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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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Vodafail.com is no longer accepting complaints.
Over the past 6 months traffic to Vodafail has declined significantly. Therefore we have closed off Vodafail to new complaints. We think you will find more joy in posting on any one of these fine product / brand review sites.

You can also post directly on the Vodafone community forums.

Other People's Pain

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15665 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is ripping me off at 17 Feb 2011 06:20:48 AM
I've renewed my contract with vodafail twice and have always been with themn. It wasn't until recently that I realised the service I was paying for was supposed to be better than it is.

At least for the last 3 years I've experienced dropped calls, poor reception, inability to connect to 3G data and I always assumed it was the phone or just normal. It takes me anywhere between several minutes to an hour (if I leave it that long) to get my iPhone 4 to connect to the internet in order to retrieve emails or for an app (that's if it'll even connect at all).
Sometimes even if I restart my phone it still won't connect. Meanwhile my friends on other networks have no or little problems with any of this. I've missed calls due to poor reception and haven't got the voicemail until over 24 hours later. The funniest thing is when my phone is in my pocket with reception, a call doesn't come through but a text message from the person does come through moments later saying they tried to call and I haven't moved! WTF?!

So I've reported this to vodafone and haven't heard anything in over 7 days... If I don't get some kind of resolution I'll be requesting my contract be terminated due to a breach under the Trade Practices Act 1974 subsection 58(b) whereby: "a company shall not... accept payment or other consideration for goods or services where, at the time of acceptance... the corporation will not be able to supply the goods or services within the period specified."

I've also joined the Class Action suit to try recoup the money spent on a service not provided to me as promised under contract.
17 Feb 2011 10:37:18 AM: why will you re contract with them when you specificly know they have issue with coverage honestly its like buying home brand over normal brand.
you had an option to go telstra and optus

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15664 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Sim Swap Shit Fight at 17 Feb 2011 05:40:15 AM
I was sent two sim cards by Vodafone for my new iphone 4. Both sim cards were activated, causing the correct sim card that fits in to the phone to deactivate. I was told they can't just reactivate the sim card and I would need to get a new sim card. This was on Monday. Monday afternoon I went in to a Vodafone store where all the staff were very helpful (in Belconnen). However when they rang Vodafone to do a sim swap they were told it hadn't yet clicked over to 'completed' and therefore it couldn't be done. We were told maximum 4 hours..

4 hours later it still wasn't completed and we were then told by Vodafone it would take 2 days...

2 days later I went back to the store and it STILL hadn't clicked over to completed meaning still no sim card. I spent 2 hours in the store, we rang 7 times to try get someone who knew what they were doing and had the authority to just press a button to move the status to completed. Still no luck.

I ended up getting through to an apparent manager who hung up on me because I was yelling.

How hard can it be to give a new sim card? Very hard apparently.

4 days later and still I am paying for a phone I haven't been able to use.

Vodafone - FAIL!!!

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15623 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is total failure at 16 Feb 2011 07:57:12 AM
I would like to share my story with you all in the hope that someone else might also get to escapt this nightmare. Since October last year, my coveage has declined to almost nothing, and I have been dealing the voice mails without the phone ringing, the late SMSs, the time outs on 3G etc. But I did not realise that other people were having the same trouble.
After hearing about this site I decided to stop putting up with the lack of coverage I was experiencing. First I emailed Vodafone with full detials of all the places and times where I could not get cover (I nave no cover during the day and I am nor able to spend hours on hold on the work phone!).
I got an email back from them asking for more info and because of the way it was set up you can only really complain about one location. So I chose my work location as I am within sight of Parliament House in Canberrra but my phone is only useful as an ipod all day.
About a week later I received an SMS giving me a Ref No. and saying that my issues were being investigated.
When I had not hear within another week I then lodged a complaint with the TIO. Yesterday well within the 10 days for response, I received an SMS from Vodafone saying that I can cancel as of today and a letter will follow. I know that there is every chance that the letter will not arrive (given others' experiences) but escape now feels that much closer.
So people don't put up with this dismal excuse for a service provider. Be firm but polite, work through the process and hopefully you too will be able to get out of this VODAHOLE.

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15594 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is EPIC FAIL at 15 Feb 2011 11:03:14 AM
Not receiving calls from my girlfriend, goes straight through message bank. Now she thinks I'm having an affair because I never answer my phone. When I do get notified that I have a voice mail and I try to call her back it wont call at all, drops out straight away. I tried to explain that its Vodafone, but she gave me 'the look'.
15 Feb 2011 11:27:41 AM: Oh dear! Well tell your girlfriend that I'm having the same hopeless experience in Canberra and have been unable to make or receive calls all day. I've also been unable to connect to the Internet. The only time I can connect is from inside the Vodafone shop in the Canberra Centre. This is where I have to go in order to receive my emails. I am thinking of setting up my office in there. Clearly they have ensured that everything works in that shop so that they can keep signing up more poor mugs for 24 months of hell!

I just got off the phone to Vodafone and got the usual "have you tried switching it off, taking out the battery and then starting it up again?". Bless. I know they're only trying to help but who are they kidding? My call ended up being referred to the 'network team' and I will hear back from them in 5 days or so. Haha I'm not holding my breath.
21 Feb 2011 12:14:11 PM: My friend had to wait for the magical 5 day call back. Guess what? Never happened. I told him to go via the TIO. He is now out of the contract witho no termination fees. He's enjoying fast 3G through Telstra now. As soon as I can be bothered dealing with their Indian call centre I'm out of Vodafone too.

PS: My girlfriend now understands. LOL.

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15584 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is internet at 15 Feb 2011 08:32:32 AM
on my phone i can have full "coverage" on 3g and yet the internet still has no response and connection interrupted errors almost every-time.
15 Feb 2011 08:35:59 AM: I'm in Canberra too. Centre of the CBD. My phone has full 3G strength but I can't currently make a call, receive a call or connect to the Internet. I can't be too unhappy though because I was able to send a text message. Hooray!

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15566 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is DISGUSTING! at 14 Feb 2011 02:28:17 PM
Had an $800 phone bill.... my partners was $100.... There is NO WAY on earth I could have used that much over my cap as ive just moved INTERSTATE to be closer to my man. I only call/txt him!
So i called up........ they tell me its correct its all DATA USAGE.. BULL SHT! Everytime for the past month I was txting 1512 to get my FREE bill balance and it was using the data allocated.. NO EXTRA CHARGES were on there EVER.

I told them this and that frankly I didnt believe it and i was extremely unhappy... he put me on hold to come back and tell me they ACCIDENTLY charged me $700 and he would credit it.



Oh....... and i also tell EVERYONE i possibly know how SH!T House vodafone are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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15548 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Amazingly at 14 Feb 2011 08:32:45 AM
Vodafone, after relaesing me fully from my contracts with no penalty and removing all charges have decied that they will list me with veda advantage for defaulting on payments. I am glad that i received everything ih writing. This has now thrown my whole life into the air as i was to pay for my wedding this week and now have been advised that I cant get a loan to pay for it.

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15545 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is 3G, Poor reception, Dropped calls at 14 Feb 2011 05:12:52 AM
I must start with saying that the customer service staff at the new Pitt street mall Vodaphone store were very good and this in no way is an issue with them.
After recieving my HTC Desire HD(Vodaphone) on boxing day i have had nothing but problems with the network . Constant dropped calls in the Sydney CDB,Hurstville & Pennant hills areas.
To add to this the 3G network works when it feels like , my phone constantly either drops calls or has such poor reception that i can barely make out what the person is saying .
I have started highlighting my bill with the dropped calls and noting the times that my 3G fails & the sms's dont send however i am not sure what to do next . I also have a Telstra Iphone 4 ( Work phone ) which works at all times and is super quick while the Vodaphone network is down which makes the issue even worse

If i have two more years of this i

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15533 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Big spender at 13 Feb 2011 09:48:48 AM
Here is where our money went!

13 Feb 2011 08:23:51 PM: thanks for posting this.
I seriously despise Nigel Dews. :(
14 Feb 2011 09:54:19 AM: i cant belive hes laughing all the way to the bank with our money.....nice

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15480 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Bloody Sad at 11 Feb 2011 06:58:34 AM
18 hours to receive Voice Mail yesterday 11 SMS took 14hours to get to my mobile hoping my partner was OK after they had been in surgery most of the night before. Wish you could claim mental angish. Lets play today watch the magic 3G here one for a second and then gone again goes on all day. FIX YOUR PROBLEMS PLEASE. Can't afford at present to payout contract!
15 Feb 2011 06:49:06 AM: Didn't get a job interview because they thought my phone was disconnected for 2 days. How unprofessional... They couldn't even get through to my voicemail! Not only have they cost me in paying for service I don't get but I quite possibly just lost 20k a year on top!
17 Feb 2011 06:42:34 AM: You can claim such losses as your lost job opportunity against vodafone by joining the Class Action suit. Just google "Vodafone Class Action" and you'll find it.

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15460 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 10 Feb 2011 03:33:42 PM
Well thought I was free and clear. Wifes phone recieves an SMS saying you owe $650 contract cancellation. Another horrible time on hold to sort that out. All good in the end.

Today I get another SMS saying I owe $1100 for my phone contract cancellation. Not managed to get through yet.

Honestly I don't feel bad giving the guys on the phone a hard time. They are the ones I deal with and they are the ones that constantly tell me that its sorted. For that string of bulls%$t they deserve all they get.

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15436 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Exceptionally poor reception at 10 Feb 2011 08:06:48 AM
I get continuous fail to send or indeed receive text messages & very rarely can I receive MMS.
The reception is so poor I even if in a populated area.

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15434 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Download dropouts at 10 Feb 2011 08:04:36 AM
Every time I try to update a website or download a small file on my phone, the download will constantly drop out and I am told I do not have an internet connection. Most of my data usage on my bill is from restarting a download after if fails 2 minutes in, sometimes over 10 times. This is incredibly frustrating!

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15422 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Massive at 9 Feb 2011 08:07:58 PM
I live in Palmerston 15mins drive from Canberra and I experience constaint drop outs using vodafones blackberry 3g service and have to revert to 2g services.


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15398 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is its so bad that you think a nigerian network would be much better at 9 Feb 2011 11:06:58 AM
Billing problem for the past 6 months!

