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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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Vodafail.com is no longer accepting complaints.
Over the past 6 months traffic to Vodafail has declined significantly. Therefore we have closed off Vodafail to new complaints. We think you will find more joy in posting on any one of these fine product / brand review sites.

You can also post directly on the Vodafone community forums.

Other People's Pain

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21197 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Please read at 26 Mar 2012 01:45:17 AM
I have been going through this site for the last 1 and a half years. I can totally empathize with the sentiments that most of you share. Quite a lot of it is against the customer care overseas. This is a part of cutting costs which companies world wide are doing, specially where it requires providing a service.
I can only say this:-
Whenever you are dealing with 3 or vodafone or any other mobile service provoders, just before you end the conversation, ensure you have summarised every thing. After that, ask the rep to send you the copy of all communication (Via email or post) and ensure they give you a reference number. That way you can always have something in writing. Plus this is a right that the TIO has provided to the customer.
If anyone says that they dont have that facility, tell them they are wrong and they can look up in the TIO website.
If they say they dont have access to internet, tell them its a lie because everyone out there has been provided the access to some basic sites like www.tio.com.au, www.vodafone.com.au, www.three.com.au

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21158 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Epic at 20 Mar 2012 03:09:57 AM
Fallen out with my best mate because he was ignoring me. Oh wait a minute no he wasn't just vodashite sent me his message 4 days after he left it. Just aswell it wasn't my dad telling me he's off to hospital hey.

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21110 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is 30 SECOND GUARANTEE NETWORK BROKEN BEFORE YOU USE IT. at 13 Mar 2012 03:17:01 PM
13 Mar 2012 03:39:24 PM: Whirlpool are notorious for having moderators delete anti-vodafone and anti-regulation posts.

Be careful what you read on there, even through they left many comments against Vodafone they have deleted many more, and even banned users who comment on vodafone.

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21102 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is ORGANISED CRIME ALL OVER THE WORLD at 12 Mar 2012 04:20:55 PM

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21089 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Gravely at Fault at 10 Mar 2012 06:25:51 PM
December 2011 to connect to the net and have had several serious problems of summary, unexplained and unapologetic terminations of service. To my relief eventually my local agent Prakash who manages Rakshikta Ent.in Gokarna where I live every year for 4 months solved my problem by giving me a new sim card with the same amount of credit. He said Vodafone had been negligent in processing the required and submitted documentaion.I owed waht was left of my Indian Vodafone net connection to him. But Vodafone SUCKS BIGTIME it seems not just in India but many places.

Dr <<NAME REMOVED>> , now of Kathmandu,Nepal

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21075 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 10 Mar 2012 06:23:59 AM

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21058 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Astounding at 8 Mar 2012 10:04:55 PM
I upgraded my handset a couple of days before travelling abroad.
Vodafone appear to have decided to apply an international roaming bar.
They insist I have to phone them to resolve it, but my phone is barred, the call centre is not 24/7, is on a premium rate number, and I have not been able to find opportunity to call them at their convenience.

My favourite, was a message from one of their operators that advised they had tried to call me but were unable to get through.

What did they think was going to happen?

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20989 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is heaps fail at 29 Feb 2012 05:08:15 PM
They're telling me to access bills online, but I just cancelled my service and can't access the account. How can they not see this?

They told me that the reason they can't provide online account cancellation is
"With relation to cancelling your Account Online, as this is an Account Request we do not offer the option for Customers to cancel their accounts online. This is due to the fact that there could be Fee's applicable to be paid."

Account cancellation has no impact on their ability to issue the final bill payment. Intern0de provide an excellent online account cancellation, so why can't VF?

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20984 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is heaps fail at 29 Feb 2012 08:35:44 AM
Me:Please cancel service immediately.
6 days later...Service has been cancelled.
VF:You are now in a new billing month, please pay extra $45 pre-rental and $31 data overuse (as our records show that your account record no longer shows bonus data) - you need to prove to us that you ever did have the bonus data. However you no longer have a login to access any of the bills which are stored online.

What to do?
1 Mar 2012 05:57:01 AM: start the kill1ng
1 Mar 2012 12:48:24 PM: Email#13 VF have now offered to cancel the $31 data overuse because they are having just as much trouble contacting the store (on that fashionable melbourne strip) They have offered to raise a complaint about the store too!
I'm still peeved about having to still pay pre-rental, as account cancelation took 6 days. Not as bad as temp paying 3 $400 two christmas ago despite their promise that it was an error on my $19 plan. I'm taking my low end business elsewhere :)
2 Mar 2012 12:18:39 AM: Virgin mobile have the best plans out of all of them!

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20983 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is very at 29 Feb 2012 04:30:30 AM
can't cancel call barring on a Samsung f480
29 Feb 2012 09:17:58 AM: thats a problem with your device, what does that have to do with vodafone?

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20936 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is 100% at 22 Feb 2012 09:28:41 PM
No 3G internet blackberry services for greater than 24hrs!! When youre paying for it, you expect the service. I note all calls to their 198 'problem/complaints' line were barred today and no one could get through. Not good enough VODAFONE INDIA!

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20903 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Rediculous at 19 Feb 2012 03:55:54 PM
Vodafone India- Pune as multiple network issues. I have written to almost everyone (Including Vodafone India CEO) and called alomost everyone but no help. I have also created a Vodafone Network facebook page to help people highlight their Vodafone India issues:

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20866 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is epic at 14 Feb 2012 09:52:44 PM
Non-existent signal, people in the local vodafone store don't have a clue what there doing or any of there deal, services

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20865 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is DO NOT GO ON A CONTRACT WITH VODAFONE OF ANY KIND at 14 Feb 2012 05:55:49 PM
I beleive it has got to the stage where no one should go on a contract with Vodafone for anything.

It is obvious that Vodafone have no intention of honouring any contractual obligations.

I have read the horror stories of people thinking that they have cancelled their contract,or it has finished, with Vodafone, only to find out they have not,by way of finding a bad credit report for not paying for something
a You did not use
b You did not Authorise Vodafone to sign you up.
c Vodafone are incapable of any minimal credit and accounting standard.
d Vodafone have no minimal record keeping standard.
e Vodafone eliberately designs to fraudulantly scalp your money.
f Vodafone ex-customers has no redress,due to no records.

There was an old saying in the public service many years ago:

If you can magically create an electronic file,you can magically make one go away as well.
I say,
Legislatively,bring back paper contracts which you sign with a pen,and retain a copy.


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20775 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Multiple sms received and sent at 4 Feb 2012 04:41:25 PM
I am receiving multiple sms from a phone in Australia using vodafone. How do I stop it? I have tried restarting the phone, taking out the sim card to no avail.

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20747 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is No complaints. Insurance RIP OFF at 31 Jan 2012 10:26:09 PM

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20733 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is extreme at 30 Jan 2012 04:28:11 PM

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20727 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Ultra Fail, can not fix internal issue! at 30 Jan 2012 01:25:53 AM
Wellcome to my Communications hell

Every 2-60 mins (usually random or when moving from one postcode to another) I recieve a network message from '50' to temm me what area code I'm in. In just over a Month I have over 1000 messages.

The messages produce a system message that I HAVE to either save or discard. It will interupt everythins, games movies music. Everything and anything I am doing has to stop when I get a message to I can save or discard the message.

I first contacted Vodafone a month ago (last year!!!!) to get help with the problem, and some woman (with a complete lach of technical knoweledge) explained to me that she will bar all TXT messages that are marketing and not from Vodafone.
Two days later I'm still getting the messages so I call back and try to complain. I was told a manger will call me back. To this day I have NEVER spoken to a manager anywhere in Vodafone.
I called again today (the messages keep comming) and NOW for the first time i have been put through to technical support. AND guess what, Still getting stupid messages telling me what Area Code Im in.

Ive been a Voda customer for 10 Years and I have a great deal, But when it finishes, I will happily pay more for better customer services and UK CALL CENTERS!!!!!!!!

31 Jan 2012 06:46:01 AM: I think the OP may be from the UK, perhaps the call centres for Vodafone UK are based in Egypt. Vodafail "Australia" has its call centres in India.
6 Feb 2012 09:38:14 PM: that sounds like Cell Broadcast to me.
Assuming you have a HTC handset... Settings > Call > Cell Broadcast - Untick it.

