodafone's official site is obviously biased to how great they are, for sales and assurance reasons. So just get information from Vodafone.com.au and Vodafail.com. Combine what you have gathered and you will end up with a satisfactory balanced explanation to the angel and devil of Vodafone Australia. There two sides to this issue, not one. We can't have Vodafone being seen as an angel all throughout their culminating network issues. It is up to you to decide what is the truth and what is the lie.
18 Jan 2011 01:58:27 PM: I really like your idea of a website called "Vodafantasy.com". We could all go there for a lovein celebration of all the warm huggy touchy feely things about Vodafone we have all come to love and admire. In Vodafantasy land our mobiles would work 100% of the time and LARA will have retired to Mumbai.
18 Jan 2011 02:21:01 PM: LMAO! Yeah vodafantasy is available right now under a codename: www.vodafone.com.au

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12907 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Never Use Vodafone Again! at 18 Jan 2011 09:51:29 AM
I signed up for the first year half price plan. Get my first bill and charged full price. It took me the entire day to get through to their call centre. When i did get through they were really condescending telling me i didn't understand my bill. When i finally convinced them that i was being overcharged they transferred me to differing departments. When i asked one person why he was transferring me, he hung up on me. Eventually went in store (told to vodafone myself because they can't do it for me) when i refused and insisted they call on my behalf (and yes they do have a direct line for store staff members to contact there call centre - they admitted it after originally lying and saying they didn't). Still don't have my money back after my second bill, so have lodged formal complaint with the ombudsman, which i strongly recommend anyone with a problem with Vodafone to do so. The more formal complaints lodged, the more time, effort and money vodafone has to spent to sort it out it might just give them the desire to fix the problems rather than signing ppl to contracts and forgetting about them!
18 Jan 2011 07:31:04 PM: i work for vodafone and can assure you that i have to sit on the line for an hour to get through just like you. hence why we get the customer to do it because we have a job to do.
21 Jan 2011 08:12:00 AM: I signed up for the same thing. I went in store and was told yes the bill was incorrect so I said I would only pay half and got them to cancel my direct debiting. What do you know I payed half and still got the full amount debitted from my account. I then went in store again and someone else said the first bill was correct and half price thing doesnt kick in untill your second bill. I wanted a refund because I was misled into paying more. I arranged twice for a refund and it never went through. Got my second bill and the half price still wasn't showing up. If you read the terms and conditions of the half price deal it says it should be applied as a credit to you 1st month's bill to your 12th month bill. So it should have been applied straight away. The staff are completely unaware of the terms and conditions. I wish I had never signed up to vodafone, it's been 2 months and I am so dissatisfied and sick of having to go in store all the time. I can't get through to the call center, waiting on hold for an hour is not an option for me when I work full time.

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12888 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is utter contempt at 17 Jan 2011 10:33:44 PM
I won't even get into it. However it is quite sobering to note that no customer had stood up for this company known as Vodafone. Often we have both sides, one that hates and another probably likes. This website highlights that is company is tragically not liked by anyone. No one stood up for Vodafone at all. This means this company is really quite hated and not welcomed to do business here. Where are all your loyal customers? Where are their support for you Vodafone? Sadly whatever you advertise, it is far from clear that anyone in Australia likes you at all. You best go back to Europe where you belong.
You are just a profit gouging and would stop at nothing to make a fat profit, including lying, resorting to unethical business practice and misleading the public. And on top of that you train yours staff to be rude and act in contempt towards customers who rightly deserve every cent of what you have ripped off from them. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, first prize winner of worse business of the year.
18 Jan 2011 10:43:08 AM: That might be because anything positive is deleted on this highly biased site.

I am posting this from an iPhone 4 on Vodafone I haven't had any issues, like the two iPhone 3's my kids use, also on Vodafone, my wife has a Vodafone plan as welI.

I also use Vodafone prepaid mobile broadband as a backup to my 1.5 Adsl, (due to Telstra playing sillybuggers with the exchange), as it's faster especially when my kids are using the Internet.

Never had a problem, have been on paperless bills for eight years and have always been able to access them.

I never call any company I deal with, I go to their website look for a contact us link and email them, then chill out and wait, why bother sitting on hold.
19 Jan 2011 11:48:34 AM: lucky you... so you are one of a handful of customers who are happy with the service... or maybe you work for vodafone? you sure have a good sales pitch, although it is a bit hard to send an e-mail and sit back and relax if your phone and internet are not working properly which is why most people on this site are posting here and making angry phone calls.

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12882 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Lied about coverage at 17 Jan 2011 07:59:38 PM
Howdy all.

I live in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. A small town in the eastern suburbs. I recently was looking into getting a phone plan with vodaphone and so I checked their website for phone coverage to make sure, sure enough the website said FULL 3G reception 100%. So I thought cool, but because I of this website went to get a pre-paid simcard to just check it.

Guess what, NO coverage ANYWHERE in the street I live in, let alone the house.

I feel cheated out of 2$ and pissed that I was lied too and they advertising was an absolute lie. Something should be done about this.

That is all.
19 Jan 2011 07:18:09 PM: Bacchus Marsh is in the West and is not a suburb of Melb

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12853 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is A VERY SICK PUPPY at 17 Jan 2011 04:57:50 PM
This is a follow on to my post #12532 earlier in the week & relates to a totally unsolicited deal that VF sent me with tempting extras to switch from 3 wireless Internet to them with no more to pay. Basically they looked at my nearly ending 3 account & sent me an offer too good to refuse, which turned out to be too good to be true!

I thought I had sorted my problems with VF when a nice young (sounding) Aussie "account executive" (What does that mean, somebody who applied for the low rate job & was accepted to make coffee & occasionally answer the phone?) agreed to cancel my 1 day old deal because it just totally did not work at all. The deal would be canceled when I returned the modem & software disc by way of a reply paid satchel, which would be sent to my address within 3 days.

No return satchel arrived to date but today, about a week later, I received a call from a nice Indian lady named Poonam & she tells me they want me to check the hardware again before they actually send me the return address satchel because I should give it one more try with their technical dept. My reply was that I am an IT expert & have thoroughly tested their hardware & software & I have determined that neither are the problem, VF just does not have the coverage & the signal is too weak for me to get any kind of acceptable Internet connectivity. This is on top of waiting hours in the LARA queues for days just to get the original guy to agree to cancel my deal.

Anyway, I know live in hope that Poonam can actually arrange for me to back their gear so I can be totally rid of anything to do with this maladjusted, malfunctioning company.

I'll keep you posted on the end result, in the meantime as it's late afternoon I'll have a couple of drinks to dull the PAIN!
17 Jan 2011 05:58:19 PM: Can you please have one for me as well.......thanks!!!!
17 Jan 2011 06:15:44 PM: Forgot to say that the lovely (voiced) Ms Poonam admitted that VF was overstretched on their network (an excuse that doesn't wash but they have been told to say this) due to the merger with 3 & also that was the reason we have to wait so long in queues listening to garbage lies about VF service & garbage music for hours on end. I politely pointed out that this was not the way Australians expected to be treated by a company when doing business & my dealing with her employers who solicited my business from their merger company when they full knew that they could not provide the alleged service amounted to fraud.

Not being racist but as pointed out by somebody else on here there is a massive cultural divide between Australian VF customers & the country & people chosen to answer calls for help when things do not go according to the stated services of this very un-Australian company. Australia Day coming up, maybe us VF customers should celebrate with curried lamb!

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12825 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is at 17 Jan 2011 01:24:02 PM
I'm another disgruntled customer putting up with almost no signal and slow data speeds. I'm in the process of leaving Vodafone, which we all should do, should we have these pathetic problems for weeks unfixed. The TIO will need to help us get out of Vodafone's illegal contracts. - @ Vodafail.com/mod: As suggestive feedback for extra useful statistics on Vodafail.com, I think there should be a rating bar of 0-100%, in a section known as 'Rate Your Pain', on this site so we can rate how angry or upset we are. That section should include check boxes for if we are still angry and if the problem remains unresolved. It should also include a dropdown box for choosing how long we have been having this pain (days, months, weeks, etc) and how long it took us to cancel our contracts, accounts, etc. A rudenessmeter may be necessary for us to rate how rude Vodafone has been depending on the situation. The 'On Hold Again?' section should include a dropdown box for us to choose the number of times the call centre has cut us off per day, the number of times our calls dropped per day when we call other people, the speed rate we are currently experiencing for 3G (0-1500+ Kbits per sec, for 3G anything below 300 Kbits per sec or about 38 KBytes per sec is just pathetic), and a textbox for us to briefly note the lame responses the call centre employees give us (for eg. 'We have technicians at the site and the network issues will be fixed by the end of this week.' These comments can be placed into categorised list, like the topic categories in Share Your Pain. It would be amusing to see which responses are most often heard from the call centres daily). A voluntary textbox for noting down the suburb where the customers are currently experiencing network issues may be necessary for further informative feedback, so we can see where the problems are and perhaps avoid those areas. A lyingmeter may be necessary for us to flag how many times the call centre or VHA staff lied based on us reporting their usual responses as is, in both the textbox for sharing call centre employee responses and the Share Your Pain section. All this may seem like we are doing an audit for Vodafone's network problems (which I strongly think Vodafone should be doing themselves), but if we actually provide enough information here, we can better inform eachother as well as other people about these issues. I believe the Share Your Pain is an excellent section for us to express our complaintful opinions and experiences of the Vodafone issues. The call centre is like a brick wall. At least here, there ARE Australian multicultural human species that can understand our problems. Cheers.

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12810 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Bad at 17 Jan 2011 10:52:08 AM
1. Impossible to keep track of spend on contract. Sometimes takes up to three days to update which often means I go over my cap and charged ludicrous amounts.
2. When I tried to arrange an installment plan to pay off one such excessive bill they took it out in one installment and sent me overdrawn.
3. Constant dropouts.
4. Useless useless telephone helpline.
5. Even more useless internet site. Fails to recognise my password, fails to recognise my new password that they just texted me and when I finally get online to check my account I get an unknown error and am told to call the useless useless useless telephone helpline.
When I am lying on my deathbed pondering my life, I will think of all the hours I have wasted dealing with Vodafone!.
(Didn't realise they were Poms. I'm Irish so now everything makes sense...)

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12726 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Fail at 16 Jan 2011 04:53:01 AM
Poor reception soon as I leave town, reception so bad and unpredictable that I have a telstra prepaid as a backup incase I break down. Totally hate Lara, she needs a punch in the ovaries, as a female if the human species relied on Lara to reproduce the human species would disappear. And to top it off Vodafail does not care if their network goes down for days at a time, when my contract's up I am porting my number to Telstra.

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12723 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is watching the world go by at 16 Jan 2011 01:04:10 AM
It has been a month of utterly shit 3G/2G signal and speed where I live, east of cbd. (Sigh) I can't reach vodafone support properly. Their website states nothing about the state of network towers in SA. Lara is a retard and not helping. Vodafone has not done anything about their retrograding infrastructure. Vodafone makes many customers feel like crap, worse than or as other telcos. Nigel Dews is doing shit all. (my general assumption and opinion) The infinite caps are making the network even more obliterated. I hope potential customers don't switch to vodafone. The indian call centre is for the vodafone in india, not australia. Tossing our calls overseas to india will not save costs, but cause more pain. Vodafone Australia seriously needs an Australian call centre. They also need to abide by the law and provide a service that works when they sell products to new customers. They also must promptly fix a service should it be broken nationwide. Vodafone Australia ultimately needs to go through and revise all 12000+ complaints on this site. They also need to revise through the plethora of issue threads in Whirlpool forums. However, they are ignorant. I don't think vodafone australia has any contact with their indian call centre. That call centre is a sidelined relic. The merge with 3 has not shown any positives since both provide the generally similar plans. Trying to gain market share by merging is just pathetic. If VHA think they can combine their $millions cash investment into their network to alleviate expenditure, then I don't see any evidence of them 'improving' their network over the past year. Nigel Dews, can you please tell us what on earth is going on with the company's network services. (he denies any issue at all) 15000+ customers signup to class action lawsuit and this vodafail site launches skyhigh into the heavens. (he automatically apologises with an attitude like Lara and tries to gain good public relations) We find that he lied to us that the network is all fine but its actually fkd. We wonder why vodafone has done nothing about the network. (he too, remains silent, aside from his dogmatic statement that the network will be upgraded and the service will be even better apparently.) I guess those 'upgrades' are disrupting the services so badly to the point many customers find it unusable. The CEO seriously needs to review the company's mission statements if there are any left. This failing network is taking long to recover and any upgrades should not sever our services for extended periods. And Vodafone's slogan 'power to you' needs revising. These days it seems that Vodafone has the power to do nothing. Luckily we customers have the power to leave. However, vodafone has the power to hinder us from leaving. Luckily again, with the help of TIO we have the power to leave without penalty. All I can say is thanks vodafone, for giving us extraordinary powers. It would be even better if they conserved their power for resolving their service...nuff said.

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12679 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is epic at 14 Jan 2011 11:14:30 PM
Upgraded my handset with Vodafone over the phone, was told that to insure the new handset I would need to go and visit a store after I had received it.. I did so, and was promptly told that I was no longer eligible for insurance as that needed to be arranged at time of purchase. Apparently they were not allowed to sell me insurance over the phone in the period that I upgraded, so rather than loose the sale, the staff member simply lied.. Now I am left with an uninsured iPhone which they refused to either insure or accept as a return.

Next I moved to a new house, and as my home phone was getting changed I though i could rely on my mobile to stay in touch.. Fail.. Vodafone had NO coverage at the suburb I moved to for two weeks as they upgraded a tower.. not even low coverage, NO coverage, I literally had to drive to the next suburb to get my texts and make calls.. I live in the inner suburbs of Brisbane, the third largest city in the country and they simply turned off coverage for a fortnight. im on a $99 cap, you would think that I would be entitled to $50 off? no deal..

I hate you Vodafone.. more than Telstra even.. and that is a massive call

21 Jan 2011 08:55:58 AM: Vodafone insurance is totally worthless anyway, read the PDS, I was unable to find a scenario where a phone would be covered.

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12646 Someone from NT thinks vodafone is Failest of the fail at 14 Jan 2011 04:33:06 PM
14 Jan 2011 06:09:47 PM: It's nice how they bend over backwards to help their customers.
14 Jan 2011 06:57:03 PM: Its nice how the customers bend over backwards for vodafail, do all the trouble shooting free of charge, do an audit of the networks failures free of charge, but those customers better not dispute a bill for that failed service, and those customers better pay those bills on time!
14 Jan 2011 07:00:39 PM: Having done all the investigations, the lon and the short of it is, the problem is that the sim card says vodafone, that is the begining and the end of the problem
15 Jan 2011 05:18:49 AM: OPtus and telstra also have similar ways
15 Jan 2011 06:58:15 AM: Not disputing that, but at least their bloody networks actually work!
16 Jan 2011 03:24:22 PM: For a result, Try http://vodafone.custhelp.com/app/ask
at least I'm now getting reply's.
16 Jan 2011 07:12:47 PM: There are so many variables. Would you rather they asked you one question at a time and then had a look at that and then moved on or would you rather they got all the pertinent info in one go? Which can help them isolate an issue.