Vodafone, "let me put you on hold."
A few minutes later, "beep...beep...beep"

Vodafone last month, "we'll give you $173 credit for overcharging you for the past 6 months"
Vodafone next bill arrived today, "lets start overcharging you again because you're fucking dumb client"

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15319 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Worst than AAPT at 7 Feb 2011 03:50:52 PM
Ordered a mobile broadband in Nov 2010. Yhis was suppose to be a 2year contract at $39/month. Upon arrival of the modem, my laptop registered software problem and the modem would not work. After calling up their technical support numerous times, the best they could do was to tell me to go to the nearest shopfront to get the lastest updated software and download it into my laptop.

The software didn't work; so my problem is stalled. I decided to call them up to have my account terminated and was told that someone would call me back within 72hours to help me with my request. I waited for more than two weeks before I decided to send an email to complain about the return call they promised(that did not happen) and that I have been charged by them for services I could not use and problems they can't solve for me with they software.

Another 2 weeks passed and my complain email was ignored.

So just 2 hours ago, I decided to call them up to request for a cancellation of my account and a refund of the money they have charged me. But they kept offering new deals and new modem for me eventhough my problem was with their software and not with their device. Only this time, I spent more time being put on-hold than talking to someone. The operator kept putting me on hold while she needs to speak with the manager and finally I just told her to put the manager on to speak with me. The final outcome was that either I get a refund and be charged $160 for temination fee or they can waive the termination fee but I don't get my refund.

What a load of rubbish! I'll never deal with them in any way again and I'll tell as many people of how "great" and "fantastic" their services are!

Oh, and the last thing the manager told me was, "And there will be a last direct debit charge on the 15th of this month."
Well, go ahead, I've just called up my back to have their direct debit cancelled.

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15301 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Rubbish at 7 Feb 2011 09:50:12 AM
Do not ever join Vodafone the service is Rubbish.

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15278 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Woeful at 6 Feb 2011 06:43:14 PM
When will the government get involved? How can these criminals carry on business and have prolonged on going problems!

It's a complete disgrace!

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15277 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is below par at 6 Feb 2011 06:36:08 PM
Was thinking that they had started to fix there ways, However for most of the weekend I was unable to load a basic webpage on my smartphone, and this USB mobile broadband has only been marginally better.. been shithouse for 3 months

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15273 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 6 Feb 2011 05:08:18 PM
Very poor coverage in Ngunnawal (northern suburb). Keeps dropping out in our house.

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15272 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is want go back to 3 at 6 Feb 2011 04:57:26 PM
3 was better than this. LARA sucks! What does customer support do btw? can they only answer the phone every 5 hours or what? Or maybe it's a certain amount of calls they can take a day. Maybe like 1 per hour. Signal is worse than 3 ever was, and I'm aware that 3 had roaming fees, but at least then you knew the call would work!!! Vodafone fix these problems and stop saying "it will be fixed" because nothing has changed.

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15246 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Uber Fail at 5 Feb 2011 09:33:32 AM
No 3G coverage at home in Griffith (line of sight to Parliament House), at none at the caffs in Manuka, none at my office in Phillip, none at my mum's in Lyneham.

Frequent drop outs and/or no signal. No signal when I'm riding to work. Epic fail.

Just got moved across from 3 to finish up my contract (because of crap coverage and being hit with massive 'roaming' charges every time the network dropped out). I wasn't prepared for just how appalling this would be. Apart from when I'm on wifi networks, I don't think I've actually been able to use the smartphone capabilities of my phone at all. Hopeless.

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15244 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is 3 & Vodafail Crap at 5 Feb 2011 07:49:57 AM
I would like to bring to your notice the billing fraud committed by 3 on a daily basis. Since Vodafail bought 3 couple of months ago...3 is going the vodafail way.

I have had two connections from 3. One is a mobile phone service and the other is a mobile broadband service. Last month (24th Jan 2011) I decided to disconnect the mobile broadband phone service. I was charged an extra $119.25 ! They told me that I used extra data. I already have a 6GB limit which I am sure I have not used as I was in the process of moving houses. When I asked for a detailed data usage report they refused to give me. They used planned confusing words such as pro rata billing etc.

Yesterday I received another bill for my mobile phone which is coming up to $93.02. This includes $49 which is the monthly rental. The remainder is $44.02 which they say is from my old disconnected broadband service. They claim that the billing cycle is responsible for this. How come I get charged for the mobile broadband service when I have already disconnected and had been forcefully charged? The disputed amount from January bill is $80. And disputed amount for the February bill is $44.02. So the total bill amount dispute is $124.02.

The provider does not want to give a proper breakup of the data usage of the mobile broadband service where I have incurred an extra $80. And also practises evading tactics using confusing words like pro-rata and billing cycles etc when discussing the disputed amount ($44.02) for the February bill. The call centre gentleman who I spoke to had a name called Sadik and I think is based in India.

I am not new to the mobile phone service bills. This is the first time I have experienced this and only from 3.

Please understand that I am not a opportunist who is taking advantage. I have been cheated and all I ask is Justice to be served.
5 Feb 2011 07:21:15 PM: Firstly talk to the TIO. Secondly pursue obtaining a list of the websites visited or at least a list of the IP addresses reached. I tried to get this from 3 when my business account had unexpected data charges. I completely trust the phone user(my partner) so I was worried about some kind of "phone" home type virus.

They wouldn't give me that info for "privacy" reasons even though I was paying the bill. I said well if you can't or won't prove to me what I am being charged for I won't pay. I went through the TIO in the end and they were forced to refund the charges. Since they would not agree to provide usage data in future I made them disable data for that phone number telling them they had just ensured they would never earn a sent from all that infrastructure from me.

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15233 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Reception at 4 Feb 2011 08:06:57 PM
I have just bought vodafone iphone cap just a month ago & it gives me alot of problems like no reception,take plenty of time to open one website,no proper billing.for hrs my phone will go on no service that to be when i am very well in the city..i never get more than 1 reception tower whether i am at work in fyshiwick or at home in woden. When complaining about the same to their customer officer they said we have very good range sir...then why this f...phones on no service. No proper reply from them.

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15222 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Fail at 4 Feb 2011 04:38:38 PM
Well today I sent my email to TIO to get my phone sorted

Poor receiption to 2G and 3G, droped calls and calls just not comming through.

Talk to Vodaphone cancelation department today, they offered me 2 months free service while they do "Upgrades to the Network" told them no.

The Tec reports done to my area show that I "should" have decent reception outside. Had to laugh at that one

So hopefully I can get out of my contract and go to a better provider

Still 3 weeks waiting for Tec reports and more time wasted on the phone and driving to get a sim swap....don't really understand how or why they still think that I should waste more of my time and money waiting for them to sort there network. I am sure if I was late for a payment and told them give me 2 months while I am sorting it out, that they proberly just get the courts involved.

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15210 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Useless and cruel at 4 Feb 2011 01:35:17 PM
After weeks of issues with my vodafone modem (which are still not resolved) I am now experienceing issues with service to my mobile. I have spoken with so many people in the vodafone call centre I reckon I could tell you who I am speaking to before they say their name.

I had decent coverage on my mobile up until December 2010 but more recently I have issues with phone service in my office (in the CBD)as soon as it hits midday. I swear to you, I can make and recieve calls up until midday.

The thing that gets me the most is that Vodafone are saying it is an issue with my handset - what the? It works in the morning!!! The other frustrating thing is that when I try to call it from my office phone, it doesn't even go to my voicemail. It either has an engaged signal or says that the area you are trying to call is out of service - Vodafone swear to me that there are no network outages in the Canberra CBD at the moment - I beg to differ! I know 3 other people in the building who are experiencing the same thing and are with Vodafone.

I am awaiting a call about a job and also news about my ill Grandmother. Vodafone - you are just plain cruel. You should not even be allowed to operate as a company. You lie to new customers whilst cheating the ones who you have firmly in your grasp.
4 Feb 2011 03:45:52 PM: I feel your pain. I live in NSW and same thing - have had decent service in the suburb I live in for nearly 2 years up until around July 2010. And, problem with service - especially - data, only ever occurred at the weekend, ie: like clockwork, I'd loose data service from midnight Friday until midday Monday. I was told various things by Vodafone's tech support ranging from problem was with my handset (iPhone) to they can't see any issues with their network. I seriously thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown at one stage because I heavily rely on my mobile and email for work. There was one weekend when I missed responding to a number of urgent emails from my boss. What I couldn't seem to get through to the customer service / tech help people was that my partner is also with Vodafone and was experiencing the same issues (but couldn't be bothered ringing Vodafone) so it wasn't my handset that was the problem. I had threatened them a number of times that I'd go to the Telecommunications Ombudsman... maybe I will really do that.

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15169 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is EPIC at 3 Feb 2011 01:49:01 PM
I have been on hold for TWO AND A HALF HOURS after telling Lara that I wanted to speak to someone about a billing inquiry. I originally just wanted to have my last 2 bills wiped because of crappy service (calls dropping out, voicemails and texts coming late or not at all, cruddy internet reception and 'no service' in areas like Manuka, Civic, Kingston and in Sydney). How do i get to place my number on the 'call back' list because this is just ridiculous! I'm now at the point of just wanting to cancel my contract on iphone although I have about a year to go, however am worried I won't be able to port my number as I am waiting to hear back about job interviews.

Can someone direct me as to how I get vodafail to call me back, or should i just call again and say i want to talk to someone in complaints? Eeep!

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15162 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is veryfail at 3 Feb 2011 11:04:08 AM
In my line of work, I need to make on average about 100 calls a day to local small businesses: of which I personally know almost all of the owners and contacts. How embarrassing for me then, when scheduled phone calls are over two to three hours late because i need to dial a number over 20 times in order to be connected, only then to have the call drop out. How can I as a business-man earn an income, when that income is dependent on something as simple as network reception. Vodafone: YOU FAIL!

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15150 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 3 Feb 2011 07:11:19 AM
Dear Vodafail.com Moderation Team
Do you know if vodafone monitor your wonderful site and / or do anything about the tens of thousands of complaints you have gathered here??? I'm very curious as although it is a wonderful place to vent, I'm wondering if that is all it is as I'm seeing no change in service (actually, it's getting continually worse so I guess that is a change). Also, is there a service provided your recommend over vodafone as I've had poor service from optus (and virgin who use their lines) and we all know of the terrible reputation telstra has. I have less than 6 months before my contract finishes and I can tell vodafone where to shove their service (well, if I could actually reach them in under 2 hours that is...) - and yes, I am counting the days until that wonderful moment arrives!!! thanks for the site - and keeping my blood pressure down...
3 Feb 2011 08:00:03 AM: Hi,

Thanks for your comment. An internal vodafone document published by the Herald ( http://images.smh.com.au/file/2011/01/21/2144076/vodafoneqa.pdf ) states that Vodafone is reading the comments on this website. Additionally I created this website to inform people of the ways in which they could complain and publicly display data on reception and on-hold times.

