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Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

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Other People's Pain

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5029 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Catastrophic at 27 Dec 2010 08:08:16 PM
I bought a new iphone from Vodafone. It drops out all the time. It's battery life is less than one day as it has to use power to maintain the rubbish Vodafone signal. The Vodafone signal quality at the hospital I work in the CBD is poor, which means delayed voicemail messages on potentially urgent medical matters.

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5009 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is LARA at 27 Dec 2010 08:04:00 PM
Call drop outs, late message sending and recieving and most of all, F*&% YOU Lara. I can not handle that computer generated talking system. I end up finally getting through to customer service and i am so pissed off just from that bloody lara chick. RAH!!!!!
27 Dec 2010 09:29:04 PM: yes totally agree F*& percent YOU Lara total waste of time! then when you finally get through to an indian that cant even speak english properly grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

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4912 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Vodafailtastic at 27 Dec 2010 07:37:45 PM
I thought Optus sucked hard, but Vodafone truly can suck golfballs from a hose. I signed up in Oct and i have had problems with everything from reception to billing. Customer Service with most Telcos is crap, but vodafone have added extra fibre to their diets....flows real easy. I use my phone for work and it has been frustrating not to have coverage to make calls and lose jobs due to late message arrivals. i guess my VODAFONE communication device makes for a pretty good camera and music player because it sure as hell lacks communication skills! Best see the TIO in regards to dropping Voda contract for something more technologically advanced like two cans and a piece of string....SEE YA VODAFAIL!!!

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4897 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is extreme! at 27 Dec 2010 07:34:41 PM
ridculous dropout rate, delayed voicemail and try getting onto maps? what a joke - a blind person would get there sooner than the maps by the time they load, got so bad that I took phone into the store, which said I needed a new sim. Got new sim, perservered for another month - and now that my phone is 3 weeks out of warranty...!!Guess what! It's now my problem!! I can send it away to get an assessement for a minimum charge ofcourse. So fricking over vodafone - I nearly threw it out car window the other day!

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4647 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Voicemail at 27 Dec 2010 06:45:26 PM
It TXT'x you only in the middle of th night - and that 3 or 4 days late

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4627 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is epic at 27 Dec 2010 06:40:53 PM
I Have had messages pending in my outbox, that take ages to finally go through. Delayed voicemail messages as well as text messages arriving hours later than when they were sent.

Vodafone coverage in festivals is appalling. Every festival i go to i am certain to have NO coverage the whole time i am there whilst people on other networks (i.e 3) have full coverage.


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4485 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is 'bout 1,000,000 at 27 Dec 2010 06:14:09 PM
Vodafone are restricting calls AND texts from users of other networks. My own mother cannot contact me, save for my home number.

I also have experienced slow data transfer rates and delayed voicemails. This is coupled with the poor performance of the iPhone 4 (I'm currently on my SECOND) which they did knew of but didn't pass this info onto me before purchase.

Have joined class action.

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4421 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is at 27 Dec 2010 06:03:49 PM
So first of all, vodafone started charging me up to 600 dollars a month for my phone usage. The reason was cause i was receiving random sms messages which I never signed up for but that cost me 50 dollars an sms. It was sms's with random world facts. I was never told, even when asked that this was the reason my phone bill was so high until i asked around and figured out what it was supposed to be.

So i go in to vodafone, change the play to the 99 dollar unlimited plan and get an i phone.

When I signed up i was told to keep making payments into the same bpay account, i did.

Later I am told I have not paid my phone bill. After about a week of fucking around I finally get through to the customer service line, and eventually they give me the money i paid in credit on my current account.

This month, I get another bill;. No credit has been applied, nothing. Not only that. I am told my phone will be cut off in a few days if i don't pay right away.

Only problem is, I have a sms, an automated phonecall and an email ALL stating different amounts I owe (Anywhere between 110 and 400) I call for days, am on the line for over an hour sometimes and get no help. Can't even talk to anyone.

Then when i try and use the automated service to find out how much my bill is and what my b pay details are i am told my account details are unable to be found at this time, sorry for the inconvenience.

Next day my phone gets cut off.