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12633 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is not sorry to say that they are lost and their network is down at 14 Jan 2011 02:21:46 PM
By looking at everyone's agony here, it looks like Vodafone Australia will soon set a 2011 Guinness World Record of being the worst telco giant ever as of yet. I work in a small business and need the portability of mobile broadband. I only have 0-1 bar 3G signal, for weeks on end at torrensville. WTF is up with their crusty network towers? Did they turn the 3G function all off to save costs or did they execute an Australia wide armageddon against their network towers? I can't even recognise the difference between GPRS and 3G anymore. Perhaps, in the most appalling circumstances, Vodafone and 3 are still deciding on who should be what role in management. A year later, they are still hopeless at merging. They just leave some of their employees with redundancy packages, while we customers pay them monthly faithful to the contract, waiting (and still waiting as I post this) for them to fix their reason for existing. Vodafone is meant to provide mobile services rather than provide a bunch of loser statements online about what they 'plan to do' when they don't. They should just 'do it' for cryin' out loud and stop lying to us. Honestly, they lack honesty. Unreliably, they lack reliability. I would waste my words saying that but as of yet, Vodafone's service is shit. Because I'm drowning due to Vodafone's broken speeds, I'm going to catch a life boat and be rescued, at NextG speeds thank God, by Telstra.
14 Jan 2011 04:47:07 PM: There is no 3G/speed guarantee anywhere that I can find. You must be mistaking them for another carrier.
14 Jan 2011 06:00:04 PM: RE to above: wake up to reality. This is vodafone and 10kbps is not 3G speed even though it says 3G AND torrensville is covered in 3G zone. Having shit speed like that for weeks is not on. Don't make assumptions that the guy mistakened vodafone for another carrier because its true that Vodafone guarantees 3G speeds for a majority of the time in a 3G area. Check the Vodafone website.
14 Jan 2011 07:15:02 PM: 06:47:07PM is a guaranteed loser, despite vodafails bluff with the wording of contracts, there is government legislation which overides the bulldust, and the legislation (LAW) states "goods must be fit for the purpose they were sold for"
16 Jan 2011 07:14:43 PM: 9:15:02 that relates to your phone mate not the network. Only Optus provides a 30 day guarantee of service.

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12579 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 99 at 14 Jan 2011 08:40:49 AM
I have been overseas for 8 weeks and I haven't received any notice of the due payment. I just got back and my phone has been cut off without ant warning. I wet to one of the stores in Bondi and the staff referred m eto call a number ( as always). They still keep adding dollars to my account even though they are not supplying the service. This morning I have been 25 minutes on waiting to get to someone that was going to put me to a voicemail system!!! I got very upset. to top it all the coverage in Bondi is really bad. I have been complaining for months they have changed my sim card but still many times the coverage is really bad. I have been with vodafone for more than 4 years and I haven't get any compensation what so ever. VERY VERY FRUSTRATEDDDDDDDDDD

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12564 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is connection problems, coverage, customer service, delayed or nil message services at 14 Jan 2011 06:35:15 AM
supposed to have excellent coverage in the area I live according to their map, can't use phone inside house and frequently drops out when finally able to make call. delayed messaging is a huge problem, need phone for work and to keep in contact with child. vodafone never replied to complaint email. told by local vodafone store it was my 'outdated' phone and sim card, so purchased new one and had to go back to store 7 times to get set up properly. on prepaid, what entitlements do I have, don't want to pay to switch service providers
14 Jan 2011 10:15:46 AM: if it's prepaid just goto another provider (not 3 as they are the same), and port your number over from vodafone. this will cancel the vodafail sim.

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12480 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Absolute FUBAR! at 13 Jan 2011 02:05:27 PM
I went to get a mobile broadband plan with Vodafone in November last year. Service was alright until I had 1 bar 3G signal, incredibly crap speeds, & it has stayed that way since beginning of January 2011. So much for a network maintenance, which some foreign customer service guy claimed would not take longer than a week. Must be some lying generic response, just an Indian version of Lara. The towers seem to be unable to handle the amount of users they are constantly attracting and taking in using their misleading marketing. Vodafone emphasizes their 'good' coverage and 'speed', which is so abysmal that even a snail can travel faster than the data that reaches my usb modem. Im living in a suburb with 3G coverage, but the connection dropouts are just appalling. It happens every few minutes. There is no point in using GPRS mode, since it's even slower than the oldest person alive. These days I seem to be paying monthly fees for nothing. You get several GB of usage and you can't even use it. This is seriously epic fail. It all started with me reading Vodafone's ad clustered site for technical information regarding coverage, speed, & service. They claimed to cover metropolitan areas, which included the suburb I live in. They claimed a reasonable speed range that most other telcos quote and boasted about their service. Then I waited an hour at the store to be served, the dealers seem to rather enjoy chatting with one customer at a time very slowly until their shift is over. To me, it felt like days. Finally I got my plan set up. After sorting out the VMC software problems, the product worked (yes I know strange as it may seem, it actually worked for a few glorious weeks) until it struggled again. Here I am, poor signal for weeks, 0-20Kbps 3G, & almost non-existent service. Even if the network tower is not far away & there is nothing major blocking the signal. Heres where the pain begins that customers have endured. I called Vodafone technical support 35 times, 30 of them were Lara transfer problems leading to call cut offs. WTF is the point of Lara's telemaze if it leads to cut offs. It's like having to solve a f*d up maze only to reach a dead end. The other 5 times led to horrid patchy musical hold up times equivalent to a theatrical length film. Finally I got to a foreign guy who told me these lame responses, which I, a pc expert, would have already tried. He still insisted me to try his troubleshooting even though I told him 10 times I've already done it. Ranging from reinstalling the device & software to deleting browsing history. Lame. Still got crap speed & signal. I really need to 'troubleshoot' someone in the head. Then he rambles on about a network upgrade in my area. Another generic response in their agenda. AND they always say there is no deadline for these upgrades. I hope people don't have to wait a lifetime's journey to get full signal again. Knowing their call centres are foreign these days, I gave up because even maintaining a call with them (that is prone to dropouts) will take blood, sweat, & tears. Now we have 12000+ Australians lobbying for a lawsuit against Vodafone, for reasons similar to my woes. I wouldn't be very surprised. We also have a recent issue involving customer data security breaches over the web. All Vodafone does is tell us that everything is fine. IT IS NOT. Whirlpool forums is packed daily with unheard complaints of Vodafone's services. In fact the threads are so vast it could form a large encyclopedia or a Lord of The Rings novel. As for the Vodafone staff seeking sympathy, think again. You are the cratered face of the company, so you must deal with the aggressive amount of recent customer woes. It is us customers that have all the power in the end. We can choose, in the extreme case, to do a mass exodus rather than put up with Vodafone's recent incompetences. We suffering customers (which seems to be a majority of Vodafone's customers in Australia, looking at how many complaints have plagued across the net) could all leave Vodafone & go to Telstra, Optus, etc. That will leave Vodafone Australia dying out of business, which will mean the Vodafone staff will lose their jobs. But then heres another issue. When customers attempt to cancel their plan & account, the customer service person attempts to hold on to the already dissatified customer for dear life like a leech, offering lame discounts & bartering. We shouldn't have to pay the remaining cost of the plan if we get slow unusable 3G net for weeks on end. We shouldn't have to rely on TIO and other full blown agencies to get our word across. This Vodafail site clearly indicates the last straw for the telco. It's just ridiculous, seeing that 'Vodafone' is an international business. If Vodafone doesn't fix these customer & network services, then too bad for the future. There won't be much for the telco to fix once its over. Not to mention the irony of 'gain sharing', I can barely post this using my Vodafone mobile broadband.
15 Jan 2011 05:13:12 AM: Well you did a pretty good job posting this, if your broadband is slow as you say. Maybe vodafone is better off without you and don't forget Optus had the slowest 3g speeds in australia for quite some time, but no one complained then and there was no website like this, if there was I'm sure there wold've been a few complaints
15 Jan 2011 06:13:08 PM: Voodoofone! what a grasp you have on how much data this website uses- buggerall-and uploading a simple text document-again-buggerall. Could explain a lot of things.
15 Jan 2011 06:20:08 PM: That last one of mine-about 20Kb, so,the original post, being very generous with the figures,:) 20 x 20 =400 Kb.

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12439 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is very fail at 13 Jan 2011 11:40:00 AM
The other day I called Customer Care to speak to them about my handset issues (after they'd given me a broken phone via insurance).
The Indian woman on the other end of the line didn't understand me, so I asked to speak to her supervisor, to which she replied 'There are no Australians working here.' When I repeated my request, she put me on hold for ten minutes and then came back on the line, no mention of the supervisor. She was probably taking another call.

While I was expressing my frustrations with Vodafone's bad service and explaining that this was just another thing that was going to make me leave if it wasn't resolved, she became personally insulted (because she didn't speak English, so took offence at what I was saying) and threatened to hang up on me if I continued to 'use profanities'.

I had to explain to her that 'It's not about you, I don't know you, you just work for a multinational corporation. I have a problem with that corporation, like millions of other Australians do right now.'

She kept putting me on hold over and over again and threatening to cut me off if I was rude to her (wtf!!!!!!!!) and then put me on hold to some other department where 'Lara' said the wait time would be 40 minutes. After my incredibly frustrating experience, I just hung up. I submitted my request to be released from my contract to the TIO immediately.
14 Jan 2011 04:49:59 PM: Millions? Slight exaggeration mate.
17 Jan 2011 07:42:45 PM: They're doing a job too you know, maybe if you're not rude and ignorant and speak profanities people may be willing to help, heck if you showed up at my work and treated me like dirt, I would give you the minimum level of service my job description entailed, grow up and maybe someone will give a shit, how can you expect someone to help you if you can't even curb your language... It's people like yourself that make this world a shit place for everyone...
17 Jan 2011 07:50:18 PM: Actually it is Companies like Vodafone that leave everyone feeling like shit. Hell even their own employees are joining the class action now :)

21 Jan 2011 11:41:40 AM: the first two commenters, you both need to grow the F* up. I don't pay extra cash for shit service. Trying going to a country like say Philippines for example, where everyone calls you sir and they don't stop serving you until you've received what you want.

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12428 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is what a joke at 13 Jan 2011 10:30:50 AM
what a joke. on the website it is saying there coverage map is down because of the floods. yeah right ive been trying to check my coverage for days and couldnt get on to it. it was BEFORE the floods even happened. stop lying vodafone!!!!
15 Jan 2011 05:20:27 AM: should be up now, and it was due to the floods, because the server it uses is based in brisbane

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12317 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is totally inept at 12 Jan 2011 04:36:50 PM
as everyone knows brisbane is flooding and we are all relying on our mobiles, that can be done as long as you are not with vodafone and we have 0 coverage not only here but my daughter on the gold coast also has 0 coverage. My mother who is with telstra has full coverage so I dont want to here the excuse that it is because of the flood.
12 Jan 2011 04:40:09 PM: well...sorry but the flood is the cause.
12 Jan 2011 04:45:35 PM: im a hour from Brisbane and have no service either.
The floods are no excuse, they have been having major problems for months, its about time they admitted it and let people out of there contracts who arent happy.
And people like the replyer who are happy can just stay with them. i on the other hand would LOVE to move to telstra!!
12 Jan 2011 07:30:39 PM: Im just over the border in NSW - network failed 530pm NSW time - Vodafone told me they had no other problems or complaints and it was my 3 phones and wifi's fault.......
12 Jan 2011 08:34:38 PM: When a base station floods, it means the flood affects the network....seriously people
12 Jan 2011 08:43:11 PM: That is why I encourage everyone to port to Telstra or Optus as their network works during floods due to redundancies they have in place.
14 Jan 2011 04:51:28 PM: Telstra and Optus were also affected look at their pages or pop into whirlpool forums. Look at the bigger picture.
14 Jan 2011 05:04:25 PM: Telstra and Optus were only affected in a select few suburbs. Vodafone went down pretty much all over the state.
16 Jan 2011 07:16:17 PM: http://goo.gl/Jo99D

Nah Telstra had 200 sites that they couldn't get in to fix.
16 Jan 2011 07:27:21 PM: "A Vodafone staffer, who did not wish to be named, said Vodafone sites were "going down hour by hour". lol
17 Jan 2011 07:45:38 PM: And a retard, who has anonymity like everyone else on this page, wrote a post...
24 Jan 2011 08:21:49 PM: Over and over....spam

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12249 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is MEGAFAIL at 12 Jan 2011 12:23:58 PM
on hold for over an hour trying to set up roaming, i receive text messages sometimes up to a week late, customer service are useless and have no idea what they are doing and always give incorrect advice, they always overcharge on bills and claim they have made the mistake in error... the list is endlesssss
12 Jan 2011 12:45:38 PM: Check out the How To Complain tab at the top of the page, suggest TIO.

Let us know how you get on!!!

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12242 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is still getting worse - CAN U BELIEVE IT??? at 12 Jan 2011 12:08:44 PM
I've already posted regarding my years worth of trouble with vodafone, including a recent incident overseas where i tried having my phone unlocked and was lied to with regard to the instructions just to get me off the phone with them, which resulted in me using my holiday time sitting in a london vodafone store on hold waiting for someone else to 'help', if thats what you can call it. At the same time i'd asked for my phone contract to be put on hold whilst i'm overseas coz obviously, i wont be using my aussie number - i told them this about 5 times and asked them to assure me that the phone would be put on hold. WOuldnt you know it, i check my bank statement and they've charged me the full months fee rather than the $11 or so monthly 'suspend' fee they said they would. HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE???
12 Jan 2011 12:48:45 PM: They think we are really stupid!!!

Shows the contempt this company has for it's customers!!!!

Check out the How To Complain tab at the top of the page, suggest TIO.

Let us know how you get on!!!
18 Jan 2011 07:34:03 PM: easy solution. vodafone.com.au/unlock

yeah unlocking your phone is probably the easiest thing you can do.

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12230 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Mega fail at 12 Jan 2011 11:26:00 AM
Same story as everyone else. Customer service used to be good but that is a thing of the past. Had reception issues for years now and supposedly in an area of full coverage. Sent an email to complaints and they replied with a generic paragraph on network services and wrote off the complaint as solved. ***Beware global roaming*** as i recently went overseas and afterdiscussing the call charges etc many times I discovered that they don't explin the fine print, to the point where they gave me false information when i questioned teh call rates. Thankfully they reversed the charges after i made a complaint, but i hd to do all the follow which was a timely experience.

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12225 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 12 Jan 2011 10:36:57 AM
Actually my son took up a plan with Vodafone approx 2 years ago. What the staff member promised is not what he got, when he disputed this & disagreed to pay to pay the obsene bill ($1800 for 1 month) Vodafone slapped a default on him via Veda credit services. He has since applied for loans from 11 different financial institutions & been rejected based on this default even though he had since paid it. He has complainedto the TIO Obudsman to no avail. Vodafone called him & told him they would send records relating to the default nearly a month ago & nothing has turned up & he cannot get on to them to make an enquiry. Does anyone know if there is a way to dispute the injustice of this
12 Jan 2011 12:45:14 PM: If he went to the TIO, and the TIO refused to have the default removed, then your son legitimately must owe the money. The TIO ALWAYS ensures that defaults placed by even the most minor error get removed
13 Jan 2011 04:57:15 PM: Financial insitutions most likely will not take it into account if the default is paid or unpaid, it is the fact that it went on a default to begin with. The default may take 5-7 years to clear off the credit file. I recommend you speak with Vodafone as they can clear it from the credit file
16 Jan 2011 05:28:01 AM: The TIO would defiantly go into bat for you if they could, agreed he will legitimately owe the money, there is defiantly rights you have in regards to lack of service etc etc, but that doesn't usually mean you can just do whatever, this is a learning lesson to all here, you cant just port out or refuse to do stuff just cause you feel that way, not always that black and white, even Graeme samuels head of the ACCC has said this, still gotta play by the rules for now!