This website shows the extent and reach of the problems that are affecting Vodafone and I do think it has prompted them to take some actions. However it is unlikely that the network issues people are experiencing will be fixed quickly. Vodafone has now listed some of the areas in which they are upgrading the towers but I encourage everyone to contact them if they are having problems and then contact the TIO if they can't come up with a good resolution for you. The best resolution for me was just to get out of my contract and move to another provider.

The complaints and data on this website was also compiled into a report that was formally submitted to the ACCC and the ACMA. You can view the report by clicking on the large banner at the top of this page. In short myself or anyone else at vodafail can't fix the problems, we are just trying to make everyone aware of the issues.

This website and I does not recommend any mobile carrier (in the interest of fairness). All of the alternative carriers I know of are listed on the 'alternatives' page. All the best.


Vodafail.com Moderation Team
3 Feb 2011 07:02:04 PM: Thanks Adam - much appreciated. am thinking of starting a petition on here to have you instated as vodafone's customer service director - they could use someone like you!!! :)
3 Feb 2011 07:31:07 PM: Thanks @09:02:04 PM, that's very flattering although I have no intention of ever working there :)


Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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15106 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is awesome for stopping work related phone calls from getting to me at 2 Feb 2011 11:06:40 AM
Again I am having troubles making/receiving calls. Confirmed on my colleagues phone and another phone.

Nothing on the Vodafone site

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15062 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is it's not how much it's just plain vodaFAIL at 1 Feb 2011 03:16:18 PM
so i have to admit for the last couple of weeks i've actually managed alright services.. i'm one of the lucky few. Had a couple of hiccups with the 3g and push msging.
and prior to that i put another complaint here about the fact that i can't call or receive calls from 4 different handsets that all show full bars of reception.
anyway so today i was sitting in a training seminar for the whole day... no 3g reception at all despite the fun telling me otherwise...
i've now been trying to use my 3g for the last ... 90 minutes but still nothing...

i reckon that we should define vodafail as:
failures that cross state or national boundaries, kinda like epic fails -.-
1 Feb 2011 03:18:21 PM: i posted this originally at 440pm on the report page.. but no i'll add that i've been unable to call out or receive for the last 2 hours as well now...
currently says i have 3 bars AND 3G..

i'm thinking i should ring Voda and tell them to change their towers or maybe it's just a card problem for them too?

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15053 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Mostly Fail at 1 Feb 2011 01:53:20 PM
I just joined vodafone last week, and got my new iphone 4 and vodafone sim in the mail yesterday.. All excited I opened it up. popped the sim in and turned it on to give it a run!
my previous phone was a iphone 3gs with telstra prepaid which has FULL bars and reception at my house on the Gold coast.

Once the phone booted I was shocked to see that I had between 1 bar and no service anywhere in my house!! so i started browsing the web and found out the truth!
I also catch the train to work and cannot use the internet at all while on the train, its just dead with mostly no service. :(

This is not what i signed a 24 month contract for, not at all.
is there a way i can cancel the contract?? like some sort of grace period?


1 Feb 2011 03:25:30 PM: Ryan, not totally sure if there is a grace period but there are new laws available to protect the consumer since 1st January 2011

Oddly enough I found these new laws on the soon to be number three mobile provider for Australia, Virgin Mobile.

Check them out here especially bullet point 4 about goods being fit for purpose.


Otherwise you may have to start with Vodafone, do it sooner not later!!

There is also the TIO details found at the top of the page on the How To Complain tab, good luck and let us know how you get on!!!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
2 Feb 2011 10:51:00 AM: Virgin number 3 telco? That's a little bit of an odd thing to claim, for starters they aren't even a full telco, just an Optus reseller effectively. Then there's the "3rd" part, even if VHA lost every one of the Vodafail complaints that would be .3% of the total customer base, not exactly a massive loss.
2 Feb 2011 01:25:43 PM: Mate, what don't you understand about 'soon to be number three mobile provider for Australia'?

I never said they were the number three.

Just out of interest what constitutes a 'massive loss' in your eyes, 3%, 5%, 10%, 30% ?

I would lay odds that the CEO of Vodafone would be well peeved to lose 3% of his customer base.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
2 Feb 2011 01:59:28 PM: For starters, I was more referring to your comment rather then stating that you said they were number 3, I should have been clearer in that, however the rest of my post still stands, they aren't a full telco, and that it would take a lot more then .3% to shift VHA below Virgin. As for what I would see as a massive loss that's irrelevant, as to what the CEO would feel about losing 3% (not .3%) you would have to ask him, but I would say the loss of the headache this site provides would be substantial.

Think of it this way, if everyone of these customer left (and more) would it outweigh the cost of all the bad PR this minority provides? You asked my opinion and as irrelevant as it is, I'd sacrifice 3% to remove the bad press, you would regain it fairly quickly once they sort their shot out.

Also first response from a moderator that's actually had a bit of bite to it, good to see not every post is a copy paste job.
2 Feb 2011 02:08:15 PM: Just for numbers sake, according to the Wiki's for both companies, VHA has 7 million customers and Virgin has 500,000. So VHA would need to lose 92% of it's customer base for Virgin to overtake.
2 Feb 2011 03:06:32 PM: @ 2 Feb 2011 03:59:28 PM: So help me out here, what does, in your opinion, constitute a full telco?

I agree with your comment about asking the CEO if 0.3% is a massive loss, so really that would be an unknown quantity as neither of us know what the CEO would be thinking, yes?

There have been many surveys performed about poor service experiences in the past and several have always indicated that personal recommendation (or lack of) is a strong motivator for people to decide on a service to choose, I for one have easily talked 9 potential customers out of using Vodafone, if they tell one other person each..........and so on.

Finally to clarify we (mods) are all people who volunteer our time freely on vodafail.com, we all have full time jobs, careers and families.

@ 2 Feb 2011 04:08:15 PM: I wonder what Wiki would read in 2 years time? (personally I have my reservations about Wiki but hey ho).

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
2 Feb 2011 03:21:12 PM: A full telco would be a Telco that actually has it's own infrastructure, and doesn't piggy back/resell off another network. Vodafone was the third Telco to obtain a license from the government, the other 2 being obviously Telstra and Optus.

In terms of telling people not to join a telco that effects growth rates, retention rates would be effected by losing existing customers, so as the numbers say VHA would need to lose 6.5million customers for Virgin in it's current state to overtake.

Personally, I'd avoid Virgin and stick with Telstra, it's a stable network as they invested the money long time ago, judging by that trend, VHA with current plans should catch Telstra's current coverage in a few years time, chances are the 4G network by that stage.

Gotta remember what history shows us, all telcos go through this stage, Telstra did, Optus are just getting out of theirs now, and eventually Vodafone will too.
2 Feb 2011 03:50:24 PM: Is your definition of a full Telco entirely correct? I thought they leased one another's towers and that is common practice, are you also suggesting that Virgin do not have a licence from the Government?

Agree with the growth rates statement, judging by the number of customers on here who have expressed their opinions the retention rates are also subject to loss.

Consider that (customers):

1/ Not every one knows about this site
2/ Not every one has access to the internet
3/ Many people will just sit and watch from the sidelines for the activists to force the changes
4/ Many people will sit on the network fence in the hope that things will improve prior to the end of their contracts
5/ The silent majority are as they suggest.......silent.

Time will tell.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
2 Feb 2011 04:40:28 PM: The government licensing is more about the infrastructure/towers etc, all the little resellers are still classed as Telco's, so I don't mean that Virgin are an irregularity nor somehow illegal, more that they don't gave their own towers, only the big 3 have their own towers and if them Vodafone was the last one to get that privilege.

Also I hope I'm not coming across as a Vodafone apologist, it's more I've dealt with a lot o the Telco's and they are all as bad as eachother when it comes to customer service, network wise Telstra is ahead leaps and bounds, Optus still have a ways to go, and that lies the issue with Virgin. Optus have the most resellers using their network so they are also inclined to have congestions issues as well. I think the report made by this site is one of the best presentations of issues, it relays all the facts you've gathered but doesn't take a bad tone to it, if only more posts were like the report.

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15049 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is to the xtreme at 1 Feb 2011 12:39:12 PM
i've had coverage and network problems for about 7 months now, i've had my phone repaired and replaced. nothing helps and again i'm stuck in suburbia with no coverage and work hassling me over not answering my phone. i was billed back in december for using the gps on my phone in which i need coverage to use to the extent of $80! i know with no shadow of a doubt that i had no coverage during the day that i was billed for.
now i have to pay that to get out of my contract. Vodafone is crap and i'm sick of their excuses.

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14965 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Dear Moderation Team at 30 Jan 2011 05:48:25 PM
Dear Moderation Team

When you say "if you haven't been able to contact Vodafone without success", do you mean despite a horrid wait time people should complain to the TIO without Vodafone even having the opportunity to even hear the complaint or be given a chance to resolve it?
30 Jan 2011 05:53:30 PM: It actually says in the how to complain section that The TIO is the place to go when you have contacted Vodafone and they haven't resolved your issues.

Pretty sure that have to actually say no or whatever first before they have done anything wrong, no matter how long the hold time is
30 Jan 2011 05:54:34 PM: Read the How To Complain link, it clearly outlines the steps that people need to follow:

Note the bit that states "IN ORDER THEY ARE"

"There are three main ways of getting your Vodafone issues resolved. In order they are: contact Vodafone (may take some time), contact the TIO (takes a bit more time), contact the ACCC (last resort, will take a lot of time)."

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
30 Jan 2011 05:57:43 PM: @30 Jan 2011 07:53:30 PM, incorrect, many people have not even contacted Vodafone and got out of their contracts by contacting the TIO.

The Moderator above is correct that they should contact Vodafone first (as outlined in the How To Complain page), as the TIO should be considered as a last resort, however many people have posted here and bypassed Vodafone completely and gotten out of their contracts.

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14964 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Learning to grin and bear it: Vodafone's bad month at 30 Jan 2011 05:23:37 PM
very interesting reading in the media coverage section regarding The Optus networks almost identical problems, this is actually the second time round for me on this stuff!

Learning to grin and bear it: Vodafone's bad month

capacity issues with Iphone and Android devices being on networks is a big and obvious problem!