I go into vodafone to sort it out. I am told that no vodafone representative at a vodafone shop is allowed to handle billing issues and all I can do is pay the full amount and maybe sometime this week my phone will come back on (Maybe) I paid the bill on friday.

This is after the vodafone representative checked on his computer and indeed confirmed i had 300 dollars of credit. Credit which was given to me by vodafone over a month ago and is registered in their computers yet they still want me to p[ay the same amount because their computers cant sort my shit out.

On top of that, there is the constant bad internet connection, bad service, late messages, missed phonically that don't come through till after its too late.

my email is mlahooti@gmail.com

I am a film maker also. I will gladly help sue vodafone.

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3938 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 27 Dec 2010 04:56:17 PM
Reception is shocking, i have to stand in one spot at home or it cuts out. I also get late messages and when i do have reception sometimes i try and make a call and it just doesn't connect, all it says is called failed. Get your act together Vodafone, as soon as my contract runs out im outta there.

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3425 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Poor Reception at 27 Dec 2010 04:10:28 PM
I can never get reception where I'm staying and have had constant drop-outs and very very delayed voicemail messages!! I've had enough!!! Their lack of 3G service is also a worry!!

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3292 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is vodafone sux at 27 Dec 2010 03:51:10 PM
everything about vodafone sux. late voicemail, crappy signal 99% of the time, LARA is an idiot with inappropriate options & i cant understand the indian support staff... do you know how embarrassing it is for both parties when you have to ask them to s.p.e.l.l. i.t. o.u.t??? My 12 month contract runs out in feb, I am an I.T. techy and I WILL NEVER USE VODAFONE EVER AGAIN AND ILL MAKE SURE MY CUSTOMERS, FRIENDS AND RELLIES DON'T EITHER.
i want a refund.

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3215 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Its not just me at 27 Dec 2010 03:42:19 PM
I thought I had imagined the service had gotten so much worse after the 3/Vodafone merge - I couldnt understand how merging 2 phone companies would make things worse rather than better. Same problems - call dropouts, terrible phone reception, delayed voicemails but ALSO roaming charges. Every month the Iphones are getting hit with internet roaming charges on top of the cap amounts - sick of it

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2643 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is disgusting service and technical support at 27 Dec 2010 01:52:19 PM
Getting ready to travel to Europe and went into the VODAFONE stone in the QVB where I asked for my iPhone 3 to be unlocked so I could use a prepaid European sim card. I was assured it would be cheaper to unlock my sim card to INTERNATIONAL roamer. They used quite clever sales terms like 'only pay $1.50 for the 1st minute, and then standard call charges after that'. What that little PR*&K didn't tell me was that it was INTERNAL STANDARD CALL CHARGES which was RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE.
After I expressed that i didn't want this product, HIS CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING [if any] went out the window as I was quickly dismissed and ushered out of the store with a website . Followed the instructions on vodafone.com.au/unlock with no success. 4 days later (day before my trip), I've been transfer to about 4 different departments and been on the phone for the past 52 minutes [oh yes im keeping track] with no solution in sight.

This is just a recent issue after 2 years of drop outs, delayed voicemail - SMS's and MMS', no service (standing near the VODAFONE CORPORATE OFFICES) rude and outrageous customer service (who tells a customer to shut up? THANKS QVB VODAFONE STORE!)

If anyone could tell me how and what terminology to use to exit my contract i would greatful.

27 Dec 2010 02:02:24 PM: Happened to me last July, Signed up and the phone bill went from the average $ 50.- cap to $ 450.- despite hardly using the mobile overseas. Vodafone was ok. They credited most of the amount in dispute. Actually, the reception and Network coverage was better overseas than what it is here near a Vodafone tower :-)

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2600 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Poor at 27 Dec 2010 01:42:55 PM
Dropped calls, poor or zero coverage in excellent Telstra coverage areas. Massively delayed voicemail messages - does not live up to promises made to gain contract. Very disappaointed, however still 12 months to go on contract - I won't be renewing with Vodaphone unless things change for the better.