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12166 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is poor reception at 11 Jan 2011 09:25:57 PM
I bought a new vodafone phone for my daughter to use after checking the vodafone website to see that Albany in WA has reception. We found there was no recption from our home and pretty much everywhere except the centre of town even though we are situated in what is considered the middle of the city. After numerous calls to vodafone to get an unlocking code so we could at least use the phone with another provider we were told it costs $25 to do it online plus an extra $50 because the phone is less than 6 months old. I was quite prepared to pay the $25 but not the $50 as it wasn't my fault we couldnt use the phone. Every time I spoke to someone about the issue they told me they couldnt help me but would refer me to their supervisor who would contact me. I told them not to call the vodafone number as we get no reception and as a consequence our credit also expired as we couldnt use it in time before it expired. Receiving messages is the same problem as we had no credit to retrieve them. They never replied and so I had to keep ringing them and telling the same story to someone new with the same result - I'll get someone to call you. It wasnt until I threatened in an email to report them to the TIO that I was sent an unlocking code which did not work and so I had to continue making calls until I set a time limit on contacting the TIO. That is when I at last got someone sensible on the phone who told me that obviously I needed a new unlocking code and that when she receives it she will call me on my other mobile and walk me through the unlocking process with the code. It finally worked and we havent looked back. I will never use vodafone again and have also told anyone who will listen in Albany that vodafone has no reception here so DO NOT BUY VODAFONE.
Now there is this problem of leaked personal info - I wonder about identity theft and who knows what transactions on my credit card. Where does this leave us???
12 Jan 2011 12:37:59 AM: The latest news is that all bank and credit card information is encrypted, even for staff members, so you should be fine there.
12 Jan 2011 05:00:54 AM: Locking is so that you can get the handset so cheap usually. The unlocking fee is to recover losses and would have been sold to you as such. Sometimes due to manufacturer not supplying the correct codes or the customer not being able to read unlocking instructions properly there are difficulties in unlocking. The instructions to unlock it online are on the box when you buy it. I'm glad you finally managed to do it. Who was really at fault in your unlocking drama? You wanted a discount and weren't prepared to put effort in to get it.
12 Jan 2011 07:44:49 AM: Err - whilst your bank and CC info might be safe - the information useful to identity theives such as DOB, address, drivers licence number are probably there for the taking
12 Jan 2011 09:52:07 AM: A local reseller "ALL Phones" uses a laptop to connect to vodafone, this is in FULL view of all passing people as the store is a counter in the middle of a shopping mall, not only insecure but not private, and the stupid message on 1555 about be assured.... secure login and password.... get real, your caught with your trousers down, deal with it and be honest for once... FAIL FAIL FAIL

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12066 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Complete at 11 Jan 2011 01:59:28 PM
I cannot get the internet to work in Townsville.
If i go to brisbane it works, but it wont work north of brisbane!

also had major excess fee's when i went on holidays to new zealand, after confirming 3 times with vodafone before I went away there would be very minimal. They completely lied and charged me hundreds of dollars and i cant do anything about it.
16 Jan 2011 09:13:03 PM: your own fault , common knowledge international roaming is expensive do a bit of research next time

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11910 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is dangerously inept at 11 Jan 2011 08:05:06 AM
My contract was up in June 2008, and in May 2008 I was moving to London for a year.

Prior to leaving, I called and confirmed that I would obviously NOT be continuing my contract, and requested I pay it out then as I wouldn't be using my phone for the last month of the contract.

The agent was friendly, and said she'd arranged that for me. Stupidly, I took the call centre agent at her word, and only discovered 18 months later that there was actually one more payment that the agent failed to tell me about.

Not being in the country, the payment was referred to a collection agency, and a black mark was put on my credit rating. (I found this out only when I was applying for a home loan, on my return, and I was offered a lesser value home loan because of it.)

As soon as I learned this, I paid the outstanding $70, then I called the collection agency, and the Indian call centre - at least 5 phone calls of 10-15 mins each.

Each time I was told that a record would be made that the payment was received, and the note on my credit rating removed.

2 1/2 years later, this mark remains on my credit rating. Totally pathetic.

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11906 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is dangerously inept at 11 Jan 2011 07:53:36 AM
My contract was up in June 2008, and in May 2008 I was moving to London for a year.

Prior to leaving, I called and confirmed that I would obviously NOT be continuing my contract, and requested I pay it out then as I wouldn't be using my phone for the last month of the contract.

The agent was friendly, and said she'd arranged that for me. Stupidly, I took the call centre agent at her word, and only discovered 18 months later that there was actually one more payment that the agent failed to tell me about.

Not being in the country, the payment was referred to a collection agency, and a black mark was put on my credit rating. (I found this out only when I was applying for a home loan, on my return, and I was offered a lesser value home loan because of it.)

As soon as I learned this, I paid the outstanding $70, then I called the collection agency, and the Indian call centre - at least 5 phone calls of 10-15 mins each.

Each time I was told that a record would be made that the payment was received, and the note on my credit rating removed.

2 1/2 years later, this mark remains on my credit rating. Totally pathetic.

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11888 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Rating is A+ for confusing and misleading the customer! at 11 Jan 2011 06:37:32 AM
I have had a number of billing issues. I was 12 months into a 24 month $49 Cap and got a bill for $400. I called the lovely people at VF India and I was told that my cap was exceeded due to numbers which were not included in the cap. I told her that I hadn't had problems with these numbers over the past 12 months (my usage showed $49 per month consistently then an incredible jump in usage to $400 despite no changes on my part to my usage etc). She told me that numbers which were previously included in my cap were no longer included due to changes to my plan and that my previous $49 cap plan no longer existed.

She suggested that if I changed to a $59 cap (which was actually $69 with $10 credit per month applied to the account...I won't hold my breath!) that my calls which I am complaining about would be included and I wouldn't get the big bills anymore. I reluctanly agreed after being assured that a recalculation of my bill meant that I wouldn't have to pay the outstanding $400. She told me that I can change back to my $49 per month cap at any time and that the end date of my contract would remain the same (ie. I wouldn't be entering into a new 24mth $59 cap plan).

All seemed good until the next month... I received another huge bill.

I called again and basically was told that I had to pay the balance of the bills and that the $59 plan started at my next billing cycle and also included extra as pro-rata for starting plan part way through the month....didn't they say I began $59 at beginning of cycle...anyone confused yet?

Anyway...I asked them to cancel my contract and was told that I'd have to pay out my contract for the 23 months left (apparently I had agreed to another 24mth plan on $59 per month. I told the guy that I had been reassured in my last call and had names and numbers to confirm contact that my contract wouldn't be extended due to changing the cap amount. He apologised and in an uncomfortable manner told me that my original date of exit would still apply. Nice to catch them out occasionally...

Anyway, I have had many hours of discussing my issues with people from VF while extending the knowledge of their indian employees (informing the guy that no, I would not be going to Bondi Beach for xmas as I lived in QLD....)

I must admit that while I find my problems frustrating, they could be much worse. I am counting down the months til I can jump ship and eagerly awaiting my monthly calls to india via 1555... NOT

In my experience so far... document everything said and take any names and numbers you can get. Don't accept what customer care tell you as it always conflicts with the previous information provided (sometimes in the same conversation).

Be assertive and don't give in to their crap.

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11887 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is SH#! at 11 Jan 2011 05:50:32 AM
Agree with last comment. Voda has a policy of delaying complaints - they asked me for the same info three times in three seperate emails. Don't be a sucker like me and keep replying. After three emails complain to the Ombudsman.
11 Jan 2011 08:03:09 AM: And be prepared for similar there

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11809 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Completly at 10 Jan 2011 06:06:08 PM
I'll try cut it short. Was on a plan and had a overdue bill that wasn't paid due to loss of job which got disconnected. Eventually when I had the money I rang to pay the bill and the early termination fee. I got transferred around to 5 different departments with each 1 telling me a different figure. The final figure was given to me and it seemed lower then I expected, so I questioned if it was the whole amount. After being told yes I asked about 4 more times is that definitely it. Was told yes so I asked if there was nothing owing would I eligible for a new plan. Was told yes so I went and got a new phone that day on a new vodaphone plan. All was good until I received a bill for $1400 3 months into the contract. I rang customer care many times and each time they said it was the early termination fee from my last contract, I told them the story everytime asking them to look into it as I asked many times for the final payout figure. They made me out as if I were lying. How do u sign onto a new plan with the same company if there is $1400 bill still owing?? In the meantime of trying to sort this out I paid my monthly bill but refused to pay the $1400. I kept ringing bck trying to sort it out but after 3 months of the $1400 bill not paid they automatically disconnected my plan and sent me an early termination fee or nearly $2000 for the new contract. This is ontop of the $1400. I managed to get the new ETF wiped after many calls but was sent to debt collectors for the $1400. I was defeated after all my efforts and couldn't afford a bad credit rating I started to pay it.. After paying only $500 off a bill that was there error, my next payment came back saying I was $100 in credit?? My credit rating still got marked as unpaid default even tho i got a letter saying I'm in credit and I cannot get anymore phone plans. I just accepted it and are on pre-paid now. Credit rating stuffed and I dunno if I owe money or not all over a bill that I tried to pay and they couldn't give me the right figure! PATHETIC
10 Jan 2011 06:37:36 PM: This is a disgusting new low. Yet its easy to believe. What does that say about Vodafones reputation?! Whenever you speak to them - no matter how innocent the matter may seem - get a referral number for the conversation and save it.
11 Jan 2011 01:32:44 PM: You would have had the early termination fee explained to you at sign up. Even if an error was made (as you suspected) why should you not owe the correct amount. Mistakes can be made. The best and fairest solution would be to reverse your upgrade as you were misinformed. The early exit fee gets generated when you re-sign. You don't owe it till you end your previous contract.
11 Jan 2011 01:52:49 PM: Vodafone is the equivelent of Ye old highway robber exept in modern times. They do NOT care about customers like you and i and do NOT care about our problems in there ideas if you lose your job and cannot pay there bill they will send a 3rd grade english student to help u in your problem rather then hiring someone who has at least passed primary school and can understand simple enquiries. I simpathise for you as the same may happen to anyone.
11 Jan 2011 06:11:26 PM: Sorry you're really hard to understand 3:52. Are you referring to 3:32?
11 Jan 2011 06:12:27 PM: Since when did the world owe anyone a living? It's
11 Jan 2011 06:15:20 PM: terrible losing your job but it's business and you signed a contract. how's your mortgage? How are your credit cards? Why is a phone contract any different?

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11689 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Recently - High! at 10 Jan 2011 11:16:29 AM
After having our fifth faulty handset replaced (in under 18months!) about 8 months ago, my husband and I have had a good run with Vodafone until december 18th 2010 when both our Blackberrys ceased making and receiving calls. Since then it has been a nightmare - texts are delayed up to 5 hours and internet access? Forget it! We have spent days on hold with staff having no idea how to service our phones. We have been lied to, repeatedly hung up on, abandoned on hold and been refused an audiotranscript of our calls as they had no capability to record(!!?). Our phones now work approximatly 5% of the time. We have had no assistance with the issue other than basic troubleshooting and a suggestion to upgrade our (less than 12 months old) handsets by recontracting for another 24 months - the staff don't even seem to know that there is a nationwide Australian issue! To add insult to injury - I recently received my bill! I don't think so Vodafone - it's not good enough. We have joined the class action.

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11631 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Very at 10 Jan 2011 08:09:49 AM
Managed to get a $174.79 credit for data charges overseas as it was explained and roaming activated at the North Sydney store in Greenwood Plaza that calls would come out of my post pay credit then once that was used I would pay on top of that but that wasn't the way it worked. You pay for ALL overseas costs on top of you regular cap.
Well that was back in Sept and the credit was meant to be applied to Oct account, then Nov account and again Dec account balances. It's a monthly process of ringing up and going through it all again and I'm readying myself for this months call.

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11563 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Where do I start? at 9 Jan 2011 08:59:14 PM
12 Jan 2011 06:40:23 PM: good on ya mate,i,m in the same boat,but believe me i will get out. they are a bunch of crooks,optus have a pre paid deal of 2 dollars a day no contract unlimited to an no. in australia i was on that before it was the best.vodashit promised me better than that,but it was the worst mistake of my life.

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11554 Someone from NT thinks vodafone is Would like to meet and kill LARA at 9 Jan 2011 08:24:00 PM
I hope the woman who supplied Lara's voice hangs her head in shame.
9 Jan 2011 08:32:50 PM: hahahahahah thats gold! agreed!!

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11539 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is try working with them at 9 Jan 2011 07:55:42 PM
ok all carriers have issues...but heres my point from being someone who used to work in the industry.
one yes the call centre support number is crap simce it moved from tassie some years ago.
the systems they use siebel is crap constantly failing. it failed for months when first released.
previous systems were so easy to use

Staff in the telco industry hate calling dealer support as they are hard to hear and yes they dont speak english well....
please remember the staff in the telco industry dont make the issues it usually is the network as a issue we understand and share your pain.

accessing personal info yes it has a web portal and only vodafone store have full access to billing calls ecetera.

VHA as they want to be known have people who dont know vodafones systems trying to help stores as they are brought from three (hutch)
The amount of information from vodafone and training is rubbish there training material is incomplete and has a massive issue with too much unecessary information.
other carriers have very easy to follow and easy to see any issues when processing conections.

words of advice
go through the confirmation with the staff and get all the relevant brochures regarding you plan and make sure the staff know what they are talking about they are the professional and should know this information inside and out.
a easy way is to ask them if they are on the ball ask them call rates and flagfall and txt and pxt msg costs if they know this then you have staff who are knowledgeable with the plans and network.
(confirmation of understanding is something you sign to say you understand all the terms call rates and what you have applied for make sure the copy is given to you)

2nd buy a prepaid sim to check coverage or get a month by month account one you can cancel at anytime to check the reliability of the network

3 if you cant check on you current providers phone select network select manual search and see what names come up

4 ask about what happens if i get no coverage as you are signing up.
as other carriers have a satisfaction guarantee.
10 Jan 2011 02:44:37 AM: Do other carriers also have Seibel training seeing as how they use the SAME system?

i.e. Telstra and Optus.
11 Jan 2011 06:33:55 PM: I love our Mumbai brothers and sisters. Some are even my friends on Facebook. The ending to this post is similar to advice I've given earlier. I love the extra perspectives. Good post mate.

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11514 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is How fail are customers. at 9 Jan 2011 07:15:33 PM
The mess that I am in is how disgusting customers are to us when majority of the employees that work for VHA truly have the best interests of the customer at heart. I don't understand why people think that we live to make our own lives harder by purposely trying to sabotage a customer's experience, when 9 times out of 10, we'd rather not see you again - this demonstrates great customer service, we served all your needs at the initial point of sale.

