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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

Highest Rated Pain Stories

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2827 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is ABSOLUTE CRAP at 27 Dec 2010 02:36:47 PM
I signed up to a Vodafone Contract in JULY 2009 with the purchase of an iPhone 3GS. In the first week I noticed that I did have better reception at home the 3, which is the bottom of the pit of all telco's. Over the months I noticed a slow decrease in the quality of reception, and now in DECEMBER 2010, I can't get any reception on my Mobile Phone at home. Having called Vodafone on many occassions, the only solution they have is to move around or go elsewhere where there is reception. What Kind of service is this when I am paying them $69.00 pre month on a Fixed Term Contract and can't receive or make calls at home. Add to this the Thousands of call dropouts, SMS messages which take up to 8 hours to get to the recipient, and extremely poor coverage, VODAFONE is not worth slagging on.
I was travelling in Austria in March 2010, and bought a Pre-paid card, with one of their cheapest networks, and never had less than 4 bars of reception, even inside buildings, in tunnels and up in the mountains. This was absolutely incredible, I even had semi reception when I travelled into Slovakia and Hungary. This is what you call service, you get exactly what you pay for. Australian companies are just focusing on making money and providing crap services.This is a problem across the board, Telco's, Gas, Electricity, and whatever other utility service is available. What about the Customer Service Call Centres in India, This is an absolute joke, and invasion of privacy when you have to confirm private information to someone in another country.
Australia is no longer the lucky country, well maybe for the money hungry corporations, which are mainly overseas owned.
Everybody should band together and SAY "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", Let's get these companies, especially VODACRAP to lift their game, and the best way to do this is by leaving them, the more customers they lose the better. The government is not doing anything to protect people against getting ripped off by these companies, the Governemnt doesn't give a shit, Politicians have their phones paid by the Tax Payer anyway, so they are never concerned.
I have sent a scathing complaint to VODAFONE about my problems, both in writing and over the internet, and if they don't meet my demands, I will just drop the contract, and stop paying them. They can try and recover money from me, and at the same time I will be fighting to recover money from them. Oh yeah, I have also sent one to A Current Affair.....SPREAD THE WORD......
30 Dec 2010 07:25:05 PM: Well somebody that sees this the sam way i do.. I travell overseas a lot and you are right about the telcos overseas, great service and cheap too, not like these theiving pricks here. Dont worry the big wheel will turn on Vodacrap, they will loose customers, and as dumb as they are, will ask why ??? Go figure..

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3545 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is very poor coverage at 27 Dec 2010 04:19:40 PM
living in Melb putting up with crap coverage so what going to happen when I go camping around Australia?? might as well leave my mobile at home!!

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3737 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Over use messages - thanks after it hit $400 at 27 Dec 2010 04:35:49 PM
I have a $79 plan with Vodafone.
I was using my phone heavily due to a family incident.
I regularly tried to check the account balance on 1512.
The service "was temporarily unavailable call back later".
So I did call/sms and then try getting to speak to a human - who eventually conceeded the service had failed and was out of order for at least a week.
She referred me to the online web site and I could check it there.
I asked how can that be so if you cannot access it and help me - she said it works.
Two hours later trying online - and smsing the 1512 number - still "out of order".
Eventually after another week I started getting your service is abnormal please check your account usage by contacting us, using 1512 or checking online.
Still no access, no help.
I stopped using it.
Called the vodafone help line who said they could not help me as the balance and usage system was unavailable.
Funny 2 days later my bill was generated with a $432 bill for excessive usage.
When i called "customer service" and ended up speaking to a supervisor she said "you used it, you pay, or we will place it in the hands of a debt collector".
Being upset I wrote a letter and explained the situation and the lengths that I went to manage the situation.
Despite the letter with the detailed explanation I got a letter back "thanks for your recent letter, you used this amount of service so you are required to pay".
Thanks Vodafail.
28 Dec 2010 08:49:43 AM: If the balance check system of my credit card was down and i overspent on that i would still be charged for the money i spent on it. Why is this any different?
2 Jan 2011 02:27:40 PM: Unfair comment, vodas system failed, he tried alternatives, give him a break
15 Jan 2011 10:54:08 PM: Is it possible, at all, that somebody with access to the system, could have put someone else's call on to your bill?
23 Jan 2011 08:38:48 PM: um no

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4932 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Vodafone Service is Unbearlable at 27 Dec 2010 07:42:19 PM
I've been complaining about my vodafone service for over 7 months now http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1446103 << there was even calls before that. Still trying hard to get out of my contract, hopefully this class action goes through and i get my money back!! Fuck you Vodafags!
15 Jan 2011 10:55:26 PM: It seems you haven't been to the TIO.Do that first.

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5019 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is vf at 27 Dec 2010 08:06:53 PM

often drops out during call, thought it was new iphone. reception poor.

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5197 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Supercrap at 27 Dec 2010 08:54:45 PM
Vodafone mobile broadband connection is terrible. There had been a long strings of incident since I sign up with Vodafone back in March. All involving the same problem: I couldn't access the internet even when the coverage is saying "very good". First sign of trouble was not long after I signed up in Sydney. There wasn't a connection for 3 days. Took the USB back to the shop, thinking it was a hardware problem. To cut the story short, it turned out to be Vodafone's problem, something to do with "technical problem at Vodafone network". Service went back to "normal" (= slow, but working) afterwards.

I moved to Cairns in April and took the mobile broadband with me. Most of the time the connection is slow, which turn to super slow after 5pm, even when it's on 3G/HSUPA, connection dropped off frequently.

The next incident happened some months later. Couldn't access the internet for about 3 days again. Rang customer service, there was a recorded message saying that Vodafone was having some networks problems in some parts of Australia.

The latest incident was on Nov 31st - 3rd Dec. Rang their customer service which was obviously being outsourced to call centres in India. Spoke to VERY rude Indians who kept on saying there wasn't any problem, they kept on trying to shift the blame to my computer/other things even though after some "diagnosis" it was obvious it was their problem. They insisted that I was the only one in Australia who made a complaint to them! When I demanded to speak to a manager/supervisor, one of them cockily said "I'm THE most authority, you can't speak to anyone higher than me". The cheek of it, I'm sure he doesn't own the company, he doesn't even live in Australia!

I persisted and kept on ringing them. In total I spent 2hr 51mins 27 secs on the phone with them, mostly being put on hold, before they finally gave me an "escallation reference number" to investigate my complaints. Good thing I have a spare Vodafone SIM card, otherwise I would have spent a bomb ringing them from my Optus mobile phone as I don't have a landline. Every single time I rang time, they kept me waiting for at least 20-40mins. before I could speak to a REAL person.

