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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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7909 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Great Service at 29 Dec 2010 12:50:31 AM
Im a happy Vodafone customer and they have helped me in solve all my issues. But what i don't understand is that when i first saw this website the dude that made this i think his name is Adam or whatever said

"In short I am a disgruntled Vodafone customer after using the service for less than 6 weeks. After my relentless attempts to contact Vodafone customer support to resolve my issues (the usual dropped calls, no reception, poor battery life and delayed voicemail messages) I have no choice but to create a website to express my dissatisfaction to the world"

I get how vodafone is responsible for dropped calls, no reception and delayed voicemail. But for someone of his intelligence and for a so called software developer i don't know how he can say poor battery life is a fault by vodafone. Does he mean that Vodafone sents out some signal to make the phone use more battery power? Poor battery life is caused by the manufacturer! As for the coverage map on this website, HAHAHAHAHA what a joke!! True the Vodafone coverage checker isn't the greatest but that doesn't mean the one on this is any better. Just now i was able to enter in several post codes and say the reception was 100% and 0 dropped calls. Oh and the message saying your ip is blocked for spamming purposes. Hahaha just takes 2min to get a new ip.

I just can't believe how stupid some people are. I was at a store today checking up my plan. Sadly the system was down. But it came to my surprise at how stupid some people in this country really are. I saw a stupid lady blaming the sales rep like it was her fault the systems were down and its people like her that are causing problems. Seriously to all the keyboard warriors that spend time on this stupid website complaining about their service, if you have the brains then instead of wasting time here just call the telco ombudsman. Heres the website even
Soo simple. But im sure people just want to sit here and continue complaining. So how about instead of sitting on this poorly made website, you get ur lazy ass to a land line phone, and call the telco ombudsman. Why dont you go on and join up with Telstra the number 1 telco provider in AUS??? You will see that their complaints line is longer than their service line and dont get surprised when they charge you thousands of dollars for their service.
29 Dec 2010 12:56:14 AM: You sound like a desperate captain going down with a sinking ship.
I admire your misguided loyalty.
29 Dec 2010 12:58:55 AM: Im a happy customer and i agree vodafone has and is still experiencing problems. But venting here isn't gonna solve it is it?? If people want a solution no point posting it up here. Its just like a blog page. Go to the website i posted to get something done about it instead of wasting your time here for nothing
29 Dec 2010 01:03:03 AM: Yet here you are posting :/ this site is about gaining a collective of people to show vodafone that customers are not willing to put up with the poor service they are providing. Sure people will still go through vodafone and the tio and even the lawsuit to gain compensation / be free of vodafone, but first it is about making the company and the wider Australian audience aware of the problem
29 Dec 2010 01:03:45 AM: This website has gained a huge amount of publicity on radio, television and print.
29 Dec 2010 01:05:26 AM: Gaining a collective of people to show customers?? HAHAHAHAHA good luck to that!
29 Dec 2010 01:08:05 AM: This website has had over 1.2 million hits in 12 days. Check any webtracker. I think it may be working.
29 Dec 2010 02:13:08 AM: ok so what is 1.2 million hits gonna do? Is it gonna magically make the reception better?? Is it gonna magically cancel your contract?? Is it gonna magically make me a millionaire?? Is it gonna magically make the battery life better on my handset?? Because according to the maker of this website, Vodafone is responsible for shitty battery life.
29 Dec 2010 03:24:26 AM: Errr Vodafone is responsible for replacing handsets with faults, that they provide with plans.
It took them almost 6 months to replace my sisters faulty iPhone! Which had a programming fault. And thats how long it was sitting in Vodafones incompetent hands for. Once Apple got it, it was a matter of days!
Just not good enough!
29 Dec 2010 03:54:11 PM: So it was Apple's fault to begin with correct??
29 Dec 2010 08:10:07 PM: vodafone staff are quote "not qualified" according to apple, to deem an iPhone 'faulty' so cram it up your arse before you go around making radical statements and blaming the wrong people
29 Dec 2010 09:06:14 PM: Ummm... Just so your aware, as it seems your not.. Poor battery life could mean a few things... Your phone is continually looking for reception from voda, therefore killing the battery life... it could also mean he waisted many hours away from a charger trying to get through to customer support... which will kill your battery life with lenghy hold times.. Not all of us can sit on hold at home or work for 2 Hours with the charger plugged in! Oh yeah, and voda are responsible for the handset you purchase off them!!
1 Jan 2011 12:04:26 PM: I also have had no problems with Vodafone, silly me just changed over to Telstra to go on one of those bundle plans. Man, bad move. Now that they have bad customer service being switch from one person to another with no good outcome. I went straight to the ombudsman and its all sorted. Maybe some of you VF customers should do this. Was a very simple process.
2 Jan 2011 05:46:46 AM: Hey numbnut, the site lets it be known that we as consumers have a voice (this country democracy) just cant believe how stupid you are. Amongst other things, lots of us are now aware that the problems are with the network. Dont you get it?? fone continually seaching uses more battery power.cant believe they let stupid people like you out of your country, maybe they try keep the intelligent people and let them make a meaningful contribution
2 Jan 2011 01:28:02 PM: Poor battery life can be attributed to poor network quality. When your phone is transmitting (ie. making calls, using internet, periodically checking in with the tower) it is sending signals to the mobile tower. If reception is poor, then signal quality is degraded to the point were communication between your phone and the tower is effected, your phone will compensate for this by increasing transmission power and thus draining batteries faster (conversely when signal quality is good your phone will reduce transmission power in order to conserve battery life).

A drop out occurs when your phone has maxed out its transmission power but still cannot maintain adequate signal to noise ratio with the tower. On a side note, the increased transmission power equates to an increase in the energy of the microwave radiation emitted from your phone antenna, most of which passes through your brain...
9 Jan 2011 09:36:39 AM: I have two identical phones however one is already with Telstra and the other still with vodafail (not for much longer). The phone with Telstra uses about 1/4 less battery power over the day. It will still have 1-2 bars of battery consistently at the end of each day. And they both do the same amount of work.
22 Jun 2011 12:01:22 AM: A phone that has to constantly search for a weak signal will experience reduced battery life as the voltage from the battery is used to amplify the receipt and transmission of radio signals. This is basic telecomunications physics.

- radio technician.