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20704 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 25 Jan 2012 07:48:11 PM
I don't know why vodaphone called to inform me that they are undertaking maintenence in my area, but was later informed that i have been disconected for non payment of bill. I paid my last bill on 16/ 12/ 2011 so how can my line be disconnected on 10/01/2012 for not paying my bills

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20697 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Massive Vodafone con. at 25 Jan 2012 05:33:11 AM
25 Jan 2012 01:08:18 PM: Thats what they want returned handsets for

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20631 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Mobile broadband at 17 Jan 2012 05:10:51 PM
I received an email today from Vodafail stating that the time I had to recharge my prepaid mobile broadband has now been changed from 395 days to 90 days now. And that the 90 days from which I haven't recharged will be in 10 days time. The mobile broadband was purchased when I was living in Darwin and was virtually useless there but I figured that it would work when I eventually went back home to Melbourne. I am in England at the moment and have been here for 3 months hence why it hasn't been recharged for nearly 90 days now. I won't be back in Australia (Melbourne) until the 2nd of Feb so there's no point in getting it recharged until then but now Vodafail are telling me that the mobile broadband will be cancelled if not recharged in 10 days time. I just don't see how they can change the rules on the service, reduce the amount of time between recharges by 300 days and then give me 10 days notice.

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20581 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is no service at 12 Jan 2012 11:05:28 AM
WHAT A TRAIN WRECK...... Selected network(vodafone NZ) unavailable
How on gods earth are we suppose to do business????

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20481 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is about to get into another privacy mess at 28 Dec 2011 11:50:24 PM
People at Vodafone (in India, anyway) apparently have a habit of sending data files to each other through email. Even worse, they don't do a very good job of checking the addresses. Worse yet, they don't respond when someone points out the wrong addresses. And as you all know, Vodafone insulates themselves from customer feedback, so there appears to be no way to directly contact their IT security department. The result? I've been getting hundreds of megabytes of Vodafone sales and customer data in my inbox, and it keeps on coming. Vodafone corporate security really need to find these guys (Amit Vijetra and the SHRN branch office) before the media or regulatory bodies or hackers or competitors make use of this data trove.

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20386 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is total fail at 21 Dec 2011 04:00:16 PM
21 Dec 2011 04:32:13 PM: Ouch!!! That certainly was a painful experience and one that gets the blood pressure to rise!

However you have had the result you wanted and VF have lost yet another customer of over 7 years, at this rate the churn will be just newbies with no loyal customers left!

Please ensure you have cancelled your direct debit with VF, even though you have cancelled the contract the bills still have a habit of a monthly appearance, it is wise to check your bank account on the day that the VF bill would normally be withdrawn.

Finally thanks for sharing the experience and as far as your Lesson is concerned............agree entirely!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
21 Dec 2011 06:32:44 PM: thanks will do.

Wanted to share with everyone what happened and hope they can use the letter as a draft if need be.

As for losing customer, last quarter they lost over 200,000...yep that's right.
21 Dec 2011 06:38:59 PM: Wow, 200000!!!!

A significant loss of customer base and also revenue!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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20370 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Worst MMS Service at 19 Dec 2011 08:34:37 PM
I can't download the picture sent through mms, not even I can view it on my mobile phone. Vodafone provide very poor service in India.

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20323 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is they have decreased the free mb browsing by quarter . at 15 Dec 2011 12:18:04 AM
internet pack plans are changed for worst. they have rreduced the free mb to quarter which is ugly .they are sure to lose their customers within 10 days i bet on it.

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20289 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is 250 out of 10 at 10 Dec 2011 05:47:42 PM
a mess which means altghough i am time poor i have to wait for ever to speak with someone who struggles , with english, with reason, with vodafhail products, peobably moonlight for some ambo service.

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20140 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is sms at 30 Nov 2011 03:49:41 AM
y have a problem with sms..last month y fiind 85sms sended at 7448 i don t send this sms

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20111 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is more than what you think at 26 Nov 2011 06:58:05 PM

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19992 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Call Log caller photo issue at 14 Nov 2011 05:55:27 PM
When i look at the Call Log for Missed call, It doesn't pickup the correct caller Photo. Please check and let me know.

I am from Chennai, India. I got vodafone 555 blue phone 2 Days before(Saturday 12 Nov 2011). Today is 14 Nov 2011.

Please check and let me know and call me on my mobile number <<PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED>>
14 Nov 2011 06:28:26 PM: This website is a consumer website for Australian Vodafone customers, it is not the official Vodafone website either in Australia or India.

Suggest you make your complaint to the official website in India.

I have also removed your telephone number for privacy reasons.

Good luck trying to get your issues resolved.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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19958 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is bill at 11 Nov 2011 01:17:37 AM
I am unsure if Vodafone are over charging me
11 Nov 2011 10:06:46 AM: It can be fairly complicated to work out sometimes but go through your itemised monthly bill and see if it all makes sense. If it doesn't them call them up and ask them to explain the parts that don't. If you are certain you've been overcharged then you can follow the instructions on the 'how to complain' page to lodge a complaint.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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19943 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Poor service at 9 Nov 2011 10:50:03 PM
I have buy new sim from vodafone and paid security Rs. 250/-, all enquireis have cleared but my sim not activated since till. i request you that please cancel the my sim and return mu security.

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19798 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is AN ODE TO VODAFONE at 26 Oct 2011 09:25:07 AM
26 Oct 2011 06:55:51 PM: Awesome !!!

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19797 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is fail at 26 Oct 2011 01:36:36 AM
this is stupid im stuck with no mobile phone

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19796 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Power to you? at 26 Oct 2011 12:58:56 AM
Change the website slogan to Vodafone's, but with a question mark at the end (and maybe some italics)

Vodafone - Power to you?

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19783 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 25 Oct 2011 01:02:08 AM
To vodafone, how can you possible sell a product to the customers without first checking that it is suitable for the consumers use e.g the mobile c3-00 is an appaling apparatus it is very difficult to get anything working on it and your customer service is not very helpful, yet your all for us paying on time. All the promises made this phone as not deliver I really regret having purchase this rejected product now I am stuck with it till such time.

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19668 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is 100% useless!!!!!!!! at 13 Oct 2011 05:07:06 AM

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19624 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Taking my credit for top up without asking me first. at 9 Oct 2011 09:03:40 PM
I bought a £20 Topup yesterday and found that for the first time that Vodafone has already taken £20 off my credit for top up for 300 minutes talk time and 3000 sms without asking me first. As I am deaf I don't need talk time. As in the pass I usually topped up just £10 in and that includes 300 sms and 100 minutes talk time which expired in 30 days, which is sufficient for me as I never finished it off! Is there any way that I can claim a refund?


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19601 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is slow green light on dongle here in gateley norfolk nr205eh uk at 7 Oct 2011 06:48:47 AM
no use for video on u tube and slow on other things no 3g on voda here thats only on 02 which works for radio caroline inter net with no breaks but more money to use

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19587 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is all-in contract w/ poor bit rate at 5 Oct 2011 06:42:33 PM
5 Oct 2011 10:58:12 PM: Always read the fine print... especially on phone contracts... and especially at a shop. Paraphrasing Paul Keating... "if you don't understand it don't sign it" :-)
6 Oct 2011 05:33:39 PM: people need phones mate... if they don't sign, they don't communicate.

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19572 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is over charged at 4 Oct 2011 03:03:41 AM
i sent a letter terminating my 2nd line on my accountin feb 2010 they stopped sending paper statements and i just found out in july 2011 after querying my bill i dont go onto my online account as i can see what i pay on my bank statement. a woman from vodafone said it wasnt cancelled but would cancel it now but will only refund 3 months of payments i am getting no where with customer service and cant get to speak to anyone higher than a team leader. i have told them i am terminating both my account and my wifes bit i am not paying the termination fee they are just not interested
4 Oct 2011 01:56:53 PM: if you dont check your bank statement in over 12 months you cant complain its your fault not VF

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19571 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Extremely at 3 Oct 2011 11:22:33 PM
I had to pay a deposit of Rs 20,000 for International roaming. When I got back, I asked for a refund, which took 3 months to arrive. On presenting the cheque, it bounced and entailed 2 frustrating visits to the over-crowded Vodafone store to be told it was a "technical error".