Yesterday I had a frightening confrontation with a customer that refused to follow company policy with a pre-paid mobile. Instead of complying with company rules, he continued to argue with me and wanted me to prove the policy of which states that I was right in saying that I had to sell him a pre-paid sim with a pre-paid phone REGARDLESS if he was already a Vodafone user. The reason why we do this is so an account is created for the phone in which covers warranty for two years for the handset and when the account is created, it generates an Australian Gov't form in which states that the ID you have given us is correct and current, and to make sure criminal activity with the use of pre-paid sim cards is controlled as much as possible. I had the customer's best interests at heart, yet the customer thought he was right.

He continued to swear at me, raise his fists and threaten me personally all because I wanted to secure an account for the phone incase it was faulty - it was a Nokia after all. He persisted to yell and started to come around the counter to scare me into complying to what he wished. I made the customer by the sim card anyway and strongly advised him to come back into the store when he had calmed down to set up the account or to call pre-paid care. He continued to yell at me and call me offensive names so I left it up to him. I was shaking at that stage because his wife then proceeded to come around the counter also.

If you refuse to read the disclaimer or refuse us the patience for us to explain the disclaimer and you sign it anyway- that's your fault. If you chose to refuse such service which I offered this customer and you lose your receipt - don't come ranting and raving about how you weren't able to gain a proof of purchase of our database because you didn't want to comply. If you still chose to go with a handset even though I have explained its faults that are world known - go right ahead. I am so tired of customers thinking that they know better us when they don't even give the time to consider what they're getting themselves into half the time.

When there is a piece on Vodafone headlining the news reports, the next day is just hell. I'm really getting tired of customers who are trying to use the network problems as a way of getting out of their contracts with a full waiver. Please leave customer care to deal with the customers that have REAL and unfortunate network problems. I'm tired of morons wasting our time and just jumping on the band wagon where there are certain postcodes that are dealing with no network - not just one or two calls that disconnect every few days. No wonder these customers with horrible service can't get through to customer care - some people are just trying to get compensation with no particular newtwork problem.

Sim cards become faulty and corrupt, phones become faulty or are faulty at point of sale without our knowledge and sometimes the traffic is too high to have full signal or recommended speeds. These are out of Vodafone's 'control' and most certainly retail staff.

Honestly, customers have to start taking responsibility for their actions and show a bit more compassion to retail staff. Don't take us saying "I'm sorry but you'll have to call customer care to resolve this issue" as us not caring - this is what we've been told to do. Also, if we tell you that our database is down - it's down okay! It's not that we can't be bothered, it's because we actually can't login to our systems which is just as frustrating for us because we're bored out of our minds. Two weeks ago our database was on fallback for 24 hours and a customer came in that needed a sim swap for a lost sim card. I began to apologise for our database being down and he told me to f off and that I was hopeless before I had time to finish my sentence. I was going to give him a sim card, take his details and perform the sim swap for him when the database was up and running the next morning. Customers don't even give us a chance anymore which is really upsetting.

I have ordered that many customers to leave our stores because of the aggression and disgusting manner in which customers are treating retail staff. Honestly, don't bother telling us at the end of a long rant that it's not "our fault" when you point in our faces and call us hopeless. Remember that we all have phones too and that we're contacted to all different telcos in which we have received poor customer service as well.

This is just as shattering to us as it is to you. I adore working for this company and it's such a shame that this has happened. We don't want customers to be unsatisfied because we're the ones that have to deal with the repercussions. I hope this goes away sooner than later so I can enjoy my job again and give customers great customer service. The same day I was threatened by a customer, I was told by five other customers that they've never received customer service like I gave them. We're not all bad you know. Please remember the more respectful you are to staff, the greater lengths we will go to resolve your issues the best we can.

Also, customers need to realise that 3 and Telstra share networks, as well as Vodafone and Optus share networks. At one point or another, I am certain that you will have poor service at one point or another regardless of what telco you go with.
9 Jan 2011 07:18:55 PM: Havnt you heard? the customer is always right?
9 Jan 2011 07:26:32 PM: The VHA staff member that posted this is a complete idiot. Your company has the WORST customer support line EVER! If VHA wants to offer real support, how about allowing us (your "customers") to be able to solve issues in store, rather then saying "you have to contact customer support" and wait 2 hours on the phone. I pay $80 per month to Vodafone and it is by far the WORST Telco I have ever dealt with. And no the sales people in the store are not sorry, if you were, you would stop signing people up with disclosing your network is having issues, exactly what happened to me.
I joined up 2 weeks before Christmas.

VHA continues to sell these unlimited plans and jam more people on their already broken mobile network. Non-disclosure and misrepresentation is what Vodafone should be sued for. I have joined the class action and will be doing everything in my power to get out of my contract and ensure Vodafone Australia are held accountable.
9 Jan 2011 07:29:06 PM: Lets hope the 12,000 Vodafone customers that are complaining aren't all just wasting hours on the phone to Vodafone's woeful customer support, as in store staff cannot do anything! I urge the entire Australian population who is on Vodafone join the class action law suit!
9 Jan 2011 07:34:34 PM: I am the person that posted the 2nd post, and oh by the way I went in to Brisbane Queen st mall store, spoke to the same customer service representative that signed me up, and I asked what was going on with Vodafone's useless network and he said, and I quote " I know its really shit at the moment, the only thing you can do is contact Customer support via phone, they will tell you to try some tests that obviously won't work, you can then open a case with the TIO, hand your phone and sim back and get out of your contract that way" HAHA FAIL!
9 Jan 2011 07:38:46 PM: Regardless of how angry a customer is, they have no right to threaten physical violence or personally attack a sales associate.
9 Jan 2011 07:39:05 PM: You people that have replied to this poster absolutely disgust me......

I cannot believe how rude and disrespectful the people in this country are getting.
9 Jan 2011 07:39:47 PM: Hi Staff Member,

It's unfortunate that you have to deal with angry and upset customers on a daily basis. As someone who has previously worked in retail and support I can understand just how scary it can be sometimes. However I think your anger should be directed at Vodafone for creating a situation where customers are that angry and support is that hard to come by that they resort to anger out of frustration.

Customers are having network or billing problems and try to contact 1555 repeatedly. They wait on hold for hours, are transfered to different departments and receive little help they have no choice but to go to the only place where they can talk to vodafone staff. Your job might be to sell phones but to the public you are Vodafone. The store says you're Vodafone, the uniform says you are Vodafone and at the moment you are the only person from Vodafone that customers can reach.

Some people are unreasonable and angry but nobody enjoys being that way. I'm sure all customers would rather be happy with their service and thank you for your help. Sadly many people are not and that is a reflection of what Vodafone has done the past few months, the way they have handled their litany of problems and the contempt with which they've treated their customers. Maybe it's time to think about what you actually adore in Vodafone.

We at Vodafail do not condone any violence against Vodafone staff and we have repeatedly reminded people to be respectful in all situations.


9 Jan 2011 07:43:28 PM: Clearly not everything can be solved in store. I applaud the staff member who wrote this! What store are you from, I would love to be served by you!!

Think about this, retail staff are not technicians and cannot fix your network. So clearly there are things you must call customer care for. I also agree with people just wanting to complain and get out of paying money. You are holding up the phone line for a legitimate customer concern, I have no reception at all on my business phone and I HAVE TO WAIT 3 hours on the phone because of you stupid people!!
9 Jan 2011 07:47:29 PM: I too work for VHA, i am agreeing with some things you say - customers do have to remember that we are people too - we may wear a red and white shirt each day, but we know EVERYTHING that is going on too, these problems wont be fixed over night, its a shame there are some slack as all hell staff working with us, but please give some of us the time of day. Also with the whole Vodafone's security breach - funny how they forgot to mention telstra also use the exact same system as us.
Anyone notice alot of this has started from when Vodafone released our $45 cap, Optus immediately took vodafone to court so we couldn't sell them because the offer would destroy them.
I will agree - network isn't great but it wont be fixed over night, we are after all merging an entire network onto another network - and with 11,000 people calling to disconnect you cant expect to get through straight away. The guys in Mumbai are working 6 day rosters at the moment.
We know the problems, and us guys in retail are trying to help, it doesn't help when we get over 100 customers coming in a day immediately saying " im about to join the class action law suit against vodafone if you dont fix my problem" 9 times out of 10 we do.
Come see us in store, we will go to the upmost lengths to help you, just be civil.
9 Jan 2011 07:49:40 PM: Well said Adam!

I do feel for the Staff Member that made the original post, but as a customer facing staff member representing Vodafone, you have to expect customers will take out their frustrations on you when they can't get through to the main people responsible for this whole mess. I do not and will not condone customers getting angry at any forward facing staff member, but unfortunately as Adam pointed out above, you are Vodafone to that customer and everything Vodafone seem to be doing at the moment doesn't seem to be resolving these problems in the short term. So customers are getting angry and the unfortunate bi-product of that is they are taking it out on you.

I hope things do get better for you, and Thanks for dropping by to make your post. I do feel for what you must be going through, but again I think Adam makes a great point that you need to direct your Anger towards Vodafone (ie the people responsible for this mess), and try to maybe sympathise with your customers a little more.

Best of luck.
9 Jan 2011 07:51:57 PM: I'm sorry but maybe if your company actually lived up to the customers expectations and provided the services we pay for people wouldn't benso agitated. I understand it isn't your fault directly but if you're sick of copping abuse why don't you all complain to your employer and maybe they'll get their arse into gear and do something.

Maybe you can also tell your CEO also to take the customer care centre out of India so we can actually speak to someone who we can understand and can understand us.

You also say people are just jumping on the bandwagon to get out of their contracts free of charge and don't really have any real problems like some other customers. It doesn't matter how many times a customers calls drop out per day or week all that matter is that the calls are in fact dropping out and your company cannot support the customers and are in breach of every part of their contracts. We pay for a service which your company does not provide!!!
9 Jan 2011 07:52:02 PM: And Adam, i ask you a question

If you have worked in retail

Then i would love for you too work through this - because of your website i have team members not coming to work because they get threatened by customers, work morale is at an all time low. And people are quiting left right and center.

I wish you had never made this website, you have made me hate my job.
Vodafone was an amazing company too work for, now we get abused, yelled at, every day.
I had a customer THROW his phone at me the other day.

I hope you got what you wanted.
9 Jan 2011 07:53:05 PM: To the above poster, maybe there are SOME (I think small number) of people taking advantage of the situation, but logically, wouldn't you say most people complaining WOULD have legitimate concerns, just like yourself? If people are happy, why would they spent all that time trying to get out of their contract - they would only end up with no contract and have to go with another provider who is likely more expensive than Vodafone. Isn't it more likely that there are just so many people with legitimate concerns that Vodafone's telephone services cannot keep up?

I also do feel sorry for Vodafone staff and some people with violent tendencies are a real disgrace. I hope you stay strong and safe through this, but I agree with Adam in that your company has not supported you properly. I hope it changes, but calling customers 'fail' doesn't help the situation much either.
9 Jan 2011 07:56:50 PM: I dont agree with saying out customers are fail in the slightest. Its just such a shame, us the staff are the face of vodafone and majority of us arent bad people, it really is a huge drainer going into work every day though, we know what to expect but for the first time today i had a customer say he felt sorry for us. I know i personally try to go to the absolute end to help every customer i can, it really is just a shame this has all happened.
9 Jan 2011 07:57:11 PM: What a whining little sook you are (the original poster of this message). You're just a stupid little pawn in this incompetent company who says they love vodafone so much because you want everybody to come in and sign up for your ridiculous plans that aren't even worth half of what they claim. You are dirty on the masses of people who are trying to leave in droves because for every customer you sign up onto a contract that leaves the network....you lose your money from Vodafone. I hope your business goes bankrupt as well as all of Vodafone. For screwing people around you deserve nothing less. Oh and for the record, I have a Telstra mobile for work and I can honestly say I have NEVER seen it drop not even ONE BAR of reception in nearly 18 months of using it. With Vodafone....while I don't need to say anymore.
9 Jan 2011 07:57:25 PM: To the person that posted "because of your website i have team members not coming to work because they get threatened by customers, work morale is at an all time low. And people are quiting left right and center"

Have you ever thought that it may actually be the company that you worked for that has caused this problem? All Adam did in my opinion is show your customers they are not alone. He should be applauded for what he has done, not shot down by some misguided blame game.

My two cents worth.
9 Jan 2011 08:00:54 PM: I feel so sorry for this staff member! People are really rude these days and wont take no for an answer. People think that they are always right and demand whatever they want. All companies have procedures, if this was optus or telstra, the same would happen.

9 Jan 2011 08:03:10 PM: to "9 Jan 2011 09:57:11 PM". You are the people the original poster is clearly referring to!
9 Jan 2011 08:03:56 PM: How about Vodafone communicates professionally to their customers, instead of waiting for some frustrated person such as Adam create a website to get some recognition from Vodafone that they do actually have MASSIVE problems in both network and customer (phone) service.

I will never threaten a VHA staff member, I realise it is not your fault, it is the directors, project managers, capacity planners that are at fault here.

Also VHA for continuing to sign people up with non-disclosure and misrepresentation that the service Vodafone is "selling" to the customer is not fit for purpose and does not perform to the standard that is stated via Vodafone.

If Vodafone said, we have network issues, our customer phone support is second rate, but we do have cheap plans then I would understand. You provide an excellent product, alongside with excellent customer service and support and yep all for paying $80 each month.

Sell a customer a product or service that doesn't work or continually has issues, ask them to call the customer support line, (not informing them of the wait times and poor phone support) and you will get very angry and frustrated customers, no it may not be an individual staff members fault, but you represent a company that in my eyes should be ordered by the ACCC to cease all new contracts until these ongoing issues are resolved, simple as that.
Get real, this is business, not a "give us a break" because our network is of 3rd world quality.
9 Jan 2011 08:04:25 PM: To 9:52:02pm, I'm sure plenty of people (at Voda) wish Adam didn't make this website, but many many people are glad for it as well. When Adam made this site, he was frustrated at the lack of service he was receiving and was pretty shocked at how Vodafone conducts itself (Not retail staff, not anyone personally, but the management of the company as a whole, and yes, the offshore call centres).

The fact this website caught on is due to so many others experiencing the same problems (and of course, the media exposure).

I hope everyone at Vodafone can at least have the sense and HUMILITY to see that it is the company's decisions and actions that is ultimately making your jobs difficult right now, not Adam making this website.

Also, let's not forget which is the big corporation with lots of money, resources and lawyers, and which is the consumer who up until this website and media attention, had no voice.

- Not Adam, but someone who supports him -
9 Jan 2011 08:04:27 PM: You're just a franchise, you are a nobody. You may have thought you had a great business 5-10 years like many of your shoddy neighbouring associates, but that is all you are. You cannot help a customer if they have a network issue. You cannot do anything. Like the poster at 9:57:11pm wrote, you just hope you keep getting paid your commissions from vodafail.
9 Jan 2011 08:08:24 PM: The CEO made clear the issues and updates the website as networks are updated, checkout www.vodafone.com.au
9 Jan 2011 08:10:53 PM: I work in the member services department of a very large insurance company and I get yelled at and abused for the silliest things like calling an existing member about their current policy and I just happened to call them when they are busy. Sure I don't like it but you take what comes with the job. If my company was providing a shit service then I would accept the fact that I may have to cop some flack for that. Please do not blame the customers for being irritated, blame your employer who is putting you in this situation and not giving you a way to help the customers resolve their issues.

