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Dear visitor,

Since its inception Vodafail.com has made a significant contribution towards raising awareness of the problems and issues faced by Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Australia customers have had the opportunity to voice their concerns, their fears and their troubles from every corner of Australia and beyond our borders. You have gathered the courage to stand up for your rights as consumers and to make your voice heard.

Each and every person who shared their story should have a sense of pride in this achievement and the changes that have occurred since the start of Vodafail.com.

More recently, traffic to Vodafail.com has declined significantly. Having achieved the goal of raising awareness and promoting concrete action in early 2011, we have now reached the point of closing Vodafail to new complaints. The site will remain online for as long as possible as a reminder and an example of what is possible when we share our experiences.

It has been a privilege to run this initiative and I'm am forever grateful for the help and support I've received. In particular I would like to thank Melissa, David and Travis for their continued efforts over the past 15 months. I'm also thankful and humbled by the support of ACCAN, Choice magazine and a wide range of media outlets, blogs and websites.

You can still browse existing stories and find out how to file a complaint if you are experiencing problems.

Until next time,

Adam Brimo

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Vodafail.com is no longer accepting complaints.
Over the past 6 months traffic to Vodafail has declined significantly. Therefore we have closed off Vodafail to new complaints. We think you will find more joy in posting on any one of these fine product / brand review sites.

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Other People's Pain

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15326 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Extreme at 7 Feb 2011 05:02:12 PM
I have not had any service all day, Feb 7th. I have reset the network setting, rebooted the iphone..anything I can think of. I am a contractor and NEED to be contactable. I have been with Vodafone for 6 years never a problem before.
There are 5 subscribers in my home and we all suffer the same issues.
7 Feb 2011 05:12:12 PM: Happened to me too. I am in Carrum and had a weak signal from Dandenong Sth. Patterson Lakes signal has just returned.

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15325 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is FAIL FAIL FAIL at 7 Feb 2011 05:01:31 PM
my vodafail account has stopped notifying me of voicemails which has put me in a few awkward situations with work, friends and other issues.. costing me money aswell (for missed work)..
plus for days at a time i cannot use the vodaphone web broweser due to apparent high usage. but seriously.. days at a time?
FAIL! i pay good money for their service and i get screwed in return. i can't wait to change when my contract is up!!!

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15323 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is I hate lara at 7 Feb 2011 04:46:30 PM
Every time I call Vodafone , being a prepaid customer , Lara transfers me to the postpaid department.


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15321 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is No Network Again! at 7 Feb 2011 04:17:39 PM
Whether i am at home in Fremantle or on the 17th floor in the CBD for work i am losing network at least 20 times a day. This is totally unacceptable and i will be changing service providers when my contract is up in June this year.

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15320 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is at 7 Feb 2011 03:51:35 PM
I have no signal. Tried calling, ended up in India. Woman insisted I must have another phone to test the simcard. I don't have one. All I wanted to know was there a problem due to floods etc. She had no idea what I was talking about and wanted to know what street I was in. told her and she asked for another street. Gave up. One message has appeared on phone, so it must be a signal problem, not the phone. Sheesh
7 Feb 2011 05:00:33 PM: Now have very weak signal from Dandenong South (I am in Carrum) Believe other people having the same problems. Surely someone at Vodaphone must know if there is a signal problem!

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15319 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Worst than AAPT at 7 Feb 2011 03:50:52 PM
Ordered a mobile broadband in Nov 2010. Yhis was suppose to be a 2year contract at $39/month. Upon arrival of the modem, my laptop registered software problem and the modem would not work. After calling up their technical support numerous times, the best they could do was to tell me to go to the nearest shopfront to get the lastest updated software and download it into my laptop.

The software didn't work; so my problem is stalled. I decided to call them up to have my account terminated and was told that someone would call me back within 72hours to help me with my request. I waited for more than two weeks before I decided to send an email to complain about the return call they promised(that did not happen) and that I have been charged by them for services I could not use and problems they can't solve for me with they software.

Another 2 weeks passed and my complain email was ignored.

So just 2 hours ago, I decided to call them up to request for a cancellation of my account and a refund of the money they have charged me. But they kept offering new deals and new modem for me eventhough my problem was with their software and not with their device. Only this time, I spent more time being put on-hold than talking to someone. The operator kept putting me on hold while she needs to speak with the manager and finally I just told her to put the manager on to speak with me. The final outcome was that either I get a refund and be charged $160 for temination fee or they can waive the termination fee but I don't get my refund.

What a load of rubbish! I'll never deal with them in any way again and I'll tell as many people of how "great" and "fantastic" their services are!

Oh, and the last thing the manager told me was, "And there will be a last direct debit charge on the 15th of this month."
Well, go ahead, I've just called up my back to have their direct debit cancelled.

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15318 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Failing Miserably at 7 Feb 2011 03:15:15 PM
This is the second time I have posted to this website. The first last year. I have now been bounced out twice today using my wireless internet connection. I am on countdown until April when I can get rid of this useless, over-priced, hideous piece of technology and go where someone cares about me.

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15317 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is at 7 Feb 2011 03:01:43 PM
Very disappointed with coverage, been a customer for over 2 years and never had this many problems unitl recently. Cant check my net balances and usage so going over and under spending limit, net hardly works and when it does its constantly disconnecting :(

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15315 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is $#!% at 7 Feb 2011 02:25:06 PM
Just got off the phone to customer service where i was on hold for 46minutes!
I rang up Wednesday last week to complain about coverage, dropped calls, no emails, no internet etc. and was told that there was a network problem in my area and they would ring me back to let me know whats happening...guess what? No Callback! When I called back today to enquire further I was told again there was a problem in my area, but that it wouldn't be resolved till the 4th March??? Today is the 7th of February!! A whole month more of suffering what I've just been through for the last 3-4 months??? AAAAAAAAGH!!!!!
Vodafone....You Stink!!!

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15314 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is no network at 7 Feb 2011 01:30:36 PM
No calls,sms,...... since approximately 9.00am We are trying to run a business.
Our mobile phones will be transferring to Telstra if I don't get a satisfactory explanation from Vodafone-TODAY.

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15313 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is black hole fail at 7 Feb 2011 12:56:21 PM
yay! just ported my number over to Telstra after being let out of my vodafail contract 7 months early due to all the issues i was having. :D happy days! First thing the guy in telstra shop said when i told him i was with vodaphone "oh im sorry!" lol.
So yeah, dont give up!! If you arnt getting service dont put up with i...t.
Also when trying to port my number we had to ring the vodafone call centre while in telstra shop to get my account number, after 7 minute wait and no one answering, i ended up walking to the vodafone shop in the same shopping centre and was standing there waiting for a good 10 minutes while 2 customers in front of me were complaining about having no coverage. one of them was on a $79 plan and let me tell you she wasnt happy !! Another one was in there after being on hold for 2 hours and getting the call back option and was never called back. the staff was just like nothing we can do you have to ring up. wow so helpful. Telstra staff were ALOT more helpful and took the time to sit down with me and explain everything about my new contract and showed me how to use my new phone. Ported my number within 2 minutes. and then she even took the time to get all the contacts off my vodafone sim and put them on the telstra one. VERY appreciative as last time i was in vodafone and they told me it was a sim issue they didnt save my contacts and it deleted them all. wasnt impressed!!!
8 Feb 2011 07:31:08 AM: Congratulations on getting out of your contract! I'm sure it took a lot of hard work but it's definitely worth it. A small investment of time and energy in order to make calls 7 months early.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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15311 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Unacceptable at 7 Feb 2011 12:31:33 PM
I am being sent information that is incorrect - I know this because I am not being sent regular statements. I complained about this - a year ago (after yes, having ''Lara'' on the other end of the line) and apart from me, The Customer, not having the time, like any of us, I felt Raped of endless money that is being paid without receiving regular statements which are always over the amount I signed up for. . I am in pain with confusion and I cannot even speak to a real person.

In the last year I have consistent network coverage issues. Consistent - my friends can only get hold of me on certain occasions and when they do, the phone cuts out. These are in areas of the CBD, the Eastern suburbs, Pyrmont and Botany !!!!!!

I will never have another contract with Vodafone for as long as I still breathe - plus, I'm a walking advertisement if a LITTLE is given in a quantitative way! So.... goes to show ...I've got to go get on the line to Voda Frrrrr

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15310 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is stuffed at 7 Feb 2011 12:06:44 PM
to give you an idea how good the wireless usb stick is, on average it disconnects me every 1 minute and 20 seconds(on average).. just imagine if you had to rely on the internet for work?
you bastards vodafone
7 Feb 2011 08:38:52 PM: I do rely on the internet for work, that's why I'm suing these a$$holes and through Piper Alderman to get money from the for lost business revenue. Vodaf*ckers will pay.

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15309 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is No reception / Dropped Calls at 7 Feb 2011 11:42:47 AM
If i had a dollar for everytime i have been on a call and my line dropps out due to the poor reception, or a dollar for everytime someone has called me asking why "lara" is telling them that i have either switch my phone off or my number has been disconnect i think i would be a millionare. Thanks for nothing Voda!