Afterwards I lodged a complaint through Vodafone's website, about the appalling rudeness of their customer service (what "service"?!), telling them that I'm not going to pay for a service I didn't get - why should I pay for my broadband subscription if Vodafone isn't providing what they're obligated to fulfil in a contract (= a broadband service). After some email exchanges, they agreed to waive my subscription rate for the month. It's the first time I kicked up a big fuss about it and I think I should have kicked up a big fuss at other times, too. Afterall, a contract binds not only a customer, Vodafone is also bound to deliver the service I've signed up to!!!

I'm glad I'm not "the only one in Australia" who aren't happy with Vodafone. Bring the job back to Australia, those Indians didn't even know how to treat a customer respectfully.

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5214 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Phone drop and network not strong at 27 Dec 2010 08:57:57 PM
I have rang them several time and was told that they're fixing the tower somewhere and was without phone for 3 days. I am on 3G and I cannot access that facility at all. I am very disapointed about the network and the lack of response I am getting from them. There a lot of other issue that I will post here soon.

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5366 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is complete shit at 27 Dec 2010 09:50:00 PM
I was taking a huge dump in the toilets of a major shopping centre and when it came to wiping THERE WAS NO TOILET PAPER. I tried calling my mate who was outside waiting for me and I had no signal. At that point I was majorly stuffed I was covered in shit and my phone was shit. I had quicly change cubicals with my pants around my ankles and my ass with a turtle neck. hoing no one came in. WELL WELL WELL. Yes someone did come in and it was a 14 year boy wo probally told the whole world in 10 mins on his TRUSTY OPTUS PHONE.

My luck aye VODAPHONE YOU SUCK. You made me look like a unclean, preverted dumbass. I now own a IPHONE WITH OPTUS and my story ended up on youtube.

27 Dec 2010 10:06:39 PM: far out u didn't check to see there was dunny roll there before u sat ur dumb ass down, don't blame the phone most networks struggle to get reception in the dunny lol
29 Dec 2010 08:12:23 PM: wow. creepy and pathetic.
2 Jan 2011 07:11:20 PM: hahaha this is awesome
23 Jan 2011 10:56:26 PM: lol Fuckin ehh

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5631 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is billing at 28 Dec 2010 12:02:21 AM

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6221 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Cancell my contract vodaph at 28 Dec 2010 09:08:16 AM
To dear vodaphone if you were talking to someone on the phone and your phone constantly drops out after 1 minute on a number of occasions what would you do? Your friends had something very important to tell you but you got there message a few days later and even there voice mail ? Don't receive text messages when the person next to you sends you one ? Your phone has full service but goes strait to voice mail ? Yes the settings are all correct. Ring the customer service line and wait for a rediculas amount of time and not being racist have not much knowledge that people do work and can't go to the apple store to get phone checked I don't see what for but anyway problem not solved as you can cleary see it's a network problem not the phone, anyway vodaphone how would you deal with all this ? How would you feel? What would you do ? Do you feel as though your not a satisfied paying customer that signed a contract your following but the other party is not providing to the satisfaction of the customer ? Isn't the customer always right ? Just wondering vodaphone how would you feel regards to all this? This is just my inquiry and I can see and read the rest of complaints I beleave somewhere in your customer service policy you have a duty of care please voda could you answer me on how you have done this ? Thanks for your time vodaphone as you have wasted allot of mine
28 Dec 2010 11:47:40 AM: Need a translator for vodaphone customer care I'll swap a donkey for a translator
28 Dec 2010 12:02:47 PM: I reakon they should change laras voice to someone we can't understand so we can hang up quicker instead of waiting 40 mins to 1 hr and doing it anyway love vodaphone and there customer service so helpful awesome company keep up the good work well done maybe they could do arranged dial a bride as well
28 Dec 2010 12:08:27 PM: Vodaphone ring up iinet maybe you can learn from them about customer service no wonder there Aussie complaints are bassed in tassie imagine if they were in syd keep up the good work vodaphone don't cry when the company goes bust and wonder why stupid money hungry saving slave drivers pay Indians $6 a day just tell you how good the company really is no offence to Indians just an example

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9195 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Who's side are you on Adam ? at 30 Dec 2010 04:20:23 PM
"We understand that this may be a frustrating time for customers however please remember to be calm and respectful to Vodafone employees".

Hang on a minute......who's side are you on Adam ?

Lets talk about the facts.

1. People have been cheated out of their hard earned money cause Vodafone got greedy, bought another company and their network could not handle the new batch of 3 customers. This is one part of a group of systemic issues and it is in-grained in the culture of the company. It is all coming from bad management and greed. Remember Onetel ?

2. The damage is already done, it's not about Vodafone working on a problem to resolve issues. Everyone one is having serious problems with their service and Vodafone have kept everyone in the dark cause they got greedy and lost control on many levels.

3. Vodafone does not care about customers it cares about money, they got caught out in a money grab.

4. The oversea's call centre workers are hardly calm and respectful to us ! There are the people who have to handle the fallout from a flawed company.

Join the class action and make Vodafone pay you back the money they have stolen from you.
30 Dec 2010 04:36:46 PM: The Facts? Your facts are incorrect. Voda did not buy 3, the networks are still separate so the merge has not effected the networks at all.
30 Dec 2010 05:45:57 PM: ^^This! LOL I put a number in front of my sentence so therefore it is fact!!!

Lets talk about facts!

1) I have no idea but I love to rant!

2) I just went full retard.

Join this pack of ranting fools that want to jump on the band wagon! Hurr durr.
30 Dec 2010 06:31:20 PM: I agree, it seems as though Adam is, for some unknown reason, selling out to Vodafone. FACT: the problems are still there!
I wonder if the Vodafone legal team have issued threats to Vodafail?
30 Dec 2010 06:59:37 PM: Telling people to act like calm and civilised human beings is not selling out! I am a fellow Vodafone sufferer, but I also have a close friend who is a store employee. He gets yelled at and abused at work all the time now - due to the company's incompetence and the customer care people being useless and rude. He is a good guy, but what can he do? He is upset at his company as well and I feel bad for him. I think Adam is just trying to be fair to everyone who has been hurt over this. We have seen comments from other employees saying the same things. Let's be tough on the Voda Execs, but not pick on the lower employees who are also suffering.
30 Dec 2010 07:09:26 PM: Adam is a thoroughly decent and honest person with integrity. He has not sold out to Vodafone.
30 Dec 2010 07:17:12 PM: Hi, I'm on the side of getting things done. I created this site to get Vodafone to acknowledge and fix the problems that I and many others are/were suffering with. Clearly I have gotten Vodafone's attention and now it's time for them to fix the issues. My issues are/were fixed when they agreed to let me out of my contract; that is the fix some people want while others might want free credit or just knowing when their reception will return to normal.

