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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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11860 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is less fail then this site at 10 Jan 2011 09:25:15 PM
Now this page you can freely share your thoughts of the company and blame what every telecommunication problem has.

All companies at one stage make mistakes by over charging customers, waiting calls and reception issues except for telstra(which you pay a fortune for). They all perform repairs and expansions, YOUR ON HOLD FOR ANY PHONE COMPANY for 20-30 minutes, i was on hold the other day for half an hour. The representatives are doing there jobs. There is always a high call volume,but they were kindly to help, i transfered one of my numbers and talked to them about my bill enquires, i've been a long term customer and too see people complain about reception and privacy issues is totally not entirely the companies fault.There is always scammers and leakes of all information completed illegally...eg wikileaks. The media has portrayed the story like any other story to make it even worst or enticing to sell papers and gain viewers.

Your on hold on the phone cause no one knows how to use a phone, in particular an iphone!


easy steps such as switching you handset to 2G mode will help out with regards to making out goin calls. Reception isssues aren't always on the company.It can be your headset or the materials your housing is made of or if your in a rural area.

There is sometimes dirty people that will come to your door and sell you something or representatives on the phone. I got a F@#%ing call from telstra saying to move over there network they promisd me all this crap and i knew it was false. they said they were gonna weavier all my cost to move over and alter stated they'll give me 200 for the cancellation fees. It is not directly linked to the company.

and if you do have an issue i sure they'll be glad to help

DON'T get rolled

If you are struggling with reception issues im pretty sure vodafone are kindly to help if your patient enough. Nothing will happen with a click of a finger.

My friend at his house couldn't get vodafone reception or any other network other then telstra working there. The team at vodafone had launched a investigations an gave him a waiver to leave the company.

AND IT'S NOT THE BEST JOB TO BE IN A CALL CENTRE. people are very racist in there comments to the people that try to assist you.


Face the facts guys, your gettting a deal so what if your calls drop out once or twice a day.

your getting better value with the company.

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE CALLS AT ALL i'll definately be pissed of my self

most of you sound like do have an issue with the company and its understandably to be frustrated but who sold you the phone and why did you join in the first place?

are we all trying to get free phones and compensation
everyone has there own experience with a company.

Technology is growing and companies need to find a better way to check coverage that are more accurate and if not the customer should receive incentives that are reasonably they are will receive.

10 Jan 2011 09:35:16 PM: RE: most of you sound like do have an issue with the company and its understandably to be frustrated but who sold you the phone and why did you join in the first place?

I called directly to the callcenter of vodafone, to get 24 months contract, because on the vodafone website they promised me 100% fast 3G coverage in my area.....

Not the person on the phone warned me off problems in my area, nor did the website....I never have 3G and hardly can make calls or receive calls, so they ripped me off......

11 Jan 2011 05:41:35 AM: I like the rant above - im sorry some of the call centre staff recieve abuse, racism or what ever is said to you. However the fact remains Vodafone is a bunch of liars, they have intentionally decieved people with misleading ad's and false information. When i toured India my phone had better coverage then what it does here in the middle of Sydney. As for your assertion that Australians don't want jobs maybe you should have a bit of a loiok at yourself and how racist you are?
17 Jan 2011 10:20:04 PM: The above was almost definitely posted by a PR of vodafone haha