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Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

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Adam Brimo

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7472 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Extreme Fail at 28 Dec 2010 06:37:24 PM
I dont know where to start!!! I have contacted Vodafone that many times I have lost count in this month alone. I have had continual problems with my phone from having no service to limited service whilst remaining in the same place. I have frequently been unable to call from my phone without having to switch it off, take the battery out and put in back in and wait for it to restart itself which takes anywhere from 1 min to 5 minutes all just to make a phone call even then more often then not after attempting to call I will hear those annoying three tones and " call failed" pops up on the screen. This is happening more and more. Again with service problem, trying to send text messages takes at least three attempts for it to go through and for those attempts that are unsuccessful I am given the alert "equipment failed" - thats an understatement!! and a further service complaint, as part of my contract I am entitled to 50MB of internet usage/downloads and for months this has been compromised and only working occasionally but as of the last three weeks I have completely lost internet access with a message appearing saying "A communication failure has occurred. The server may be busy, please try again later. If the problem persists please contact your service provider." - good luck with that!!! Not to mention the day i was doing the dishes and heard the artificial camera sound as though someone was taking a photo, being home alone i found this quite disturbing... my phone had started taking pictures all on its own and i was unable to stop it doing this, i couldn't turn the phone off so the only way to stop it was to take the battery out, in which case my husband was unable to contact me being that my mobile is my only phone in the house, i turned my phone back on some time later to find it was till doing the same thing... we have video footage of this on my husbands phone. all of the above has been extremely frustrating and having being into Vodafone shops to asks for assistance and yet not gotten anywhere with it has made it even more frustrating. I was told that they could not send it away because at the time that i had the phone in the Vodafone store they workers in there shouldn't "see" anything wrong with the phone. the second time i went in to the store to have my phone fixed they told me they couldn't offer me a "loan phone" as they didn't have any left therefore sending my phone away would have left me completely phoneless... not an option for me and considering i am still paying $79 a month (actually $88.98 includes phone insurance... fat lot of good it was getting insurance!!) i dont think it is fair to be still paying for something that is either sent away for two weeks or is not working.

But the straw that broke the camels back was 4 weeks ago when my father had a heart attack i was unable to use my phone, i had to travel interstate and was unable to contact my husband and immediate family on my travels. This only added to the upsetting circumstances. So on return home from visiting my ill father I rang Vodafone and requested to either end my contract or have my contract upgrade in attempt to get a phone that works, initially i was offered and 50% deduction on the early upgrade fee meaning that i would have to pay ~$150 to be able to upgrade my phone. i don't know about anybody else but there is no way i am going to pay MORE money to get a phone that works when I am already paying $88.98 a month for something that is not working... seriously. I was then put through to the manager of loyalty and i explained all of the above and he assured me that I have every reason to be upset with the service is have received and that he would enable me to be upgraded and that I would receive a new handset in 7-10 days and that this should fix the problems I have being having. Given that I made that phone call 0n 5th Dec 2010 and I had still not received my new phone on the 20th of Dec I started to get quite annoyed, however I did receive a phone call from Vodafone and told that if I paid my "overdue" bill then my upgrade could be started to be process... so yes nothing had been done for those two weeks obviously.

As for the supposed "overdue Bill" (that wasn't overdue) this had been paid 4-5 days prior but their system had not updated it. I explained that I was extremely disappointed that it had not been processed earlier and that I expected this to be done right there and then as I had already been quite patient and still had a phone with poor service and that wasn't working properly. He assured me that this would be attended to. I was then called a day or two later ringing to let me know that they had received the payment of my bill and that they could now process my upgrade.. obviously this still day not been done and for the third time in three phone calls I corrected my postal address with them. After all of this I came to the conclusion that I was obviously not a valued customer and I would ring and speak with the manager and let them know how disappointed I was and inform them that I wish to cancel my dealings with Vodafone... the reply I received when I told them this was "Well I find this very disappointing"..... they find it disappointing????? I have given Vodafone every chance to keep me as their customer and have been paying for something that has not worked according to its contract agreement. THAT is disappointing!!!!

But after speaking with the Loyalty manager i was told that there were too many calls in the line for the cancellations department for me to speak with them at the time and that she would make sure they called me back within 24-48 hours..... AND.... OF COURSE I still haven't heard from them six days later. I called them yesterday, that being three days after i was told i would hear from them by and informed that the cancellations department was closed and would be reopened on Wednesday that being tomorrow. Calling them tomorrow morning will be the first thing I do.

You know the reason I was with Vodafone was because I was told that they had the best customer service over and above other Telecompanies, let face it, it definitely wasn't because it has the best service network!

But of course when I signed up i was "Guaranteed" that the service will only get better.... I would have to DEFINITELY have to disagree!!! It has only gotten worse and given that Vodafone has proven me wrong in thinking that they had good customer service i am left believe that Vodafone as a company has absolutely nothing left to offer!!! Very Disappointed... Thank you for reading my novel titled "Pure Vodafail"