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2598 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is The absolute worst if the worst at 27 Dec 2010 01:42:51 PM
No reception. Late messages which come in bulk, sometimes day late. Calls drop out all the time. Constantly have to turn phone off and on again to get reception! Can hardly use net cause of no reception! Grrrrrrrrrb

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2415 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Pathetic at 27 Dec 2010 12:55:12 PM
I have experienced dropouts 10 times a day, delayed voicemail of 12 hours, slow internet nad people cant hear me when i talk and sometimes i cant hear them. I sometimes cant call people or my phone never rang at all... people cant call me. I tired asking them to rectify the problems and they blame the phone, they ask me to try and upgrade my phone, change sim card.... do evertything but it's never their network. they even asked me to send my phone in to have it repaired yet wouldnt give me a loan phone. first they told me it mite take two weeks and after i did the paperwork, they said it will take up to six weeks..... BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you their CEO Nigel Dewsbag uses Telstra network cos he knows how shitty his own network is.

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2203 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is late messages and poor service from management at 27 Dec 2010 12:05:08 PM
Apparently I have had a photo message delivered numerous times I sent it toa number of friends and family my brother reports he received it 4 times.
Also when people arecalling it doent always ring but goesstraight to voice mailand over christmas my bro made one such call but hey its not on the voice mail. It drops out of service for no reason. Oh and msg sent christmas arrived at 4am on the 27th.
I also had to helpmy son fix his account due to illness and over a two week period I was told a manager will get back to you...they never did but a call to say I was going to cancel and reportthem got action.
My daughter cancelled her vodafone account 1 month ago and got an sms to say her bill is ready and she owes $200 guess what her number doesnt exisit at vodafoneso online or phoning they cant help after a number of emails we received here is your account you will be direct debited...as they were told that account had also been cancelled. DUMB I'm getting out as soon as.
27 Dec 2010 12:09:30 PM: I have had all the same issues with the PXT msgs and incoming calls going straight to voicemail without ringing! Sometimes it doesn't ring AT ALL but when I take it out of my pocket, BOOM - FOUR MISSED CALLS.

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1834 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Epic at 27 Dec 2010 10:26:40 AM
Ths biggest setback this retarded network has caused me was a series of 3 day late voicemails from a prospective employer for an apprenticeship interview which i later found was a sure thing if only i hadnt recieved the multiple voicemails just hours after the interview was scheduled. Since then on numerous occasions i have attempted to complain after many bounced or dropped calls, but the process is too lengthy and painful (for a reason no doubt). Over the christmas period i was away from my girlfriend (also with vodafone) and every single call was dropped at 7 minutes on the dot! Over the past few months i have deterred 5 friends from entering plans with vodafone. Im not a number! And in May i am a free man! Fcuk you vodafcuk!

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1594 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is unreliable at 27 Dec 2010 07:31:45 AM
Regular call drop outs, no service (I'm 7kms from CBD), delayed voicemail message alerts. I can no longer receive/send emails on my iphone (since October). Vodafone 'are investigating it'. My last call to them advised that they were still investigating it but couldn't give me an estimated time this problem would be fixed. I've still got 10 months on contract - grrrr!!!!

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1404 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Crap Crap Crap at 22 Dec 2010 11:38:24 AM
Mike here from NSW, I work in the Recruitment business and due to a 3 hour delayed voicemail message I lost a $10,000 deal. Also my clients, family and friends cannot contact me as they lose connection. I cannot make calls as it doesnt connect and I am tired of trying to contact them.
22 Dec 2010 12:30:38 PM: I feel your pain. I think you would definitely have a case against them and should seek some compensation - if only they would answer the phone.
22 Dec 2010 01:08:10 PM: I don't believe this story for a second. If your recruitment product was worth waiting for you would have got the deal when you returned the call. Does your recruitment business also have an office number? Try not relying on your mobile exclusively.
22 Dec 2010 01:20:27 PM: thanks for the last post, but are we all on a Vodafail contract worth a couple of thousand dollars to use it as a back up? - I don't think so!
CRAP, CRAP, CRAP : I believe you.