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19568 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is They're highway robbers! at 3 Oct 2011 09:36:00 PM
I am British, living in Spain and had been a loay customer of Vodafone for over 12 years. In 2009, before I went to spend 3 weeks in Malta, I phoned their Customer Service Dept to enquire about the cost of raoming for use of the internet, e-mails etc, for the time in Malta. The staff were poorly trained and couldn't answer my enquiry - I had to call them 3 times and ask for a supervisor before they eventually informed me that the cost would be increased form the usual 12 Euros per month package cost, to 60 Euros per month or part. Off I went to Malta from the 29th Oct returning on the 19th Nov. I expected to be charged for 2 months @ 60 Euros each, therefor 120 Euros. When my next bill arrived, they had charged me 647 Euros, yes that's 547 Euros for just the e-mails / internet - the calls were extra. I phoned several times to complain and was told they would look into the matter...but instead, I received a further bill for another 352 Euros!! Its about time some kind of regulation was brought in for mobile phone companies - they think they are a law unto themselves! Clearly they coudn't care less about their image and reputation. I have snce moved my contract to Orange who seem to be a much more efficiently run company. Terry (PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVE) 3rd October 2011
3 Oct 2011 09:42:10 PM: Thanks for dropping by from Spain! I've removed your last name for privacy reasons but hopefully Vodafone over there takes notice of what's been happening to Vodafone's brand in Australia due to their network quality and customer service.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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19511 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Network coverage NZ at 23 Sep 2011 09:26:00 AM
The network coverage in NZ has gone from bad to terrible with the RWC - I don't think Vodafone can cope with the additional traffic. It is all sweet on all the special deals and stuff, but when it comes to where it really matters, like getting a signal, Vodafone fails. Travelling in Auckland (and even stationary at the office or at home where the signal was always quite good) I often get the 'no service' message. My wife is thinking I am starting an affair, because "you're phone is switched off so often".

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19496 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Very at 22 Sep 2011 07:10:13 AM
20 Jan 2012 01:33:09 AM: you are best speaking to blackberry about that if it ever occurs again. bbm is not a vodafone service but a blackberry one :D

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19471 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is SHGKHASDFDSG at 19 Sep 2011 01:59:22 PM
I just got a text message from vodafone saying that i owe them $496 0_0 , i rang customer service and they said they needed my security code and i don't know it, so they said they need to talk to my dad about it and if i tell my dad that i apparently owe them that much money he will kill me.

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19463 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Piss poor data connectivity at 18 Sep 2011 07:56:10 AM
Greetings from the UK. You will be unsurprised to know that vodafone as just as useless here in the UK.

Been battling with shit data coverage for the most part of my 18 month contract. The problem is much more pronounced in built up areas i.e. the square city and Canary Wharf. Typical problem is full bars, mixture of 3G or HDSPA connection but no data flow. At my desk in the city....lucky if I get a connection 5 / 6 times a day.

Never once made it past the morons on customer service desk. Usual drill is power down phone, remove SIM etc. They also have this bullshit trick of asking you to connect to another network. They then conclude it's a handset problem and bump you. I might record one of the conversations just so you can get a flavour of how clueless these muppets are.

Had the problem on both an unbranded HTC Desire and an unbranded Samsung Galaxy S2. I've used speedtest.net android application to document and prove the point (of course customer service not interested one bit). I got SIMs from all five big providers and ran the tests. O2 cames out tops. Vodafone didn't even work half the time so utterly useless.

Contract up on 13th Oct. Can't wait. Will move to either O2 or 3 network.

Only way this will ever really get sorted is if enough people start leaving. I'm at the front of the queue.
18 Sep 2011 09:36:10 PM: 375,000 have left Vodaphone here...how many do you think will make them stand up and take notice
19 Sep 2011 01:43:38 AM: it would take a lot more for them to stand up and take notice, they continue to aggressively market themselves to gain new customers with very attractive plans, tie them into two year contracts. It's contracts that keep companies like Vodafone in business. If government had any brains and actually REPRESENTED the people, it would make mobile phone contracts illegal instead of treating the general public like complete morons making them to lodge a complaint with the T.I.O. in order to be let out of their contracts. If the mobile phone company was providing a decent quality service at a decent price, there would be no need for contracts, people would stay willingly.
19 Sep 2011 09:35:18 AM: LIKE LIKE LIKE the above comment
3 Oct 2011 04:48:46 PM: If you don't want a contract, then buy your phone outright. Simple

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19452 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is damned to hell at 16 Sep 2011 05:17:06 PM
doesn't accept my number to recharge online... been doing the same for the past 1 year though... suddenly asks me for a *valid mobile number*

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19440 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is 2 on a 5 pt scale at 16 Sep 2011 12:05:06 AM
I recently took up 3G and my bill went from Rs 9oo or so to 323o, a tiny bit out of limit. One sms and a few hours later, they just barred outgoing calls. No warm fuzzy caring calls or anything. Online payment didn't work. After 10 yrs of being a customer and never defaulting on a bill. at least they could have warned me about the time I had to pay the bill!

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19415 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Fucking shit. at 12 Sep 2011 04:23:32 AM
Vodafone in India changed it's message offer. This is screwing me up so badly.

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19409 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is worst kind of fail at 10 Sep 2011 05:21:06 PM
I've requested for cancellation of my number multiple times but they have not and are billing me continuously. Now they are requesting for payment for the connection even though I have not used it

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19408 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Vodafone is a USELESS Internet "service" provider at 10 Sep 2011 04:58:48 PM
At the start of August 2011, Vodafone NZ screwed up their outgoing email server. About 80% of emails were simply being bounced without any attempt at being sent by their server with an error message because it thought they were spam. After a week and a half someone finally deigned to "fix" the problem. Apparently the fools had set the spam filter too high and the server was simply rejecting messages.

The following week international access to websites was broken, with website requests were taking three minutes or more to be acknowledged and start loading. Yet another week and a half before anyone at Vodafone bothered to look into it and fix it.

Then the outgoing email server screwed up again and bounced most emails as spam. After another week of "looking into it" this problem has SUPPOSEDLY now been "fixed" ... but instead of bouncing emails with an error message, the outgoing emails are now simply being deleted and never arrive at their recipient!

You try to post messages on their forum letting them know there are problems, and your messages are either deleted, hidden or you're told this isn't the right place ... and even worse, my account with the forum has been completely blocked!!

They don't have any ability whatsoever to actually run an ISP and have absolutely no idea what "customer service" is.

Vodafone is the BIGGEST joke of an Internet provider in New Zealand!!

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19340 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is fail beyond salvation at 2 Sep 2011 01:31:01 AM
Being a (former) customer service rep for vodafail , i apologise for instances when was unable to help customers, human beings like me who had families and trying to make ends meet... My hands were tied. Add to that the frustration of being forced to do intermittent 6-day week or an extra hour of overtime (@$3AUD/hr) at extremely short notice.

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19183 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is pretty bad at 18 Aug 2011 02:24:21 PM
All my SMS are coming through delayed by a day or more.

I am overseas, on roaming -- which I thought would be good as I am not having to rely on the patchy vodafone network in Sydney... where I get one bar and signal dropouts only a couple of kilometres from Paramatta.

It's not the fault of the roaming now, my colleague back in Sydney is getting the delays too...

Let's riot in Vodafone offices ( ... that's a joke, cops)

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19170 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is shit at 16 Aug 2011 08:43:32 PM
well my screen on my phone has broken inside + i cant see the screen because iti si all white
16 Aug 2011 08:51:33 PM: Is that more likely to be the manufacture's fault? (assuming you didn't damage it yourself) - if you didn't, go back to the store you bought it from, or if you bought it online, then call customer care to arrange repairs.

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19153 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is gets worse everyday at 15 Aug 2011 04:28:29 PM
I can't send any txt messeges at all and i have a lot of credit. when the messege doesnt send i still get credit taken away from me. What is this????? I expect to get my credit back or free txts or something because voda is just going down the drain to me. ive been with them for 5 years and nothing like this ever happened to me exept on easter 2011.