As this site has grown some of the comments have become increasingly threatening on both sides and that is personally and deeply concerning to me. I'm angry and frustrated about the mobile phone problem's I've had as you and many others are. However I've always differentiated between the casual staff member who sells the product and the company who makes that job increasingly difficult. The management of the company is responsible for setting those policies and when they change them the staff will be able to do their job better.

I have not received any legal threats (only the logo on the facebook group was taken down because of trademark infringement) and I have definitely not sold out. I'm not interested in selling and no one is interested in buying. I'll be maintaining this site until the main issues are fixed as I look forward to going back to my fulltime job and my normal life. Thanks. - Adam Brimo
30 Dec 2010 07:28:02 PM: To the OP and 8:31:20pm, I can't believe after everything Adam has done with this site, bringing your complaints to light and standing up to the CEO (who must be pretty ppiiissed at him), detailing all your options (including lawsuit), defending your right to complain when angry employees troll the site, you are STILL so quick to doubt/smear Adam's character while you yourself can be protected by the anonymity that his site gives you. Wow.
30 Dec 2010 08:00:42 PM: To the OP and 8:31:20pm, I can't believe after everything Adam has done with this site, bringing your complaints to light and standing up to the CEO (who must be pretty ppiiissed at him), detailing all your options (including lawsuit), defending your right to complain when angry employees troll the site, you are STILL so quick to doubt/smear Adam's character while you yourself can be protected by the anonymity that his site gives you. Wow.
30 Dec 2010 08:27:03 PM: To the OP and 8:31:20pm, I can't believe after everything Adam has done with this site, bringing your complaints to light and standing up to the CEO (who must be pretty ppiiissed at him), detailing all your options (including lawsuit), defending your right to complain when angry employees troll the site, you are STILL so quick to doubt/smear Adam's character while you yourself can be protected by the anonymity that his site gives you. Wow.
30 Dec 2010 08:57:04 PM: @ 30 Dec 2010 09:28:02 PM - Nicely put, well said!!!
15 Jan 2011 11:25:40 PM: To the original poster.As far as I know, Adam has never said he would fight your battles for you.By setting up this website, he has made it possible for people to realise they are not alone, and so they are not fighting the might and inertia of a large company, all alone and ignorant. He has posted different options available to you, and maintained this website at what has must been a huge drain on his and his friends's lives. He could so easily have just dropped it as soon as his own situation was resolved.
It makes no sense to treat the shopfront staff as badly as Vodafone has treated us- means that we don't have anything to complain about, if you think about it.
This evening, there have been so many Vodafone ads on the tv, full of promises, and I am infuriated by that.Doesn't mean I'm going to smash my tv.(Swear at it is an option-it doesn't have feelings)So, similarly, treat the bottom of the chain staff with respect,unless they're rude to you. I hope lots of them sue Vodafone for Stress compensation.

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9226 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Pretty big at 30 Dec 2010 05:26:55 PM
I live about 20 mins from the city center of Melbourne, yet I don't get an reception in and around my house, it's extremely frustrating especially seeing as my wife has full reception
2 Jan 2011 05:16:18 AM: Dont you know???Its so simple... take the sim out, put it back in.. that fixes everything... it even cures the common cold!!!!

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16854 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is criminal at 19 Apr 2011 06:48:00 PM
rang vodacrap 3 times,have excuses like my laptop settings are wrong,so we adjusted the settings .. still the same.
Next excuse was the usb stick sim was not functioning properly so i replaced it with a new one from vodafone,still the same..... this criminal sindicate will do everything they can to keep you paying for a service they cannot provide

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1215 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Did you mean 'foul' ? at 20 Dec 2010 01:42:18 PM
First of all, if you like Lara, you are not normal and you should seek professional counsel.
VF is trenching itself behind recorded messages which are most of the times unbelievingly useless, stubborn in denying simple one-word requests like 'operator' or 'sales' and definitively time wasting.
I'm now studying Hindi hoping to improve communication with the very kind, but at times unintelligible, call centres' operators.
VF culture is based on the principle of treating customers as members of the Mushrooms Club: kept in the dark and fed bullshit.
In all this, VF shows its total disregard towards its clients, who, usually locked in a 24 month contract, must either withstand the serious deficiencies of the service they are paying for or loosing money just to be free to choose a better and fair alternative.
VF could probably regain some credibility if it would, for once, admit its faults and apologise, drop a few sponsorships and use the money to improve its performance and, finally, sack the 'wise guys' responsible for this chaos.
That for sure would sooth the pain.

22 Dec 2010 07:53:22 AM: Can I borrow your Hindi-learning book?

I too have no idea what these untrained, uncaring morons are sayng half the time.
22 Dec 2010 08:49:06 PM: excuse me. they are some of the most helpful people ive spoken to. to them this is one of the best jobs they can get and yet there are people like you giving them shit just because they have a slight accent. they are the ones who listen to arrogant, impatient tosser like you who should know better than to be racist in this day and age. sure they might be hard to understand sometimes but you can ask them to slow down, they dont get offended. sure you do get some unhelpful customer care consultants but that does draw means to judge the rest.
27 Dec 2010 07:41:16 AM: It is not racist to choose to spend your money with a company that speaks your language.
27 Dec 2010 11:22:23 AM: Vodafone is the worst of the worst