All thats happening is thats it's Voda's turn right now, they'll get it fixed just like Optus did.

I encourage everyone to please read this article, maybe have a re-think about the fact that this can happen on other networks, it's a mobile phone thing, not a provider thing!

indecently moved from the Optus network in 2008 cause of the exact same problems, went to Vodafone and it was great, now its crap so gonna go back to Optus cause they have fixed it all now, but when i finish there gonna prolly go back to Vodafone case they'll have it fixed by then, and i did much prefer Vodafone until all these problems happened.
30 Jan 2011 05:51:52 PM: Vodafone clearly didn't plan ahead to allow for smartphones such as the iPhone and Android phones. This is a far more serious problem than what Optus went through and never was Optus in such a poor state like Vodafone are now.

For reference sake the NextG network has never suffered from this problem, the difference between the NextG network and Vodafone is that the NextG network can plan ahead and is already improving a flawless network. Yet Vodafone wait until customers are leaving left right and centre and then they start to look at what is wrong.

What is funny is that Vodafone continue to charge their customers for a service that is not working for the majority and worse than that they are signing new people up all of the time making the problem even worse.

They really need to fix their network and whilst they claim they are doing that it is far too little far too late. I would guess this is costing Vodafone a fortune with the amount of people leaving them and additionally going through the TIO (which costs vodafone even more money).
30 Jan 2011 05:56:44 PM: your so right it was all in my imagination not having service for 4 months and paying for it having Optus tell me this is a normal part of 3G, your right i totally dreamed all that
30 Jan 2011 05:59:27 PM: if you read the article it clearly states and is certainly on the public record that Vodafone has been investing big money in their networks as do Optus and Telstra.

Did you read it?
30 Jan 2011 06:22:55 PM: Regardless of whether Vodafone say they are investing money or not the poster at 30 Jan 2011 07:51:52 PM: has quite rightly pointed out it is too little too late. The damage to the reputation and credibility of Vodafone has been done. Had Vodafone identified and confessed at an earlier time that there were significant network performance issues instead of blaming those network issues on, the user, the mobile phone, the sim card and the numerous other scapegoats, all of the total PR disaster and customer experience disaster could have been avoided.
I see little to be gained on a circular argument, when the question has been asked and answered previously on many occasions.
30 Jan 2011 06:43:25 PM: @ OP is that why Nigel Dews made a public apology to customers? Incidentally more than a month ago.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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14893 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Epic at 29 Jan 2011 12:44:29 PM
I have just moved into a house in Lennox Head, NSW 2478. Up until now I have been 'ok' with vodafone. Not the best coverage in rural areas but I knew that when I signed up on my contract. However I now have minimal to no reception in my house while living in a township of 4000 people. It means I cannot receive work calls and am unavailable at times when I am needed most. I can however walk outside, sit on the grass of the footpath and make calls. It can drop out at anytime.
As for 3G... That 1GB data package I pay for is now completely useless.
I rang to see if I could do something to my phone - add an antennae - was on hold for half an hour, spoke to someone and then my phone dropped out. Surprise surprise he didn't call back.
Thanks vodafail
29 Jan 2011 01:44:19 PM: I live in a town of 4 million people (Sydney) and have exactly the same issues
29 Jan 2011 01:51:01 PM: Vodafail.com needs your waiting times to illustrate the unacceptable and excessive waiting times experienced from Customer Care.

Please use the On Hold Again? located at the top of the page to record your experience.

If you have tried to contact Customer Care without success or not to your satisfaction the next step is to contact the TIO.

The details may be found on the tab How To Complain located at the top of the page.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!!!


Vodafail.com Moderation Team
29 Jan 2011 02:59:22 PM: If you move house while on a contract, you are on your own, this applies to any network Optus, Telstra whoever, the TIO can't do anything, the people with this site are giving bad advice and clogging up the TIO.
29 Jan 2011 04:13:55 PM: I suppose that statement also negates the concept of a 'mobile' phone....???

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
30 Jan 2011 12:50:59 AM: A contract applies to where you are going to use the phone at sign up, same with a landline or ADSL, move overseas and see if you can cancel without paying.
30 Jan 2011 11:16:31 AM: they arent talking about moving out of the country. if they move nearby in australia they should be able to use there phone...MOBILE PHONE.
30 Jan 2011 05:05:47 PM: so is that to say that either you or the mobile phone guy has to be able to see into the future to know where you will be living so they can check on the coverage, don't think thats gonna happen....

No network has 100% coverage, your trying to squeeze blood from a stone unless you can realize that.
30 Jan 2011 06:38:50 PM: @ 30 Jan 2011 07:05:47 PM and what do you say when a provider says they have excellent coverage for your locality and lo and behold it is piss poor and eventually after many complaints, the provider says Oh you are in a known blackspot!

If I move from Brissie to Sydney I expect to have a reasonable coverage, the simple reality with Vodafone is I won't.

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14882 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is No calling capability at 29 Jan 2011 08:31:21 AM
I used to work for vodafone during this network issue and i left because i couldnt sell a product because i knew how bad it was. i rely on my phone having coverage in CBD areas or even at home in gungahlin and i dont have reception... off to telstra i go
29 Jan 2011 01:57:06 PM: Best move for 2011

I am certain many others will be doing the same............

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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14847 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is No reception at 28 Jan 2011 04:46:20 PM
2G drop outs constantly in Manuka.

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14841 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Kinda at 28 Jan 2011 03:57:57 PM
Got charged a dishonour fee on my last bill because a direct debit didn't go through. Rang up vodafone today and after being on hold for a miraculously short four minutes advised them that I had never actually activated direct debiting on my account and that my account on vodafone.com.au reflected that fact.

Quickly received an apology and a credit for the amount of the dishonour fee on my account.

Still can't overlook the fact that four days into my current billing period, my account usage graph has not been updated and is still reflecting I have spent none of my calls or data for the month, yet the call-by-call listing shows all usage for the month so far. Weird.
29 Jan 2011 06:44:06 AM: In my last month with Vodafu...d it took them 12 DAYS before they updated their online usage! The day before the period ended they took out about 2G of usage, I checked usage and thought I had 2G left, then they put it back. I couldn't work out how I could have gone over limit and only accidentally found out what they did when someone in their shops checked my account on their view of the system! I can think of no reasonable explanation of this behaviour. Sneaky and deceitful, as is not posting excess usage PAYMENTS to the web accounts.

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14781 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Effin terrible at 27 Jan 2011 07:36:31 PM
Been with them for about 4 months,absolute rubbish. No reception, delayed voicemails didn't receive my $100 credit. So want out of this contract. Can we get out of them since they dont provide the service that they advertised?
28 Jan 2011 09:55:05 AM: You can if you are persistent. I had two contracts cancelled with no exit fees. Just have to push polite but hard.

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14739 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 27 Jan 2011 12:08:20 PM
Currently working in the Parlimentry Triangle with limited or no mobile or internet coverage!
This is a joke

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14723 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Exceedingly at 27 Jan 2011 08:58:01 AM
My 3G signal is forever dropping out. I can be sitting in the exact same place and have full 3G bars just to have it switch to roaming in a matter of seconds. Whilst I did have some problems with the signal with 3 mobile it was nothing close to the 5 times at least problems I have now. This is ridiculous. If I didn't still have a year and a half on my contract I would be switching immediatley.

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14707 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Epic Fail at 26 Jan 2011 09:55:34 PM
Continously drops phone calls. I can not have a reception for longer then 20mins without my reception droping

In Gungahlin, i have to attempt to call someone atleast 3 times before i am able to get a line out

I always get Sms late.

I just wish i had a service provider who actually gave me a phone service and not just something that works occassionally

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14705 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Flipping Fail at 26 Jan 2011 09:05:09 PM
HALF MY SUBURB does not have ANY 3G reception. It had 3G+HSDPA full bars a few months back (of course it dropped out all the time despite maximum signal). Fail network. Now I have $100+ of credit expiring next month and NO WAY to use it.

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14700 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is faillllllllll,faillllllll at 26 Jan 2011 08:33:38 PM
no good network,too much charge
27 Jan 2011 07:52:45 AM: thats some good battery power

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14679 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Uber Reception Fail at 26 Jan 2011 01:58:26 PM
My phone continues to lose reception in my HOUSE!!! Thats right, in the middle of the suburbs in my lounge room I can't get reception. And it is getting worse. I used to be able to get reception upstairs, now there is no knowing. I also can't send MMS pictures anymore. I really hate Vodafone, how can I get out of my contract??

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14678 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is The worst at 26 Jan 2011 01:15:27 PM
Half an hour on the phone to customer care, 10 customer service operators, one call disconnect all to sort out an iPad prepaid recharge.

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14676 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is very at 26 Jan 2011 12:49:15 PM
Limited reception and sudden drop in phones battery life.

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14632 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Epic at 25 Jan 2011 05:47:58 PM
Having issues with service at home and work. Managed after 11 months to have them perform a network investigation (as both areas show full 3G coverage on the maps). They admit to an issue at my work (which is better than at home, 95% no problems making a call or SMS, 50% of the time 3G data works - and when I have issues all other vodafail suckers have issues too so unlikely to be my phone) they say this one will be fixed within the next two months.

For the result of the home survey - they say no problems at all - 25% success rate for voice and sms (the number of red (!) next to messages on the iPhone that you need to click is phenomenal), data - don't even think about it - good thing I have WiFi!

So I complain about the situation and query why I should be spending more than $50 a month for no service, they say, Sir we will give you 3 months for free - would you like to switch plans, it's got a higher cap. I was beyond annoyed at this and suggested that the offer of a higher cap was useless given it was near impossible to use what I have now. Was offered to have handset unlocked for free and for free redirect to another number - sweet - at least I'll be able to have a number to use. Only the unlock page wants me to pay. Now this is where the pain really kicks in - I decide that an hour on hold was perhaps not the most productive use of my time, and email them, quoting a reference number which I was told to quote. The useless numbskull the other end of the email address could not even be arsed to read the email and just quoted the go here pay this.

Pissed does not even describe my current status, I hate you vodefail, I hate you so much and am hanging out for the day you close up shop in Australia. Once I was willing to forgive if you could supply service, now I want you to close down, you're obviously wasting money, energy and everyone's time!


