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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

How long are you waiting?

We have heard reports that the wait/callback times for Vodafone customer care range from 25 minutes (vodafone 'average') to over 2 hours. On this page just enter how long you have been waiting and when you called. The aim of this is to provide an independent estimate of the average time on hold.

On hold or callback?
When did it you call?
How long did you wait? hours minutes
Still waiting?

What's the hold up?

The following tables provide a rough estimate of the amount of time Vodafone customers have spent on hold. This data is compiled using submissions form the form above. Only days with at least two responses are included in the tables.

Waited On Hold

Date of callResponsesAverage waitShortest waitLongest waitStill waitingDescription
2011-12-3133030302Waited on hold
2011-12-2921515151Waited on hold
2011-12-2721515151Waited on hold
2011-12-21588.5571203Waited on hold
2011-12-20371.67301200Waited on hold
2011-12-0822525251Waited on hold
2011-12-0753434342Waited on hold
2011-12-06541.6730602Waited on hold
2011-12-0534535551Waited on hold
2011-12-02247.535600Waited on hold
2011-11-2123030301Waited on hold
2011-11-15237.530450Waited on hold
2011-11-0831112Waited on hold
2011-10-2653737374Waited on hold
2011-10-2553737374Waited on hold
2011-10-2224545450Waited on hold
2011-10-2033030302Waited on hold
2011-10-1923030301Waited on hold
2011-10-1846060602Waited on hold
2011-10-1736363632Waited on hold
2011-10-15518.514281Waited on hold
2011-10-14563.67261202Waited on hold
2011-10-0322525251Waited on hold
2011-09-1634645471Waited on hold
2011-09-0621111Waited on hold
2011-09-0421111Waited on hold
2011-08-2422220Waited on hold
2011-08-0933434341Waited on hold
2011-07-3021201201201Waited on hold
2011-07-27311.6710150Waited on hold
2011-07-2122221Waited on hold
2011-07-1924949491Waited on hold
2011-07-1831010102Waited on hold
2011-07-1323535351Waited on hold
2011-07-05311.675150Waited on hold
2011-06-0726161611Waited on hold
2011-06-062231450Waited on hold
2011-06-0324545451Waited on hold
2011-06-01515.331302Waited on hold
2011-05-1633803803802Waited on hold
2011-05-1234.5271Waited on hold
2011-05-0924510800Waited on hold
2011-05-062194.5823070Waited on hold
2011-05-02372301141Waited on hold
2011-04-3021919191Waited on hold
2011-04-2862225Waited on hold
2011-04-27774.8338961Waited on hold
2011-04-2674326605Waited on hold
2011-04-251259.33251033Waited on hold
2011-04-24113015459Waited on hold
2011-04-228101.86471631Waited on hold
2011-04-1922423250Waited on hold
2011-04-1823530400Waited on hold
2011-04-133260603600Waited on hold
2011-04-0426060601Waited on hold
2011-04-018108.75403004Waited on hold
2011-03-3039009009002Waited on hold
2011-03-292348600Waited on hold
2011-03-2632525252Waited on hold
2011-03-2530002Waited on hold
2011-03-1423030301Waited on hold
2011-02-1826060601Waited on hold
2011-02-16534.2510501Waited on hold
2011-02-1543322401Waited on hold
2011-02-14447.510852Waited on hold
2011-02-1252727274Waited on hold
2011-02-111228.335603Waited on hold
2011-02-0964040405Waited on hold
2011-02-08646.635601Waited on hold
2011-02-07848.3325755Waited on hold
2011-02-0521111Waited on hold
2011-02-0435045600Waited on hold
2011-02-035144.671191652Waited on hold
2011-02-021359.17201807Waited on hold
2011-02-01123915605Waited on hold
2011-01-311883.71829011Waited on hold
2011-01-30493.6702401Waited on hold
2011-01-281844.0801805Waited on hold
2011-01-2713148.1803002Waited on hold
2011-01-2628080801Waited on hold
2011-01-251848.3321959Waited on hold
2011-01-2432861030114Waited on hold
2011-01-231887.101908Waited on hold
2011-01-2283315604Waited on hold
2011-01-214335.42018012Waited on hold
2011-01-202745.19212011Waited on hold
2011-01-191795.5234519Waited on hold
2011-01-18146638909Waited on hold
2011-01-171841.5421055Waited on hold
2011-01-161041.6735507Waited on hold
2011-01-151258.222827Waited on hold
2011-01-143453.551014012Waited on hold
2011-01-1343911554021Waited on hold
2011-01-124482.31545018Waited on hold
2011-01-115152.12012825Waited on hold
2011-01-106456.84013332Waited on hold
2011-01-094255.24016017Waited on hold
2011-01-082580.11253007Waited on hold
2011-01-077166.341027021Waited on hold
2011-01-068961.592024035Waited on hold
2011-01-059955.8051040Waited on hold
2011-01-0411458.74042042Waited on hold
2011-01-034951.3018216Waited on hold
2011-01-023479.5019518Waited on hold
2011-01-01757.8301201Waited on hold
2010-12-319113.86423002Waited on hold
2010-12-302483.35202497Waited on hold
2010-12-291489.56301355Waited on hold
2010-12-27685.5501522Waited on hold
2010-12-24955.540705Waited on hold
2010-12-231268.29301355Waited on hold
2010-12-221089.25321656Waited on hold
2010-12-21788.5192403Waited on hold
2010-12-201284.67461206Waited on hold
2010-12-19384.33551080Waited on hold
2010-12-17889401675Waited on hold
2010-12-16488.67461501Waited on hold
2010-12-1534040402Waited on hold
2010-12-1475001202Waited on hold
2010-12-1341501501503Waited on hold
2010-12-1055450601Waited on hold
2010-12-053135.671071500Waited on hold
2010-12-0328383831Waited on hold
2010-12-0222525251Waited on hold
2010-12-0124545451Waited on hold
2010-11-3043535353Waited on hold
2010-11-2825656561Waited on hold
2010-11-26346.545481Waited on hold
2010-11-1924646461Waited on hold
2010-11-1726545850Waited on hold
2010-11-1147065752Waited on hold
2010-11-10372.67241490Waited on hold
2010-11-0425856600Waited on hold
2010-11-03361.67281050Waited on hold
2010-10-1427070700Waited on hold
2010-10-1321313131Waited on hold
2010-09-0320001Waited on hold
2010-03-2324080Waited on hold
2009-05-1920001Waited on hold
2009-02-159400071Waited on hold
2008-12-151132.506089Waited on hold
2008-10-16322.515301Waited on hold
2008-08-2136060602Waited on hold
2008-07-0323535351Waited on hold
2008-04-2460005Waited on hold
2008-03-0648.751300Waited on hold
2008-02-2722424241Waited on hold
2008-02-155503.110150385Waited on hold
2008-01-24212.50250Waited on hold
2008-01-2170006Waited on hold
2008-01-08340120Waited on hold
* all times are in minutes.