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1569 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is terrible at 27 Dec 2010 07:14:23 AM
Their "PREPAID" mobile broadband USB stick is the worst thing i have ever owned, paid out $120 to get 2GB of data, the 2GB acutally never eventuated, but the major problem is the terribly slow wireless network, my friends dial up was actually quicker, and at busy times, the network never worked at all - too many ppl on the system it just crashes! Signed up to another carrier via my landline, and the commy is 10 times faster, and hasnt had a problem since i signed 4 months ago. Anyway, their system let me down so much, and all the guy could tell me was to take it to another place to use it - WHAT THE? Why would i need to take it to another place, when the stick gave me 3/5 network bars? Are you telling me that is not enough reception? I have a desktop computer! Its the damn faulty stick or the network. He had no answer to fix it, so i fixed it and went somewhere else. Do yourself a favour, DONT GET THE WIRELESS USB STICK!!!!!!!!!!
27 Dec 2010 08:00:00 AM: Same. 2Gig stick usb modem. sitting in my office in the heart of the Sydney CBD I regularly get speeds slower than dialup (actually a lot slower than dialup- try 9600 baud if lucky). It took me over four hours to even activate the stick through the Voda website because the networks speed was so slow. (The activation process directs all traffic from the stick to the activation website until done). Thankfully I bought prepaid and am not locked into any contract. The fact is that I paid $120 for something that simply doesn't work. I wont ever use VF again.
27 Dec 2010 09:32:02 AM: We purchase a VF plan with 1 GB per month USB stick and quick simply the stick doesn't work. Hasn't connected once. We have been back countless times but gave up because we found the pre-paid stick worked - so just changed the sim over and we are working but we shouldn't have to do this. Not to mention the phone does not have any reception in country Vic. - none in Barwon Heads or Tallygaroopna not Shepparton
27 Dec 2010 09:34:14 AM: We purchase a VF plan with 1 GB per month USB stick and quick simply the stick doesn't work. Hasn't connected once. We have been back countless times but gave up because we found the pre-paid stick worked - so just changed the sim over and we are working but we shouldn't have to do this. Not to mention the phone does not have any reception in country Vic. - none in Barwon Heads or Tallygaroopna not Shepparton
27 Dec 2010 11:52:26 AM: i purchased the pre paid stick. it took 2 weeks for the usb to arrive and another 2 weeks for the sim to arrive..it has never worked, so i kissed my data goodbye.i wont call them because in the time it took for the sim to arrive i had called every day for a week, was pushed around 8 different departments, gven a shipping number to trace which was not the number and then was told i dont have a shipping number...VF can kiss my butt, will never deal with them again.
27 Dec 2010 11:57:36 AM: i purchased the pre paid stick. it took 2 weeks for the usb to arrive and another 2 weeks for the sim to arrive..it has never worked, so i kissed my data goodbye.i wont call them because in the time it took for the sim to arrive i had called every day for a week, was pushed around 8 different departments, gven a shipping number to trace which was not the number and then was told i dont have a shipping number...VF can kiss my butt, will never deal with them again.
27 Dec 2010 11:59:31 AM: have had a prepaid stick for over 5 months now. Reception was non-existent in my room, let alone in the lounge room. apparently it was the one area of launceston that didnt have very good coverage.. Now recently i have moved, and had issues the other day with my stick. 2 calls to vodafone (yes two because my crazy johns mobile dropped out), 50 minutes later i was told that i had to take it else where to check it out to see if it was just the area i was in, or i would be sent a new $2 sim card. It was the stick itself that was the issue.. i had reception only hours before. at the end of the day, the call center had stuffed up my computer with a stupid dial-up option always popping up and never disappearing, my computer forced itself off, and wanted to restore itself to a previous date and my Internet security had turned itself off. I had not changed any of the settings; so i do blame vodafone. Now just to add insult to injury, am moving to queensland and will need to find a new internet provider as i wont have reception where i am moving to. Massive Fail on the part of vodafone.
27 Dec 2010 12:07:13 PM: Yeah same problem. I had to use it for a month or two due for my business because the main line was down due to a disaster and being in ICT I can easily spot the problem. Cheap, crappy Chinese piece of trash. Drivers are written by morons, GUI software doesn't work properly (bandwidth counter doesn't work), it's not properly plug-n-play and barely supports Windows 7 let alone anything exotic.

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1705 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is at 27 Dec 2010 08:35:22 AM
I live on a hill in North Balwyn, Victoria. Should have some of the best coverage in Melbourne. Vodafone us unusable. I regularly get "one bar" on my vodafone phone and "five bars" on my Telstra phone in my other hand. I just got out. Its hopeless - so I dont even try in regional areas.

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2324 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Unconscionable at 27 Dec 2010 12:31:01 PM
I was around my partners place last night using her post paid Vodafone Internet. It kept cutting out all the time. I restarted it 6 times in 2 hours. I used to using my Telstra Cable connection which has worked flawlessly for 6 years.

The government needs to take Vodafone to account. All Vodafone users should DEMAND a REFUND!
27 Dec 2010 04:03:27 PM: I have had my Nokia E63 for 1 year and it takes my phone 3 hours to receive a text message from my friends and I'm with Vodafone. So Vodafone is really Vodafail!
27 Dec 2010 04:25:04 PM: I am in Sydney suburb. You are fortunate to receive even if after 3 hours. Mine gets lost or arrive next day. I just drove from Paramatta Road, Strathfield. I had no signal for over 20 minutes. Vodaphone wasn't so pathetic. It just gets getting worse. I am willing to return them the phone, if only they will be so kind as to cancel my contract.

27 Dec 2010 09:30:06 PM: I have been with Vodafail for approx 10 years, i spend approx 38-48 hrs outcalls a month and who knows about incoming its up there, all i can say i have been getting an incredible amount of drop outs say 10-20 a day if not more, the reception seems to be getting worse and then i try contacting them and it can take up to 2 hrs sometimes i cant get through as when it seems i have gotten through it hangs up on me absolute CRAP and we pay premium rates for this pathetic service, i am actually considering changing carriers asthey dont care so maybe i should just move on from this trash

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2426 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is horrible at 27 Dec 2010 12:56:23 PM
My Vodafone service is unbearably slow or non-exsistent.
I have a iPhone 3gs $69 cap with them.
I cannot get any service when I go to any place remotely outside of the 20km melbourne city radius, though both my sisters telstra and virgin mobile phones work fine. My internet is so slow it might as well not be there, I live 20 minutes from the city centre, i can't imagine how the people in country areas deal with it.
27 Dec 2010 08:57:26 PM: I know how you feel i live in 3155 about 35 mins from the cbd and as im sitting here in my study i have my phone next to me (iphone 3g) and ironically it sais "No Signal"
28 Dec 2010 06:00:03 AM: I fully agree, i live in 3046 about 15 mins from cbd and it takes forever to load onto the net if it does(iphone 3gs) and i receive pic messages 2 days later at like 1-2 am in the morning and my calls keep dropping out. How do i get out of this contract

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2927 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is no signal at 27 Dec 2010 02:58:54 PM
i had to move back in june the area in which i moved vodafone doesn't work at all no signal not even a little bit so i had to go to telstra there prepaid is rediculous so i had to get a contract phone which is for 2 yrs so instead of being able to use prepaid which i had been for more than 10 years with the same number i now have a contract with a new number which is going to cost me a whole lot more than my usual $29 a month i use to spend .ide like to see vodafone pay my phone bills for the next 2 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 Dec 2010 03:39:15 PM: You can break the contract. Tell them you are going to contact the Telecommunications ombudsmen and lodge a complaint for failing to provide the service you signed up for. Also quote them "IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO ENTER INTO A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT IF YOU CAN NOT LIVE UP TO THE SERVICE DESCRIBED"

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3416 Someone from TAS thinks vodafone is EPIC fail!!!! at 27 Dec 2010 04:09:53 PM
Shit SHIT coverage, EVEN in popular suburbian areas! Even with their wireless usb interest same thing SHIT to no coverage at all!! Receiving messages late. Calls drop out or are very shakey. COMPLETE FAIL and I will NEVER be a customer EVER again!! WASTE OF $$