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14623 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Bad at 25 Jan 2011 04:17:18 PM
When I was off in Thailand, my iphone has the Vodafone sim and whenever a voicemail called. Lara said in english that we can't understand it and it is annoying us

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14606 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is PATHETIC at 25 Jan 2011 02:10:06 PM
I'm trying to cancel my mobile braodband internet. Just cant as 3 Customer Care just doenst pick up any of my calls. In addition the call back function is just not available....probably because they are scared that all complaints are being recorded.
25 Jan 2011 02:16:24 PM: Readers : Please tell me am I wrong to ask for a good service which I pay for?
26 Jan 2011 09:23:54 PM: No because you are right.

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14549 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is CRAP at 25 Jan 2011 08:31:32 AM
Trying to cancel my mobile braodband connection after 2 years of using it.

Nobody ever picks up ! I want my money back. Going to the TIO for justice.

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14532 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Pathetic at 25 Jan 2011 05:36:48 AM
Sucessfully cancelled two contracts with Vodafone, or so I thought. Yesterday received a bill for $600 due to early exit fee on my wifes phone. Rang them to get it resolved. After 40 mins on hold (not too bad considering some of the times I have had to wait) they told me that is a routine charge until they get the handset back. I asked why I was charged on that account and not the other one I cancelled if it was routine (no response).

I then stated that I was told there would be no exit fee and I wanted it reversed. She said she couldn't do it. I asked to speak to someone who could. She refused to transfer me. I told her I was not getting off the phone until the charge was reversed. She said there was nothing she could do. I then asked for all my direct debits to be cancelled. She confirmed that they were. I asked for her name and employee ID and she hung up on me.

I then tried to call back and after another 40 mins on hold was told that their system was down due to an upgrade and I should ring back tomorrow. I then asked who I could talk to to make a complaint and was told that no complaints can be taken while the system is down. Looking forward to round 3 today... NOT.
25 Jan 2011 06:01:51 AM: Good on you for cancelling your contracts... that's what I'll do if I ever have only one more problem. And I have TOLD them that I will not pay their disconnection charges.
25 Jan 2011 06:08:21 AM: Just called them again. They have confirmed that my direct debits have been cancelled and there is no automatic deduction to be attempted on the 7th of Feb when that bill is due. Will be interesting to see how this goes now.

I strongly suspect that I am going to have to call them again at least once to get the bill corrected.

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14529 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Reception at 24 Jan 2011 11:52:49 PM
I travel to Canberra about 3 times a month. Last night and the whole of the 24th January I had fluctuating reception in Manuka varying between one bar of 3G on my iPhone 4 which then turned to GPRS then to Edge and again to 1 useless bar of 3G causing tmeouts to NO SERVICE AND SEARCHING. WTF!!!
This was in and around Manuka. Called Vodafone and all they said is they were doing upgrade works. This is the latest excuse. I thought it was my phone but back in Perth tonight reception is good again. So it is Vodafail.
25 Jan 2011 07:21:36 AM: Vodafone reception in the ACT is generally abysmal. There is nothing wrong with your phone. The fault lies with Voda. But they will still require you to pay your bill despite their clear failure in providing the contracted services.

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14505 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Taking the piss at 24 Jan 2011 07:33:57 PM
Whomever is in charge of the company is quite simply an idiot...
Business 101.... it cost 7 times more to find a new customer than keep the old one!?!?!

It was quite liberating to call vodafone and cancel 2 phones and a mobile broadband package...
Why they asked... and i said are you fucking kidding me?

24 Jan 2011 08:22:56 PM: Love the retort................and an excellent result as well!!!
25 Jan 2011 06:10:30 AM: Hah they asked me that when I cancelled mine as well. Took me quite a while to go through the list.

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14490 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Fustratingly FAIL at 24 Jan 2011 05:17:11 PM
Stranded on the other side of town unable to pay for parking as I am unable to get money out as I am unable to connect to the INTERNET on my VODAFONE iPhone (despite full reception and 3G network!). Internet banking taking 30 MINUTES to load and then timing out. Stranded for two hours without connection in the middle of the city. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE INTERNET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY. LSDKFJSL;DKFJSLDKFJD;LFKJ;ASLDFKJ

PHONE CALLS dropping out! People trying to call me whilst my phone is on a receiving "this person is currently unavailable" then receiving NO missed calls! Me being unable to call people/send MMS successfully. Brand new iPhone with vodafone signed contract for 2 years (BIG MISTAKE). FAAARK.
24 Jan 2011 05:37:14 PM: lodge complaint online with tio, might take about 2 weeks, but you can get out of contract

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14489 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 24 Jan 2011 05:14:28 PM
24 Jan 2011 05:17:47 PM: This site needs a 'Like' button :)
24 Jan 2011 07:11:05 PM: you can like it on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Can-we-find-1-million-people-who-will-never-use-Vodafone-again/172631736104243
28 Jan 2011 12:06:45 PM: well thats just gold *like

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14464 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 24 Jan 2011 04:07:03 PM
I just want to say the "moderator" of this site is a hypocrite! The how to complain section is a farce and up until today he has been advising people to escalate to the TIO without contacting the customer care department first. Please note that if there is no record of you contacting the customer care department then the TIO's hands are tied.
24 Jan 2011 04:38:47 PM: In what way is he/she a hypocrite?

Why is the How To Complain section a farce?

I thought most of the replies from the mod start with:

If you have tried to contact Customer Care without success....................
24 Jan 2011 05:00:53 PM: Have a long hard look at what he/she has posted over the last week.
one guy was having issues playing online games no complaints to care told directly "check out the how to complain section and escalate to the TIO"
One guy has written "my phone sucks and I still have 10 months on my contract, how do I get a new one without paying fees" same reply as above.....
You have no wish to help the people who have legitimate concerns your just trying to screw a company who upset you.
Pathetic really
24 Jan 2011 05:31:06 PM: In what way is he/she a hypocrite?

Why is the How To Complain section a farce?

Are those examples the only two you can find?
24 Jan 2011 05:43:21 PM: The how to complain section is a farce as it states to follow a process yet the "Moderator" states something else.
He/she is a hypocrite for the above reason
As advised have a look at the posts he/she has posted over the last week

24 Jan 2011 05:47:40 PM: lol in reply to '24 Jan 2011 07:00:53 PM' The Moderator, <--- me actually said:

"Whilst this is not the answer to your question, any online game generally struggles to work when playing via 3G. You really need to look at getting ADSL for online gaming (or at the very least I would look at a more stable 3G option)."

Additionally the posts you refer to are just copy & paste by generally people posting here to help others. Finally when we say "Check the How To Complain link, you will no doubt have to escalate to the TIO" the 'How To Complain" link clearly says:

" In order they are: contact Vodafone (may take some time), contact the TIO (takes a bit more time), contact the ACCC (last resort, will take a lot of time)."


"First check the Vodafone outage page to see if the problem you are experiencing has been reported and is under investigation. If not contact Vodafone customer care on one of the many numbers listed on their website (1555 from your Vodafone mobile or 1300 650410 from any other phone)."

The OP is just assuming every post is a moderator because they are directed to the TIO.
24 Jan 2011 06:13:36 PM: Isn't it the " moderators" job to check these posts?
24 Jan 2011 06:26:17 PM: We do not moderate individuals posts unless it breaks the pages rules unless they incite violence, are overly aggressive, include excessive profanity, are crude or appear to be spamming attempts or completely off topic.

By them saying to check out the How To Complain part of the page they are right on the money, anything after that is really irrelevant as that page says everything it needs to say.
24 Jan 2011 06:31:37 PM: Unbelievable, the OP is blaming the Moderators for

1) posts that are apparently not theres (even though they are correct when they say check the 'how to complain' link
2) If Vodafone made it easier to get out of a contract due to their network that just doesn't work, nobody would need to go to the TIO.

The blame needs to be put squarely at Vodafone's feet, no one elses.
25 Jan 2011 08:28:42 AM: Cant beleive that the OP is cooly passing the blame on the Modertors !

Vodafone and 3 are the biggest hypocrites around !

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14457 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Dropped calls at 24 Jan 2011 02:44:44 PM
3 dropped calls while at canberra hospital
Poor data down load while at canberra hospital
poor coverage
Rang customer tec, told me they would ring back in 1 min, 45 mins later still waiting!
Poor reception at home address in middle of Canberra.
27 Jan 2011 09:08:51 PM: why are you even using your phone in a hospital lol

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14393 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Epic Fail! at 24 Jan 2011 09:26:01 AM
I have been with Vodafone now for almost 10 years and have never had a problem with them until last year.

In July last year I decided to get an iPhone, as you do. The store I went through (in Sydney) stuffed up my upgrade and didn't put it through properly, resulting in me getting an automated message saying that my usage was up to $600. I went into a shop front in the ACT to discuss this and they told me that I would have to ring the Sydney store as there was no record of my upgrade in their system. He said I basically got a free iPhone out of that, yeah except my bill was up to $600 so not really. The problem was resolved and I didn't have to pay the extra charges.

Since about September last year I have had extremely poor data performance. I can hardly access the internet on my phone, the Facebook app never works, not to mention continual service drop outs and messages extremely delayed coming through. I have sent them a request via their website as I wasn't able to get through to them on the phone. Someone was supposed to get back to me within 5 business days. I'm still waiting.

To make matters even worse, I now have a crack in my iPhone. I've been told that Apple won't cover it under warranty. I thought no problem I'll just put it through insurance. Oh wait! They never put my insurance through when I upgraded. This is partly my fault for not realising I wasn't paying insurance, I just pay the bill each month. I had assumed it was on there. I ring customer service and ask for a call back. They actually rang me back within 15mins. They tell me that because the insurance wasn't put on when I first purchased the phone that it can't be put on now because it needs to be done on the day of purchase. I'm now the one left out of pocket for expenses to get my phone fixed. I don't see how that is fair when I said yes to the insurance and its their fault for not putting it through.

Is there any way that people have been getting out of their contracts without having to pay the exit fees?
24 Jan 2011 11:33:22 AM: Best way out is lodge complaint with tio regarding dropouts and poor coverage (that insurance stuff will get you nowhere).
Sign up with another carrier Telstra or optus, get a new fone, and if voda wants it, let them have the busted fone back

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14359 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is False message data at 23 Jan 2011 07:19:13 PM
I was having issues where my phone would play my message tone and there was no message, every 5 minutes, really really annoying, when I rang customer service I was told that it was probably my phone that was causing the problem. I watched my phone as the GPRS icon would change and become active, then I would receive "not really a message" tone. This was very frustrating as it would happen at all hours, I ended up turning my phone off when I went to bed at night. Went on for over a week, so eventually started using an old simple phone for a while and got no false messages on it (was a basic GSM phone). Checked back on my regular mobile after a couple of weeks and the problem seemed to have been fixed up.