Adam has done nothing wrong by creating this site and quite frankly even if he didn't you'd still have customers coming in upset because they are paying for a service they are not getting. Please see it from our point of view too.
9 Jan 2011 08:11:20 PM: what the hell 10:04:27 PM. All vodafone stores are owned by the company and are not franchised. I suggest that you know your stuff before you comment. Also, VHA employees get barely any commission anyway
9 Jan 2011 08:12:53 PM: I dont think the staff blame the customers for being angry, just maybe take a chill pill before you visit the store and rage at the poor retail assistant for vodafones network
9 Jan 2011 08:13:22 PM: @ 9 Jan 2011 09:52:02 PM: I think there are many other reasons why your colleagues feel the way they do and Adam and vodafail.com are not one of them. Look upon vodafail.com as a conduit for the consumer to have their say, had they not had the chance to vent on vodafail.com things may be considerably worse on the shop floor. Good luck to you and thanks for posting on vodafail.com
9 Jan 2011 08:14:21 PM: 9 Jan 2011 10:11:20 PM ... You might need to get your facts right. To quote a store owner "Most of VHA's store are franchised so im not sure what the implications or possibility of having a system like that are..."

9 Jan 2011 08:14:43 PM: If you must know, we actually dont make the same commission we used too, the people who stayed with vodafone and continue working for them actually enjoyed there job.Our pay structure is ALOT worse. And too say we are no bodys , what ever makes you think people will want to help you with that attitude?
And no we cant go out and climb up a tower and see why its not working but we can help, and speak to people directly in cust care and keep logs on the problems you are facing.
But frankly , people who come in with that exact same attitude you have, its a little hard keeping a smile on our dial and doing those things for you when you think we are doing it all for commission.
9 Jan 2011 08:15:33 PM: The CEO can go stick it. Since when does saying "We apologies for any inconvinience caused" make it alright to offer dismal service and a product that does not work, yet Vodafone continue to advertise and sign up people to a service that is incapable of even loading a simple webpage in a CBD postcode standing outside. FAIL.
9 Jan 2011 08:16:52 PM: 10:11:20 yes you are an idiot too. Mcdonalds stores are owned by the Mcdonalds company. A vodafone store signs up a customer to a 24 month contract. Who gets paid - Vodafone....who else gets a percentage of the profits - the store owner. The customer walks out of his contract, what happens to your monthly percentage payment from Vodafail when they are no longer a customer? You don't get it. Seems like anyone can get a phone business - look at all the dodgy Dago's you see in the shopping centres. I love it when they lose money - wankers!
9 Jan 2011 08:18:20 PM: Yes, even you store owners have been f@*ked over by your masters....cutting your payments down. Wake up, you're being screwed to. They don't care about you or the rest of us.
9 Jan 2011 08:19:17 PM: NO ONE OWNS THE COMPANY OWNED STORES, there is only a manager, they do not own the store! Dealers sell all company's!
9 Jan 2011 08:21:57 PM: 10:16:52 PM, seems like you dont have your facts straight. Do you work for vodafone?
9 Jan 2011 08:22:25 PM: You wanna open a VF store, you do it like every other franchise, you pay the money to set it up and you follow THEIR RULES. You put your stupid posters up they give you and you try and sell plans to customers and hey "you want a shitty leather case with that phone?"
9 Jan 2011 08:23:22 PM: Why the F@*k would I want to work for a stupid company like VF? I am pining to see them go under and all the Dago franchises with them.
9 Jan 2011 08:23:25 PM: actually no
9 Jan 2011 08:24:23 PM: I think, correct me if I'm wrong unemployment is at 5.5% (somewhere like that) and if I was a Vodafone staff member, I'd tell the company to go and stick it and go and work for another company that actually provides a product that I could confidently sell to my customers and back it up with great service. Stop whinging about furious customers, they have a reason to be furious, and quite frankly if I was a sales person for Vodafone, I would encourage all my staff to leave and go and work for an honest company. My two cents worth.
9 Jan 2011 08:24:49 PM: 10:23:22 PM, im not sure why you are even here :/ Stop being so rude. Its people like you that clog up the phone lines for upset customers
9 Jan 2011 08:25:37 PM: 10:24:23 PM- i think a job is a job. money is money.
9 Jan 2011 08:25:57 PM: Don't forget to upsell them a stupid car charger that doesn't work with every sale. If you give it away free, it comes out of your pocket.
9 Jan 2011 08:29:57 PM: Is there an echo in here??? Can everyone just take a deep breath..........hold it..........breath away. Calm down please, it is late we are all feeling tired, let the debate continue but without the name calling please, nice constructive debate please. vodafail mod.
9 Jan 2011 08:34:10 PM: "People like me that clog up the phone lines for upset customers" haha this quote just sums up the intelligence of the person that posted this comment. If I didn't have a problem with my VodaGay service in the CBD! I sure wouldn't waste 3 hours on hold (last call to Vodafone Support)just to "clog" up other complaining customers. Idiot.
9 Jan 2011 08:36:10 PM: I am relly against racism and many people here would be subject to discrimmination here, post 10:29:11 PM should definitely be deleted. He is clearly upset, but critising a racial group does not fix your problem mate.
9 Jan 2011 08:37:02 PM: @ 9 Jan 2011 10:14:21 PM - No whoever that person was is wrong. Vodafone used to contract third party dealer channels to operate the stores on their behalf. Once Hutchins Australia and Vodafone AUS merged to form VHA all these stores were brought from the third party dealers so VHA would have more control over them and customers experience.......yes I work for VHA in their AUS call centre.
9 Jan 2011 08:37:41 PM: 10:34:10, clearly you are not a person who clogs up the line but people who just ring up and want to get out of their contract with a full waiver because they think they get to keep their iphone 4. Idiot.
9 Jan 2011 08:37:47 PM: All some of us is asking - please treat the staff with the respect we deserve.
Thank you.
9 Jan 2011 08:39:02 PM: Thank you all for your input, I have moderated the comment at 10:29:11 PM for racial slurs. Please refrain from racial insults and be sensible in your comments. - Adam
9 Jan 2011 08:39:10 PM: I find it very amusing that there are people who come onto this website who defend Vodafone when 99.9% of the people on this site are against VF, especially this section.
9 Jan 2011 08:40:29 PM: well said.
9 Jan 2011 08:40:39 PM: Sorry Adam.....it's hard not to get angry online just like we all have over the phone. It's obvious how much this network burns people up inside.
9 Jan 2011 08:41:15 PM: thanks ADAM!!
9 Jan 2011 08:44:34 PM: I'll treat Vodafone with the same respect they treat me! Take my money and provide nothing but service trouble, no 3G, non-disclosure of network problems upon signing me up, misrepresentation of your product that doesn't work. Why should I just bare with you? I couldn't care less if Vodafone was merging with God, your product / service that you continue to sell to customers, DOES NOT WORK, and then all you can do is redirect customers to a call centre with dreadful wait times. Vodafone deserves everything it gets!
9 Jan 2011 08:46:44 PM: Vodafone does work in a majority of areas, this is a misrepresentation
9 Jan 2011 08:50:17 PM: HAHA nice comment 10:46:4PM. Thats why you have 12,000 people complaining. Definitely works in "majority of areas" haha FAIL.
9 Jan 2011 08:53:24 PM: I'm not fail, im not locked into vodafone at all. Fail ahahha
9 Jan 2011 08:53:39 PM:
9 Jan 2011 08:59:32 PM: HAHAHA My friend just replied to my SMS I sent yesterday at 9pm.....He just received it now 11:00pm tonight......
9 Jan 2011 09:00:58 PM: How about you TIO staff member get the ACCC involved. This country has 12 THOUSAND people complaining about how a major company is treating them and providing products and services that are not "fit for purpose" If Vodafone was doing such a good job and informing people, providing additional customer support, via the stores that can solve peoples problems, as well as the horrible "customer support" call wait times, then the 12,000 people would not be on this website. You need to understand we (the Australian taxpayer) pay your Govt body to stop companies doing this and we need the ACCC and TIO to step in with force. Until such action, you will get furious and outrageous complaining customers venting their frustration on this site and will continue to argue with VHA staff. Vodafone should instruct all VHA staff not to post on Vodafail.com, it only fuels the fire and pisses more customers off.
9 Jan 2011 09:02:00 PM: @ 9 Jan 2011 10:53:39 PM,

Whilst I am 100% against everything Vodafone as a company does atm, due to the amount of network errors and everything associated with it. I do feel for your position (and the other customer facing staff), and have alot of respect for what you must be having to deal with atm. I know it must be tuff, and one way or the other this will eventually play out. I hope for yours and all of the staffs sake as well as the customers it is sooner rather than later. I still have the utmost respect for this sites creator, whilst I understand this site must be hurting the company you represent, once this site was created your customers realised they are not alone. It annoys me when one of the staff above blame this sites creator for his staff not coming to work, because at the end of the day this site brought everyone together, it is the company you guys represent that caused this fiasco and hopefully they can sort it out really quick. Unfortunately I just can't see that happening and as such feel for what you guys and girls must be having to deal with.

Vodafail Moderation Team.
9 Jan 2011 09:05:09 PM: Thank you mr moderator
9 Jan 2011 09:05:27 PM: Everyone should lodge a complaint with the TIO no matter how small it is. This way it costs money for Vodafone.
9 Jan 2011 09:06:47 PM: If I was a VHA staff member, I'd be on seek.com and handing my resume in at Telstra and Optus tomorrow. No way could I sell such an awful service. I'm too honest person for that.
9 Jan 2011 09:10:46 PM: Telstra and optus are just as bad

9 Jan 2011 09:14:11 PM: Do you see a TelstraFail or OptusFail website with 12,000 posts on it? Nope. Class action law suit against them? Nope. 4 million privacy issues breached? Nope. Yeah, seem like they are just as bad. haha FAIL.
9 Jan 2011 09:14:53 PM: 9 Jan 2011 11:10:46 PM ...If you are talking about coverage and network performance I disagree 100% . I have used all 3 all around Australia for a long time, and when it comes to overall coverage and performance Telstra's NextG Network is miles ahead of the competition. However I do agree with most you pay a little more for that service. Second would be the Optus Network, they have almost as good a coverage, but the performance of web browsing can be a little sluggish at times. However the benefit is they are usually a little cheaper than Telstra. Finally you have Vodafone, and whilst they are the cheapest option, I am sure I don't need to repeat the 11,000 posts here that basically tell you the coverage and performance is below par (especially of the last few months).
9 Jan 2011 09:17:52 PM: I wouldn't care if Telstra had monkeys working in customer service as I would never have to ring them about a fault with the service I have a telstra mobile also. I agree on optus being just as bad.
9 Jan 2011 09:18:52 PM: If Vodafone Public Relations had any brains they would have got the CEO to issue a notice to all staff advising them NOT to post on www.vodafail.com! Another Vodafone managment FAIL haha. Keep fuelling the fire VHA staff. Tops! Good work!
9 Jan 2011 09:18:56 PM: Telstra wants to be a monopoly and this site is making the telstra CEO very happy
9 Jan 2011 09:26:01 PM: The sooner Vodafone goes under the better. At least it will teach the staff that maybe signing up customers to a product/service that isn't fit for purpose probably isn't such an honest thing to do and the company that you work for (Vodafone) is the one that is making your life at work hell. Do yourself a favour and jump ship, probably get a pay rise as well :)
9 Jan 2011 09:30:29 PM: Vodafone have 4 million users. Only 12000 have an issue
9 Jan 2011 09:31:56 PM: If vodafone go under, say hello to increased mobile costs!! Optus and telstra can then charge whatever theywant
9 Jan 2011 09:32:17 PM: @ 9 Jan 2011 11:30:29 PM , It is called a sample size. The majority of people do not even know about this site, nor do they post on blogs. A sample size of 11000 people is HUGE to a company with 4-6 million customers.
9 Jan 2011 09:32:37 PM: 9 Jan 2011 11:26:01 PM

There is a big difference between a person that is angry and a person that is rude. An angry person makes you want to help them because they are disappointed in whatever endeavour you are doing. A rude person only makes you realise they are not someone you have respect for.

Just a thought.
9 Jan 2011 09:35:12 PM: Depends on where the anger is directed
9 Jan 2011 09:36:16 PM: Also a majority of people on here complain 5 or so times
9 Jan 2011 09:37:09 PM: I'd much rather pay more for my mobile service that worked! Obviously my $80 per month on my crappy infinite plan is like throwing money down the drain anyway!
9 Jan 2011 09:38:02 PM:
9 Jan 2011 09:39:24 PM: How can a major telco not have 3G service in one of Australia's CBDs haha FAIL. Vodafone suck.
9 Jan 2011 09:39:46 PM: @ 9 Jan 2011 11:36:16 PM, Sorry due to the unique number of IP's that have posted. I will have to disagree with that statement. Regards, Vodafail Moderation Team.
9 Jan 2011 09:40:43 PM: So if someone directs anger at you, do you help them? Ummm NO
9 Jan 2011 09:44:06 PM: Maybe Vodafone customers are angry because staff in the store tell you to ring customer service which has terrible wait times.... That is Vodafone's customer service...
9 Jan 2011 09:49:05 PM: @ 9 Jan 2011 11:40:43 PM
If a drukardn in a pub is angry with my for looking at them funny, do I want to help him? No.

If a customer with my company which I have spent years of my life working for is angry with us, bloody oath I want to help them.
9 Jan 2011 09:52:18 PM: Ah Vodafone staff, keep trying to defend a useless company that cares about wasting millions on a V8 supercar team and sponsoring the Ashes, rather then investing more infrastructure into their network when doing their capacity planning before rolling out unlimited infinite plans. = FAIL
9 Jan 2011 10:50:25 PM: LMAO at post above. That seem to shut the Vodafone whinging staff up. Good one!
9 Jan 2011 10:54:21 PM: Or it's just that they have lives and went to bed ...
9 Jan 2011 10:57:23 PM: Yeah they need an early night in prep for tomorrow, another day where the staff think.. FML all thanks to VODAFONE!
10 Jan 2011 01:44:04 AM: Hello Vodafone... can you spell I N T E G R I T Y...? Do you know what it means? It means DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO. That means... provide the service that you contracted to provide to the customer. Your lack of INTEGRITY is the sole reason for all of the flak you are getting on this and other forums.
10 Jan 2011 03:02:36 AM: Out of every hundred customers we sign up, maybe two or three have issues.

That's the bottom line.
10 Jan 2011 07:19:03 AM: Intimidating and abusing staff is really not OK. Not at all.
Anything else that will help you FORCE VODAFONE TO HONOR IT'S MOST BASIC COMMITMENTS is fair game.
Vodafone (the company) uses all sorts of strategies, tricks and straight out lies to abscond from their responsibility. Do not let anybody convince you that it is mean, cruel or immoral to respond in kind.
Although Australian telcos have a poor track record of recognizing that low staff moral (as a result of management failings) is a real problem, there is always a first time.