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3658 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is EVERYTHING is wrong with them! at 27 Dec 2010 04:26:37 PM
I have been with Vodafone for years and never really had any problems with either reception or customer service. Over the last 6 months I have no reception in most places and when I do it takes minutes to even start ringing a number, my voice mails take hours and/or days to come through and when they do I cant even access them!! When people try to call me it goes straight to voice mail or just beeps and my phone doesn't even ring!! I have called their customer service so many times and keep speaking to useless people who tell me that "Australia is a large country, so you cant have reception everywhere" and if I want to leave I have to pay a massive exit fee... anyways I have logged a complaint with the ITO and they were great and say I have grounds to get out of my contact. I would urge everyone to do the same! I am still waiting to hear from Vodafone but hopefully this time in a few weeks I will be with Telstra!
27 Dec 2010 04:28:19 PM: sorry TIO*
29 Dec 2010 08:34:59 PM: OMG me to!
29 Dec 2010 08:53:26 PM: Mee too I was so excited to get my new i phone 4 and now I hate it.. I know its not the phone but the provider. I can't make calls on it as no-one can hear me long enough and then it drops out.. I might get pic messages 2 days later. And yes sometimes doesn't even ring. Its just so frustrating. I nearly threw it through the window at the vodafone store, when once again no one was willing to help me out. It really is a disgrace that in this day and age we have to go to these limits to get some good old fashioned serviced and Communication.
29 Dec 2010 09:11:30 PM: I moved to the big T about a year ago and both my brother and sister got out of their contracts (thanks TIO) and also moved to the big T. We are all incredibly happy with our move it's a little more expensive but well worth it.
4 Jan 2011 09:24:31 PM: nothing wrong with paying for something that works

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4945 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is Worst Recpetion Ever at 27 Dec 2010 07:44:27 PM
I have 6 months left on my plan I will be signing with a new service provider for sure. In recent times I have had dropped out calls, no reception in places I have had reception before. My biggest complaint is if you do not hold up to your end of the contract you are still expected to pay however it is fine for vodafone to contiuosly provide poor service and get away with it........

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6683 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Big con at 28 Dec 2010 03:14:02 PM
Got offered to change from 3 to vodafone wireless broad band and get a free modem and 1st month free. I live 3 mins away from the CBD and got only 1 bar reception from vodafone! Virtually useless. Then got a bill before the month ends and was told by the recorded message when I call vodafone that they are charging the next bill in advance. They didn't tell me that when I switched!! They actually said if I decide to discontinue before the month ends, I will be charged nothing. They have recorded the conversation, I wish I had..... Now I'm paying $30 for a service I couldnt use. Even worse, spent 2 hrs on the phone to wait to speak to someone to cancel my service!

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7751 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is annoying fail at 28 Dec 2010 08:54:59 PM
I'm with 3 and they recently merged with vodafone. They used to use the Telstra towers and I never have troubles....since they merged with Vodafone, I've had so many troubles with calls not connecting and messages taking forever to send and the internet has been taking forever to connect. Should I call 3/Vodafone to see if they can do anything or is it a lost cause and i should just give up?
29 Dec 2010 05:43:03 AM: I have had the same problems. I thought it was because I moved to Mawson Lakes where I have been told Telstra has the area sewn up with the Govt/Defence buildings. Was driving through the city yesterday to the airport and my phone dropped out 3 times. Now that you mention it, it has been since 3 merged with vodafone!!
I'm going to lodge a complaint with the Ombidsman
29 Dec 2010 05:48:54 AM: I have had the same problems. I thought it was because I moved to Mawson Lakes where I have been told Telstra has the area sewn up with the Govt/Defence buildings. Was driving through the city yesterday to the airport and my phone dropped out 3 times. Now that you mention it, it has been since 3 merged with vodafone!!
I'm going to lodge a complaint with the Ombidsman
29 Dec 2010 08:18:04 AM: Yes I have had issues with my 3 phone and internet since the merger too
29 Dec 2010 08:56:52 AM: Yes I have had major problems with three since the merger also and I have been a three customer for 6 years with no problems until now, dropouts no signal no roaming nothing, have heard all the excusses from three even got a new sim card but still no coverage and also when they merged shouldn't they have notified all excisting customers, yes but they did not.
29 Dec 2010 04:48:49 PM: Some i am on 3 and i hate it as most of the stores are closing thanks to bloody vodafone i hate them...
19 Feb 2011 10:46:22 AM: yes i have been with 3 since forever and i recommended them to all my friends but ever since the merger i have swapped my sim card twice but still drop out heaps and my partner and friend both on 3 put our phones all i phone next to each other and all had difrent service from 1 bar to searching they have become a joke i am going to telstra and telling everyone to stay away from 3

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7823 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is HUGE at 28 Dec 2010 09:47:32 PM
im sick of the indian call centers to be fair. Cant we just move the call centers to Harris Park next to parramatta?
28 Dec 2010 10:07:13 PM: Yeah I'm also sick of this. I always loved that Voda kept those jobs locally and staff were so friendly. Plus calls were generally answered in minutes. Now you're lucky to be answer within an hour at The Indian call centers plus staff are not friendly and place blame on the customer. Don't see the point of cost cutting when it damages your brand and reputation so much?
30 Dec 2010 04:27:43 PM: Racist?
30 Dec 2010 05:27:48 PM: Racist?
30 Dec 2010 07:02:45 PM: No Realist.... wake up its about the phone provider not your little ego....
30 Dec 2010 07:08:01 PM: I am being the realist, you on the other hand are being a bigoted racist. Move on you bogan.
30 Dec 2010 07:13:52 PM: I am being the realist, you on the other hand are being a bigoted racist. Move on you bogan.
1 Jan 2011 01:03:09 PM: Do I detect a stutter?
2 Jan 2011 02:14:21 AM: It's true, not racist at all - ask anyone my family - we have exchange students from everywhere come and live with us! I'm far from racist and i can honestly say it makes it difficult when you call up to complain and find it difficult to understand what the other person is saying .... it makes you more frustrated!!!
2 Jan 2011 05:54:17 AM: So hes a bigoted racist?Why? because he preferred prompt and friendly service?
15 Jan 2011 11:43:24 PM: The people in the call centre are doing a physically clean job, and they would be doing exactly what they're told by their managers to do. If that includes being obstuctive, or dropping calls out, and this seems to be a wide spread complaint, then they are being told to do it- otherwise they would have all been replaced by people who were helpful and didn't drop calls out and generally stuff up.It never hurts to politely ask them to speak more slowly, and, if necessary, you ask if you are speaking to quickly for them.Easy to do when angry.
I despise the senior executives of Vodafone, and don't envy anybody in India desperate to hang on to a job. And I think they are the poorer Indians, because some call centres have staff whose English is much less accented.