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14354 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is poor in service at 23 Jan 2011 07:02:41 PM
Vodafone call centres do not pick up the phone

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14351 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Very poor network engineering at 23 Jan 2011 06:50:22 PM
I have lived here in far northern Sydney for 12 years. 12 years ago, I signed up with Vodafone and my service worked well in all parts of the house (for sveral years). I moved across to Telstra many years ago but my wife is still with Voda. Her phone only works upstairs. Vodafone's coverage has gone *backwards* in 12 years. Vodafone are not "failing gracefully" from 3G to 2G. Thats a serious engineering problem which needs to be fixed (I should know).

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14330 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Tres at 23 Jan 2011 04:46:22 PM
I bought an iphone with the express purpose of using it in a business context for email (and old fashioned phone calls), in my shop in metro melbourne and my reception is less than one bar 4 days out of five. I have called 3mobile three times and explained to somebody on the Asian subcontinent about the details of melbourne geography and got a total of "sorry. here's $10 off your bill". once. AND they charge me for roaming in METRO melbourne.
Thanks. That feels vaguely better.

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14287 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is MEGA at 23 Jan 2011 09:39:43 AM
Originally lived in brisbane, joined vodafone 5years ago. No reception issues however furthest I ever went was sunshine/gold coasts.

Moved to Wagga Wagga for work for 24months where reception was rather pathetic unless I was in the town centre. Since moving back to my wife, in the ACT (12months ago) had similar problems of dropouts, no connections, delayed sms and overall rudeness from the call centre when I queried them about a bill issue.

For these issues to be in the aust capital city..... rather amusing i thought.

However chose to continue using but drop my cap from $99 to a lower one. Spoke to a hard to understand however extremely polite call centre girl. She informed me it was policy that you had to exit the contract, costing around $800 and they would be happy to start me on a new 24month contract. After 'enquiring' with her supervisor, this fee would not be waved for any reason. This was explained to me when i signed the contract....apparently.... i wouldnt have signed if they told me this policy.

All this after my wifes carrier (optus) charged her an admin fee of $33.95 and gladly changed it down with NO extension to time in contract. They did this INSTORE aswell.

Subsequentally I laughed it off, cancelled my contract and am now an optus customer.... Only fault there was choosing the samsung 'tradie phone'.... more fragile than a house of cards but anyway.
23 Jan 2011 09:51:30 AM: PART 2. Didnt cancel my contract on the spot, chose to think about it first.

to cancel my contract I went into vodafone Belconnen, young sales rep sat me down and asked why, told him and he was more than happy to cancel it for me.
Something was wrong with his system and he couldnt do it online, had to ring customer care..... yippee.... Got a rude man that either couldnt comprehend english or wasnt interested in anything other than SALE SALE SALE!!!. REFUSED to acknowledge my cancellation request, issues, resolutions. Further continual offers of different caps for me to sign onto. after 15mins of keeping my cool, I became quite angry and due to what i said, I cited what my griefs were very abruptly and in hindsight quite rudely. I probably cost vodafone the 6 or so customers looking at signing up. LUCKY FOR THEM.

The sales rep took the phone off me after realising we were just going around in circles and he instructed him to cancel my cap immediatelly, after 5-10mins of arguing with him my cap was finally cancelled, alot of apologies came from him, it wasnt his fault though. I do rate the service of the sales rep and the original call centre ladie, however their hands were tied to solve my issue so their employer hindered their customer service ability.... I learnt from my mistakes, no amount of 'research and investment' vodafone make will get me to return.

p.s sorry for the novel.

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14286 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Call fails, drop outs all over Xmas 2010 at 23 Jan 2011 09:34:39 AM
Vodafone network was good this year but over December Xmas 2010 it was and still is atrocious.
I have experienced (and when I say "I" I mean my corporate group plan which consists of 4users who have experienced the exact same issues), call failures, call drop outs, and slow voicemail or no voicemail.

I use my mobile for business 90% of the time so it is vital for me, I a, a builder and I need it to order materials contact trades and organize jobs. Without this my business suffers and I have to constantly ring people back as the calls have been failing.

In summation I am thinking of changing carrier, and joining the class action against vodafone.
If everyone with the same problems joins then we can make a change..

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14232 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is slack and worsening at 23 Jan 2011 03:10:25 AM
I will be honest, It use to be pretty good for me. I have been with them for 12 years.

Now, the reception is poor in multiple different handsets, txts can take an extended time to be received by a recipient, 1555 Customer service has shockingly bad waiting times.

Recently I called to find out when my contract ends, which was Feb (one month away). I told them I will likely lower my contract at the end of the month, not really interested in another handset or go as far as canceling and porting my number to a new carrier. The customer service operator didn't even talk about it or offer anything to me or suggest talking to sales, just said "is that all you wanted to know?".

In my opinion they obviously don't want my business anymore or at least provide a deal to longer term customers or attempt to pursue me to stay.
23 Jan 2011 05:40:22 AM: Why on earth would you want to stay with them????????????????????

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14175 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Going under? at 22 Jan 2011 02:10:10 PM
Do you think Vodafone can survive this storm??

Please reply and answer seriously.
22 Jan 2011 02:15:11 PM: i dont know so sure, i think a lot of people wont sign up for vodafone anymore, consumers trust is gone....thats not good for a company....one thing for sure: i think we are counting the last days of that CEO Nigel, this is pure mismanagment.....
22 Jan 2011 03:14:21 PM: No Nigel Mews is good Mews as far as Vodafail is concerned!
22 Jan 2011 03:48:00 PM: They will. The infinity plans still have heaps of people in store. Even when i was loudly complaining (not abusing) in store, people are still happily signing up. It boggles the mind, but then again, you only have Telstra or Optus to choose from elsewhere so i guess theres not much choice.
22 Jan 2011 03:53:44 PM: Telstra = Best performance and coverage in Aus...That is the only choice to make (imo)
Vodafone = Worst performance and coverage in Aus...That is a choice that should NEVER be made
22 Jan 2011 04:11:52 PM: I would rather pull my eye out than give money to Telstra, but i think i'm going to have to in this case.
22 Jan 2011 04:20:50 PM: Me, I wold rather have a service that can be used anywhere, and be able to contact my kids with no fear of the network not working. As such irrelevant of my opinions of Tesltra they get my business as they can provide the best there is in Aus.
22 Jan 2011 04:25:19 PM: Vodafone stores are still averaging 120 New customers per store monthly with a 5% increase since november (the beginning of the media reports) the beat goes on
22 Jan 2011 04:47:47 PM: I didn't like Telstra until I was with Vodafone. Now after having the VF contracts cancelled on two phone I am now happy to pay for a service that works.

Every time I go past a vodafone store there are many people in there. Some are probably complaints but I am sure they are getting many still signing up. They will survive this no problem at all. They just wont be doing it with any of my money.

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14093 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is 100% at 22 Jan 2011 12:11:35 AM
I recieved a text MSG from them saying your bill is going to be $179 (from a $69 cap) due to usage outside of your cap MSG **** for more information. So I MSG that number and recieve a text saying this number is currently unavailable please try again later (I wonder if they'll charge for both msgs...) so I call the number and recieve a detailed outline of my cap which says I have $393 of $400 'credit' available! So I call information for a WTF and get told 'sorry we cannot access that information as we are generating a bill for you, please call back in 7 days' WTF PEOPLE??!! 7 days to explain what you are doing?! Apparantly there is NO ONE within the company that could answer my question! ALSO I have the typical reception issues, i do have to say that my reception was fine up until a few months ago just after my son was born now it only works if I disable my 3G connection and only sometimes. I have people recieving msgs at 3am that I sent at 3pm - some only recieve half the MSG and some not at all. The icing on the cake was tonight, I had a car issue and was too scared of risking driving it home just in case I couldn't use my phone that I left it at a friends and she drove me home - at midnight! Now this was just movies with a mate - what if I was out with my 4month old son and I broke down in the 30 degree heat? It scares me, the whole purpose of my phone is redundant. END RANT! thank you website for letting me get this out!
23 Jan 2011 09:26:13 AM: You cant dispute a charge until they have actually generated the bill to give you something to dispute ..

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14091 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is line drop. at 21 Jan 2011 11:48:42 PM
my partner and i got interested in vodafone deal of unlimited txt and calls i was bit execptical about how can a company make those claims im sure there was a hidden fee but no there wasnt i was confident moving from optus to vodafone will be better for the pocket i was wrong. first day was ok but i notice that the bar on my signal keep dropping sometime is full and sometime is just one bar and when do make a call the other person cant hear me or my voice is cut out and i have to repeat it. i never had any problem with optus line always was clear and realible. i will wait for 3month if vodafone doesnt change then i will try to leave on the ground that they cant provide a good service.

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14074 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Vodafone are the Chuck Norris of FAIL at 21 Jan 2011 09:19:59 PM
Where do I start?!

I am attempting to run a small business and made the critical mistake of choosing Vodafone when I moved to Sydney, for my internet and mobile. BAD MOVE, and one which I will NEVER EVER make again - once the last contract runs out in March I will never ever use Vodafone ever again for anything at all, ever.

ISSUE 1: Hardware
In I 2008 bought a Vodafone-brand phone for $60 to use with vodafone prepay. Within 3 months it simply stopped working - it would start vibrating for no reason at all (even with vibrate set to "off") - no call or sms, just vibration; it turned itself off for no reason - particularly when the battery was fully charged (when it was low it was more reliable). I moved to Sydney in 2009 and immediately got an iPhone with vodafone for $80/month, plus a USB modem for Vodafone roaming wireless internet, thinking I'd be sorted, living as I do IN THE MIDDLE (2000) OF THE BUSIEST CITY IN AUSTRALIA. Think again...

I live in The Rocks, next to Circular Quay, in the CBD of Sydney, a city with millions of people. Since moving here I have not had a single conversation on my BRAND NEW IPHONE at or anywhere near my home which has not dropped out several times. I'll be on a bus on George Street, just down from Central Station, and the signal will drop out. I'll be in bloody HYDE PARK and the signal cuts out. I'll be somewhere and it shows five bars of signal - so I'll call and then within minutes it will drop to no bars for NO REASON AT ALL as I haven't moved.

My "VODAFONE USB roaming wireless" was so crap - i.e. non-existent - that they actually ended up refunding me the money I'd paid for that particular contract and cancelled it. I LIVE IN THE SYDNEY CBD!!!! Hello!!! You can't provide bloody wireless internet in the densest suburb of the country! FAIL!