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15308 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Delayed messages at 7 Feb 2011 11:38:00 AM
I decided to have a contract with voda fone mid july 2009 and what a mistake that was, from the word go i wasnt recieving texts, people weren't recieving my texts and as for pictxt. they were either delayed by 2-3weeks or just not recieved at all!!! this is the worst network and their customer service people are the worst i have ever had to deal with.

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15307 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 100% fail at 7 Feb 2011 11:32:05 AM
bein charged for excess usage... calling someone i live with $440 excess. why would i callmy flatmate that many times?

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15306 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Dropped Phonecalls at 7 Feb 2011 11:25:37 AM
I cant receive phonecalls from my Zetland NSW 2017 apartment, I can make calls but they sometimes drop out, then I have to wait a while to get signal, when I do I get missed call messages from the person trying to call me back.

I also cant receive phonecalls from my 28th floor on George St, Sydney office. I sit next to a guy with Telstra who has no problems.

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15305 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is at 7 Feb 2011 11:01:02 AM
Poor reception...even in my own house! No reception interstate. (Melbourne) delayed sms by up to 3 days. (xmas time) Signed up for a $69 cap and am charged twice that each month. Barely use ph, as it works out at approx 1.13 per minute. Not at all what I expected. Way too frustrating. Have changed companies now.

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15304 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is REAL BAD at 7 Feb 2011 10:28:34 AM
I have been with vodafone for many years now and since their merge with 3 I have bad reception in most area's, NONE in the MIDDLE OF ADELAIDE CITY and none in MY HOUSE IN NOVAR GARDENS. This is so frustrating!

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15303 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Miserable Wireless (USB) Internet at 7 Feb 2011 10:09:30 AM
I am using Optus cable internet as my main ISP and use Vodafail wireless internet as my backup just incase Optus Cable Internet is down (which did happens a couple of times). The speed of my Vodafail wireless internet (USB stck) is close to USELESS; the signal bar is always on the lower end of the scale. Time for Vodafone to wake up and get the problem(s) fixed. No use to market the service at cheap rate if the service is NOT up to scratch. Also, Vodafail's web site must be developed by the 'high school dropped out' developers. It is better NOT having a web site which is NOT working probably.

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15302 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is SHOCKING at 7 Feb 2011 10:05:49 AM
Brother inlaw called at 11am yesterday, phone never rang. Recieved a SMS message about a voicemail 12:05 pm Today.

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15301 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Rubbish at 7 Feb 2011 09:50:12 AM
Do not ever join Vodafone the service is Rubbish.

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15300 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Liers at 7 Feb 2011 09:48:08 AM
Vodafone defaulted my account and I had no idea I had an outstanding bill. I was more then happy to pay it.

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15299 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is installing temporary network for own conference at 7 Feb 2011 09:39:37 AM
I have it on good authority that Vodafone are currently installing a temporary phone tower inside Sydney's convention centre (SCEC) to achieve 3G coverage during their own national sales conference...
(8 Feb 2011)

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15297 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Almost lost a job fail! at 7 Feb 2011 08:59:07 AM
I was speaking with my future employer on the phone, they were offering me a position at their company, the calls just kept dropping out and they couldn't hear me, they thought I was playing around and thought I didn't have interest and I almost lost my job with them, career gone down the drain. I would never trust Vodafone on such an important thing ever again. Immagine it was life threatening...

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15296 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Still ruining my relationship... at 7 Feb 2011 08:46:04 AM
Last week on Tuesday and again on Sunday my boyfriend never received two very important texts from me - it has caused us some considerable grief because I come off looking like I am not replying at all and that I don't care.

At least on Sunday I was smart enough to send another copy as an email 8 hours later.

4 months of this now. When will it end?

Thanks yet again, Vodafail.

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15295 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Unusable at 7 Feb 2011 08:03:51 AM
Phone drops connection to network much more since November 2010. Was fine to begin with. Battery life is terrible because the phone is constantly searching for the network.

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15293 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is useless at 7 Feb 2011 07:44:42 AM
Can't make or receive calls,messages come through up to an hour later,calls drop out for no apparent reason- no point paying for a service if it cannot be provided

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15292 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is extremely at 7 Feb 2011 07:35:50 AM
Staying in Mona Vale Sydney-using wireless pocket wifi. Pages not opening-took 10 minutes for a tiny GIF to open this morning. Safari hanging opening any page. Vodafone asking me for password a few times a day. I bought this so I could travel and upload photos on photography website and it is NOT working...using Telstra on iphone and same pages open in an instant-same with network where I'm staying.

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15291 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Very Fail at 7 Feb 2011 06:05:35 AM
Gradual deterioration of voice quality over the past 4 months. As good as unusable now, when initially it was perfect.

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15290 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is everything is to no av(f)ail at 6 Feb 2011 11:55:56 PM
Poor coverage at my house. Having to have private and business phone calls on my front lawn.

Being given access to the internet, but being in the CBD of Perth and having poor or no reception "no active cellular network" comes up regularly.

Calls cutting out from someone 30 metres away while working and using vodafail to vodafail to communicate, or in this case not communicate.
7 Feb 2011 06:36:49 AM: they told me that they only guarantee service at my home location???? still dont have that either... no point in having a moble phone if you can not use it out side of the house

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15288 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is very at 6 Feb 2011 09:30:51 PM
Personal details removed

7th Feb, 2011

To: Vodaphone Device Return

Bright Point Australia

Warehouse B

1 Garden Road

Melrose, NSW 2085.

Like many other people whose Vodaphone hand held devices have been causing them considerable inconvenience, I finally lost patience and decided to ditch your service and look for something a bit more reliable. So I went to a Vodaphone store at a Brisbane shopping centre and asked if I could pay my account and hand in the hand set.

The person there, while being very helpful, said they couldn't accept the device but all I had to do was ring 1300 650 410 and request that a satchel be sent to my house. I could then simply drop the device into the satchel, and then into the post box.

I rang the number and, after getting the usual run a round from that brainless bimbo answering machine, was switched thru to India where I spent the next hour or so trying to find out how to get the satchel. They were extremely reluctant to give out this sensitive information and several times during the long rambling discussion, I was asked who had given me the phone number and the information on how to request a satchel. I got the faint impression that, if they found out who it was, then that persons future career prospects at Vodaphone may not be too rosey.

The fellow at the other end of the line then attempted to steer me thru a complicated series of steps that may solve the problems I was having. But all to no avail. Eventually he conceded defeat and said he'd transfer me to Technical Support. However, during his attempt to do this, we got cut off.

After a suitable period of time had elapsed, I called the number again and after another skirmish with the bimbo talking robot, was switched thru to India where I asked the fellow on the other end if Vodaphone actually had a postal address in Australia.

Why do you want to know? he asked, rather pompously and suspiciously.

At this point I was becoming rather dangerously close to losing my temper and told him, in no un certain terms, that I wanted the address so I could send them a letter and it was none of his business anyway, as it was simply his job to be of service to his employers customers. This had the desired effect and he suddenly blurted out the address.

So, please find enclosed the mobile phone. Also could you email my last months account to me so I can pay it and that will be the end of our association. I'll send a copy of this letter to you by email if I can find an email address to send it to. I daren't risk another one hour chat on the phone with someone in India so I'll probably hopefully get it off your web site.

(Personal details removed)
6 Feb 2011 10:02:48 PM: Hi there I have had to moderate your post by removing your personal details.

Try the Vodafone facebook page as well...........and online.help@vodafone.com.au

I hope you sent the devise by registered post as well..........please say you did!!

I think it most likely you will be getting a phone call from Vodafone fairly soon!!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
8 Feb 2011 02:48:18 AM: fail... its spelled vodafone.

8 Feb 2011 10:45:28 AM: Might want to check that address....Brightpoint is GARIGAL Road and it's in BELROSE
8 Feb 2011 05:12:50 PM: At 8 Feb 2011 04:48:18 AM: Wrong!!! It's actually spelt Vodafail.

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15286 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Call Centre at 6 Feb 2011 09:27:08 PM
Just called call centre for 24 hour customer service, advised by the rep that all systems are down for at least 6 hours.
7 Feb 2011 10:06:38 AM: The system has been down here in the CBD since Wendesday last week.
Still down today

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15285 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is fail at 6 Feb 2011 08:38:50 PM
mobile network frequently dropping out for mobile internet

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15284 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Website-Fail at 6 Feb 2011 08:17:26 PM
Error establishing a database connection - yes folks ...its another FAIL when trying to check the balance on ones account.
11 Feb 2011 09:23:50 AM: Its a massive fail yet again

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15283 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is NEVER TO VODAFONE AGAIN at 6 Feb 2011 08:00:08 PM

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15282 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is SAD VODAFONE EXPERIENCE at 6 Feb 2011 07:51:31 PM
8 Feb 2011 02:51:19 AM: try reading the bill properly and you'll find its a pro rata charge which means you are charged PER DAY. this is in the contract and fully explained at the time of purchase. its approx 1/30th of your monthly fee per day.

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15281 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is No service! at 6 Feb 2011 07:45:02 PM
I know we have had severe weather where i live, but i have not had service for 5 days now! no one can get hold of me such as family or friends and i cannot contact anyone! i am paying for a phone i cannot use! this is absolutely ridiculous!