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7835 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Really Poor network in CAMP HILL BRISBANE at 28 Dec 2010 10:02:30 PM
I live 7km from Brisbane CBD (Camp Hill)and I get virtually zero data coverage and limited phone reception, I have to go outside to get a clear line...once I have a clear line it continually drops out. A half hour conversation may take 5-6 calls because the person I was talking to tries to call back after the line drops therefore it goes to voice mail when I call. So much for having internet on my phone literally does not work...where I live I get no data coverage, where I work I get no data coverage therefore I only get to use this when I am in the CBD.
25 Nov 2011 04:58:14 PM: The best way is go to the tio and when you phone vodafone get there employee number every time you call them and write it down in a note pad once you have done this call the tio by a landline phone 1800 062 058 www.tio.com.au and i had the same problem with optus and the tio can get into the departments where the public can't get to then the provider will call you and say i want to port my number out. I did it and i was in the middle of a 24 month contract and all i had to pay was the remaining payment on the handset and nothing to the rest of the contract and when i got the call i went to the telstra shop and ported my number and i haven't looked back and telstra uses 850 mhz on there next g and iPhones work very well on the network

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8696 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is vodajoke at 29 Dec 2010 07:05:32 PM
im going to Telstra

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9520 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Alright, according to an employee on ProductReview at 31 Dec 2010 11:32:26 AM
This is a verbatim copy of a 5 star review of Vodafone from an apparent employee on http://www.productreview.com.au/showitem.php?item_id=35012

Begin quote:

"Overall: I am tired of reading all these reviews and them just constantly saying, "the service with vodafone is crap" The merge between 3 and Vodafone has affected the 3G network immensely. Vodafone are aware of this situation they are trying to improve it by putting up more towers and in the next 18 months looking at introducing a 4G network. With the storms occuring this summer it has become very difficult to fix the network. It's not as if Vodafone are turning a blind eye to the issues all the customers are facing. Vodafone knows the service is constantly dropping out. It mainly effects the touch screen smartphones, eg. Iphone, N8 & HTC's. The issues happening with Vodafone is the network not the customer service itself. With the network being down there is a high demand on phone calls to the customer care team, who are situated in mumbai, so yes the people who answer the phones are of indian relation. They try very hard to help find a solution to each individual customers enquires, but you have to understand that just as much as we have trouble understanding them, they also have trouble understanding us and our accents. So being racist and carrying on saying that you are getting frustrated with the team is just childish. They wont have all the answers and until we recieve information from Vodadone Head Office themselves we don't have much information that we can forward on to our customers. WE KNOW THAT CALLS ARE DROPPING OUT. WE KNOW THAT THERE ARE HIGH DEMAND ON PHONE CALLS TO THE CUSTOMER CARE TEAM. WE ARE TRYING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. ITS THE NETWORK ITSELF NOT THE SERVICE YOU RECIEVE FROM A MEMBER OF VODAFONE."

End Quote:
It appears highly likely that Vodafone management are fully aware that they cannot provide the service they contracted, yet still they are advertising furiously, and signing gullible customers to a failed service. This is tantamount to fraud.

Adam, coud you please pass on the above link to your new media mates; they might like to pick up on the 'poor Vodafone support staff' angle, given the shortage of other 'news'.
31 Dec 2010 11:38:47 AM: "but you have to understand that just as much as we have trouble understanding them, they also have trouble understanding us and our accents." THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN IF THE CALL CENTRES WERE IN AUSTRALIA
31 Dec 2010 12:39:12 PM: I wouldn't care where they were if you could at least get throught to a human being to talk to!!! I don't want to hang on for 2 hours and have their silly call back service late into the evening after giving up. Optus answers within a few minutes. I have changed to their internet service, given up on the USB stick - hopeless.
31 Dec 2010 02:26:35 PM: Thanks for that, we have been contacted by some vodafone staff who are suffering as well. I'll pass it on. - Adam

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11685 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is at 10 Jan 2011 11:10:48 AM
For the person who wrote the following:




Are you serious??
Are you the Vodafone CEO??
Constant Dropouts,terrible recption,slow data download..
If i sign up for a 24 month contract i expect a service that is firstly as advertised, secondly as per the contract i signed..
I did not sign up for a 50 minute wait on the phone when i wish to query a bill,or do i need to call someone 2 or 3 times because of dropouts and recption issues.
AND NO ITS NOT MY PHONE that has the issue because every phone make and model does the same thing with Vodafone.....
If vodafone listened to their customers and worked to resolve there complaints all of us would not be in this position.
10 Jan 2011 11:14:43 AM: im with you on that one (the reply)
10 Jan 2011 11:28:35 AM: Yes im Serious and no im not.
So when you signed up you were promised, what?
Super fast data, no drop outs ever? best service ever? and speak to someone on straight away when you call?
all im saying is customers are never happy. nothing is ever good enough and all you do is complain.
Not just with vodafone but any big company, in retail, you all think your so hard done by.
Its stupid, go to telstra and then you will complain its so expensive, take it all away and you would cry,

"i expect a service" you would be one type of person who makes a purchase in a retail store and stamps there feet if there is a line

Im not the CEO im just not dont expect people to be robots and i bet you never researched why there are problems with the reception before you wrote in?
10 Jan 2011 02:00:56 PM: You sound like one of their staff members on the phone though. "Im not the CEO im just not dont expect..."
In all seriousness the company must be accountable for this mess, it's not good enough and customers have a right to air their grievances.
10 Jan 2011 02:52:50 PM: You have no idea, I moved to telstra after being with vodafone for 10 years. Telstra is fairly competitive these days, not to mention there customer service has improved heaps. Since i moved last month, haven't had any issues. But keep hearing about the issues from my mates still with vodafone. Optus is cheap and you dont see the same issue with them do you?

Big Companies dont do anything unless there decent amount of media attention. Cheers to the guy that made the site.

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14058 Someone from TAS thinks vodafone is F A I L at 21 Jan 2011 08:16:07 PM
I am sick and tired of poor service all throughout Tasmania. Upgrade the friggin' towers like you have said you would be for the past 5 years.

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14153 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Disconnection - Mobile Broadband at 22 Jan 2011 10:38:57 AM
24 Jan 2011 08:47:42 AM: why don't you check the website, as it is updated there
25 Jan 2011 11:40:26 AM: Too Late.
1 Feb 2011 12:00:28 PM: Looks like quite a lazy email response from Vodafone, clearly a cut and paste reply I feel, crap service.. they need to be a bit more personal than this I feel.

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2950 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Extreme to the max at 27 Dec 2010 03:03:41 PM
I am a crazy johns customer..wish i wasn't. As we all know crazy johns uses the vodafone network. I am on the $79 unlimited cap, which includes 2GB data. There's not much point having 2GB data when it doesn't let you download anything over 5mb.