Oh, and then we have issue #3:
VOICEMAIL IS DOWN (but we won't bother telling you, nor tell you when it is working again) issue:

I have an iphone.

Towards the middle of 2010, I kept getting calls from people asking whether I'd got the message they left two weeks ago. I hadn't. After a few of these I called VF and told them of the problem. They then told me it was my fault (!) for not checking my messages, that yes, there were messages waiting to be heard. But I had set everything to "download" (or whatever) the voicemail messages automatically onto the phone itself so I could keep them, and replay them later without making any calls to a voicemail number. They said "Oh, that's called 'visual voicemail'. Yes, we've been having problems with that lately".

"How lately?" I asked, and then, for her benefit, also answered "about two weeks?" and she agreed. "Yes, about two weeks".

I insisted she make sure this conversation was being recorded and that it be played to a supervisor as soon as possible.

"So you are telling me your voicemail service, part of what I'm paying for, has stopped working, I've been getting calls and not notified of them due to this fault in your system, and you couldn't so much as send a text message to warn me to check via dialling the voicemail number so I don't miss vital information?"

"Do you realise I've been attempting to run a small business with this phone? Why didn't you notify me when -or before- you knew there was going to be a problem?" I asked.

"Calm down" she said, "you're not alone, there are presently more than 420,000 customers with the same issue".

"Oh, that makes it all okay then!! That makes me feel so much more kindly towards your company" I said, in radically different words. "You've just kept half a million people from getting any messages without telling them, for half a month!", I said.

"Do you have ANY IDEA how impossibly cretinous this situation is? I have known hardened criminals (well, I haven't, but the rhetoric was quite good) who would faint at the suggestion of something of this degree of obliviousness to your contractual terms and duty of care towards a client base."

It was eventually fixed - or so I found out in August, but I had to call them to find out, didn't I.


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14032 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is mobile internet...ummm at 21 Jan 2011 07:08:07 PM
Maleny Q.4552 - have to travel 300M to get mobile internet signal, even if 3 bars showing at home, it's not enough for download. Now downloading via my Bigpond W-lan - I would change supplier there if not for reliability, Telstra cost a bomb.

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14001 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 21 Jan 2011 05:30:20 PM
I rarely can use mobile internet at home, i have to move my handset (iPhone 3GS) around sometimes hold my arm in the air. But more importantly, there is a confirmed problem with the Vodafone network that does not allow it to connect to Optusnet mail servers. I cannot send mail at all from my phone, and rarely can I receive mail. Error message "Cannot get Mail The mail server mail.optusnet.com.au is not responding. verify that you have entered the correct account info in mail settings." You can see this problem recorded on whirlpool forums. It has been going for months. I want out of my contract, my iPhone is useless with vodafone. I have reported this issue and continually told they are working on it and I will be informed when fixed.

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13990 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is so much! at 21 Jan 2011 04:53:00 PM
after being released from my contract, and being told that i could keep my handset i inserted a pre paid sim only to find the handset is still locked.

I am now on hold with my third call to vodafone after two unsuccessful unlock attempts. how hard can it be? very frustrating, i just want to be able to call again!

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13984 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Sneaky at 21 Jan 2011 04:30:11 PM
I received an 'overdue' notice, on the Mrs postPay phone, for $16.38 (not much in the scheme of things) but assumed someone (Mrs, kids) downloaded something or otherwise exceeded the cap ($29) so I went to try to download the appropriate bill (2nd most recent) to check what the extra charge was for, but alas it wasn't available (response: 70112: This bill is no longer available), but funnily enough, previous bills *are* available. Hmmmmm, sounds suspicious. Oh well, caveat emptor.

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13967 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Waiting almost 5 hours on Customer Care at 21 Jan 2011 03:39:53 PM
I woke up just before 5am every morning for 3 consecutive days to attempt to contact Customer Services. Here's a pic of me waiting and listening to that stupid John Mayer music at around the 4 hour 40 min mark. I'm fortunate enough to have a friend who works there who simultaneously was able to work out a solution from his end.

<a href="http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y215/evilpetzoo/?action=view&amp;current=IMG_0132_2.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y215/evilpetzoo/IMG_0132_2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Problem? After explaining to in-store staff at Morley Galleria that I wanted to purchase a recharge voucher for a SIM for my car alarm, they quickly sold me the SIM then told me that they weren't able to assist me with the recharge and that I had to contact Customer Care.

This is where the real issue started. Unable to contact them for a few days during the day and waiting on hold for over an hour I decided to try and call when their call centre opens 8am (5am Perth Time).

At around 10am, my friend who works at another Vodafone store contacted me to advise that he was able to sort out the issue from his store.

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13954 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Big Time FAIL at 21 Jan 2011 03:16:25 PM
I am on prepaid and sometimes I cant make any phone calls due to no reception. Sometimes its there and sometimes it ain't.

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13951 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Vodafone is a disappointment at 21 Jan 2011 03:10:29 PM
I have noticed for some time that when I pick up my mobile to answer a call (before enough time has lapsed that it's transferred to voicemail) the call would disconnect at hello. At other times when I make a call I can hear the ring tone but I cannot get through, the call disconnecting itself before reaching the other person. Because I don't use my mobile as much as other people do, I've just put up with the problem because I can't be bothered to switch to another telco. It was only after I read several SMH articles about Vodafone issues that I came to realize that this problem I was experiencing and still do is widespread in the Vodafone network. It's truly disappointing, Vodafone comes off as being unprofessional and not trustworthy.

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13945 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Epic Fail at 21 Jan 2011 03:01:15 PM
Having used to work for Vodafone in Geelong, I had an incentive to put up with their terrible coverage because they were paying half my bill for me. Even still, I made complaints to their customer care line with no luck. Now, I live in Melbourne and work in the CBD and my coverage is worse than ever! Driving down Russell Street the other day, my phone was SEARCHING... this is unacceptable! I never have internet coverage (always having to use WIFI) and at my house the phone drops in and out of coverage constantly. I have checked with retail staff and the online coverage maps and I should have FULL 3G reception everywhere.
I rang Vodafone to complain AGAIN about this on Tuesday. After sitting on hold for 30 minutes, I was told I needed to be transferred to a different department. After 30 minutes on hold for the second time, my service dropped out before I could speak to someone. I called back again, asked to be put through the the Network department, and after 30 minutes on hold AGAIN finally got to speak to someone. I explained all my issues and they said "you need to speak to the network department". I said "Didn't I come through to them?" they said "no, this is the billing department and the network department closed at 8 so you will call them tomorrow." You can imagine how annoyed I was with this situation! This was at 8.10. If they had answered my call in the first place and put me through to the right department, it may have been sorted. SO! I call back on Wednesday, speak to someone from Network and they say they can't do anything about canceling contracts so I'm out through to the Collections department. I'm getting more and more pissed every second with this! I tell them my story AGAIN and they say that because I've moved addresses, they will not cancel my contract without a fee because my network is checked to the address where the phone is provisioned. I told them that it was a MOBILE phone and should work everywhere. If I wanted a home phone, I would've got a landline! They then said they would do me a deal because I used to work for them and let me cancel the contract without a fee however I have to pay for the phone. Good work Vodafone! We all know why you do that! Because the phones are where you make your money! Not only that but what good is a iPhone 4 to me that is locked to Vodafone?! Last time I checked you couldn't unlock the iPhones because it voided your warranty! So you now want me to PAY for I phone I don't even want to use on your network when I'm getting it for free! I told them I would send them back the phone (because they just refurbish them and give them to you when you're phone is replaced under repair anyway) and they told me that was not an option and I was given my option and if I didn't like it, to take it to the Ombudsman. Thanks for the advice, that is exactly what I did! They say that the success rates for mergers are only at about 30%... well, look out! I'm pretty sure that unless they pull their fingers out, this one with 3 is SURE to fail!

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13931 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is incomparable in terms of poor customer service, and blatant lies to customers at 21 Jan 2011 02:49:28 PM

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13895 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is lack of coverage at 21 Jan 2011 01:44:50 PM
my biggest issue with VF is lack of coverage. Whenever we leave the Canberra urban area, I enter a "no reception zone" while my daughter who is on Otus has full covergae. I lose coverage in Muurambateman, Yass, Young, Captains Flat, Braidwood, Gunning, etc etc. As I ride a motorbike, the lack of service is a real issue in the event of an emergency.

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13875 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Not at 21 Jan 2011 01:05:25 PM
If you're using an iPhone then look no further for your problems. Devices that try to do everything usually do none of them well and your voice, dropouts and other varied reception problems are directly attributable to that device.
21 Jan 2011 01:09:22 PM: Why does my iPhone work perfectly on another carrier then? (Exactly the same phone)

This is the kind of response you get from Vodafone staff <haha>
21 Jan 2011 01:15:31 PM: How do you know it's exaclty the same? I don't recall specifying which iPhone it was.
21 Jan 2011 01:34:43 PM: My own phone. I got my iPhone I used on the VF network (dropped calls, reception problems, Internet connection problems, late Voicemails, late SMS's) and used the SAME phone on another network and it worked perfectly...

How can you say it's the phone problem when it works perfectly on another carriers network?
21 Jan 2011 01:39:34 PM: Aren't you talking about ALL iPhones? Or are you saying one particular model only?
21 Jan 2011 01:41:41 PM: HAHA! Typical Vodafone response! It's not us! It's your phone! HAHA
21 Jan 2011 01:42:23 PM: iPhone 4 has well documented reception problems.
21 Jan 2011 01:43:44 PM: Also if you've already moved networks, what you are doing on here crying about it.
21 Jan 2011 01:45:27 PM: Simply disproving your point!
21 Jan 2011 01:47:41 PM: So you also fail as much as Vodafone because the iPhone4 does have issues.
21 Jan 2011 01:49:40 PM: I was having all these issues with an iPhone 3G
21 Jan 2011 01:50:16 PM: So you admit Vodafone are FAIL? <haha>
21 Jan 2011 01:57:07 PM: I don't care about Vodafone, I was merely pointing out that iPhone4's have problems and it doesn't matter which network you are on, if you don't fix the phones problems then you're coverage will be bad.
21 Jan 2011 01:58:07 PM: Note nothing to do with iPhone3G's or Vodafone in previous message. Perhaps if you could stick to topic you wouldn't look so stupid.
21 Jan 2011 07:27:05 PM: iPhone4 works perfectly on Telstra's NextG Network, it doesn't work on vodafails network as they do not have the capacity to cope with it (or just about any other smartphone).
21 Jan 2011 09:43:57 PM: No problems here with the iPhone4 on Telstra full coverage almost everywhere I go and super fast browsing. Get your facts in order before you start bagging a particular brand. A mate who has a nokia 6120 on vodafone has little to no coverage for 3G in the areas I have full on the iPhone.
25 Jan 2011 09:17:59 AM: In the original post it says "Devices that try to do everything usually do none of them well". Does this mean just the iPhone 4? Most smart phones "try to do everything". I don't think the poster knows what they're talking about. Must be a Vodafone employee.
25 Jan 2011 03:21:56 PM: to be fair I have plenty of problems with my iPhone 3G on the telstra network... I have a HTC Desire HD with vodaphone and as of this point I have no issues with service
27 Jan 2011 12:03:57 PM: Now that's a fair point! Appropriate, on-topic and not wild uninformed generalising... Fair point taken.