If you want to abuse somebody you don't know because you are angry - take a long hard look at yourself and chill out.
If you want to insist that Vodafone (the company) must meet it's most basic obligations and the only way to do that is by dealing with tired looking Vodafone staff who wish it would end - go right ahead.
If you work for Vodafone - good luck.
10 Jan 2011 11:49:35 AM: I agree with the original poster, they are people after all and their management is letting them down very badly. Good managers take the heat OFF their employees. Vodafone are not doing that clearly. As for the earlierr comment about only a small number having issues, thats bollocks because I hear more and more everyday. I work for a large organisation and they are coming out of the woodwork. I made this video earlier at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZKZPBr7lYo it demonstrates amongst other things that you can get you issue across without resorting to bad behaviour.
10 Jan 2011 01:03:03 PM: I agree with you 100% i work in retail aswell the staff at my local Voda store have been fantastic infact i have become friends with alot of them only because i am always in the store having to send off a hand set or pick it up to find its still faulty and as i said to the staff i know its not their fault. I personaly find it to be a shame the network is so bad at the moment and with the personal information leak at the moment i am seriously concerned.
10 Jan 2011 02:37:18 PM: Vodafone Management is a disaster! Go the class action law suit. 9000 people lined up so far! I emailed ACCC yesterday as well as Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Vodafone deserves everyting it gets for poor planning, non-disclosure and misrepresentation.
10 Jan 2011 02:44:24 PM: Yes, but the staff don't. That's the whole point of this argument. Good luck guys!
10 Jan 2011 04:10:29 PM: I work for VHA and have 2 phones with vodafone that I've never had any real problem with... why should I feel guilty for selling something that works for me?
10 Jan 2011 05:19:07 PM: Yet, you can see complaint after complaint after complaint here, let alone the people that are apparently going into your stores and abusing you or over the phone and you think the network works?
10 Jan 2011 07:10:58 PM: Today spent wasting my time with voidafone,I have been away for the past week, prior to that I lodged a complaint with the TIO, Voidafone left a message asking me to call them re my complaint or text them, unable to do so as I didnt have coverage however did sent a text from my sons phone telling them this. o today I called the 1555 and decided to be call back within 10-15 mins, this was after being told at least half a dozen times that there was a technical issue and to call back. 2 hours later no response so I called 1555 again this time held on as the wait was 7-12 mins, another 2 hours so called back again, over 35mins was the reported as the wait, this time I did get a customer service person whom noticed I had a complaint and dumped me through to this department, alas they were now closed, ring back tomorrow. All I wanted was my password reset as they claim I had put a wrong one in and had not answered my secret question correctly 3 times,funny thing was I didn't even get a chance to answer the question as coverage was slow. so I called once again spoke to a supervisor, sorry blah blah blah, still waiting for the reset, not going to give them any more payments as I wont pay for nothing
11 Jan 2011 07:19:16 AM: Hmm, this is the wrong post to leave such a reply. This is to do with retail staff dealing with abuse - not customer care waiting times.
11 Jan 2011 02:12:42 PM: Directed to the 2nd poster you sir are the idiot rather then the man telling you that he is just doing his job. If you were a police officer and people give you the crap your giving this retailer wouldnt you feel annoyed as you are only doing your job. Yes i agree that Vodafone is hopeless but the employee is quite obviously a trained proffesional and would rather not be harrased by people like you. No offence to the poster but i wouldnt mind getting my contract ripped up as the converage is horrible but there is seriously nothing you can do about that. Also this employee isnt on the phone when you call up customer support and as it seems i would honestly rather have them to talk to then the people we do recieve. TO ALL FUTURE HARRASERS dont shoot the messanger, as there doing there job, if you intend to hurt voda there is a law suit, just dont harras there workers.
13 Jan 2011 02:42:26 PM: OP, the only reason I would come round the counter is to give you a big hug. I have the utmost admiration for anyone who has to deal face-to-face with the idiotic general public, having spent three of the most hateful years of my life putting up with verbal abuse down the phone because morons don't read the terms and conditions, and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Anyone who comes into a store and makes threats and intimidates as the customer is alleged to have done should be reported to the police (who sadly will do nothing no doubt).
13 Jan 2011 10:19:22 PM: VHA its management and staff are working hard to fix the issues at hand and find resolutions for all customers facing issues. Please note that the majority of employees both retail and call centre are not here to make your life hard, we genuinely want to help you, we have friends and family facing the same issue and we do feel your pain. Please give us the chance to do so without being rude or aggressive, it's much easier to go above and beyond for someone who is understanding of where we are coming from than it is for someone who is yelling,screaming and name calling. This is the way bullies behave!
To the girl at the store I understand where you are coming from and you are doing an amazing job.
To the creator of this website, I understand your frustrations and I applaud you for taking action to rectify something that you believed to be wrong.
To all the rational people who have posted on this site, thank you for taking the time and effort to air your grievances.
We are aware that there are issues with the network, and I am not one to make excuses so I won't. We are working to Increase our capacity and the only thing I can say is I hope this is fixed soon.
I myself work for VHA and have done so for many years, our network has never been as good as Telstras- but bare in mind it was you the tax payers who paid for and set up their infrastructure when the network was owned by the government- be that as it may I choose to work for Vodafone for the culture that it encourages throughout the company it is an amazing company to work for.
I am saddened by the comments made about our customer service as this is an area that we are normally complemented on and this issue needs to be adressed along with the network. After all what's the use of having a fantastic network when you dont have fantastic staff to back it up- we are not Telstra after all.
14 Jan 2011 08:52:46 AM: I'd like to see how would you react if you were in our position... The employees made the company, if you think your company is not given the right service SUGGEST other options instead of looking at the customer as if we were rude idiots just for pleasure. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BAD now that everybody is telling it to you VODAFAIL do you think you could listen and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? sometimes I wonder how is this legal, ACCC where are you?
19 Jan 2011 02:56:20 PM: i have worked for vf and 3 for 5 years and man.... i'm looking to change my job . getting so much shit from ignorant customers has just taken its toll. it's not like we get paid more for getting shouted on. We really try to help you, but if people can't give us a break. idno.. i do understand from customers' POV, but it's just not fair to the workers. Stop "my friend told me..." rah rah rah. If they can do a better job, go to them. Why ask if you can't believe what we say?
20 Jan 2011 06:13:12 PM: There are multipule reasons for network problems. Just a couple are: the 2100mhz signal is banked up because of IPhones (3GS) and upgrades.
If you choose a phone that is 850mhz capable you will have a better experience. 850 is what telstra call the "next G" network, it is not as fast 2100 (but still broadband speed).If you are having trouble suggest to customer care or Vodafone consultants that you would like a I phone 4 or the new Black Berry bold or HTC desire HD. 850 has more then double the frequency range and penetrates buildings, mountains etc.

Telstra had the same "teething" problems 4 years ago.
I am proud that I look after all of my business clients and if our network is really not achieving drsirable results for their business then I go to great lengths to help them out of their commitments. In saying that it is quite rare that I have to go to those lengths.

I am sorry that the company I work for and love is frustrating so many people. But I know it will be fixed.
Customers you may want to leave now but down the track you will experience great coverage at the most competitive prices on the market.

I hope you can stick with Vodafone and support a business that is driving mobile phone prices significatly lower for the Australian Market.

Vodafone will fix their issues they are not new to this. As a brand they are the largest mobile provider in the world, (one in four mobiles are Vodafone mobile).

And I applaud the creator of this website and hope that more people will create wiki sites for companies to hear their complaints ( a insurance flood victim one possibly?)

21 Jan 2011 09:03:04 AM: How fail are customers?????????

That just says it all!

It never ceases to amaze me how so called 'customer service' representatives fail to understand the fundamentals of... well, customer service! With 25 years experience dealing with the public, I understand completely the trials and tribulations that dealing with the public present. Indeed, 'Customer Service' jobs are possibly the toughest and most underpaid of jobs, made more difficult by the apparent severe lack of proper training most customer service reps display; either lack of training or simply an innate lack of ability to put training into practice.

I agree, a fair percentage of customers appear to be 'morons'. I agree, customers sometimes do and say things that make it difficult to 'service' them in an appropriate way. I agree, customers can be rude, aggressive, and damn right offensive at times... enough to make even the most proficient customer service rep want to pull out a 44 magnum and do some damage.

Excellent customer service is primarily about relationships. The top 3 'C's' of excellent relationships are; Communication, Communication, and... yep... COMMUNICATION!! Vodafone is a TeleCOMMUNICATIONs company that, from my perspective as a customer, seems to have a huge COMMUNICATION problem. Go figure!

Apart from the CEO apology, which I only found out about via following Vodafail, Vodafone has not once COMMUNICATED with me to acknowledge there are issues with it's network. Why is it left to vodafail to gather all the intelligence about network failure and customer issues? Why isn't Vodafone being more proactive in regard to placating it's customers and solving their issues? If Vodafone is being proactive, why, as a PAYING CUSTOMER, don't I know anything about it?


To all the Vodafone staff on here venting about angry, moronic, and stupid customers: PAYING CUSTOMERS have the right to be angry, moronic and stupid. It's YOUR JOB to deal with them in a professional way regardless of your personal opinion. I'm sure I speak for almost everyone when I say, I make NO APOLOGY for the diversity of the human condition that makes every HUMAN different and approach situations in different ways; ALL of us PAYING CUSTOMERS have the RIGHT to NOT fit in the BOX that YOU call 'normal', or that YOU are happy to deal with! If you don't know how to deal with an angry customer, go back to skool and get some training! LEARN that angry customers are one of the BEST types of customer to have (Yes you read that right, BEST) and can ultimately be the most rewarding to deal with! Angry customers present you with huge OPPORTUNITIES; You turn an angry customer around and you have a customer that will sing your praises until the next millennium and leave a beaming, satisfied smile of your face for a job well done! It's a shame none of you seem to have a grasp on that! Learn EMPATHY, PATIENCE, LISTENING SKILLS, QUESTIONING SKILLS. Did I mention EMPATHY? If YOU can't be bothered to learn how to deal with all types of people, then get another job! Publically bitching and moaning about the very people who ultimately PAY YOUR WAGES, AND PROVIDE YOU WITH A JOB isn't a very smart move on so many levels, there isn't enough space to discuss them here!

Gross lack of service ability: Strike 2!

Also, angry customers help uncover holes in your product and/or service. It's up to Vodafone (read Vodafone staff) to effectively identify and resolve those holes. It shouldn't be left to fester this much so that Vodafail comes to life or PAYING customers have to invest valuable time and energy to make lots of noise and fuss to force those holes to be filled; It's NOT OUR JOB, but we, as PAYING customers, sure have the RIGHT to make lots of noise and fuss when YOU fail! Unfortunately, as the coal face of Vodafone, it's the role of the customer service rep to face the brunt of customer dissatisfaction in a professional way. If Vodafone management don't have the nous to provide the front line staff with effective mitigation facilities, that's NOT the PAYING CUSTOMERS problem... it's YOURS!

Apparent lack of ACTION: Strike 3!

Fundamentally, it is the PRIVILEGE OF ANY BUSINESS that a customer decides to had over hard earned money for products and services. That's a fact that seems to have been lost on not only Vodafone, but across the consumer sector. Companies like Vodafone that lock customers into contracts, lock phones to the network, etc, make it difficult for dissatisfied customers to switch suppliers. Unlike a high street retailer where, as a customer, I have the choice whether to go back or not at no cost to me, I can't just ditch Vodafone without having to buy a new phone or lose money on the phone I already have. That just adds to the misery and frustration of poor service, be it from Vodafone staff or the network. PAYING CUSTOMERS like me are kind of like caged angry lions. Vodafone has 3 choices. 1) Release the lions: unlock our phones and/or allow us to exit contracts at no cost. 2) Give the lions a better enclosure: FIX the damn network! 3) Make the lions more angry: Keep poking us with the sticks of bad service in exchange for good money and watch what happens... I can assure you, it's not gonna be good!

21 Jan 2011 05:50:40 PM: Some of you clowns should slow down a little on the individual that wrote the original post. Spitting your vitriol and hissing your anger only goes to prove that the point made about abuse from customers must be all too real for the sales people. For s start it's only a phone for heavens sake. From reading the emotion blurted around this web site one could be forgiven for thinking that you all have nowhere to live tonight. I sympathise with your phone issues (although only mildly) and appreciate that you are entitled to expect a certain standard of service. However, that doesn't give any of you the unfettered right to abuse people just because your having a 'tanty' over a phone. I would be horrified if my 8 year old carried on like some of the goons on this site. Far from being subject to a class action, the employees of Vodaphone should prosecute some of the mindless fools roaming (sorry couldn't help the phone pun) around this site. I would gladly represent the person who wrote the first part of this thread. As for the idiot that threw a phone at the dealer he should have been prosecuted for common assault. It's hard to believe that this is modern Australia when we have a few disaffected phone 'freaks' thinking that they have the right to assault and abuse their fellow Australians over such an inconsequential thing as a mobile phone. Grow up the lot of you!
21 Jan 2011 06:02:20 PM: Couldn't have said it any better myself
21 Jan 2011 06:47:44 PM: 21 Jan 2011 11:03:04 AM Comment is full of truth
21 Jan 2011 07:59:59 PM: I love the comments about the fact that vodafone use the same towers as optus/ telstra or whoever, it cracks me up. How can 3 people on 3 different networks in the same 10 metre radius as each other all have varying levels of coverage? Oh yes and all using the same model iphone. No shock to anyone to hear that me on vodafail had the worst coverage and the others had near perfect reception.... Go on, justify that someone
21 Jan 2011 08:05:58 PM: In addition to the above comment, it was not on one occasion, and in different spots around town... hmmmmmmmmm?????!!!
21 Jan 2011 10:05:50 PM: In reply to comment @ 9 Jan 2011 09:47:29 PM:
... Also with the whole Vodafone's security breach - funny how they forgot to mention telstra also use the exact same system as us...

Hmnn .. perhaps Telstra has access restricted to specific IP's and only allow secure VPN access ... bit different than Vodafone's generic password, non VPN, allow connection any IP shonky setup.

Oh .. hang on, I forgot about the non-expiring password.
18 Feb 2011 05:33:45 PM: To the person that posted this:

If you choose a phone that is 850mhz capable you will have a better experience. 850 is what telstra call the "next G" network, it is not as fast 2100 (but still broadband speed).If you are having trouble suggest to customer care or Vodafone consultants that you would like a I phone 4 or the new Black Berry bold or HTC desire HD. 850 has more then double the frequency range and penetrates buildings, mountains etc.

Telstra had the same "teething" problems 4 years ago.
I am proud that I look after all of my business clients and if our network is really not achieving drsirable results for their business then I go to great lengths to help them out of their commitments. In saying that it is quite rare that I have to go to those lengths.

I am sorry that the company I work for and love is frustrating so many people. But I know it will be fixed.
Customers you may want to leave now but down the track you will experience great coverage at the most competitive prices on the market.

I hope you can stick with Vodafone and support a business that is driving mobile phone prices significatly lower for the Australian Market.

Vodafone will fix their issues they are not new to this. As a brand they are the largest mobile provider in the world, (one in four mobiles are Vodafone mobile).