Furthermore, its a guessing game as to which messages actually reach recepitents, as well as messages i recieve from other people not always reaching me.

- Phone calls dropping out
- Cant download files
- Messages not being recieved
- Messages not being sent, even though it says they are.

While were on the subject, lets not all forget the Indian Operators, that almost every single phone carrier is using these days. If you have an issue, there's not point calling someone in India, as they 100% of the time have no idea whats going on, or just tell you "we are working to resolve this issue."

*No to vodafone
*No to Indian operators

27 Dec 2010 03:07:43 PM: 100 percent
29 Dec 2010 08:00:21 PM: racist much
6 Jan 2011 01:25:25 AM: i agree with the guy above...they're just trying to fucking make a living to provide for their families. most of em can be preety helpful/ nice to and i wouldnt want to help u either if you start whinging in the phone to someone who is trying to help you. and both telstra, optus and 3 all use indian call centres aswell so get use to it

*No to racism you douche
6 Jan 2011 10:01:30 PM: these indian operators should learn how to speak to customers professionally, they should also read comments before they ask the same questions that were asked 20 minutes ago. they should have proper training from their team leaders and managers so they can reduce the waiting list on the lines and also provide suitable feedback to customers.
8 Jan 2011 07:47:07 PM:
11 Jan 2011 04:06:02 PM: I have nothing against people of other nationalities but I will concede that I do have trouble understanding people with strong accents - and I'm sure they have the same problem with us.

I feel aweful when I have to ask them to repeat themselves. Some of them do speak good english, but I just can't understand the people that have extremely thick accents.

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8870 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Coverage and delays at 30 Dec 2010 06:52:48 AM
I have been a loyal Vodafone client for 7 years, I have always boasted there cheap call plans and have never had any major issues till now!!!!
Since the merger with 3 Mobile its has gone toatally the other way.
I live on the Gold coast and work in Brisbane. I only ever had one small drop out spot at Pimpama and the Woolangabba, now when i leave home in Helensavle, I loose network coverage 3-5 times between there and Yatala....It keeps swithing for the 3G network to the 2G network the GSM network It drives me insane. I have never had an issue with coverage in Runaway Bay but since the 3 merger, I have the worst reception.
I have lost my faith in Vodafone and will be moving to Optus as the first available opportunity.
Dont even get me started on Delayed Text Messages and emails..........
Good Bye Vodafone good Bye

Paul Helensvale Gold Coast
30 Dec 2010 07:00:20 AM: This is true, our company was wit vodafone for 5 1/2 yrs, since last yr the coverage for mobiles has decreased, the modems are slower, our rep said its because they are only focusing on infrastructure in the cbd areas!!!

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10800 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is HERE'S A VODAJOKE.... at 6 Jan 2011 05:56:06 AM
Yesterday I was telemarketed by a Vodafone Direct employee (02 8061 8120) who said he was looking at my account usage and he commented that I "made a lot of calls". I told him he would have seen that over the last year about 80% of my calls are consecutive repeats to the same number at the same time due to Vodafone system failure and that their actual bill should be about a quarter of what it is. About a second later the call was terminated by him (maybe the phone dropped out?) BUT HE NEVER CALLED BACK!!!!! He had hit his complaint kill switch - HAHAHAHAHAHA - it proves the point doesn't it.
7 Jan 2011 05:45:29 PM: They are telemarketers, looking for suckers, guess he realised he was barking up the wrong tree

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11119 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Disgraceful at 7 Jan 2011 04:13:24 PM
I am (was) a very long term Vodafone Customer who up until approximately 12 months ago was reasonably content with their service. I accepted poor coverage in regional areas and was constantly assured every time I took out another contract that 'the network was undergoing upgrades and would continue to improve'. It has since got progressively worse and is now completely unreliable and for the most part, unusable.
Living near the Brisbane CBD I now suffer continuous dropped calls, 1 bar of 3G (if I'm lucky), sporadic and poor data downloads, late SMS or voicemails, poor battery life due to continual network searching and an Iphone that works wonderfully as an Ipod and media device. It certainly doesn't run up a huge phone bill as it is spectacularly useless as a phone.
I also have a 3G mobile broadband USB device that has failed to work at all in terms of receiving my supposed 3Gig of free data per month. After numerous complaints and the standard 'technical investigations' Vodafone agreed to reduce my account by $10 per month after it admitted I lived in a poor reception area (7 kms from the CBD on a hill????).
So now I have a 3G USB device that serves nicely as a paperweight and an Iphone that I can listen to music on.
I now have to rely on a Telstra prepaid (a common theme from others on your website) to make calls. My constant complaints to Vodafone in relation to my phone reception was constantly met with the advice 'Switch your phone to 2G'.
If I wanted a 2G phone I would have damn well bought one. I paid for a 3G service and I don't have it. However their complaints system is so poor, wait times are so long, and requests are met with vague and generic 'investigations' or 'transfers to another team' that their expertise in bureacracy and spin rivals that of 'Yes Minister'or a team of spin doctors on Red Bull.
I contacted Vodafone last night (3 separate calls with an average 40 minute wait time) and advised I was cancelling my service. I was offered the same...wait for it...'technical investigation' (read stalling tactic)and advised I would have to pay the rest of my 18 months of payments (nearly $1200) to be released.
I am now working in direct support of the Queensland Floods in a senior planning position and my phone is critical to my work. I now have the phone switched off and transferred to another phone in order to ensure I am contactable.
I intend to pay the full amount as I am sick to death of dealing with customer service and their mythical 'technical investigations' (you don't need to be a communications engineer to determine that the network simply can't cope with so many smartphones competing for bandwidth)and leave in absolute disgust. Evidence will suggest that a bad customer experience generally results in advising at least ten of your friends of your experience. I intend to tell as many as I can to steer clear of this network as it continues to offer cheap deals and handsets with minimal or no reception.
I have contacted Australia's largest Telco who are very happy to match Vodafones price and guarantee the quality of their network. They also offered an incentive to transfer (they must be doing a roaring trade) and expressed they are dealing with many Vodafone customers who have given up in sheer frustration.
I am now nearly $1200 out of pocket and disgruntled with exceptionally poor serice and coverage. Quite simply I have had enough and will never go back to Vodafone.
I sincerely hope many others are released from their contracts, I have chosen to give up rather than spend my valuable time battling a huge corporation.
Incidentally I am more than happy for anyone from Vodafone to assess the veracity of my complaints and view for themselves the poor state of reception in and around Brisbane (not forgetting the national highway system, regional areas, inside buildings and in full view of Vodafone towers). I doubt however, that they will and fully expect the customer service offer of a 'callback; in 24 to 48 hrs (again a familiar theme on your website)will fail to eventuate, as will my 3G reception.