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13838 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is fatal fail in internet connection through mobile phone at 21 Jan 2011 12:15:33 PM
I have taken up vodafone contract recently and was given some data to use internet from my mobile but mostly the phone says internet connection unavailable or the connection drops out when i doing something and does'nt connect again for a while.I was with three earlier and did'nt have this kind of problems and now i regret my decision to come to Vodafone from Three.Is there a way that i can sort this out with vodafone ?
21 Jan 2011 02:41:08 PM: No. You're stuffed.

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13827 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Lack of consistant coverage at 21 Jan 2011 12:02:20 PM
I live just outside Canberra of a major highway and drive in and out every day and over the last 2 months the coverage has reduced and it now has major black spots. I know there is a prob with one of the transmittors but they do not listen.

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13750 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Customer fail at 21 Jan 2011 10:50:05 AM
21 Jan 2011 10:55:47 AM: two thumbs up
21 Jan 2011 11:08:28 AM: Three thumbs down.
21 Jan 2011 11:08:54 AM: Firstly telstra has cap plans that are pretty comparable to vodafones in regards to price. Secondly what your saying in regards to vodafone saying that they are cheaper but their service isn't as good is a load of rubbish. Vodafone has never stated that "you may not be able to use your phone due to complete lack of signal pretty much everywhere" before you sign up for a contract. Finally it's one thing to offer a lower standard of service for a lower cost but vodafones service is near non existent. It would be like going to a mechanic because they were slightly cheaper and then they give you your car back and all they had done is sit in the drivers seat. I doubt you would be sitting there going "herp derp but it was cheaper so it's all good" if that was the case. So basically get a real clue
21 Jan 2011 11:59:05 AM: You are quite wrong. VF is basically selling a product. To sell a product it must be by law "fit for purpose" and this is where VF fails. The service they are currently providing is not fit for the purposes that VF is advertising. As a result many people end up have a phone that has as much functionality as a paper-weight.
21 Jan 2011 12:35:00 PM: 1:08 - If Telstra is "pretty comparable" then why not go to them in the first place? and if you learnt to read I wasn't saying that Vodafone was saying they are cheap and therefore their service isn't good.
To state the there is no coverage at all is just plain stupid. If you look at the contract (oh that's right, you didn't) it makes no guarantees that you will have service 100% of the time.
Your mechanic example is just plain ridiculous. Since it's a car and my safety is on the line then I don't take it to the 'cheapest' nor would I accept someone not doing anything at all.

1:59 - It is fit for purpose. I am on 3 and use it on a daily basis but put up with the dropouts and sometimes poor connection because it's cheap.

If you'd bothered researching your consumer rights (oh that's too hard as well) then you would have been at the TIO and out of your contract long ago.

Easier to have a whinge, snivelling on a website, blaming everyone else rather than getting of your collectives and doing something about it.

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13735 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Payment issues at 21 Jan 2011 10:34:32 AM
Every couple of months I discover that my auto payment is cancelled by vodafone. I usually find out when I'm told I don't have credit for a call rather than any notification from Vodafone. In Dec 2010 I did get a text stating my account was overdue and when I rang to find out why they aren't debiting money for i each month, I discovered that it had not been paid for 3 months and I was in fact now liable for late payment fees. After liaising with a customer service rep & her manager in India, the overdue charges where dropped. However I find this constant failure on Vodafone part to keep their payment system operational tedious and an serious contemplating changing suppliers.

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13668 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Coverage at 21 Jan 2011 09:55:35 AM
Having been on hold last night for 36 minutes before fianlly speaking with a tech and explaining my story, the tech said he would have to put me on hold for a little while to discuss with a supervisor. 10 more minutes later he returned and i ask simply for him to call me in the morning asd now my battery was about to die due to the length of the call. Now waiting again to get through 20 minutes in so far and no call back from the tech this morning as promised. No 3g coverage. Unable to view the web or send a picture txt. Phone is 3 weeks old. Whats the excuse this time vodafone.

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13630 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Not at 21 Jan 2011 09:33:45 AM
Venting your tough talkin spleen at the Customer service agent is pathetic in the extreme. They didn't build the network, they don't maintain the network, nor can they do anything to make the network better.

If you really want to make a difference, then you should all call the CEO's phone lines or head office switchboard instead.
21 Jan 2011 12:57:44 PM: I don't think any of these people are expecting the customer service agents to change the world, in fact, expecting anything of them is generous to say the least. Could it be that customers are merely yearning customer service representatives to just do what they're getting paid for?

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13615 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Not at 21 Jan 2011 09:25:59 AM
21 Jan 2011 09:42:18 AM: its not just cell burn causing issues. voda have to manage backhaul capacity, backend system capacity and uptime etc etc.
21 Jan 2011 09:51:26 AM: Regardless of the pricing - if a company sells you a phone with attached data usage this should be usable. The many comments here are pointing out that even trying to make or receive voice calls is problematic.

If a company purports to be a telecommunications carrier there is a reasonalb eexpection that the basic services should work clearly that is not the case.

Vodafone are totally in control of signing up additional users. They could put a maratorium on signing on new users say for 3 months until they improve things - however they do not.

They are compounding an already bad situation. Your suggestion that it is user externalisation of the problemm is laughable. To use an analogy if you bought a new $15,000 car versus say a $100,000 BMW - is there an expectation that the cheaper car has substandard breaks or steering. I think not - it functions as a basic car.
25 Jan 2011 03:32:26 PM: to be fair a $100 000 BMW would most likely have a upgraded brakes system.. maybe even ceramic brakes which have a better reaction time, to use that as an example is a bit ignorant.

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13501 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Big time! at 21 Jan 2011 08:41:29 AM
No reception at home.We have to walk up the street to make calls.

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13491 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is It depresses me! at 21 Jan 2011 08:37:51 AM

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13472 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is BIG EPIC Fail at 21 Jan 2011 08:32:05 AM
Black berry Storm - Never Get it with vodafone. Poor Coverage, Drop outs. Worst phone you can get.

Mobile broad band internet. i work in the parliamentary triangle in the heart of Canberra and the coverage with the internet is like you're in a regional town! Drops out every 5 minutes, have to disconnect and reconnect about 12 times a day! EPIC FAIL!

Get rid of vodafone. We're paying for a service they promised, which they cannot provide... Its more of a scam then anything else


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13460 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is not much coverage at 21 Jan 2011 08:27:39 AM
they don't have enough coverage in the area i need most... thats where i live and thats where i keep my phone most of the time, i have to always go to a corner to make a phone call. also last time they didn't even send me a bill. and the next month they said my bill is overdue as i didn't even pay it.

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13449 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Call Drop Outs at 21 Jan 2011 08:21:03 AM
Nearly every call drops out. I feel this is deliberatly done to make us pay extra connection fee's. it all adds up, plus it is extremely annoying.
also after coming out of train tunnels i have to restart my phone to get reception back. very frustrating. vodafone need to take a long hard look at themselves

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13448 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Loathsome at 21 Jan 2011 08:20:16 AM
NRMA Promo: 3 months free + 10% discount every month thereafter. So, I sign up 2 mobiles. Big mistake.

Absolutely shocking coverage.

Then, my first bill is $205!!!! What happened to the 3 months free?!!

Get on to customer service...no there was no such deal. Told him I have an email confirmation...got told I was lying!!!!!
22 Jan 2011 07:05:13 PM: Hey dude, I'm on that promo plan! But they told me it was 2 months free and 10% off every bill. So far they have only given me 1 month free I'm still waiting for the other month.

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13438 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Abhorrent at 21 Jan 2011 08:17:41 AM
Dropped calls, atrocious - mostly unusable 3G Mobile BroadBand, robotic voice on calls when they do get through. Some SMSs don't arrive till the next day.

I called Vodafail and after 45 minutes on the phone, I got told I can terminate my contract!

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13411 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 21 Jan 2011 08:07:10 AM
My wife and I live in Canberra, we are both on the Voda network, I get very bad 3G reception at work sometimes it works other times not, and even then sometimes I may be browsing the internet on 3G and i'll be sat in the same place and it will drop network altogether and then say searching for a network; if it does manage to get back on the network it may only be on edge. Further more My wife and I will be sat for example in a cafe and we will both be browsing the internet she will be on 3G and i maybe on edge or i maybe on 3G and her phone will say searching for a network; all just really random. This has been going on for around 3-4 months now.

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13382 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is megga fail at 21 Jan 2011 07:58:34 AM
I can not make calls, when I finally do my reception cuts out, Every time people call it gos to vooicemail without ringing, I called up to complain waited on hold for 50 mins till my phone cut out, called again got through to someone and they put me on silent hold for 40 mins, thats when I realised they had forgot about me finally got to talk to someone and they put my account on investigation for me, 3 days later got an sms from vodaphone telling me to call them I waited on hold for 40 mins, when the opperator picked up she told me the department that needed me was closed, but she would call me back the next day, she didnt call me back so I called back only waited 20mins, not to bad considering, and all it was about was telling me that they had started the investigation, 20 mins later I got another message telling me to call them, I so dont think so they can get stuffed!

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13380 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is MASSIVE FAIL at 21 Jan 2011 07:57:58 AM
I signed up for a 2 year contract for internet coverage to assist with my PhD and its just rubbish. It take about 15 minutes to warm up and then to load any page with a few images I can be waiting for up to 20/30 minutes. Forget youtube etc, that just wont open. My field is art history so I need to look up images - and I cant afford to get out of this useless contract. I am so ANGRY. What can I do??!

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13378 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Declining Fast at 21 Jan 2011 07:56:54 AM

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