Used Callback Option

Date of callResponsesAverage callbackShortest callbackLongest callbackStill waitingDescription
2011-12-282450608400Used callback option
2011-12-1323030300Used callback option
2011-11-07227.55500Used callback option
2011-04-2735520901Used callback option
2011-02-04215.515160Used callback option
2011-01-286193354Used callback option
2011-01-2536662Used callback option
2011-01-2452520303Used callback option
2011-01-2372510405Used callback option
2011-01-20435.55662Used callback option
2011-01-1823020400Used callback option
2011-01-17232.518470Used callback option
2011-01-1525001000Used callback option
2011-01-13109502357Used callback option
2011-01-125133.51171503Used callback option
2011-01-1176565655Used callback option
2011-01-1015963012010Used callback option
2011-01-09563.7530901Used callback option
2011-01-086171.67852403Used callback option
2011-01-0743535353Used callback option
2011-01-062077.61518015Used callback option
2011-01-0513102.5901209Used callback option
2011-01-042490.822424013Used callback option
2011-01-03682.5202402Used callback option
2011-01-0243015452Used callback option
2011-01-01385201501Used callback option
2010-12-3062801804203Used callback option
2010-12-2941501201801Used callback option
2010-12-2842102102102Used callback option
2010-12-1622102102101Used callback option
2010-12-152352.52554500Used callback option
2008-02-1511000087Used callback option
* all times are in minutes.