11 Nov 2011 06:57:27 PM: I had the very same problem and i went to the tio and i ported my number to telstra and i even ported my iPad number from optus to telstra the iPad number was a usb modem number and now i got rid of the optus modem and desposed it into a mobile phone recicabale bin but i would like to see how the vodafone 850 mhz band works and i can get the vodafone 850 mhz in my area but i can't get 2.1 ghz umts 3g on vodafone or optus at leased they are upgrading there towers to 850 mhz and 900 mhz and lte 1.8 ghz and lte is alot more robust then 3g umts 2.1 ghz

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11384 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is pretty fail at 9 Jan 2011 12:14:11 PM
I used to be a Voda Store Manager and when I worked for voda we used to get txt on our phones about stystems being down etc etc. I left the company 3 months ago and I am still receiving these txts. I know when the systems aren't working. This means that i could tell all my mates who have bad credit to go into a store when the systems are down and tell them to get a phone on a plan because voda will do that if they cant credit check you, give you a phone on a plan and then manually create the account if you decline. This info is for you guys so you know how shit their privacy is.
9 Jan 2011 12:15:20 PM: cont'd......i forgot to mention that I have contacted my Territory Manager about this but he still has not actioned this. Funny that when he used to rouse me if I missed an email out of the 20 that were sent per day!
9 Jan 2011 12:23:31 PM: I'm a store manager at Voda and obviously what your saying is a lie. When the system is down you can't gain access to the system, so how can you get into the system and do a credit check if you can't even get into it? Your either lying or your not a store manager. We also don't get txts saying the system is down, it gets sent to to store email, and they block the stores from getting access to the system. Stupid stupid, like this website
9 Jan 2011 12:34:05 PM: I'm a Sales Consultant at Vodafone and my manager gets text messages when our system is down and we are asked to follow fall back procedure. I am sure she isn't lieing when she says she still gets messages from vodafone.
9 Jan 2011 12:39:37 PM: You obviously didn't read the msg properly. I get a txt telling me when the system is down. A credit check IS NOT performed on new customers if the system is down. Manual paperwork is done with all the cust details, time address, time at job, etc, the cust signs it and then it is put into the system. If it is declined when systems are up and running it is manually overturned. You are obviously a silly manager because you don't get the txt to your phone like all the other store managers about bulletins that have been posted, system issues, point of sale issues, high call volumes, unable to reach activations hotline, phones not working in stores etc. Go put it in V3 (or you might call it vodafone excellence still because you are so behind in the times) so you can get your updates and keep your staff up-to-date.
Here is a msg I received at the beginning of December:
02/12/2010 9:14 PM (yes, I got this at 9:14pm because WA are behind)
VF WA only: Please note,Due to Credit check issues on Siebel.We are currently on FALLBACK.Please follow the fallback procedure.
Xxxxx SSS
That is how the msg was written, word for word
9 Jan 2011 12:41:41 PM: Voda store manager who says it is a lie probably doesnt get reception which is why they dont know what is going on lolololololol
9 Jan 2011 12:42:23 PM: I am a concerned customer unnecessarily worried about all things Vodafail and currently the fact that my personal details have potentially been exposed and are available to almost anyone to do as they wish!!! Thank goodness for sites like Vodafail.com !!!!!!!
9 Jan 2011 12:45:33 PM: Nooooooo!!!!!! I won't be able to access Sieble from home now!!!!! Just kidding. I deleted the site when i quit the company 18 months ago. lucky customers that i am honest, definitely not others though
9 Jan 2011 01:03:50 PM: Thanks for telling us the truth ex V/F people.
I wish more staff or ex staff would blow the whistle on any shonky telco practices of this company.
9 Jan 2011 03:37:42 PM: to the 'store manager' who is accusing the other store manager of lieing. you are FULL OF SHIT!!!!! you do get those msg, my manager is always forwarding the msg to us when its her days off. you are probably from HR who has offered sweet F.A in support since this shit started. you all knew it too!!!! we had been telling you for months about the increase in complaints and you pushed our targets up. i have 3 job interviews over the next couple of weeks, i dont care if i get the one i dont really want i will take whatever i can get and leave. vodafone is a fucking joke. you can stick your 'Company Culture' you know where. the only culture is the culture set but the ass-lickers and sucker-upperers who back-stab everyone to get positions
16 Jan 2011 01:21:50 PM: Looks like Voodoofone hasn't been back to slime all over these posts.He is working diligently elsewhere, equally as detrimentally to Vodafone,bless him.
16 Jan 2011 06:48:13 PM: I'm wondering how you know who is posting what? Interesting.
16 Jan 2011 08:07:56 PM: I didn't, but a person consistantly claiming he is a Vodafone store manager,as if it's a big deal,and is full of bluster and bullsh!t- too coincidental.Unless this is standard operating procedure for Vodafone Store Managers. But, how do you know for sure that I'm the person that wrote that earlier? Interesting.

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11490 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is worst in the world? at 9 Jan 2011 06:29:08 PM
3G and 2G dropouts, missed calls, no service where previously we had full service. All up about 50% of the time our phones have no reception at all, particularly during business hours, where previously I had full coverage at my desk.
Since the merger of 3 and Vodafone, service coverage has declined markedly - previously we had full coverage at home, now we are lucky to get 1 bar for both phone and wireless internet. Both drop out with annoying regularity. Service in Westfield Miranda used to be full coverage; it is n ow 50% no service.
My partner's phone, also with 3/Vodafone, can be on the coffee table next to mine, and hers shows reception while mine has none, whilst at other times the reverse can apply. There is no consistency.
As a committee member of a 4WD Club, I need access to my phone 24/7, in case of a search and rescue emergency.
3 says the problem lies with Vodafone; Vodafone says it because we are with 3. Both then blame the fact that we each have an iPhone 3GS (despite my having upgraded both phones to O/S 4.02), saying the phone has known reception problems.
Vodafone will not release either of us from our contracts - they say we have to go to 3 to deal with anything ; they have nothing to do with 3. 3 say all their contracts are now Vodafone property, and only they can release us.
3 want $585 each to change us from our contracts and onto new Vodafone contracts and a new phone each. This new contract will cost us each another $35.00 each per month (which we can't afford). They refuse to release us from our contracts and allow us to switch to another carrier.
Neither carrier is interested in my need for access to my phone 24/7.
9 Jan 2011 06:47:15 PM: In addition the biggest fail was I couldn't contact any of my 5 family members in the UK on Christmas day, due to the famous connection error'. Thanks Voda for disappointing all my family, and still charging me for the privilege. (Yes I did get charged for 1 minute and flagfall - how is that right?)

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