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19113 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is THE WORST!!! at 11 Aug 2011 02:33:50 AM
They are criminals, who make up bills when you have already paid and then disconnect you. You then have to pay them their ransom money to be reconnected. The worst thing I ever did was to take out a contract with these CRIMINALS!!!

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18999 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Fully at 1 Aug 2011 12:12:33 AM
I recieve unwanted messages from online services inpite of my keypad being locked.Because of this approx 10-15 ruppees of my balance cut of by itself as my cell is touch screen.

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18998 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 31 Jul 2011 11:40:46 PM
Dear Sir/Maam,
My vodafone isnt acting. My outgoing facility has been dead. I cannot send any messages or Call. Niether can I get the balance information. Whenever I call, the link goes blank, and whenever I try and send any message, it tells me to resend it. Im really sick of vodafone. Please change the quality of your service.

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18841 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is 112 (911 for europe) failed at 20 Jul 2011 07:01:10 PM
Tried to call 112 (europe's equivalent of 911) and it didn't work. Tried 3 times before another person (incredibly hot chick I might add) used her phone to call it in (some guy's trailer full highly flammable gases was on fire). I called Vodafail and their customer support didn't even apologize, curious if they'll follow up with it.

How embarrassing.

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18746 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is such a joke at 16 Jul 2011 05:39:46 PM
I've signed up with vodafone thinking they are an international network, which should facilitate good use of the phone when travelling abroad... what a mistake: even in countries in which there is vodafone, there is no roaming provided for prepaid... why?!
Also, when trying to access my voicemail from another phone, I get "the system is experiencing some difficulties, please try later"... but that's been now the story for a few days!
What can I say, very helpful... I'm switching to another services as soon as I get back!
19 Jul 2011 02:03:38 AM: dont be an idiot. australia has no "international" carriers. roaming is roaming no matter where you go or who you are with. telstra/optus will charge you for roaming the same as vodafone will. yes, VF prepaid roams

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18720 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Bad at 13 Jul 2011 05:38:10 PM
No longer in a mess because I am now in Norway. I was Three (Vodafail) customer and wandered why my phone would drop 80% of the calls. Thought I had a lemon HTC Legend. Three techs implied that was the case. I am now using Telenor, a Norwegian carrier, and the problem vanished! Phone problem. Not. Carrier problem - Yes. Took an international move to prove it.

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18681 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is very bad at 11 Jul 2011 05:22:46 AM
I am spending a month in italy. I bought 2 vodafone sim cards one for internet and one prepaied for my phone. on the first day, everything was working well but on the second day, I cant send any sms from my phone even tho I can make and recive phone calls. Every time I send an sms it sais to me that the traffic is insufficient. For my internet sim I really got screwed because they told me that it would work everywhere and I found out that there is next to no network in the city I'm in and I always get the same message that the traffic is insufficient. I am interested in joining the class action suit and I hope it will put those liars out of buisness. I am not looking for any financial compensation.

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18603 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is very bad network at 2 Jul 2011 06:19:17 AM
the network shuts down all of a sudden and will come back after 8hours approx. this is happening once in a month

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18565 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Pants in Aussie at 29 Jun 2011 05:50:10 PM
I am with Vodafone in the UK and so is my elderly mother. Her sister (my aunt) lives in Australia and we communitcate daily via text. My aunt is also with Vodafone. For a couple of months now we are getting her texts, but she hasn't been receiving ours or worse still gets about a weeks worth in an hour! It is so frustrating! Neither my mother or aunt is in particularly good health and cannot afford to keep calling every day and so texts were a life line.

You have let them down Vodafone...........

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18435 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Extremely at 18 Jun 2011 04:49:04 AM
Vodafone Internet is so slow in Ireland, all the time! Once it turned off completely for 2 weeks, when contacting them each different member of staff would tell a different lie, do they think were stupid? They need to be boycotted, I hope they see this site!

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18415 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Very Very badly at 16 Jun 2011 06:16:19 AM
My old usb dongle had internet connection software (version 9.1) that constantly disconnected. Each time, I had to reboot my machine to get another connection. Stopping the service and restarting it did not help, so I though I'd upgrade to the latest version (10). Not only did this one disconnect as well but it completely stops my normal internet from working. Why am I paying them money on contract if they can't test software and ensure that it works. Sucks! Suck! Suck!

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18278 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Miserable B****strds at 3 Jun 2011 08:52:52 PM
I am 16,000 miles away in the UK trying to text a mate and offer her support though her illness and she doesn't get her messages for days/weeks - so she thinks I'm a totally uncaring twat. Thanks Vodafail x

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18074 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is More Irritation at 22 May 2011 10:01:07 AM
Another thing that really irritates me about dialing the Vodafone 0800 number is the initiation one must go through just to speak to an operator. If I only have a simple question and just want a simple answer that could be asked by anyone, why do I have to give so much information? It's just a question, it doesn't pose a national security risk, no-one will steal my details or any other information, I just want to know something simple!!!
Why can't Vodafail set up a simple help number with a real human being on the phone at the other end to answer such simple quesitons?????

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18073 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Irritatingly failed at 22 May 2011 09:55:51 AM
My complaint about Vodafail is about the number of security checks they have. I have had one instance when the woman was so concerned with knowing my passord, my mother's maiden name and a host of other security questions that she credited whatever amount it was to my cellphone and not to where I wanted it to go to, namely the Vodem. Of course this created untold hassle for me when I desperately needed to get onto the net from a remote location, couldn't because I didn't have enough credit on the Vodem, couldn't use my cellphone as there is next to no Vodafone coverage at Clark's Beach and so couldn't find out what had gone and where my credit had gone to. I ended up driving for an hour back into the city where I was able to use a landline to phone Vodafail, wait, wait, wait, piped music before someone answered, and finally, a clever man had a look, realised what the woman had done and the problem was solved but not until I'd spent $X on petrol to get back into the city. No apology was ever offered for my inconvenience.

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18026 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Maximus Failure Stupendous at 18 May 2011 10:07:04 AM

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18019 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is disastrous at 17 May 2011 06:49:15 PM
Am in Kolkata India. Enabled and paid credit on my prepaid account for roaming here. Nothing is working cannot receive or make calls. Extesive time and a lot of skype credit on to call them. They acknowledge that roaming is enabled and credit is there, they acknowledge they have a Vodafone partner here, they acknowledge there is nothing wrong with the headset and have done extensive trouble shooting on the phone to try and solve the problem. Even they have been reduced to suggesting I get a local Indian phoned or see if vodafone India can help. I do not think that is my job as vodafone OZ took my money (which I put on the prepaid account) to finance the roaming which I cannot use. The customer service people were attentive but it is not enough to be told the situation cannot be fixed by them since they set up the roaming and took the credit on the account for it.

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17814 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Worst Network in Australia at 6 May 2011 05:21:01 PM
The only reason Vodafone has such good caps and plans is because of shit like this. the network has been down the whole day and people r waiting for calls and txt's which arnt getting through. I for 1 am going to start paying a little bit extra by swapping over to optus. They have better reception and I havn't heard of there network going down in the past few years.

FUCK Vodafone and there shitty call centers


Some dude thats sick of their shit xoxox
9 May 2011 01:48:25 AM: http://www.news.com.au/technology/calls-out-to-optus-iphone-users-offline/story-e6frfro0-1226046024901

Go with Telstra.