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1378 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is disappointing at 21 Dec 2010 06:59:38 PM
I've been a customer for a few years, only 12 months ago I took advantage of the internet deal 1/2 price for the first 6 months $20 then $40 for the following 18 months up to 5g of downloads, sounds like a good deal. I'd been paying about $120 a month with Telstra Bigpond for some time (maybe 5 years) and had continual trouble with the home phone not working at the same time as the internet, going back to the dark ages of "dial up" even to the point where the Telstra contractor advised that he couldn't fix it but had the hide to ask me if it was ok if he told Telstra head office it was fixed so he could move onto the next job... ANYWAY it never got fixed, so we changed to Vodafone dongle.

When we signed up, the salesperson in Vodafone shop admitted that there was problems with the connection/reception, but being a mobile phone customer and not having too many problems with the mobile phone I didn't think it would be that bad in our house.

We rarely have connection, we are paying for a service we cannot use, it makes you feel like you are absolutely being completely ripped off! When we do get connection, like right now, it's always a poor signal.

Now we have problems with both mobiles as well, all the same problems as most people on here, late voicemail (if you get it), dropping out all the time and connection problems.

The worst thing is I'll sit on my couch will not be able to connect to the internet because of poor signal but get full internet 3g on my phone next to me??!! What the?

I've read a lot of the complaints here on the site, all I can say is I'm glad I'm not working on the management team of this company! The amount of work that's required to fix this mess is going to be almost impossible and I'll take my hat off to Vodafone if they can fix the problem. Word of mouth is how they got so popular but it could possibly be the end of them.
22 Dec 2010 02:01:57 PM: How are you being ripped off when you were advised that "the salesperson in Vodafone shop admitted that there was problems with the connection/reception" (to quote your comment), yet you went ahead and did it anyway?

Don't you think you are a little bit responsible for YOUR own actions.
27 Dec 2010 09:17:50 AM: the equal and possibly more valid point is that VODAFONE is legally bound to provide a service that works (doesnt have to be free from bugs but it has to work as described)
regardless of what the sales person said . Infact the sales person i would imagine has actually admitted liability on behalf of VODAFONE , VODAFONE knew of the limitations /problems yet still sold the product to this customer fully aware that it would be unable to be used or fit for the purpose it was purchased/intended (info is available at http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/)
im wondering if the person who wrote the last reply (22 Dec 2010 04:01:57 PM) knows what Unconscionable conduct is , (link http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/716807)
an old saying yet a good one , "just cause i say its legal dont mean it is"
please let us know what part of vodafone you work in , this will give us a VERY clear indication how far up the managerial column this arrogance/total disregard for customers goes (very obvious you work for Vodafone)

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1377 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is 2 at 21 Dec 2010 06:57:12 PM
Delayed voicemail , bad reception in the centre of Brisbane . Slow Internet connection
22 Dec 2010 04:55:50 PM: Was walking along Eagle Street in the Brisbane CBD last week... totally dead. No bars all the way along.

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1346 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Mega Fail at 21 Dec 2010 01:17:09 PM
The other night my Vodafone service stopped working for 15 hours. 15 hours! I couldn't make a call, receive a call, send a text, receive a text, use the internet... I kept thinking, "What if there's some sort of emergency?" This, of course, on top of all the other dropped calls, delayed voicemails, horrible 3G reception which means I can't access the internet. So frustrating and has been going on for weeks with no end in sight.

21 Dec 2010 01:20:32 PM: Turn your phone off and then on again.

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1065 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 10 out of 10 for failing!*# at 19 Dec 2010 08:22:59 PM
I'm a 2-month-old customer. My phone has - dropped out frequently, often has no 3G, has no or late voicemail and texts, people can't get hold of me at all (calls just don't get to me or my voicemail), customer 'non-care' are in-contactable, and if I do get hold of them or they call me back (which never happens during the week only on the weekend) then the call usually drops out! The worst thing is, I rely on my phone for my freelance work and I have no idea how much business I've lost because of this phone. They say they listen - empty platitudes. I am beside myself with anger and frustration!

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1045 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Useless at 19 Dec 2010 06:04:54 PM
I've been with vodafail for about 7 weeks so far... and i'm horrified to think what i've gotten myself into. I've had so many of my customers emailing me saying they've been calling for hours and keep getting told my number is disconnected or out of service etc, strangely according to my phone i have full signal and i do get the occasional call.