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15280 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Hopelessly ridiculously pathetic at 6 Feb 2011 07:38:54 PM
We have renewed 4 new plans with Vodafone 3 months ago and the following happened:

All 4 plans were incorrected registered and despite spending over 4 hours with Vodafone, and on each occasion being reassured that they have been rectified, all 3 plans are still being overcharged;
Existing auto debit details did not roll over and I was threatened with a disconnect notice by SMS;
One of the new phone was both incoming and outgoing call barred and we found out that there were 3 months of payment in arrear when we first used the phone; we informed Vodafone calls were never made and no inovices were received either by mail, SMS or email while the plan detail were also incorrect. Vodafone denied our information and informed that invoices were sent to a Hotmail account; however that particular account is not attached to a Hotmail; SO THE VODAFONE STAFF MADE THE STORY UP!!!!;
We were informed that credit will be applied on the incorrect charges and late fee will be waived; as of today, they are still showing on our bill; We have been over-charged and the so called Help Desk is not helping at all!
And yes, calls have been dropped every now and then even in Sydney Metro

In short: Billing problem; dropped calls; incorrect advice/ promise by vodafone staff; on-hold for too long; overcharged; poor customer services and irresponsible directors!

17 Feb 2011 09:44:03 AM: Just go to the TIO and get a result. Then the ba....ds have to

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15279 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 10 out of 10 at 6 Feb 2011 07:24:17 PM

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15278 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Woeful at 6 Feb 2011 06:43:14 PM
When will the government get involved? How can these criminals carry on business and have prolonged on going problems!

It's a complete disgrace!

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15277 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is below par at 6 Feb 2011 06:36:08 PM
Was thinking that they had started to fix there ways, However for most of the weekend I was unable to load a basic webpage on my smartphone, and this USB mobile broadband has only been marginally better.. been shithouse for 3 months

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15276 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is phone at 6 Feb 2011 05:47:15 PM
I have gone through 4 blackberrys, due to faulty phone, and am sick of having to leave them in for a month to be fixed... want out of vodafone
6 Feb 2011 07:24:45 PM: A faulty phone isn't Vodafone's fault. Blame Blackberry.

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15275 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is very at 6 Feb 2011 05:46:53 PM
the coverage they say they cover is not correct i am in a two year contract and there is no reception at my house like i was told there would be this is my only form off contact so if there was an emergeny i would not be able to contact anyone

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15274 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is extreme at 6 Feb 2011 05:17:04 PM
Poor reception all the time. Often my phone has no service in the middle of the gold coast. Unacceptable

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15273 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is at 6 Feb 2011 05:08:18 PM
Very poor coverage in Ngunnawal (northern suburb). Keeps dropping out in our house.

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15272 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is want go back to 3 at 6 Feb 2011 04:57:26 PM
3 was better than this. LARA sucks! What does customer support do btw? can they only answer the phone every 5 hours or what? Or maybe it's a certain amount of calls they can take a day. Maybe like 1 per hour. Signal is worse than 3 ever was, and I'm aware that 3 had roaming fees, but at least then you knew the call would work!!! Vodafone fix these problems and stop saying "it will be fixed" because nothing has changed.

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15271 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Extreme fail! at 6 Feb 2011 04:46:22 PM
Ever since the floods and cyclone I have not being able to maintain steady reception! I only get one bar where I used to have full bars! My calls keep dropping everytime I call anyone! My calls go in and out and where it never used to happen!!! I'm annoyed I would expect reception and communication being one of the most important thing to upkeep but apparently NOT!!! NOt impressed!!
7 Feb 2011 01:34:18 PM: Me too!!!!!!!!!!!! today is really bad

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15270 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is very at 6 Feb 2011 04:27:29 PM
cannot conduct business effectively.

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15269 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is dreadful at 6 Feb 2011 03:13:02 PM
My broadband constantly drops out, spend more time trying to re-connect than actually looking at the internet.

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15266 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is 11 out of 10 at 6 Feb 2011 02:42:58 PM
Sick and tired of the drop out rate of my calls in my own home. The signal strength in my area has been getting steadily worse since moving into my present home 5 years ago. How can I get dodgy (at best) reception in one part of my home, walk 3 metres and get no reception at all? NOT GOOD ENOUGH VODAFONE!!!! All I get is a poor excuse that the style of building I live in affects signal strength - WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!!!! I had excellent reception here in previous years and it has been getting steadily worse. Can't wait for my plan to end so I can go to a more reliable network.

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15264 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is hopeless at 6 Feb 2011 02:11:29 PM
Just contacted TIO again. Received Jan bill by email today. Amount owing and date payment due only. Again no billing details, even after Vodafone Tas and various workers in India,have promised me that full details would be supplied. They can do it after I complain each month, why can't I get the correct bill in the first place ? Hope TIO has better luck this time! Didn't have a problem prior to Oct, 2010.

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15263 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is like it's never failed before at 6 Feb 2011 02:02:55 PM
Data speeds are shocking and have constant dropped calls. I see the following messages appear so often on my phone I'm starting to think it's an iphone feature ''Cannot activate cellular data' 'No Service' and 'web page unable to load. Why am i paying $79 a month for again?

Vodafail can go f@## themselves but before they do that i need to get out of my contract.

The sad thing is, when i do move to another service provider, I will be so greatful for an average of 3-4-5 bars of service that i will think it's a priviledge rather than a standard of service I SHOULD receive, that i'm paying for.

Feels good to vent. :)

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15262 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Total Fail!! at 6 Feb 2011 01:27:56 PM
My reception keeps dropping out, friends are not getting the sms I send, friends cannot get through to me. Has been happening for over a week.
Tried calling to get the problem resolved and all 3 times was on hold for over 40mins.
Very dissapointed and angry!
7 Feb 2011 02:02:43 PM: phone the TIO, i got out of my contract after being with them for less than 2 months.... goodluck

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15261 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Ethnically Corrupt at 6 Feb 2011 12:28:26 PM
6 Feb 2011 01:58:31 PM: I know what you mean, when I was 17 and in school , my parents paid for my phone (im now 21 with a full time job) I went over my cap once by over $100 and received no notification from vodafone that I was going over the cap. Needless to say my parent made me pay all the overcharge fees (rightly so) so if you'd like your daughter to be more mindful of her phone usage I was suggest doing that. I garuntee I didn't go over my cap again lol.
6 Feb 2011 02:59:30 PM: Thank you for the advice...new rules and actions have been applied. Daughter currently less than happy.
6 Feb 2011 05:45:18 PM: no phones service does this for you optus telstra 3 virgin, all the same, simple thing don't give anyone under the age of 18 a contract plan. phone companies are not your parents and shouldn't need to baby there customers all the time. im with optus and have had my fair share of high bill and telstra to.
6 Feb 2011 09:36:59 PM: Not quiet correct...I have discovered that TPG do in fact send notifications when Cap limits are being approached, reached and then further warnings thereafter. Not sure how providing billing updates or warnings can be considered as spoon feeding customers. When I have my car serviced, if the engineer finds an unexpected issue during the inspection they will always call to initially inform me of the problem and any additional work required before seeking authorisation to proceed; or not.

Such a service would be a relatively simple programme for any Telco, particularly a network operator, to implement alongside their daily billing routines. These notifications could be sent via SMS during off-peak times to avoid any additional burden to already stretched operational platforms. I expect the real reason VF (and other mobile providers as you mentioned) don't provide this service is fairly obvious!
7 Feb 2011 05:35:48 AM: That's why you can call 1555 or login online to check your balance, don't be lazy and do the work yourself and don't be spoon fed
7 Feb 2011 06:04:19 AM: @ 7 Feb 2011 07:35:48 AM Get real mate, 1555 be prepared for a 2 hour wait and the online service is up and down more times than a French tarts knickers. Start living in the real world and handing out sensible suggestions instead of plain stupidity and insults.

6 Feb 2011 11:36:59 PM: Sounds like a bloody good idea.
7 Feb 2011 08:00:35 AM: I meant 1512 and that takes 1 min. I can my balance any time on line from many different computers any time day or night
7 Feb 2011 08:39:11 AM: @ 7 Feb 2011 10:00:35 AM Earth calling La-La Land, 1 minute my arse and access to My Vodafone day or night, Earth calling Planet Zog.
7 Feb 2011 09:24:54 AM: I don't think you know what you're talking about, 1512 is to check your balance and I call that number 25 tims a day and have no problems and it takes 1 min each time, I can log onto myvodafone as I have today 10 times to do things and have no issues
7 Feb 2011 09:30:58 AM: @ 7 Feb 2011 11:24:54 AM: You need stronger medication.
7 Feb 2011 10:13:22 AM: At 7 Feb 2011 07:35:48 AM Hang about mate, first you said 1555 and then you said 1512.

Seems to me you are the one who does not know what he is talking about!