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17488 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Absolute at 28 Apr 2011 12:52:17 AM
Trying to cancel my mobile Internet contract since it barely works (unless I stand with my computer near my upstairs window at 4am in the morning) and I basically haven't used it for a year as I'm overseas. The team that links to the international number can't cancel the contract - I have to get put through to special people. Been put on hold so long that I give up eventually, now I've gone over the date for closing the contract and will have to pay an extra month for not cancelling it early enough. Vodafail.
28 Apr 2011 07:28:52 AM: so let me get this right, if you went to the local pizzeria and ordered a family size meatlovers pizza, the shop assistant flops the box on the table, ask for payment, say $19, you sniff and open the box, and you see NO MEAT, so you're going to pay them? DON'T PAY - TELL THEM TO GO AND GET STUFFED and walk out. Similarly here, tell them to stick their contract where the sun don't shine and formally tell them you will not be paying any further bills and that's that. Then switch to another carrier, and make a formal complaint to the T.I.O. The reason aussies are getting crap service, the reason we have electricity prices and the cost of everything else going up, up, up and away is because of stupid aussie people continuing to do as they're told, pay up, they pay up. My cousin works at ascom, which works in close conjunction with Swisscom, and when they have network issues, the delinquency rate on bills jumps dramatically, people say no, not getting service not paying. Very sensitive consumers my fellow countrymen, and they value their time unlike aussie people, most do the one-finger salute thing and change companies and most don't bother wasting time complaining to their relevant consumer authority. Therefore customer service tends to be so much better than here. Try to get one one of my people to go through the push button thing when calling customer support, they hang up, then switch companies. My niece works in accounts and collections at D2 mannesman in germany, she said in the few instances when they have network issues, her departments's job becomes a nightmare, with the number of people refusing payment or delaying payment skyrocketing dramatically. So the company strives to ensure they always provide acceptable service and as promises. Aussies have a lot to learn from civilized nations.

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17396 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Stupidly at 27 Apr 2011 08:04:49 AM
I called my friend and my vodafail phone said dead battery when it was plug in and full battery
27 Apr 2011 02:17:50 PM: That's a manufacturer fault, not a network issue, hardly something Voda can be blamed for. Take it instore, if it's still under warranty they'll send it away to be fixed for free.
6 May 2011 05:26:34 PM: No no no. I used to work for Vodafone and all theyll do is have a cry cos noone like doing the massive amount of paper work involved in faulty handsets. Take ur phone instore and demand a replacement handset and if they say they cant tell them that u have already called they ACCC and ur expecting a letter from them stating what ur many options are. If ur handset is sent away it will return with a note from the repair company stating that is has liquid damage. They are assholes and most of the time they use 3rd party repair shops. FUCK VODAFONE!!!

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17110 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is People Fail Not Vodafail at 25 Apr 2011 05:36:41 PM
Quite simple really,

Like ANY company you will get the good, the bad, the ugly and sadly like all call centers there will be customers falling through the cracks. This is a disgusting display of human hatred and lack of understanding. I am not going to say 'toughen up' I am going to instead say the simple logical process.

1. If it doesn't work investigate and DON'T expect to get an answer if YOU created the problem (e.g. installed harmful progs/applications on your system/experienced a power outage etc) They are NOT technicians for PC hardware in that sense.

2. If you haven't paid your bill THIS IS YOUR FAULT you signed the contract to pay so much and YOU asked for the service. Getting anrgy and upset it has been restricted or rarely CUT OFF will get you nowhere! Please accept responsibility.

3. If you can't speak english GET HELP or ASK AROUND. Simple if you live in New Zealand and Australia WHAT DO YOU EXPECT an international language center just for you NO this does not even apply in your own country

4. If you have a bad experience place feedback believe me it will get to the right person if you explain this LIKE A HUMAN

5. LISTEN to advice and try YOURSELF to create a contructive call flow simple aye ;/

6. To add above work WITH the agent not AGAINST think about how you would like to be treated and spoken to.

7. Understand things take time and like all business not every system is perfect hence some years are great and others are bad.

8. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE PREPARE YOUR INFORMATION!!! If it doesn't work why doesn't it work, what can you see, what did you do before the issue it's simple people. If you made a payment and it has NOT shown up then find out where you paid it to. If the service for broadband work but then stops suddenly what are the lights doing? What happened to you're computer? What did you do differently? THIS HELPS!

9. IS IT THE PROVIDERS FAULT YOU WILL LOOSE MONEY ON THE BUSINESS NO!!! Unless this is a BUSINESS account then you will not get any sympathy nor will this speed up ANY process. The only time something can be speed up is when their is a LEGIT MEDICAL REASON AND YES provide evidence! PEOPLE LIE to get what they want thats why they need it!!! Plus most Terms and Conditions will say it is NOT ALLOWED to have a business account on a residential account.

10. DO NOT call through and expect credit for something like an ENTIRE MONTH that is unfair especially if you have only had 1 issue that took a day to resolve. Any compensation is good compensation people.

11. Lastly posting experience that you have on this website is horrible to read and terrible to discuss. It great voice an opinion on a forum/chat blog but to go as far as coverage/how to guides/alternative/what you got/how long you were on hold is disgusting. Please take a look youself to see if you helped or made the situation WORSE in most cases because YOU were impatient you rushed a process that needed time to complete like MOST things in life.

If you have a good experience with someone please call through and ask for them again have you tried this?

I know I am going to get the hate speech after this post but hey I too have had terrible customer service but I don't make a website about it. I simply brush it off but also provide CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to the company providing the services.
25 Apr 2011 05:49:33 PM: Thanks for the commentary. This site was created because Vodafone was denying that any customer service or network problems existed and refused to provide information on when customers' problems would be resolved. As stated previously, creating this website was a last resort as Vodafone didn't want to listen to any standard complaints.

Vodafone finally apologised and announced serious plans on Feb 23rd:

If you are looking for constructive feedback you can see the 27 page, 6000 word report ( http://vodafail.com/report.php ) that I wrote on Vodafone's problems and how they could have reacted better to those problems. It also contains suggestions that Vodafone is now largely trying to follow in their plan announced on Feb 23rd.

When products and services are significantly failing for so many people, customers should not ignore it or brush it off. You should try and get the problem resolved (See our how to complain page) but when that becomes difficult you don't just give up. And if it takes national media coverage and a website to make them fix the problem then someone will make an effort and get it done. This time it was me but I'm sure for the next company it will be someone else.


Vodafail.com Moderation Team
25 Apr 2011 06:06:36 PM: OP: You are wrong on so many levels.
25 Apr 2011 09:23:53 PM: If you have time to write 6000 words and create a website promoting negativity because you had a poor experience for a few weeks, you have too much time on your hands.
25 Apr 2011 09:40:22 PM: OP: you are a complete dickhead
25 Apr 2011 11:12:29 PM: Seriously, why come here to criticize the purpose of this site when you are in the minority.....I don't think that the person with too much time on their hands is the moderator or site owner!

As for working with call centres....the frustrating thing about the Indian call centre is the people who tell you with great authority what the issue is and what's done to fix it, only to find out that nothing happened, there's no record of your call and the next person you speak to doesn't believe anything you say. I work in a call centre here in Australia....if we did that, our business would be investigated quicksmart.
26 Apr 2011 07:28:08 AM: English is my second language, and that might explain why I have difficulties understanding your message : I am still trying to decipher "What happened to you're computer? ", I can not find the word "LEGIT" in the Oxford dictionary , and the fact that you did not use one single 'comma' in the whole document , led me astray. Obviously, you have plenty of time in your hands to become a writer, but it is a real pity that you are dickhead . Don't misunderstand me : I still give you some credit for been able to put a few sentences together, some almost coherent . Please , don't give up !
26 Apr 2011 05:24:06 PM: So, basically you're saying it is OUR fault our emails bills don't arrive in our inbox, even though we have rang them numerous times and triple checked the email address (which is right). I think someone actually works for Vodafone here...
30 Apr 2011 04:56:47 PM: When you ring Vodafone to tell them there's a problem, they won't believe and insist on going through the idotic script of checking all your settings no matter how many times you tell them the problem IS at their end. When they finally realise "enough" people are complaining so the problem is their end, then they are incredibly slow at fixing it (if they even bother at all!), it rarely ever appears on the "Network Status" page, and often simply fails again a few hours / days / weeks later because they didn't fix it, they simply patched it or rebooted the server. :-(

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16742 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Pathetic at 10 Apr 2011 08:44:55 PM
*****Read this***
I have not received a satisfactory response at all. I have been following up for the past 3 months. All they do is keep making you running around stating that they need to look into it. They have not idea with regards to the seriousness on the situation. I have been a good customer for the past 5 years with Vodafone.