And I applaud the creator of this website and hope that more people will create wiki sites for companies to hear their complaints ( a insurance flood victim one possibly?)


You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and it is dangerous Vodafone representatives such as yourselves that is increasing the misconception of the Vodafone network: 2100 is not as fast as Telstras 850 not even close 2100 tops out at max 3.6 MBPS and Telstra's next G is now deploying 20 MBPS. At least educate yourself before you pass yourself off as a so called expert.
12 May 2011 11:25:56 AM: The reason you are abused on a daily basis is because customers have totally lost faith in this companies ability to solve any sort of problem. I work in retail and am immensely grateful that the company that I work for do not have policies that force me to argue and fight with customers. I absolutely hate that I can't go into a Vodafone retail store and get my problems solved. Retail staff need more powers and much more training so that they can deal with these issues instore, rather than telling people to call customer care over the smallest issues. Remember, the number one annoyance for customers are policies and procedures that ruin the customer experience, if you can change/remove these then you are one step closer to success.

Also, curious if there is a legitimate way for employees to pass feedback onto higher ups? Surely being at the frontline of these complaints means they might have some ideas on how to improve the situation?
21 Jun 2011 11:26:09 PM: No matter how infuriated you are with service from any company, that is no excuse to use violence or assault to threaten, intimidate or bully a response. There are channels in place for this sort of thing and as frustrating as it may be, any retail staff member who knows the law and or feels threatened enough can have you put up on assault charges for even 'saying' that you will hit them etc.

Granted, its frustrating, I left Vodafone about a year ago, apparently before all the trouble and went to telstra. Needless to say, I can apply many vodafail stories to my Telstra experience. So much so that I returned to vodafone, only to discover my calls drop out, and my internet is at times unusable. It is frustrating and annoys and irritates me to no end.

I do not however, and will not ever consider going into a retail store and attempting to threaten or intimidate staff in their workplace. I now work in law enforcement and have seen too many people go to jail because of this behaviour. Do not let a phone companies frustrations put you in prison for what could be up to 5 years, longer if second or third offence.

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11509 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Super fail at 9 Jan 2011 07:10:44 PM
It started in October 2010. I was overseas, with international roaming enabled. 2 big problems:

1. Pre-paid ran out. I went to my online account and tried to top up. I repeatedly got the error "technical problem with the payment system". I tried calling Customer Care to make the payment and complain, but I couldn't: the number was blocked and I got a text saying I couldn't call international numbers.

2. Unable to make international calls while overseas - but I could send international texts! Every time I tried to call an Australian or US number, I got numerous texts of two kinds: "Transaction failed - Insufficient funds" and "Yo'ure not allowed to call this number".

I complained via their extremely unhelpful online enquiry service. Trying to work out which problem I should categorise both complaints under was difficult.

I sent off the complaint on 17 October 2010. I got a reply on 21 October:

Hi Madeleine,

Thank you for your patience.

Vodafone apologises for the delay in responding to your enquiry within our normal time frames, and regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We understand that due to this delay, you may have utilised other avenues to resolve your query.

Please note that Vodafone are unable to assist with handset upgrade or mobile internet technical issues via email. For assistance with these queries, please call Vodafone on 1555 from your Vodafone handset or 1300 650 410 from a landline.

If you still require assistance via email, please advise us within 72 hours, and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively the answer to your enquiry may be found by registering and accessing the My Vodafone website.

Not helpful at all. So I responded, advising that no, they had not fixed my complaint. On 27 October, I got another email from them:

We have not heard from you concerning your request for support in the 120 hours since we sent you a response. Consequently, we have changed the status of your question to SOLVED.

At this point, I gave up. Being overseas and completely unable to get help via phone or email, I ended up relying on pay phones.

In December 2010, I had numerous problems - my phone dropping out of service for no reason; not receiving calls or messages; being charged for messages sent, but the recipients not receiving them.

Now in January 2011, I find out that maybe my privacy has been breached. Maybe, unauthorised people have my details. But maybe not. How would I know - Vodafone hasn't advised me whether or not I'm affected. Instead, they've buried a dismissive blog post on their website.

I've had enough. Are you actively trying to destroy your business?
9 Jan 2011 07:19:51 PM: Your experience with the online assistance (sic) system of Vodafail is not unique. It seems to quote some unrelated boilerplate info then classifies the incident as solved. Should you then respond further to the initial incident further it does the same thing quotes some inane unrelated response then classifies the incident as solved again.
16 Jan 2011 12:57:23 PM: yes- problem solved-you give up. You fight- same thing.

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11507 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is iPhone at 9 Jan 2011 07:08:53 PM
Is it possible that VodaFail supplies
to customers cheap 'factory seconds' or
defective phones?

My wife had to waste hours and money on
transport to go to iphone shop to repair
VodaFAIL supplied phone. My VodaFail supplied
iphone is not working properly. I will have
to waste few hours to visit iphone shop for
them to check and repair.

Both 'need-repair' phones were in brand
new sealed boxes (new) and are less than 6
months old.

9 Jan 2011 07:14:36 PM: how many networks do you know that support the iphone
22 Jan 2011 07:14:10 PM: ever thought it was the apple product. oh wait noooooo it couldn't be.
22 Jan 2011 07:24:34 PM: Telstra and Optus networks work fine with the iPhone, only Vodafones crap network doesn't work with the iPhone (or any smartphone).

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11424 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Reception!!!11ONE!!!!112 at 9 Jan 2011 02:19:55 PM
I get a message saying "Hey can you come in to work this afternoon?"
"I reply with Yeah sure, I'll come in at one!"
My manager replied with "I sent you that message 3 days ago.."
Smells like a vodafail to me!
16 Jan 2011 01:11:19 PM: Somehow, store the txts and logs. That one would be easy to prove injury in legal action against Vodafone.
16 Jan 2011 08:12:25 PM: No one has ever claimed that texting is an instant form of communication.
16 Jan 2011 08:14:23 PM: It is with every other network :)
24 Jan 2011 08:37:47 PM: You probably think emails are an urgent form of communication too...seriously your boss should call you or, given the supposed 'instant' nature of SMS, call you after 15 minutes of no replys.

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11386 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is BIG FAT FAIL! at 9 Jan 2011 12:22:17 PM

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11311 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is delayed voicemail and sms at 9 Jan 2011 08:40:14 AM
vociemails and sms arrive late by hours or days and at times not at all. Given I am applying for jobs at the moment this is unacceptable.

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11304 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is WINCHELSEA at 9 Jan 2011 08:30:23 AM
9 Jan 2011 08:47:06 AM: Ben, we feel your pain many times over, what a nightmare!!! Have you thought about the TIO details in the tab at the top, How To Complain ? I've found just very recently that the mere mention of the TIO has a tendency to focus Vodafail's mindset!! Good luck and let us know how you get on!!
9 Jan 2011 05:45:38 PM: its a prepay handset, not a big issue
9 Jan 2011 07:16:22 PM: i'll keep that in mind, but i think i've had enough trying to talk to vodafone for now :P

and it may be a prepay handset, but its still my money, in fact, i pay for the services before i can use them, and then find they dont work.

the biggest problem is that its not just me, its our whole towns vodafone customers
14 Jan 2011 11:52:21 PM: wow that sounds like a fun experience. jeez man if you are prepay just ditch them!
17 Jan 2011 08:24:19 PM: Ben, you're telling porkies mate, as much as you wish to present like you've called Telstra or investigated this issue in depth, you haven't. Vodafone doesn't have any Telstra owned or managed towers, they own their own infrastructure and the only portion of networks that work with Telstra are due to 3's roaming agreements with Telstra, which were established before the companies merged, and have absolutely NOTHING to do with Vodafone or Vodafone customers, and if you had in fact spoken to Telstra about this, they would've have told you that... Make up your own information and then hate the world for not being able to support your hypothesis, good call my man

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11267 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Internet, Connections & Billing at 9 Jan 2011 02:45:14 AM
From the time I got a Vodafone internet account, Vodafone continually overcharged on data download amounts compared to the that which the download monitoring software it provided was recording (Huawei).

Spent hours on hold trying to get through to resolve this over many months, and hours when eventually getting through, arguing the toss. Eventually spoke to a (name known) Vodafone person who admitted to KNOWING VODAFONE BILLING AND THE VODAPHONE-PROVIDED HUAWEI ACCOUNT SOFTWARE RECORDED DIFFERENT DATA THROUGHPUTS.

Service person said that it had been a known fault "forever" and that anyone relying on the Vodafone provided self-monitoring software to monitor their data throughput was bound to be upset when a much higher bill came in, as it always did (about 25-30% higher, always with Excess Charges as the data throughput, under on the provided monitoring software, had been "Exceeded" according to Vodafone head office accounting).

Ended up terminating the service in disgust. Had been on a 12 month contract which had passed, but then Vodafone started arguing it was a three year contract, based on their THEN standard at the time I ended it (not the one I signed on to earlier, which had been 12 months). Spent months arguing that toss.

Was then chased for the better part of a year by a debt collection agency (aggressively for months after I ended the deal) threatening all sorts of credit history black-balling and credit character assassination unless I fulfilled a three year contract.

Vodafone did not fulfill its obligations as a service provider under the contract during the 12 months it ran. Vodafone-employed (or sub-contracted staff) made full admission that the fault lay in the the Vodaphone provided modem/software, that Vodafone had always been aware of the fault.

Vodafone subsequently employed (or contracted) a debt collection agency to attempt to extend the contract under threat of credit history assassination.

Over to the Ombudsman.
9 Jan 2011 06:15:44 AM: Vodafone has never had a "three year contract" as a standard.

I think you are confused with someone else.

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11253 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Pretty fail worthy at 8 Jan 2011 10:45:42 PM
Msg fail...again...due to no network coverage. This of course just triggered my memory of seeing this site being talked about on TV and thinking finally someone has said something about how bad it really is and thought i would share my frustrations with the network. Yet again i have gone to sms and there is no coverage in, outside or around my house which is based in Perth. This happens most of the time no matter where i am and is really frustrating. I seem to also receive msg's a lot later than when people have sent them to me & also have a lot of network errors when i try to call people and it takes two or three times to actually get a dial tone. I have only just learned of the '30 minute wait' when calling Vodafone now as if it wasn't bad enough before that. All i wanted was a new password because their temporary one they supplied me failed to work..and this is only so i can get on their site as I really dislike the new set up for sending out bills via email, but needless to say cannot download my new bill until i can get onto the site for some reason. I sympathize though for the people who really needed their phones in that massive dropout they had recently, Vodafone need to get their act together before they lose all their customers if they haven't already lost enough. :/

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11250 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is painfully frustrating at 8 Jan 2011 10:09:05 PM
In June 2010 I purchased a mobile broadband plan for my parents. On attempting to set it up for them I couldn't get it to work. I called the help line and spoke to someone in Israel who told me after a half hour that the salesperson from where I bought the device should have supplied me with an updated CD. They had given me a CD but it was the wrong one. I went then to a Vodafone store and they gave me the correct on. They seemed to be well aware of the issue as there had been other people who had the same issue.
On trying the device again it still didn't work so I called again, this time speaking to someone in Egypt.After half an hour I was told the device was faulty and I needed to get a replacement. I then called the local vodafone number I was given and she tried to get me to accept a replacement she would send. This was hugely inconvenient as my parents live interstate and I was only there for a few days.
I gave my details and yes a postal satchel did come with details of how to return the goods which I followed to the letter.The problem now is that Vodafone claims it has never recieved the device although I have an email from Australia Post stating that someone at VF signed for it. I won't go into what VF told me to do to prove I had sent it. So they now continue to bill me for a device I don't have that never worked. Plus they charge me for a paper bill that I never wanted.
I am reasonably happy with my mobile phone except for the data download speed (I only have 50 MB/ month but the rate at which it happens would take me forever anyway so I hardly use it for that.)
I have emailed their complaints site on numerous occasions and get the answer that they are unable to help me any more. The VF store is unable to help as the staff have apprently the same access that I have.I've left it for a while now as I was too frustrated and had other more pressing issues to contend with but I aim to give them a call on Monday and then the ombudsman. I thought about sitting in their office until they fixed it but I don't have the time nor energy.

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11226 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is voda at 8 Jan 2011 03:09:20 PM
At least 50% of the mornington peninsula mount martha (benton's square area), Main Ridge, devil's bend, shoreham, have no or almost no coverage. Phone bill seems to always blow out because of returned missed calls. I have a vodafone usb internet adapter that seemed to work intermittently at home. Home is in central frankston. The supplied Dell netbook works on the internet but not on the internal 3g modem. Phone reception gets patchy even at home in central frankston (just off beach st)

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11222 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is very vodafail at 8 Jan 2011 03:06:51 PM
At least 50% of the mornington peninsula mount martha (benton's square area), Main Ridge, devil's bend, shoreham, have no or almost no coverage. Phone bill seems to always blow out because of returned missed calls. I have a vodafone usb internet adapter that seemed to work intermittently at home. Home is in central frankston. The supplied Dell netbook works on the internet but not on the internal 3g modem. Phone reception gets patchy even at home in central frankston (just off beach st)

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11215 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 8 Jan 2011 02:30:35 PM
im am at my wits end with vodafone, after spending 9 hours on hold in the last 3 days trying to get my iphone unlocked, after i was told i could do it straight away. i am getting nowhere. they blamed apple so i called apple myself with the info voda had given me to find out that there is no error on apples end that voda lied to me to get out of doing anything to help.

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11159 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is A Absolute Rip off! Everyone should skype use have incoming calls only on Mobiles and top up once a year. Vodafone is STRAIGHT UP SHIT at 7 Jan 2011 09:58:51 PM
For my birthday I thought i'd upgrade my phone and go on contract after being on prepay with vodaphone NZ and vodafone australia for over 10 combined years. Anywho this is how it it panned out.

1st step: I apply for the contract online and was approved and had my phone delivered to me etc, however because the phone was very expensive I called Vodafone and requested to have incurance added.

2nd step: As advised by a vodaphone rep who "Fucken Lara" the machine eventually transferred me to and took over an hour to I was then advised that insurance cannot be approved over the phone and I must take the phone in to a store so they can view and confirm that insurance was applied before the package was opened.

3rd Step: A lady fills out the insurance form we both sign and she says it will be sent away and I will be charged $10p/month. I was not given a copy of the insurance forms.

All sounds easy right???? WWWWWRRRRROONNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

My phone breaks so I take it in and was advised will not be warranty. Fine I advised is under insurance only to be told the is no way I can have insurance if i signed up over the phone..... like WTF "What The Fuck" Yep I was told insurance cannot be applied when contracts have been organised via direct deals over the net. Ok now this is crazy but its true so i decided FUCK that im gonna get something in writing.

I then go online and chat some spastic who also said the same thing so i said to her "I was told to take the phone in still sealed and have the insurance forms filled out, signed and sent away" so she replies back saying i am right so then I email her back and say "Please read your email below confirming that insurance cannot be added" so the dumb bitch emails me back and says "I am just going off what you said previously" I mean come on who works for vodaphone the spastic or me.

In the end I couldnt be fucked dealing with vodafone...... I pay my bill late every month and I wait for a collections call unfortunately for the person on the other end they cop a ear bashing!!!! And now that they have disconnected my phone I have called them to update my details and they are now calling me on another mobile number to collect funds.