Agree with 7 Feb 2011 11:30:58 AM You are in need of stronger medication.
7 Feb 2011 06:52:54 PM: as said above check your balance with 1512,
7 Feb 2011 08:57:59 PM: telstra sends a warning message when u are nearing your usage limit
7 Feb 2011 08:58:50 PM: 7 Feb 2011 11:24:54 AM works for vodafone

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15260 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is LOL at 6 Feb 2011 10:34:44 AM
I find it extremely funny that vodafone sales rep picks up ur phone within 10 seconds if its about sales
If u call 1300650410 or 1555 they put u on hold for hourssss
8 Feb 2011 02:52:32 AM: because there are so many people ringing in to complain and noone calling to make sales. think about it.

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15259 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Ubelieveable at 6 Feb 2011 10:09:55 AM
Ja Ha Vodafone even has trouble making an interstate call as soon as you put in area code call fails!

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15258 Someone from WA thinks vodafone is 50 per cent at 6 Feb 2011 09:57:58 AM
Australia has many timezones. Vodafone needs to help its customers beyond Eastern Summer Time

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15257 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is SO SO DODGY!!! at 6 Feb 2011 09:56:42 AM
I've posted my problems here a few times.

On the 28th of January, Vodafone agreed to cancel my contract with not fees. Their text message was very vague. It only stated I should be getting a letter in the mail with further details as to what I had to do.

Seriously, how long does this take?? Are they delivering the letter via pigeons?
I still have not received any such letter, but I HAVE received my latest bill from vodafone (which funny enough, they have overcharged me by a good 80+ dollars).

I would call them, but the last thing I want is to be on the phone for HOURS again, with no solution. Has anybody been through this aswell?

How long did it take to receive your letter?
6 Feb 2011 11:03:00 AM: I received my letter about 3 business days after the phone call confirming termination, not so much a letter but one containing a return envelope for the phone, with instructions to include all bits and bobs and to do so within 8 days to the Australia Post shop. They did say it could take between 3 and 7 working days to arrive.

Nothing else included.

Make sure you keep the return receipts (I might even add pay a bit extra and send registered post as one poster here had a nasty surprise see 15247) for tracking purposes.

As far as the bill is concerned you can try to contact them (torture of the hang em high kind) or as an alternative try their facebook page. The people on there are pretty useless but they have got the billing enquiry side under some sort of control and you can do it by email.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
7 Feb 2011 09:01:31 PM: my letter took about 5 days

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15256 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is very badly at 6 Feb 2011 06:29:53 AM
i've been a customer for 5 weeks, they can't get my bill right under a normal Cap Plan

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15254 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Unfit for purpose under the trade practices act at 5 Feb 2011 06:57:10 PM
I recently decided to go the whole hog and buy a high end phone, the google nexus. As my current provider 3 had no android phones on offer I changed to Vodafone. I had had very good experiences with vodafone in the past so I had no qualms about changing back especially given that they were now the same company.

However the smart phone I was sold is dumb. It does not implement the SMS protocol correctly. When the phone runs short of memory (at 20MB of free memory mind you) it does not have space to store an SMS (160 characters/bytes), it SHOULD be able to fit 125,000 SMSes into that space. Instead of following the protocol specifications for SMS and telling the network "I have no memory now" so the network stores the SMS, my dumb phone accepts the SMS and throws it away leaving me a message on the screen to the effect that it threw away an SMS due to lack of memory. That's just great because the sender will get a delivery confirmation if they asked for one and think I got the message, and despite having a PhD in software the software on this phone gives no clear indication of what exactly is filling my memory up so I can't easily fix it except by randomly removing the very software (large programs) for which I chose to pay the extra to buy a "smart" phone in order to be able to run.

Other faults in the SMS implementation on the phone include: Turning the phone on makes it resend several (I've never been able work out just how many) recent SMSes I've sent. This irritates and confuses my contacts. Thank god they are being sent to their original recipients and not to each other! When an SMS appears on the screen it offers delete and reply icons. However if I press reply, the SMS is sending forever, whereas if I go into the SMS application separately and send a message to the sender, it is sent. I have wasted heaps of money and time copying and pasting these "forever sending" SMSes.

I also bought the phone to be able to read internet on the train, and pay a high plan to get 1MB of included data. Well about 35% of the time the data connection breaks before the full page is loaded. More retries, more data used for the SAME incomplete service. And it is not from the train acting as a Faraday cage, today I walked to the markets here in central Adelaide, and there - in the open air - half the pages I tried to access failed to even be delivered.

To add insult to injury I now find on my last bill that Vodafone has been charging me an outrageously high 4 cents for SMS delivery receipts. These should be free because they are a natural part of a COMPLETE protocol, it's like charging extra to have the called party's phone ring in addition to charging for the call itself. Also with the substandard network combined with the broken and incorrect SMS software, it is the only way I can tell that and SMS I send has actually been sent. I cannot believe what the software tells me and I do not trust the network to work.

In no way happy Jan, and instead of Senator Stephen Conroy wasting his time and our money trying to censor the internet like the Chinese or Egyptians, he should be doing his job and making sure that basic network services are being provided.
6 Feb 2011 12:31:09 AM: So you invested in what your calling a smart phone, a Google Nexus in fact. A phone only available online, not in stores... You didn't think to do a little research first to see if it would have the advanced SMS options you were after? Instead you got it, and now blame Vodafone for a phone not made by them not having the features you didn't research...
6 Feb 2011 07:43:13 AM: To the OP: where did you buy your phone from?
7 Feb 2011 09:11:01 PM: You're at fault here by not researching the phone. And by the way, 3 have numerous smartphones with an Android operating platform. Did you research this or just assume? 3 and Vodafone both sell the HTC Desire HD...a great phone! Just a shame the network is so crap.
15 Feb 2011 11:39:15 AM: To answer your questions: a) What advanced SMS options? Nothing I am talking about is anything but the basic specification: sending, receiving and end to end receipt are all part of the basic protocol they are all things the most basic phones get right although a few do not implement the SMS receipt. The google nexus has all these features, they just don't work reliably. And I do blame Vodafone. I've been to conferences where vodafone, 3 and others claim to test the handsets with their networks before they sell them.
b) I bought it from the Australian Vodafone shop online.
c) I did research the phone in multiple ways. You just do not expect such basic parts of the phone's software not to work. 3 might NOW have numerous phones with the Android system, at the time I bought they only had a cheap and nasty LG which I played with at their store and felt less than robust. Also at the time the Desire was exlusive to Telstra on a $80 or $90 plan. Given the nexus and HTC Desire are basically the same phone with slightly different buttons at the bottom the reviews were good.

Given the Android software architecture, there really is no excuse for not having updated this most basic of phone software to working versions. It's the same as having a jet engine explode in midair when the Airplane / Engine specification says that the engine will contain any failure within itself and jettison any debris rearward, or to have a bridge fall down when you walk over it. Failure to meet the specification is completely unprofessional and quite unheard of. OP

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15252 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is extremely painfully bad at 5 Feb 2011 06:34:03 PM
I was at bondi junction, I couldnt get a reception, then I went on the internet and it gave me the message that I was overseas, and that I would have to pay to use it. I didn't see the message until I had already used it so that means I have to pay. Then I went to coogee and I didn't get any reception, even though the messages finally sent after 5 minutes, the person I sent them to didnt get it. I thought what would happen if I needed to call 000 and I had no reception. appalling service vodafone.
7 Feb 2011 06:04:06 PM: i also have received the message about being overseas.. but i was in sydney's northern beaches!!! FAIL

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15251 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Totally useless at 5 Feb 2011 05:42:01 PM
I have tried unsuccessfully to contact vodafone for 6 weeks via email and telephone, they simply do not call me back. I contacted the tio and they told me to port my 7 numbers out and they would contact them on my behalf. After 14 days still nothing, the tio gave them another 48 hours, more like 100 when you take into consideration the weekend and my investigators sick day. Still nothing! It has now been classified as a level 3 complaint thus costing vodafone in excess of $20k simply in fines! They have to pay up not apply credits on this one and there is now a full blown investigation into their handling of my accounts! To say I am fed up is an understatement! Completely useless and incompetent behavior!! Let's hope the government gets involved and sends them back where they came from!!! Oh did I mention that I'm a Gold Dealer of their services!!! This is disgraceful conduct from a multi national company trading in the lucky country! The CEO has to be sacked immediately! They have also announced it will take from 4-6 months for them to be able to perform again! Are they serious!!!! Joining the dole queue on Monday!

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15250 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is dangerous at 5 Feb 2011 03:49:30 PM
whilst driving to my horses today, noticed the road to the horses was blocked off as was covered in flood water, wanted to ring the woman of paddock to see if there was another way through, surprise surprise had no phone reception so went for a drive to find coverage, still no luck so jumped out my car in the heavy rain to try to get a signal, still no luck.
Upon coming back to my car my car wouldnt start had no signal for me to ring out to get help.
Had to walk km]s to try to find a phone, luckily a kind man was at a pub and leant me his phone.Vodafone you failed big time, after months of battles with them i fot released from my contract today after a long battle.
All i can say is fight your argument. Goodluck all

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15249 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is extremely at 5 Feb 2011 03:38:57 PM
Trying to register on myvodafone after receiving an msm that my bill will be $100 extra. Tried for explanation but given runaround and told my bill will arrive in a few days so wait for that. Go to register on myvodafone which quotes "this should take no longer than 3 minutes" Put number in to "username"
we will send temporary password via sms. If not received within 15 minutes call. Do this twice then get told it could take up to a week due to technicalities. I'm out of my contract so I guess I'll have to pay the extra and go back to Telstra.
7 Feb 2011 08:31:37 AM: Just browsing the site while waiting for my temporary password SMS to come through - according to the website it should be 2 minutes.
7 Feb 2011 09:05:24 PM: i tried to get those temporary passwords to but they never came through. i tried a few times over a few months. nothing.