Sent: 08 March 2011 09:26
Subject: RE: ***Escalated Issue - Complaint# 164367205***

Good Morning Ms. Mundkur,

Appended mail refers; (9833518***)

I am writing to you as I do not have any option. This mail is being written twelve (12) days post my e-mail to the nodal officer. I have still not received a reply when your company states that I should receive a reply within three (3) working days. I am currently being faced with two (2) issues;

1) My incoming and outgoing is barred
2) I have been charged for a service that I have not utilised

I could write the issue again but I would really appreciate it if you could read the chain of prior mails before continuing reading my e-mail.

Reference #169740711
Further to the issues mentioned, I went to the Vodafone centre at Hypercity and the Vodafone rep confirmed that he saw the response to cancel the idata plan on my phone dated 5th October 2010.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this and have the matter resolved at the earliest as I am currently not able to keep intouch with my clients due to the services being barred. Just an overview, I have visited the Vodafone store 4-5 times in the last two (2) months and this is my third email to have someone look into this. For which I have not had a satisfactory response.

Thanks and regards,

Sent: 25 February 2011 19:22
Subject: RE: ***Escalated Issue - Complaint# 164367205***

Good Evening Mam,

I am writing to you because I am facing an inconvenience with my service provider. I have my Vodafone connection for the past five (5) years and term myself as a sincere and devout customer of Vodafone.

The issue I am facing is; On 3rd October 2010, as I was travelling outside the city, I requested for the idata200 plan to be activated. Post my return to Mumbai on 5th October, I cancelled the plan (for activation and de-activation I have sms messages to and from Vodafone). Additionally, I called Vodafone to confirm the cancellation and I was informed that it would be cancelled from the following billing cycle. I was OK with that.

My billing is generally very high on a month-to-month basis, and I generally pay more than what is required as I mostly make the payments late every month. So I continued making my payments and in the month of Jan 2011, I found out that my bill was extremely high, so I checked my bill and found out that I was charged for the idata200 plan from October till date.

I have had an iPhone for the past two (2) years and I frequently have been accessing the internet as I have a WIFI connection at home. The WIFI connection allows me to do everything I require as I have an unlimited package. The reason why I activated the idata200 plan is because I was travelling in October 2010 and got lost and needed directions. Outside home, I have no use for the internet.

I have gone to the Vodafone store in Hypercity a couple of time to make this complaint but they informed me that I require to send an e-mail to register a complaint. I have also called the helpline with the same result. However, post sending the e-mail I have not received a suitable response from them either.

My initial e-mail was sent on 15th Feb with a response received on 22nd Feb and my following e-mail was sent on 22nd Feb with a follow-up on 24th Feb and today is the 25th Feb and I am still awaiting a response. The customer service representatives and Managers have little or NO authority to review my case and provide a resolution.

I receive client calls daily and cannot afford to have my services de-activated as I may lose a lot of business. Mam, I am a genuine person and would not try to cheat anyone. The only reason I am writing to you I because I believe that you can do something about it and help me.

If you require any further details, you can call me on 9833518*** or e-mail me on

I appreciate your time in looking into this matter.

Thank you and regards,

Sent: 24 February 2011 18:10
To: 'Vodafonecare Mum'
Subject: RE: ***Escalated Issue - Complaint# 164367205***

Awaiting a response?

Sent: 22 February 2011 16:46
To: Vodafonecare Mum

Subject: Re: ***Escalated Issue - Complaint# 164367205***

Hi - This email does not answer any of my questions.

Please help me understand. I am available on 9833518*** if you have any further questions.

On 22-Feb-2011, at 4:20 PM, Vodafonecare Mum &lt;Vodafonecare.Mum@vodafone.com&gt; wrote:


Dear Mr. Pereira,

Thank you for your email dated 16/02/11, regarding for your Vodafone number 9833518***.

We tried contacting you on your Vodafone number 9833518*** and your Alternate number 28643859 but were unable to speak with you.
Mr. Pereira, we wish to inform that Vodafone live and Vodafone mobile connect are the core services, same as the STD and the SMS services.
However this does not include usage of certain applications like YouTube, video/ music streaming (e.g. Music Junction), tickers on HTML sites, handset applications and MMS which uses Vodafone Live! as access point and will be charged @ 10/10KB. These charges are applicable over and above the data plan.
If the handset has applications which auto refresh /update by connecting through the WAP gateway (Wireless Application Protocol) i.e. VL, will be charged accordingly. The settings for these applications are pre defined on the handset by the manufacturer.
We confirm that we have checked your bill dated 18/10/10 to 18/01/11 and confirm to you that the Gprs usage charges charged are indeed accurate.

We will be unable to reverse the charges as they are charged correctly.

In case you need further assistance, please do call or email us. We‘ll do our best to help you.

Happy to help,

Vodafone Care
Contact numbers
For Enquiries : 111 or +91-9820098200
For Complaints / Requests : 198 (toll free)
Fax number : +91-22-66661200
E-mail : vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com
Website : www.vodafone.in


-----Original Message-----

Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 12:46 AM
To: Vodafonecare Mum (MUM)
Subject: ***Escalated Issue - Complaint# 164367205***


I am writing to you as I am facing an issue with my billing.

From the month of October 2010 I am being charged with GPRS for the
idata200 plan that is activated on my number. I requested for this
plan to be activated on 3rd October 2010 and then requested for it to
be cancelled on 5th October 2010. From 5th October onwards this plan
was supposed to be cancelled and not active on my number.

However I recently found out that the plan is still active on my
number and I am being billed for it since October 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: I have a WIFI connection in my house and I check my mail
and surf the net on my iPhone. I have had this connection since
October 2009. I do not know why is Vodafone charging me with this plan
when I cancelled it in October 2010. If you like I can send you copies.

I also have the SMS I sent to Vodafone for the cancellation of the
idata plan on 5th October and the conformation SMS from Vodafone on
the same day stating that the plan was cancelled.

I request to validate my billing from November till date and have the
charges reversed as they have been incorrectly been billed to me.
Total charged is INR 8,265 after deducting the free mb.

I will escalate this to the highest level if I have too to have this
issue resolved.

Please call me on 9833518*** or email me on if
you have any questions.

Thanks and Regards,

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16713 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Mobile Internet is no better at 7 Apr 2011 05:06:15 PM
A few years ago I was trying to set-up someone's laptop to use a Vodafone New Zealand USB modem stick for mobile interneo. For some strange reason it would not send emails. I phoned up the so-called "helpdesk" and was told point blank that they do not answer software queries!!

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16712 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Yep, Vodafone NZ's ISP "sux". at 7 Apr 2011 04:59:41 PM
I help out many people with their Mac computers, many of whom are elderly / retired so can't afford to keep upgrading computers that are perfectly usable for their needs. A couple of years ago Vodafone's authentication servers had a problem which means Mac OS 9 users cannot even log-on via dial-up. This is a problem that had occurred a few time before and with a few phone calls to the then-ihug Help Desk the problem would eventually be fixed ... no such luck now. After numerous calls to Vodafone, being told there was no problem, then being told there was a problem and it was being "looked into", then it was to be fixed "tomorrow / later today" (for about six phone calls over many days), but eventually I was told that they were not going to fix the problem at all. Experiments with other users and other ISPs have shown that Vodafone appears to be the only ISP that disallows Mac OS 9 users to log-on! Vodafone NZ simly have no interest in and no ability to run an Internet Service Provider.

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16711 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Their Internet Provider is hopelss too! at 7 Apr 2011 04:48:57 PM
Vodafone NZ bought out the Internet provider ihug a while back simply to get their greedy fingers into New Zealand landline phones and since then Internet "service" (which was already quite shoddy towards the end of the lazy previous owners reign) has plummeted to abysmal levels. They don't bother listening when you say there is a problem via either email or the "Help" Desk and try to tell you it's the settings on your computer. The servers are constanlty having problems, especially the Usenet newsgroup server, which as of today has been offline for a week! The so-called Network Status page is worthless - you're lucky if it tells you that there was a problem after it's been fixed (or supposedly fixed, but fails again a few days / weeks later). I refuse to use Vodafone NZ for anything else and actively discourage other people form using them, but unfortunately I'm stuck with the fools for my Internet access for the foreseeable future. Vodafone has become the laughing stock of New Zealand Internet providers, easily taking that crown from Telecom NZ / Xtra! Xo(
16 Apr 2011 04:56:09 PM: The Usenet Newsserver has now been offline line for over two weeks. It briefly re-appeared yesterday, only to fail again. Although you can connect today, it is not retrieving or retaining any messages - anything you post simply disappears and no new messages are arriving from other newsservers. As usual, completely attrocious "service" from New Zealand's worst Internet "Service" Provider. Xo(

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16682 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is An epic fail of a company at 5 Apr 2011 07:36:54 PM
Well, I live in Wellington NZ. But rest assured, Vodafone here sucks more than Vodafone in Aus.