Yes I am still paying it as I do not want bad credit but guranteed I will leave $100 or less at the end of my contract and call them back to request a credit.

Vodafone is shit!!!! I recommend you get rid of it, start using your work phone if you can or get a landline. If that does not suit you then go anywhere but vodafone..... Hate them with a passion.
8 Jan 2011 07:25:46 AM: Great Aussie customer service Han..
8 Jan 2011 11:44:53 AM: I'm not so sure about this. Pay all your other bills like water etc on time or even in advance and only pay VF when collector calls. People checking your credit might notice this and realise the problem is VFu..wi.s.
9 Jan 2011 01:25:42 AM: If this is true you would go to the TIO. They have sorted issues far less and worse then this.

I would assume you kept logs when ever possible to help your case.
9 Jan 2011 05:48:01 PM: Please do not swear!!

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11131 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is incredibly at 7 Jan 2011 06:16:55 PM
I was down in south-west WA for the weekend. Talk/text worked fine, but mobile internet through my iPhone, which I was relying on for travel planning, was flaky and continually dropped out. Thanks, vodafail.
7 Jan 2011 06:18:52 PM: (This, and many other issues, mean I'll be moving away from vodafone ASAP)
7 Jan 2011 06:28:00 PM: (these were high-density, populated centres also - Busselton, Dunsborough, etc. with full signal strength. Forget between towns, no coverage.)
18 Jan 2011 07:39:29 PM: those towns are not 3G coverage areas, therefore you wont get internet reception. you should have checked first.

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11077 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is at 7 Jan 2011 12:08:55 PM
I am in the middle of doing the contract walk. Been a Vodafoney customer for one and a half terms now. The first contract was okay until I got the iPhone. I'm sure most of you who are dataphiles notice the poor 3G service. Calls also drop out and the iPhone loses the signal and then has to be restarted to get the signal back etc.
I registered my complaint through email (very fast communication - one email a day) and was told that they were well aware of the problem, try to clean the SIM, switch to 2G instead; they are upgrading some suburbs etc. They offered me 2 months credit and I rejected it, preferring to walk. I then registered with the TIO to force Vodafone's hand in releasing me.

Intermediate hoop jumping - Vodafone then replied with a bunch of technical questions about the service like they'd never heard of this fault before. Some of the questions even requested my full name, telephone number and PIN (memory lapse).

I submitted the answers with the reference for the TIO submission. Looking forward to email number 4 from Vodey

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11056 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is ON ALL FRONTS at 7 Jan 2011 10:56:57 AM

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11049 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is making our lives hell at 7 Jan 2011 10:19:23 AM
I am applying for jobs. I'm getting a bit sick of saying the same thing over and over again - that is "I'm sorry if I drop out, I am with Vodafone at the moment and they have major problems". NOT a good look to a prospective employer. Common sense would say "use the home phone" but we have just moved house and that is not connected yet. Home phone ... optus all the way!

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11019 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is horrible at 7 Jan 2011 07:13:43 AM
QUESTION??? I complained in december (the 26th i believe) about handset and network issues. Since lodging the complaint Vodafone have replied asking for bits of information (i.e. date and times of dropped calls) and admitted that the network in my area (southern sydney ) has failed. Despite this admission they wont reply to me with a solution, the last two emails have simply been them asking the same information over and over i.e. requesting my pin number (which they have asked for three times - you can see it in the reply history of the email) and asking about fault information which they already have. Has any one else had this? At what point do you go to the Ombudsman??
7 Jan 2011 07:16:18 AM: Go to the Ombudsman now and lodge a complaint. Once vodafone sees a complaint from the TIO they will actually start trying to resolve your issue because if they don't they get fined.
7 Jan 2011 07:19:37 AM: cheers, sick of the run around - just want the service i pay for.
7 Jan 2011 04:57:35 PM: I went to the ombudsman today because I went into a vodafone store the check when my plan ran out so I could move to telstra, and she tells me that vodafone have added an extra 3 months to my plan without telling me and I can't get out until April but couldn't tell me why. Phoned the ombudsman straight away and they're now investigatng it. Call them as soon as you can and lodge a complaint they are really good.

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11003 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Total at 6 Jan 2011 11:01:35 PM

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10964 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is weakest link at 6 Jan 2011 05:18:24 PM
Well last night lying in bed had 2 bars of reception next thing I didn't move BANG no reception, I did not even move. about time Voda manned up and took responsibility for their poor service.

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10927 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Hopeless at 6 Jan 2011 02:28:27 PM
After complaining to the TIO about my poor coverage and constant drop outs at SydneyOlympic Park ( still being investigated by vodafone) I was revered to this

Mobile drop-outs and poor coverage

The TIO regularly investigates complaints where consumers allege they were misled by their provider or its dealer about mobile phone coverage, or are otherwise dissatisfied about the level of coverage they are receiving. Most commonly, complainants seek the TIO's assistance in being released from their contractual obligations.

Where a complaint concerns allegations of misleading or incorrect advice, the TIO seeks information and evidence from both the complainant and the provider to attempt to ascertain whether the complainant has a sufficient case to be released from their contract. The TIO will need to establish:

whether coverage is poor and, if so, in which areas
what expectations the dealer gave the complainant about coverage (e.g. Did they guarantee coverage in certain areas? Did they show a coverage map?)
the extent to which the complainant has been able to use the phone
whether the complainant has moved
whether the complainant specifically told the dealer where they would be using the phone
whether the standard of service has changed
whether coverage differs depending on the time of day, weather, etc;
when the complainant first brought the complaint to the attention of the provider or dealer.
Information/documentation that might assist the TIO to determine these factors includes the written contract itself, copies of mobile phone bills, statements about any discussions that took place before the contract was entered into, and coverage maps.

The TIO expects a provider and/or its dealer to ensure a customer is adequately informed about the likely performance of their phone. Having said this, the TIO has regard to the experience and knowledge of the complainant in relation to mobile phones. The TIO also considers the customer's apparent level of understanding and therefore what could reasonably have been expected of them in the circumstances.

Where the available evidence suggests likelihood that the dealer provided inadequate, inaccurate, or misleading information about coverage, the TIO expects the provider to release the customer from any contractual obligations, without termination charges or fees. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the TIO might also expect the provider to reimburse and/or waive any access fees or other charges paid.

Where a complainant did not make their provider aware of a coverage problem until well into the contract, the TIO will question what caused the delay. Where it is apparent that the complainant could reasonably have raised the issue much earlier, the TIO will bear this in mind when considering what constitutes a fair and reasonable outcome in the circumstances.

In considering complaints about coverage, the TIO also considers the extent to which the complainant has derived any benefit from the phone. For example, where it is apparent that a customer is effectively unable to use their phone due to poor coverage, the TIO might expect a provider to cancel a fixed term contract without termination charges or fees even where the actions or advice of the dealer were not brought into question.

Next: Mobile facilities: installation and location

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10917 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPICFAIL at 6 Jan 2011 01:52:24 PM
24 month contract for internet. Connection drops out for no reason all the time, often won't connect at all. Disconnected us for not paying a bill they never sent to us in the first place then they tried to charge us overdue fees on that bill. My boyfriend rang up and got given a different number to ring then that one gave him a different number to ring cause none of those people were of any use to us. Third number lied to us and said they have EMAILED (when we elected for paper bills) us the bill weeks ago, boyfriend gets shirty and makes a smart comment about the fact we have no internet so can't actually get our emailed bill. Check emails at parents place... magically no bill is there. Call AGAIN on hold for 1hour 40 mins to be put through somewhere else to be on hold for 18 mins to be put though to someone who is finally a nice helpful person and informs us that they don't even have an email adress for our account in their system so they never sent us a bill in any form then tried to charge us overdue fees. Also internet stick/dongle broke after like 2 months and they won't replace it we either had to pay 100 bucks for a new one or they would send ours away for ages to be "looked at" and offered us no replacement for that time so we would be paying for nothing basically. Just rubbish all round VERY fed up and trying to get out of contract early!!

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10850 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Poor Customer Service at 6 Jan 2011 09:38:36 AM
I switched from Vodafone prepaid to 24-month contract. I still had $20 on my prepaid sim card but when I asked Vodafone if that money can be credited to my account, they replied that I need to contact the store (who promised me the refund). The store, of course insisted I need to call the main Vofdafone line and after being on hold 3 or 4 times for 30 min + each time, I decided to give up.

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10809 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Fraudulent at 6 Jan 2011 06:57:05 AM
Vodafail is actively and knowingly defrauding Australian customers. Promising a service, knowing that this promise is fraudulent and then lying that it is your problem with your phone or area while continuing to take your money. I was with them for 3 weeks and it was the worst company I have every had to deal with. I am so glad I did not sign up on a contract although my unlimited $99 uncapped cost $186 for three weeks! How do you explain that? I even used my own phone and did not get one from them.

Vodafail will end up a Harvard Business School Study on how to piss off and lose as many customers as possible in the shortest possible time. Good luck with the class action!

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10802 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Very, very fail at 6 Jan 2011 06:05:17 AM
6 Jan 2011 10:50:03 AM: The ultimate device is crazy. It is as fast as most broadband connections!

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10774 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is infinitely fail at 5 Jan 2011 09:20:30 PM
Terrible customer serivce, reception, internet, lots of lying and deception. Almost as bad as Telstra, but not quite. Rude rude customer serivce, shocking. Hate the FEMBOT LARA.

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10715 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is super fail at 5 Jan 2011 05:30:42 PM
If I ran a bussines as bad as they do and were unable to provide
the service I handsomely charge for and relied on an inept off shore help desk I would would be sued, shut down and run out off town...and rightly sooooo.
5 Jan 2011 05:49:24 PM: Absolutely.
Not a good Telco business model: Infrastructure that cannot keep pace with the demand from these data hungry "smartphones". Outsourced bumbling Customer Service that can only read from scripts and do not understand our local situation. But hey, keep signing up new customers anyway. $$$$$$$ !!
Shopfront teenage staff that have no power to resolve customer problems:all they want is the commission from a sale.
Inept Call Centre staff that bounce you from one dept to another or back to LARA.
If I presented this business model to my financiers for a business loan for a startup Telco do you think I would get the loan ? Think not !!!

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10698 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is crap at 5 Jan 2011 04:19:53 PM
I have two main issues with Vodafone:

The first is that SMS messages sent by me or sent to me are not delivered in a timely manner - sometimes they arrive up to 24 hours later. This is very bad for me as I am on call for my work and I need a reliable SMS service.

Secondly, I regularly call a friend in Melbourne. On average I get about 4 to 5 call drops every time I call her. Sometimes it's so ridiculous; just one call drop after another I just give up and call her later. It is VERY frustrating.

Luckily I don't have to pay for calls to 3 users because if I had to pay for every new connection I would be extremely pissed off. Also it would be TERRIBLE if you relied on your mobile for Business.

I hope Vodafone will do something about SMS delivery and call drops. It will probably take ages to upgrade the network though. Meanwhile I'm locked into a plan. BOO!

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10681 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Massive at 5 Jan 2011 03:19:13 PM
After consistently receiving the message "SIM card registration failed" one day, I tried calling the customer service line of VF 3 times - first time I got through and I said it was a problem with a Nokia handset (just guessing, I'm no tech person), which then transferred me to a number which was not connected. I then called back and this time I said it was a problem with the SIM card, and got a message telling me there was a technical problem and I needed to hang up and call back. The third time I chose that it was a problem with coverage and the same thing happened.

I then emailed, got an automated message about covering 94.52% of the Australian population, which I replied to saying I was sitting in the middle of Sydney. I didn't receive a response for a while (I think just over a week), then eventually received the following:

Thank you for your patience.

Please note that this is an automated reply and is being sent due to unexpected and extended delays.

We apologise for the delay in responding to your enquiry within our normal time frames, and regret any inconvenience this has caused. We understand that due to this delay, you may have utilised other avenues to resolve your query.

If this has not been the case, please let us know by replying to this email (between the lines indicated) so we can assist you further.

Please be assured if you still need a response we will reply as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Vodafone Correspondence Team

They were right - I did utilise other avenues - I switched to Telstra.
5 Jan 2011 03:36:37 PM: *Like..

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10617 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is so bad at 5 Jan 2011 01:22:28 PM
here in coffs harbour the reception is so bad you can walk from one room to the next n loose reception,when we travel up to brisbane or down to sydney we would be lucky to have 40% coverage.Reward mobile doesnt want to know us and s much as i hate to do it we will be changing to telstra,if we travel around the state vodaphone cannot be relied on

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10580 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPIC #####FAIL at 5 Jan 2011 12:11:05 PM

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10495 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Cannot supply change of plan or new phone as promised! at 5 Jan 2011 09:35:14 AM

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10487 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is billing fail at 5 Jan 2011 08:58:39 AM
Signed up with NRMA discount offer of "first 3 months free and $10 off per month after that" end of October/Early November. Unimpressed when the first bill arrived in december.
Logged a call on-line within days of receiving it, but heard nothing back.
Finally called after Christmas, and helpdeskdroid was suitably apologetic and said it was being fixed, and I would have an extra 10% off for my troubles.
This morning received SMS from vfone telling me bill is now overdue.
Called - well, with over 1/2 hr delay had them call me back - and nice helldeskdroid tried to help, but explained that the credits were not able to be applied to already issued (and now overdue) bills, and would not take effect until the next bill.
Technically this is a breach of the contract, as it was clearly stated that this would be the "first three bills", not "pay the first and then the next three free".

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10472 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is disgusted at 5 Jan 2011 07:44:26 AM
I only signed up for vodafone a couple of months ago because they seemed to be able to offer 'cheap' dataplans without a contract. Now wish I hadn't ...

Even though I live and work in Metropolitan Sydney where coverage should be OK if you believe their map, the service is dismal.

- Receiving Calls: I keep on 'missing' calls. I can reproduce this: Even when my phone says it is on 3G with full coverage bars, sometimes when I call it with another phone, it just goes straight to the 'blablabla unavailable' message. I don't get a missed call on my phone nor do I get a text or anything about a call being missed

- Making calls: Even right in the center of town I need to almost stand still to successfully complete a call without being dropped. Entering a building or walking through an arcade or something will drop the call almost every time.

- Data coverage: With full 3G and all coverage bars I regularly get timeouts on opening webpages. Even when it doesn't time out, a speedtest shows my internet to be a dismal 150Kbit (about 25 times slower than my other Telstra SIM on the same phone). I have given up relying on my emails coming in on my vodafail SIM as they often don't arrive until half a day after they are actually in my mailbox.

- Coverage: This is what baffled me most. I drove over the blue mountains to Orange the other day. Only an hour out of Sydney, I lost complete reception never to get it back. In Orange I could not get any reception yet shops on the high street were still selling Vodafone plans - How do they do it ?

All the above didn't seem to deter from Vodafone sending me a $270 bill on my $39 cap for my first month. I have blocked my direct debit and will do everything I can not to pay this bill.

I guess I am luckier than most of you guys as I am not on a contract so I can (and will) just port my number to a decent provider.

All the best for people fighting to get out of their contracts - No consumer this day and age should put up with this sort of service !

5 Jan 2011 07:57:26 AM: Agree completely with all of your comments!!! Best wishes for the future..........without Vodafone!!!!

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