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15248 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is very! at 5 Feb 2011 01:24:12 PM
My iphone 4 I ordered 3 months ago, has still not arrived after numerous phone calls,being put through to various teams becuase of the lack of communication and not writting things in the "notes" section, orders being "failed" and staff saying they will get back to me and never do.

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15247 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Fatal Juxtaposition at 5 Feb 2011 10:04:53 AM
Vodafone Agreed to cancel the contract and take the 2 phones back. Returned them both with box, manuals, cables even the original covers! Now they've sent a $3200 bill, with "we are going to prosceute you" etc, and denied receipt of the return phones. i've kept the tracking labels will see if i can get proof of delivery.
It's intriguing the way these organisations skillfully manipulate case by case to try and minimise damage and create the perception of isolated cirucmstances.
5 Feb 2011 11:37:45 AM: Check out here how to track your post, insert the number in the box, press submit and it should show you the history..........or not!!


Let us know the result!!

Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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15246 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Uber Fail at 5 Feb 2011 09:33:32 AM
No 3G coverage at home in Griffith (line of sight to Parliament House), at none at the caffs in Manuka, none at my office in Phillip, none at my mum's in Lyneham.

Frequent drop outs and/or no signal. No signal when I'm riding to work. Epic fail.

Just got moved across from 3 to finish up my contract (because of crap coverage and being hit with massive 'roaming' charges every time the network dropped out). I wasn't prepared for just how appalling this would be. Apart from when I'm on wifi networks, I don't think I've actually been able to use the smartphone capabilities of my phone at all. Hopeless.

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15244 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is 3 & Vodafail Crap at 5 Feb 2011 07:49:57 AM
I would like to bring to your notice the billing fraud committed by 3 on a daily basis. Since Vodafail bought 3 couple of months ago...3 is going the vodafail way.

I have had two connections from 3. One is a mobile phone service and the other is a mobile broadband service. Last month (24th Jan 2011) I decided to disconnect the mobile broadband phone service. I was charged an extra $119.25 ! They told me that I used extra data. I already have a 6GB limit which I am sure I have not used as I was in the process of moving houses. When I asked for a detailed data usage report they refused to give me. They used planned confusing words such as pro rata billing etc.

Yesterday I received another bill for my mobile phone which is coming up to $93.02. This includes $49 which is the monthly rental. The remainder is $44.02 which they say is from my old disconnected broadband service. They claim that the billing cycle is responsible for this. How come I get charged for the mobile broadband service when I have already disconnected and had been forcefully charged? The disputed amount from January bill is $80. And disputed amount for the February bill is $44.02. So the total bill amount dispute is $124.02.

The provider does not want to give a proper breakup of the data usage of the mobile broadband service where I have incurred an extra $80. And also practises evading tactics using confusing words like pro-rata and billing cycles etc when discussing the disputed amount ($44.02) for the February bill. The call centre gentleman who I spoke to had a name called Sadik and I think is based in India.

I am not new to the mobile phone service bills. This is the first time I have experienced this and only from 3.

Please understand that I am not a opportunist who is taking advantage. I have been cheated and all I ask is Justice to be served.
5 Feb 2011 07:21:15 PM: Firstly talk to the TIO. Secondly pursue obtaining a list of the websites visited or at least a list of the IP addresses reached. I tried to get this from 3 when my business account had unexpected data charges. I completely trust the phone user(my partner) so I was worried about some kind of "phone" home type virus.

They wouldn't give me that info for "privacy" reasons even though I was paying the bill. I said well if you can't or won't prove to me what I am being charged for I won't pay. I went through the TIO in the end and they were forced to refund the charges. Since they would not agree to provide usage data in future I made them disable data for that phone number telling them they had just ensured they would never earn a sent from all that infrastructure from me.

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15243 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Very inconvenient at 5 Feb 2011 07:19:50 AM
I have already said my own problems on here... but....

..there are many others who, surprisingly, haven't seen this website and won't complain...

My barber didn't respond to my email asking for an appointment for 3 days. When I went in I asked how come it took so long, he said his internet was down. Curious, I asked who is ISP was..... guess who?

My friend couldn't contact her boyfriend at the Australian Open, and so missed 1 hour of the match they went to see because they couldn't find each other. He had no phone reception in the middle of Melbourne. Funny, can you guess who his mobile is with?... She also tried calling his mate, who was with him. She couldn't get through. Guess who he was with?....

I know for a fact that none of these people had even heard of vodafail, piper alderman, or the TIO, despite the media attention and them all being very switched on people.

I'm not faulting this website, or the awareness of my friends, but simply saying there are a LOT of people out there who've been screwed by vodafone who haven't even complained. The 15,000 who've voiced their anger on this site are just the tip of the iceberg.
5 Feb 2011 07:30:34 AM: We are fully aware that the majority of people do not know about this website and nor do they post on online blogs /forums / websites. There is nothing more we can do to promote the site and it has gained more media attention then alot of sites.

This site was created to show those who do browse the web post on blogs / forums / websites that they are not alone. I think 15,000 people are now aware that may not have been aware before this site was made.

Those 15,000 customers represent a huge sample size of Vodafone customers and we can only imagine how large the number of people affected really is.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
5 Feb 2011 08:47:35 AM: Does that 15,000 include people like me, who "share their experience with vodafone", only to have my posts deleted and my iPhone 4 (which was so effective at posting my day to day activities using the Vodafone network) that you blocked it?

Any way maybe someone will get to read this before you delete is so they know what kind of person you are.

meanwhile as I drove from Brisbane to Campbelltown 1024 km 14 hours I:-

Checked into Foursquare 47 times uploaded 17 photo's

Checkeed into Facebook 18 times and uploaded 9 photo's

Videocalled on Skype for 27 mins

Talked on the phone for 2 hours 35 minutes

Sent 24 SMS and MMS messages

and generally had no issues whatsoever

My iPhone 4 has been IP blocked from posting here DUE TO THE EFFICIENCY OF THE VODAFONE NETWORK at posting from various locations AND I did speedtests which show that Vodafone is easily a match for Telstra , speedwise.

Stick your fingers in your ears like a two year old and yell "I'm not listening" as you no doubt delete this post too

29 Jan 2011 05:27:50 PM: Vodafone Brisbane:-


30 Jan 2011 12:25:03 AM: NextG Network in Sydney


14858 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is Not at all at 28 Jan 2011 08:45:18 PM
I drove from Sydney to Brisbane expecting the worst after all the whining on this site, checked in on Foursquare and Facebook at over 22 locations, engaged in five hors of phone calls, sent MMS and SMS from my iPhone 4 and now I'm posting this using my Vodafone modem from Deception Bay.

No problems at all, I don't know what the fuss is all about.
28 Jan 2011 08:51:47 PM: Welcome to imaginary land. Population, 1.
28 Jan 2011 09:26:28 PM: I suspect a bit of deception, but not much bay
28 Jan 2011 09:34:20 PM: She's right, no problems between Sydney and Brisbane, 14857 Vodafail customers are mistaken
28 Jan 2011 10:37:03 PM: OP did not come via the Gold Coast, that is for sure!!!
28 Jan 2011 11:57:42 PM: Check this, Speedtest:-


4.47 Mbps Down, 1.51 Mbps up

Reality, Vodafone Australia Mobile Broadband.
29 Jan 2011 12:00:13 AM: Came up that motorway from Tweed Heads, talking all the way to Brisbane, iPhone 4 linked to Bluetooth, no problems mate, apart from the drivers here.
29 Jan 2011 12:05:20 AM: Have the Vodatrolls been asked by Vodafone to post this sort of stuff here?
28 Jan 2011 11:40:04 PM: I'm at Deception Bay using my iPhone 4 and USB stick are working fine, see:-


29 Jan 2011 01:18:43 AM: It's funny how every bad experience is taken as fact without question or doubt yet whenever anyone claims to have no problems with their vodafone product/service then it has to be vodafone staff or their PR team.
29 Jan 2011 08:18:39 AM: @ 29 Jan 2011 01:18:43 AM

Simple really.............in all reality it normally is.
29 Jan 2011 08:29:21 AM: Nope I'm sick of this pack of whiners, so put up my experiences, as I said I was expecting issues and had none.

So how many posts are from Telstra and Optus employees trying to pick up a few customers?