My first pain point is their coverage. I live 10 mins drive from the CBD, yet my phone drops calls on a regular basis. Many calls to customer service have done nothing to remedy the problem, so now I (sadly) accept it as part and parcel of the Vodafone experience. Next pain point is around mobile data - Jesus, I have an old 14.4kbps modem that could download data faster than the Vodafone 3G network. Not to mention the overinflated price ($0.10 per kb!)

My last gripe is the iPhone plans here in NZ. I mean, holy shit, $250 a month for 600 mins, 600 texts, and 1GB of data? They are having a laugh at the expense of their customer base!!! Who in their right mind is stupid enough to pay that much per month in phone bills?

You Australians should consider yourselves lucky to have several mobile providers who not only give you a variety of plans/mobiles to choose from, but also keep the marketplace relatively competitive. Here in NZ, we have 2 Degrees, Telecom and Vodasuck, all of whom have perfected the art of gouging their customers.

That is all I have to say... Peace out!
8 Apr 2011 07:10:17 AM: There are a few other (supposed) mobile phone companies around, e.g. Black&White, BUT in reality they simply sub-contract plans from the main three. 2Degrees also has the problem that they use Vodafone's network in areas where there isn't yet any 2Degrees equipment.

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16192 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 1 Jan 1970 09:00:00 AM
8 Apr 2011 07:03:04 AM: You call them on a landline because your phone drops out ... duh!
12 Apr 2011 04:39:31 PM: Actually, that doesn't always work either. I've called on Vodafone's hopeless help line, waded through the "press X for service Y" system, only for the stupid thing to then hang up on me. Mind you Telecom NZ's idiotic voice "recognition" system is even worse!

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16138 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Extremely at 4 Mar 2011 03:47:51 PM
I brought an iPhone, asking specifically about coverage in my home area. I was told there wouldn't be a problem. A week of dropped and missed calls, I get a follow-up from the salesperson, I mention the dropped calls, he tells me to switch from 3G to 2G - sort of making an iPhone pointless. After a year of dropped calls, I finally get out of the contract - told by Vodafone customer services that I shouldn't have been sold the phone to begin with. They offer me a year's refund in costs. When my next bill comes, the money is there, but I can't get it. Vodafone since changed their story and said that the refund was to keep me with Vodafone - which they knew wasn't possible. Oddly enough the phone call where I was offered this refund is the only one not recorded!

Vodafone lied to me, offered conflicting and poor customer service.

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15633 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Very at 16 Feb 2011 11:25:21 AM
Call is being dropped when calling from Singapore to Australia.

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15221 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is bloody at 4 Feb 2011 04:31:29 PM

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15197 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Epic Fail at 4 Feb 2011 10:04:20 AM
Vodaphone Egypt - helping out the pro-Mubarak Government.


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15098 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Sucked for 6 months at 2 Feb 2011 09:41:36 AM
Took six months for my sister (Auckland, NZ) to get a direct debit straightened out after a credit card change.

Vodafoney kept claiming that the bank was bouncing their payment. The bank said rubbish (aside: I've had a similar issue with AirAsia.com).

Finally got it sorted by a senior member at Vodafone, who gave one month's free access. If it were me, I would have tried the TDR (NZ's version of TIO) long before.
2 Feb 2011 01:45:34 PM: I love NZ!

Your sister is a very patient person, I hope the problems now cease!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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15097 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Slow SMS - NZ at 2 Feb 2011 09:29:18 AM
My parents in an outer Auckland suburb, NZ, have started having problems with delayed SMS, even on 2G phones.

It took all night for some banking alerts to come through.

Maybe Adam Brimo should extend this website to New Zealand (which requires the postcode boxes to be paired up with a country drop-down)?
2 Feb 2011 09:56:18 AM: Hi,

I'm sorry to hear that the vodafone problems extend beyond Australia. Have you spoken with the vodafone customer service in NZ? The network issues are a big reason why I started this site but it was also combined with the fact that we couldn't get any decent customer service. Just wondering what the extent of the issues in NZ are.



Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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14909 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Very at 29 Jan 2011 03:34:05 PM
I am overseas at the moment, and I have been trying unsuccessfully to retrieve voicemails for a month. I initially thought I had the wrong PIN, but after spending a fortune getting hold of the Customer Service people, it seems I have the right PIN, but still can't access my voicemail, either from my mobile, or remotely on another phone.

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14844 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is utterly disgraceful at 28 Jan 2011 04:03:26 PM
I was reading some of the Vodafone threads on Whirlpool this afternoon.
I spotted this thread, and I saw red!
It is the reply that really makes me angry.
If you need any more reasons to be angry, you can read the thread from the beginning.

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14653 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is cheat of company of the year at 25 Jan 2011 11:18:59 PM
i bought this vodafone modem with 3gb data and within 13days all got finished without a single download.the way they deduct is 2 much.

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14644 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Its service at 25 Jan 2011 08:32:27 PM
Hi, I'm Sagar from India. Me and many of my friends are using vodfone. Recently one of my friend got a terrible problem by vodafone....Here is it...>

Rishi Sethi
I have a vodafone number/connection for past 11 yrs last yr i went with a complaint to the vodafone store and there i was offered a new sim of similar number without any charge. i took the same and had to pay rs. 1000/- towards advance rental. no receipt was issued and i was told that the number would be activated in a few hrs and within 24 hrs it would be converted in post paid as it was initially pre-paid. Then in a day the phone/number was activated (7838388212) and i rcd. around 10 verification calls however and they would ask me if i had any query however when i put forth my query they would say we will revert back after consulting our seniors. naturally this never happened. However suddenly without any intimation they disconnected my number and when i called their helpline they refused to lodge a complaint (details and name of tele-officer /person to whom i had talked was also given to their appellate officer). Then suddenly i rcv a call from Ms. Arunima from vodafone store (call details provided to appellate officer and also recording available with vodafone) that the address given by me does not exist (i have been residing their for 25 yrs paying municpal taxes and also have a had a old number for 12 yrs at this address). On this i told Ms. Arunima how is it possible and also told her abt the humilation i had to face due to disconnection and why were they arranging the visit so late so she told me that earlier also a visit had taken place around 4-5 days ago and that time they had met my guard (though i do not even have a guard). Then i told her that i did not want their number and she shld refund my money .. she promised a refund ASAP and said that she would get back to me after consulting her seniors as to how early would they refund the money. However she did not respond or take my calls or respond to my sms (still saved be me). Then suddenly one fine day after around 16-18 days of taking the number i rcv a welcome call on my old number stating my number has been activated. i told this person that i had already been promised a refund by arunima and he said he would check and revert (call details provided to appellate officer and also recording available with vodafone). Thereafter i have been regularly following up with vodafone however to no avail. NOW MS SHWETA MEHTA FROM NODAL OFFICE HAS OPENLY THREATENED ME THAT THEY WOULD NO LONGER REPLY TO MY MAILS. Further despite almost 50 mails and reminders no action is being taken... NOW THEY HARRASS ME BY DISCONNECTING SERVICES (LIKE SMS) ON MY NUMBER. NOT DELIVERING BILLS.. NO COMPLAINTS ARE LODGED ON MY CALLS TO THEIR HELPLINE..


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14619 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 25 Jan 2011 03:16:31 PM
I once worked for Vodafone and three. But got a new job before i totally lost my soul.
A lot of staff are not trained properly. A lot of the time they are left up to their own devices to figure out anything else that cant be found on the website.
They try their hardest, but that is probably why there is often mis-information and confusion and its not really the call staffs fault when things go wrong, its the management.
Also there is a high turnover of staff because they fire people who don't make amazing-through-the-roof-sales which always ensures there are new confused people working there.