I've had my sim card replaced due to MMS not working at all, It still didn't work immediately after the sim switch until about 3 days later. Then a couple of days after that it started working again.

Since then it only sporadically works, i've been into the vodafone store only to be told theres not much they can do and to call the support line... As i write this i've been on hold for passing 45 minutes now and still no sign of life.

Surely late on a sunday afternoon wouldn't be a peak period for them you would think...

At the same time i bought the phone i brought a car charger, 4 weeks after buying it, it failed and stopped charging the phone. Back to the Vodafone store i go.. only to be told we have to send it off and it could be 5-10 working days before its repaired or replaced. It's a bloody $20 charger, it should just be replaced on the spot. However even if they could do that as per usual there wasn't any in stock! I mean come on seriously vodafail, your taking in stupid amounts of money each month and declaring big profits and yet your network is just crap...

In addition i also suffer from the usual extremely slow internet service, delayed voicemail notifications, delayed text messages or messages that just never arrive.. random service dropouts. Last week i was in an area where according to there coverage map should have full 3g coverage. I couldn't get any mobile signal at all.

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1038 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is rubbish blackberry at 19 Dec 2010 05:38:54 PM
As a vodafone customer for 9 years, The last year with my nokia data was fairly slow, however 12 months ago got a blackberry handset upgrade. Worst ever, internet slower, call dropouts, late messages, the works yet my fone showed Full 3G reception. Numerous calls (24 in total), being transferred from person to person to person to whoops we hung up on you, no assistance $600 to get out of contract and now with Telstra Nxt G. Never looked back except always perfect reception and data speed superb. I wish i still had my $600 though.....

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950 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is 100 at 19 Dec 2010 07:28:25 AM
I use Just mobile that uses the Vodaphone Network. Continued poor reception, call drop outs, but most frustratingly, delayed voicemail and texts! Sometimes 48 hrs plus. It seems that when one finally gets through, another 5 come with it. This has got me into strife with the handbrake as she thinks I am ignoring her. As soon as my prepaid balance is zero, I am switching to Amaysin!!
19 Jan 2011 09:42:53 AM: i have amaysin,top service,nothing is to much troube,cheap ,u paid for what u use

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731 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is MEGA FAIL at 18 Dec 2010 06:50:51 AM
The past couple of months have been more than a nightmare! I have spent literally hours on the phone to some poor call centre worker in India trying to get some sense out of them as to why the service I am paying for is not being provided.
I have missed out on work due to messages not being delivered until hours later all because my phone is not ringing due to network issues.
I get no service, dropped calls, failed calls, late voicemails, no 3G coverage, unable to send texts.. I have just been informed that I live in a low signal area, funny how this happens even when I'm in the middle of Sydney!!
This is totally unacceptable Vodafone!!!!

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684 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is atrocious at 17 Dec 2010 10:19:43 PM
After months of troubles with an old unlocked Telstra 3g phone on the Vodafone network my partner relented and got a SE Experia X10. And we thought we had problems before... The fun only just began. 90% of all calls in either direction end in dropouts, terrible conversations due to dropouts, late messages, and general frustration. Useless customer service over the phone. Useless customer service in the stores. It doesn't end. I am also on Vodafone and don't have as many issues on my old GSM phone thankfully. Never again...

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258 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is late messages at 17 Dec 2010 02:19:18 PM
I thought it was just a freak thing but often go through periods where voice messages come day/s after been left or staff just don't get my sms's.

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224 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Woeful for months! at 17 Dec 2010 02:06:33 PM
After experiencing the same probs as I now know are common (i.e dropped calls, no network service, delayed voicemails), I eventually went to a Vodafone store to complain and was told it was a "known" problem associated with a tech upgrade and that it should be rectified within a week. Months later, the service is just as unreliable/unsatisfactory! Why weren't we told in the first place! I emailed them yesterday to cancel my contract - will see how long it takes to get a response!

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1 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Worst service ever at 12 Dec 2010 07:01:55 PM
I've experience dropped calls, late voicemail messages, poor battery life and bad 3G coverage. Complaining to the call centre does nothing and they refuse to replace my phone or let me out of the contract I just signed. They deny there is any issue with their network or service and redirect you to departments that are closed after waiting on hold for hours.

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