Here's another speedtest, a bit slower but still good:-

2.70 Mbps Down 1.41 Mbps up.


Vodafone Australia mobile broadband.
29 Jan 2011 08:32:10 AM: Another one, the Brisbane test is a bit faster than the Sunshine Coast one:-

3.54 Mbps down, 1.6 Mbps up.

29 Jan 2011 01:41:03 PM: Spent a nice morning wandering around this area, uploaded a few photo's to Facebook, checked into Foursquare, made a couple of calls, from my iPhone 4, just dropped in to do another speedtest.

4.26 Mbps down, 1.43 Mbps up.


Vodafone works fine.
29 Jan 2011 05:27:50 PM: Here another speedtest:-

5.77 Mbps down, 1.62 Mbps up and a link to prove it


Deception Bay Queensland
29 Jan 2011 06:57:17 PM: I'm a Vodafone employee AND a Vodafone customer.

As a customer I've honestly had very few issues. What few issues I've had have been in the last month or two but my service is still very usable.

As an employee I'm happy to see people go to another carrier. I get most of my commission from customers coming to vodafone, not from customers who are with vodafone already. I'm also privy to information about plans that will have the network close to if not equal to Telstra's network quality by the end of 2012, just when everyone who is leaving Vodafone now will be off their contracts. We'll see how long people's memories are when Vodafone not only has the best plans but a great network to back them up.
29 Jan 2011 07:49:43 PM: Bahahahahahahahahaha, Vodafone will never be good as Optus let alone as good as Telstra.

LOL Fail!
29 Jan 2011 08:04:47 PM: "Telstra's network quality by the end of 2012, just when everyone who is leaving Vodafone now will be off their contracts"

To late mate for a lot of people - jam tomorrow and tomorrow never comes - I'm outta here way before then.
29 Jan 2011 08:13:05 PM: Post your speedtest here then, put your money where your mouth is.

Now I'm the other side of Brisbane in Marsden, bit slower down here:-

1.12 Mbps down, 1.09 Mbps up


No problems with reception on the drive through Brisbane, iPhone 4, made a couple of calls here and there.

Last time I was with Optus their network used to die, right on the dot of 8 when 'Yes' time would kick in...

"All lines to the area you are calling are busy" it used to take five or six tries to get through, it improved a bit with the olympics but not enough to stop me switching to Vodafone, my bills used to run at $600 a month with Optus now I spend $59.
29 Jan 2011 10:47:56 PM: funny coz i live in Tweed Heads and have had nothing but problems.
29 Jan 2011 10:48:32 PM: how do you do this speed test?
30 Jan 2011 12:11:24 AM: Go here:-

30 Jan 2011 12:23:43 AM: Bit slow tonight on the NextG network:

30 Jan 2011 12:25:03 AM: NextG Network in Sydney

30 Jan 2011 02:34:18 AM: back to deception bay, prepaid $100 ($90 at Woolworths) 6GB over 6 months

3.47 Mbps Down, 1.54 Mbps up

5 Feb 2011 09:13:30 AM: Hi @10:47:35,

That 15,000 does not include you as the vast majority of your posts have been moderated due to being off topic. To add, we remove any duplicate posts and you have been posting the same thing dozens of times a day for a week now.

More importantly though, your good experiences do not negate the bad experiences of tens of thousands of people on the Vodafone network. While it's great that it is working for you many others are not so lucky.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
5 Feb 2011 11:10:17 AM: @5 Feb 2011 10:47:35 AM You say "Any way maybe someone will get to read this before you delete is so they know what kind of person you are. "

Now why don't you tell the full story? You were spamming everone's replies with your pointless speedtest crap. You were asked by the moderation team to keep your pointless spam to your thread and your thread alone, but no, you didn't like that. So YOU decided to spam pointless replies for hours on end, of which they were then all removed, including your original post. You then also posted the above pointless message non stop for over a week (hundreds of times) ... Also funny to note that you posted it from a Vodafone Store IP numerous times. So why don't you explain to everyone how you work for vodafone.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
5 Feb 2011 03:19:31 PM: I am another vodafone customer and travel all over Melbourne and I DO NOT have any problems, I can make calls no drop outs. How any other people on here have made duplicate stories, or went onto someone else's computer and made false claims.
5 Feb 2011 03:21:55 PM: Also the speedtest are not pointless, if you the moderator start abusing people like you just did, proves what sort of a website this is
5 Feb 2011 03:37:34 PM: lol 'abuse' ... There is nothing abusive in his post, it is stating pure fact. The Troll above spammed this site for days on end, Thank god the moderators removed the dribble. Also very interesting to read he was posting from Vodafone store IP's....Sounds just like something you would expect from a Vodafone Staffer.
5 Feb 2011 04:28:03 PM: @ 5 Feb 2011 10:47:35 AM I have seen your multiple ramblings on this website, spamming post after post with the same message over and over again, even in posts not related. Now I read that you were doing it from a Vodafone store, breathtakingly abuse of company time and resources. As a company representative can you tell me if spamming is permitted under the terms and conditions of use for Vodafone?
5 Feb 2011 04:41:00 PM: @10:47:35 - you are an absolute moron to the enth degree. Awesome, you don't have any issues you're lucky then, but that doesn't excuse the fact that thousands of people are having issues with vodafones service. It's fuck-heads like you who made me leave vodafone and go to telstra.
5 Feb 2011 04:45:48 PM: excuse your language you freak. go crawl back down your little hole
5 Feb 2011 04:46:32 PM: I know alot of people on Vodafone and they have no problems
5 Feb 2011 05:31:48 PM: I know alot of people that had nothing but problems with Vodafone, almost all of them are now free of their contracts with Vodafone and the ones that are currently still with them are just waiting for the TIO to close out their cases so they can also be contract free and off to another provider.

If you want to read all the experiences people are having with Vodafone, don't just read here but also check out the Vodafone FB page. The wall and discussion pages there show you there are literally thousands upon thousands of people that are all having similar issues with Vodafone (and that is just the small percentage of people that either know about this site or the vodafone fb page).

It is great you are having no issues, and just as good that you know others that are having no issues. But this site was created so people could share their issues with Vodafone and see they are all very similar and not alone in their experiences with that company.

Vodafail.com Moderation Team
5 Feb 2011 06:58:10 PM: @06:45:48 PM I'll stop using profanities when vodafone stop lying to and cheating their customers. =)
6 Feb 2011 08:27:27 AM: What about the people who have issues with Telstra and optus etc, optus still has dropouts and poor coverage, both companies charge incorrectly on their bills
6 Feb 2011 09:08:01 AM: This site isn't about Telstra or Optus, however if you are having major difficulties with them then maybe you could do something about it and create a site similar to this to see if others are sharing the same pain as you.

The moment I got out of my Vodafone contract I went to Telstra and it has been flawless. Best speed, network, coverage and their customer service craps all over Vodafone's. Have not had a single issue with them. To be honest they are the exact opposite of Vodafone.

Very happy I made the leap!
6 Feb 2011 09:36:06 AM: Two tin cans and a piece of frayed string cut in the middle works better than Vodafone.
6 Feb 2011 12:15:22 PM:
7 Feb 2011 09:07:31 AM: dude no one cares about your stupid speeds. people want coverage right now. you think victorian or qld clients when in a disaster care about speed?
they care about coverage get it trough your thick head.IT AINT MOBILE IF IT AINT MOBILE YOU FOOL
7 Feb 2011 09:10:01 AM: I work for a bank even with netbank code vodafone clients have issues getting sms for security reasons??
7 Feb 2011 09:26:04 AM: I don't have issues from netbank and never had any
7 Feb 2011 04:15:41 PM: I know Telstra's network is better, but I'm not convinced about Telstra's customer service or website, but then again I'm not convinced about Vodafone's either.
7 Feb 2011 09:11:03 PM: wow who is this idiot. wow good for u asshole that u have speeds! horrayyy lets have a party. guess what! OTHER PEOPLE DONT HAVE RECEPTION can u wrap ur little mind around that? ur not the only person on the planet and looks like over 15,000 of us DONT get reception, internet, texts dont send, spend hours on hold. thats just the beginning. grow up and stop posting on here if the mods have banned ur IP loser
9 Feb 2011 11:57:50 AM: gee there are some morons out there. So your phone works ok, does it? hurrah for you. But to suggest that this site is just being done by the same few ppl changing pc's and names is just sheer ignorance.

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15240 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is very primitive at 5 Feb 2011 05:46:37 AM
I have 2 start of the art telephones that I can not use on this primitive network; fix what was a really good one.

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15239 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Can't access their website at 5 Feb 2011 12:12:04 AM
I am using their Prepaid Mobile Broadband services and I haven't been able to access their website all day. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers time out while trying to load their pages. I can't even top up my credit online and I dread having to make a phone call tomorrow morning. Interestingly I can access their website through a web proxy but it will not let me log into my account. This isn't the first time it's happened, I remember one Sunday afternoon making a phone call about the same problem and a few minutes later I was able to access their website. I have been with Vodafone for 8 months now and their Prepaid Mobile Broadband service has deteriorated over the last few months, from days of having no Internet access to very slow connections. I have had enough! I no longer have any faith in their service and I will be looking around for a more reliable service provider.
5 Feb 2011 10:49:18 AM: It's lunch time and I still couldn't access their website normally, but I used a different web proxy service which let me access their website and let me log into my account. It's as if Vodafone have blocked me from accessing their website, I have no other issues accessing other websites. I am just so glade I didn't have to waste my time making a phone call today. This will be my last top up voucher. Good riddance!