I am ashamed that i worked there, but at least i can shed some light on why its such a fuckup.

28 Jan 2011 04:42:28 PM: I don't think you should feel ashamed for working at Vodafone,You left, and you posted here.

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14542 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Very poor service at 25 Jan 2011 07:02:10 AM
I'm in NZ and the service sounds just as bad over here... I was trying to cancel my service with them and couldnt even get through in the afternoon till there customer service desk closed only 9pm so thought would try call at 10am in morning (much quieter time?) No way.. waited nearly an hour to get through after being dropped the first time to have a very useless non english speaking phone representitive. Getting through was the easy part compared to cancelling with them!! They lost my request the first time. Never ever going through anything to do with Vodafone again!!!

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14534 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Big Time Fail at 25 Jan 2011 06:07:57 AM
From Auckland, NZ.
About 5 months ago got a new Iphone from vodafone on contract, I was previously on prepay.
The Iphone arrived, went to activate the new SIM, waited for 40 mins to get to a person, then was asked what colour the sim pack was, as it needed to be the same colour as my previous prepay sim pack. WTF? Told I needed to be put through to the "Iphone Activation Team" which was closed for the day. Called back the next day after work, waited for nearly an hour, then got told by the operator that I was at the wrong dept and needed to call this 0800 number.!!! WTF!! called next day and waited for another 40 mins, and finally got my SIM activated. Coverage sucked in terms of signal strength, data was slow and calling them always took 40+ minutes to get through.

I have changed to Telecom XT and its amazing. Data is fast, reliable and so is signal strength. Best decision I ever made.

Also changed my home broadband from Vodaphone to Telecom. I have been battling them as I was suppose to be on ADSL+2 but my router would keep losing connection, I had to set it to ADSL1. I am a network engineer, so I know what I was doing. THeir support just offered stupid resolutions which got me no where.I Was getting 1.5mbps on VF and on Telecom I am getting 17mbps!

To everyone, get out if you can.

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14533 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Extremely at 25 Jan 2011 05:56:48 AM
Since sorted... but here goes: Six months ago we signed up for Home Phone Wireless. We were put onto a free calling area that did not include where we lived. Our phone number had been previously used and we were getting a lot of calls for another person. I request a new one and was given one. One hour later they called back and changed the number to a third one. Our phone bill was becoming increasingly hard to read (not that it was easy in the first place). The simply request to get our free calling area corrected resulted in another new phone number. Three months later issue finally sorted. Next issue: Vodacom ceased working. Rang help desk. Said they would call back at 12pm next day to see if issue was sorted. Never rang back so I rang at 2pm. Was told to take stick & sim card to nearest store to get replacement. Told them service not good enough, they didnt know what was wrong with it. Pack up screaming baby and drive 30 mins into town. Vodem stick replaced but would not replace sim card. Finally after ranting and raving and getting husband to contact the woman he'd been dealing with a Head Office they finally gave me a new sim card. During my conversations with Vodafone I have advised them that since we have had nothing but problems with their services should I ever want to terminate our contract that I WILL NOT be paying their disconnection fee. Thanks I feel better now that I know I'm not the only one. Let us let them know that its not ok to not hold up to their part of the deal.

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14493 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is New Zealand VF at 24 Jan 2011 05:56:07 PM
What about including Vodafone NZ in this as well, same issues over here - poor coverage, bad 3G handover to GSM - poor broadband. I have complained 4yrs ago, a blackspot is listed but no action yet, with Telecom NZ XT I get 7MB broadband at home download, where I cant even hold a normal non-3G call using GSM only ... p*ss poor VF NZ!!

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14395 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Busines Risk at 24 Jan 2011 09:29:13 AM
Just a note to state that my company has stopped all negations with Vodaphone as there network coverage has became a business risk. The IT department would not stick their necks out with the class action and your web site pointing out issues.
We have 40 mobiles in the business, its not going to kill them but an interesting aside to what effect this web site is doing to the market.


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14335 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is Expensive, money vacuum fail at 23 Jan 2011 05:11:35 PM
Despite having over $12 of credit on my sim, when I went to send a text Vodafone tells me, "Sorry, you do not have enough credit". I check my balance, it now says I only have 5 cents. -- This happens sometimes, Vodafone takes my money for no reason, then a week or two later sends a "Whoops, so sorry, we 'accidently' overcharged you by 1000x!" notice.

But it goes on, the next day I check my balance it reads: $0.00 -- not content to just take my $11.95+, nope, Vodafone must take the last remaining 5c too!

When I call them (took forever to get through!), instead of refunding me immediately the guy simply says, "You must have purchased something, made a few calls or texts and then perhaps forgot about them."

Uh, okay, I'll humour you, say that is true for the minute... tell me what service Vodafone offers that costs only 5c? Can't have called anyone, that's $1 per minute charged as soon as you connect; Can't have texted anyone, that's 20c; and my phone is really budget and old so it doesn't connect to the net. Seriously, Vodafone, what do you have that I can even spend 5c on? Nothing? Right -- so where did my money go?!
23 Jan 2011 05:38:13 PM: Come on now, we at vodafone dont apreciate smart arse customers who baffle us with such clear and undeniable logic.
Off to the naughty corner with you.
23 Jan 2011 05:39:00 PM: it must be a fault with your handset
23 Jan 2011 05:40:03 PM: It must be a fault with your sim, take it out and reinsert
23 Jan 2011 05:41:44 PM: You must be doing something wrong, vodafone is faultless and blameless
23 Jan 2011 05:42:32 PM: No one else in Australia has any problems with vodafone
23 Jan 2011 05:43:34 PM: Definitely a sim card issue, remove sim and insert Telstra sim
23 Jan 2011 06:03:12 PM: lol @ 23 Jan 2011 07:43:34 PM .... So so true!
23 Jan 2011 08:29:39 PM: Dont worry guys Ive got this! Just take out the sim and blow on it and blow into the phone and there you go it should fix everything! Your welcome.
24 Jan 2011 12:05:38 AM: They have to fund their massive advertising campaign on tv somehow. not to mention the $500 a day they're PROMISING to give people who like tham on facebook.
But they will fight you till you're crazy for $2.
24 Jan 2011 11:34:45 PM: "It must be a fault on your sim" seems to be their standard answer that Vodafone is teaching their customer service people~!

Hi I'm Lara. Before you tell me your problem, I can tell you right now that it's your sim's fault. Please do not me again as I've had enough already and you just go and sign up with Telstra!
28 Jan 2011 08:55:20 AM: I strongly suggest you complain to TIO via form on this website. I believe their 'mistakes' may be quite deliberate, given what I know about them. TIO fixed the problem fairly quickly, and got out of contract, no penalties and kept their useless modem.
28 Jan 2011 04:44:37 PM: "How do sim cards, deep in a phone, get "damaged" without leaving any trace on the phone itself?"

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14307 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is at 23 Jan 2011 01:49:17 PM
I just want to share my experience of Vodafone in Auckland, NZ.
For two years (2007-2008) I found as a Half Moon Bay resident, paying on an annual plan, reception had continual dropouts on account of transmitter clashes according to two of their technicians. Receipt could be coming from Glendowie, St Johns, Highland Park and other points of the compass.

Now back in the area in 2010, on a prepay I find that:
1) I get through to Vodafone to be able to select the options for adding funds without problem, but although the 12 digit prepay numbers are dialled correctly, they do not necessarily get heard correctly. Today (23.1.11) on entering the correct number for a new prepay voucher, although this number was only entered once, Vodafone automatic voice advised me that I had exceeded my attempts (only one) to enter the voucher number.
2) Yesterday, although a V8 card enabled me to dial an Australian Vodafone mobile number correctly twice, on the third attempt, I was informed by the automatic message system, that calls to that network number were not permitted!
3) Worse, on 29 November, I was speaking to a landline source a few minutes before midday. Yet a critical text message, lack of receipt of which has potentially affected my longevity, sent at 12.01 by the same source, did not arrive until two hours later! Thanks, Vodafone!

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