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15236 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Horrbile at 4 Feb 2011 08:41:05 PM
I'm so very disapointed in vodafone.
Late janurary, I continued making phone calls
and according to 1512, i was within my cap,
and all of a sudden it said i was $35 over my cap,
so of course i immediately stopped texting and
calling people, however my exclusive amount then magically
increase to $89, and now my current bill shows around $120.

today is the 4th of feb, and I've been evry careful with my phone,
havent called any premium numbers or anything of that sort,
but when i just checked my account balance, it says i have $142 dollars remaining out of my $150, but apparently i have a $35 dollar exclusive amount
which really seems impossible. I'm so frustrated and sick of this nonsense, vodafone needs to get back on track, I'm definately calling the TIO and trying to cancel my contract.
5 Feb 2011 03:23:41 PM: wait to get you bill and see what the issue is and then contact a voda store

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15234 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is complete fail at 4 Feb 2011 08:13:49 PM
So voda is out in Merimbula, Pambula, Eden and surrounds. Has been since about 5PM this afternoon. We are talking an area of about 70km wide... Pathetic.
4 Feb 2011 08:31:12 PM: Yep, seems you are not alone:

"East Boyd
Timbillica Hill
Batemans Bay
Dignams Creek"

"From 04/02/2011 17:50pm AEDT customers in the South Eastern regions of NSW may experience problems accessing voice and data services. Vodafone Reference TT495549"


Vodafail.com Moderation Team

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15233 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Reception at 4 Feb 2011 08:06:57 PM
I have just bought vodafone iphone cap just a month ago & it gives me alot of problems like no reception,take plenty of time to open one website,no proper billing.for hrs my phone will go on no service that to be when i am very well in the city..i never get more than 1 reception tower whether i am at work in fyshiwick or at home in woden. When complaining about the same to their customer officer they said we have very good range sir...then why this f...phones on no service. No proper reply from them.

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15228 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 4 Feb 2011 06:58:31 PM
A mate of mine was making a 3 hr train trip to come over, He turned around and went home after calling with no answer and two texts at 3pm. RECIEVED THE TEXTS AT 8pm and had no idea he was on his way. PATHETIC.

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15227 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Sick of this !! at 4 Feb 2011 06:46:57 PM
I am going to go crazy !!! I tried to use my phone for work purposes last week as I'n emergency services I tried to make one call 12 times did not ring once ! I nearly through the damn thing on tar road!! I rang vodafone following day I was told to try the crap with settings I'n my phone which did absolutely nothing and they obviously know that . I again rang today after being on hold 45 mins finally got through I was put on hold then hung up on! I got. A call back then they hung up on me again !!!!!! No call back so I rang back a hr later And was told due
To them being real busy they would call me back tonight which they did not do!!! I rang back tech support 810pm which had a recorded message they were closed . I then asked to speak to customer service manager who could not give two hoots!! Said all he can do is get tech support to call me back tomorrow night and that the idiot I spoke to earlier put down that I was able to male calls now !! I went off at him and told him his staff need to stop recording bull&&&& and that I have already made a complaint with ombudsmen. This is a joke!!! I want out now!!

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15224 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is LARA at 4 Feb 2011 05:05:50 PM
Get rid off lara!!!
Press this press that..and i end up i same cycle again!!
5 Feb 2011 07:31:39 PM: I think the legislation needs to be changed very simply. For every minute you are on hold or worse still put to a robot service agent, you get one minute off your phone bill.

The way to deal with morons like LARA is to say nothing, it then quickly gets confused hand has to put you through to a Human!
7 Feb 2011 05:36:47 AM: same as telstra

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15223 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is disgusting at 4 Feb 2011 04:59:15 PM
Call drop out to land lines... very very disappointing!!!!

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15222 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Fail at 4 Feb 2011 04:38:38 PM
Well today I sent my email to TIO to get my phone sorted

Poor receiption to 2G and 3G, droped calls and calls just not comming through.

Talk to Vodaphone cancelation department today, they offered me 2 months free service while they do "Upgrades to the Network" told them no.

The Tec reports done to my area show that I "should" have decent reception outside. Had to laugh at that one

So hopefully I can get out of my contract and go to a better provider

Still 3 weeks waiting for Tec reports and more time wasted on the phone and driving to get a sim swap....don't really understand how or why they still think that I should waste more of my time and money waiting for them to sort there network. I am sure if I was late for a payment and told them give me 2 months while I am sorting it out, that they proberly just get the courts involved.

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15221 Someone from Somewhere else thinks vodafone is bloody at 4 Feb 2011 04:31:29 PM

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15220 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is arrogant at 4 Feb 2011 04:12:00 PM
Ah ya I run a business so you can understand why I'm p----ed.

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15219 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is arrogant at 4 Feb 2011 04:10:26 PM
Just signed up in the last 2 mths,still no contract,billed in 3 weeks not 4,the amount was more than was agreed too.I notified them that this was wrong,nothing done,called them,still nothing done,emailed them I was'nt going to pay my account till it was sorted.Received following mths bill,$85 over agreed amount.Now I owe for 2 mths.They phoned me for a copy of what their rep had written down but failed to put on a contract that I still don't have.Then they suspended my account.Not bad for 2 mths ah.

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15218 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is INTERNATIONAL ROAMING at 4 Feb 2011 04:01:14 PM
After a week holiday overseas in thailand I returned to find a $2000 mobile phone bill. This was from browsing the internet on my iphone for about 1 hour / sending 1 email and 2 text messages (NOTE THIS IS ALMOST NO USAGE WHATSOEVER).
Prior to this I received no information stating the GROSSLY EXORBITANT costs involved in using my vodafone/3 service in this country. I fortunately can pay these costs but for many this would bankrupt some people. This is a gross misuse of power - I have been with vodafone/3 for over 5 years and this is the second serious gross violation of my rights as a consumer, the other involved their misadvertised and hopeless internet key. I will be cancelling my contract as soon as possible and NEVER USING ANY OF THEIR SERVICES EVER AGAIN. My friends have had similiar VODAFAILS and plan on leaving also - COMPANIES LIKE VODAPHONE DO NOT DESERVE OUR MONEY/BUSINESS
4 Feb 2011 10:48:58 PM: I went to NZ over the summer solstice break and checked out the data, it's 1 cent PER KILOBYTE. Yes, that's $10 PER MEGABYTE. So $2000 is "only" 200 megabytes of data. If you watch streaming videos etc, you could easily chew it up. Anyway, it's daylight robbery at that rate. I turned my internet data off on my iPhone so it wouldn't use it, and you can get Vodafone to turn it off as well though you'll need to get them to turn it back on when you get back to Australia.
4 Feb 2011 11:33:40 PM: Come off it, you'd have to have been living under a rock to not know about roaming charges. Everything is expensive overseas, calls texts and data.
4 Feb 2011 11:46:12 PM: Telstra would charge you $3000


and Optus would charge you $4000


So what are you complaining about?

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15217 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is DO NOT USE VODAFONE at 4 Feb 2011 03:50:50 PM
I initially purchased a internet key for my laptop. It looked great, speeds sounded good etc etc But after receiving this useless piece of junk it did not work as advertised. It can not even handle messenger video chat. Internet is slower then I have ever seen - mostly like a 28 kb modem despite the fact I live only 1 km from the brisbane central business district.
After contacting vodafone/3 I was unable to cancel the contract despite the fact it did not work as it was meant to work. All I could do was throw it in the bin. Despite this the only resolution I got was minimum monthly spend amount that I am required to pay for 12 months - of which I am still paying off. VODAFONE = VODAFAIL ---> DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

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15216 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is very at 4 Feb 2011 03:34:27 PM
overcharging monthly bill then taking out an additional payment without my permission (i have not authorized any direct-debit facility with vodafone)
5 Feb 2011 09:10:28 PM: if u hadnt authorised it they wouldnt have your bank/cc details..

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15215 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Fail at 4 Feb 2011 03:16:42 PM
I am on a iPhone 24 month plan I tried to doanload four application today at roughly 4mb each. I went to school with my phone on lock (as the apps still load). I get home it turns out that only 2 of the 4 apps have downloade over a period of 6-7 hours and the last one is downloading now, I enalbled wifi on the lhone (which is currently capped) and it downloaded instantley!!! I get EDGE Nd it takes forever

Vodafone i hate you

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15214 Someone from VIC thinks vodafone is Goodbye Vodafone at 4 Feb 2011 03:16:28 PM
After having Vodafone mobile internet since September 2010, I have had more dropouts than dialup, a $140 bill racked up which I did not use, and just lousy quality. I wish to say a much needed goodbye to Vodafone because I'm taking my business to somewhere else. Vodafone, you have disappointed me beyond my expectations, to think I gave you a chance, but I know now I should have stuck to my overall impression of you was right all along. I have had 2 dropouts in 2 minutes, I can't have that, I need reliability and you just don't cut it.

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15213 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is at 4 Feb 2011 03:07:13 PM
Since July 2010, I have experienced everything from no data coverage in my suburb at the weekends to call dropouts, delayed text and voice messages. I have spent up to 2 hours on Saturdays and even working hours (almost every 3-4 weeks since) trying to explain the problems as they occur to Vodafone customer service teams. My company-issue mobile, my personal mobile, my iPad and mobile broadband are all with Vodafone. In fact, in early December, the security alarm system in our premises was triggered at 1am but the security company was unable to get through on my mobile - and - I didn't receive their voice message until 12noon. Surprisingly - and - fingers crossed, my issues seems to have improved since all the publicity about Vodafail.
Although, an incident that occurred this week has prompted me to post this.
My boss is who is also a Vodafone customer is currently overseas. He travels overseas on a monthly basis. This week, he received a text from Vodafone advising they have suspended his service. Account is up to date, ie: no outstanding invoices. When I enquired as to why service was suspended, I was told that there was an UNBILLED roaming charge amount of $3,000+ incurred in the current cycle and that this amount had to be paid before service would be re-activated. Notwithstanding the fact that my boss has been a long standing Vodafone customer, frequently incurs up to $6,000 in roaming charges AND account is always paid in full when due.

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15211 Someone from NT thinks vodafone is Absolute Disaster at 4 Feb 2011 02:48:09 PM
Since I joined Vodaphone in December My wife and I have not had a signal without the word "edge" attached It consistently drops out we can not get a signal inside our house at all and have to go out to the veranda to make a call and even then hope it wont drop out. The phone does not always ring when a call comes in I have missed 2 important calls because of this!!! On top of this I am being charged $6.00 per link for a company to send me a link to my phone each day I certainly didn't ask for this. I just spoke to Vodaphone about this and they are saying I subscribed to the site WRONG!!! I will now get onto the telecom ombudsman and raise some hell

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15210 Someone from ACT thinks vodafone is Useless and cruel at 4 Feb 2011 01:35:17 PM
After weeks of issues with my vodafone modem (which are still not resolved) I am now experienceing issues with service to my mobile. I have spoken with so many people in the vodafone call centre I reckon I could tell you who I am speaking to before they say their name.

I had decent coverage on my mobile up until December 2010 but more recently I have issues with phone service in my office (in the CBD)as soon as it hits midday. I swear to you, I can make and recieve calls up until midday.

The thing that gets me the most is that Vodafone are saying it is an issue with my handset - what the? It works in the morning!!! The other frustrating thing is that when I try to call it from my office phone, it doesn't even go to my voicemail. It either has an engaged signal or says that the area you are trying to call is out of service - Vodafone swear to me that there are no network outages in the Canberra CBD at the moment - I beg to differ! I know 3 other people in the building who are experiencing the same thing and are with Vodafone.

I am awaiting a call about a job and also news about my ill Grandmother. Vodafone - you are just plain cruel. You should not even be allowed to operate as a company. You lie to new customers whilst cheating the ones who you have firmly in your grasp.
4 Feb 2011 03:45:52 PM: I feel your pain. I live in NSW and same thing - have had decent service in the suburb I live in for nearly 2 years up until around July 2010. And, problem with service - especially - data, only ever occurred at the weekend, ie: like clockwork, I'd loose data service from midnight Friday until midday Monday. I was told various things by Vodafone's tech support ranging from problem was with my handset (iPhone) to they can't see any issues with their network. I seriously thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown at one stage because I heavily rely on my mobile and email for work. There was one weekend when I missed responding to a number of urgent emails from my boss. What I couldn't seem to get through to the customer service / tech help people was that my partner is also with Vodafone and was experiencing the same issues (but couldn't be bothered ringing Vodafone) so it wasn't my handset that was the problem. I had threatened them a number of times that I'd go to the Telecommunications Ombudsman... maybe I will really do that.

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15209 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Big Epic Fail at 4 Feb 2011 01:24:58 PM
Applied for a new nokia N8 with Vodafone. dunno why as already with them for +10 years. Used to be good. Applied on 2nd December 2010. Still no news by the 25th january 2011. Sent them an email asking whats going on and complained about very poor service, both phone and customer. very next day, DECLINED. Hmmmm convienient?
I, as so many of my friends, are VERY OVER IT! Im leavin....BZZZZZZ!

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15208 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is poor customer service at 4 Feb 2011 01:05:45 PM
I was assured by a sales person that I would have coverage in the new town I was moving to. Guess what? There is no Vodafone coverage in Clermont QLD!! So what do I do with my $69.95 a month iphone plan??? Vodafone will not help me saying " You moved town it's your problem, pay out your contract and go with Telstra" Thanks a lot Vodafone you suck!!!!
8 Feb 2011 02:55:56 AM: if you bought a boat and then moved to alice springs would you demand the boat company give you all your money back? get real.
21 Mar 2011 04:09:53 PM: Did you even read the part where they say Vodafone assured them they would have coverage? I'm guessing you work for vodafail

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15207 Someone from QLD thinks vodafone is poor customer service at 4 Feb 2011 12:56:22 PM
we have an usb broadband service through voodafone, our reception is terrible almost all of the time. We had the same problem with 3 so were offered a transfer to vodafone at no cost, and guaranteed better service. Since being with vodafone it has been worse, and we have called many time.. being on hold for up to 30 minutes each time. We have requested a sharing dock, as we were assured this would solve our reception issue. This was agreed to by vodafone 2 months ago, we have called up to 4 times since to find out where the dock was, every time there had been an error and the dock was not properly ordered. So we are still waiting. Each time we call.. we are wiping out the prepaid credit that we would usually use up in a month! We have had enough and just want out of this contract with vodafone.

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15205 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is EPIC at 4 Feb 2011 12:42:23 PM
i have been in a battle with phone companies for the past two years. Finally, after releasing me from my contract "3" convinced me to go with Vodafone (as they did not have the phone in stock which they had promised me 3 months earlier), not knowing any better i agreed; this was my first mistake.

The first two bills they sent me were incorrect (overcharging me by $90 on both). i called customer "service" on numerous occasions to try and solve the problem but was told that there was nothing that they could do. as i did not pay the incorrect bills my service was promptly disconnected for two days with no explanation.

I live on Sydney's north shore (20 mins from the CBD) and i have NEVER ONCE had full reception in the 5 months that i have been with vodafone now. i consistently have "no service" in my house, and when i am out the reception and connection quality is shameful. Voicemails on average take 4 days to arrive to my account, and the internet connection is slower than the dial up i had in my house ten years ago.

IT IS A JOKE, i think that Lara should start looking for a new job, as Vodafone will not last with this kind of service!!!

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15204 Someone from SA thinks vodafone is Totally at 4 Feb 2011 12:26:47 PM
Cannot make calls, cannot receive calls and not getting sms and voicemails consistently. I'm paying a lot for nothing and I'm not far off from pulling the plug.

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15203 Someone from NT thinks vodafone is vodafone vs. 3 at 4 Feb 2011 12:07:42 PM
vodafone is telling us that if we switch our service to 3 we will get better coverage and wont experience the drop outs and lack of service we are getting now. i don't understand how that can be if it runs on the same network as vodafone. has anyone else been told this by vodafone or switched and had better service?
4 Feb 2011 12:19:33 PM: Yes. I have just been on the phone to Vodafone for the last hours trying to cancel my contract. I'm sick of the customer service you DON'T receive and getting fobbed off. I was having problems with calls dropping out, connection errors and delayed text messages. This all started back in December 2010 and today they have finally cancelled by contract but i had to pay them 180 bucks, i'm so glad its finally over GOOD BYE VODAFONE HELLO OPTUS

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15200 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is PRETTY BAD at 4 Feb 2011 10:59:59 AM
So my problem is this: I HAVE to stay with Vodafone whether I like it or not, if I want to be able to stay in contact with my brother who lives in Estonia (northern Europe). Because Vodafone was originally a European company, it's the only Australian provider that has a bilateral agreement with my brother's telco in Estonia. In short, that means that it's the only Australian provider with whom I'm practically guaranteed that my text messages will reach the other end and that I'll receive the responses. I've tested the theory with Teltra, Optus and Virgin and different points over the last ten years and it seems to be true. With all three providers, either my brother didn't receive our texts from Australia, or we didn't receive his, or both. So bottom line for me is, if I want to be able to stay in text contact with my brother on the other side of the world, I HAVE to stay with Vodafail. That kinda sucks a bit.
4 Feb 2011 11:24:57 AM: Get a cheap handset + month to month plan for sms to your brother and get another number for everything else, that way you can have both.

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15199 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is 80% at 4 Feb 2011 10:43:56 AM
Reception drops every minute or two..i live in Sydney metro and can't get more than 2 or 3 bars and that even drops every 5 mins. This is my last purchase from Vodafone. It has been pain in the back side. Whether they resolve the issue or not..they have lost me as a customer.

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15198 Someone from NSW thinks vodafone is Shit at 4 Feb 2011 10:41:32 AM
Why sell smart phones, when more than half the time they cant browse, GPS wont work and this is before we get into the well below par performance. I am willing to bet that a Mobile phone from DoDo would crap on this.

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